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Found 2 results

  1. To say Engelstov was a welcome change to Bulgenstaz would be undoubtedly false. The price the Bulgenstazi people had payed for freedom, the 50,000 lives, the 50,000 pure souls, had not been in the name of his brutality. Dmitry Mendhelson knew this much. The SRRB had not been formed to oppress, but to rejuvenate, to bring hope to the fledgeling nation. It now served in the place the colonials had left, oppressive and unbending, a slaver to the masses. The SRRB was deaf to the cries for democracy and freedom by the people of Bulgenstaz. If there would be change, it would be now, and it must be swift. "Comrades, we cannot give in to this oppression. We cannot let the tyrant Engelstov replace the imperialists as dictator of our country!" shouted Mendhelson as he stood atop a car a few miles south of Bulganda. It was the time to strike. Opposition had grown in the wake of Engelstov's purges, and many prominent and popular politicians had been deposed. Mendhelson had been one, and felt himself fortunate enough he was not killed outright. He had promoted democracy, freedom, and representation for the Bulgenstazi during the revolution, something Engelstov and his Revolutionary Guard would never stand for. "Their chance for reform is over! We demonstrated our dedication to sovereignty two years ago, and we will not hesitate to demonstrate our demand for representation now!" The crowd roared and weapons fired. There would be no return for these souls; the SRRB would never let such traitors live. Mendheson knew this and accepted the importance of the second revolution all the same. A revolution for a free Bulgenstaz: the People's Republic of Bulgenstaz. Their justice would be swift and final. Whether they march on Khenkhourt or have their bodies washed down the Bulga could not matter less, ultimately. They would enter Bulganda tonight, and there would be blood. The revolutionaries were poorly equipped compared to the Revolutionary Guard, but they held a fervor of a cornered cat: a jaguar. How can good lose to the embodiment of evil that is Engelstov and his Revolutionary Guard? They were correct, their motives pure, "How could we lose? How could we lose when we are millions and they are nothing?" Night towered overhead. Certainly they would be remembered for their bravery, if they won or lost. Martyrdom was the worst possible scenario. "We cannot lose more than we have already lost, comrades! I say we march now, under the veil of night; mother Mayari Bulan will protect us. Go now, in the name of the Republic of Bulgenstaz!" Again, cries of the revolutionaries filled the air as they vanished into the jungles. Some others walked to join Mendhelson. "Surely you will be the one to bring our country beyond the greatness of what it once was, under the three kingdoms!" said one, who seemed to lead the militia, "I am Borey Askov, I will help to bring our nation to greatness; you, Mendhelson, must be the Tathanh, the one who will lead our country to victory." The gravity of this exchange came to Dmitry Mendhelson quickly: this would mark the legitimacy of the new republic. If the leader of the militia names Mendhelson Tathanh then it would rest on his shoulders to carry Bulgenstaz from the weight of Engelstov and the SRRB. "My thanks to you, general Askov. I graciously accept my duty to you and to the people of Bulgenstaz. Together we will lead the people and guide them to freedom and equality. But we must move with our people as they enter Bulganda; we must be there for the inevitable victory!"
  2. The Thalassan War Tiauhai Sea [ 18 November 1941 - 0750 hrs ] The seas were calm on a November morning as the Giokton submarine I-23 cruised along the Tiauhai Sea. She was one of the several submarines dispatched under the top-secret Operation Barrage, launched after Giokton spies uncovered Andallan plans to further reinforce Liamchia, an Andallan territory on Giok Island. The day before, the SFS Teuvo Antonnen, a Kristian Steffenssen-class troop transport, departed Andalla for Liamtsia with 2,553 soldiers and crew on board... "Captain, ship spotted on the horizon, bearing three-two-zero. We've found our target." "Good. All compartments, prepare for dive." (The bridge is cleared and all hull openings are closed) "Green board sir, we have pressure in the boat." "Very well. Dive, dive." (The diving alarm goes off) ... (The submarine is now nearing attacking position) "Forward room, ready tubes one, two and three, depth zero-five feet." "Aye, tubes one and two ready." "You boys ready to make history?" "Readier than ever, captain!" "Aye, ready tube one... and fire! Tube two... fire! Tube three, standby... and, fire!" "Torpedoes in the water." Meanwhile, on the Teuvo Antonnen, a sailor on the bridge spots the torpedoes: "TORPEDO ON THE STARBOARD, APPROACHING FAST!" "HAAAARD TO PORT!" The ill-fated Teuvo Antonnen makes a sharp, abrupt turn to port, startling and confusing many of her passengers. Though the first torpedo misses the ship's bow by several meters, the second one scores a hit on her forward cargo bay at 0832 hrs. The forward cargo bay begins to flood with water while fires caused by the detonation lick up the surrounding cargo. But before any action could be taken, a third torpedo rips through her amidships, causing increased flooding. Flames engulf the forward cargo bay and threaten to spread to the upper decks, while water rushes through the two holes. The very few damage control personnel are sent to the forward cargo bay to put out the worsening fire, the breach amidships left almost unattended, while the Teuvo Antonnen lists 15 degrees to starboard. At 0855 hrs, an explosion from the forward cargo bay rocks the lower decks near the bow. Damage control teams attempt to suppress the fire, yet their efforts are all in vain. The hole amidships caused by the third torpedo enlarges due to water pressure buckling the hull, increasing the list to 20 degrees and threatening to capsize the vessel. The call to abandon ship is made at 0918 hrs, after the bow begins to go down. As it was peacetime, the ship was not fully-equipped for an emergency and thus lacked enough life rafts. The deck of the ship grows into a chaotic mess as it fills with soldiers and crew waiting for a life raft, while some opt to jump off the ship instead. The crew is ordered to cut out pieces of wood and other buoyant items, then throw them into the sea to give the men in the water something to hold on to. At 0927 hrs, a loud creaking noise is heard from below decks, as the list increases by 10 more degrees over several minutes. At 0939 hrs, a second noise is heard and a small crack runs up to the starboard deck. Suddenly, at 0943 hrs, the ship capsizes, trapping over 1,600 soldiers and crew below decks. Her keel continues to rise up out of the water, as some of the men are able to escape the flooding decks. The ship stays afloat for a while, her keel pointing upwards. At 1026 hrs, the Teuvo Antonnen begins to sink again. By 1031 hrs, the last of the ship fades beneath the waves, taking over 1,100 men with her. The survivors, less than half of the 2,552 soldiers and crew, stay afloat in clusters of life rafts, pieces of wood, or even alone. They are picked up 10 hours later by the SFS Lekske, a Gammelbjerg-class destroyer. The rest of the troop transports underway to Liamchia are notified of the presence of Giokton submarines, forcing several vessels to turn around towards Andalla. The next day, the Andallan Congress declares war on Giokto and the first shots of the war on Giok Island are fired against Giokton border emplacements. The Second Giokto-Andallan War begins.
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