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  1. Joint venture between HIA and government agency on developing system for collection and analysis of open source data Termed S.C.A.O.S.D. (system for collection and analysis of open source data), HIA and the Esbaneis Calinedo Canjelac (ECC - Imperium Security Services), have come together in a somewhat controversial moment to create a better way to track down potential hazards to the nation via an individual's digital footprint. “Today, one of the biggest challenges that intelligence officers around the world face every day is the information overload in open channels, how to monitor it and distill from it real intelligence to identify illegal activity,” says Huran Vek Elemmiire (HIA Chief Technology Officer & Director of Special Projects). “The solution we have developed, which is already being used by intelligence organizations and other customers around the world, is able to automatically and quickly examine huge amounts of information from the Internet, social networks and web applications, and to extract from it, actionable intelligence. The system is modular, open architecture and scalable and can be very simply adapted by clients to deal with the tasks they require.” S.C.A.O.S.D.'s Target Profiler System is an integrated, enterprise-grade intelligence and investigation-support solution, used to conduct business intelligence, and criminal and terror investigations for enterprise organizations, financial institutions and government agencies. The system has various configurable capabilities: Link analysis – identifying social connections, similar preferences and common groups between suspects at multiple levels. Sentiment analysis capabilities – analyzing the target’s posts and identifying feelings and word anomalies. Face analytics – identifying the target in multiple pictures captured by a profiling process, including characteristics such as age, race, emotion, whether the suspect is wearing lenses or glasses, and many other unique features. Identifying whether the suspect is already in the system, based on their picture, and indicating a confidence level. Indicating on a map the last location of a target, using data collected from social networks and websites. TimeLine – viewing and analyzing all target posts and social network activities, easily finding the most-liked post and all relations between targets according to likes, tagging and comments activity. HIA wins contract in support of guided-missile destroyer modernization Haruspex International Armaments and its subsidiary Haruspex Naval and Research Technologies HNRT, has been awarded a $53.7 million contract in support of guided-missile destroyer modernization, according to the Ministry of Naval Affairs. The Ministry of Naval Affairs announced on Monday an agreement provides that supplies delivered to continental Imperium locations at various Navy bases, shipyards, repair facilities and contractor facilities. The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Perya Division, is the Imperial Navy’s agent for the coordination and planning of all the engineering and technical support services for the Modernization Program. The Navy modernization program provides a full spectrum of technical support encompassing all phases of the alteration/installation process. The installation is accomplished in whole or in phases that minimize interruption in ship operating schedules while maximizing the capacity of type Commander and Naval Sea System Command agencies to upgrade and modernize hull, mechanical and electrical and electronic systems. The installation process consists of several phases, including advance planning, ship check, assessments, fabrication, prototype evaluation and installation, final design shipboard installation, testing and completion. Work is expected to be completed by April 2024.
  2. This is Andera Valk of the HNN and in front of the Cbayganc uv dra Vydranmyht (Speakers of the Fatherland), the Crown Prince, Heir to the Throne, Ji'mar Dolis Elemmiire is addressing the gathered councilors and City-State Lord's, and House representatives just days till the official funeral f his father, and former Emperor, Sa'Karn Renor Elemmiire. We go live, to the speech now being given; A common misconception has been summed up some under the influence of others impressions made by others during our time concerning 'The Decline of the Lands. Is it then really to be the end of our history and of our peoples? No! we cannot believe it. This age must be called, not the decline of the Realm, but the resurrection of the peoples of this fair land of ours! Only that which was old, decayed and evil perishes; and let it die! But new life will spring up. Faith can be found, if the will is there. Our leadership has the will, and faith is with the people.... So we have come together on this day to prove symbolically that we are more than a collection of individuals striving one against another, that none of us is too proud, none of us too high, none is too rich, and none too poor, to stand together before the face of the Lord and of the world in this indissoluble, sworn community. And this united nation, we have need of it. When was a leadership at any time faced with a heavier task than that which governs the Haru citizenry? What have we, compared with the wealth of other lands, the wealth of other kingdoms, the wealth of other peoples, with the possibilities of living that they possess? What have we? One thing only; we have our people. Either it is everything or it is nothing. On it alone can we count. On it alone can we build. Everything that we have created up to the present we owe solely to its goodness of heart, its capacity, its loyalty, its decency, its industry, its sense of order. And if I weigh all this in the balance, it seems to me to be more than all that the rest of the world can offer us. So this, I believe, can be our message to the other peoples on this first of May: 'You need have no fear that we want anything of you. We are proud enough to confess that we ourselves own that treasure, which you certainly could not give us - our people.' I could, as leader, think of no more glorious, no prouder task in this world than to serve this people. One might give me continents, but I would rather be the poorest citizen among this people. And with this people we must and shall succeed in achieving also the tasks that are still to come. What we want lies clear before us: not war and not strife. Just as we have established peace within our own people, so we want nothing else than peace with the world. For we all know that our great work can succeed only in a time of peace. But just as the leadership of the nation in the domestic sphere has never sacrificed its honor in its relations with the people, so it can never surrender the honor of the people in its dealings with the world. We know what we owe to the world. May the world come to understand what they can never deny to a proud people, and above all may they comprehend one thing: the Haru of today is not the Haru of yesterday - just as little as the Haru of yesterday was the Haru of today.
  3. Carrier strike groups take part in maritime exercise in the Ranke Sea. The Imperial Navy Command announced Today that Maritime forces Perya, consisting of the 4th Carrier Strike Group and the 2nd Carrier Strike Group are participating in a naval security exercise (NSE) in the Ranke Sea, over the next few days. The 4th Carrier Strike Group, composed of aircraft carrier HIN Tyfhc Mekrd (Dawn's Light), AA-class air defense destroyer HIN Creamt(Shield), and the Cfunt-class frigate Terath, along with the 2nd Carrier Strike Group, composed of the aircraft carrier HIN Osis, guided-missile cruiser HIN Najor, and guided-missile destroyer HIN Jawlein, are going to be conducting dissimilar aircraft training, a nighttime gun exercise (NGEX), and a photo exercise. “HIA/HAD aircraft sea versions operated by the Imperial Navy will conduct air-to-air combat and tanking (refueling) training,” said Cmdr. Yanith Zun, Carrier Air Wing Nine’s operation officer (CAG-Ops) embarked aboard the HIN Osis. “The HAD S39 Jeban (Viper) Fighters will performed touch-and-go procedures on the [Osis] flight deck.” The Imperial Navy has had an issue in the past with its territorial waters being the subject of breach by those within and beyond the Occidental Region. To combat this, the HIN will be conducting exercises in support of regional security and stability. The exercise concludes with a photo exercise, capturing the strength through unity that national navies have while operating. Fleet area of operations in support of naval operations to ensure maritime stability and security in the Occidental Region, connecting the Ranke Sea and strategic choke points near the edges of Haru territorial water claims.
  4. I'll be waiting until those who replied in this thread have made a post, and then if everyone is quite alright with it, I'll assume that your diplomats are within for the funeral etc. Of which your travel play and so on is more then appreciated and if you've any questions, dont hesitate to ask.
  5. ________________________________________________________________________________ HIA Information and Research Division News HIA Chief Procurement Officer & Director of the Armaments Research Systems Division, Jin Ka Me Sargtlin said HIA has successfully conducted a long-range precision strike missile test on 4 April. On Thursday, the advanced version of the LRPM-01/B missile system, called the "Ynnuf-B" (Pronounced: "AEnnoo-fe"), has been tested, with its missiles being capable of striking the target almost twice as long as those that are currently on armament of the HIL (Haru Imperial Legionary). The ARSD Officer reminded that last year, the mass production of the “Ynnuf-A” missile system was launched; the system was put on armament of the HIL (Haru Imperial Legionary), “its missiles hit the target precisely at a distance of 70 km”. “But our designers and manufacturers continued to work on the further improvement of missilery, and very important tests of the modernized “Ynnuf-B” system, with its new missiles striking at a distance of 130 km, have been carried out today”. According to Officer Sargtlin, the use of missiles for the destruction of targets at the maximum range, as well as the accuracy and efficiency of the target destruction was checked. “The missiles confirmed the specified characteristics, precisely destroying the targets at a distance of 120 and 130 kilometers”, – he said adding that the work of the new command system, the effectiveness of the navigation equipment, and the quality of the new missile fire control system were also checked. “Within the shortest time, we received a more powerful missile, and I want to emphasize that the work of our scientists and designers within the framework of the implementation of the missile program approved by the ARSD, continues systematically”, – the ARSD Officer noticed. He informed that in the near future, it is expected to complete the development of a new generation of missiles of this class, capable of striking targets at distances of 200 and more kilometers. Especially concerning ever frosty relations with southern neighbor The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium and Western neighbor The Grand Federal Imperium of Adaptus, the military and HIA are continually at work to keep the fatherland secure.
  6. Hello there! Welcome!
  7. I listen to a wide variety of music while making posts or updating my storefront etc. In the last week its been the following -
  8. Phone data really likes to be stabbed.
  9. Thats fine Tag. I shall be responding as best as I am able to each poster or will put up generalized posts giving a sense of what to expect etc, similar to what has just been posted a few minutes ago.
  10. Artificial sunlight streamed forth and into the somewhat large room, coinciding with an alarm that was piping from a screen upon the far right wall. Some forty stories high, the small circle shaped window seemed more as a port hole then anything else. The light turned red as it touched the tinted glass and bathed the interior in a sort of soft radiation red hue. Eyes blinked for a few seconds, then a slow yawn, before swinging his legs over the side and down. Sliding to his feet, the body in the mirror exposed to show the form of the individual in question. Crown Prince to be, Ji'mar. A slow stretch of arms, up and over his head, fingers interlocking behind as he twisted hips to the right and left. After a moment spent washing up and so forth, he returned to the room and to the closet to the left. A faint appraisal of what lay therein, and a momentary judge of articles of clothing. Which shall it be today he so wondered. Eventually he settled. Fashionable and utilitarian. Comfortable yet purposeful attire, a black suit, grey shirt, and a set of pips upon the right collar. Shoes to match the occasion, and a black watch of tempered steel as an accessory. Stepping forth from said room, once more greeted by the Imperial Royal Guard stationed on either side of the door. A polite nod given, and lo behold, one of them did move. A small prong like emblem on the green armband was the only difference between the others present as his eyes could see. " My Prince " The legionary began with. " Your transport is awaiting you upon pad ceti-3." A casual nod of acceptance given and he allowed himself to be led by the ranking legionary officer. Punch of key codes, the tone of sounds all but lost in the howling of engines as the door itself opened, moving in counter clockwise fashion, the metal unsealed. This was a reserved pad, all part of the royal family's service. The transport was an ungainly but reliable aircraft known as the HIA TR-02 Aykma (Eagle). This one had been geared for a more civilian approach but still retained its passenger armor and safety mechanics. It was his choice really, others before him had more ornate transports, but he believed that this was more suiting of his tastes. It also helped him maintain a connection with the military. A moment in thought as stepping through the now opened portal and down steps. The emblem upon the aircraft was beholden to the Seventh Circle. A sort of military command similar to the old Russian FSB. Complete with independent security forces, equipment and agendas all their own as handed down by those apart of the royal bloodline. As admiring the aircraft, a set of boots heralded the arrival of someone. Turning, it was as he expected slightly, someone he knew. " You've set the stage for the other nations to see us. " Garen spoke calmly as the figure of Ji'mar stood before him, flanked by Circle security officers, and the IRG legionary from earlier. Anyone else might be worried, but Garen's posture wasn't tense. The Prince's reply was also unstrained. " So it has been. " Ji'mar gave Garen a once over. " Guess you grew older when I wasn't looking ". He offered a playful smile before motioning for Garen to accompany him upon the transport, and once within and settled, continued. " We'll have time to talk for a moment, proceedings with the court made me curious, about what we shall do with our fate, the ideas of destiny and the future of the nation as we awaken once more. " Garen allowed a grin to surface before he spoke up once aboard. " I am curious to the responses the missive you sent out on behalf of the Third Circle, I bet our southern neighbor is having a fit of conniptions about now. " Light cock of head to the left and then towards the window presented. The city that never slept looked a bit different somehow. " Who has responded so far? " " A nation that the Third Circle and its diplomats have no knowledge of, other then they were recipients of an invitation. " Brief vibration and then the feeling of weightlessness as the VTOL hurtled down in a steep descent, away from the center of the city and towards the outskirts. An area of Anathan that was controlled by the royal family and by extension, the military, of which maintained a diversionary suburb on top of a hive of various offices and other sorts of areas. " A nation known as the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. " Garen nodded a bit. " There isnt much that the Seventh Circle has on them either, our intelligence corps are have woefully outdated dossiers on many of the nations in the area now. We'll have to fix that proper. " A security officer leaned over and whispered something to the Prince as Garen spoke. The VTOL transport leveled out some and came in on an approach towards the northwestern area of the massive Royal Ward. It would land slowly but surely upon a helipad ringed by a garden, with a singular path towards the beginning of the estate maintained by the staff of the royal palace. It was a bit of a walk away, curving about the exterior, passing a checkpoint and through a small tunnel that led to an open area, a place of mourning, sadness, and memories. The tomb-graves of all whom had passed in the royal line, so far as the court was so concerned. His mother and father alike, now joined in stone, in poses befitting them before death, and their headstones. His mother with a smile that even of stone carried a warmth to it, and his father's stern but wise gaze. He offered a slight bow of head to both of them. " Beloved Mother of mine, Honored Father of mine, I have begun to see your dream unfold. I pray that the gods are kind, and that you shall get to observe this land of ours from on high." A sombering gaze fell upon the stonework before he directed his worlds to Garen who stood nearby. " The nation desires the old ways with the passing of my father, before those whom come to stand at our side and sup with us at our tables, they shall stand by me as we give my father his rite of passage to the beyond." A pause. " Let them come to the fatherlands, and weep with us Garen." The intelligence officer, dabbler of diplomatic arts blinked at being directly named, told what to do. " As you say My Prince. I will direct the Third Circle to make preparations for the funeral, and to have foreigners within Prathen when it is time."
  11. The document would arrive in a sealed canister, with a wax emblem of the banner that flew within that of the Imperium. It would be carried to several different nations, arriving at diplomatic offices and so forth, getting to the people it would need to. Its appearance was that of an off white, nearly cream in colour. The tips were ebony, and seamless in the transition. The emblem of the Imperium's banner engraved with wax. Once said engraving was split, the canister would come apart in two neat pieces, and within was a bit of an ornate scroll. It was stylistically done in old script, as well as upon a style of parchment not seen in some time. Upon opening of the parchment, unrolling it, the words would come alive, with the scent of ink and the papyrus, mingling as one. By decree of the Crown Prince Ji'mar Be'la Kyorl, First of the Line to be Emperor, Fleetlord of House Kyorl and Rightful Heir to the Throne of the Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex, The following statement is thus made via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Emperor is dead. Sa'Karn Renor Elemmiire of House Renor Elemmiire, twenty-eighth ruler to sit upon the throne of the now Imperium, has passed peacefully into the beyond. The nation mourns the loss of this great man, this hero whom turned the dark shadow of war into itself, and thus defeated it. We whom nearly split the world apart, now stand united in our mourning for the passage of this individual. Our Lord sought to undo many of the damages that others before him had committed against the Occidental and those beyond. In these uncertain times, even as we hold fiercely to one another, another beacon of light emerges, and so to face against the times ahead, the nation embraces the First in Line Heir, to lead them from this dark moment in our history, to the those pages yet unwritten. And so in this moment, we extend the olive branch towards old counterparts and new associates beyond and within our realm of influence. Let our old comrades and those who wish to be counted amongst them, step once more within, to lay rest a dragon, and bear witness to the future of change that is happening within the Imperium.
  12. I am only directly referencing from a period of war in Europa concerning yourself and the late Beautancus way back when for SIC's benefit
  13. If you want to relive Tag's experience of getting those missionaries back in many boxes, sure.
  14. Sounds good to me. I'll be doing a work up over the week, should have something before the weekend.
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