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  1. Happy Birthday @Argenland
  2. In the week since the NTC’s pro-Ji'Mar separatists occupied Aden on March 22nd, they have built an extensive array of defenses around occupied towns and cities of the midlands. The rebel forces of the NTC, retreated from their many original stations around and including Ulusk. They have since burrowed into the civilian infrastructure and, more or less, vowed to use residents as human shields against a feared loyalist invasion. "Who lost the Fatherland?" has become the question on the lips of every proponent of the rebel project to establish and expand "Vnaa Myht," the once Haru-conquered lands of the Cussian region. Accusations of betrayal and cowardice leveled against the separatists have been met by counter-accusations that the Council of the Nine egged on a movement that the former emperor did not sufficiently support militarily and was done away with once having served a purpose. But the merry-go-round of recriminations is exposing interesting disclosures and hypotheses for what the Imperial Throne is now playing at in the Northern Territories. In the woods outside of Ailivka, a front-line town near Ulusk, a battle-worn unit of Haru legionary has hunkered down for a brief respite in the harsh winter. The troops live and fight sometimes only a few hundred yards across no-man's-land from their enemies, a combined force of pro-NTC separatists and Ji'Mar loyalist regulars. Some of the Legionary here have been fighting since the occupation originally started. They belong to the 122nd Mzil Velven Battalion. After nearly a year of constant combat and vigilance, the conflict of the North lands, has become more than a fight against the enemy. It's a daily battle against the deadly cold of the Northern Territories continental winter and a grinding fight to maintain morale as the troops are tested by a conflict with possibly no end in sight. "I'm not fighting for the Council," Ale'Xi, a soldier in his mid-30s, says from his front-line redoubt in the woods outside Ailivka. "I'm fighting for the people of Imperium." Soldiers' Suffering The white overcast sky seems to blend in with the open, snow-covered fields, which divide the loyalist troops from their enemies. It is painfully cold. The continental winter is frigid, with temperatures well below freezing at night. And there is a steady, biting wind, which easily cuts through layers of warm clothing. Uncovered fingers quickly go numb. Even under layers of fleece and down, this correspondent quickly begins to shiver. This winter is the third in a row in which Haru legionary and their combined NTC separatist foes are suffering the same brutal conditions that broke the most powerful armies in history past. The Loyalist legionary's forest redoubts offer little respite from the cold. A small prefabricated bunker marks the entrance to one such position in which a handful of troops are holed up. Here, the soldiers make coffee in tin cups over a gas burner. Knees bob up and down—an instinctual tick to keep warm—as the soldiers sit and chat. Food comes mostly from MRE's. The Tides of War "I get more nervous when it's quiet," Ale'Xi says. "I prefer when it's shooting. When the shooting stops, that's when things get scary for me." Ale'Xi fought at the second battle for the city of Hamaii in the winter of 2018, which was nothing compared to this years. The battle that winter was one of the worst of the occupation, pitting legionary against entrenched Cussian rebel forces in close-quarters battle. Now, nearly a year after the February 2019 pacification went into effect, the new war against the separatists has become a static battle fought from trenches and semi-fortified positions. On this day, March 29th, it is relatively calm on the front lines outside Ailivka. The distant rattle of machine gun fire occasionally drifts in through the woods. The staccato, metallic notes are softened by the layer of snow on the ground and the snowflakes lightly falling through the air. Yet the war is not over. It is only reduced in intensity by the cease-fire. The fighting picks up each night after international monitors have taken shelter. A small village just behind the contact line is reduced to charred and gutted ruins from artillery fire. The wasted structures underscore the intensity of the fighting, which has ebbed and flowed over this land in the last week, like an unending tide of war. International observers don't travel in the combat zone at night, which is when the brunt of the fighting takes place along the length of the front lines. The 122nd Battalion troops outside Ailivka claim they've never seen the observers during the day either. "There's no warm beds or restaurants here, so why would they bother with this place?" Ale'Xi says. The Contact Line To get to the loyalist positions outside Ailivka, you travel along a dirt road (barely identifiable under the snow), which precariously weaves through minefields. The soldiers in the vehicle point out a location where two of their comrades died due to a land mine. At the side of the road at the edge of a clearing, four lonely markers offer quiet testimony to the new war's toll. At regular intervals, you pass small groups of soldiers hunkered down in the woods. And every so often, you pass an armored fighting vehicle hidden under concealment. At one bend in the road, Ale'Xi, who is driving, presses the gas to accelerate. The ride becomes jarring as the 4x4 cuts over the terrain like a speedboat over choppy whitecaps. Ale'Xi apologizes for the acceleration but explains that a sniper was active on this section of the lines the day before and that it's safer to drive through this stretch as fast as possible. The loyalist positions are scattered and concealed within a tree line on the edge of a vast clearing. The opposite side is territory controlled by the NTC Ji'Mar regulars and its separatist supporters. The 122nd Battalion troops had previously holed up in positions inside of villages and towns along the contact line in this area. But their presence drew artillery fire on areas where Cussian civilians were still living. The troops say they shifted their positions into the woods to spare civilian casualties. Reasons to Fight Within the bunker, on a day as cold as this, a warm cup of coffee is an essential shot of life. There are several tables inside. At one table are a few younger soldiers. At another, opposite this correspondent, is veteran Olex'Vek. "In Hamaii, I learned that it's easy to start a war but hard to finish one," Olex'Vek says, speaking about his combat tour in Beautancus as a legionnaire in the 1990s. Today, Olex'Vek is a soldier in the 122nd Battalion. He has been serving since the summer of 2018, after being re-activated, and he has two sons in the imperial army. "I'm fighting for my family," he says. Olex'Vek has a gray handlebar moustache. He is solidly built and speaks energetically. "How could I sit here and do nothing when there is a call to arms?" he says. And, unlike in conflicts past, the enemy's humanity in this war is not dimmed by differences in culture, language and religion. "It's difficult to make war when the enemy speaks the same language and they have the same religion," Olex'Vek says. "But we have to fight this war. We have no choice. These traitorous dogs attacked our very core of whom we are, and we have to defend our fatherland from this disease before it spreads." The Enemy In this conflict, as in others throughout history, acceptance of the enemy's humanity has been eroded by the grind of combat and the stratified layers of hate that accumulate among soldiers as the list of friends killed or maimed grows. This winter, that fleeting concession to the enemy's shared humanity is a distant memory. On March 23rd, the attack came the night before Sudranc Pmaccehk (Mothers Blessing), a religious harvest holiday in both the Northern Territories and the Imperium. While this correspondent was on the front lines, combined NTC backed separatist forces launched their biggest offensive in so many days, near the township of Svitl. In the greatest single-day loss of life, twenty-two loyalist legionary died and a hundred-sixteen were wounded in the battle.
  3. Fighting in the Northern Territories escalated dramatically this month as separatist forces loyal to the now deceased former Emperor Ji'Mar seized the valley city of Aden from forces loyal to the newly crowned Empress. On March 23rd, Ji'Mar Loyalists founded the Northern Transitional Council, with the former Aden warlord-governor chosen to preside over the 26-seat council. The body immediately declared its intention to "create a Ji'Mar Loyalist State" - a reference to the former Emperor. The NTC wants to have authority over the territories they operate in, said Sama'a al-Hamdani, an independent Cussian analyst and former member of a rebel faction that maintained Aden up until the annexation by Haru military forces. However, while the intentions are rooted originally in non-violent fashions, the military operation in which it has begun could potentially mean its downfall, especially in the current political climate. al-Hamdani, who has accepted Haru Citizenry status within Ulusk, during the occupation process of Aden, immediately denounced the STC as legitimate. The wheels for the mid-land independence have already been set in motion, Hol'he Topham from the Ministry for Strategic Studies said. The NTC was behaving akin to what Topham called a government-in-waiting in the mid-lands with state-like characteristics and a would-be parliament, the Royalist National Assembly. Soon after the death of the Emperor became known, the coalition of royalists loyal seized the Mid-land Security Belt to secure territories in the North and to install their government in Aden. There are several smaller cities, Tasu, Ghalen, and Kamra within the mid-lands that have also been seized, and are being fortified while exterior forces are enroute to Ulusk to lay siege. At least three-hundred and eight people have been killed in three days of fighting, the majority of these have been Ji'Mar royalists with loyalist forces intercepting hostile forces before reaching Ulusk. Sikon Nasser, A lead officer of the Cussian-Haru 3rd regiment that has been formed under express orders of Fleet-Lord Kaorin had this to say. Whoever will control this cross-roads city,[Aden] will have the ability to transform the geopolitics of the entire region. Furthermore, the NTC is not the only group to claim the mantle of the mid-land independence cause, he added, referring to other rival separatist groups with ambitions of representation, mostly former warlords and so on. According to Nasser, about 25 other separatist groups exist in the eastern reaches and the mid-lands of the North.They are all for independence but have different visions on how to achieve that so in that sense are much more polarised, he said. And while the NTC is at the moment the most powerful of all the separatist groups, it doesn't have a vision for nation-building, he said. One significant point was that separatists advocate for secession, Nasser explained. The latter was taught throughout schools in the Imperium as carrying negative connotations akin to treachery and betrayal. But terminology aside, the struggle for [Northern] independence has gone through so many phases it has lost its purpose, even before the Haru showed up, and it means almost nothing that a royalist faction from the Imperium's own lands is attempting to do so here, Nasser said.
  4. Anywhere is fine, just by the generalized local please. Southern Beautancus Annexation, near border of MH on coast near beginning of Kataigides Sea: Ulusk Coastal MH-Land facing Ranke Sea: Perya Nal'Chek Asake Na'Kem Central Northern MH-Land placement: Chel de'Yorn Horus Osiris Western Border of Adaptus cities placement: Ninas Terath Hades Tver Harkon Komsomolsk-na-Amure Khurba Southern Border of Tagmatium, below Prathen placement: Taganrog Yaris Central West of Prathen placement: Ulan-Ude North-East of Prathen, Facing Tagmatium Border placement: Tambov Belaya Tiksi
  5. In the War in the West conflict thread by member @Wellsy, 12th post of the 3rd and final page, I set up a colonial holding upon the land of Zharr (NS Nation: Cabarria, he was playing his nation as two independent autonomous factions that were one nation overall) facing the Amnalos Sea (It looks like a little jutting boot at the northernmost edge of Cabarria's territory, with what looks like a small bay or some such to its left. Leading into current role-play mentioning here, I'd like to re-acquire this territory for continued role-play purposes as well as trade etc.
  6. From: The Offices of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry) Authorization: Duke Sias Hu'yan, Vilicus of The Third Circle Subject: Imperial Court News In her second address since ascending the chrysanthemum throne, Empress Kira'Karn pledged to stand by the people of the Imperium in responding to intensifying environmental and social challenges ranging from climate change to the military occupation of the Northern Territories. She has been quoted by the Imperial Royal News Service (IRNS) “In this rapidly changing society, I am contemplating measures in our official duties that would be complementary with such societal changes,” said the empress, during a Friday news conference with local dignitaries and house leaders of three coastal city-states. Together with Senior Councilor Jargo Vlos, she paid a visit soon after her initial address to the people, to the city-states of Perya and Asake to offer encouragement to people affected by deadly Typhoon Fehtnygan (Windraker) in mid-February. She said Friday that she plans to make another visit to Na'Kem. “I believe the imperial family bears a share of the responsibility” to address such challenges, she told reporters at her residence near the Imperial Palace. She pointed to the climate crisis as one of the main challenges the Imperium territories has faced in recent years. Climate change is said to have contributed to stronger typhoons and major floods in the coastal city-states over the past several years.
  7. By decree of the Empress Kira'Karn Vlos Elemmiire, First Daughter Sa'Karn the Wise, Matriarch of House Vlos Elemmiire and Lady of Battle of the Combined Houses, First Speaker of the Kaldana Colonial Hegemony, Rightful Princess and Claimant to the Throne of the Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex; This shall be where news of the imperial court, ministries of foreign relations and others are to be found concerning governmental law and or avenues of discussion between foreign parties. Council of the Nine edicts, and or other ministries shall also be represented here. This will be the further legal approach for any concerns of other nations for any activity being or planned by the Imperium.
  8. “I pledge hereby that I shall act according to the Scripts of Law, and fulfill my responsibility as the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people of the Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex, while always wishing for the happiness of the people and the peace of the Occident, turning my thoughts to the people and standing by them,” she said, underlining the emperor’s role within the country’s supreme law. Wearing imperial robes in a warm red hue — a color reserved in times past especially for those who sit upon the throne — Empress Kira'Karn sat on the canopied throne, which is decorated with lacquer and silver falcons and sits atop a square dais. Senior Councilor Kaorin Huat Jargo Vlos - Advocate of the Emperess, Zero Circle - [HIS - Haru Intelligence Services] offered congratulations in response to the empresses speech, saying, “We, the people, look up to Her Majesty the Empress as the symbol of the Imperium and the unity of its people, and, with a renewed spirit, will put our best efforts into creating an era where new culture will flourish as a peaceful, hopeful and proud, realizing a bright future and the people come together in beautiful harmony.” Initially, a parade had been planned for after the ceremony to allow the public to see the new empress, however security concerns and the strong winter conditions that are migrating south from the Northern Territories has made the Council of the Nine and associated government announce that they would reschedule the parade for some time in August, out of consideration for those affected by the overly strong conditions earlier in the month. In celebration of the new empresses enthronement, the government also granted pardons to some 550,000 people on Tuesday. Most of them are those who were found guilty and fined for minor infractions during the beginning of the Northern occupation. The amnesty is limited to removing a temporary prohibition on violators qualifying for national professional licenses and restoring their civil rights. The number of individuals is still considerably smaller than previous occasions when pardons were issued. When Emperor Sa'Karn conducted the Augustian Involvement Act in November 1970, some 2.5 million were pardoned. About 4,300 of those pardoned were those who had received penalties for election violations, leading to criticism that the pardons were political in intent. The shrinking number is said to reflect the government’s shift of focus from the rehabilitation of criminals to the consideration of victims. In a survey conducted by the Imperial Press news agency in September, some 54.2 percent of respondents were against the tradition of pardoning people, while about 20.5 percent were in favor. Those who weren’t sure amounted to 25.3 percent. The survey was based on interviews with 2,000 individuals, of which 62.3 percent provided valid responses.
  9. Haruspex

    Blood & Honey

    Central Imperial Ward Prathen Senior Councilor, Advocate of the Emperor, now Empress, Baroness Kaorin Huat Jargo Vlos, stood upon a dais, besides a young woman, tall and yet borne to bear a weight some might call to heavy for one individual alone. Her dark hair shoulder length, eyes of piercing sea-water green brought the vivid scenery to life. Before the podium, and stretching across the Dasbma uv dra Cih (Temple of the Sun), a parade ground that had been used since days of antiquity for all manners of state sponsored propaganda, to rise the fervor of the citizenry to towering heights days of yore. Looking upon those before her, stretching as far as her eyes could see, under banners that bespoke her ascension, lay what mattered the most. The citizenry, the masses that were hers to lead, to speak for, and to lead. Wearing a gown of red, an old Haru-Dakat custom of divinity, Kra’Karn Elemmiire stepped forth and outstretched both arms as she spoke into the waiting microphone. “ My people, my dearest people, we have come to a threshold. My brother, lost to us has he become. Driven to madness, the nightmare of his rule has come to an end. Yet, his followers remain, and so we find ourselves at the cusp of a precipice, a time nearing the dark ages of my Fathers time. When the blades of our families were sharpened against one another.” She stepped forward once more, allowing more of her to be seen. “ I implore those of you who followed my brother, to cease doing so in his memory. He would have drowned our beloved land in the blood of all. I know the passion in your heart of hearts, that you would think it dishonor to not avenge your lord, your emperor. Know this, I feel such a pain for you, that even as I ascend to lead our people back into the light, that I weep for your loss, and that he descended so far away from the guiding light of our hearts.” “ As Empress of the great territories belonging to the Haru-Dakat people, I say that we must cease our cruelty, we must become tolerant, and we must shed what was, to become something new. Our ways are still to be cherished and we will not lose them, but we cannot continue as we have. This wurld is new, and we remain rooted to a past that can no longer guide us.” Kaorin Vlos thus approached the podium and taking a microphone, spoke into it to the masses before. “ As of the Empress’s decree, the Department B and loyalist ministries and other factions have been arrested by those truly loyal to the Imperial Court. Furthermore, concerning the invasion of the Northern Territories, such military efforts will continue, with several key changes. The current refugees already being shipped to the Ahromanian @Tagmatium Rules territories, shall be shipped. All others will receive the option of citizenship under Imperial Rule, with compensation paid them. When the Northern Territories become an official Imperial Territory, those who’ve optioned for citizenship will also be given a recompensation permit in the form of colonist status if they opt to return to said territory.” Cleared her throat some. “ Those who choose not to stay, will then be directed towards the multi-national effort to remove them for elsewhere.” She flipped through what could only be several pages of documents. “ The theater of the Northern Offensive, shall continue under command of Fleet-Lord Vlos Elemmiire, and all military commanders will thus surrender authority to her and those of her general staff. Any faction of the military or ministry, especially those in the North that does not obey this command, will be termed a Ji’Mar loyalist and shall be arrested and otherwise removed from authority by force if necessary.” She arranged her papers and continued. “ We have in accordance with the Council of the Nine, begun the integration of the Empress as the divine ruling source, and as such, all legal routes have been taken. This is a new day for us all, let us do what is right, and not what fear inspires us to do.”
  10. Brought my other storefront to the region, mostly because there is a lack of its type here. And because I hope to eventually use the hydrocarbon role-play utilizing it, to raise positive relations with Tagmatium and others in or around the Occidental.

  11. Product Guide, Chapter 4: Freezer Technologies VCI Spiral Freezer This product sells for: $220,500.00 HCr Bulk Order (25): $5.51 Million HCr Product Guide Chapter 5: Modular Cleanroom Technologies Hardwall Modular T-Series Cleanrooms Single Unit Price: $200,000.00 HCr Bulk Order (25) Units: $5 Million HCr
  12. Product Guide, Chapter 3: Deposition Precursor Products within Elements Aluminium Products Trimethylaluminium — Al(CH3)3: Is the most widely used aluminium precursor in MOVPE. The epitaxial films for which it is suited include AlGaAs, InGaAlP, AlInGaN, AlAsSb,AlAs,AlN, and AlGaN. The following is also suitable for application of TMAl in the fabrication of materials such as MQW, Lasers, LED's, and VCSEL's. Prices 100 g: $193.50 HCr 2 kg: $3,870.00 HCr 5 kg: $9,665.00 HCr 10 kg: $19,300.00 HCr Dimethylaluminium hydride — (CH3)2AlH: Is a relatively new aluminum precursor. Among its appeals for industry are its high vapor pressure of 2 torr at room temperature, allowing for easy introduction into deposition systems, and its moderate deposition temperature of 535 K. It is composed of one aluminum atom with two methyl groups (CH3) and a single hydrogen bonded to it. Room temperature gas phase studies indicate that it is found in roughly equal parts dimers and trimers bonded by the aluminum atoms sharing the lone hydrogen atom. Prices 100 g: $213.50 HCr 2 kg: $4,270.00 HCr 5 kg: $10,650.00 HCr 10 kg: $21,300.00 HCr Diethylaluminium ethoxide — (C2H5)2Al(OC2H5): Designed for uses requiring non-aqueous solubility such as solar energy and water treatment applications. It is an organo-metallic reagent with the appearance of colorless clear liquid. Ethoxy diethyl aluminum is used primarily as a catalyst component in Ziegler-Natta type systems for olefin polymerizations. Prices 100 g: $253.00 HCr 2 kg: $5,060.00 HCr 5 kg: $12,650.00 HCr 10 kg: $25,000.00 HCr Antimony Products Tris(dimethylamino)antimony — Sb[N(CH3)2]3: Is a organo-metallic compound also developed for uses requiring non-aqueous solubility such as solar energy and water treatment applications. Also used in the III-V Compound Semiconductor industry for the deposition by MOCVD of InSb and GaSb based films. It is a moisture and light sensitive colorless liquid that reacts rapidly with water. Prices 100 g: $270.40 HCr 2 kg: $5,408.00 HCr 5 kg: $13,500.00 HCr 10 kg: $27,000.00 HCr Triethylantimony — Sb(C2H5)3: Is mainly used as a catalyst for organic synthesis. A prominent use however is as a compound in fire retardants found in many commercial and domestic products. Prices 100 g: $282.63 HCr 2 kg: $5,652.60 HCr 5 kg: $14,100.00 HCr 10 kg: $28,200.00 HCr Arensic Products Arsine — AsH3: This flammable, pyrophoric, and highly toxic gas is one of the simplest compounds of arsenic. Despite its lethality, it finds applications in the semiconductor industry and for the synthesis of organoarsenic compounds. Prices 100 g: $350.00 HCr 2 kg: $7,000.00 HCr 5 kg: $17,500.00 HCr 10 kg: $35,000.00 HCr
  13. Product Guide, Chapter 1: HPPC (High Purity Processed Chemicals) VCI provides a unique chemistry service translating application understanding into performance materials. Through an integrated approach from research and development, process development and scale-up to commercial-scale manufacturing, we innovate and manufacture chemicals to enable your current and future technology needs. Nitrogen Per 100 Cubic Feet: $1.45 HCr Helium Per 1000 Cubic Feet: $34.00 HCr Types (He) (He) 5.0 (He) 5.6 (He) 6.0 Acetic Acid Price Per Tonne: $200.00 HCr Ammonium Fluoride Price Per 45kg: $550.00 HCr Ammonium Hydroxide Price Per 200 Liters: $680.00 HCr Types » Ammonium Hydroxide, (1 + 9) Solution » Ammonium Hydroxide, 0.3 N Solution » Ammonium Hydroxide, 0.5 N Solution » Ammonium Hydroxide, 1% (1+99) Solution » Ammonium Hydroxide, 1.0 N Solution » Ammonium Hydroxide, 10% (w/v) NH3 Solution » Ammonium Hydroxide, 14% Solution as Ammonia » Ammonium Hydroxide, 15% (v/v) Solution » Ammonium Hydroxide, 2.0 N Solution » Ammonium Hydroxide, 25% (1+3) Solution » Ammonium Hydroxide, 26° Bé, Technical » Ammonium Hydroxide, 29%, Electronic Grade » Ammonium Hydroxide, 3% Solution » Ammonium Hydroxide, 3.0 N Solution » Ammonium Hydroxide, 5% (1+19) Solution » Ammonium Hydroxide, 5.0 N Solution » Ammonium Hydroxide, 6.0 N Solution » Ammonium Hydroxide, Reagent, ACS Hydrochloric Acid Price Per 4 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40372-72-3 WD-80 3-Mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane 4420-74-0 WD-81 3-Mercaptopropyltriethoxysilane 14814-09-6 Alkyloxy Silane & Crosslinking Agent WD-921 Methyl-trimethoxysilane 1185-55-3 WD-922 Methyl-triacethoxysilane 4253-34-3 WD-923 Methyltris(methylethylketoxime)silane 22984-54-9 WD-930 Trimethoxysilane 2487-90-3 WD-931 Tetramethoxysilane 681-84-5 WD-932 Tetraethoxysilane 1978-10-4 WD-22C Bis(1,2-methyldichlorosilyl)ethane 3353-69-3 WD-26C Bis(1,2-trichlorosilyl)ethane 2504-64-5 WD-22M Bis(1,2-methyldimethoxysilyl)ethane N/A WD-22E Bis(1,2-methyldiethoxysilyl)ethane N/A WD-26M Bis(1,2-trimethoxysilyl)ethane 18406-42-1 WD-26E Bis(1,2-triethoxysilyl)ethane 16068-37-4
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