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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am Altegonnia! Been with NS for over half a decade of my life! Seen regions rise and fall (felled one myself in my rowdier days) but am just looking now for a place to tell the story of Altegonnia! Looking forward to interacting with you all!
  2. Mundus Liber Freedom Index The Mundus Liber Freedom Index, compiled and maintained by the government backed Mauridivian think tank Mundus Liber Institute, seeks to rank all nations on Eurth on how free they are overall by giving them a number from 100 to 0, with 100 being the most free and 0 being the most oppressive. The number is based on the average rating given to a country on four categories, which are: political freedom, personal/social freedom, economic freedom, and press freedom. This index will be updated periodically to reflect changes in world freedom throught time. General Overview: 100+ -- ANARCHY 90-99 -- HIGHLY FREE 80-89 -- MOSTLY FREE 70-79 -- MODERATELY FREE 60-69 -- SOMEWHAT FREE 50-59 -- SLIGHTLY FREE 40-49 -- SOMEWHAT UNFREE 30-39 -- MOSTLY UNFREE 20-29 -- UNFREE 10-19 -- OPPRESSIVE 1-9 -- SEVERELY OPPRESSIVE 0 and below -- TOTAL OR NEAR-TOTAL OPPRESSION The Mundus Liber Freedom Index, in Alphabetical Order (Link to the Google Spreadsheet). Note: As of June 28th, 2018 Gallambria's numbers, alongside the averages have been updated to correct a mistake. (This Index is not perfect it's just my first attempt to try and comprehensively compile how free the nations are in the world. In RP however, I hope y'all would consider this canon.)
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