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Found 2 results

  1. Friends, Europans, countrymen, lend me your ears. It's been a very busy year for all of us. This community we all share has evolved into a place where good writing and shared amusement is valued and appreciated. Not a day goes by without something fresh to read. If you ever feel like it's becoming a problem to read everything, know that's you're not alone. We've really stepped up our game here. Massive thank you to all of you! And this December, to finish the year on a high, we'll collect those stories that made us laugh and cry the most. As @Iverica wrote so eloquently last year: "What better way to cap off the year, than with Europan democracy bluntly dictating standards to rub in your face!" Nominations This year we'd like to do this a little differently and open up the list to public nominations. So you can tell everyone about that great story you wrote that went underappreciated. You can nominate more than one. Here are the categories we'll re-use. There are also two new ones: about culture/sports, and about our most promising new member. [Pax Eurthica] Which nation is the most peace-loving nation in the region? [Big Stick Dick] Which nation do you think is likely to declare war on you at the drop of a pin? [The Pushitzer Prize] Which news agency have you found to be the most realistic? [Bron Urgundy Award] Which news agency do you get the most giggles out of? [Fully-Diplomatic] Which well-written diplomatic event do you think has made a significant impression on the world? [Business Cat] Which well-written event or series of events do you think has been the most significant in global trade? [Moving the Goalpost] Which well-written cultural or sports event do you think has been the most entertaining? [Leading the Green Scene] Which event or resolution do you think has had the best results for our environment? [Ms/Mr Congeniality] Which RP character do you find to be the most likeable? [Lex Loathor] Which RP character do you like the least? [Notable N00b] Which member that joined in 2018 deserves our special recognition? Are you low on inspiration? Have a look at the topics in "Our picks". http://www.europans.com/ourpicks/ Timing These are the steps we'll follow 8-18 December (10 days): nominations are open 19-29 December (10 days): voting on all nominations 30 December (1 day): winners are announced, our annual email goes out
  2. Mauridivian General Election: Live Coverage & Results Senatorial elections were held on Sunday, June 3rd, 2018 in Mauridiviah. On May 20th, general polling and campaigning came to an end and exit polls are banned. As per Mauridivian electoral law, polls opened at 11:30 P.M. Mauridivian Central Time on June 2nd and closed at 12:30 A.M. on June 4th, remaining open throughout June 3rd to give people the chance to vote. This thread served as the center for election updates which took place through to the final announcement of the results on June 4th. These results are the results from before the new electoral law was put into place. Current Composition of the Senate: Results: Electoral Map by which party won at least a plurality of votes in the given constituency. Note: Dark purple is the Mauridiviah Independence Party, Magenta-ish is the Patriot Party. Seats Per Party: Sitian Unionist Party: 29 (2.76% Mauridiviah Independence Party: 64 (6.11%) Liberal-Labor: 59 (5.66%) Bolivarian Party: 527 Seats (50.24% Republican Party: 32 (3.05%) Monarchist Party: 30 (2.86%) Libertad: 298 Seats (28.41%) Patriot Party: 10 (0.95%) Political Leaders: Articles Previously Posted About the Election and the Issues of this Election: ((I'm going to do something to similar to this: https://www.politico.eu/article/uk-election-live-blog/ but with obviously less posts on this thread. If you want to involve yourself, any tweets or posts about this election from a non-Mauridivian source will be linked to here as well.))
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