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  1. I will be waiting on further reactionary posts before making any blood and honey as well as news reports concerning this.
  2. That's fine with me mate, it actually works quite well for me anyways.
  3. Surgery was successful. A graft has been pressed to the tear (which is what a minor collapsed lung issue is apparently), and will help seal it with regular treatment via medication. I've been advised to take medical leave which shall also include minor physical therapy. So huzzah.
  4. I'm going to be absent for a bit. I've come down with a bit of a medical emergency, thought it was just the stress from work, maybe I pulled something, woke up last saturday in utter pain on just the right side of the body. Learned I've got a minor collapsed lung and an intrograde infection of possible pneumonia bacteria and or old leftover blood from a straddle embolism that I had in 2016. Sufficient to say, that I am on a lot of medication right now, and on Monday I have consultation about surgery, with it being done as soon as Wednesday. I will probably be trying to read all that I can, but my writing will suffer for it. I expect to be on medical leave for at least a month, of which, I will intermittently post when I am able.
  5. Updated second to last post in Dragon Takes Flight dealing with political activities of Blood & Honey, also added furthering post concerning such activities in second part of post.
  6. Hakon City Outskirts Outpost Monday Morning Central Vale Territory As told from the perspective of Field Commander, Sengar d'Isto Havaris, 1178th Para-Legion, House Vek Elemmiire, in a report to General Sagarth, second in command to Fleet-Lord Kaorin. Many Haru-Dakat veteran combat legionary tend to see our individual wars as isolated tapestries of unrelated and unconnected combat activities and events, tied together by often boring periods of non-combat. We might see most battles as one-off here-today and gone-tomorrow; an ambush, a booby trap, a mine, a short sharp contact, a mortar or rocket attack, searching a cave or fortified bunker, or attacking a position. But afterwards, some battles seemed clearly different, like part of something much bigger. The Northern Territories annexation is different. The attack on the North, wasn't as big or significant as many other battles before it, certainly it was not as hard as our war against the Cussian's thirty years ago, but for us who were there it was every bit as desperate. At the time it seemed isolated, later, when we could put it in perspective, it was clearly connected to other actions already going on. Our first taste of the North was in Ulusk, a commercial port located on the south eastern coast. The port itself was being held by Cussian rebel forces and whatever other security they possessed. 1178th's newly comprised regiment and the 131st Motorized Rifles, 50th Infantry Legion came under intense mortar and rocket fire, and what could be counted as about five cohorts of rebels counter-attacked us as we progressed, achieving penetration in two places. The men who fought off this assault were largely fresh arrivals who had come ashore on landing craft after we the Para-Legion had secured the port, and while they were no less brave than we Para's before them, they were unaccustomed to the ferocity of the attackers. Significant casualties were had, though they indeed held the line, forcing the rebels to their secondary lines. Ulusk is a commercial port, mostly for fishing vessels and cargo container ships on the Ranke Sea. It is located at the South Eastern most point and within good view of the mountains that rise up as one goes further inland sharply to the north and west, providing good cover for the rebels and others living in the area. Some four miles southwest of Ulusk along the top of a high bluff overlooking the Ranke Sea is the temporary firebase of LZ Uidmuug Buehd (Outlook Point) and home of the 131st Motorized Rifles, 1178th Para-Legion and the 50th Infantry Legion, of which comprises my current command. As you know, our outpost is responsible for military operations to come as well as a defensive point against rebel counter-assaults into the area. The central feature of LZ Uidmuug Buehd is the airstrip above the bluff that parallels the sea; the middle third of the runway actually runs uphill, making takeoff and landing interesting as attested by the wrecked aircraft accumulating along its southern end. Units are scattered on both sides of the landing strip with most valuable assets such as helicopter pads, ammunition dump and the PX east of the runway between it and and the bluff. Several colonial buildings dot the east edge of the runway apron and chopper pads at the top of the hill overlooking the bluff; they house the emergency aid station and outpost headquarters. Outside the main gate on the northwest of LZ Uidmuug Buehd and along the western perimeter is a huge cemetery, the scene of a major battle just before the LZ was completed and of recent, a favorite location for sapper attacks, snipers and, together with the beach under the bluffs, mortar and rocket fire that continually harasses the base atypically every day. We are in desperate need of armor however sir, rebel light armor has been spotted outside of our sector, and with our aircover limited as it is, we are vulnerable to an assault by such. I have issued orders to the legionary to make anti-tank weapons available on the defensive line but that wont hold them back forever. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- House Vlos Zun 177th Irregulars Regiment South Eastern Coastline-Commercial Port of Ulusk Siet Khan Nakem glanced about the corner to the right, then back to those behind him. Like the others present, the Vlos Zun were an offshoot tangent of the infamous Tagnik Zun. They were the irregulars of the 177th Regiment and excelled in urban combat. Infact, there are few regiments of their equal, and they are composed of veterans from nearly every foreign bit of fighting that the Sovereign Imperium has ever been in. From covert operations, to out and out action, the 177th has seen it all, done it all, and has the scars to prove it. Paired with the Mzil Velven 77th Para's, orders had been confirmed to secure and eliminate Department B headquarters within Ulusk, as well as the garrison of its forces in the area. Department B's Cbaleymewat Ehvyhdno Vunlac (D-SIF, 'specialized infantry forces'), commonly known as D-SIF by the other regiments and house services and generally frowned upon for its real lack of anything special. Also its loyalty was called into question several times by others, and a recent development with the former emperor. Nakem had been brought into the plan, his forces were needed in this effort, and above all else, he had respect for Kaorin and her command. With the authorization from his own house lord, so did he obey orders received. The only real odd man out however, were those observers and personnel of the foreign governments in Ulusk. The Mzil Velven regulars and Elemmiire assigned to them and or deployed in the area due to the cold weather, were enforcing the communication blackout and restricting access during the time of the purge. A hand gesture, indicating to spread out and move forward, newly issued HIA HBAS, a bullpup assault rifle. A slide of hand against the grooved grip alongst the barrel and before rushing across the muddy ground and bodies surrounded by the burning wrecks of emplacements, vehicles, and assorted other wreckage, that had been crewed by the black shirts of D-SIF's. Near immediately machine-gun fire stabbed at the broken ground, pursuing the nicknamed " Maskers ", for their full body hazmat NBC suits worn complete with headgear. The black kevlar and rubber attire designed for survivability on the battlefield. A low velocity 40mm grenade was the return fire, the solid thump sound as it left the barrel, and the krumping sound as it smashed through wood, tin, and apparently flesh as the enemy gunner splashed out from it's hiding spot. Slight tilt of head, and then wave of arm, evicting the previous tenants was a methodical operation. Sectors were swept, then rechecked, meticulously checking for leftovers, or huddled masses that had escaped the previous seekers. A muffled ummph escaped one of his own, the body jerking in rag doll fashion as a heavy machine-gun stitched numerous patterns into the soldier's form. A lightly armored vehicle bearing the mark of the D-SIF, had barrelled it's way down the bomb cratered road to make an appearance. A snow plow attached to the front to shove wrecks and whatever else out of the way. Slang tossed towards the vehicle, and it's disembarking occupants, now was not the time for proper etiquette concerning the enemy. They were proper threats, and the resulting weapons fire proved it. The soldier hit had been caught by the roving weapons fire of the suppression weapon on the vehicle, indeed said weapon had also sprayed what was left of the sandbagged positions and so on in it's path, so it couldn't be considered actual aiming. It could however be termed suppression and damned good at it. Proper aiming came in the way of a one sided lesson, with the response from the remaining 177th. Opponents targeted, split second decision process and snap shots from marksmen to the controlled burst fire from the automatics quickly put the vehicles semi-exposed gunner down and hard. The gunner while amongst the first, was followed by the driver splashed twice in the throat and once in the chest. A rocket-propelled grenade sent into the vehicle, adding shrapnel to the bodies that had just disembarked. Flash bangs tossed, and then they rushed, shutters over the goggles flicking open as they saw those forms with arms in disarray, staggering about as their ear drums bled. No mercy, no quarter. Quick kill shots taken, disposing of these would be enemies in rapid haste. Their comrade marked with an IR beacon for retrieval, Nakem took one last look about and then motioned for the rest to follow him into the becoming dense area that would lead to Ulusk's central district industrial area as helicopter and fan blade gunships thundered overhead, dispelling justice.
  7. This is Thol Draer, Imperium News Nightly, Tonight we look at the unsettling Northern Territories, and unsettling because apparently as its come to be known, Army Group Taskforce Hades, stationed in Ttoile, has not been able to establish contact with the Port of Ulusk. In fact, Imperial Army Command is quiet on the affair, including troop positioning and royal court movements. Speaking of the royal court, the Emperor has taken a leave of absence, and left the affairs of the nation currently to the Council of the Nine, of which has also while busy, also remained quiet concerning the military issues at hand. Attempting to gain information via AGT Hades has been met with silence, however unnamed sources have said that the high command of the AGT Hades has not been able to establish contact with either Fleet-Lord Kaorin, or even that of the Department B regiment that is also headquartered there. Furthering the conversation with our source, there have been unidentified military forces within Ulusk and several outposts under the command of Kaorin, the Fleet-Lord assigned command of Ulusk and northern operations of that zone by the Emperor himself. With foreigners present in the area, some think that perhaps the communications blackout is the first act of an invasion, while some theorize that perhaps those under the command of the Fleet-Lord are perhaps instigating a rebel action, and lastly, it could be an innocent response to the rather horrific weather ongoing currently in the Northern region. At this time we have little information and only speculation to go upon.
  8. As well as observations and so forth of events that are taking place during this effort as well.
  9. Excellent, excellent. (I in no way appeared to be doing a Palpatine while typing that.)
  10. Yes that is correct concerning the political ramifications of Ji'Mar's actions. A glorious start, and a terrible finish. One that will leave last repercussions upon the Haru citizenry. I would assume that the TIN would be kept updated, while there probably wasnt an observer at the checkpoint, the nature of forces moving oddly might be of concern, the flow of communications being dampened could also crop up as unusual, and of course activity in Ulusk and Ttoile being fairly odd as Department B legionary and officers are being either arrested or outright eliminated.
  11. Kaorin has command of the North, one of the last active orders given by Ji'Mar, since those whom serve her are the ones that killed him, news will be slow to hit the rest of the imperium, let alone royalist factions. With the council moving in the right direction, Kira'Karn can take the throne with any number of reasons given to the lack of Ji'Mar's presence. As to how he was seen, the old families of a few particular houses saw him as a way to extract revenge on the age old enemy, but were not seeing the bigger picture. There was and is tension between these old bloodlines and the newer lines and citizenry. The minor houses and those who've adapted see themselves as sharing a symbiotic relationship with the citizenry, where as Ji'Mar's supporters view themselves as above and beyond said citizenry. This has led to tensions as they are, and his choice of overruling senior military staff concerning the North has led to a ripple of disloyalty as it were through the rank and file, as well as those near the top. Coupled with the Imperium being focused upon in a vastly negative fashion by most of the world doesnt help matters. In terms of what might have been, Ji'Mar would have been sent to Secundus, a southern region that once held the mad empress Tsani, until either he could be executed or natural causes would have taken place.
  12. Haruspex

    Blood & Honey

    The convoy passed through the Northern Territories border outpost of Yasrek, twelve vehicles in all. Sandwiched in the middle of which rode one of the most important figures in all of the Imperium, the Emperor himself, Ji'Mar. Two aides, and several bodyguards of the Kyorl Imperial Royal Guard, personal soldiers of the Emperor's bloodline. All twelve vehicles were products of HIA, the legionary's primary armaments producer. Eight of the twelve were Vannad multi-role types, with two S-12 half tracks and two LAV-25 Jeban's leading and trailing. The man in question was currently paying attention to a notebook, scrolling through various reports and so forth as the scenery bled past, ever white. Snow and the foul weather had grounded most of the aero service, save for the specialist services, currently redirected towards Ttoile or Ulusk. He disliked this country already, this northern-land. Once it was occupied, it could be made more civilized, and oh how sweet it would taste, when the statues of Janus were destroyed. The victory over the Cussian threat, would finally be complete. Soon enough he could turn attentions inward, deal with the rabble of the council and the advisors of the court, removing that baggage would bring him one step closer to true power, a source he alone would command. A slight nod of head towards an aide, as noting that they were coming upon a checkpoint, perhaps bad weather had prompted one to be made. This was the mid-lands after all, any number of reasons could be made to such a posting. The guard communications identified the legionary banner as 15th Legionnaires 'Renor Xukuth' Motor Rifle Regiment. Something further about some poorly looking Mzil Velven attached to them. Ji'Mar leaned back a bit, Mzil, here? The only ones that might be would be the 53rd out of Chanya. A mobile AA regiment as he recalled, he leaned to the right and bade the bodyguard there find out whom it was at the post as the half-track he was aboard cleared the gate, rumbling into the center of the post. While waiting, he could tell as the vehicle stopped via the view screens that it was basically a firebase, kitted out for patrols and to bolster security in the area. What he could not see was the Q39 Nota'Man anti-tank vehicle parked just around the corner and out of sight of the convoy until it passed. As the lead LAV-25 motored on towards the other gate which was oddly closed thought the vehicle commander, the Q39 ratcheted loose a 105mm sabot round that ripped into the side of its cousin, the LAV-25 Jeban. The explosion deafening, shrapnel and fire sheering outwards. The trailing Vannad caught in the blast, spun to the right before rolling over. A furious salvo of rounds, small arms and man portable anti-vehicle weaponry caught the convoy in its sights. Security personnel and the KIRG were caught unawares and off-guard, were being cut down to the man as they rallied to protect the emperor. Ji'Mar felt the half-track surge forward and then lean unexpectedly to the right after a furious blow rattled the whole of the vehicle. His ears stun from the ringing and he staggered out of the chair he'd been within the converted transporter. The rear hatch clanged downwards, his security pushing forward became ragdolls as rounds tore into them. The scene before his eyes was that of a warzone, and inner rage became vocal as he watched his supposed guardians, the Tagnik Zun executing the remaining KIRG and other security. His aides lifeless, laying upon the ground, red splotches growing upon the back, their eyes upon him. As the violence slowly ended, amidst the smoke and ash of the convoy vehicles, he was left with the growing number of traitors showing up. How dare you, you filth, I will see that your lives are ended, you will never recover from this shame, not a one of you..I will han.. A legionnaire stepped forward and raised his pistol, as the emperor of the imperium was frothing at the mouth with eyes red like some sort of demon, the trigger squeezed. A single brilliant red hole appeared in the forehead of the once crowned emperor of the Haru. As the pistol lowered, so did the body of the emperor strike the ground as if a sack of potatoes. The echo of the firearm being fired once seemed to hang in the air, and the soldier in question turned and looked towards his subordinates. Its done. Send word. May the gods forgive us for this act. Port of Ulusk Fleet-Lord Kaorin had been dealing with some rather tedious field reports when her second in command burst into her office, nearly out of breath having run from the communication center. M'lord, the first act has been committed. However....Kaorin leaned back slowly. And? General Sagarth cleared his throat and then continued. The emperor was killed in the action. Shot by one of the infantry officers during the battle is what they have said. She sighed slightly, exasperated by the news before she spoke. Which means he was probably threatening them, and one of them took it upon themselves to execute him versus potential fallout. It was not unforseen my friend, still we must now be quick. Send a communique to the council, we must begin to move. Instruct Prata Khan Ki'Mare to arrest whom he can, otherwise he is permitted action against Department B here in Ulusk. Sagarth nodded, speaking rapidly as he did so. Pardon your leave, but that order I already gave. Ki'Mare should be moving his 77th against Department B's headquarters and I've given orders as per your suggestions, to commanders we can trust to deal with those that we cant here in the port, and all the way to Ttoile. I knew there was a reason I'd kept you around old friend. She offered a rakish grin and a slight right index finger waggle. We must either secure Ti'Ran and or eliminate him. Probably the latter, he is a confirmed supporter of the late emperor. Is your cold weather aero group ready? Sagarth nodded as he stood there, feeling all of the sixty years he had become, became rather heavy in the moment. Kaorin continued. Good, send them. With Ti'Ran out of the way, we can keep the royalists off balance since they will no longer have a viable commander in the north. She paused a moment, taking a moment to step out of her office as the legionary she commanded, the senior officers anyways were in attendance and awaiting command as Sagarth followed her. She made her way down the steps and came to rest before them. My comrades, a heavy burden falls to us, as it once did to my kin, the former emperor Sa'Karn. Now so to we must remove a poison from our beloved homeland. You the faithful of our people and our fatherland, we have already made the great sacrifice. She paused before continuing. The emperor is dead. Here in the north, he has fallen. Spread word to the legionary you command, we shall remove his taint from the fatherland, and welcome in the age of Kira'Karn, legimate daughter of Sa'Karn, First Princess, Empress of the Imperium. Sagarth spoke as he followed behind Kaorin. Know this, there is much to do. We who have sworn loyalty undying to Her, Fleet-Lord Kaorin must stand with, we must again be the shield and swords! To arms comrades, to arms I say! Go forth and rouse your regiments, for your future, rouse and rise, let us sweep away the filth and bring upon a new day! As if some sort of release triggered this action, man and woman alike sprung towards duties and arms alike. Flooding out of the command building and or sending communications that spanned the northern lands as well as the Imperium proper. Kaorin stood there with arms folded across chest as she spoke. You as ever have a way with words my old friend, I hope for our sake that we succeed. If we do not, it will be civil war. Sagarth reply; Truly, let us hope the council is quick to act upon this action.
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