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  1. On a video screen, the figure of General Ti'Ran shown from his most recently constructed forward command point. The light from said screen helped to further illuminate an otherwise already lit area. A long square table, filled with other ranking officers, consul and the current monarch of the Sovereign Imperium. Aides had already handed out the missive from the Arhomaneia, an office of authority attached that fell into the foreign affairs ministry equivalency and more as much as the Imperium saw them. Ji'Mar had already read it, as had those gathered, the Imperium's top leaders, The Council of Nine. On his right, Lesser Prince Ajax Hur Elemmiire, head of The First Circle (Ministry of Foreign Trade Affairs), on the immediate left, newly promoted Fleet Lord Kaorin Renor Elemmiire head of The Second Circle (Military Command and Control). Further down, across from one another Vicelord Garen Thadias Orn of The Seventh Circle (ECC - Imperium Security Services), Vicelord Nize Kra'xuth of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry), Grand Admiral Tihun Xun of The Fifth Circle (Naval Command and Control), Aria Hallas Zun, Vicelord of House Tagnik Zun and Fourth Circle (Medical Technology Services Ministry) Consul, Baroness Beira Vek Elemmiire of House Vek Elemmiire head of The Fifth Circle (Social, Health and Population Services Ministry), Duke Yasa Elemmiire Orn II, of House Olath Orn, head of The Sixth Circle (Industrial Oversight and Environmental Services Ministry), and last but not least, Thei'de Kantra Velven, head of The Eighth Circle (Ministry of Religious Affairs and Applications). Ji'Mar began..My Lords and Ladies of the Council, we are on the precipice it would seem with our most honored ally. Things have been, let us say, less than stellar following the naval exercise in what we know as the Ranke Sea. Perhaps we should have smoothed things over, but that is in hindsight to their protest. He continued after a momentary pause. I believe that we must show the world that our Cussian brothers and sisters, will not be harmed under our occupation and then annexation. Beyond those already fighting of course. Now, you as the council, must offer consul as it were to the state of things, lets us begin. I have invited General Ti'Ran to this meeting, because he is our forward lead of the battlefield. My Lord Emperor.. A gravelly voice broke through first. Grand Admiral Tihun Xun became the first to share his opinion on the matter at hand. It would be wise to agree to some of these terms, although the religious request does seem like they are fishing. I would, if I were them, be worried over the river borne economy, and I say this to you my liege, that whatever we do in the north, not affect the trade. If they were to close river access, I think even my friend ..He put it tersely at that, towards that of Prince Hur Elemmiire. Would also share these sentiments that we not do this. It might adversely affect our southern neighbor a touch, but it would jeopardize the Imperium's trade significantly. He drew up both hands, and held them just under his chin. I would say, the first and the third articles of this letter, be the ones that we agree to. I concur my Emperor. Came the voice of the mostly artificial seeming Kantra, High Cleric as well of the most dominant religion within that of the Imperium. Our wise neighbor to the south, knows that we have little tolerance for those that pursue this Christianity ideology. He raise a right index finger adorned in a metal talon of some sort. If we offer humanitarian aid and transport to those who wish to be resettled within the lands of Arhomaneia, then that would be the best course of action. The Arhomaniki Red Cross is known to those of us in the Eighth Circle, if we were to allow them access to the refugee routes, deployment and delivering, it would better ease this period of transition. Furthermore, to ensure that it appeals to you my Liege, the Eighth Circle will consider this a moment of Holy Endeavor and cover the needs to do so. At the Eighth Circles command is social workers, templar, and transportation abilities. The word only need be given. Ji'Mar nodded a bit, and glanced towards the screen. And you General, what say you on the matter? Ti'Ran appeared to be in thought, agreeing to the cleric and the others before he spoke. My Emperor, assorted and gathered consul, this decision is heavy. So long as they are not peacekeepers, observers only, my command will allow them access, unfettered to the currently occupied areas. If they wish to ride into the combat zones, then so be it, perhaps the rebels will not shoot at an Arhomaneian observer vehicle. Those of you who have not spoken up, this means you've agreed to this? The now Emperor turned his attentions to the several house lords and others. A voice spoke up, belonging to Vicelord Nize Kra'xuth of The Third Circle (Social Services and Population Ministry). My Emperor, I am the acting voice for those that have not put their words to play, they abide by the agreements and so forth put so by their counterparts and shall abide by any ruling that you so deem to make from it. Ji'Mar offered a rueful shake of head, slow to crack the neck as he leaned backward into the simple chair that he had claimed. A slight pinch of fingers against the luxurious suit worn, as if to see if the silk really was such before he spoke.Very well, my decision is thus. We shall allow for the observers, the resettlement of these Christians to Arhomaneia, and at the Grand Admirals advice, we shall not threaten nor build up of anything past the normal in the main river thoroughbout. I expect river patrols to be maintained, keeping smuggling and piracy to our standard levels of near non-existence. Military deployment options will avoid our river link with Arhomaneia, and we shall take all measures to avoid this. He raised his right hand towards the screen. General, if they accept these terms, you will be notified of observers being deployed. Since they will more then likely have to come through the Imperium or via the sea, have you secured an Northern port? The General nodded somewhat. My Emperor, the forces of the 283rd Legionnaires 'Mzil Velven' Motor Rifle Regiment, 15th Legionnaires 'Renor Xukuth' Motor Rifle Regiment, and the 97th Sargtlin Armored Corps has seized the rail and commercial port of Ulusk near our border with the Cussian territories. Under the command of General Riksha Valk Sargtlin, the port has been occupied nearly from the start. The rail line is under protection, and leads towards our current deployment area. If the Arhomaneian observers wish to come via there, they may do so. A nod from the seated Emperor. Thank you General Ti'Ran, may your troops earn glory. The monitor faded as did the man, until the picture became black. Wordlessly, he looked over a small reply to be sent back. To: The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion From: The offices of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry), via Vicelord Nize Kra'xuth, on behalf of the Emperor of the Sovereign Imperium On behalf of the Emperor, The Council of the Nine and Military Officers in the field, the following has been authorized, Notice via the commanding officer of the Northern Occupation, General Ti'Ran of the Army Group Hades Taskforce. The rules of war are being applied. Enemy combatants as dictated by this law is being adhered to. Those who surrender, shall be redirected to holding facilities until such a time they can be dealt with. All prisoners and conditions will be available to observers and members of the Arhomaniki Red Cross Organization. The Sovereign Imperium will allow the following; Observers from Arhomaneia to both occupied and combat zones within the northern Cussian territory. The resettlement of Christian persons to Arhomaneia, and the usage of Arhomaniki Red Cross to offer any medical care that is not covered under the authority of the The Eighth Circle (Ministry of Religious Affairs and Applications)
  2. added another combat post for 'Dragon Takes Flight'

  3. Fire from the sky, It hunts us, Fell is their laughter, As our bodies burn, and our bones become black by their touch. Excerpt, Refugee's of Jethnea'la 73 Hours into the Assault of Hamai Prata-Khan De'Raz settled himself within the interior of the MCA-7H Main Battle Tank, that was a foreign design. Only veteran units utilized the MCA-7H which was working quite well in the Liberation of the Cussian Northern Occidental territories. At times he would spot an enemy tank, but such were rare. Most of the times it was that of an infantry fighting vehicle or some sort of armored personnel carrier of the insurgency forces. A rumbling thunder issued forth, and from beyond the earthen and concrete works of the defensive border of the commercial area around that of Haakon Bridge and the outskirts of the actual city of Hamai, into the outskirts and old townships that had sprung up after the walled city had filled up, came the armored fist of their Emperor. Treaded beasts lumbered as a spreading black wave, crushing vehicle and wall alike. The sensation of rise and fall was felt first in his stomach and then the rest of him as the tank drove over the smoldering wreckage of an AT-70 armored personnel carrier, falling about half way and pretty much halving it at that point. The metal flattening with a screeching sound, compacted into the pavement by the weight of their steel and chobham armored beast. The sound of anti-infantry weapon's barely registered within the cockpit of the beast, the roar of the main cannon firing a tremor easily forgotten about as buildings were knocked asunder. The futile anti-tank rocketry flicked aside as if but childrens toys. Hardly a scuff mark shown on their home and protector, numbered one-twelve on right and left turret sides. Deftness of it's operators shown as the vehicle spun about upon whirring treads, blazing a path through the occupied areas, death was theirs to deliver and deliver they did. Overhead, whirling rotor blades brought forth the gunships that tracked and dispensed the Emperor's justice where the panzers did not succeed. Running figures slain in mere seconds, gouging the earth in explosions of brown and grey while fire blossomed about. Swooshing sounds filled the air atop this deathly chorus, followed by the crumping sounds of exploding concrete, mortar, metal, glass, and so on. As panzer and gunship methodically cleared block by block, armored carrier dispensed the faceless hazmat suited shock-troops, the Imperial Templar Purifiers. They who could not be swayed, bought, or pleaded with. The foul, fell, language that carried the true Haru forth echoed forth as cleansing the land of resistance. Bullet surgeons, ceasing the last defiant pleas of the rebels before them. It is here that Khan Graer would emerge into the soot covered day. Templar squad spread out, cautiously moving forward into the urban jungle of the breached foreign city's urban and industrial sprawl. CBAR-01's positioned, flick of three fingers from upraised left arm sent a few of his unit forward. Providing cover fire from their underslung forty millimeter grenade launchers, phosphorus and high explosive rounds were lobbed with ka-thunk sounds echoing into a suspected spot. A wet crumping sound, bodies of soft clothed defenders sent twirling outwards, ragdolls to the whims of gravity. Screaming figures trying to shed their clothing as the phosphorus rounds had impacted amidst them, burning them alive only to die in withering hail of bullets. Each body given an additional round, just to be safe. Maybe just over two hundred meters away from where Graer was cautiously edging out into the urban sprawl, Pra'Non, First Ji of the Second Regiment of the 15th Legion Mzil Velven, had advanced with a contingent of Templars further into former Cussian territory, and was now hiding behind a low and often crumbling retaining wall that had protected a garden once. CBAR-01 clutched and a slight peek around the corner, allowing the display of the vision piece worn over left eye to gather findings. A hail of bullets from small arms and other weapons tore shrapnel from the wall and once pristine street. He gave the hand gestures to the rest of his squad, no more then ten to load the 40mm grenade rounds. Shouting towards the machine-gun nest setup during their distraction. As the rebel forces scrambled towards a better position while soldiers who had been advancing were caught in the bursting of that weapon, explosions of entrails and organs splashing against the streets and what once were the walls of buildings, Pra'Non and his men rose up and the " Thunk " sound echoed loudly. Grenades arced from their position into the now exposed lead element of the insurgency forces caught out in the open. The result terrible in its beauty. Limbs ripped free of their home, bodies tossed about like rag dolls and now retribution came. Pra'Non found the first survivor as they advanced, a rebel soldier of some sort missing portion of leg below the right knee. With eyes wide, withdrew the ceremonial blade, a weapon long associated with brutality as it was double edged and serrated wickedly. Raising it above his head with both hands, grip forming, the swift strike down rewarded with a splash of his enemy's blood across the bottom half of chin. A slow rise, looking at the corpse as his men did what was necessary. Bayonet thrusts to the living, while doing such. He hadnt seen the armor approaching, the jury rigged tanks that led ancient armored personnel carriers and so forth. Not until the rumble and that sort of look one takes when in a dream. Blade in hand, his rifle upon back there was nothing to be had but death, raising the blade, he screamed at the tank. The shout made the others turn or look up from sending their foes to the next plane of existence, where the next war would be fought between the souls of the ages past. The first of many shells struck home, knocking many backwards, cartwheeling into rubble when explosive might did not kill them outright. It only took a few seconds of massed firing, the first of many units of Templar to be annihilated by rebel armored cavalry breaking through, pushing their lines ever further into territory they once held earlier. Fists of the Emperor 1st Black August Royal Tank Legion House Olath Orn Sponsored Haakon Bridge Commercial Area An armor piercing high explosive round crumpled a section of the nearest building structure. Since the building was probably already weakened by artillery strikes, and not meant to be a hardened structure, it was easy prey for the S-94A Jelduno Main Battle Tank that crashed through another building. Mortar blocks, cement dust, and other debris trailed down the beast's form as gunfire rattled from the beast, cutting a red swath through the rebel forces that it encountered and or just laid down suppressive fire for good measure. Gout's into the flesh of the earth were made by the roars of the armored column, throwing plumes of smoke and a spray of dirt in the form of fine mist and clods. Augustinian Caedalus, Sengar d'isto of the 1st Black August Royal Tank Regiment, waited, guarding a position that held a canal and had been a defended position before his arrival. The rebels and the sympathizers of the area would be sure to send troops this way, and he was to defend against such. The rebels in the area were taking quite a beating, supposedly he might just find his own death, or so his commander had said. Promises, promises. Nestled within the cupola of the great beast, the S-94a, he watched the one sided battle of a rebel unit being picked off. A rakish grin formed as he saw an insurgent of some kind with a light machine gun get his head split open like a watermelon and an M80 firecracker going off. The concrete dust and shrapnel littered the area as the support gunner keeled over and twitched a bit from still active nerves. Yes, this was going smoothly. As long as they kept the spread out rebel infantry units from aiding their brethren, the purge of the enemy forces could be done in a methodical and precise fashion, allowing them to refocus their attention upon the advancing their forces northward to aid the forces advancing from the Haakon bridge position. A hand gesture to his junior ranked officers and the regiments engines rumbled to life. The horizon was an orange and red mix, it was dark in this morning, and yet the sky was beautiful in it's most horrific of ways. The light, that mixture that burned the heavens was from the war. The constant barrages, rockets, airstrikes, that were pounding the city of Hamai and it's surrounding areas made for a sort of surreal experience in his eyes. Hammers of the Emperor 107th Independent Air Defence Regiment Not to be outdone, the HAF sent it's aerocraft screaming forth from the firebases that were either already available or being constructed, jet streams carved swathes through the blue sky, followed at times by crumpled metal spinning out of control spouting flames and dark smoke towards the ground in ear shattering explosions from the impact. Advancing, Siet-Khan Ke'Bar was playing a deadly game of hide and seek with the insurgency ground forces and their deadly mobile anti-aircraft vehicles and so forth. Quickly pushed against the pedal with right foot while hand gripped the stick. Left hand against throttle control while Kenyet Altro adjusted the tracking and guidance system as the Mil-24E Hind thundered along, barely twenty meters above the ground. The 20mm Gatling cannon blazing spats of hate towards the enemy lines, assumed positions and like the tank regiment below, adding suppressive fire to the mix. Of course either side was trying to outflank the other. Ke'Bar's orders were clear though, drive the enemy soldiers to keep their heads down while the Army Group Hades forces advanced. Altro broke him from his daydreaming however with a panicked scream, he blinked and looked at the tracker. A solid pinging sound of a beep echoed throughout the cockpit. He had only moments to close his eyelids before the gunship exploded outwards. The victim of a ground based R4 SAM, that had been fired from the courtyard of an abandoned apartment building.
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, our special broadcast tonight is of our southern neighbor, known now since our return to the wider world as Arhomaneia. By whatever name our honorable friend, or our worthiest of foes so wishes to call themselves, so be it. We know this name now, let it be burned into the minds and hearts of all loyal citizenry. They crow to us now, about the decency of war, and the military activities, specifically if you will remember, when we covered the naval exercises in what we view as the Ranke Sea, and is known to them as Krankes Thalassa. Somewhere, they wish to rationalize this with their view of a deity and that such makes it their divine right, to call upon the Haru peoples, to denounce our livelihoods and our dreams of a greater future, to pad their own nest. I say, let them continue to crow. If they wish to embargo our trade rights, then perhaps we should show them our spears. Maybe running them throu... Citizenry, foreign residents and our audience abroad. We at Imperial News Nightly deeply apologize for our previous anchors responses. Following a removal of anchorman Fas'ri Vendal, senior correspondent, concerning inappropriate responses and opinions, INN shall take a non-political stance from this point on in handing out news and stories that concern our citizenry and our foreign audiences concerning life within the Imperium and its activities.
  5. For those wishing to participate and or react in the story concerning Haru expansion into the former Cussian (Beautancus) territory. Questions, comments, etc.
  6. Dragon Awakens RP post made. Maybe some newsfeed stuff later.

  7. Qee'lak Luth'ol HG-02/A Heavy Gunship Northern Border Deployment Zone The aerocraft that carried General Ti'Ran, and his personal bodyguard of Tagnik Zun, was none other then the fast support rotorless helio " Qee'lak Luth'ol ". A heavily armed gunship slash transport carrier used by every legion of the Haru military machine. Painted an off-white, it skimmed across mountain and flat ground alike, with it's navigator pinging out radar imagery so that the already deployed and crossing the border forces of Army Group Hades would see them on approach. It's crew of three saw the world in the deep green of the enhanced helmet vision cam. Scouring the way ahead, to the sides, and the rear for any sign of the out of the ordinary. Ti'Ran sat in the center of the aircraft while the rubber hazmat suited Tagnik Zun legionnaires, complete with HAIAR-1's clutched firmly, stood in a defensive formation. There were ten of these legionnaires, and that was more than enough for this. A pair of Wyrven all weather aerofighters had accompanied the transport up until the border would be in range. Giving their neighbor to the south pause, they would then move during the distraction and move to the Hamai provisional territories, having begun the siege of them already. The main goal would be to sever Hamai from the rest of the unified warlords though. Bombing around it would prevent the rebels and their supports/sympathizers from being able to flee. How best to do that though? Such would weigh heavily upon the tactical mind of Ti'Ran. There was much to loose as well as to gain. Fortune does favor the bold, but only if the bold can hold on. The lead pilot made a twirling motion with index finger and that was the signal for landing given to Ti'Ran. He offered a nod of head, even as eyes of light green kept a neutral front and lacked a certain amount of empathy. Ti'Ran kept an appearance that was simple, the attire a jet black pair of jackboots, leather belt and strap. Gloves covered hands and an officers cap rested atop head. Underneath was a silver shade of hair, cut down to the stubble. A tilt of head to the head of his security detachment, and a nod to accompany as the craft bounced softly upon landing. The Tagnik Zun formed up at the helio's rear and sides, facing outwards and without further words. With his security head at side, he was the first to disembark, the specialist troops following behind as he approached a saluting senior officer, Sengar d'isto Di'Ko of the AGH. General, we have at your orders, set up a forward command base near the outlying areas of the Hamai province just twenty minutes from here by vehicle. Awaiting your order of advancement is the 89th Light Armor Regiment, who at your order will proceed towards the Haakon bridge that extends into the light industrial area of Hamaii City. Following them will be the 211st Independent Engineer Battalion and the 283rd Legionnaires 'Mzil Velven' Motor Rifle Regiment. Our aerial reconnaissance shows it to be lightly defended by the rebels of the area, who have chosen to fortify further inwards more heavily. Di'Ko spoke as now walking beside General Ti'Ran, leading the way to an armored transport vehicle, mindful of the anti-aircraft fire that might spring up should a low flying transport get to close to the still held rebel areas. Ti'Ran looked wistfully at the border leading to the Haru lands before speaking towards Di'Ko. Issue the order to advance. 55 Hours into Cussian Border Deployment Northern Border-Haakon Bridge, Hamai City Siet Khan (roughly translated means something similar to 2nd Lt) Dabin climbed up the rungs of the AT-110 Infantry Fighting Vehicle towards it's cupola hatch. The command vehicle for the 89th Light Armor Regiment, serving the House Sargtlin and that of the Army Group Hades legionary task-force deployed to the former Cussian border. The vehicle was already loaded with a small complement of troops and crew as he slid into position behind the sloped gun shield. He was lanky in build, wisps of blonde hair cropped short against the scalp. Like most Haru he wore a rebreather, but not the goggles so many were accustomed to seeing them in. His uniform was specifically for this sort of environment, being a semi-tropical terrain, highly urbanised area. Red, black and light orange splashed together. Throat mic in place covered a rather wicked scar, a badge of honor from close combat nearly a year ago in the Occidental badlands. Just over the age of twenty-one, he was of the Vek Sargtlin, a commoner-military line that served the greater House Sargtlin. A slight turn about, as wearing the headset that was passed up to him and he raised his right arm. Behind the command IFV, and in front of it, were several dozen Rhidan LMV's, a popular lightly armored recon vehicle that could survive IED's and so forth. Essentially a Haru Humvee in spirit if not appearance and ability. Accompanying were another half dozen AT-110's, about the same S-12 Halftrack armored personnel carriers, and the hardest hitting of his entourage were a pair of Cbetan Light Tanks. Behind this, was the 8th Detachment of Heavy Armor. This consisted of ten S-94a Jelduno main battle tanks and four S-17 APALV'S. His orders were to provide offensive and defensive cover for the 211st Independent Engineer Battalion and the 283rd Legionnaires 'Mzil Velven' Motor Rifle Regiment in assessing and repairing the Haakon bridge as necessary, so as to ease crossing of forces into Hamai City for occupation. He waved his right arm and the engines came to life, reverberations in the air, followed by diesel fumes. Turning to forward, he lanced his arm out and the lead vehicles being the Rhidan LMV's motored forth, leaving the relative safety of the northern borderlands for the urban jungle ahead. 63 Hours into Assault Northern Border-Haakon Bridge, Hamai City The first sign of trouble came from a garbled and rushed communique from the lead element of the convoy. The explosion was seen soon after as the Rhidan came racing around a corner, only to be caught by the explosion that appeared to come from the ground up. Dabin ordered the convoy to spread apart as it was apparent that rebel artillery was in fact, in the area. As his herd of lightly armored vehicles began to spread out, rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine-gun fire from concealed positions in the houses, low buildings and even wreckage began to take its toll. The close quarters provided his enemy with plenty of cover and freedom of movement while he was not afforded such. His command vehicle was retreating from the main road to an alleyway, attempting to flank when he saw a following S-12 engulfed by flame. The men were screaming, falling out of the vehicle like burning match sticks and then the transport shattered apart as a secondary hit split it's sides. As he ducked inside of the cupola, the gunner of his command vehicle was already hammering the house with the thirty-millimeter cannon, incendiary rounds visible as the cannon thundered. Concrete and mortar splintered aside, and then it was impacting something else. Fifteen rounds or so in, and the enemy position shattered, it's concealment boiling with fire, smoke and charred remains of the enemy combatants within. Rebels spilled out of the positions nearby as the buildings became fire traps, and he was grimly aware of his satisfaction at eliminating them with the twelve point seven millimeter heavy machine-gun. The rounds stitched across the inhuman forms that twitched or spazzed across the road and grassy areas. For every kill the rebels might have earned, they were mercilessly being routed. The enemy as he relayed his report live and without consideration of say, profanities, that the enemy was poorly trained though determined. He reported that ten minutes into the combat,the enemy force already lost a sizable portion of their defensive positions and what makeshift technicals and or other 'armor' possessed, he was in the process of removing with ruthless and disciplined fire. An explosion echoed his report as dirt clumps, mortar, and rocks spanged off the side of the command vehicle. The thirty millimeter was barking more now, streaming deadly tungsten tipped rounds towards the enemy. An enemy infantry fighting vehicle new twenty years ago or so, died a glorious death, buckling and then exploding outwards, catching wayward rebels with hot pieces of shrapnel that carved through their flesh like a hot knife through butter. The remainder of the rebel forces fought, valiantly but ultimately without hope. One by one vehicles were destroyed, until the last, the lone rebel vehicle, a decades old tank sporting numerous jury rigged patches and 'reactive armor' already hit a few times, but still alive was bouncing it's way through a variety of buildings and positions. Treads clanking, it's maingun spewing fire as it's anti-personnel weaponry rattled time and time again. It's death was however quite spectacular, if more then overkill. While roving about, it was presenting a hard target for the HIL artillery and due to it's close nature to friendly infantry positions, said artillery was sporadic. Having closed the distance, the rebel tank had effectively crossed the gap between enemy fire suppression, but had found itself in the throes of the 89th's light armor and infantry units. As it trudged past a small two story building, an explosion rang out followed by the sound of metal flapping against metal and earth. A thermobaric rocket propelled grenade gone off and displaced the tracks on the old rebel tank. As the turret began to turn towards logical placement of the enemy, no less than a three more of the same type of rocket-propelled grenades struck the body of the tank from two different directions. It vanished in a hail of fire, the turret completely blown from the main body, landing some twenty feet away. The body itself cracked and split apart, throwing metal and fire in a three hundred sixty degree area.
  8. Just hours ago, Haru Imperial Legionary this evening repelled three big attacks by militants in the former Cussian territory of Hamaii province, the Ministry of Defence said. Legionary sources on the ground have been quoted as saying somewhere in the neighborhood of roughly five hundred Cussian militants, seven tanks, and about thirty pickups mounted with heavy machine guns had taken part an attempted attack on staging forces near and pushing past the northern border. The ministry said that Cussian militants based in Hamaii had also launched a missile attack on the forward operating AGH base of Hmey air base on Wednesday, but that their missiles were either shot down or did not reach their target. Activists and rebels say opposition fighters have been on the retreat of late, most recently a village on the edge of their stronghold in northwestern Beautancus. Naji al-Mustafa, a spokesman for armed factions, says the fighters lost control of Kfar on Wednesday in an overnight counteroffensive, as AGH forces officially crossed into the area and pressed an overwhelming presence. By morning, Haru Imperial Legionary forces had begun deploying occupational forces into the area, seizing locals for re-education and resettlement.
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  10. Army Group Hades (AGH) legionary, backed by regulars of the Haru Imperial Legionary, have begun launching missiles strikes against a position of Cussian rebels and militiamen loyal to the enclave of warlords that operate more or less with impunity out of the Kalupsis province. A military source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Hades legionary began the attack in the Jaribat area of the border township of Hamaii, after they had carried out aerial reconnaissance by an unmanned aerial vehicle. Later in the day, AGH Legionary fired a domestically-designed and –manufactured Zelzal-1 (Earthquake-1) ballistic missile at the outskirts of Hamaii after witnessing local forces in the area massing in the former Janus military base near the southwestern border nearest the AGH staging and eventual deployment grounds. There were no immediate reports about possible casualties or the extent of damage caused.Separately, Haru Aeroforce Wing fighter jets carried out three airstrikes against an area within the interior of Hamaii, near its once extensive railyards and transportation hubs.
  11. More civilians leave former northern rebel enclave of Ttoile as Imperial Army is authorized to be deployed. A small group of Cussian-wildland civilians left the rebel-held enclave of the western former capital of Ttoile on Sunday while the area's largest armed rebel group said it would resist the territorial expansion by the Haru. Capturing the enclave would mark one of the most significant victories for the forces of our newly crowned Emperor. The western region of the Cussian territory is larger and more populated, with some 400,000 people believed to be living there, trapped under a relentless pressure of the wildland tribal rebel groups that operate in the area of Kalupsis. The imperial military advances have apparently also increased the fear and confusion among residents and armed groups inside the territory. Local council member Iyad Asthas told our journalists who've advanced into the area ahead of the imperial army, said residents and local militia authorities are now considering evacuating the Ttoile before Army Group Hades arrives.
  12. The expansion is referred to here and here. and the role-play of the expansion is starting here
  13. Prologue Within the bowels of the Defense Ministry's command and control headquarters located within the ward of Kunya, of which is located in the city-state Chel de'Yorn near the northern border of Beautancus territories. Ttoile, the capital of the former Cussian territory known as Beautancus, lay just a few hundred kilometers away. Ttoile had been observed as being the last remnant of the old Cussian government, the last semblance of an actual city with infrastructure held over from the old days. The images of the city, and the surrounding landscape had been the subject of reconnaissance planes and photographing for a few weeks now. The Imperial Aerowings had done their duty, and in the haze of the smoke filled room from cigarettes and the like, something that individuals who were under great stress had been puffing away upon, held their eyes to the display monitors. Sheefs of intelligence, dossiers on the terrain and the pacification estimates, losses that might occur, what was acceptable, etc. With due diligence by the number crunchers, the expansion effort was being formulated even as the newly crowned Emperor gave a speech to the masses. Fleet Lord Yagar Ni'Vek was seated at the head of the table, appointed by the now emperor to serve as his left, while Kaorin became the right. He stubbed out his third or fourth cigarette into the waiting ashtray, cleared his throat and spoke. The preliminary reports have been made. As of now, myself and Vice Lord Kaorin, have been given authorization by the newly crowned Emperor, to proceed with our plans of expansion. He turned towards another senior officer, General Ti'Ran Elghinn, head of House Buki Elghinn. As doing so, a junior officer approached with a briefcase. It was chained to his right wrist and he set it down, opening after a combination was entered. Within it, a keycard rested and a type of machine to read it. Ti'Ran reached over, broke the keycard case and inserted the card. It required now the keycard of the senior most officer, of which was that of Ni'Vek. He gave his card to the handcuff bearing officer and it was slid within the machine, with both codes matching, thus the icon screens going green in hue. General Ti'Ran, began Ni'Vek. You are hereby authorized to begin mobilization of the following forces, for deployment and securing of the northern territories of the former Cussian lands. You will command, with your choice of officers, the army group Hades. The force that is authorized under your command is the entirity of the Hades Northern Border Force; o 1st Legionnaires 'Renor Xukuth' Motor Rifle Regiment, Hades o 15th Legionnaires 'Renor Xukuth' Motor Rifle Regiment, Hades o 283rd Legionnaires 'Mzil Velven' Motor Rifle Regiment, Hades o 1st Legion 'Olath Orn' Tank Regiment, Hades o 147th Legion 'Bel'la Kyorl' Artillery Regiment, Kovo(Border of Beautancus) o 1117th Air Defence Regiment, Kovo o 136th Independent Intelligence Battalion, Kovo o 1174th Independent Anti-Tank Battalion, Kovo o 211st Independent Engineer Battalion, Kovo o 614th Independent Chemical Battalion o 47th Independent Signal Battalion, Kovo o 190th Independent Maintenance Battalion, Hades o 1063rd Independent Supply Battalion, Hades o 370th Independent Medical Battalion, Hades * 51st Parachute Landing Regiment, Tula(2.5km east of Hades) *89th Light Armor Regiment, Tula * 137th Parachute Landing Regiment, Tula * 1182nd Artillery Regiment, Efremov(Secondary border deployment, 3.5km north of Hades) * 107th Independent Air Defence Regiment, Efremov * 322nd Independent Engineer Battalion, Efremov * 731st Independent Communications Battalion, Tula * 43rd Independent Repair Battalion, Tula * 110th Independent Transport Squadron, Tula Ni'Vek continued. You will begin immediate deployment of orders. You are tasked with mobilization and transport of your forces into the assigned battle and securement area. These orders are confirmed by the Defense Ministry and by the will of the Emperor. Ti'Ran leaned back in his seat a bit, and seemed to contemplate a good deal in his head before he spoke. As the Emperor wills, so shall I serve. I do however have some questions. One, my support I will assume is the Home Guard forces of the imperial legionary, of which I can only assume that Kaorin will deploy after my initial forces do so. Is this to prevent any other nation from perhaps attempting to cross into the Cussian territories while we are doing so? Also what of the Tagmatine? Will they stand idly by? They've been rather testy lately with the navy. A chuckle resounded about the table as the thought of their southern neighbor having a bit of a fit. Ni'Vek gestured and the group fell silent. They seem to be playing the long game with us, and they cannot effectively do anything other then issue a stern word perhaps. The Home Guard will indeed shore up your efforts, maintaining vigilance alongst the Cussian western border while your forces occupy Ttoile. Meanwhile the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Aerowings will also be deploying, with the navy landing units and forces alongst the eastern sea holdings of the Cussian wildlands. The aerowings I am told shall continue photography runs and if need be, supply and suppression missions. Ti'Ran nodded to all of this, before promptly sliding to a stand and giving Ni'Vek a salute. Very well Sir. Army Group Hades will begin immediate mobilization. I estimate based on force locations, the projections, estimated in my head sir, it shouldnt take more then two weeks to prepare for a border crossing and begin occupation of the capital within another two weeks time. Ni'Vek returned the salute. May you earn the glory of the battlefield General...
  14. Prathen, Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex — Ji'mar Be'la Kyorl, the designated dynastic heir of Sa'Karn " The Wise " Renor Elemmiire, walked alongside the hearse carrying the body of his father, and former emperor, through leaf covered downtown Prathen today, leading a nation wide funeral that provided early glimpses of who will be amongst the new powerbase of the country. Leading the funeral alongside and behind former crown prince, now named emperor, was a familiar mix of royal nobles, house lords, and high ranking military officers. The group included elderly stalwarts from the days of Sa'Karn and his father, the enigmatic, Hakon the Fourth. But younger officials who expanded their influence while playing crucial roles in grooming the son as Sa'Karn's successor were also represented. Most prominent were the two men whose names seldom fail to pop up when Imperium watchers try to dissect the palace intrigues in the capital, Prathen: Garen Thadias Orn, a long time close personal friend and leader of the Seventh Circle, a powerful ministry of information collection and dissemination services and Vicelord Kaorin Renor Elemmiire, who leads the Imperium's national service legionary's general staff. Emperor Ji'mark walked with one hand on the hearse and the other raised in salute. Neat rows of soldiers in ebony uniforms stood, crisply saluting, in front of the Royal mausoleum, where Sa'Karn's body had been lying in state since his death was announced on April 4th. When the funeral motorcade stopped before the soldiers at the start of a twenty-five-kilometer procession through Prathen, they gave a last salute and a military band played the national anthem to liven the spirits of those who came to give their goodbyes to our beloved ruler.
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