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Found 3 results

  1. Sarbo Broadcasting Channel - SBC Televisions across the country flicker with static as the broadcasting service lies in wait. A voice begins to transmit through the storm of static as the image on the screen begins to clear. A swirling assortment of colors flutter across the screen as a 3D globe spins. Blue and white bars swirl around the globe and for the letters "S," "B," and "C." A voice speaks as the color begins to fade. "Thank you for tuning in to SBC, I'm Emilia Sada," "And I'm Marco Messore. Stay tuned for the most trusted Alenian news. Politics, interviews, and mu
  2. Welcome to the Alenian National Tribune (ANT,) giving you the truth and only the truth from Sarbo to Bergatri!
  3. Alenian Bureau of Diplomatic Affairs Effective immediately, His Royal Majesty King Damocle La Pollo has instructed President Alvaro Tartaglione to begin the pursuit of diplomatic relations for the different nations of the planet Eurth. Alenveil and its people are open to business, conversation, country visits, and immigration. We welcome friendship from other nations. We are a Constitutional Monarchy, a nation built on the properties that Limonaia left us after the Alenian Wars of Independence. Reforming the national constitution, this bureau is as such. Our headquarters are located in
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