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  1. Official Name: The Free Land of Fallen Stars Capital City:Apollonia Government type: Parliamentary Democracy Number of Legislative Branches: 2, Parliament (500) and Senate (500) Federalist or Unitary: Unitary System Formal Head of State: The President Political Head of State: The Prime Minister Official Language: None (Documents are in English for semplicity) Official Religion: None (There is plenty of people arriving from different part of the world) Population: 9 million Separation of Powers: There is a fine separation of Powers and there is impossible to became member of Parliament or Senate if you have other economically important activities.
  2. Uhmmm.... I found the game room! And I think the description goes to wiki Wrong?? Fallen Stars
  3. Thanks for your welcome! But what do you mean for games? Where can I find this games? I read something in the encyclopedia roleplay but I don't understand where to put the description of my nations.... I know this are noob questions but I will ask help just to start then I hope I can orientate by myself. Fallen Stars!
  4. I am one of the last added to Europa. This is my first Nation and I will be very glad to everyone who can help me with any hint about first moves to do! You can write to me in English, Italian or Albanian depending on which is more confortable for you. Fallen Stars
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