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Found 17 results

  1. Over the past weeks and upcoming weeks me and @Alenveil have/will be RPing often to help justify the war in the Auraid Bay. The Actual RP will begin on April 24th, and will go on for the following two to four weeks. We have acknowledged that we As relatively new Nations must earn the expansion, so we will be doing as much as possible before April 24th. The post conflict borders will look much like this The red border represents my claim, and the blue Alenveil’s. The Yellow spot is the city of Pyemacus, and the Anchor PNB Hamptus, you could leave the PyeMcGowian Border there and just do PNB Hamptus (PMG). I am unaware of any of Alenveil’s Cities, so I suggest that he post something below. I am also unaware what will happen to the remaining land of Theodoria as they are inactive
  2. As some of you might know, I have decided to start a clean slate because I find that the previous idea of Selayar is unworkable on my end. So i'm moving map spot to better fit my new idea for this country, and here's my new form: Nation in Europa: Selayar Flag: Capital name: Wanaperaʻa Capital location: In the gulf area (see the map of claim) Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Selayar Newsroom link: Culture: Insular Southeast Asia (Austronesia) without Indian influence along with pseudo-Polynesia linguistic influence and a mix of other Asian cultures. It will be a matrilineal rice-growing riverine culture in the lowland. It will also be multiethnics so there will be some variations present. I'm also planning to construct an entire language family that might be indigenous to the area around Manamana Bay. Climate: Tropical rainforest (Af) with pockets of tropical monsoon (Am) Location: Northeast Aurelia, near the Manamana Canal on the southern coast of Manamana Bay History: The Manamanan culture arose around the 3rd century BC, with the domestication of animals and cereals, most importantly rice (or a local variety thereof) around present-day Mananaman canal (parallel to Neolithic China). This later followed by other cultures that led to the creation of kingdoms (and most of the time queendoms due to the matrilineal culture) by 1st century BCE. The following period, around 6th century CE saw the breakup of the centralised state as it splintered into small queendoms or chiefdoms, and regression of culture and technology. Only in the 14th century CE did the First Reyan Empire united what is now the territory of modern Selayar. The Second Empire follows as it reached its territorial height in 17th or 18th century, shortly before meeting with the 'foreign' colonies in Shffahkia (?), and starts the 'Contact Period'. A now-famous explorer reached the depth of the Empire's territory and recorded stories that now is well-known (?). A vassal kingdom in the heartland of the Empire rebelled and won control of Selayar, and paved the way for the modern state of Selayar as it absorbs more and more foreign influences. A revolution at the end of 19th century saw the establishment of constitutional monarchy that lasted till this very day. With this request, i will also request the removal of my old spot in the islands east of Giokto. There might be a possibility of holding Taiwan-Chinese like RP there, but in the meantime, it'll be better for it to be removed before i can run such a roleplay. And thanks before! If i missed anything, please tell me and i will fix it as soon as possible.
  3. I'd like to expand into the former territory of Beautancus. He left around the same time as I did, and to my knowledge is not active within the region or even a nation on NS any longer. I have considerable history however with that area from previous role-plays in the archive and so forth. I will begin a role-play concerning it as well leading up to it, from the current diplomatic thread here:
  4. Salutations readers of this here topic. Here's one more topic to discuss! I know what you're thinking "a discussion topic about Shffahkian expansion, yay!" However, before we jump right into it, here's some backstory. As of late, I haven't been very active on the forums in terms of RP as I've been keeping myself busy making a fitting iiwiki page for everyone's favourite *cough* only Collectivist state. In writing my history as a Lysian colony and the like, I came upon a historical topic which I didn't really explore much in the creation of my history. Now, this topic is first and foremost for discussion purposes, so if you have anything to inquire about, contribute to, comment about or suggest please do so in the form of an objection which I (or a mod maybe) will then either overrule or sustain. I don't plan to do this RP in a while because I'm focusing on my iiwiki but I think the earlier this is here the better. I'm especially interested in the opinions of mods and the opinion of my dear beloved neighbours: @Rihan , @Asgeirria, @Little Flau and @Kipan with whom I share this wonderful continent with. Best Wishes, Shffahkia (that one weird Collectivist nation that kinda looks like a tumour on the map) (Also sorry if this should've been in planning instead of here)
  5. As my dear neighbor @Prymont had stated I have a few expansion areas Im looking at for the future of Ahrana and the last of all expansions of Ahrana for the foreseeable future and such. The expansion will come in three phases with te first phase starting next year and the other two phases being six months between the first one. They all are going to be Role-played out and will have many justifications and reasonings. (please do ignore the sub-territorial lines inside the federation that's for something else) Anyways the first Phase is to the West of the Federations Borders, the Role-play that will go with this is the territorial claims by the Federal Republic of Xara as Ahrana only annexed one segment of the entire old Country. The other Capitals of the Old Country, Remus and Romulus make Xara whole having three Capitals in all. How it will start is that the Government of Vulgus Supra receives Signals from Remus and Romulus as coming under attack by the Religious Fundamentalist that plagued Xara till the Armed Forces of Ahrana stepped in. So after the defeat they fled to what the Ahranaian Government to be no mans land but instead was Greater Xara and the Old Country of Ahrana. Within this Phase the Religious Radicals will finally be named and we will see exactly what they are capable of doing. Phase 2 will be started and pursued to create a land border between the Federation and the United States in hopes of further advancing relations and lower Travel Restrictions and so forth. With this instalment Ahrana will begin to ally itself closer with the United States helping usher in Peace in Argis and the northern part of the World. It is with this that I hope that @Prymont grow closer together in some form of another yet to be discussed. The RP for this phase is to give the Federation some more farm land (yes I know it stays cold most of the year here but what we can grow will help!!!!) and more land for factories and so much more. This Phase will start Six months after Phase 1. Phase 3 will be started Six months or more depending on my life status (haha) after Phase 2. This phase will mainly be a way for Ahrana to be part of Central Argis and to be able help stabilize the area that is in a consistent state of war in my words. OOCly this will also give the United States a corridor into the Central of Argis to help with the stability and so forth. I know Pryguy might have more to say OOCly but we haven't got there yet. This RP will consist of having access to the south and to bring easier trade to the region and giving the Federation more warmer lands for a longer Farming season and another water access area. This Phase has no time table yet, and I have yet to know what others will think in the area but hopefully none to bad (haha). So there you guys have it the total expansion of Ahrana for the near future and probably the last one for Ahrana at that, I do not see the Federation growing bigger after this unless invasions happen and so forth. So do feel free to leave your thoughts behind!
  6. I am only posting this here to state and certify that if any future nation wants to be placed on the lands as follows that they should incorporate the history of the former colony into their nation. Actual Request Below is a map of the former colony of Twinsud Coast, there will be one port that is still represented on the map and if needed the port will become either PyeMcGowian or a local nation. I have already began an past RP that will be linked below. This image is just east of @Faramount.The Yellow spot is a port (anchor symbol), named New Leverne. Its ownership will be debated later. These borders are former and are not current, the only borders present will be around the port, if not invisible.
  7. Well I suppose it is time to expand Seylos. The expansion is occurring in the topic The Storm, where King Aidan is traveling after the "unfortunate" passing of his grandfather who ruled as the Duke of Éire. With no family left, women unable to inherit, and the precarious economic situation of the country a personal union will be formed. However Aidan will run into his own problems during the negotiations when a Category 3 hurricane strikes the southern portion on the island. This map describes the territories of Éire, Plenmont, and Sark which will also be at the negotiating table. There are a few islands I included as well since it would seem odd just randomly having them sit there empty. I would RP them as mostly uninhabited. My population would probably increase by about 7 million as a result of the integration.
  8. I have taken some time to think about how I want the Sunset Sea Islands to evolve over the next few years. Whilst the image might look frightening and/or overpowered now, let me explain my reasoning behind it. First, I want to elaborate on the first stage of expansion I de-facto started now with The Secretary's Report and which I will continue after the ATARA Generall Assembly is over (since I, unfortunately, missed the deadline for new topics). I will roleplay the SSI using the crumbling UBPSSIF and internal instability of the former royal subject nations (see TSR and Thalassan War) as a reason for directly take control over the small scattered islands around the UBPSSIF. To do so I will roleplay the internal political struggles and then, once the General Assembly is over, draft a proposal to ATARA which would grant me authority over those islands once it passes. This would happen in mid-2018 and would be my first expansion in all my time in Europa. These islands would mostly be sparsely populated outposts and me trying to revive small island nations that perished after the Thalassan War, mostly former UBPSSIF friends. In stage two (yellow), I want to puppet Futanarien and Dobby is Free, nations that belonged to my real-life friends who lost interest in NationStates. By then (spoiler alert!) I will hopefully have a more interesting form of government so it would be fun to expand my "bloc" by then. I don't want to annex them completely since I feel like that would be boring, but I will want to take control over their unstable governments in 2019 to expand my ideology across the continent. I have marked the ISTC port in the same colour as a potential and optional target, as @Fleur de Lys, unfortunately, left the region and I haven't heard from @Magnaeus in ages. If the ISTC continues to stagnate like it does now with @Prymont and me being the only active members without a lot happening, I will roleplay some infrastructural expansion on that island administered by me. However, if the ISTC continues to prosper, either with just Prymmy and me or with potential new members, I will leave it completely up to the RPs. Stage three (green) would see me expanding polewards myself, similar to how Argentina has Antarctic ambitions. I, however, do not plan on claiming actual Antargic lands, I'll just claim the islands in proximity to it somewhere between 2019 and 2020. I'd use them for stuff like seed vaults and similar things. Lastly, the areas marked blue are potential and optional areas that I might claim unless someone will live there by then. I am not particularly interested in them, it's more like I would "adopt" them, if nobody else does by that undefined point in time after 2020. This includes a sliver of Aurelia, similar to how Japan claimed a part of continental China. So, TL;DR: For now I only wanted to put this out there and tell @Orioni to keep in mind that I'd like to have the small islands marked orange, similar to how @Miiros has a bunch of islands scattered all across the place. That would be my first expansion whatsoever and everything else besides the puppeting shenanigans on my list is in the more or less distant future, with a lot of my ideas being either potential or entirely optional. Naturally, I'd love to hear comments from the rest of the community to get an overview whether people would support my ideas. Comments regarding my first stage of expansion would be most interesting now, since that would make drafting my ATARA proposal easier. Thanks, all!
  9. This is my expansion plans for the upcoming years, I’m only putting this here so that others who want a map spot know what to request and what not to? Phase 1 FORMER THEODORIAN TERRITORY I’m planning on expanding to Theodoria’s Former Territory through a referendum. As He is going to either move spot or leave completely I wouldn’t want to use Theodoria as the name for the nation, and I’m planning on calling it Tegidia. So PyeMcGowan and Tegidia have strong economic ties and they also uses the Poggle as it’s currency, We have always been very close and due to Political Problems, and support for unification in Tegidia, they have decided to hold a referendum by the end of the month. From there it will take a while for the two to properly unify. History Tegidia gained Independance from PyeMcGowan in 1756, after a brief independence war, but since the two have gained very close relations, as they share a culture. I will probably make an IIWiki page for this nation, for two reasons, 1, To give more info on the nation and 2, because I like IIWiki. Phase 2 Phase 3
  10. After progressing Project Canamo along and planning some future writing, I'd like to present an expansion/future claims plan. 1. Prymontian Rus Step 1 simply sees the renaming of The Hellenic Rus to Prymontian Rus. This will become official in RP around October when I roleplay local elections, and the country will eventually become one with the United States around 2020. 2. The Canamo Canal The Canamo Canal is an upcoming project between myself, @Iverica, and @Girkmand, which will connect the Canamo Sea to the Mediargic Sea. This will be roleplayed over the span of around 14 months, and will start in the next fortnight or so. It will oversee the purchase of all of that land south of the Hellenic Rus, while leaving enough space for @Ahrana to expand west as he's mentioned in PMs. If it's okay, I'd like confirmation that he's happy to see this go ahead, and any further comments he has. 3. Claiming northern lands This will be roleplayed as part of Project Canamo, but will see Prymontian Rus expand northwards through diplomatic deals with the defunct Germanic Staat. It will give me a strategic position in the Canamo Sea and provide slightly more land for oil mining around Point Kanamoi. This expansion will happen shortly after the Prymontian Rus elections, so around December 2018 - February 2019. 4. United States' eastern expansion This will be the biggest expansion of them all, and will take place throughout 2019 after Prymontian Rus has been fully taken over. If you overlay the map of Eurth over a map of Earth, you'll see that Prymont is roughly where Greenland is. At the most southern point, this expansion will bring me south of Iceland, allowing for a much larger population and warmer climates. The roleplay will see several countries apply to be part of the United States, after seeing such beneficial deals like ATARA and TRIDENT, as well as seeing Prymont's influence over central Argis grow. As it's such a massive expansion, I'd appreciate the comments of any available Argic countries, specifically @Theodoria if they're around. The map is slowly filling up, but there are still masses of unclaimed land. Since I joined in July 2017, two nations have settled in eastern Argis - Astriedan and Theodoria. As such, Step 4 won't interfere with a popular area of land as not many people seem to be interested in it. These expansions also serve the purpose of filling up some empty space and creating a large nation in Argis, which the continent is currently missing. I've specifically proposed this idea in the cartography channel on Discord previously, and it was well received. However, I'm still open to feedback and the comments of the moderation team.
  11. EDIT: THIS EXPANSION IS COMPLETE Abstract To save space and keep things all in one place, this will be my OOC thread for my Expansion RPs while also serving as my official claim to the areas. The diligent reader (or lurker) on this forums will note how the multitude of relevant and some tangentially relevant sources below have all been directed towards building up to this RP. This wasn't just put together like: hUrR DUrR GiB mE LOTSA cLAy HuUuUurrrrRRR, the RPs below have been consciously placed (for the most part) to build up support to my claim here. In the following article, I will state my justifications and stake my claims towards an expansion of significant size. This will prove: 1) A case where the player has used a similar expansion and been granted his claim. 2) How this sort of expansion RP is done step-by-step from news posts, escalation, to execution. 3) That the expansion in question has been given visual form by being shown clearly and accurately on a partition of the Region's map. Reiterating, this thread serves to tie in these varied resources and present a coherent OOC claim necessary to legitimise such an expansion--here the player will also respond to relevant points of criticism in defence of his claim and if necessary, make relevant edits to fit community regulations. Summary Iverica wants to expand through a political federation of states (NPCs for this case) which Iverica is already Hegemon over. Iverica's leadership is able to do this because of the following things: A constitutional amendment was made (see: "CA no. 103" below) which contains the foundation for unifying other culturally cohesive "Solidaridad" states. Solidaridad- "Iberic Solidarity", is an ethno-ideological concept which refers to the perceived unity of all Iberic Diaspora states. Degrees of Solidaridad exist--the strongest linking ideologically homogenous states, guaranteeing military or diplomatic mutual-protection. The weakest degree linking ideologically opposed states only through shared ancestry, this degree does not guarantee strong ties or other mutual benefits. All the states concerned in this RP are Solidaridad states of the strongest degree--constitutions are similar, lingua franca (Iverican) is shared, exclusive trade and border agreements usually exist between most. Stagnation of the Satellite States and Rise of Iverican Power- due to Primo Deitorr's pursuit of foreign trade and political-economic manoeuvering, Iverica has seen a rise in industrial output, military protectionism, trade surplus, and technological growth. Satellite states look more favourably on a union with Iverica because of stagnant economies and having the military backing of Iverica's aggressively protectionist policy as well as membership in the Defence treaty "TRIDENT". In short, they want to benefit from Iverica's gains internationally and regionally. Union Under a Common and Grave Cause- To be revealed. This will be demonstrated in an upcoming RP wherein the various states take up arms against a common enemy during a critical period which could make or break the future of the federation. Gameplay Justifications Case: Fleur de Lys' Union Pan-Republicaine [LINK] Fleur de Lys has successfully made a similar expansion via diplomacy/legislation with no outcry from the membership then. It is fair to expect that if there is any opposition to the nature and critical similarities between this RP and FdL's RP, the opponent must carry the burden of proving against the Lysian claim as well. TLDR: No one took issue OOC or released any statements IC on FdL's expansion, therefore if any qualms about critical similarities with the RPs are had, I expect due diligence to be taken. Relevant News Posts and RP Events I have been planning this extensively for a long time (since about Oct-Nov 2017), I have made many posts since this time relevant to the IC justifications of why a state would want to be part of an Iverican Federation, some details how this may be done, and news posts of citizens wanting to do this in the past. Once again, the opposition carries the burden of adequate research on the posts I have worked hard to produce the past half-year. There is no TLDR excuse here, sounds abrasive but it is not too much for me to ask critics to read my content and make citations as necessary. Integration of "Las Islas Ultramares"- evidence that Iverica can integrate a Solidaridad state. Claim [OOC] [LINK] Initial (Ultramariano) Referendum [LINK] First Delay [LINK] Plebiscite [LINK] CA no. 103: Amendment Passes [LINK] Previous Attempts to Integrate & Context of the Expansion RP Involvement and Status in IGOs- supporting points why satellite states want to integrate. [ATARA] [TRIDENT] Cases Proving Iverican Defensive Capability- further supporting points to why satellite states want to integrate. As a Hegemon, Iverica is able to prove that it is willing to decisively use force to protect citizens domestically and internationally. Operations in Afropa - See related articles for escalation and justification of this RP. Operation Paloma- Evacuation of Nationals from Ahranaian Revolution Verde Blockade Economic Prosperity- Iverica is able to prove that it RP'd and news-posted content which justifies a strong economy--further supporting the rationale that satellite states would want to integrate for mutual/self-profit. Proof of Sale 1- Astriedan Proof of Sale 2- Gallambria Proof of Sale 3- Girkmand Following this are some mentions of the KeyPhone and uses of the Apps like Wittier which are inferred to be at least well known in international markets News Post Re: Economy-1 News Post Re: Technological and Infrastructure Growth- 1 News Post Re: Tech and Infrastructure Growth- 2 Supporting this are further less relevant articles on my news agency showing the build-up of other industries and its effect on certain sectors of society. CORE EXPANSION RP: State of the Republic Sets context, stakes, dramatis personae, and ties in above^ points in preparation for CORE RP 2: Iverican Boogaloo the climax of the Expansion RP. Also explains the effects of some of Iverica's prior RPs and explains some of Iverica's plans for the future. CORE EXPANSION RP 2: A UNION DIVIDED This will conclude the expansion for the most part pending a few addendums to clearly explain some gaps the scenario is bound to have. The additions on the Region's map would then be justified at the conclusion of this RP. SUMMARY OF RP EVENTS (IC): A FEDERATION UNITED OUTLINE OF RELEVANT EXPANSION The four states as pictured: The Free State of Vasqqa (Red), The Duchy of Verde (Green), The Confederate Union of Narva (Blue) and Greater Galicia (Yellow) I plan to either make a long-run RP wherein I will explain how we united under one important cause, or stagger their addition in two stages. SOME IRL CASES OF SIMILAR UNIFICATION Unification of Germany Union of the 13 Colonies- United States of America Unification of Italy --- End
  12. @Orioni, would you mind expanding me on the map towards Morheim? I would like to share a border with them.
  13. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OAkD5Q7USqh4QLMxUBj5l4smnDJ7qp-N/view?usp=sharing After looking at Ahrana's recent land acquisition, I have finalized my plans for new territory. Currently claimed territory is in Yellow, and possibly new cities are in Red. All territory outlined was occupied after numerous "barbarian" raids coming from the region, and all minorities in the area will be given full rights if/when annexation happens. Check The Commonwealth Times for further detail.
  14. Lo and behold, the fruits of Project Canamo! Others have been granted expansion either before or during the writing process, and as I've spent three months so far on Project Canamo, I think it's fair to put mine forwards. As they're smaller, I'd like to claim the top two islands fairly soon as dedicated Prymontian territory. One of my upcoming posts on PC will be about the larger of the two islands, so it will be adequately roleplayed. The objective for them is hidden weapons storage, testing, and development. As for The Hellenic Rus, I'll be roleplaying Prymontian-backed elections throughout the year, and therefore I don't need to claim it immediately. The plan is to make it a protectorate, as Andalla has done with Giokto, under the name 'Prymontian Rus'. This is to allow the future possibility of The Hellenic Rus actually returning and wanting his nation back - in that scenario, I'd write that HR are being granted full independence once again. In the likely case that he doesn't return, it'll remain as a Prymontian protectorate state and won't be part of the Prymont flag. Instead, Prymont will just oversee the happenings within the country and butt in here and there. I've spoken to @Ahrana on Discord who has approved of this. However, I'm open to further input.
  15. ANDALLA CAN INTO EXPANSION!!! Now before anything crazy happens, let me first explain. Yes, actually I did realize that this was a bit too long... Geography Andalla will be claiming the only island north of Flau, as shown in the map below. This island shall be known as Giokto (short O please). Culture The islanders' culture will be based off the Hokkien (Southern Min/Min Nan) culture of China, especially Philippine/Taiwanese Hokkien (As the translator website I use was created by a Filipino-Hokkien). The people inhabiting Giokto are known as Lan-nang ("We People") or Lanska in Andallan. In Anglish, well, let's just say "Giokton". Etymology "Giok-to" means "Jade Island". The single large mountain in the center of the island is seen as a symbol of Giokto and is known as "Giok-soa" or "Jade Mountain" (a play on Taiwan's Yushan). History The Giokton people are descended from an ancient Alharun civilization that split in half, becoming @Fulgistan and Giokto, respectively (EDIT: Huang Civilization). The half that would become Giokto settled near along the southern coast of the Cashari peninsula. Internal strife caused the people to separate into several groups, and over time, migrating across the sea in numerous waves, landing on the island. Eventually these waves grew into city-states and kingdoms constantly competing for land, as the island was small and rich in resources. For most of its history it was divided into such kingdoms which, after the internal strife problem somewhat died down, formed two major alliances that often fought against each other whether in large-scale battles or skirmishes. The two alliances were known as the Northern (北 Pak) and Southern (南 Lâm) alliances. Soon enough, the South was able to establish friendly relations with the neutral then-kingdom of Andalla, which agreed to assist them in their fight against the North. However, for most of the Warring Kingdoms period the North held a firm rule over most of the island, resulting in a stalemate. The South, though assisted by Andalla, was never able to defeat the North; on the other hand, the North was never able to defeat the South due to their powerful ally. A notable event during that period was when the North established friendly relations with the city-states of @Selayar in the mid-1600s, augmenting their superiority in resources. Several years later, one of the Northern kingdoms drew up plans to begin colonizing Selayar so the flow of resources could be regulated to only the North. The plan was not well-received as it was believed that sending soldiers overseas would reduce the number of defending soldiers on the island. In the end, only two kingdoms were willing to colonize Selayar, and so they did. In the mid-1700s, as the Andallan economy grew rapidly, trade between Andalla and the South prospered. Throughout the rest of the 1700s and early 1800s, it allowed the South to slowly amass a much larger military force, eventually resulting in an arms race between the North and South. Tensions between the two sides also increased dramatically during that period. The spirit of war was once again awakened after 2 centuries when a land dispute between two mountain kingdoms from opposite sides escalated into battle and later war, as the two kingdoms rallied their allies to attack. The North once again assumed the offensive stance, while the South, after unfruitful attempts at offense, put up a brutal defense against the advancing North. It was then decided that a detachment of forces would be gathered to also attack Selayar, and after a months-long campaign, Selayar fell to the South. But on the mainland, the South were slowly being softened by the regular attacks until they were unable to defend. One by one, the Southern kingdoms fell to the North. As each kingdom fell, allied troops there would evacuate to another kingdom or risk getting captured. This issue was solved when Andalla and the North signed an agreement granting allied soldiers in surrendering kingdoms to escape unharmed if they promised a cease-fire there. Though it was not implemented successfully as some soldiers from the surrendering kingdom would disguise as an allied soldier, tens of thousands of lives were saved because of the agreement. In the end, only two Southern kingdoms and Andalla remained, both of which announced unconditional surrender as Northern troops slowly surrounded their capitals. At the same time, virtually-untouched Andalla proposed a cease-fire with the North, on the terms that Selayar would officially be ceded to the Andallans. The treaty was accepted, effectively ending the "Great Giokton War". A second war broke out in November 1941 when the Giokton submarine I-23 sunk the SFS Teuvo Anttonen, an Andallan troop transport ferrying soldiers to Giokto. The ship sunk with the loss of 1,452 lives, and the beginning of a war that would last 6 long years, span 3 continents and cost millions of lives. The war saw three major alliances: the Andallans and their allies, Giokto and Selayar, and the Sunset Sea Islands and allied separatist groups. Meanwhile, the main battleground was the island of Giokto itself. The Andallan military, secretly assisted by underground Giokton rebels, led the assault on Giokton and Selayari forces on the island. Battles raged on, on land, sea and air. Both sides fought to the teeth with all their might; the far larger Andallan military equally-matched with the Giokton's advanced technology and knowledge of the topograhy. And now, as other countries get involved, I no longer know what happens. The Sunset Sea Islands looks on as Andallan and Giokton forces slowly deteriorate from battle, then takes its chance. Suddenly, both Andallans and Gioktons see lightning-speed assaults on their shores and, being unable to defend as their troops were on the front lines, had large parts of their territories taken away by the Sunset Sea Islandian empire. The war between Andalla and Giokto turns into a three-way war, with the Sunset Sea Islands (Err, everyone's enemy) and Andalla's allies entering the scene. The Giokton military was forced to surrender in 1947, granting Andalla the control over Giokto. Throughout the 1950s, the new government began extensive projects to rebuild and modernize the island, and by the 1970s, Giokto became an important financial center. Today, Giokto is highly-developed; it is evident in the bustling skyscrapers of Giokto's cities. Politics The entire island and its surroundings form the Republic of Giokto. The state is in a formal association with Andalla, with Andalla providing defense. Initially, Andalla also oversaw Giokton foreign relations; however, in recent decades the nation has been taking diplomacy into its own hands. The Giokton government functions much like the Andallan government, with a president, vice president, and a unicameral Congress. The Giokton capital is known as Saipuo. Flag The color green symbolizes Jade (a symbol of Giokto, referring to Gioksoa) and the island's rich nature. Yellow symbolizes royalty, alluding to the history of Giokto. The three blue bands represent the sea and the three faces of Gioksoa: the north, south and west faces.
  16. Couple of simple map requests. 1. Please rename my capital to what it currently is, Belgrade. 2. Update my flag On a completely unrelated note, I would like to know if there was any more groundwork set on expansion. I am thinking far ahead here, but if there are any changes to the process (doing RPs, being active) let me know. If I am currently eligible, you can reply and we can have that arranged. Thanks.
  17. Nation in Europa: Brundeblurg Flag: (Sorry cant due to website problems) - But same flag i have for my NS nation Capital name: Nova Fedi Capital location: (On the coast of my nation) Factbook link: Newsroom link: Culture: A deeply religious, funny and Pius nation, having a long and rich history, a large amount of a Blundeblurgian life surrounds around agriculture, as the populace is growing food wether at home or on the fields, and by the beautiful shiny coats a thriving fishing industry intertwines with regular life as the populace with work in the fields or at the coasts and return home to fish or grow recreationally. The population rejoices around jokes and comedy, always making sure to playfully joke around, but the people take matter and business seriously, are unusually kind, they have a strong sense of justice, loyalty, smart and are very rational and sound minded but sadly are very gullible and sensitive. Also the nation is greatly environmentally aware, and caring. Through out it's history its people and nature have been one with each other. Though this creates a place great for food ensuring rapid population growth and a great tourist destination, and it has a industrial base, though of course eco friendly, but in what it abounds in agricultural and money wise, it lacks in ore, oil, and friends. (Basically Japan but with a twist of my own) Climate: The climate of Brundeblurg has 4 seasons, winter, spring, summer, and fall. Temperatures rarely drop below 0 degrees Celsius, with winters bring slightly moist and sunny with snowfall, spring bringing multitudes of rainstorms and is quite wet, with it ether being cloudy or sunny, summers being quite dry and mildly hot. and fall being moist and cool. (Also i would like my nation to have a sea shore please wether on a continent or island) Location: Somewhere costal, near Andalla please, I don't know if I chose or you chose or how this choosing goes. History: From 1449 - Present Detailed History: Founded as a kingdom, in 1449 after countless bloodshed occurred, between waring tribes for power, King Elijah The Grand brought order and peace for the land, following the 2,000 Reign of the monarchy, It fell in when no heir was chosen to succeed King Aldabert before he died in 1667, and resulting in the balkanization and civil wars that followed from the warlords, princes, and court members fighting for control. This period known as the 40 year war, and out of it rose a feudal system, that like Japan's, isolated itself, this feudal system perfectly mirroring japans was established by warlord Algun. This would last till its dissolution, when free thinkers traveling to more modern parts of the world in the 1800's brought back revolutionary ideas of peace and liberty, the people took this new ideology to heart and in 2o years, the Grand Knight was overthrown, when Knight Bruno, led the people in an armed conflict in 1888, forever remembered as the September liberation. From then on a Republican democracy, was established, mirroring that of americas. From then on The republic of Brundeblurg took form and has been ruling since.
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