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  1. Welcome brave traveller. Hope to see you in and around Eurth.
  2. Biopic of Council Leaders Series to be started In Depth look at the future leaderscape of the Haru-Dakat civilian government party and councilors that maintain the Imperium as advisory to the Imperial Authority of whomever sits upon the throne. Kaorin Huat Jargo Vlos Senior Councilor Advocate of the Empress Member of Zero Circle Fleet Lord of the [HIS - Haru Intelligence Services] Baroness of House Jargo'Vlos Early life Kaorin was born in Sieguren (29 November 1971), near Halis, a vast suburb within the northern most part of the city-state Horus. At the time, Sie
  3. Happy Birthday @Metztlitlaca
  4. HIA under authorization from General Kommersant of the Imperial Defense Ministry plans to deploy three LMS-07 batteries on the border with Tagmatium and two with the former territory of Adaptus. HIA will reportedly send one LMS-07 battery per year, with all five expected to reach full service with the HIL by 2024. “The disbalance with Tagmatium and neighboring countries will be eliminated after the LMS-07's assume the main role of protecting Haru airspace,” the sources were quoted as saying. “The LMS-07's will act as a deterrent against any flyovers that do not constitute civilian traffic
  5. I do what I want! Just kidding. Sucks I suppose.
  6. The officer spoke his Tagmatine rank and name, in his own tongue. Spatharios-kentarkhes Ikatanoi, it rolled off of the tongue and made the right guttural hiccups as it were. A faint acknowledgement from the red beret wearing Haru. He responded in Tagmata, or at least the hill folk accent of the poppy farmers. " Is good, sorry we are late." A hand gesture or three, followed up by the plastic map with lines drawn here and there. He continued. " We were to Aden, but that is no more. We are to villages Crethia, and Kamor. Forty kilometers west. Oversee refugee evacuation before possible incur
  7. In death there is beauty We will sleep like angels With the tranquility of innocence Death is our sanctuary From the woes of life; In death we will find peace Death brings us unwavering hope For the time of resurrection; In death we will find love eternal. I once served the Path of the Warrior, for the honor of my duke to be. He promised that I would be a daughter to lead a royal bloodline of Renor Sargtlin from the ashes. That he would explain why I had but a vague remembrance of my family before this one of decadence. A feeling that had always tugged upon my heart and mi
  8. Most island nations struggle daily with depleted fish stocks, inadequate waste management, ship pollution, degraded reefs, dwindling freshwater supplies, and poverty. In general, the farther an island nation is from global markets, the poorer it is. Distance makes everything more expensive; oil prices in particular tend to be extremely high owing to transportation costs. The more remote islands also tend to lack communications infrastructure, access to information technology, and adequate numbers of trained professionals, including engineers, doctors, and teachers. Island nations are als
  9. From: The Offices of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry) Authorization: Duke Sias Hu'yan, Vilicus of The Third Circle Subject: Imperial Court News Yaris, SIMH., 1st Year of Karn (2020), 06/11 — Empress Kira'Karn, who symbolizes the unity and continuity of the Haruspex nation, today had a look around Yaris, a city-state that closely borders that of the The Greater Holy Empire of @Tagmatium Rules and that of The Imperium of Adaptus Astrates. Visitors and residents here also had a chance to look at the Empress and her entourage, a whose who of the Imperial court. This morning, t
  10. To: The @Iverican Executive Ministry and the Cámra Nasional From: The offices of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry), via Duke Sias Hu'yan, on behalf of the Empress of the Sovereign Imperium To whom this may concern in the Executive Ministry, Vicelord Nize Gra'kuth is no longer your point of contact via the Sovereign Imperium and by default, Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Kira'Karn. It is our Empress's response however that has been conveyed of the moment. In regards to provisions and so forth for the refugees that you and the coalition have taken it uponst themselves to
  11. Voted, I rather like the old map, but both are quite good.
  12. 1117th Mzil Velven Artillery Regiment Siege of Aden Yeyinde Nive stood beside his superior, Khan Valen. The two men were outfitted for urban combat, the grey, black, and white camouflage that shown about the combat harness worn. Rifles at the ready, the bullpup styled GAR-01T's prepped for wear and tear. The 1117th were not here for infantry action, not yet anyways. Ahead of them, less then two kilometers away, was the bypassed NTC defensive line that had been built into the village of Aden. From this area, NTC mortars, artillery and soldiers had been directing fire into advancing loyal
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