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  1. Lahui

    Smoking ?

    Well fellas, after mulling the previous advice I received, I kinda have the impression I'm not a particularly good fit in Europa. As such, I think it best I be moving on. It was nice to be back for a bit, Jild - thanks for adding me to the map, and best of luck to everyone here.
  2. Lahui

    Smoking ?

    Personally, I occasionally smoke cigars, but not a fan of cigarette smoke. The other half does smoke, but outside on the lanai (patio). As far as Lahui is concerned, its legal, but highly frowned upon by the general populace (as it never had the *bump* that Hollywood movies gave smoking IRL). Some cigar fields are know on other island in the Kingdom, along with tobacco and marijuana, but "proper" Lahui society insists that smoking product consumption be done at one's home.
  3. Its really fascinating to go back and read some of the older threads, especially with the retrospective of being about four years in the future. I did wonder about M-S, as I never met him, and he did seem a bit on his own, but at the very least, his comment of being proud of being socialistic in the military is quite an accomplishment...
  4. Lahui

    BF/GF ?

    Married to a German gal... clean house, but German cuisine (which is, if anyone asks "delicious"... including the marinated Ox hoof *wince*)
  5. Lahui

    The Kingdom of Lahui

    Political Parties in the Kingdom of Lahui The division of political power is a three section triumpharate, with legislative, executive, and judicial branches. The executive branch and legislative branches are chosen by citizens with completion and grant of a successful Franchise service to the government. However, more revealing is the political spectrum of politics in the Kingdom, and the parties which represent the divisions. There are four major parties in the Ascension (congress), which send representatives to the lower and upper houses of the congress. The lower house ministers serve a three year term, and the upper house ministers serve a six year term. The Prime Minister is selected for a five year term, but may be recalled on a supra-majority no-confidence vote. The political parties of the Kingdom of Lahui are: The Traditionalist Party (Gold Party) Also known as the "establishment party" the Traditionalists are considered to be the "old guard" conservative party, representing the status quo, including larger established business interests, older conservative religious groups, and often the middle class. They have held a majority in both houses, and the chosen Prime Minister has been a Traditionalist for the past twenty years. Though they had a spate of transgressions in the early '00s, Minister Ka'a Polani emerged from a bitter party battle, and has enforced party discipline since the Lahaina elections of '04. The party is a bit predictable, but often works closely with the King to advance projects for the greater good of Lahui. The Progressives Party (Blue Party) Considered the "younger party", the progressives tend to represent the impoverished residents, as well as small, entrepreneurial business entities who feel their interests are not represented by the Traditionalists or are being unduly ignored. They are often the "loyal opposition", but tend to vote against the Traditionalists, except in matters of civil defense. They have at times either been thoughtful or obstructionist, depending on the leader of the Blue party. Currently, Mr. Ahani Ka'a'pa, an elderly Minister with a noted dislike of the Traditionalists and a famed obstructionist, is in poor health, and machinations to replace him at the Progressive party have begun. The Naturalist Party (Green Party) Focused on the preservation of lands of Lahui, the Naturalist party is actually one of the wealthiest parties in the Kingdom, with plenty of money to support their priorities. Though they often align with the Traditionalists, they are adept at political maneuvering to preserve natural areas they choose from economic development, by aligning and finagling their alliances in the congress to block passage of laws and proposals they are not in their interest. The Socialist Party (Red Party) Rumored to be financed by outside sources, the Reds have not been successful in mounting any political challenges (or promoting their party's platform). They are most known for far-left rhetoric, zany politicians, and dogmatic predictions of the fall of capitalism and rise of socialism. Not a very powerful group, but they have occasionally leveraged their minority power to advance their agenda. The Isolationist Party (Yellow Party) After decades of foreign interaction, a core of conservative followers with what are consider extreme views, usually involving foreign conspiracies, plots, and ideas, have formed the core of the Isolationist part. They seek to keep the Kingdom to the single "big island", and return to the "ways of the olden days"… before technology, and involvement with foreigners. In realty, they are more of a side-show, where bizarre characters of the "right wing" tend to associate. Fun to watch, but not a serious political party.
  6. Lahui

    Cultural Outlines

    @Miiros – Capitalist / Mercantilist; Independent Progressive Attitude: Progressive Progressiveness Action: Advancing Aggressiveness Attitude: Competitive Aggressiveness Action: Neutral Extensiveness: Harmonious Foreign Perception: Friendly Relations between the Lahui and Miiros have been very cordial over the years, as they have similar economic and political systems. They also coordinate anti-piracy actions, and maintain active military and academic exchanges. However, the Lahui'ians have a perception that Miiros citizens are a bit tightly wound, and need to relax more and enjoy life.
  7. Really? I've heard you're cute and cuddly
  8. Sounds good to me - if there aren't any objections, that'll all the space I'd need. I'll meet the plot criteria in time, and I'll have plenty of information to add as well
  9. Ha! Well, I'm just looking at the islands immediately surrounding the "big island" (of what was the old Bainbridge Islands) - I'll be a bit easier to fill out the background for the Kingdom.
  10. Lahui

    Cultural Outlines

    Damak Var (@BlackJackEmperor) - Imperialist Nation Progressive Attitude: Conservative Progressiveness Action: Advancing Aggressiveness Attitude: Expansionistic Aggressiveness Action: Militant Extensiveness: Monolithic Foreign Perception: Aloof After issues with Damak Var's attempt to colonize an island in the southern area of the @Meteorolas, relations between the Kingdom and Damak Var have been very frosty. Suspected smuggling from Damak Var to islands surrounding the Kingdom have also strained these relations. (Note: I'm cobbling these descriptions from writings by the original entities in the forums. If any of the owners actually do return and reclaim their nations (which would, of course, be very good), things I would assume can be rectified / deconflicted with a new entity. Again, just brainstorming for NPC entity purposes...
  11. Major Services in the Kingdom of Lahui (Figured I'd update the outline of the services, as I've been on a typing binge...) Royal Lahui Navy The largest branch of Kingdom’s military, the RLN is tasked with maintaining the seaways safe for domestic and foreign sea traffic and trade. With the increase in piracy in international waters, and challenges from other immediate nations, the RLN uses a vast variety of forces and weaponry, including Ships of the line, submersibles, hydrofoils, and high-speed transports. Royal Lahui Marines The RLM are the main ground forces of the Kingdom, and include a number of branches usually separated in other nations. Air assets (the Royal Air Corps) are considered to be part of the RLM, as are combat engineers and special operations forces. If the operation is not related to sea duties, then the Royal Marines will be involved. Royal Diplomatic Services The Diplomatic corps of the Kingdom, they establish, maintain, and monitor relations with foreign entities throughout the Europan world. They have been very effective in promoting Lahuian tourism and values, sometimes to chagrin of other entities. Royal Civil Guards A specialized police force used with contracted security forces are not required or desired for particular duties, the RCG provide protection for the Royal Family, and on occasion work with local police forces to subdue civil unrest outbreaks. Royal Governmental Service An overarching branch of the Kingdom’s government, the RGS oversees numerous non-military operations and functions of the Lahui government, and often contracts to members of the other three services. The duties of the RCG are divided into differing sections, including… Section 1 (Maritime Defense and Rescue) – Tasked with addressing smuggling and piracy in Lahui waters, Section 1 often works in close coordination with the Royal Lahui Navy in reducing illegal good from entering the Lahui Kingdom waters. They also enforce regulations regarding searfaring regarding the nation’s waterways, and Maritime rescue duties. Section 2 (Criminal Investigative Services) – Specializing with domestic criminal affairs, Section 2 (CIS), addresses crimes against the kingdom, including corruption, white collar crime, organized crime, violent crimes, and major thefts. Section 3 (Financial Exchanges Services) – Section 3 enforces securities laws, oversees the nations stock and options exchanges, investment services, and taxation violations. If a situation involves the exchange of Pes (money), and any subsequent illegal actions, the FES will be aggressively involved. Section 4 (Foreign Interaction Services) – Ensuring the security of the Kingdom requires interaction with foreign entities, albeit through more direct means. Section 4 is tasked with any overseas actions to ensure the security of the Kingdom. They have been accused of interfering in minor nation’s circumstances, but no proof of this has surfaced. Section 5 (Cybercrime Services) – The pinnacle of computer and internet security service, Section 5 employs some of the most talented “computer professionals” (hackers), and provide cutting edge technologies to ensure the Kingdom’s cyber-defenses are maintained at a high level of competence. The also regulate and enforce bionics laws as this growing field expands, often with assistance from Section 6. Section 6 (Bio/Gen Services) – The BGS, otherwise known as Section 6, is comprised of talented physicians and epidemiologists trained in addressing outbreaks of contagious diseases, and have recently expanded their duties to monitor (and enforce, as necessary) laws and regulations regarding genetic modification and experimentation, and drug use and legalization. Section 7 (Civil Defense Services) – A “bare bones” section until needed, the CDS mobilizes when the general populace is placed in danger, be it from natural disaster, disease outbreak, or foreign incursion. Once activated, Section 7 has extensive powers in coordinating and safeguarding the populace. Section 8 (Civil Reconstruction Services) – An often seen service in less developed parts of the Kingdom, and recently in unincorporated parts of the Meterolas island chain, the CRS works at developing basic necessities for these areas (e.g. water, electricity, food, etc…). They have been accused of promoting Lahuian society by unfriendly nations, but no substantiation of this accusation has been proven. Section 9 (Anti-Terrorism Services) – The secretive Section 9 specializes in neutralizing terroristic threats to the Kingdom, and investigates unique threats to the Kingdom. Not much is known about this branch by the general public – its existence is often brushed off by government officials.
  12. Ok - I guess the idea was bandied about a bit, but no specifics were posted. If any of the "Old Guard" has clarification, I'm all ears! : )
  13. Yay! Thanks Jilderen for adding me back to the map!
  14. Were the details regarding the island "classes" ever published? Just curious to see how it applies, as I have a number of small islands around Lahui, and having to use an entire "plot claim" for a small island (such as # .40) is a bit disappointing.
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