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  1. 1956, Early Morning Union Embassy Pleven, State of Pleven Two men slowly pulled up in a white unmarked van and parked it outside the Union of Tal Shiar embassy in Pleven. The two men had patiently waited for the order for aproximatly ten years, and the order finally came in. If everything went according to the plan Rob and Cleatus's actions today would start a chain of events leading to a devastating end. In the end they knew exactly what they were doing and were honored to be chosen for the task, one that was ten years in the making. Pleven was the capital of the State of Pleven, which broke away from Bulgaria after the Red Revolution which transformed the ancient Bulgarian monarchy into the Union of Socialist States of Tal Shiar. It was no private secret that the goals of the revolution was to bring about a total socialist nation, but when the other provinces declared their independence, the Communist leaders felt the revolution was unfinished. Now ten years after the revolution began and the old war wound healed both Rob and Cleatus decided to tip the domino. Soon the once quiet republic of Pleven would be catapulted on the world stage. The two men quietly assembled what was left of the timing device. Cleatus Changed into his false Pleven Police Uniform complete with badge and cap. He then marked the van as a survalliance vehicle. He hoped that this would prevent anyone from disturbing the van. Rob finally finished setting the timing the device for approximatly mid morning when the Union ambassador would be in office and the building at its peak capacity. Rob got out of the vehicle and shut the back doors and began walking away while Cleatus got into another vehicle headed across town.
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