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Found 40 results

  1. Hi! To increase my trade imports and exports, I've decided to request an extending of my borders out to include the southern islands and to establish a dock there for trading purposes. Unfortunately, I'm unsure whether or not these islands belong to @PyeMcGowan and I may need permission from him and you all to make this happen.
  2. Tikva

    Request: Tikva

    Nation in Europa: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=yesh_tikvah Flag: Available on NS. Capital name: Ayalon Capital location: Inland Other cities: Adora, Harel, Katzilya (on the coast) Factbook link: On iiWiki thanks to @Rihan: http://iiwiki.com/wiki/Tikva Newsroom link: Culture: Jewish, varies from secular to ulta-orthodox Climate: Eastern Mediterranean, intentions to have some hot deserts in the south, essentially like Israel. Location History: Tikva was formally established in 1950, but Juddish people had been emigrating to the area since the 1890's due to persecution in several Argic states including @Aluxia. I look forward to a robust conversation on where I can put the country. My initial guess is that northern Alharu is the best option.
  3. Rihan

    Minor City Removal

    I've been starting a much more comprehensive review of the nation as I gear up for the start of Phase 1 expansion. Not to mention playing with Google Earth Pro, it just feels too close to have another city. I want the area around the capital to dominate that area of the map. I originally asked for the city of Raxna to be added to the map and since then, it does not make sense for it to exist on the map. It has never made an appearance on this forum in any RP nor appears in any of news posts. Could you please remove Raxna when you have an opportunity to update the map. Thank you!
  4. Bulgenstaz

    Request: Bulgenstaz

    Nation in Europa: Bulgenstaz Flag: Capital name: Khenkhourt Capital location: on the coast, closest to the center of the map (if a river is available, then on said river as well) Factbook link: Newsroom link: Culture: Initially a more Polynesian islander culture assimilated into Slavic culture under Monarchy of Dniester (Though developed a distinct language over time). Has varying cultural practices by region, but largely similar. Climate: Wet, Tropical, Coastal Location History: Originally a colony under imperial rule by a colonial power (probably Dniester). During it's collapse in 1940 a communist revolt established the nation of Bulgenstaz where the former colony was.
  5. Dear members of Europa, below are some small adjustments to my map placement. This includes two additional, very small, islands, and three new cities. the dot is Ferguson and the anchor Levernestad. And the green is the two new islands. now this one is less important and if it doent fit thats fine, but the yellow dot is Nova Marina
  6. Alenveil

    Request: Alenveil

    Nation in Europa: The Kingdom of Alenveil Flag: Capital name: Sarbo Capital location: Central-Eastern Alenveil Factbook link: Newsroom link: (The Red circle is the capital, yellow circles are dock cities, blue circles are major cities.) Sarbo is the capital. Ascorese, Alenzio, Chiolano, Savocino, and Legnamura are interchangeable. Culture: My culture is mostly based on RL Europe. Language is Limonaian. Climate: Climate is cold, almost frigid, in the central and northern areas, while the coastal temperatures are slightly warmer. Location: My location idea was on the northeast part of the Auraid bay of Argis, somewhat close to PyeMcGowan and Theodoria. This makes it a coastal country. History: Country has a clouded history, documented existence begins in the late 1400s onwards.
  7. Kipan

    Additional Cities Request

    Hi Orioni! I would like to add several other cities to the map for the State whenever you have an opportunity to do so: Nakazami (located on the coast midway between Miyako and Aso) Jinyo (located on the northeastern coast) Aso (located on the main island, southern coast) Yokomoto (located near Miyako on the main island) Enyama (located on the center island) Shimizu (located on the far left island) Thank you for your assistance!
  8. Morheim

    Request Return of Island

    Hi, spotted my island has been removed from Morheim between map updates. Can I get it back please. Its supposed to be a holy island thats part of my nations lore
  9. Oyus

    Request: Oyus

    Nation in Europa: Oyus Flag: flag link Capital name: Yulaa Capital location: See Location Factbook link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5203-the-oyus-matriarchy/ Newsroom link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5202-the-yulaa-spectator/ Culture: Pacific Islander-esque Climate: Tropical Mosoon/Rainforest Location: Link https://i.imgur.com/z8EvnrN.png Larger area picture: History: Isolated Islander tribes united within past 600 years.
  10. Kirvina

    Request: Kirvina

    Nation in Europa: Kirvina. Flag: See factbook. Capital name: Bílehora. Capital location: See Location. Factbook link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5186-kirvina/?tab=comments#comment-40011236 Newsroom link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5187-kta-káthuna/?tab=comments#comment-40011239 Culture: Kirvinska. See Factbook. Climate: See Factbook for clues, but its climate resembles a mixture of Britain and Patagonia- it can get quite frigid in the winters, and there is snowfall, but it is not dreadfully so. The rain, on the other hand, is incessantly frequent- providing a great boon to the growth of water-dependant crops, but rendering travel infrastructure a pain to get right and umbrellas and heavy coats a common accessory. I can go into more detail if need be. Location: Cities Present: Bílehora, Mőrhen, Eszter, Luren, Céara, Énterthan, Dősin, Tőra, Édervan, and Cagőra. History: See Factbook.
  11. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Request: Sanctum Imperium Catholicum

    Nation in Europa: Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Flag:http://imgur.com/UJijPQG Capital name: Deopolis Capital location: (Marked on map) Factbook link: http://iiwiki.com/wiki/Sanctum_Imperium_Catholicum#Geography Newsroom link: Culture: Latin/Romanesque Climate: Temperate Location: History: Orginally tribes in the Bronze Age, Latin-type civilization sprung up and formed an empire which existed on and off until 1200s, when country was founded, renamed The Divine Imperium of Sanctum Imperium Catholicum.
  12. North Dniester

    Request: Dniester

    Nation in Europa: Republic of Dniester National Flag: Military Flag: Capital name: Minsk Capital location: Minsk = Centre of Country Factbook link: Newsroom link: Culture: Slavic, Belarusian Slavic Climate: Cold Location History: The 3rd Unified Republic of Dniester was formed after a brief power struggle in the Principalities of Minsk, Praha, and Słupsk. After harsh fighting in the cold climate, the alliance of monarchies fell to the fledgling Republic's navy. Cities: Tiraspol, Słupsk, and Gdańsk are cities you should add as well as the capital, Minsk. Tiraspol is coastal city.
  13. Prymont

    Prymont Cities Request

    Here are a few city request for the United States and Prymontian Rus, although they're not urgent. @Tagmatium Rules has also mentioned this in a separate thread, but it'd be nice to have the Prymontian flag by the northern islands of Stjørdalsstad and Sønderkilde.
  14. Tagmatium Rules

    Adding Flags to Islands

    Would it be OK to add a few more flags to some of the islands owned by other nations? It came up on Discord, as I was not sure who owned these two islands: It is Prymont, but I think it would be a bit more clear if his flag was next to them, like the Adlantic islands owned by Adaptus are.
  15. Tallovia

    Request: Tallovia

    Nation in Europa: Empira Tallovia Flag: Capital name: Santiago Capital location: On the Coast of Tallovia Island Factbook link: This is still under Construction, but a good chunk of info is already in there. Newsroom link: Culture: A cross between Chilean and Pacific Islands Think Easter Island Climate: Temperate, Forests. As far as placement goes I would like a grouping of at least three to four small islands. I am not really picky as to where they go. Location History: These islands were settled during a colonial period in the mid 1500's -1600's, but the people were left to themselves largely and they developed their own culture and government by the mid 1800's, They ceased paying taxes to their mother country and fought a brief revolutionary war in 1832-1837. There was very little fighting in this time due to the remote islands.
  16. Llalta

    Request: Llalta

    Nation in Europa: Llalta Flag: Capital name: St. Christopher Capital location: In the South of the island. Factbook link: Newsroom link: Culture: Anglo-Celtic, a mix Welsh, English and Irish Climate: Hemiboreal, with cold, long winters as low as -20 C and mild, dry summers as high as 14 C. Location: A small island far off from any land masses. History: First discovered by a Seylosian explorer before a Seylosian business man discovered coal in the island, when coal was most needed in mainland Seylos. Workers migrated to Llalta to find work in the mine. Unfortunately a huge earthquake destroyed the mine leaving many residents on the island dead, and those who survived and didn't migrate back to Seylos established their society in St. Christopher, where many remain today.
  17. Derthalen

    Request to Add New Towns

    I would like to add the following places to map, as it has always struck me as a shame how underpopulated the place looks with only one city showing up. NE: Leyfelding (city) SE: Tsalmonsturm (port) SW: Dorminhavn (port) NW: Stirling (city)
  18. PyeMcGowan

    Request: PyeMcGowan

    Nation in Europa: PyeMcGowan, United Federal Kingdom of Flag: Capital name: Charleston Capital location: On the coast, at the mouth of a river. Fact-book link: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=pyemcgowan/detail=factbook/id=885025 new: http://iiwiki.com/wiki/PyeMcGowan Newsroom link: Culture: Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, basically like modern day Wales/Scotland Climate: Oceanic(koppen climate type) can be up to 30 degrees Celsius (in the winter), as low as -15 in the winter(in northern areas), pretty much UKish weather. Location: Large coast with most land inland, also with a territory (doesn’t matter if close to mainland or not) of two islands(Leverne Islands). Brief History: PyeMcGowan founded in 1200 when the two kingdoms of PyeMcGowan united creating a monarchy. Turned into a constitutional monarchy in 1756.From 1947-1955 PyeMcGowan was ruled by a Communist Dictatorship, with George Hamner as the Supreme Secretary General of the Republic .Democratic Party became dominant in 1970 with most elections for Prime Minister being democratic Victories. Much of PyeMcGowan’s 21st century Politics was influenced by the Ferguson Shooting, where a group of 15 gunmen ,from a racist group, started shooting all of the students at Ferguson Multicultural Collage, there were 234 deaths. The effects of the shooting resulted in the nationwide crackdown on guns. Now there are only guns available for Security services and the military. Despite having a Democratic Government today PyeMcGowan has a large private sector and is home to United Corp.
  19. Andalla

    Flag Change: Andalla

    New flag for Andalla. I felt it needed a more "Southeast Asian" type of flag as opposed to the good ol' Scandinavian cross, and to be more consistent with the "sun" vibe in the area (Looking at you @Sunset Sea Islands). The 9 rays on the sun symbolize the 9 major islands of the Andallan archipelago; the sun itself stands for wealth – Andalla's physical, material, and natural wealth. Fun fact, the sun is actually a [somewhat modified] proposed 9-ray variant of the 8-ray Philippine sun. Blue symbolizes the sea and strength, and is the largest band because the sea is a vital resource for Andalla. White is for the sky and purity (But Skandinavisk is very, very, very important; It's just that I didn't want the flag to resemble Thailand too much). Red stands for the ground and – I like this part – the blood spilled on the ground by countless Andallans who fought for their people.
  20. Asgeirria

    Expansion: Asgeirria

    I've just about burnt myself out on RP-ing with myself, but I've finished annexing the islands surrounding Asgeirria. So here are my requests: 1. Add the 4 little islands surrounding Asgeirria to its territory 2. Make Asgeirr look like this but with better art skills.
  21. Aluxia

    Request: Aluxia

    Nation in Europa: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=aluxia Flag: Flag image is located at the top of the factbook Capital name: Galan City Capital location: along a river. Factbook link: Newsroom link: Culture: Not easy to hone down but I would say that it's a mixture of Germany and Russia, probably more of the latter. Climate: Temperate Location History: 1500 years, been in isolation for 1000 years until recently when Emperor Davros XXII opened the Empire's borders. I recognize that I will be given a choice of 2-3 locations but I have spotted an area where there is a bay and 3 major rivers meet in the southeast of Alharu which looks very much like where Aluxia would be located but would be intrigued to see what options are presented. Also, no rush, this is a low priority as there are many others ahead of me.
  22. Faramount

    City Renaming Request

    With the ban of FdL, I've been rewriting my nation to be a former Limonaian colony, instead of a former Lysian colony. This has necessarily required the renaming of my nation's cities. I'm hoping in the next map update, they could be changed. Port Jacqueline would now be New Limone New Lyrie would now be New Sermerio Orville would now be Oroa. Zaleville would now be Umbertoa. Thank you!
  23. Asgeirria

    Request for edit: Asgeirria

    Just wanted some cities added to Asgeirria, and for the super close island to my northeast to be added as part of my territory, since it doesn't make sense (to me) for it not to be part of Asgeirria. I've had a large island across a small channel to the northeast of the mainland on all my maps since antiquity, and was hoping that I could have it added. For reference to said island, please see https://www.nationstates.net/nation=asgeirria/detail=factbook/id=234990 Specifically this bad boy: If there's a specific reason why I can't have the island, that's fine, but I'd like the cities added to the map either way. Thanks!
  24. Soreana

    Request: Soreana

    Nation/Flag: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=soreana Factbook: http://www.europans.com/topic/5042-the-grand-duchy-of-soreana/ Newsroom Thread: http://www.europans.com/topic/5033-la-nazione-soreanas-premier-newspaper/?do=getNewComment Culture: Italian along the lines of Limonaia Climate: Mediterranean History: - Formation in 1576 - Constitutent Duchy of Limonaia in 1758 - Independence in 1939 Interested in continuing this conversation.
  25. Kipan

    Request: Kipan

    Nation Name: Kipan Flag: https://ibb.co/bDmSfz (if the link doesn't work, the flag is the one visible on my NationStates country) Factbook: http://www.europans.com/topic/5044-the-state-of-kipan/ Newsroom: http://www.europans.com/topic/5040-nbk-national-news-from-kipan/ Culture: Along the lines of Japan but with a far more 'capitalist' mentality - cutthroat economics with large vertical corporations fighting over market share. Organized crime elements are quite active, some even supporting or aiding larger corporations. The factbook should provide a rough idea of where I am going with this country. Climate: Temperate for the most part though there is nothing wrong with a warmer climate. Location: On a series of islands (3 large ones, a few smaller ones). This might be a challenge as it seems the number of available islands seems to be shrinking. Would love to get an idea of what you may have in mind for this. History: The Empire was formed in 1015, only to become a Republic in 2018. Looking forward to furthering this conversation in finding a good place for Kipan.