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  1. OOC: I'll be roleplaying about those "Terrible and Ghastly wars" that forged the US. IC: King Carl Gustav I Sat upon his throne surrounded by his advisors. In front of him was arrayed a map of the Royal Kingdom of Strathyclyde. In the South was the Imperial Capital, Norgic. In the North, was the troublesome provinces and the Rebel capital of Stockholm. The Rebels have had enough of the increased war taxes, and the immense pressure of conscription into the Army of the Kingdom. The Kingdom of strathyclyde had been at war with thier neighbor Astoria for quite some time. The casualties were immense, but finally the end was in sight. All the king had to do was to rid his army of the problem of a revolt, and he would be secured. " What is the approximate....troop...strength of the rebel forces in Stockholm? " The king asked his strategic military advisor. "M'lord, they have no army so to speak. They are farmers with pitch forks and a few longbowman. nothing we cannot handle." was the response. The King sat back and took a long drink of wine from his golden cup. The year was 1452 AD, and the Kingdom had been at a state of war in one form or another for over 132 Years, with various states. It seemed that the seams of the Empire were coming undone, and with enemies surrounding her, the Kingdom's last days may yet be at hand. It would be up to the Victor of the Historic battle of Stockholm to decide what would be best for Strathyclyde. Peace...or War.
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