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  1. "...this is NBC. President Maxe moments ago address the landside population, rallying them to begin the challenge before us all. We replay the segment for you now." "...behind me is our land. We do not know what can expect or what it out there. Nor do we know who else lives here. I have already taken it upon myself as your President to act on our collective behalf to begin scouting out this brave new world. We have a challenge in front of us; the challenge of rebuilding our lives all over again. Yes. It will be hard. But we are Nisadonians. We have suffered much but we have always been able to meet the challenge face on. We can do it again. Let's get to work." "The President has already set an ambitious program of rapid nation-building for the country to fulfill including infrastructure, government institutions, housing and economic development. There was one individual who show disapproval of the plan stating that such rapid evolution could lead to unexpected consequences. Said individual was taken into custody by the Republican Guard under the pretense of disturbing the peace."
  2. The Next Morning The following morning, everyone came together to hear the President speak in the middle of the encampment. Maxe was standing ontop of a shipping crate: "...behind me is our land. We do not know what can expect or what it out there. Nor do we know who else lives here. I have already taken it upon myself as your President to act on our collective behalf to begin scouting out this brave new world. We have a challenge in front of us; the challenge of rebuilding our lives all over again. Yes. It will be hard. But we are Nisadonians. We have suffered much but we have always been able to meet the challenge face on. We can do it again. Let's get to work." The crowd cheered Maxe on as he got off his crate, he handed a worker a shovel. Another worker, a hammer. With that, everyone got to work. Some marched down to the harbor to help unload civilians from their ships, others began the march down the coast to meet up with a contingent of the armada loaded with the resources they managed to flee with to begin laying down initial infrastructure to get the country moving. President Maxe look down from the cliff encampment to observe his countrymen hard at work. He spoke quietly to himself. "We will go far." It would be a long time but the rewards of the hardwork would pay off.
  3. Dusk President Tovar Maxe sits at the front of the first landing boat to hit the beaches and turns to his compatriots. "Welcome. Welcome to our new home. Welcome to New Nisadon." As he finished his sentence, he got up and made history. Both feet on dry land. Virgin land. It was theirs now. He turned back. "Well don't just sit there! We have a nation to build. The others on his boat got off, consisting of himself, his advisor, several Republican Guards, Maks Babin, Arno Suiliman, Monty DuChampe and Mark Cyrus and looked down at the beach and then in front of them, a whole land to tame. The initial landing party and several others from their ship set up camp on top of the cliffs overlooking the deep water harbor. They erected a flagpole at the edge of the cliff and rose the Republic's flag. The Republic was reborn. Tomorrow would begin the very long process of rapid nation-building.
  4. Nisadon

    Lexmada Energy

    Lexmada Energy is the Republic's largest petroleum and natural gas extraction and production corporation and even trumps Dahl's holdings. Its natural gas fields and oil derricks rake in billions. The Corporation's executive officer, Arno Suiliman, has made it a goal of surpassing Dahl beyond where they are currently and to crowd out the market to become the only provider for the entire world.
  5. Sierra Entertainment is one of Nisadon's largest entertainment corporations and the largest operator of casinos both domestically and in the Old World. It owns a film studio, several notable television channels, three major radio stations, a cruise line and fifteen casinos, half of which are located in the booming megalopolis of Autunova.
  6. How do your citizens see their country? Most citizens are very nationalistic - to them, Nisadon is the greatest nation on the face of the planet. How do your citizens see other countries? Citizens view other countries with suspicion and look down with them in disdain that they are less civilized than they are. How do your citizens see life? How's their behaviour and point of view towards the government? The Government is responsible for providing every service imaginable from birth to death and thus, treasure their government as an ally in providing them and their families with the best life possible. There is a minority who do not support the rather autocratic government structure but those individuals have a habit of disappearing. How do your citizens relax? What are their favourite past-times? The three national sports of Nisadon is football, wrestling and sailing, all associated with their aggressive attitudes and their cultural background as a maritime people. When individuals are not working, they can be found playing football, playing card games or go hunting. Nisadonian holidays typically involve mountain climbing and camping, taking a cruise or a trip to the Cliffs of Stolk. How religious are your people? Not particularly religious. The majority of individuals are atheists though there is a minority who are members of the Church of Dauros. What do your peoples look like? A mixture of German, Dutch, and Russian Stances on: Abortion: Allowed though the Government frowns upon it. Racism: Though the Constitution does call for all members of the society to be equal, the Government has been accused of sparking tensions through policy though they deny these charges. Homosexuality: Tolerated though the Government frowns upon it. Drugs: Banned, in serious cases, the trafficking or consumption of drugs can be punishable by death. Human Rights: Generally, Human Rights are good although there have been a few 'incidents.'
  7. Name: Michael Corrino In position: Lord Protector of Nisadon Country: The Republic of Nisadon Capital: Rellos, Nisadon History: Michael Corrino was born into the Tzen Imperial family through his mother's marriage to Emperor Peter II, the reigning monarch at the time. He spent much of his childhood with the confines within the Imperial Palace, only to be sent away for schooling when he was in his mid-teens. Upon the death of his father, Michael became the Emperor of the Imperium and Lord Protector of Nisadon, a position his family, the Corrinos had maintained since the days of the first founding (even today, though their power has been severely weakened by President Maxe). Although he was Emperor of the Imperium, he spent a considerable amount of time acting in his role as the Lord Protector, leaving Imperial administration to his advisors. Corrino was responsible for the recognition of the native Avvars, Alammani and Clayne and bringing about a period of prosperity across the Old World. Lord Protector Corrino's reign as both Nisadon's heredity noble and Emperor of the Imperium came to an abrupt end when he went insane, causing a Imperial civil war (resulting in Nisadon's emigration from the Old World) and killed a large number of his own family members. Before he could be captured by his own soldiers, Corrino committed suicide, leaving the diminished title of Lord Protector to his son, Sebastian, who barely survived his father's attack. Events Lived Through: Conclave of Rellos, Imperial Reorganization, Native Recognition, Imperial Civil War (died) Quotes: "We will always have enemies but I would rather have my enemies close to me so I can teach them a lesson, a lesson to prove that they are weak, uncivilized and that they require our guiding hand."
  8. Nisadonian Airlines is the national carrier of the Republic of Nisadon and was once one of the largest airlines in the Old World. When the Nisadonians fled their homeland, they managed to escape with a portion of their fleet intact and brought them with them to the New World. With the reestablishment of the Republic, the airline is now the shadow of its former self but its determined to regain its former glory. Hub Airports: Rellos, Samurose, Ariel Domestic: New Nisadon, Polan, Dynastan, Hopern, Stolk, Rosenston, Rhodesfield, Pelle, Lumberia, Donasin, Advent, Haven, Wasser, Janisberg, Montecito, Rossoterres, Gueranna, Svenanger, Ulricborg, Aldaya, Autunova, Segadian, Callista, Libevana, Eaglevasser, Othevio, Euphis, Cathundis, Lethia, Andius, Denava, Reinne, Senio, Hanover, Argenhall, Gisholm, Grez, Gyllchurch, Allbeck, Kossel, Queckborm, Newmunster, Falkenstain, Dormley, Albarta International: None Fleet: Embraer 170: 37 Embraer 175: 41 Embraer 190: 21 Embraer 195: 16 Boeing 767-400ER: 4
  9. Dahl is a massive mining corporation which has been able to dominate the market in extracting and refining a large portion of the Republic's natural resources ranging from Iridium and Coal to Natural Gas and Oil. Based out of the economic capital of Samurose, the corporation has provided the new nation a bounty of wealth, allowing it to experience rapid development to bring the Republic not only at the same standard as other established nations but surpass them. The corporation's CEO Maks Babin is one of the wealthiest men in the Republic but there are doubts that all of Dahl's dealings are legal, though there has yet to be evidence to prove illegal activity.
  10. The sun was beginning to set and the President was itching to make landfall. "Santin," he summoned his personal advisor. "Yes your excellency?" Tovar pointed to the landmass that was growing in size as the ship got closer to it. "I want to be the first to step on those virgin shores. Instruct the vanguard captains to begin preparations." One scout approached him, "I beg your pardon sir, but I have the briefing you asked of us after we finished our initial recon." "Thank you," he nodded and inspected it. "It appears that to the southwest of our current position has a naturally deep water port where we can moor our ships and encamp. Give these coordinates at once." Santin left at once with his orders.
  11. The Nisadonians, fleeing from their homeland after a bloody conflict against their former Imperial overlords, had been at sea for weeks until today. As the sun rose, the Nisadonian Armada arrived on the horizon and in the distance was a faint dot: land. Bells rung from the lookout towers of the vanguard ships. People rushed from their cramped quarters, along with pushing and shoving others to get a look for themselves on their decks. President Tovar Maxe was just about to take a bath when his trusted personal advisor knocked on the door to his quarters. "Not now Santin..." Maxe shouted. "But sir," he started. "I want to take a bath," but the President gets cut off. "Land has been spotted!" Tovar stops for a moment. "Scratch the bath, I'll be meet you on deck Santin." The advisor nodded outside, "yes sir!" Minutes later the President, scope in hand, saw land for himself. "Finally. A new beginning." He turned to his advisor, "call a meeting of the captains, we must plan at once." Santin begins to walk away, "Also, call a meeting of the Advisory Council." He nods. A new Nisadonian age was dawning. A nation to be reborn.
  12. So...I posted my hello in the wrong thread...but why not say it again Greetings and salutations from the Republic of Nisadon
  13. "...this is NBC. The Great Migration, consisting of the entire Nisadonian population, continues the southern advance as ships this morning arrived on the horizon of a new unknown geographical sector. President Tovar Maxe met with Armada captains onboard the capital ship, Rellos, to discuss the formal establishment of the Republic. Scouts have been launched to probe and map the new sector to give leaders the ability to gain vital information of their surrounding area. President Maxe will be meeting with members of his Advisory Council this evening..."
  14. Official Name: The Republic of Nisadon Capital City: Rellos Government type: Socialist autocratic republic Federalist or Unitary: Unitary Head of State and Government: President Tovar Maxe Official Language: Nisadonian, Tulavar, Etombian, Currency: Nisadonian Ducat Official Religion: Atheist Population: 232 Million Major Minorities: Clayne, Alamarri, Avvars Media Nisadonian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) Corporations Sierra Entertainment Sierra Entertainment Nisadonian Airlines The Dahl Corporation
  15. Greetings and salutations from the Republic of Nisadon!
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