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  1. Official Name: The Confederacy of Hakhamanishiyan Capital City: Khteshifa, Yehran Province Government type: Representative Democracy/Constitutional Monarchy Executive Branches: 1 (Presidency rotating between federated territories every 6 years) Legislative Branches: Confederate Congress with representatives from each federated territory determined by population level. Several other smaller semi-autonomous zones, unrepresented in the Congress rely on specially created Cultural (Tribal) Commissions for representation on the national level. Much like the Presidency, the right to preside over the legislative affairs as Congressional Chair-Person rotates between territories, to the most senior representative from each respective territory. Federalist or Unitary: Federative Provinces/Territories (if applicable): 5 Federated Territories (Yehran Province, The Kingdom of Ferakh, Upper-Gethistan Province, The Meshech Free-State) 3 semi-autonomous zones (Inner (Old) Gethistan, The Emirate of al-Hoyum (Islamic Gethistan), The Meshech Lowlands Head of State: Shah Rostam Khan Farbod of Ferakh, President Official Language(s): English, Yehran-Pahlavi (similar to modern Persian, without much of the influence of Arabic, Gethisch (Eastern Germanic/Middle Persian pidgin), Meshech Hebrew (Aramaic/Hebrew/Turkic pidgin), Arabic Official Religion: - Major Religion(s): (Monophysite) Christianity, (Shi'a and Shi'a-Sufi) Islam, (Orthodox and Reform) Judaism, Psuedo-Mithraism, Zurvanite- Zoroastrianism Population: 50 million (June 2007 estimate) Ethnic Make-up: Hakhamanishiyan (Iranic) 45%, Gethisch (Gothic-Iranic) 30%, Meshechim (Turko-Semitic) 25% Separation of Powers: Executive, legislative and judicial, with a series of checks and balances similar to the United States, as well as a number of Territorial Commissions designed to maintain territorial integrity and regional cultural identity. Currency: Riyal
  2. Howdy all. This will be the second time that I've visited Europa, though with another nation, and a good while ago. I've a semi-veteran NS'er with just about three years of experience, mostly in Jethnea...All that said, I'm really here to roleplay, something that I enjoy a great deal. I created this nation with some vaguely Iranian-esque in mind, hence the name, Hakhamanishiyan--which is the ancient Persian name for the dominion of the Achaemenid Empire. I suppose whatever I flesh out for the RP section will have something to do with that, or at least something faintly Near Eastern in flavor. I look forward to getting to know you all a little better, and I would really appreciate a few personal pointers on where to go, and what sort of thing the established community would enjoy/need. Many thanks... Hak or Hak-Man, I guess.
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