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  1. OOC: I will make this a little short, I'm tired Haraldur Pall helped lead the rebellion in Volos from the front line. Leading a platoon personally, he and his men were the ones to capture the state Capitol Building downtown. Now that the government forces had been completely rooted out or forced into hiding, the Confederation's help with tanks, guns, uniforms and food were flowing into Volos with great speed. Pall considered the next move the rebels should take. This point in the revolution would be just as critical as the first overthrow in the city. Should they start moving out into the country-side where they would be without good defenses but away from civilians? Or should they stay in the city where they had the advantage while putting the unarmed people at danger? Pall's lieutenants had been telling him that the Confederation supplies were coming in fast enough to make an advance north possible by tommorrow. But he had no doubt the military in the north was mobilizing. They would soon move out and attack the rebels, and Pall wanted to be ready for them, either in the city or outside it. "Well," he thought, "we should move as quickly as we can. Bjorg, come in here... assemble the new men and machines, we will move out tommorrow!"
  2. Young revolutionary rushes through water Rebels attack Civil Protection outside of Volos. A Civil Protection tank was destroyed by rebels on the out skirts of Volos Civil Protection mans a machine gun north of the city Rebel guards her post
  3. Tanasi Revolutionaries, now armed and equipt with the superior Confederate weapons rise up in Volos and the surrounding counties. Cities in a 40 miles radius from Volos experience chaos as revolutionaries storm into important buildings and clash with police and the civil protection in the streets. Violence and house to house fighting between the freedom fighters and government loyalists lasts long into the night and the next day, with little reprieve for civilians caught in the middle of the rebellion. Captured broadcast centers in Volos send a message of hope to civilians over the televisions and radios in their homes. Friendly media voices tell the people that the violence will end soon and that the rebels are there to help them find the way back to liberty. Civilians are encouraged to join the revolution by joining the rebels in the fighting. Rebels attend victoriously in a secured part of town.
  4. The Confederate ships containing the arms and secret soldiers arrived in the port of Volos in the middle of the night. The company which owned that dock yard was sympathetic to the revolutionary cause, and allowed the ships to be unloaded for free, without notifying the government. The cargos were loaded from the ships onto semi-trucks and 'shipped' to the revolutinaries in the city and surrounding smaller towns. In a few days the rebellions would start. Police stations would be attacked and subdued, local government buildings siezed, and communication cut-off from the upper government. The Confederation commandos organized themselves into their groups and set off for some destinations north of Volos. Harauldur and his closest members knew they were here, and were going to support the cause, but they were under their leader's command and would act independently from the main rebellion.
  5. Haraldur P?ll and four other revolutionaries conversed in the gritty old basement of the Maiden Building. The lighiting was failing, and they could barely make out one another's faces in the dim meeting lounge. "We have spoken with the Navy's highest officers. They say that if they can be garunteed they will not be hung for treason, they will join in our efforts. With the Navy on our side we can try to cut the military off from the rest of the rogue states." One said. The upper brass of the NPC went by numerical code names, as a means of deflecting government attempts to track them down. So far it had worked quite well, coupled with other tactics. "Also, the Confederation has agreed to lend us better weaponry. We've already logged an order and we can expect shipments to arrive here in Volos in the next few days.--" Two was interrupted by Four. "A few days of re-arming our the fighters and we can assume ourselves ready to revolt here, and assemble our columns publicly, and let the world know we are rising again." Haraldur pondered the information for a moment. "Am I right to assume the Confederation is sending a Naval Fleet to the northern sea?" "Yes, comrade. They have responded to a Tanasi government privateer attack on their own. That force will arrive nearly the same time our arms shipments will." replied Two. "Contact them. Ask for assistance from their ships. No doubt that when we rise up the TLA will muster everything and march on Volos. When it arrives, the fighting will be bloody, civilians will be killed. Tell them that help from their ships might save innocent lives. "And what of Tagmatium?" "They haven't responed to our plea for help... yet."
  6. The National Popular Congress needs to puchase: [*] 12000 TR-88 [*] 4000 TM-61 [*] 750 SMAW L2 [*] 200 SMAW [*] 120 LAV-9 We require placing these items on credit, as we have no excess funds at this time. Please send post haste!
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