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  1. The Laws of the Sea (Link to the OOC discussion topic) Sunset City, 1959 The spirit of new beginnings had enveloped the Kingdom of the Sunset Sea Islands ever since the oppressive regime of Mat Troi Lan had been overthrown and the Thalassan War came to a definitive end. The young monarch, King Tomasso, was not one to idle around either. He knew that without hard work, the nation would always be known as an empire of brutes whose only goal was to enslave the whole continent for their own economic benefit. Naturally, the U-turn the nation performed both in its internal and external policy was quite a shock for the population, as many had known nothing but serving the Emperor and hate for other nations and cultures who supposedly prevented the nation from gaining valuable resources overseas. Now, the people of the Sunset Sea Islands were governed by a young King aided by foreign governors, taught to be xenophile and pacifistic people in reeducation centres and instead of declaring one war after another, their home nation worked hard to reconcile with its former enemies. Naturally, they noticed that since the youngest son of their former Emperor had claimed the throne as King, things started to turn for the better. Suddenly, their economy was prospering and their bowls were full of rice. Truly, this was the spirit of new beginnings. This day, however, would be a new milestone on the road of the young Sunset Sea Islands to international reconciliation and approval. Sunset City had been chosen to be the place for an international conference for the first time. International representatives from all over the world travelled to the tropical island city to debate international sea law. This was an important step, not only for the international community, but for the Sunset Sea Islands as well. Maybe if the representatives saw the hard work the people of the nation did to join ranks with them as equals on a global stage, relations with more and more nations would improve and new ones developed. On the harbour, a red carpet was rolled out for the foreign diplomats. At its end stood the young King Tomasso. Mind, he was not standing on the carpet, only at its end. The small gesture was proposed by the King himself to show how much he, and with him, the entire nation, welcomed the foreign emissaries and valued the newly founded international relations. A new conference centre had been constructed in Sunset City to host the conference. Truly, this was not only a new beginning for the nation, but a historical event that would influence the way nations would interact from this point onwards. King Tomasso was sure that future generations would learn about these days in their history books.
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