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  1. I'm kinda excited. I want to see an expanded interface. I however do not want to see a CyberNation clone, nor do I want to forum ruled out of the game. I feel the forum adds to NS it's social aspect and it's flexibity and all the fun. To much interface will limit freedoms, and personally I enjoy RP, especially on an international level, very much. I suppose we'll just have to see how NS2 is going to be when it comes out.
  2. City in Combat! Late April - Due to the recent decision to demilitarize Poliskar's military to a minimum level, a rebel group has decided to take advantage of it. The group, calling itself the "Son's of Vladislaus" struck at Krak?w on the morning of April 21st. Half the city was taken in just one hour as military forces struggled to fight back under the demilitarization. Ironically, they had just made the shift to the peace time mode two days before. The Son's of Vladislaus claim that their leader, Vladislaus Jogaila, is a direct decendant of the Emperor of the same name, dating back to the 1400's. Their claim is that Poliskar has no right to be led by anyone except the royal family, which was ousted from control hundreds of years ago when Poliskar experienced it's first occupation. Troops have been reissued their weapons and a force of 3,000 now struggles in the city with a force of unknown numbers. The group claims that it's been building "righteous" support from those who seek to have the Imperial Throne reinstated, but officials believe that the force is probably made up mostly of mercenaries or foreign vagabonds. Krak?w is a major city of industry and political happenings, second only to Warsaw itself. Taking Krak?w would mean a sure foothold against the capital. The government can only guess as to how it missed this threat, and is baffled by how it came out of now where, but has responded fairly well with a quick evacuation of Krak?w's citizens. Quite a few citizens have been reportedly injured, some even say a few were killed, but the number is unknown. The proposed air strike was voted on and will not take place, seeing as Krak?w would sustain to much damage and citizens could be hurt.
  3. Why, belated thank you! I'm happy to be here =)
  4. Ok, here is an updated list of cities with their proper spellings. Pronunciation is not going to taken into account for these, so you just get to guess. Trust me, your guess is as good as mine. Oh, and right now, because I'm strapped for time, I won't be labeling what each city specializes in. List of Cities in Poliskar Warsaw Krak?w Lublin Wrocław Radom Szczecin Gdańsk Poznań Bydgoszcz Toruń Ł?dź Gorz?w Wielkopolski Zielona G?ra Opole Białystok Katowice Rzesz?w Kielce Olsztyn I will update this particular post later, and when I do I will outline which cities are the capitals of the various Provinces.
  5. Again, just to flesh out our countries a little more, we can list provinces and information about them. There may be another thread on this already, but I haven't seen one yet so I'll just try and start it here. I will follow each province with it's abbreviation, for example, the state of Montana is MT. The Provinces ("Voivodeships") of Poliskar Lower Silesian (Dolnośląskie) - DS Kuyavian-Pomeranian (Kujawsko-Pomorskie) - KP Lublin (Lubelski) - LU Lubusz (Lubuskie) - LB Ł?dź (Ł?dzkie, the "Ł" is pronounced as a "W") - LD Lesser Poland (I use Poland as a province, Małopolskie) - MP Masovian (Mazowieckie) - MA Opole (Opolskie) - OP Subcarpathian (Podkarpackie) - PK Podlachian (Podlaskie) - PD Pomeranian (Pomorskie) - PM Silesian (Śląskie) - SL Świętokrzyskie - SW Warmian-Masurian (Warmińsko-Mazurskie) - WM Greater Poland (Wielkopolskie) - WP West Pomeranian (Zachodniopomorskie) - ZP There you have it, the 16 provinces of Poliskar.
  6. I wasn't sure if this was the right place to put this, but I thought it'd be interesting if we could create a list of our biggest cities and put them out there, just to see what other people have. Note, that since my nation is based off of Poland, I obviously use Polish cities and names. I try to keep the spellings with how things are pronounced, not how they are truly spelt. For example, złoty is pronounced something like "Zwoty". However, as of now I'm still not completely sure on all the pronunciations, so I may spell things the way they are truly spelt in Polish, and it'll just be a fun mystery for us all on how to pronounce it. If anyone has insights into Polish pronunciations that I'm missing, the advice is welcome. List of Cities Warsaw (Capital/Port) Krakov (Major Industry) Lublin (Cultural Center) Vrocwav (Port/Ship Manufacturing) Radom (Weapons/Agriculture) Szczecin (Agriculture/University City) Gdansk (Political City, staff agencies not in Warsaw are here) Those are all I'm putting for now, I will add more later.
  7. Demilitarization in Countries Future April - In a stream of petition and apparent comfort, the citizens of Poliskar all agreed to have a major demilitarization occur over the course of a year or so. The petitions all went through the new social political councils up to the Sejm and Chairman Kravow. Upon reviewing them in the span of a week, the government announced that a demilitarization will occur. The year long process will leave the nation a military, but, it is going to be downsized to half it's current strength and the budget to defense will be dramatically cut. "Sustaining a massive military that just sits there is ridiculous," says Minister of National Defense Aleksander Kwaśniewski, "So we are going to cut the budget and put what's left in a stand-by mode." The National Defense Corps will recieve the biggest cuts. The National Navy will have many vessels changed into temporary cargo vessels that can easily be converted back to military status. The National Aero Force will also have most of it's missions be cargo or transportation/rescue missions.
  8. A Step Forward in Diplomatic Relations April - Diplomatic exchanges between the new government and the Syndical Democratic Confederation has created major talk among the people. Due to the new economic system that is being unfolded, the economy was sitting in shambles. However, in a gesture of kindness and recognition at the governments attempts to socialize the economic system, the Confederacy offered up an amazing series of monthly installments of 1 billion zwoty. The government graciously accepted and began to put the money to use. The zwoty being supplied to the government is not a loan, it is a gift, and so does not endanger the country with massive debts and interest payments. With the money, the social programs that are unfolding as the months go by seem to be planted on a firm foundation. A more indepth analysis can be issued once all the governments proposed plans are revealed and potentially implemented.
  9. Haha! I agree, I'll do what I can to contribute!!
  10. Ha, yah, that's pretty much it.
  11. How do your citizens see their country? Currently, our country is going through some hard times. Most of us are willing to keep with it but others are skeptical of the changes to come brought about by the new socialists. However, we love our country, and have a long rich heritage and will stick with it to the end. How do your citizens see other countries? If the country has not wronged us or exploited us in anyway, then why hate it? Those that lift a finger of ill-will toward us don't deserve our attention. If another nation has attacked us, they deserve to get it back, but only justly so. How are other country's names written? Same, maybe certain letters are replaced with Polyar letters making the same sound, but other than that, very similar. How do your citizens view life? Polyar's typically have a happy view on life, despite their history of rampant domination by larger nations. They go to work day by day, and make a living. Due to the recent change in working hours from 50 to a very low 30, and a standard wage that fluctuates with the standard of living, but never dips below what is required for average comfortable living. How are the Arts? Music is a major part of Polyar life. Many Polyar's learn to play the Polyar Lute at a young age, and learn to play popular Polyar folk songs. Painting is also very popular, especially scenes of nature. Local museums are completely loaded not only with famous pieces, but with local artist pieces. How's the Humor? Satire is the most popular form of comedy to the Polyar people. Even those being satirized get a good chuckle from the ridiculous cartoons they are portrayed in. Common Phrases? Poliska - Poliskar Polisyar - Polyar Cześć - Hello Miłego dnia - Have a Nice Day! Dzień dobry - Good Day/Afternoon/Morning Dobry wiecz?r - Good Evening Do widzenia - Good Bye Dziękuję - Thank you Przepraszam - I'm sorry/Excuse Me Dobranoc - Good Night Jak leci? - How's it going? Siema - Hi (slang) Religion? Most Polyars participate in a form of deism, in which they believe a creater "set the wheels in motion" and then sits back and watches it as the cogs and gears turn. Other than this, there are all sorts of religions ranging from LaVey Satanism, to Hinduism in their variety. City appearance? Poliskar has never been an overly rich country, yet the majority of buildings are very friendly and welcoming, if not very big at all. It's cheaper to renivate than to rebuild, so many buildings, including some historical ones, are used as office buildings. The Poliskar government, after the new election, has claimed it will attempt to preserve historical buildings and build the necessary structures for whatever enterprise is using the historical architecture. In addition to the fact that the buildings are small, trees and shrubs usually dominate the terrain, even of bigger cities, such as Krakow, and even Warsaw has greenery growing in large amounts within the city. Many would say this is due to a lack of upkeep, but the Polyar will tell you they prefer it that way. Typical Appearance of Citizens? Males are usually stocky and tall, but not fat, with rough features, and the females are thin and slightly shorter, while their features are much softer than the males. Brown hair is common across both genders, and men tend toward curly hair and beards, while women tend to have long hair. Blue eyes are the norm. Stances: These vary widely, but here are some issues that most Polyars share the same opinions on: Abortion: Legalized. Women have a right to choose, especially when their lives are in danger, or the woman is not ready to have a child. Racism: Racism has never been a large issue, although the Polyar people have been a subjugated ethnicity throughout their long, and often painful, history. Due to this subjugation, Polyars tend to empathize with other subjugated peoples, and view this as wrong. Thus, civil rights are an essential core of Polyar life. Drugs Tobacco is legalized, yet in no other form other than the leaf or the ready to smoke version thereof. Marijuana is used without much uproar, yet most Polyars don't participate in the smoking of this. It is viewed as a waste of time, as the Polyar are generally happy and have much fun without the aid of drugs Homosexuality Never been illegal Other Religions Minor religious tensions, but nothing major Animal Testing regulated heavily Human Rights protected and cherished Genetic research legal and regulated Euthenasia legalized
  12. Official Name: The Commonwealth of Poliskar Official Short: Poliskar Official Language: Polyar (English-Polish Combination) Capital: Warsaw Currency: Zwoty National Motto: For the Unity of Our Kind! National Anthem: "March of the Flag" Government Head of State: Chairman Head of Government: Worker's Congressional Council (Serves as senate, Referred to as the Sejm Senate) Form of Government: Social/Popular Democracy Separation of Powers: Executive, Legislative, Judiciary Government Type: Federalist composed of 16 Provincial Governments (called "Voivodeships") run by worker's councils (called "Sejmik") all elected by popular vote. Society Ethnicities: 82% Domestic, 18% Foreign Religions: No State, Free Religion Economy Social Worker Industries: Worker's control the resources and the means of production and distribution. Popular elections are held in the provincial counties which elect councils and leaders for the corporations that are based in those areas. The counties altogether elect the provincial councils that run the province overall. This way the people control who is in charge of the production and distribution as well as the supply, and the people have an impeachment process to take inefficient and corrupt people out of control. Legislation Sejm Senate: Two senators elected from each province, all by popular vote, for a total of 32 senators. The senators form many councils that control things such as environmental protection and foreign relations. Executive Aside from the ceremonial purposes of the Chairman, the Chairman resides over several different councils, however his voice carries no special power when compared to majority votes, such as the foreign relations council, which the chairman presides over yet has no special powers, such as the ability to veto the popular decision of the majority vote. Judiciary National Court Council Provincial Court Councils County Court Councils City Court Councils
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