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  1. Thank you for your warm welcome Let's see if I can do anything usefull now
  2. WANTED By Order of the Criminal Court of Soesterberg-Stad Name: Jan Beijerman Date of birth: 10th of April 1959 Sex: Male Nationality: Kingdom of Soesterberg Offences: 1.bank robbery ( 1 count) 2.assault (3 counts) 3.menslaughter (1 count) 4. rape ( 1 count) 5. sexual haressment ( 2 counts) 6. escape from prison (1 count) Possible aliases: Neil Larsson (bearing a fake (?) Bainbridge Islands passport), Jan Nicolas Last known location: Huys ter Heide, Huys Seyst Contacts: None Arrest Warrant Issued by: Korps Landelijke Politiediensten (National Police), and the criminal court of Soesterberg-stad (per court order 10th of October 2007, order 15)
  3. Introduction of the Kingdom of Soesterberg My nation, the Kingdom of Soesterberg, has joined your ranks a few days ago, coming from Bunker 51 and Cimmeria. Since both are fully inactive I did look for another democratic region and here I am. In real life a European, I like the thought of being part of a United Europe in this game too. I will bring my two puppets too, so that they can die here, or in case it is legal: I am willing to hand them over to (a) new player(s). Regards, Tristan van Oosten
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