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  1. The officer spoke his Tagmatine rank and name, in his own tongue. Molaghos-Kentarkhes Oiskrates, Ikatanoi, it rolled off of the tongue and made the right guttural hiccups as it were. A faint acknowledgement from the red beret wearing Haru. He responded in Tagmata, or at least the hill folk accent of the poppy farmers. " Is good, sorry we are late." A hand gesture or three, followed up by the plastic map with lines drawn here and there. He continued. " We were to Aden, but that is no more. We are to villages Crethia, and Kamor. Forty kilometers west. Oversee refugee evacuation before possible incursion by the NTC." He paused and saw the somewhat blank look upon Ikatanoi's face, and confirmed probably one of many suspicions. " Ji'Mar the Fool is dead. What remains of Taskforce Hades and the loyalists to his banner have formed a secessionist force within Aden and several other areas in the mid-lands. We are to contain them here, lest it lead to full-scale civil war. Refugees are priority, we must acquire, and lead them to Ulusk to be repatriated to the coalition, alongst with information for funding and settling as well." If hearing a Haru speak the poppy farmer Tagmata tongue was jarring, no worries, Ji Yagens, Hark to those who knew him, was also jarred. However the point was to work with the observers, not against them. So much had already been lost using the dogs of Hades, that even their honor as Elemmiire could not be counted. He turned a moment and spoke in the quick tongue of the Haru, the lowland mountain dialect that was from the city-state Yaris. Another Haru replied and clambered up to toss down a digital land-nav. He gestured to Ikatanoi and his second, plotting a path and gesturing to his regiment at the same time. " We will take point, vehicles will adopt eleven meter spread as we approach Crethia first, observers behind secondary line of vehicles." He patted the command vehicle as the secondary lead in. " We will surround, and then begin house to house evacuation, you will observe as we do such. If there are any to leave, we will check face recognition to prevent hostiles, offer medical attention and then continue the same towards Kamor." He paused and shook head a moment before continuing. " Kamor will be dangerous, it is near a line of resistance. Tatika is ten kilometers away and is a known point of contention for NTC militia and regulars. Overwatch will cover us to Kamor, but may be called elsewhere." Folded the map once more and slung the nav-pad. " If we are quick, we should be able to save lives and get them out of harms way." A splay of hands some. " If not, you will get them to Ulusk, and we will delay any enemy force from having the area. Those, Molaghos-Kentarkhes Oiskrates, Ikatanoi, are my orders."
  2. In death there is beauty We will sleep like angels With the tranquility of innocence Death is our sanctuary From the woes of life; In death we will find peace Death brings us unwavering hope For the time of resurrection; In death we will find love eternal. I once served the Path of the Warrior, for the honor of my duke to be. He promised that I would be a daughter to lead a royal bloodline of Renor Sargtlin from the ashes. That he would explain why I had but a vague remembrance of my family before this one of decadence. A feeling that had always tugged upon my heart and mind. Every clan needs faithful if blind followers, and I was one. Comforted by the presence of the old father, yearning to please and become apart of a family, I did things that brought tragedy to other's lives. In the end without becoming like they, I became a monster through their machinations and will. We guarded this line during all hours of day and night, as the sun beat down upon the earth from heavenly skies so blue and at night, with the stars as shining beacons of light in the abyss. We became sheltered in their center, yet at a moment's cause, we'd be thrown to the wolves to protect them. In the end, we were the chaff to the wind. I thought I was going to die nameless, just another body that bled out upon many a battlefield. I suppose before my melodrama gets to far, I should reflect more of my past. As a child I had the illustrious honor of acquiring fame by defending myself from members of a rival bloodline. They had come in the night, looking to end the progenitors of those who bear the mark Sargtlin. If they were successful, the political chaos that would have come, could have become the end for us. I never gave in to the demands wanted of my eventual captors after my first few moments of fighting. They being the dissolution of sweat and blood, and a ransom that would have destroyed the lives of my sisters and brothers.. Thus because of my righteous belief of self sacrifice, I doomed myself to the whims of my captors, not that they believed me to be alive anyways. My captors, the Vek Kyorl were quite well known for grisly ends, and that most taken, did not ever come back. I survived nearly three years before being consumed by the nature of their appetites of the decadent splinter line Kyorl, and in doing so attracted the interest of Tutesuko Kyorl, a prodigal son that had come to be a figure of power and chosen heir of the clan, Thenik Vek Kyorl. Groomed to being a trophy for Tutesuko, I found myself amongst the most vile, decrepit, decadent sorts this world has ever laid eyes upon. And in this world, I happened to excelled at what was commanded of me. Even a trophy had to have a use, and mine would be to prevent damage to the consort of the heir apparent. In this fashion I became a daughter, and yet, I knew I would never be considered such, until I had proven my worth as both a traitor, a soldier, and of all things, a believer in their line's mantra about the rule of the world, and how it would be theirs. It proved it's worth in the nights that came not much long afterwards. The older ones are prone to naming events such as this with fancy names, " Fangs of the Night " and such nonsense. In truth it was a coup. Our duke, the great herald of Kyorl went out like a lamb to slaughter. It was a method of culling, only the strong would survive and keep the bloodline from growing to spread out and weak. I witnessed and took part in this event, and in a flash of a moment, stabbed my keeper, consort of the heir apparent, Tutesuko, in the back. He screamed as the blade forged with underhanded dealings with an Olath Orn dreamer who shall remain nameless and as dead forever as that of the heir with a blade that sealed his fate. As he bled out, I felt no remorse or pity and consumed what was left of him. Everything he knew, dreams and hopes I now had and thus my place as a monster was sealed. The lull in her head became a distant throbbing and the world snapped back into the present.. Vela Vek Kyorl stood before the door containing her prize. She stood just under two meters tall, white hair cut into a warrior stripe and grown a bit long so that it covered the right side of a shaven head. Eyes of cold grey peered forth. As was customary, the half mask of a respirator clung to chin and about cheeks, flesh of face and exposed areas of arms offered that frostbitten appearance. Various serpentine artworks inked into the flesh were invisible under combat harness. Another glance paid towards the high tech lock and then she made a flicking hand gesture towards a pair behind her as walking the other way. The guardians of this blown position, laid out behind her, the forces of the Vek Kyorl were of a specialized background, and had dealings with other house born commandos before. The two gestured at where a door resided, once heavily defended by these traitors, one using a cocking gun to squirt what looked as if toothpaste around the edges of the door. The second attached a small blocky object to a cross section and then both were headed to the point of the hallway that curved about. The Haru equivalent for " Fire in the Hole " sounded and the blast tore the moorings of the door in the pattern created. Said door lurched forward and smashed into the tile flooring. The muted but still quite loud sound would have had these traitor legionnaires running here, had they not been neutralized earlier. Similar gesture of right hand, and the pair were dashing through the smoke and into the complex. Those found within, dealt with. Security personnel, medical staff, and other traitors smote from the constraints of life. This continued until reaching a cell of some sort or another, a prison within a prison. A man was pulled forth, one of hers on either arm. His labcoat smudged around the edges, a wild look to his eyes as spectacles hung from one ear. Vela casually glanced at her prize. " Greetings Doktor, it's time for you to be of service to the Imperium again.." A needle slid into his arm and the contents would knock him out almost instantly. She twirled her right finger and the others, six in total headed for the breached entrance that had been made. A waiting 4x4 parked just outside, and the doktor was put into the back with two at either side while the others settled in the seats. Vela reached for the radio in the vehicle. " Thrush to Nest, Egg Found.." There was no response, though she doubted there would be. This was enemy territory, the outermost southern vale territories of the North, and still full of danger. The driver floored it and the 4x4 surged forward, speeding down the paved road, eventually turning onto a gravel covered one that led towards the ruins of the city Atharin, first city to be struck by in the Long War nearly forty years ago. Skyscrapers had been turned inwards and or destroyed outright, with dirt, concrete, and weeds overtaking the rest of the remains. As the scenery flashed by, Vela kept her right hand out of sight while it gripped the sub-machine-gun carried, eyes hunting as this place did not evoke the feelings of safety. As coming around a corner, a flashing blue light could be seen from the top most section of a hollowed out building, the 4x4 bounced and boogied towards this source of illumination. Battle of Hamaii, History Repeating Graer scowl somewhat as skulking in the ruins of a school. In front and directly across what was an intersection, in the ruins of a grocery store were an opposing force. It was highly unclear as to what they were, though he could take a guess. Remnants of potentially one of a dozen regiments perhaps, or potentially even HTF Legionnaires. He'd count on the last, as they had both taken movements and been countered each time. A sigh and flick of the wooden match against the crumbling stone. It was a sign of bad luck to light a cigar with a zippo. Uncivilized it was. A light turn towards those of his company that had survived the zig zagging up until here. There had been thirty warriors of Elemmiire Templar at his command, now there was ten. Enemy snipers, roving patrols and what not had withered his command down considerably. Tough place to hole up in to. Siet-Khan Dak, ever with his filterless Naji cigarettes, the sour tobacco smell permeating, the long term use reddened the teeth nearly crimson in the staining. Weary nod of head towards his newly promoted second, cracking a look through a roughly made peephole across to his opponents. Damn war was going to get him killed. As it had his previous second, Huran had died taking fire in a burned out apartment buildings remains against secessionist NTC militia forces. Gesture towards his troop, each scurrying about. Hult'ah Ekal crawled on his belly, carrying the heaviest weapon besides the ACS-01 and the CCNML-01 AMR in their arsenal, the GLM-01. The light machine gun had earned it's marks, reliable and light enough to pack with the advanced legionnaire scout units. Nod of head and Ekal began to burst fire towards the enemy position. Cigar between clenching lips, wordless orders given to Aseigan Thak're who carried the ACS-01 to flank to the right with equally ranked Aseigan Ka'Zr who hefted a DMR version of the GAR-01TB AR, and took aim as Ekal provided the covering fire. The sound from the semi-auto shotgun's high explosive rounds as it fired was ridiculously loud and there was a shatter of debris and plume of fire and dark smoke where it hit the grocery store. Over the broken wall he used his right hand to aid in the leaping over process. Ducking down, and scurrying across the broken pavement and crumbling sidewalks. Lifting the HBAS bullpup AR overhead in a sideways fashion and peppering an area where he'd seen movement just a bit before their rush maneuver. The harsh tongue never forgotten by their kin, nor any who knew of them, would be barely heard above the din of weapons fire. Clinking objects came in through the broken windows, bouncing against makeshift defense and exploded. Shrapnel grenades tore through defenders and makeshift defensive position alike knowing no difference between the two. A sharp crack signified at least a few surviving as Hult'ah Faael clutched chest, a fist sized hole leaking a red river between gloved fingers as the sniper's blow had killed the young man. Slow, as if time had stopped, the unit now down to nine watched as Faael fell to knee's and then forward to the pavement. Graer shouted to another, Setg'in Kale to find cover as the rapid firing of a simsil found Kale as he had attempted to find cover near a burned out civilian automobile. Stitched up the left side, from thigh to neck, Kale was quite dead before hitting the ground without so much as a groan. Graer rolled and aimed upwards, at a ledge of the grocery store's second demolished level and depressed the secondary trigger to the 35mm grenade launcher. A high whining whistle and rough recoil followed, split second later a body smoldering from the thermite explosive fell somewhat near Kale. The body looked like any other corpse when dead save the uniform, which was a black fatigue with harness. HTF specialist, a bit of a curse before continuing. One by one, eight voices responded as they cleared the grocery store, and found a defender or two alive. Barely. He wasnt at all familiar with the ranking system of the tratior kin, they had after all become foreign to he and the rest of the true Haru. A glance to his men, if he killed them now, there would be no reprecussion, at least from their own side. In native he barked at Yeyinde Tar'nel. The medic had been covering them with his MSG-01, but Graer found the infantry-medic an added burden, mainly because he never seemed to fire the weapon. A glance to the pair of living defenders and then to the medic. It was time he was blooded. Steadier hands then Graer had thought he'd have, lifted the MSG-01 and two bursts sounded off. The recoil making the medic's body sway some. Inspecting the dead, making sure, he noted the excellent shots. One's brain had been splashed against the wall, from the the bullet tearing through the center of eyes, just above nose. The other had a gaping wound on the other side of the mouth, a hole that you could see as the lifeless corpses mouth hung open. Satisfied, patted the medic on the shoulder and gave the order to move out. There were more to purify this day. Hamaii, Central District No retreat would come, no order to fall back, to the eyes of their enemies they would never be dissuaded by the incoming fire, or the ferocity of artillery barrages. The banzai charges would not cease, nor the holdouts outgunned. For every village reclaimed by Empress Kira'Karn's legionnaires, they would return the cost of blood, for every house, many pounds of flesh were the price. Crying their foul tongue, their dark language, political officers of the traitorous NTC inspired their troops in the face of all odds to resist, to kill, to take their own life in the valiant struggle ahead. On the street of the first crossing and the avenue named after a cousin to the Emperor Janus of the now fallen Glorious Dominate, the last holdouts of the Hades Task Force incursion legion fought with bitter resolution. Caedalus, Sengar d'isto of the 7th Royalist Tank Regiment had survived. Barely. It was more then clear that despite being on a somewhat level playing field as far as hardware went, perhaps in numbers, the forces of the NTC were being bled of their experience. Most of the firebases were either destroyed or knocked out of action, and what air wings had been able to get into the air, had not survived the withering fire of anti-aircraft missiles, cannon and those damned loyalist fighter craft had gained superiority. With the loss of their air cover, legions loyal to the memory of Ji'Mar now had to contend with the heavens as being a source of death and misery. Such had been his fate, hours earlier, his entire column of armor meant to resupply the eighth infantry support regiment, at the outskirts of the financial district, they'd been struck by ground attack aircraft. Of a hundred support vehicles, and thirty tanks, roughly twenty vehicles had survived and around eight tanks. Now on the retreat, he supposed, there wasnt really anywhere to go really. If they were in the open, they died. If they stayed, they died. If they fought, they died. Not really a bright future. At the moment, his armored regiment leftovers, and whatever had survived the blitzkrieg by loyalist forces were gathering at his current point of defense. The seventh would fight, it would fight hard, but in the end, it was stalling action. If they could hold the line until reinforcements came, they might have a chance. Later, in Hamaii, Interior District About ten kilometers east of Graer's position, Siet-Khan Yars forced the cupola hatch open to breathe fresh air. The building they had been going through had collapsed upon them, trapping them for a time. This act had saved his tank, though most of his lead element had fallen to the viciousness of the loyalist air raid. Fire, orange and bright lit a landscape of shattered armor and smoldering corpses of the half regiment that had been his support initially. Ground pock marked by craters, artillery had found them not long after the air raid, even now it still was falling. Reinforcements had arrived finally, pushing through or over the remains of their fellows. Sliding back down, locking the hatch, the turret swung towards the loyalist lines and began to hammer back in kind. Joined by the newly arrived SA-13 AMV's that took up spots about the area. He hadnt thought much of them until a fwoosh sound rocked the area, followed by a HAD-24D exploding as it tried to race away. With proper anti-air becoming more cohesive, the ground legions were able to bring their own firepower towards the enemy line. Or at least that was the thought process. Until the first loyalist response rounds had started to land. Hamaii, Reborn in Fire From behind the loyalist lines at the city's edge, came shockwaves of the first 2S9 Bereg's rolled across the area, followed by the explosions as those 130mm shells began to land against enemy territory. Crunching a shattered troop transport that had been at one time under his command, the heavy treads of the beast 2S19 MSTA-S, the dreaded 152mm Self Propelled cannon slowly came into view. A pause and then he felt his insides quiver as the weapon barked harshly. Lighter vehicles, the 2S5-S 152mm self propelled cannon, and the towed artillery 2A36-B's had set up in the nerve center of Hamaii's industrial train area. He was wary of his orders to be here, after all, the local defense forces had been killed here by gunship and templar much earlier in the day, but there could be lingering stragglers yet to be smote. A cautious tactic of lining his defensive perimeter with SPAA23's guarding, alongst with 288th Olath Orn with anti-air and armor equipment, however had been committed to act as both forward observers and as a buffer against enemy air support. Shells began to rain down upon the enemy line and other areas, to keep the traitor defenders from being able to scatter.
  3. Most island nations struggle daily with depleted fish stocks, inadequate waste management, ship pollution, degraded reefs, dwindling freshwater supplies, and poverty. In general, the farther an island nation is from global markets, the poorer it is. Distance makes everything more expensive; oil prices in particular tend to be extremely high owing to transportation costs. The more remote islands also tend to lack communications infrastructure, access to information technology, and adequate numbers of trained professionals, including engineers, doctors, and teachers. Island nations are also uniquely threatened by price shocks from economic globalization. Most island nations depend heavily on tourism, foreign aid, and a limited range of exports like sugar and bananas. Thus, The Imperium in addition to its one year agreement of supplying products and materials to aid the recently displaced refugees build a nation anew, one where their faith can flourish, A preferential trade strategy between the island nation of Gerenians and the Imperium will be presented after a years time, to whomever the island nation elects as a representative. Known as the ICN-T Agreement is to be set in increments by the Imperium for ten years in existence as part of a deliberate effort coordinated by the Imperial government establish a trade route, benefiting both sides, especially since the island nation could impose import tariffs and other taxes. The 30-page strategy lays out a detailed agenda focused on issues such as climate change, sea level rise, natural disasters, waste management, water resources, energy, technology, sustainable development, and tourism. The Council of the Nine was forthcoming in its support for the island and its citizens, Gerenians refugees from the former Glorious Dominate, now occupied by the Imperium, and renamed, now as a province of the Greater Imperium territories. Which is critical because the Imperium can provide aid and comprise key markets for island exports. But these claims could be met with some resistance, the Gerenians are after all displaced. Forced to leave because of religious differences, and this could be a barrier to the strategy to be offered. However, the Council of the Nine has stated that they shall under the auspices of attempting to repair damage done via the previous leadership, offer concessions to the island protectorate nation. Such as access to duty-free export markets and high levels of developmental aid. Kalye Support, a Kaldana based nonprofit company that promotes sustainable development projects within the Imperium, argues that nations need to emphasize sustainable tourism as a cornerstone of development. With this approach, the Gerenians island nation should recognize that resource attractions—for instance, coral reefs—can’t be protected in isolation from their larger ecosystems. Conservation should address large natural areas rather than small pockets with tourist appeal, such as specific beaches, Kalye Support says. Moreover, they add, the island nation should strive for greater community ownership of tourist enterprises to ensure that natural resources are available for future generations. With a greater stake in tourism, Gerenians islanders may do more to prevent coastal pollution and to regenerate the coral reefs that will attract visitors and sustain local ecosystems. Other experts point out that economic diversification is also essential for islands that depend heavily on tourism. “The traditional generic island tourism product that readily attracts foreign earnings—sand, sea, coastal hotels, and so forth—are the very amenities that are under threat. The challenge here is the development of a tourism product that is attractive outside of the traditional attractions,” says sources from the Imperial Trade Authority. Economic diversification is essential for those economies that are heavily dependent on tourism. “Otherwise,” he says, “the Gerenians may be setting up themselves for a greater fall—putting all their eggs in a very vulnerable basket.” Ultimately, the island protectorate nation could be a world treasure whose health may portend the future of its inhabitants and the millions who come visiting every year have a stake in their survival. As the waters and the pressures rise it remains to be seen whether the Gerenians island nation will sink or swim on its own, a boon if it did so after the year of support initially stops, and if the strategy of support is accepted or not.
  4. From: The Offices of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry) Authorization: Duke Sias Hu'yan, Vilicus of The Third Circle Subject: Imperial Court News Yaris, SIMH., 1st Year of Karn (2020), 06/11 — Empress Kira'Karn, who symbolizes the unity and continuity of the Haruspex nation, today had a look around Yaris, a city-state that closely borders that of the The Greater Holy Empire of @Tagmatium Rules and that of The Imperium of Adaptus Astrates. Visitors and residents here also had a chance to look at the Empress and her entourage, a whose who of the Imperial court. This morning, they left their hotel suite and rode in a carriage down Duke of Sulsa Street to the Ministry of Seven, a minor council that serves the city-state with representatives from the houses located within, all of which are considered minor and our newly promoted from the common line. The Empress, who arrived from the capitol of Prathen yesterday, is pausing here before proceeding to Taganrog tomorrow, the next leg of her 15‐day goodwill trip to other city-states alongst the border of the Adaptus Astrates to promote goodwill. As the open carriage was drawn slowly down the street by matched brown horses, past preserved 18th‐century frame houses, taverns, an apothecary, peruke‐makers and other shops, the enthusiastic crowd clapped and waved plastic imperial and house flags. Inside the ministry building the Empress and entourage were taken to the Hall of the Seven, an austerely beautiful room with one deeply curved wall. It was here that the city-state's history was showcased, showing its roots as a trade hub, commanding border passes from two great nations, and the goods and so forth that had lead inwards upon roads and rail that were likened to great spreading veins in every direction. The Empress is quoted as saying, " One day, I hope to once more, resume trade with the rest of the occidental via Yaris. To this end, shall I dedicate my interest in seeking a revitalization of both our land, and those around us."
  5. To: The @Iverican Executive Ministry and the Cámra Nasional From: The offices of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry), via Duke Sias Hu'yan, on behalf of the Empress of the Sovereign Imperium To whom this may concern in the Executive Ministry, Vicelord Nize Gra'kuth is no longer your point of contact via the Sovereign Imperium and by default, Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Kira'Karn. It is our Empress's response however that has been conveyed of the moment. In regards to provisions and so forth for the refugees that you and the coalition have taken it uponst themselves to transport to a new land of holding, the Empress in her wisdom towards a better future, has decreed that such is to be agreed upon. For the period of one year, the Sovereign Imperium shall send transports of the needed equipment, materials, foodstuffs, and so forth for the heretical refugees to build a new land, and survive it. This will be done in coordination with that of Baroness Beira Vek Elemmiire of House Vek Elemmiire head of The Fifth Circle [Social, Health and Population Services Ministry - SHPSM]. Through our sister ministry, in conjunction with that of the merchant guilds, we shall convey these products towards those displaced. As this is penned, the Merchant Guild House, Kunya Trade Authority, shall be making the first of many deliveries. We believe that two shipments a month, for the period of twelve months. Following the colonial manuscript, these vessels shall be of the 14,500 TEU displacement, similar sized vessels were used to build our Kaldana colonial holding, and this should prove sufficient to aid in the refugees in question over the course of a year. Duke Sias Hu'yan The Third Circle [Foreign Affairs Ministry] Baroness Beira Vek Elemmiire House Vek Elemmiire The Fifth Circle [Social, Health and Population Services Ministry - SHPSM]
  6. Voted, I rather like the old map, but both are quite good.
  7. 1117th Mzil Velven Artillery Regiment Siege of Aden Yeyinde Nive stood beside his superior, Khan Valen. The two men were outfitted for urban combat, the grey, black, and white camouflage that shown about the combat harness worn. Rifles at the ready, the bullpup styled GAR-01T's prepped for wear and tear. The 1117th were not here for infantry action, not yet anyways. Ahead of them, less then two kilometers away, was the bypassed NTC defensive line that had been built into the village of Aden. From this area, NTC mortars, artillery and soldiers had been directing fire into advancing loyalist forces. The goal now, was to make that stop. The 1117th had recently been offloaded at Ulusk, with it's LCAC's making steady arrivals to offload legionnaires and equipment. The firebase had grown in the ruins of a light industrial area of Turas, a small city about twenty kilometers west of Ulusk, and supplemented with the 78th, and 93rd mechanized infantry regiments of the Mzil Velven. Said firebase had been arranged with an overwhelming artillery support however, when the Imperium set out to wrong those who had wronged it, it did so in a massive way. Arranged in a pattern of twenty barrels long and twelve deep, firing arcs of each line slightly higher then those before each position, crew served Taytmo Vmufan (Deadly Flower) self propelled guns (SPG) were in place. Supporting this was another line of artillery, Muhk Cdnega (Long Strike) self propelled guns were also arranged. Twenty deep in a half circle arrangement, two rows. In defensive roles were the light emplacements of anti-tank cannonry and machine gun nests that were being manned by members of the 1117th, the 78th, and 93rd regiments. As time slowly ticked by, second after second, minute after minute, regulated air cycles of breath could be heard over the stillness of the night's air. The bright lights and booms associated with cannon fire could be seen and heard. The war was raging across this vast tract of land in the middle of the Northern Territories. Nive awaited it all, ready to issue forth the order into the mic within his helm, and as the final tick resonated an ominous sound of finality, the order was given in the form of a nod from his superior. Vena! (Fire), the order was so given. There was a pause, and then a rippling display in the air itself. Plumes of smoke danced across the lines, in near perfect harmony the cannons volley as one long rippling sound. Each row followed the one before it and so on. After the main body came the lighter self propelled guns and the defensive line retorting as well. Pulses of light filled the air, and then mere seconds passed until the crumping sounds in the far distance. Through field optics one could see the immense wall of orange, and the flames, the flames were everywhere. House Elemmiire, 78th Mountain Rifles Legion House Olath Orn, 111st Motorized Rifles Legion Battle for Ttoile Yeyinde Fras sat within the cupola of the half track recon vehicle, field optics raised to eyes so that she could see the expanse of the semi- industrial district of Ttoile and the remaining buildings that still stood, unmolested for the moment. A slight glance back, and then wave of arm forward, pointing in direction of the area. Several dozen or so half-tracks, accompanying a company of heavier armored vehicles, being mostly tanks and armored aero-defense vehicles, clattered and rumbled towards the area pointed to. Following along behind in rank and file, more than two thousand Haru legionnaires of the Olath Orn house, outfitted in urban combat gear for the fight ahead. Slogging through the mud, guts, and blood that stained this fell place made worse by the grinding of several major forces clashing into each other Prata-Khan Daek offered a salute to the passing Yeyinde Fras, even though he was of superior rank. Still it was a gesture of respect, and it was in returned in kind. The battle was fierce and was probably going to continue to be so. On the southwest, advances were chewing into the flanks of the defender NTC forces. To the immediate north, what was left of Ttoile's industrial area also still held out. Under the crumping of heavy artillery, and shrieks of rocket launches, fires lit the funeral pyres of either side while thick, oily smoke stretched upwards into the heavens above. Prata-Khan Daek represented the finest and worst of the Elemmiire. While they were more than honorable compared to the dredges of the Haru society, he wasnt one to name names, but oh say the Tagnik Zun, of which he thought of as little better than sociopaths, he was excelling at killing this day, he still adhered to the war policies set by the high command and they were ever brutal. Taking a break to light a cigar, while wearing the samurai esque armor of ebony plate and mesh. Skirt and helm with those light blue illuminated sockets. Said helm lay upon the remains of an apc's wheel. The rest of said apc was scattered about the area. He was pretty sure it had been an anti-air modified Vodnik prior to being exploded by who only knows what. Ush'akal, udos inbal quarthen ulu karliik trezen [Sir, we have commands to head north]. Kenyet Nadir spoke up from behind and slightly lower. The communique officer eventually ambled over a pile of brick and mortar, CBAR-01 assault rifle with a 10x scope mounted on it's rails. A slow nod, for beyond this relatively peaceful point lay the edge of the Traitor Legions reach into the industrial district and the sounds of war. Crumping explosions and small arms fire that rattled near constant. Bmahdo uv desa du cmaab frah ouin tayt, suja uid![Plenty of time to sleep when your dead, move out!]. Gruff voice echoing forth as plucking up the assault rifle as tossing cigar aside. Helm lifted and then placed down atop head, booted feet taking the lead, about to join in the clash that had already happened more or less to the firebase just down the way. About a half kilometer east of Daek's position, Siet-Khan Yars forced the cupola hatch open to breathe fresh air. The building they had been going through had collapsed upon them, trapping them for a time. This act had saved his tank, though most of his lead element had fallen to the viciousness of the ambush by retreating NTC forces armed with RPG-7's. Fire, orange and bright lit a landscape of shattered armor and smoldering corpses of the hazmat-suited Tagnik Zun elite. Ground pockmarked by craters, artillery had found them not long after the ambush, even now it still was falling. While the NTC forces in the area didn't have much in the way to really slow them down, they had made clever use of the city's buildings, and seemed to have an ample amount of 80-105mm howitzers at their disposal. Perfect for laying down suppressive fire upon an advancing enemy while retreating. Reinforcements had arrived finally, pushing through or over the remains of their fellows. Sliding back down, locking the hatch, the turret swung towards the NTC lines and began to hammer back in kind. With proper artillery becoming more cohesive, the ground legions were able to bring their own firepower towards the enemy line. From behind, the shockwaves of the first 2S9 Bereg's rolled across the area, followed by the explosions as those 130mm shells began to land against enemy territory. Crunching a shattered troop transport that had been at one time under his command, the heavy treaded beast 2S19 MSTA-S, the dreaded 152mm Self Propelled cannon slowly came into view. A pause and then he felt his insides quiver as the weapon barked harshly. Lighter vehicles, the 2S5-S 152mm self propelled cannon, and the towed artillery 2A36-B's had set up in the nerve center of the exterior district's industrial train area. He was wary of his orders to be here, after all, a recon force penetrating into the exterior areas of the NTC defense forces had been killed by an ambush consisting of a vastly numerically superior force as it was retreating. A cautious tactic of his, was to supply the defensive perimeter with SPAA23's guarding, alongst with 288th Olath Orn, however those had been committed to act as both forward observers and as a buffer against enemy infantry support to counter-offensive forces meeting the NTC forces on the incoming. Shells were raining down upon the enemy line and other areas, to keep the NTC troops from being able to gather sufficiently, or at least that was the hope. Ttoile Central District, 1129th Field Hospital House Elemmiire, 112th Infantry Legion There are many places within the sh*thole of the North that Yeyinde[Gunnery Sergeant] Ferin would much rather have been. As it was, he was settled for the moment within the husk of a building. Leaning just within, waiting for the clouds to stop spitting on him from above. Limp cigarette rested between lips as sheets of rain fell towards the pockmarked and or otherwise broken asphalt of the ground. Slight roll of shoulders, readjusting the weight of his gear and whatnot as taking to a lean for a moment or so. The HIA GLM-01 hung over the left shoulder, calm during the storm as yet another shift in the mickey mouse sector of the former Cussian port city of Ttoile. Still waiting for this or that to come down the line, this particular area under supervision of the 112th Infantry Legion. Slow bit of steps taken from the building and into the street, keeping a cautious gaze of light blue against the road and it's surroundings. Ji Quinn was heading to a new destination, as with all things in a land that had just become occupied. The vehicle she drove was a Haru military standard modified to be an armored civilian transport. Rihdan (Hunter) Light Multirole Vehicle's engine humming beneath the foot paddle, she literally zoomed down the road. Not much going on mentally save for keeping one hand on the wheel and the other on the stick, one foot for the clutch and the other for the gas. Getting out to make 'house calls' hadn't been her idea of a great time, but it was better than wandering the same halls of the hospital ship where only last night she'd seen her first killing. Sitting ill with the good doctor, she found the scenery just a tad on the rough side, and the road was iffy in parts but at least it was there. If she ever found where she was going, she'd be able to see about getting into the clinic to make the rounds there for those who were on land in a war that didn't allow them access to the burgeoning healthcare system. Now just how many people were out here, Quinn didn't know, though she could guess that there were probably a lot as a Legion was nearly thirty-thousand to well over sixty-thousand depending on the House involved. As the armored truck pulled slowly into the remains of a town, she brought it to a stop and rested her head briefly on the steering wheel. "What are you doing here?" More for herself than anything, it was her own sort of 'pep-talk' but she didn't look at that peppy. This was the remains of Ttoile. Everything that couldnt be found there, it was here, or had been at least before the war of this land had commenced. Intermixed about the remains of this former lively city, the paratroops and mechanized infantry forces in the blue-gray camouflage and blue berets or helmets. Otherwise known as Haruspex Legionary. There were a few away from where Ferin stood, more or less to the east of the main crowded area, and the start of the broken road towards the edge of the port's offloading area. Along this path would be sullen looking soldiers that hid the troubles they saw behind goggles of blue tint or partial rebreathers, trudging to posts or clambering into or out of urban combat camouflage painted armored vehicles, trucks etc. Most though, like the residents of this area, knew better than to stand in the road. Anything with wheels or treads rolled near constant down this Hell's highway. A light tapping on the hood of the car, gentle like. Near the parked and obviously out of place car had come the ol' Yeyinde. Not that he was old, he was a pup thrust into the harsh land of service. Twenty-Three but with years on the soul. Cen yna oui ymnekrd?[Sir are you alright]? Her head snapped up, and those eyes of deep brown wound wildly around until they zeroed in on the legionnaire outside her truck window. For a moment her face crumpled, whether from relief or embarrassment it was hard to say as she lowered the window and poked her head out. Having the ability to remember where she was might have been a minor miracle, and a brief rush of one hand through auburn hair just set it further into disarray. Oayr. Is, frana ys E[Um, yeah where am I]? Obviously, from the voice as smooth as two fingers of fine whiskey she was educated, but the drawl there was all small-town. Sticking her head back in the car, she seemed to rummage before pulling out a sealed badge complete with picture id. E's vnus dra 1128dr Satelym Lusbyho, 88dr Makeuh, E ryja untanc du pa bucdat yd dra 1129dr bucd? Ec dra bucd rana[I'm from the 1128th Medical Company, 88th Legion, I have orders to be posted at the 1129th post? Is the post here]? Clearly from the crumple between her brows she was not only lost, but a little on the agitated side. He unfolded a map and studied it for a moment before nodding to himself for a moment. Ouin y fyoc uv Tuldun. Fa'ja zicd y SYCR ihed du dra mavd cusa drnuikr dra piemtehkc drana.[Your a ways off Doctor. We've just a MASH unit to the left some through the buildings there.] Indicating the alleyway about twenty meters away, in which a partially destroyed building had a tarp roof strung over it and down it's sides where it must have been exposed. Bright red cross painted on it's roof, and walls. A pair of Rihdan's next to that. Folding the map up once again and placing it in left chest pocket, he stepped back slowly and then waited. While she listened, there was a certain amount of apprehension on her part. Surely she had come the right way? The GPS on this damn thing had been followed to a 'T' and now she was potentially lost? Why hadn't anyone told her that they were sending her into no-man's land? Long, slender fingers massaged the crease from between her brows, and she gathered up the makings of a small smile to give to the legionnaire. Dryhg oui. E drehg E's eh dra nekrd bmyla[Thank you. I think I'm in the right place]. However bleak it might seem, there had to be need for a doctor, otherwise why would they send her out here?! From one battle zone to the next, Quinn supposed as she gave a little sigh. Frana lyh E byng so jarelma?[Where can I park my vehicle?] Cdnyekrd drnuikr dra ymmao. Uha cal, E'mm ryja uha uv dra dnilgc sujat.[Straight through the alley. One sec, I'll have one of the trucks moved] <com>Alpha 4, have a doc comin', need truck two moved, over. Bit of a garish screech on the radio mic that was upon right shoulder, and then he spoke a reply. Another soldier came out of the tent, looked over, waved and then got into the Rihdan that was present there as well. Diesel engine roared to life and then vehicle ambled off somewhere else. A glance over as he had begun to pick his way towards the alleyway, waving his hand towards the doctor, gesturing towards the spot where the other vehicle had been. Ttoile Eastern Outskirts Siet Khan Dabin and his convoy had made it to the 78th Mzil Velven outpost. His forces had dismounted and were about the main area. The outpost here was effectively set up as a collection of helicopter landing pads, a few trenches and dug in fortifications further down on the slope of a hill facing the territory of the NTC more or less still held just past Ttoile, facing a general direction in a square pattern the rest of the area. Key points had watchtowers, sandbagged positions and swanson huts bunkered in as both observation points, barracks and what not. A fourth and larger hut was nearly buried to the roof in the ground and sand bags and this was the partially buried MASH hut adjacent to a protected observation area and a pair of K1-B heavy machine gun stations. The odd assortment of his convoy was arranged about and behind the main line, even now the light tanks were being used as self-propelled artillery to shell a distant defensive perimeter full of NTC/Allied forces. There were many such positions all over the mountainous terrain of the Northern Vale territory. He peered through the telescopic field sights of his command vehicle, noting coordinates for the airstrikes his radio operator was even now confirming with. Overhead, streaking contrails provided by HAD S30 Sylrada ground assault aerofighters could be seen as they came in low against the deck and were intent on forcing their way into the thick of things. Staccato of SPAAG fire near immediate, tracers of orange saluting the clouds alongst with bright puffs of a deeper red, and or black bursting clouds. One of the ground fighters shook itself apart as he watched, the debris striking the ground with furious impact, flames and smoke littering the ground. Determined to avenge their fallen comrade, the remaining two expended their deadly arsenal of bunker busters, dumb fire rocket pods and more, turning the defensive line into a bright burning wall of death and imploding hilltops. With range given by the retreating aerocraft, the light tanks on the outpost line were now hammering whatever might have survived that with thermite canister shells, designed to inflict massive damage upon infantry and light armor. A few secondaries brewed up and that was the cue. As his command vehicle began to roll forward, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, and the tanks under his command fell in line, a sort of phalaxe position with his vehicle at the center, pushing for the now pulverized enemy position. Northern Hinterlands South of Hakon City (NTC Stronghold) Yeyinde Fras sat within the cupola of the half track recon vehicle, field optics raised to eyes so that she could see the expanse of the hinterlands and the remaining village-townships and so forth that lay unmolested for the moment. A slight glance back, and then wave of arm forward, pointing in direction of the semi-industrial district. Several dozen or so half-tracks, accompanying a company of heavier armored vehicles, being mostly tanks and armored aero-defense vehicles, clattered and rumbled towards the area pointed to. Following along behind in rank and file, more than eight thousand Haru legionnaires of the Mzil Velven house, outfitted in urban combat gear for the fight ahead. Despite being outmatched at every turn, NTC irregulars and para-militaries fought tooth and nail for every square centimeter of their territory, with almost the same result panning out across the occupied rebel territory. Failure. The Haru war machine refused to be sated with just a few deaths, the carnal lust of the imperium demanded sacrifices of larger size and thus it was devouring all that it could reach.
  8. Joint Press Release of 2nd meeting of the Council of Ministers for Foreign Affairs – Kaldana, 05/19/20 On May 19th, in Kaldana, the 2nd Kaldana-Sovereign Imperium Mainland ministerial meeting took place in the margins of the CMFA Ministerial. The Kaldana Side was represented by: Elmar'Rov, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Gor'Kvir, Vice Minister of Health and Services; Na'Gheman, Minister of Security Services; Pav'Klin, Minister of Transport; and Val'Chec, Minister of Defense Services. The Imperium was represented by Yoji Vlos Elemmiire, newly promoted and placed diplomatic envoy of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps. The sides were pleased to emphasise the facilitation of Kaldana-Fatherland cooperation and exchanged views on a wide range of issues of mutual interest, as well as on cooperation in the international sphere. The sides emphasized added value of enhanced Colonial-Fatherland interaction, aimed at ensuring peace, stability and prosperity in each region. The Colonial Ministers expressed their gratitude to the Fatherland for the excellent organization the 1st “Kaldana-Imperium” meeting, held on January 16, 2020 in Kaldana as well. The sides signed the “Colonial-Fatherland Cooperation Program”. The sides are confident that it will deepen the dialogue and further promote the expansion of cooperation generating new projects and programmes. The sides reconfirmed the readiness and interest to keep high-level dialogue, including both cooperation and wide range of regional and global issues. The time and venue of next meeting will be agreed through diplomatic channels, and may include other nations as well, as the colonial holding begins to stand on its own feet.
  9. The recent foreign outcry over family separation in the Northern Territories turned the country’s attention to the Cussian border, but those children, mothers and fathers are just part of the larger story of immigrants detained by authorities. On any given day in the Northern Territories, roughly 40,000 to 50,000 immigrants live under the custody of Refugee Control and Enforcement (RCE). Some of them had tried to cross the border without legal documents; others had lawfully sought asylum at the port of entry, being Ulusk. Even if they haven’t been charged with a crime, they’re feeling the weight of the system. “We’re holding individuals in situations that are no different and sometimes much worse than what criminal inmates face,” says Emi Ryo, a legal scholar at the Ministry of Judgement. Ryo detailed the causes and consequences of Cussian refugee detention in 2020 in the Annual Review of Law and Social Sciences. The line between refugee law and criminal law has steadily eroded over the past few decades, Ryo says. The overlap has become so complete that many observers now recognize a new hybrid segment of the legal system: “crimmigration.” “Tens of thousands of people are held for three to six months or longer at a time, while they wait for transport out of the territories” says Cai Patle, a sociologist at the Ministry of Health Services. “The size and scope of the detention program and the way it has grown since the initial occupation is staggering, but we know very little about the impact on the refugees beyond immediate effects.” The Imperium has detained 510,854 refugees since the occupation at the start of the year, to current. However, at three quarters of this number have received asylum with the Coalition that came to retrieve the Christians. The crimmigration approach is now built into the system, says Jai Menívar, a prosecutor serving the First Court, the lowest of the court system that serves the refugees. After the initial occupation of the North, RCE set a daily minimum quota of 34,000 detainees, partly to honor contracts with private corporations. RCE says all refugee detainees “reside in safe, secure and humane environments and under appropriate conditions of confinement.” In response to a request from INN, RCE spokesman Brya'Hux said in an email that “illegally entering the Imperium and or existing within its occupied territory is a crime and such individuals are also subject to administrative detention and removal in accordance with imperial law.” RCE, he added, is mandated to enforce imperial laws as passed by the Council of the Nine. Given the size and scope of the detention infrastructure — not to mention shifting attitudes — Menívar believes that real change is unlikely. “Regardless of who is in charge, the trend continues to more criminalization." Debate over deterrence Just as lengthy jail sentences are thought to prevent crime, aggressive prosecution and detention at the border are often touted as powerful deterrents to refugees. Instead, he says, refugees are far more motivated by what’s going on locally, especially crime and threats to their safety. That fear, he says, seems to be most powerful for families with children. “If you’re migrating] for purely economic reasons, the prospect of detention for an extended period of time would have some deterrent impact,” he says.
  10. 2nd Grand Ranke Fleet Ttoile Seaport Assault Ttoile's coast became a scene like the days of yore, as the skies overhead darkened with transport aerocraft, borne of the 2nd Grand Ranke Fleet. The Imperium's navy signature resonated clearly as the waves of troop transports thundered above, just cresting thirty thousand feet up, plowing through clouds and rain, bursting into the skies above the cityscape of Ttoile. Dozens upon dozens of HAD HT-01 'Vycd Muytan' (Fast Movers) were plowing through the cloudless night. Prata Khan Faed nodded to his co-pilot, equal standing crewman Vaer. Behind him was a communique officer, a Khan named Seviral. Beyond the cockpit of the transport plane, sat forty Haru legionnaires, of the House Mzil Velven, getting ready to parachute into enemy territory as apart of the planned operation " Ceawa dra Tyo " (Seize the Day). Amongst the legionary, was equipment, and in some cases air droppable vehicles etc. The target was that of the seaport and exterior of the former Cussian capitol city. The formerly clear skies were becoming bumpy, turbulence of a man made nature as black puffs and plumes of orange and what not began to pepper the heavens. His jaw twitched, unconsciously flexing as the cockpit rattled from the shrapnel and concussions that were spilling about the plane. Nerves were being rapidly undone by the level of resistance, and then the com box squawked to life as it bore the screams of crew and cargo alike as a transport had been hit and become a burning pyre of flame and flesh that emitted a death wail as it twirled down towards the ground so far below, impacting into the mother earth with such savagery and fiery vengeance that none could have lived through it. Tap on shoulder and he glanced over. Banking to the right, following the herd about, the destination had been reached. Slap of the console to the left and the blue light was lit. (Blue is often used to denote " go " for Haru) The ramp door was being lowered, and when it secured, he could see streamers already leaving as the para-troops began their deployment. It was shared about the air fleet as operation Ceawa dra Tyo became official and a deadly reality as the stattaco tracers from the ground increased. Coastal Drop Alpha The sun was setting, not that Ji Venck was worried about that, no he was worried about the forty or so legionary under his command who were currently under fire from enemies, probably local militia and or NTC regulars who had recently taken Ttoile, at the top of the crest of the coastline. For the moment they had immediate cover, being the burned out wreck of a light tank formerly belonging to said enemy, knee-deep in water, but that was short term. He kept his head down and then looked back towards the wrecked landin ships.Vehicles and equipment were everywhere. Up ahead, was the crestline, it was like climbing a hill with large black Grape-Nuts. On top of the ridge there were the bodies and wreckage amidst pillboxes, barricades and burning equipment. The ground was more solid there and eventually that's where they'd be. Following the footsteps of those that came before, suffering the same fire as the enemy reinforcements had caught the first company just near the ridgeline. Venck could hear occasional small arms fire and loud artillery blasts to the north of their current position. There seemed to be a lull in the firefight immediate. Giving the order, his legionary headed for the crest, climbing up that godforsaken hill, reaching the crest and over into the nearest available trench. There were bodies everywhere, enemy amidst his fallen comrades. The recent blasting must have been from the navy, as the gouges in the earth were to large to be vehicle made. The enemy was still present though, a legionary about to jump into a trench was knocked backwards over the crest as a rifle report sounded. Suddenly the war was on again, viciously did they trade shots back and forth while advancing in the trenches. Even as the main battle line moved north on the island, the basic areas were subject to attacks and raids by left-behind pockets of enemy troops motivated by revenge, orders, or suicide. Venck could understand this though, with the para-troops landing they had come between large swaths of enemy territory. Now on the defensive, the NTC and its militia allies were dealing damage wherever it could, and the fighting would get all the more fierce the closer to strongholds they got. Vlos Zun, 177th We go to war, for that is our calling Siet Khan Nakem peered over the lip of the trench, noting the rather beastly looking armor that had punched through, was now fast retreating. During the din of the airdrop and subsequent assault on the seaport, he hadn't been able to communicate directly with Fleet Frontal Command about anything at all, now the communications channel was awash with voices chirping in their positions and depths of enemy resistance. He slid down and rolled onto his back for a moment, before nodding to himself once and rising up. Rifle slung, he spoke to his warriors. Kad nayto, fa suja yc cuuh yc untanc lusa vnus veamt lussyht (Get ready, we move as soon as orders come from field command). This was being said as the first of the naval legionnaires had begun to appear from their beach landings, and were even now pouring into the area, and in short order, the makeshift trenches that had once belonged to the NTC forces. There was a pause between them, two fated rivals, not friends, not enemies, for the moment anyways. Nekam as an officer wore the respirator, and the blue tinged goggles built into a helmet of sorts. His uniform was a type of hazmat like suit with combat rigging atop of it. His troops bore the same save that instead of the open respirator, they wore the iconic hazmat suit tops. The lids were ebony and one couldn't see through to the insides of what was staring out. Their rifles were bullpup in design, sporting green lasers and 2.4x ACOG scopes upon the rails. All had undermount grenade launchers of the 40mm nature. A few sported the RPGT-A Thermobaric Grenade Launcher tubes upon their backs. They were covered in blood, and ash from the bombardment. Nakem and his warriors were of the House Vlos Zun's, 9th Unit, 4th Company, 177th Regiment. If one wanted to find the most veteran force within all of the Haru, well, congratulations, you found them. Nakem turned to the right and made a hand motion towards one of his warriors, gesturing towards the supporting naval legionnaires after a moment. Said warrior stepped forth and his gear was similar to that of Nakem's, in that he did not wear the headgear of the other soldiers. He the Ji, the second senior rank of a unit, and he was named Kvel. He was the second after all, and would remain so until Nekam was killed or promoted. Kvel looked towards the fydan puoc (literally translated to Water Boys), the name the Vlos Zun had for the regular naval legionnaires, not spoken publicly as it was not a nice term of endearment.. Kvel looked towards the bunch, and then pointed towards the road ahead, while addressing the Khan of the NL before him, not knowing his name, and bothering to learn it really. The enemy falls back upon this line. He raised his right arm to a chest pocket and pulled out a discus looking object. Placing it on the ground he sank to one knee and looked towards what he could only hope was a smart Non-Com like himself. The image popped up as a 3D model and presented the terrain as best the satellites overhead could see it. Red icons were for enemy forces, and according to intelligence on high, it was retreating to a large area swathed in green. Blue arrows were pursuing on all sides. Kvel spoke, continuing on as he gestured towards the areas on the map presented. We..are here. He pointed to a spot in between the blue, and the red. This is the frontier of the lines. We have orders, push ahead and take this bridge, the..Paused and checked the name. The Hussukan Bridge. It is multi-lane and spans a major river. Occupying it is primary goal. He let a curt grin surface though it didn't show through the mask, it was his body-language that would have to be read as he leaned back and squatted a bit, his arms to his knees as he asked. Want to come? Nakem grinned as well, in fact he could tell all of his troopers were doing so. Would these naval legionnaires, of whom in the past were barely above the regular imperial army, have the strength of warriors, or would they stand here and let time and glory pass them by? Stepping up from the trenches, he noted that even the enemy stragglers had pulled back. The telescopic sights in the goggles gave him quite a bit of an edge, as well as being HG/NVG's. A motion of right hand, to push forward. His unit numbered twenty and they were scrambling out of the trench. Kvel offered one more sidelong glance to the naval legionnaire forces before scooping up the terrain mapper and slotting it back where it went. Rifle at ready, he bounded up the slopes of the trench and caught up with the rest in short order. Vlos Zun, Mechanized 68th Born in Hell, there is no death that frightens us. The sixty-eighth was currently tasked with spear heading into the exterior of Ttoile and other areas ahead of the main bodies of the assault force troops. They had been given orders to go through the wayside districts, encountering enemy resistance in the hamlets, villages, and small townships that pressed against the mountainous region where the NTC and their allies had their strong points and defensive lines. As the 2nd Grand Ranke Fleet bombarded and continued to give naval fire support towards targets in and around the city, the 68th Mechanized regiment had pushed through the last of their own obstacles fairly easily enough, to more or less intersect with the airborne special forces who were just now leaving the seaport and onto the main thoroughfare road. One such vehicle was that of Siet Khan Dolva, her armored command, an AT-110 8x8 armored personnel carrier rumbled up the road, it's remote turret active as it scanned the treelines and what not, but realistically after such an artillery barrage she doubted anything could have lived through such on the hostiles end. Resting in the cupola, she to wore the hazmat like battlesuit, though it was slimmed down some for being inside a vehicle. Much like Nekam, she had the odd face mask and goggle headset going on. Gloved hands clenched the cupolas edge. A faint tilt of head to the right, and then she saluted the surviving airborne legionnaires before the vehicle came to a stop. Glancing backwards she twirled that right finger and the doors on the chain of vehicles matching her own hissed downwards, meeting the earth with a resounding thud. Footfalls echoed forth and then they were surging out of the vehicles under her command. Vlos Zun mechanized infantry troopers were double timing it up the road and past the naval legionnaire forces. They had the smell of the tank on them, like they were some sort of stasis kept medical item. The off putting language hissed back and forth between them, the NBC attire made them look as if they belonged on a vacuum based battlefield.
  11. Colonial Edict Approved by Council of Nine An edict has been filed through the Council of the Nine, that would make Kaldana a processing trade, distribution, and fulfillment center, a boost for the colonial holding. According to low council speaker Jikari Hallas, the sponsor of Edict 2118-35/A/4, Kaldana’s proximity to several other nations makes the colonial holding an ideal destination for industries such as a processing trade and distribution, transformation or fulfillment center. Not only would businesses in those industries be beneficial in stimulating the colony’s economy, but they would also help create more jobs for its inhabitants while aiding economic boosting. Under the edict, processing trade companies would essentially import materials with the intent of assembling or transforming them locally, with at least 50 percent of the work done on Kaldana, and then exporting them to buyers off-colony, with the attraction of labeling the goods as “Made in Kaldana, SIMH” as the enticing factor. As for distribution, transformation, or fulfillment centers, Jikari says Kaldana’s proximity to the region benefits potential tariffs and timelines, thus allowing the goods to be imported, stored, processed and shipped from the Imperium proper. However, the costs of labor or logistics may be a concern for potential investors. Thus, Jikari said there is a need to create viable incentives to attract these types of industries to Kaldana. He said the Qualifying Certificate program offered by the Kaldana Economic Development Authority (KEDA) is an ideal tool that can be offered to potential investors. Under the edict, a distribution, transformation or fulfillment center is described as a warehouse or specialized building which is stocked with products to be redistributed to consumers off-colony, and shall be the processing function of the order completion structure. They shall also be able to provide services such as product mixing, cross-docking, and packaging. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Security forces on Wednesday captured the commander of a militant group in the township of Faide, formerly a suburb of now capitol Kaldana, namesake city of the colony, eliminating a leading figure in the long-running anti-Communist insurgency amid a recent surge of violence in the disputed territory. Riyaz Naikoo, the leader of the Zharrian Peoples Party (ZPP), was captured in a joint operation by Kaldana Security-Self Defense Forces (KSSDF) and Tagnik Zun forces, according to a senior security official in Faide who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter. Naikoo's capture was also confirmed on social media by a police official and a member of the colonial administrative council. Zharrian Peoples Party (ZPP) is the largest surviving group, composed of whatever survived over the decades in the former territory of Zharr, a region claimed by the Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex. For three decades, militants in the Haru-controlled portion have fought to become independent, though this movement and this reasoning has become less and less important as the colonial citizenry has expressed in numerous polls and voting on edicts. However in 2014, a near unanimous vote by the registered citizenry of the colony voted on an edict to reject the calls of this independent movement, with a large portion of the citizenry calling an end to violence and to the disruption of livelihood, one that has vastly improved since the colony's founding. In 2015, the Colonial Administrative Council (KCAC) designated Zharrian Peoples Party (ZPP), a terrorist organization. This was seen in a positive light by the citizenry, and while not unanimous as the previous vote, was well within the upper 80% of the population. Formerly a math teacher, Naikoo joined the militancy in 2012 to fight the Haru's "brutal occupation" of Zharr, he said in an interview with local reporters. He somewhat gained a following on social media and sometimes came out of hiding to deliver fiery speeches at funerals of fellow militants, yet is most identified as being more of a voice to violence rather then being capable of it. Colonial authorities said that Naikoo played a key role in the killings of several police officers and the murders of sixteen migrant workers last fall, one of which was a pregnant woman with a pipe bomb. This was a day of mourning in the colonial holding territory and citizenry demand he be brought to justice. His capture is "extremely important" and will lead to a "loss of morale among the terrorist leadership," Kina Vek'Driar, Prata Khana of the 3rd Kaldana Security-Self Defense Forces (KSSDF), view with Kaldana Colonial Television. Naikoo reportedly became the leader of Zharrian Peoples Party (ZPP) months after the killing of Ghat Husir, another high-profile militant, in 2016. Husir's funeral was attended by a few dozen people, most of which were identified as extend family.
  12. As government forces and others purchase more drones, the small, unmanned aerial systems keep dropping in price and growing in capability. In February, the Defence Research and Sciences Ministry said "swarm squadrons" will be deployed by the Imperial Legionary in the coming years. The HIL has also been testing interconnected, co-operative drones that are capable of working together to overwhelm adversaries while utilizing the S.C.A.O.S.D. (system for collection and analysis of open source data). Low-cost, intelligent and inspired by swarms of insects, these new machines could revolutionise future conflicts. From swarming enemy sensors with a deluge of targets, to spreading out over large areas for search-and-rescue missions, they could have a range of uses on and off the battlefield. But just how different is "swarm" technology from the drones that are currently used by militaries across the globe? The key is self-organisation. Instead of being individually directed by a human controller, the basic idea of a drone swarm is that its machines are able to make decisions among themselves. So far the technology has been at an experimental stage, but it is edging closer to becoming a reality. Swarms come in different shapes and sizes. The Imperial Defense Advanced Research Ministry (IDARM), for example, has been working on a programme dubbed Fae; micro-drones the size and shape of missiles, designed to be dropped from planes and perform reconnaissance over vast areas. In either case, the biggest advantage of a 'swarm' is the ability of machines to work together in numbers. And when it comes to the battlefield, numbers matter. "Swarming allows you to build large numbers of low-cost expendable agents that can be used to overwhelm an adversary. This reverses the long trend of rising aircraft costs and reducing quantities. And unlike having a large number of soldiers, robotic agents can coordinate on a scale that would be impossible for humans." Birds and bees Flinging a barrage at a defence system is one thing, but that could be done with a sack of rocks. The key to the swarm is that it's smart enough to coordinate its own behaviour. It's not only the military that's interested in this problem. Dr Ajai Fel is a senior research scientist at the Prathen Institute for Biological Engineering (PIBM). "In a natural swarm of birds or bees, all individuals are doing their own thing. Each one has its own brain, knows what it can see for itself," he says. "You don't have an explicit hive mind. The queen bee is not giving instructions to everyone. The challenge is how you build the individuals so that the collective does what you want." One robotic construction project run at PIBM, for example, takes inspiration from termite colonies and how they build enormous, elaborate structures without central control. They do this using a mechanism known as "stigmergy", which boils down to one animal leaving signals in an environment for others to react to. "The idea is that by leaving information in the environment where it's most relevant, individuals can communicate," says Dr Fel. "Ants do this by leaving chemical trails, termites do a similar thing about where soil has been put down in a mound." Flocks of birds are another inspiration for researchers in this area. Watch a murmuration of starlings and it seems to move with a collective intelligence, but the animals are actually each responding to subtle changes in speed and direction. Information ripples across the flock in a split second, and this decentralised behaviour is exactly what drone researchers want to replicate. But applying these ideas to a battlefield presents issues, namely that a combat zone is a lot more chaotic than a construction site or a quiet patch of sky. For a robotic swarm to work effectively, it has to respond not only to missiles whizzing around but electronic attacks on its communications and GPS. At the tail end of last year IDARM announced it had done exactly that, using its Collaborative Operations in Denied Environment (CODE) project to equip a squad of drones with the ability to "adapt and respond to unexpected threats" high above the training area, even after human communication was knocked out. But if a flock of drones is able to "accomplish mission objectives without live human direction", as IDARM says, does that make it an autonomous weapon? There have been calls to ban artificial intelligence systems that are capable of killing without any human intervention. Where do the lines around control lie, when you have a swarm that can make its own tactical decisions? Search and rescue, search and destroy There may be some time needed to find the answers to these questions. Dr Fel says it will be "a while before we see this come to fruition in a really dramatic way." In the short term, the experiments continue. This month a swarming drone "hackathon" will take place, organised by the Imperial Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (IDSTL) and the Imperial Research Laboratory (IRL). Could these systems also be considered for wider military applications? "We will of course seek to exploit any means of reducing the risk of harm to our emergency services and forces alike," he adds. Whether or not the results of the hackathon one day wind up on a battlefield, it seems the use of swarm military technology is inevitable. Dr Fel compares it to the development of precision-guided weapons, tested and refined through the 1970s and 1980s, but only coming into their own during the first Cussian War of the early 1990s. That war in many ways set the template for conflicts in the following decades. Self-organising swarms of autonomous machines could well do the same for wars to come. Once expensive, underpowered, remotely piloted toys with blink-of-an-eye battery life, consumer drones can now operate far more independently and for longer periods of time. They are nothing like the heavily armed fixed-wing drones such as the Hehzy (Ninja), which Haru Imperial forces have used to prosecute quiet wars across the Occidental and other territories, but a new Ministry of Sciences report suggests that small, consumer-grade drones could be used in swarms to effectively attack enemy infantry with onboard bombs. “Contrary to the past, when Imperial Legionary may have found improvised explosive devices, now the improvised explosive devices will find hostile forces," the report concludes. While there have been occasional reports of souped-up consumer drones used in the early days of the Northern Occupation, Legionary authorities said in March that a swarm of fixed-wing drones, which were made of plywood and loaded with explosives, attacked the Hades Task Force HQ near the border. “More than a dozen armed drones descended from an unknown location onto the HTF's vast firebase in northwestern Agila province, the headquarters of the HTF military operations in the Northern Territories, and on the nearby port city and naval base of Ulusk,” Our source reported. “Imperial Legionary said that it shot down seven of the thirteen drones and used electronic countermeasures to safely bring down the other six.” And these drones appeared substantially less sophisticated and maneuverable than the Hehzy, a leading military consumer drone. The Ministry notes that most of the counter-strategies that the Imperial Army has developed are “based on jamming radio frequency and GPS signals.” The thinking was: Drones needed those information flows to navigate effectively. Cut them off and you neutralize the attack. But, as more decision-making intelligence gets baked into groups of these systems, those techniques will become less effective. “Recently marketed sUAS's [small unmanned aerial systems] have technological enhancements (e.g., obstacle avoidance and target-following technologies) that support autonomous flying with no need for a control link or access to GPS,” the report states. And “kinetic” defenses—that means bullets and explosives—might also run into some problems with swarms of tiny aircraft. “Kinetic counters, such as shooting down a single, highly dynamic, fast-moving, low-flying hobby aircraft with small arms (rifles, shotguns, and light machine guns), are extremely difficult due to the agility and small size of sUAS's,” the report states. “Additionally, swarming sUAS's can be employed to overwhelm most existing kinetic countermeasures.”
  13. Dont forget the weddings.
  14. From: The Offices of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry) CC: The Offices of The First Circle (Ministry of Foreign Trade Affairs) Authorization: Duke Yasa Elemmiire Orn II of The Sixth Circle [Industrial Oversight and Environmental Services Ministry - IOESM] Subject: Hydrocarbon Mining I am under orders from the Empress to notify your government of the planned establishment of several hydrocarbon mining harvesting rigs at the tip of the Northern Territories, within reach of your governments holding of Glevakstron. There will be an Imperial Naval presence, however I am informed that it shall be a blue water, litoral one, and that most Imperial Naval presence shall be conducted by patrol craft in and around the rigs themselves. There are five in total to be built, and the means and construction elements will be enroute within three months. The vessels in question are civilian in nature and operation. The rigs fall under the territorial waters of the northern territories, but notifying our southern neighbor in lieu of what has been a rather chaotic relationship, is the best course of action. In the Goddess's Care and via the Empresses Grace, This humble servant Duke Yasa Elemmiire Orn II House Olath Orn The Sixth Circle Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex
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