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  1. OOC: Lets kick this off ah? Oh and just for referance, King Alexander of Yugoslavia was never assasinated in Marsiles, so there is no regency counsil in Yugoslavia, the King is still in controle. IC: News had spread to the people that the Nazis ha moved into Czechoslovakia. Which could only mean that they were looking toward the Balkans, well that was the theory to most Yugoslav people. Coupled with te political pressure from both Germany and Italy about the Kings policies, nothing seemed to be going to the favour of Yugoslavia. Well thats the feelng that the Black Proganda gave. From the advent of the Italian and German facists, Yugoslavia had lost many supporters, and many strongholds, within itself. The Kings' agression was also beginng to look bleak. Many people looked across to Italy, and Germany and were saying, why do we not get the freedom these people have. Many more people where looking to the east, and Communism. A man named Josip Broz Tito had the previous year retured to Yugoslavia, and began to critcise western democrasies, especialy the Italian and Germany fasicts. By now he had became a major figure in the Yugoslav underground, and was leading a re-establshed Communist Party of Yugoslavia, following Comintern policies. The man was becoming a major figure among the Yugoslav people. Regularly making speaches and distrobutig posters throught Yugoslavia. Even dispite the British support to other anti-facist groups in the region, Tito still seemed to be controling the politca influence in the balkands. Tito used te Nazis expansion, and their presure on the King to his advantage, and on this day, Titos presure payed off. King Alexander I was making a trip to Croatia. He was in Zagreb. He was giving a reassurance speach from a small podium set up in the citys main square. He as finishing off his speach, as a loud bang, followed by a crack, erupted in the square. Amidst, the confusion the King had been shot, and was lying face downon the stage, for all of his subjects to see. While in Budapest. Communist influenced officers lead a assault on the main government building, and had declaired Tito, leader. Who emediatly declaired the country as free of Imperialism, free of facism, and free of the monarcy, and announced the formation of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia by the next day. Meanwhile, in Britian. Neville Chamberlin was aking up to the news that Anti-Facist groups, under ritish influance in the Balklands where packing up, after the Coup de 'est by the Yugoslav communists, and the news that Germany has just annexed the Sudatenland.
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