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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am Altegonnia! Been with NS for over half a decade of my life! Seen regions rise and fall (felled one myself in my rowdier days) but am just looking now for a place to tell the story of Altegonnia! Looking forward to interacting with you all!
  2. OOC: As someone new to the region I was looking for a way of getting to know about some of the key issues, people etc that have an impact today, by reading the stuff on here already its confusing to a new comer what's important and what's something long lost, figured this may be a way of helping me, as well as giving some people an outlet to promote some issues and personalities A REQUEST FOR SPEAKERS Every year the Chapterhouse School invites speakers to come and address our students, alumni and selected members of the general public on a whole host of topics ranging from inspirational life stories designed to spur the students to greatness, to scientists explaning key concepts and ideas to allow students to gain great insight. This year we are asking for speakers across the world to take part in our series of lectures, talks can be on any topic so long as it is either academic or inspirational, we accept speakers of all political backgrounds, religions and nationalities. Those accepted to speak are given accomodation at the school for as long as they wish to stay and arrangements can be made for them to tour the school, surrounding area or meet with members of the national government if requested. Guests are also invited to dine with the students at a meal hosted in the Grand Hall where they are the Reverened Mother's guest of honour. We also fund all travel expenses both to and from Chapterhouse. Talks take place twice a month and we are happy to be flexible with dates. We look forward to adding to our already impressive list of speakers and hope to be able to extend a warm welcome in the near future. Best Regards Lidia Ericsson Board of Scholars, Missionara Protectiva. Talk Speaker and Topic 1 Duchess Anna Fremen- 35 years a Truthsayer. The Duchess discusses her life as part of the Sisterhoods paramilitary and at the same time raising a family and running a country. 2 3 4 Bryce Harkonnen - To Legislate or Not to Legislate That is The Question. Respected business lawyer discusses the challenges of balancing government control and free enterprise. 5 6 7 8 Vespasian Atreides - Rebuilding The Past- Renowned architectural designer talks about the challenges of keeping old buildings in tip top shape while not destroying their character. 9 10 11 12 13 Duke Niklaus Corrino - Orchestrating Business - How a background in the arts can lead to succes in business. 14 15 16 17 Agnes McCaul - Engineering the Future - Engineer and busines owner looks at the engineering challenges to be conquered in 2019. 18 19 Blair MacReachtain - The Wandering Missionara- The global adventures of the 27 year old Truthsayer turned Missionara. 20 21 22 23 OOC: My idea would be you'd say who you wish to send and what their talk will be on. Then it gives you time to think about what you want them to say (doesn't need to be long at all) to a group of about 600 school girls aged between 14-18 and a selected number of academics. Its a chance to get a foreign policy stance explained, talk about some achievement of your nation, share some cultural ideas or anything else you like, maybe even tell the life story of a VIP from your nation.
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