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  1. OOC: Just a small thing I'm putting together. It's a small RP about the movement which turned Adaptus into an isolationist, independent state. It's about the movement which later leads Adaptus to denounce religion and everything human. I'm setting it on a youth partially colonised Mars. A planet hostly populated by Adaptons, but also at this time populated by other Europans. Around this time, Adaptons are beginning to look forward into the future and with there philosophical minds, see it as a chance to start again. A new movement rises and becomes the new faith in Adaptus. It's sparks off the Heresy and a civil war. The biggest division in Adapton society since the Great Adapton War. Some scene setting them. Think of Mars as partially breathable by now, as it's about the year 2255, and terraforming started on Mars around 150 years ago, so it's had time to take effect. However despite the atmosphere being slightly breathable, it's still barren think of it like a red wild west as this point. A sort of Martian cowboy bebop. It's at this time things are looking slightly fuzzy for the future, and people are not sure how it will go. A group of Existentialists on Mars take the first steps, they publish a manifesto, similar to that of Marx's, but of a new utopia, it's this manifesto that sparks the movement. Feel free to jump in at any time if you wish. It's just something different. At the end of it, Adaptus becomes a new nations, and the Martian Republic described in Haru's shadows of the past thread. IC: Fredrick Nietzsche,was the great grandson of the famous philosopher of the same name. He lived on Mars and was one of the, what were referred to as Mars hopefuls. He lived in one of the largest of the colonisation communities on Mars, New Sparta. He lived as a scholar, just as his great grandfather, he to was an existentialist. He believed in the highest form of individuality, and had small time for religion. He had established a small community in New Sparta. In a rather large bar in the south part of the colony, he had set up the Nietzsche Club, a club dedicated to his great grandfather, and to discuss what was what. Adaptons loved there debates and there philosophy, and on Mars was no exception. Mars had came to be seen as a barren lawless land, where philosophers could revel, and many radicals existed. Nietzsche was soon becoming one of these radicals. "Fredrick my good man, you are a genius, who could actually bring prosperity to this place after all." "Yes good boy, you have a knack, and uncanny knack, you have a gift." "Well I.." "Ha, the lad knows it. He's a credit to his grandfather..." "Thank you..." "No Fredrick, thank you!" As the meeting ended, many people were leaving the bar. The nights entertainment saw Fredrick talking about a new work he had put together, whilst cleaning his home. He had recently found his grandfathers copy of Marx's Communist Manifesto. He flicked through it several times. By now Marxism was almost obsolete. The solar system was full of nothing but pirates, and smugglers, people out for money, and business, capitalism was king, and socialism was falling into obscurity. Only the traditionalists on Europa still talked about waving the red flag. But none the less the book made sense. Ha had also came across his fathers copy of Plato's 'Republic', this too he read with great enjoyment. over the next few weeks he had pondered on the two. He while he did, things began to emerge to him. Scenarios and thought experiments. 'What ifs' and 'why nots'. Nietzsche had an idea. He had wrote what he came up with down, and finally, he had finished. Tonight he spoke of Fulfilmentism.
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