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  1. Kira'Karn Elemmiire Empress of the Haru-Dakat Territories Head of Government concerning Imperium Affairs Autokrator of Kaldana Matriarch of House Karn Elemmiire Early life The offspring of Sa'Karn Elemmiire and Saya Vek Elemmiire, Kira'Karn Elemmiire was boren in 1987. was first involved in student radicalism, dabbled in the fringe educational groups, and finally graduated to a unique perspective of the classist system within the Imperium. She was trained at an early age as a ballerina at an exclusive facility run by the Imperial Court. She is full of contradiction
  2. Understandable, and we wish you well, and hope to see you return.
  3. Imperial Agriculture and Research Ministry announced that researchers from Division 4, were to credit for the development of a trait that helps growers make the most of their available water. The Agrisure® trait helps corn flourish at the Imperial Advanced Agricultures Science Facility (IAASF-P), Prathen. Scientists continue to identify new Agrisure genes that offer growers a practical option to meet water challenges. The number one factor affecting crop growth and development is weather, according to Thar'ak Vek, Ph.D., professor of plant physiology at University of Agriculture Stud
  4. First Empress Valeria Hallas Elemmiire Patron Saint of Law Duchess of House Elemmiire (Main Bloodline) Valeria Hallas Elemmiire (born Nov 11, 302. Dod 352.) was the daughter of Emperor Hakon and his consort Galeria Hallas Grail. The first Empress, directly succeeding her father after his resignation and then death shortly after, took the reigns of the growing empire and proceeded to expand its rule. She is known for the creation and reformation of the justice system that would continue on into the later versions of the Imperial system. Valeria is remembered for the work
  5. Fits and starts Several earlier launch attempts by the Ministry of Space Exploration and Research (MSER) appeared to fail despite the claims otherwise, according to its opponents within the royal court. The rocket technology involves HIA missile designs. The first launch attempt involved a two-stage rocket named Yspyccytun (Pronounced: "AE-see-peae-ku-kuae-teoon" - Ambassador), with a dummy satellite, Aug. 17, 2008. The rocket failed shortly after liftoff, according to observing analysts from House Yasri Velven, a noted minor house that is firmly entrenched in the study of space and
  6. Welcome from the otherside of Eurth.
  7. Recent financial developments; HIC&I (Haruspex International Communications and Internet) has bought iCALL's telecommunications assets in Kaldana and the Northern Territories, both companies announced in a joint statement Monday. "By the end of the year, all iCall cellular customers will be completely serviced by HIC&I. iCALL will discontinue cellular operations, including store and website operations," iCALL stated in an email to customers. The acquisition leaves Kaldana and the Northern Territories with the three main telecom competitors – HIC&I, Katai Internationa
  8. Emperors and Empresses A series that shall run concurrent to that of the councilors The First Emperor Hakon Fremar Elemmiire I Orchestrator of the First Imperial Empire Duke of House Elemmiire (Main Bloodline) Hakon Fremar Elemmiire I (born 02 December c. 244 – 3 December 316) was the first Haru emperor from 268 to 312. Born to a family of low status in lma'tia, which would become a suburb of modern day Ninas'Terath, Fremar is actually a Haru-Daket word of old that means, Farmer. Hakon rose through the ranks of the military to become a cavalry commander in the army of H
  9. The first one is probably for the best, wouldnt want our southern tea drinkers to complain more than they usually do, although I do rather fancy the second one.
  10. As I am more north than Tag, I am still experiencing the siberian climate-esque? I would prefer to keep this.
  11. Welcome brave traveller. Hope to see you in and around Eurth.
  12. Biopic of Council Leaders Series to be started In Depth look at the future leaderscape of the Haru-Dakat civilian government party and councilors that maintain the Imperium as advisory to the Imperial Authority of whomever sits upon the throne. Kaorin Huat Jargo Vlos Senior Councilor Advocate of the Empress Member of Zero Circle Fleet Lord of the [HIS - Haru Intelligence Services] Baroness of House Jargo'Vlos Early life Kaorin was born in Sieguren (29 November 1971), near Halis, a vast suburb within the northern most part of the city-state Horus. At the time, Sie
  13. Happy Birthday @Metztlitlaca
  14. HIA under authorization from General Kommersant of the Imperial Defense Ministry plans to deploy three LMS-07 batteries on the border with Tagmatium and two with the former territory of Adaptus. HIA will reportedly send one LMS-07 battery per year, with all five expected to reach full service with the HIL by 2024. “The disbalance with Tagmatium and neighboring countries will be eliminated after the LMS-07's assume the main role of protecting Haru airspace,” the sources were quoted as saying. “The LMS-07's will act as a deterrent against any flyovers that do not constitute civilian traffic
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