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  1. http://www.smbc-comics.com/index.php?db=comics&id=704#comic
  2. And probably renovations. If you have a statue about 4000 years old for something real important you don't wanna let it crumble away.
  3. Alright Cyp, I can't seem to find you on the map and was wondering where I should put my plot so we don't create a time paradox with the war.
  4. "Rockets!" screamed a soldier cuasing everyone to jump onto the ground. Tank crews desperately tried to escape a firey hellish death but to no avail as the rockets pierced through the thin rear armor of their tanks cuasing an explosion. Yorzak looked behind him. Most of 2nd squad had been killed in the blasts. He made a hand signal to those still alive to go scout out the area behind them. The Kan troops were essentially firing blind at an enemy they couldn't see. Yorzak looked to his left to a radio man, "Coporal, get on the radio we need air support!" The soldier took a large radio pack off his back and set it down and began to fool with it. Yorzak unholstered his PP90M1 and rushed into the brush with the remnants of second squad, which was only three men now. They ran into the tall crops of wheat where the rockets had came from. With weapons ready.
  5. OOC: All except the city in ruins and the bodies. Why waste a city we just payed for? Sure stuff might've been shot from the few Cyp's going "Screw you guys" but not in ruins. A ping is head as a bullet richochets off the side of Red Glory, the tank behind the lead. A soldier drops off the side and the entire column stops. The troops all scramble on the side of the tanks opposite the fire. The tanks move out of their V formation and form a diagonal line along the road and begin to fire randomly in the direction the shot came from. One of the soldiers drags his fallen comrade behind the tank. Yorzak looks to the men hiding next to the tank behind him. "Is he gonna make it cormades?" Yorzak screams back to them over the loud tank guns. They just look back at him and nod no. "Alright then..." Yorzak whispers to himself, "Alexei, take first squad and move up into that brush. Yuri, take command of second squad and give first squad some cover." With that about tweleve men rush into the nearby shrubs firing as they run to supress anyone hiding in there. Another group stands up ontop of the tanks using the turrets as cover putting down some more fire.
  6. The solider next to Yorzak perks up aiming his AK-74 into some bush in the distance. "I swear I just saw something over there..." The soldier on the otherside of him slaps him on the back of his helmet. "Nothin's goin on Clavit, your just spooked. The soliders on the other tanks begin to look at him holding onto their weapons just incase if he actually did see something. Only a few are on their toes and ready to shoot back should something happen. Yet most don't know where an ambush would come from.
  7. (OOC: Blargh sorry it's taken so long for me to reply.) To: Elliot Baumer From: Governor Krylov Subject: RE: An offer of you soldiers life Well as a rogue general you should know that when your government sold me the city they sold me everything in it with very few exceptions. Compared to us your army is small, and far inferior to ours in every way. We have superior numbers, fire power, and technology. Even a government that will support our actions unlike your cowardly government that hides behind money and sells off his own people so he can have peace. A peace you just broke by the way, a simple offering of water and land was all we needed and now you've doomed your people. Hopefully you can live with the guilt. New Danzig outskirts, May 2nd 1983 Tanks roared down the streets breaking the normal peace of the outlying farmland of New Danzig. At the lead of the battlion was a younger Colonel Yorzak. A bit of an unconventional army leader he prefered to ride on the side of his tank with the cannon fodder who probably would come home in a body bag to raise spirits. He looked to the Kan soldier next to him toying with his rifle. The soldier had a grim look on his face as if he was doubting his actions and he had a feeling he would die. Yorzak patted him on the back. "Relax comrade, I bet we'll take another city without firing a shot."
  8. May 1st 1983 BREAKING NEWS Cypricean troops attack Kan supply depo! Earlier today at 1:30PM Cypricean troops were cuaght by a surveilance camera shooting at Kan troops stationed at New Danzig's local military encampment. The Cypriceans didn't even try to conceal their identities storming the base in standard Cypricean military uniform. Inside the base were rations to be given out and distributed to the populace, obviously an attack on the people of Kanslavia itself. Governor Krylov, having the best intrest of the populace at mind has decided to move another armored column into Cypriceos. Had it not been for the elite Soviets to come in and quell the situation the Kan guards stationed there would've have never prevailed. It is reported 12 guards were killed all of Kan descent. The Russians are reported to be given medals for their acts. In other news the New Danzig purchase has boosted the Soviet economy the value of the ruble now at....(more news stuff, importantness ends here) (OOC: It was staged. I wanted to do a scene with Krylov planning it and giving reasons but didn't have time to type.)
  9. Ahhhh but that's Ragnarok RAGNAROK I guess the battle will end like thermopalaye did in "300" This is blasphemy! This is madness!
  10. You mean the part that touches 124 or the part that's seperated by the bay-ish river thing? If so I get to take it over :3
  11. To: Chancellor David Schulz From: Governor Viktor Krylov Subject: RE: What's going on? I see you value the lives of your people making such a genrous offer. We will accept the offer but we would like to put security inspectors in your nation to make sure we don't have another 'mishap' with your people aiding the rebel in the street. April 4, 1983; New Danzig The tanks stop in the streets and begin to round up everyone and put them indoors to avoid any 'uneeded casualites'. The same secretary from the governor's bunker pops out of the lead tank still in the same formal attire.
  12. Plot 125 Country: Kanslavia Flag: <---- see avatar Danke.
  13. Basically three word story is a forum game from the days of old. The first poster would make a post using only three words the next poster would do the same. This would go on until the people got bored or the story was deemed finished. The story doesn't even have to make sense. And example would be First poster: Once upon a Second poster: silky smooth pillow Thrid poster: there was a Fourth poster: donkey who was Fifth Poster: from space. The And so on. See how it works? Alright then let's begin: There once was
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