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  1. No... Busy with work and my social life and as the weather's been quite good, the occasional trip to the beach. Also got myself some new games and all that.
  2. Dat plaatje, erg leuk Ah, yes, it was a bit much, all the chocolatety goodness
  3. I've barely had any chocolate and there was a storm. Still, I was at friends with good food (way to much) and a nice session of D&D. So, that was all good.
  4. The Imperial Councellor smiled. Knowing for sure that Suverina was more than willing to support their cause was most welcome. Sure, there was no official communication on this matter just yet, but this was not the first time things were orchestrated behind the scenes before made public. So, with a final look at the message on his tabled, he pressed the send button.
  5. I looked at my NS statistics today... It seems my nation is doing well, despite the lack of a military budget and all that. Even the black market is not dealing in arms, just some drugs. Which is rather fitting.
  6. Yeah, a sh*tstorm. We've been keeping touch with our colleagues in Belgium. Bah, some people...
  7. Wild Boards galore here. Also an overload of deer. And Jackals, they are back too.
  8. Let's just hope the change isn't named Trump.
  9. A farce... Why does that sound so typical American?
  10. Wolves... We had our first one in the nation for a LONG time.
  11. Jilderen


    King Jovian II of the Federal Kingdom of Adaptus dies in Plane Crash Shocking news came in from our colleagues in Adaptus: their king, Jovian II, died in tragic plane crash. On his flight back from the G7-meeting in Orioni, the plane flew close to the Machina Haruspex border when the fatal crash occurred. Initial investigation seems to point at a potential attack from rebel forces. Of course a more formal research will have to be conducted, though the current situation in that area will most likely complicate things. As we have reported before, war is current sweeping across the northern lands. What we can say, in all sincerity, is that we - on behalf of all Jilders - wish to extend our sincere condolences to the family of of King Jovian II and all of the Adapton people in this time of great loss. If there are any new developments, we will update you. Pirates ahoy! It has been a while since we have been able to prove you with any substantial update on the situation in the Konstantinopoli Sea. Rumour has it, however, that the Archduke is growing impatient with the slow progress of the political machine to determine the future of the pirates that have been captured during the mission our Naval Fleet is currently executing. Though we here at 3N are very much reluctant to report on vague rumours alone, there has been a significant amount of discussion about the fate of these corsairs that a brief report is warranted. There are, broadly speaking, three options currently available: trial them in Jilderen, return them to Belderen or -the most radical of options- take Belderen. Trial in Jilderen Though at first this option seems to be the least desirable, especially if you take into account the very vocal groups that have been present as soon as it became evident that our Navy is taking prisoners. A recent poll showed that just 17% of our citizens is against bringing these pirates here to trial them by Jilder law. The main reasons provided are that 'we should not clean up the mess of others' and 'it is a waste of money.' Reactions with a clear emotional base, but the large scale effect of piracy on world trade makes it something that directly affects our proud Confederacy. Trialing them here has the major benefit that they will face a fair trial under humane circumstances and a reeducation with our norms & values, turning them into people that can be good citizens of our nation. Return to Belderen Dropping the corairs off at Belderen is an option least favoured. It would only bring them right back to a place where the trouble started. They would find another boat, set out and start pirating all over again. It is unrealistic to keep doing so until the last seaworthy ship has been taken out. Still, a surprising 14% was for this option. Take Belderen As one interviewee called it, 'forcefully adding a nation to the confederate fold' is very undesirable. Not only would it mean declaring war to a nation for being unable to control a portion of its citizens -aid should only be given if requested- but it would also mean a severe loss of credibility, as Jilderen is very keen on making sure the smaller nations of Europa have voice. Nevertheless, a shocking 35% of the respondents opted for this. We expect that the close cultural ties we have with Belderen fuel this sentiment. Whatever the outcome, through traditional politics or via the Archduke, some people are bound to be unhappy with the outcome. As always: visit our website for more updates.
  12. "You do realise, High Admiral, that we have currently detained a few dozen pirates without any form of trial? This is a situation that needs to be resolved. Soon." She nodded gently. "I do, sire, I do. However, the fact remains that this is something that needs to be handled in politics and I trust the Archduke knows how slow that goes." "I know that all too well," Archduke Xallander nodded, "but we need to find an answer to this problem as soon as possible. If there is no solution soon, I will take action myself."
  13. I'm still hoping it'll be Trump vs. Clinton, just to see Republicans vote Democrat (or independent)
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