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  1. Happy Birthday @Orioni!
  2. Happy Birthday O!

  3. Blizzard conditions continued to hammer the port city of Ulusk and surrounding areas late Thursday and into the early afternoon today, forcing the closure of many roadways to non-residents and shutting down a stretch of the main thoroughfare out of the port, connecting to the nearby firebases and legionary outposts. The Imperial National Weather Service reported a storm total of forty-nine centimeters of snow at the port city of Ulusk as of 6 a.m. Friday — with more on the way. Winds have gusted in excess of eighty kilometers per hour, causing some flooding near the shore of the port. Elsewhere in the coastal area of the Eastern territories of the Northern-Lands, anywhere from a dusting to several dozen centimeters of snow overnight caused difficult driving conditions on Friday morning. Snow will gradually end Sunday; the Weather Service said another twenty centimeters is possible in and around Ulusk. Military officials in Ulusk issued a no-travel advisory to foreign personnel and a caution to the refugees being placed upon rail transport to Chimera GTS. Following the advisement and deployment of cold weather legionary forces, conditions continued to deteriorate through the evening and overnight. Just before 9 p.m. Thursday, the military officials of the port city announced that it had “closed access to Imperial Point for non-residents. The Officers of Department B are checking identification before the Aerial Lift Bridge.” The restrictions remained are still in place as of 7:30 a.m. Friday. A flood warning is in effect for Ulusk through Sunday afternoon as strong east winds and high water levels are combining to create mammoth waves and a surge of water along the coastal shore and in the Ulusk harbor. The waves caused some street flooding in Canal Park. Snow vehicles were out in Ulusk overnight, but the no-travel advisory still remains in effect as of Friday morning. “Please stay home and shelter in place until further notice,” the military officials reported. Ttoile Conditions- Elsewhere in the Northern-Lands, winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories remain in effect until Sunday. There may be some light freezing rain mixed in with the light snow at times. While Ulusk and Hamaii may have seen some of the worst of the storm, there was difficult travel elsewhere in the occupied zones. To the west, the 7th legionary outpost reported Sunday morning that “travel in the vale lands is not advised. Unplowed roads have thirty to forty centimeters of snow. Plowed roads are filling back in quickly due to blowing snow. Stay where you are and give the crews time to clear the roads. If you have an emergency expect a significant delay.”
  4. The Port of Ulusk, within the Northern Territories will be hit with blizzards and gale-force winds this week, forecasters have said, as a powerful storm threatens to trigger more flooding in the region. High spring temperatures are today expected to give way to heavy snow and life-threatening conditions across a swath of the central Cussian lands. Yivan Vek, a meteorologist for the Imperial Weather Service (IWS), warned that the storm could cause widespread power outages and road closures. “This is potentially a life-threatening storm,” he told INN. “It’s slow moving. It won’t push farther east until Monday.” The storm has already sparked flood evacuations throughout the lowlands and caused flooding in and around Ulusk and the associated zones currently under occupation as well as those considered the frontier sectors. Some areas of the western reaches, such as the city-state of Ttoile, are likely to experience up to seventy-six centimeters of snow. The IWS said that the coming storm is likely to exacerbate flooding along the Janus River in areas where dozens of levees were breached during the fighting with the local warlord forces during the offensive to take Ttoile and what constitutes the Blue Zones. INN has learned that Task-Force Hades and the Imperial Army are deploying cold weather equipment and gear to legionnaires currently deployed to the north, as well as providing insulated protection for the evacuating Christian minorities, although they are secondary to the Cussian's who are now Imperial citizenry in need. Adding to the story, is the official positioning of the Imperial Army concerning observation and treatment of any individual during this time. Sengar D'isto Cuillen, a senior officer of the 77th Mzil Velven, addressed the forces and our journalists on hand within Ulusk, giving this advice to imperial legionary and regulars on deployment who may be within the storms grasp. "Move your body - Cold weather requires people to be proactive. If your fingers become cold, windmill your arms to force blood into the fingertips. Cold toes? Wiggle them or swing your legs. Shivering? Exercise a little. The point is to not allow cold to gain ground in your body. Observe the other people around you, looking beyond the obvious. We know what is wrong with the citizen who is shivering and twitching on the ground or has a white patch on his nose. The citizen who escapes our attention is the one who stands perfectly still with head drawn down between shoulders and arms hanging stiffly at their sides. They grumbles at tiny issues, mumbles when addressed, fumbles when handling simple things and stumbles when walking on easy ground. This citizen needs help now; but just as important, look for the symptoms of cold weather injury in yourself."
  5. If it comes with a diplomatic request, it will be approved.
  6. I've edited my conflict thread, to present ' Arhomanian Parabalanoi ' in every case I think I've mentioned 'red cross' instead. Further usage of the term shall be used to mean your medical service.
  7. Its a pretty cool application.
  8. Well, the faction that represents the First Princess will want to see an orderly and probably more humane approach to ridding the northern territories of the Christian minorities, thus they will be more amicable to evacuation forces then otherwise. At the moment, you've a grudgingly accepted presence, that could turn favorable should the FP faction win the day so to speak.
  9. Well if I had a saber rattling next door neighbor slash ally, it would be prudent to known about the royal family, especially if one had left during a time of calamity, concerning the Camberrian crisis that had occured. Also, if some of them started to go missing or conveniently dying off right before the collapse. Furthermore, she carries the last name of the previous Emperor, her right of succession has been denied by the usurper. Now as to why the TIN would care overall, is for any activity that could threaten the current state of said next door neighbor, the Northern territories, and or the Occident on the whole. Also its mostly because Kaorin views the Ahromanians as both a worthwhile ally and a needed presence. There had been a certain level of stability to the Imperium by maintaining cordial relations that have since gone off the rails so to speak. If the TIN are thus notified, and via them, those higher up in power are aware of it, then it will be less of a sudden impact for the effort being undertaken. Shocking the southern powerbase is not a goal the faction that Kaorin represents, desires.
  10. There are officers and others within the Imperium that are not enthused with the new direction that Emperor Ji'Mar is taking them. This will be a story concerning such, of which will have repercussions in several ongoing works, such as; The Dragon Takes Flight Cussian Humanitarian Coalition Since one of these stories is not mine, it is fair to offer a notice to its source @Iverica and to my active neighbor and resident of the Occident, @Tagmatium Rules Any sort of discussion or implementation of ideas to Blood & Honey, is best set to task here.
  11. Haruspex

    Blood & Honey

    The Plot to Overthrow an Emperor Prologue; Kaorin had already settled into the remains of a hotel, propped up with prefabricated building materials and so forth to at least look the part of a command center. In what remained of the humidor smoking and bar area, was still a bar of sorts. Imperial legionnaire officers and so forth could often times be found within it. Sometimes even drinking, but really the state of the North meant that even such an activity as that, could hold its own minefield. On this particular day, it was her, newly appointed Fleet-Lord and head of operations within Ulusk. Seated across the way, not more then a meter and a half, was that of the Prata Khan Ki'Mare, a high ranking officer of the HIL and commander of the Mzil Velven 77th Legion, also seated nearby was that of Admiral Kareth, serving the 4th Strike Fleet and at behest of his superior Vice-Lord Atamas Vek. Rounding out the high ranks were also many career legionnaire officers. Most were aware of their emperor's unhappiness with their views on the North, the Wurld in general and the lengths to which they had advised the Council of Nine, not the Royal Court, that a soft touch was needed. They in turn were dissatisfied with their emperor. Some of them called Ji'Mar a mediocre sovereign and complained that he spent too much time playing the people's fears and digging them into needless combative actions against the rest of the Wurld, instead of attending to his duties while the legions vast were being deployed into the Northern Territories. But, exercising humanity's capacity for rationalization, they had maintained their devotion to the emperor as an abstract ideal. So it was odd, that so many had come together to hatch a plot to overthrow the government, arrest and detain the entire cabinet and to move Ji'Mar to resign as Emperor, invoking the right of his sister and elder, who'd been found in Kaldana near the Camberrian coast, a colony of the Haru right before the Great Collapse, and of which only recently they had again, open communications with. The sister, First Princess Kira'Karn Elemmiire was that of a language scholar, intellectual, and an admirer of the anti-industrial ideas, and had become the nation's leading advocate of a strength through unity program and the expansion of the Haru culture. She had been a major proponent for the colonial found in what had been left of Camberria following a rather dirty war comprised of nuclear and biological weaponry. During the effects of the Great Collapse, Kaldana had lost its communications with the Homeland and had to survive on its own, the colony still stood, its people survivors, and Kira'Karn had become the leader of aforementioned colony, putting skills she learned in the Imperial Wards and growing up to good use. When communication had begun, it was kept from the Royals. This was something that the Council of Nine believed was in the best interest for Kira'Karn, Ji'Mar might be emperor now, but he was suspected of arranging the deaths of cousin and kin alike to make that ascent. Kaorin began slowly, after a drag upon her cigarette before allowing an exhale to wind about the space between them. " What I speak of, is grounds for treason to each and all. If they find out, not even our honored service will keep Department B from parading us about, putting us to the wall and pulling the trigger." She looked at those present, seeing a steel resolve forming, a faint splay of hands as a sign of giving up before continuing. " Well then, dont say I didnt warn you." Another drag before words slipped free. " In seven days time, the emperor will come to the North. He is to make a tour of Ttoile, where the resistance is nonexistent and where our forces rule supreme. Before he gets there, he will be crossing the mid-lands, where we do not have the strongest amount of control. He will be in an unmarked armored personnel carrier, with Department B escorts and the 7th Tagnik Zun as support." " What he does not know is that the 7th will bleed away during this, as the emperor has not done as he said he would for the House of Tagnik Zun, their Fleet-Lord Aria'Ki stands with us. As much as we can trust her to anyways." The gravelly smooth voice belonged to Admiral Kareth. He continued. " When this happens, we will ambush the convoy with members elements of the 77th and the 15th Legionnaires 'Renor Xukuth' Motor Rifle Regiment, which has sworn loyalty undying to Fleet-Lord Kaorin." " While my honored legionnaires.." Quipped Prata Khan Ki'Mare, head of the 77th." Secure the emperor, kill the Department B filth and transport him to a secure holding facility as the Admiral transports Kira'Karn to Chel'de Yorn. The Council of Nine upon alert of this, will lock down the royal court in Prathen, and the Houses loyal to the First Princess, newly named Empress of the Imperium, shall strike down the hardliners and royalists loyal to the emperor's faction." Kaorin exhaled some more of that greyish-blue smoke. " So ladies and gentlemen, that is the plan. Seven days to secure the true future of our homeland, and to stop madness from overtaking everything that we have built. Tomorrow, I shall send coded messages to the Ahromanian's @Tagmatium Rules through the TIN network, we are allies, and we must allow them knowledge. For better or for worse, we share this Occident."
  12. Prathen, K1/11/05 (Haru calendar is by era and year, K in this format is for the era Kyorl (2019), 1st year of the Emperors rule, followed by the month and the day. Big to small: year → month → day) Reporting from INN HQ within the capitol Broadly speaking, challenges to the Emperor's policies fall into three categories: statutory, in which critics claim the Emperor and the Royal Court directives encroach on laws already enacted by the Council of Nine; procedural, citing alleged shortcomings under the Royal Ministry Procedure Act; and constitutional, in which challengers invoke, for instance, the Eighth Accord, due process or even separation of powers doctrine. Obviously, the categories often overlap. In the travel ban litigation, for instance, the Supreme Tribunal Court considered the legality of the policy on both statutory and constitutional grounds. Challenges to the imperial government’s rescission of temporary protective status for displaced residents of disaster-struck countries and its overturning of the Sa'Karn era Deferred Action for Foreign Arrivals policy have been cited. So have cases by “sanctuary” jurisdictions seeking to block the Imperial Justice Department from cutting off access to services available. The litigation over the Emperors recent ban on Ahromanian @Tagmatium Rules observers and peacekeeper personnel outside of an official port of entry on the Northern border presents a trifecta of statutory, procedural and constitutional questions. The Imperial Diplomacy Affairs Ministry claim the new policy was not only adopted without the notice and comment required by the IDAM, but also in violation of the Immigration Act, implicating constitutional separation of powers concerns. According to its critics, the restrictions are just about as illegal as a policy can be. The Imperial Justice Department disagrees, of course. In its brief opposing the temporary restraining order sought by the IDAM, the imperial government argued that the IDAM’s notice-and-comment requirements do not apply when important national security interests are at stake and when a policy is inextricably tied to the Emperor's power over foreign affairs. House Lord Tigar Sargtlin of House Sargtlin, and a member of the Council of Nine, had his say on Monday. As you’ve probably heard, the House Lord granted the IDAM’s motion for a temporary restraining order, suspending enforcement of the new restrictions, and calling upon the rest of the Council of Nine to intervene in this moment of crisis. Given his array of choices, I was wondering which of the challengers’ rationales Tigar considered most persuasive. He expressed concerns about the imperial government’s dispensation with the IDAM’s notice-and-comment requirements, noting “serious questions” about the administration’s invocation of the good cause and foreign affairs exceptions to rulemaking procedures. “It cannot be the case that simply stating that something will have an effect makes that effect likely or even possible, particularly where there is no apparent logical connection between dispensing with notice and comment and achieving a foreign affairs goal,” the house lord wrote. But he ended up basing the text of the Immigration Act, not on the IDAM. The IA specifies that “any alien who is physically present in the Imperial Territories or who arrives in the Imperial Territories (whether or not at a designated port of arrival and including an alien who is brought to, after having been interdicted in international or domestic waters), irrespective of such alien’s status.” According to House Lord Tigar, the Royal Court Council and that of the Nine's intent is not at all ambiguous: “The failure to comply with entry requirements such as arriving at a designated port of entry should bear little, if any, weight in the process, especially as it concerns activities in the North.” So the Emperors administration’s rule barring refugees who cross the Northern border outside of ports of entry, the house lord said, cannot be reconciled with the statute itself. IJD contended that the rule doesn’t contradict the statute because the royal council, who has authority over such proceedings, can deem illegal entry an automatic bar. House Lord Tigar said that cannot be. “The argument strains credulity,” he wrote. “To say that one may be approved for something and then to be denied it in one fell swoop simply upon the whim of one individual, there simply is no reasonable way to harmonize the two.” The executive branch of the Nine and the Royals, he said, cannot by fiat adopt a policy that nullifies the imperial advisory's words without offending separation of powers principles. The Imperial Justice Department remains unbowed, asserting in a statement that House Lord Tigar misread the law. “As the Supreme Tribunal Court affirmed this summer, the Imperial Advisory of the Royal Court has given the Emperor broad authority to limit or even stop the entry of anyone into this country or associated territories when he so wishes to do so,” the statement said. “Further, discretionary benefit given by the executive branch only when legal conditions are met and a favorable exercise of discretion is warranted. It is lawful and appropriate that this discretionary benefit not be given to those who violate a lawful and tailored proclamation aimed at controlling immigration in the national interest. … We look forward to continuing to defend the executive branch’s legitimate and well-reasoned exercise of its authority to address the crisis at our Northern border.”
  13. To: The offices of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion From: The Council of the Nine, on behalf of the Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex Ally and Neighbor, In this emergence from our silence after the great collapse that shook this Eurth, from the death of our beloved Sa'Karn, Hero of the Reunification War, Visionary of the citizenry to look beyond our border, we take it upon the actions and ideals of him, to reconnect with our southern neighbor, The Greater Holy Empire of @Tagmatium Rules. The decree that the observers, both civil and military, has been recalled. We, the Council of Nine have stymied our current Lord's ill advised pursuit of this nature, that it would not do to sully our alliance with another great power of old. While we cannot press our forces to yield in the Northern Territories, perhaps we can better direct those of imperial rank within these lands. We are certain you are aware of the hardliners, so we the council will be taking a 'soft touch' approach into administering our own, more progressive commanders into the North, hopefully this will allow mediation, and an ease in moving so many across hundreds of kilometers in whichever fashion is used to expedite them. You may at your discretion, redirect any observer personnel, including the Red Cross back to the North, where they shall have the full rights as the other nations now involved. For those already there, the point of contact within the Haru Imperial Legions, will be that of Fleet-Lord Kaorin, who now operates out of the Port of Ulusk.
  14. While Dragon Takes Flight, and the refugee crisis is ongoing, I'll also be doing another side-story to both called Blood and Honey. Mostly about those within the Imperium, concerned about where its headed under current leadership, etc.

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