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  1. Sorry to all but I am still very busy with the removal to the new home and also I have a lot of work... I hope this situation ends soon...
  2. I am a bit busy these days (I am moving to a new home) but I hope this or the next week I could write something... Greetings SDC!
  3. Thank you Haru by the happy birthday postcard! And sorry... Because I have seen my mail today...
  4. All the brit (Franz Ferdinand, for example)... And all the american that sounds like the brit of the last 90 or first 2000, things like electropop, etc. In few words, all the music that sounds pretentious... Very soft for me...
  5. 17 days ago, 11:23 hours, Dacha of General Juan Carlos Sanches, Almer?a. The old and important General Juan Carlos Sanches was leaning in the banister of the big balcony of the state Dacha, he was dressed with his red silk housecoat and wooden flip-flops. The Dacha, or better said, the mansion that was integrated in the well-off district of Almeria where other high ranks of the Army or high officials and state party authorities lived. The General Sanches was contemplating the landscape that was rounding him. Other villas with their gardens, their tall fences and their public guards protecting them from possible thieves. Houses with two and three floors, with their swimming-pools and their gardeners, in a region where the water is a valued good. With their garages and their public limousines. But not far from this paradise it was a long black smoke column, with a fungus shape, expanding slowly in the open air to the closed cloudy day and waiting to discharge its rain, a strange weather in Almeria. After, a big explosion could be heard by Sanches. Few seconds after another and then the monotonous clacking noise of the rifles started again. "The front is only two kilometres from here, it is near". He left the large balcony and he entered in his study, he took a fine crystal goblet and served himself a "Negroni" cocktail from his bar. He served the ice and mixed perfectly the gin, the red martini and the bitter. He sat on his leather armchair and by the typical inertia turned on the panoramic plasma television. Theoretically he had returned to his Dacha for taking some things like the television, his beloved alcoholic drinks, the money and the gold from his strongbox, but there were other things to do here. He knew that came to his villa was a madness action with the war front closer. "But I need my things!" thought like a bad-mannered child, obviously none of their officials could contradict the direct order of his General. The rebels, or like he called them "the counterrevolutionaries", controlled most of the city of Almeria, only two quarters was under the iron control of the loyalist indalian forces, one of the two was this small paradise. In fact the General had to escape from his bunker in the small village of G?dor few kilometres to the north of Almeria. His forces tolerated the rebel artillery during two days, and when the entry in the village of G?dor of the rebel militia was a fact he escaped with his special forces to Almeria. His stay in the village wasn?t precisely a pleasant holiday. He had to order the execution of five of his soldiers, suspects by desertion or joining the counterrevolution. This was the war after all. He had deserved in the Army the nickname of "steel-man", he didn?t shake when he signed the execution?s orders although he recognized that it was a hard decision. Also, he had to attend the shooting of eleven militia prisoners, after a raid over Almeria and to be interrogated, this was different, he enjoyed in the interrogation while the muscled thug made the face of the prisoners more and more unrecognizable. "This was the war, after all, it has good and bad things". But now, in his mansion, he had new plans to cut the supposed revolution and their f*cking supporters: Arbatiker and Sakarbetin and the others puppets. "The population had security, steady jobs as a government employees, long holidays, free houses, few responsibilities, even they could vote in elections? Why this revolution? Ungrateful people! But if Pepe Galera wasn?t died without descendants, now the things would be different. f*cking faggot!" Someone knocked the door and Sanches guessed who was. "Here he is, Abd del Aziz". The person who was knocking the door was Lieutenant Aziz, theoretically was the military adviser of the General but in practice he was the personal butler. He carried all the personal agenda of the General like meetings or other hidden dates, repairs of his house, head of the domestic service, personal secretary? Sanches didn?t know for sure but he believed and he had bet with other Generals in his meetings in the public club that Aziz was gay, simply because he was mannered, he had a stylized figure and he was very clean, too much for Sanches. - Come in, Aziz!- Shouted the General from his armchair. He had guessed correctly. A tall tanned man entered, with a spotless khaki uniform, a fine moustache, the black straight hair combed back and always with a thick layer of hair gel. His face seemed to be made up, in the cheekbone was an appealing freckle. - Sir!- Aziz was shocked by the appearance of Sanches, in dressing gown, and he faked to cover his eyes with his hands, but finally he preferred to turn the face to the opposite wall and he continued with the speech, similar to a scolding-. Sir! You have to know that this action could be dangerous! You are endangering yourself by? A television! My General, the population needs you and you have to be far from here, directing personally the operations! - Calm down, please! And don?t worry by my housecoat! The soldiers are washing my dirty uniform downstairs? You wasn?t in that foul bunker. Now I want to feel comfortable for a little time-. He drank some Negroni cockatil-. Please, let?s go, let?s study your reports near the table and with big cigars?-. Sanches stood up and he directed to the mahogany table of his office, opened a small cardboard box and extracted one cigar that lit while he offered another to Aziz who declined the proposal. The General sat down-. So, Okay, let?s see your reports. Start. - First of the today?s topics, the war situation. We have lost the city of Nijar, the headquarters of the city joined the revolution? Sorry! The counterrevolution, I wanted to say? In Almeria we are maintaining firmly two quarters, this and the northwest. Thanks to the legendary first mechanized infantry division, loyal to our position. We have lost G?dor so we have lost the road to the north. The situation in the airport is very difficult with only a group of Special Forces holding on the daily artillery bombardment and a narrow siege, so it is impossible to be employed. We can retire them from there? - No! Send them the protocol "Hold the position till death". They are Special Forces for god?s sake! And we need to save time and to maintain the airport under our control even if we can?t employ it for flying missions! - Yes, my General-. Aziz noted something in his agenda, waited and he introduced the next point-. Second topic, the command post. General, we have under our control the road to the west and the next village to Almer?a, Huercal, a good area to settle the command post. Stay here could be dangerous. - Good idea, when I load my valued goods in the truck we will go to Huercal-. Said Sanches sipping a small nip-. Ah! We have to study the availability of forces to launch an offensive against Almeria. With another mechanized infantry division we could? But, which is the specific situation in the rest of the country? We need more forces from other headquarters? - Next topic, the third, related to the situation of Indalia and the most important I think. I have the contract, the other Generals recognize you as the next leader and ruler of Indalia-. Aziz extracted a document from his briefcase and showed it to Sanches. The document had the signature of three persons, three Generals-. They are determined to recognize you as the next President of Indalia but as you can read they will support you under some conditions, above all, they want some portfolios in the new government, for example, the Foreign Affairs or Defence Portfolios? - Okay, okay, they will have my promise?- He signed the document with carelessness-. But let?s win this war against these ragged first. I asked you which is the specific situation in the country?- The last question was said with certain anger. - Okay? Summarizing? The situation is difficult. In Al-Andalus the General Iltirta has had to mobilize all the tanks that now are occupying the streets of Granada, consequence of the riots although the revolt is well under control, it will be too more difficult that he can envoy to us reinforcements. General Francisco Jos? Mart?nez in Albacete, is preparing an offensive against Nijar and he could envoy some reinforcements to Almeria. In the north the situation is quiet, for the moment. - Perfect! We will launch an offensive to the centre of Almeria soon!- He smoked the cigar-. More topics? - The last-. He extracted an envelope from his briefcase, he opened it and showed a blurred photograph to Sanches-. The counterrevolutionaries could have the support of a foreign nation, please, my General, see the details of the armor used-. The photograph showed the blurred figure of a young girl in her black armor holding a sniper rifle in a van in movement-. I have sought advice from the weaponry experts and they said, in a ninety percent, that the armor used could come from the People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers, the special republican guard model. - sh*t! I think is true-. Said Sanches watching the picture-. We have to publicize this photograph, looking for foreign military aid. We cannot wait? Suddenly a loud ring could be heard downstairs. "Ah! My little prostitute is here!." Sanches was recognized in the Army by his promiscuity, his wife was always a cuckolded and she knew this fact. He had always an excuse for his conscience. This time it was because "The f*cking bunker, the f*cking failed defence of G?dor, four days with nothing? I think Carmen would understand me, sure, furthermore I am defending the spirit of Indalia! I will be the next governor!" His wife was now in a secure point of Indalia with their sons and he needed to put into practice his lasciviousness almost constantly. This was "the other things to do here", to f*ck a young prostitute. He had contacted with the famous in some high spheres and illegal cathouse one day ago and had requested for today a young and cute girl, almost virgin. Soon the two men thought that something was going wrong downstairs. The General had come with two soldiers, one driving the ?move? truck and another driving his luxury car. They must washing and drying his uniform but now all was in silence. They only could hear two "ziups" like snaps. Aziz stood up and looked at his General with a face that asked "My General, What the hell have you done this time?" He directed to the door that was closing the office, took the knob and put an ear on the white wooden door, trying to hear the reason of the strange sounds and the silence. Nothing, he only could hear the warble of some birds outside. His General was looking at Aziz with worry. "One moment!" An almost imperceptible and slow breathing could be felt in the other side. The door burst in splinters and a cloud of sawdust. Aziz fell in the ground with violence one metre far from the threshold of the office. Sanches tried to stand up but his fear only allowed him a small incorporation of his back, he searched for his pistol but he remembered that it was in a box of his writing desk, in the opposite side of the room, near the television. A brown hair girl, pale face but rosy cheeks, blue eyes entered in the office pointing directly at the face of Sanches. He wore a black and tight suit like neoprene with reinforcements in the forearms, shins and long boots made in a similar material to bright black latex. In the collar they shined two red stars. Her gloved right hand held a pistol with silencer. She approached Sanches. Like a direct hit in his head he was able to remember "the photograph! She is!" She approached till one metre and he felt that she wasn?t alone. - Your dick has gone you off! Didn?t you know that we had taped your phone? That we have collaborators in your perverted cathouse? They told me about your perversion games with childs, fresh flesh, isn?t it? they told me a lot. Look at him, only an old person, a bone sack? - Eh? Uh?- "Is this a joke?" thought the General, he tried to elaborate something to say. Too much late, a bullet penetrated his cranium dying instantly. Falling in the fitted carpet and leaving a thin trail of blood from his forehead. The girl examined the photograph, her blurred portrait. She held the picture and burnt it with a lighter. After, she took all the documents that were on the table and put them away in the briefcase. Other three men entered in the room with the same uniform. - Wake up this stupid!- Said to them referring to Aziz-. He will come with us. Furthermore, we have to carry this scumbag-. Referring to the corpse of Sanches-, for making some advertising. Let?s go! The group with the stunned Aziz, the corpse of Sanches and the briefcase went downstairs, they went out the villa crossing its well cared garden and they inserted themselves by an opened sewer.
  6. The damaged FI-14E inclined its nose preparing to shoot the van when in an aggressive manoeuvre the copter had to move back. It started to shoot to anywhere like his pilot was blinded or crazy. Arbatiker couldn?t see what it was really happening but the only true for him is that the copter was fleeing from anything forgetting the van. Then Arbatiker could hear the sounds of the bullets whistling over his head. Some of them hit the buildings near the helicopter but others were hitting the FI. Like a wounded animal treat to turn 180 degrees while it launched some missiles to somewhere but the metallic bird couldn?t finish his action. A fast tongue of fire reached the helicopter that exploded violently. The singed case hit the ground more metres from the explosion spreading the blades of the propeller and breaking the tail that blown up another metres more. Arbatiker turned his body to the opposite side of the Avenue, to the Workers Square where the roaring was increasing more and more. He could see a strange mix of people. There were soldiers and civilians, some armed and some unarmed approaching, little by little, hiding in the cover that offered the gateway of the buildings, from the Square to the place of the explosion. The mix was increasing in number. Maybe one hundred people or more and from the heterogeneous group some frenzied persons, almost all were civilians, directed running to the knocked over van. The civilians were shouting and chanting, some of them shooting automatic rifles to the air. Arbatiker did nothing to stop the pack of hounds because he could do nothing against the crowd, wounded, lain in the ground and unarmed against perhaps fifty people running towards the vehicle. The crowd rounded the van and the only thing that could do Arbatiker was to watch the faces of the tattered civilians, now quiet. The civilians seemed to watch him with certain happiness. A soldier of the indalian Army move out some of the men that were rounding Arbatiker, saw him and shouted with all of his voice "Is him! He is Arbatiker! He is our Guide!" and then the entire crowd started to shout his name with the soldier and some started to shoot the rifles to the air again. "Careful! He is wounded" said the soldier "We need a doctor! Don?t move him!" said a middle-aged civilian. But the order wasn?t fulfilled and two strong men lifted him by the arms, carrying them to the square. The movement hurt Arbatiker but he tried not to groan. He turned his face to the van. Other people were extracting his escape companions and he thought about Eva "She was well? Or wounded? How are this people? How is sergeant Rodrigues?" The crowd was dragging him along to the Square like a river swept out a trunk, he couldn?t feel the boots in the ground and he only could to turn his face to see the situation of Eva and his companions. Suddenly he could see how part of the crowd started to take out the people of the van. He could see Eva that was wounded in her arm making an Ok nod. The two men stopped and waited for the others while the group started to chant his name "Arbatiker! Arbatiker is here! Arbatiker is our Guide!" The crowd moved to the Workers Square. "Are you Okay? And the others?" asked Arbatiker to Eva between the people "I am Okay! But?" The human tide was pushed her towards the Square. And then the human river dragged them along to the Workers Square. The Square was rectangular and enormous. In one side, in the right, near the avenue a golden statue of ten metres tall of Pepe Galera, now pulled down, and in the other side a statue of a golden Pegasus rid by two little children. The Square was rounded by imposing grey official buildings like the State Theater, built in sober concrete columns or the State Hotel Almeria, with fifty floors. The space of the square was impressive and in great part it was conceived to be a big pedestrian space for adoring the big leader. But now the centre of the city was plenty of impetuous civilians and soldiers of all the races of Indalia. Arbatiker could see Arabs in wide chorus with long scimitars brandished in the air. He could see Ga?anes with their typical clubs and sharpened penknives, dancing his particular dance. The races, battered by the old regime, were together now. Also the old Iberics or Indalian, the ignored workers, the poor or the forgotten by this corrupt dictatorship that now they wanted a real socialism for all. The people that were flooding the Square were countless. Every step of the group provoked that the people moved over, giving way to the Arbatiker in an improvised human corridor. The majority recognized Arbatiker as the Guide and started to chant his name. The people that were behind the first file started to chant too, then the people that were behind could hear them and they started to chant too and so on. Soon the entire Square seemed to be a hive of sounds in unison "Ar-Ba-Ti-Ker! Ar-Ba-Ti-Ker!" There were violent shoves for touching the new liberator for seeing him. The Lieutenant Colonel couldn?t feel the ground under their feet yet. He only could see blurred smiling faces and feeling slaps in his shoulders. The retinue directed to the old statue passing over the pulled down statue of the old dictator. There was an improvised ladder, made of a fence, leant in the pedestal. On top of the pedestal a middle-aged man, a man with a military uniform, a man who knew Arbatiker, in the pedestal was Sakarbetin, the General, with an official and two soldiers, like bodyguards, waving a loudspeaker. Sakarbetin wasn?t making a speech, he seemed that was calming down the population congregated in the Square. When General Sakarbetin saw Arbatiker he smiled and he introduced him to the inflamed crowd that thronged around the pedestal. The two strong men that held Arbatiker helped him to go up the pedestal. - Welcome to the revolution, my comrade-. Said Sakarbetin to Arbatiker, covering the loudspeaker-. I finally decided when I saw you in the television ?What the hell! We could to change this situation? and I mobilized my headquarters. Now is your turn, you have them, all them in your hand-. Sakarbetin made a solemn sign like embracing with his arms all the crowd, after he gave the loudspeaker to Arbatiker. From the pedestal the Lieutenant Colonel could see not only civilians, there were soldiers and tanks blocking the Avenue and, even, the sound of a helicopter not far. He could see Eva and her Republican Guards waiting down, near the ladder. He could see Berteker next to them but he couldn?t see Rodrigues "Where is he? Is he dead?" Suddenly the masses kept quiet, waiting for the voice of Arbatiker, looking at him, thousands and thousands of eyes looking at him with joy but too with worry like if any wrong word of Arbatiker could end this euphoric situation, going their heads down of the clouds where they were now. Arbatiker felt a sharp pain consequence of his wounds and the crowd shouted "Ohhh!" The murmur could be heard in all the area and possibly in the entire city. Arbatiker recovered from his pain, he took the loudspeaker, he thought about his improvised speech and he looked at the people that were waiting for him. He turned his face to Eva and he thought in his sergeant, perhaps dead. He sighed and he did it. - People of Indalia! People of the new Indalia!- The exhilarated masses interrupted him applauding, Arbatiker had to raise his left hand asking for silence-. The revolution has triumphed in our country! Cough? cough?-. He put his hand in his chest but he recovered in a moment-. I only have my thoughts in the fifteen brave men that have supported me and now they are died, demonstrate them what we could do! Dedicate it to them! Win the Revolution to them! Viva la Revoluci?n!-. Arbatiker fell in the pedestal and one of the soldiers of Sakarbetin held him, he had lost the consciousness. - A doctor! We need a doctor! Now!- Shouted the soldier. The crowd didn?t noticed the fall of Arbatiker but the people saw it. They were euphoric, jumping, chanting, showing their old weapons to the air, "Viva la Revoluci?n!" shouted them again and again. "Muerte al Opresor!" Eva ran, going up the pedestal and helping the soldier to bring down Arbatiker. She called for a doctor and from a group near the pedestal an official with a red cross in his cap appeared and attended the Lieutenant Colonel. - He is very weak but he will save?-. Reassured the doctor when he carried out the typical check. Eva was in the middle of the enormous din, with Garcia and the other Republican Guards, he have lost Berteker and he started to looking for him. Suddenly she felt a hand in her left shoulder. She turned her face to the hand and she recognized Sakarbetin, the General. - Did you come with comrade Arbatiker?-. Eva nodded affirmatively and he examined her black uniform and her body with a long glance-. Ah! Good iberic material! The best?-. Eva didn?t know if the expression was addressed referring to her uniform or to her body, if it was the second she could kill him breaking her neck but she didn?t, but in the eyes of the General were lasciviousness, he continued-. I don?t know if Arbatiker told you about me, but we had a pact. Now you and Arbatiker have my support but, you know, we will have to talk about my position in the future. - We will talk for sure, comrade general-. Eva moved out the hand of the General-. We will talk? But now I want to know where is the first soldier Berteker and I want to know about the situation of sergeant Rodrigues? (A real brave men)-. She murmured. - Your wish is my command, comrade-. Said Sakarbetin, she ordered something to one of his soldiers that disappeared between the crowd. "f*cking pervert! He didn?t know my name! And all is our support for the cause? I think that I will write a long report about this man? A long report" Thought Eva. The soldier reappeared in a moment with Berteker. - Comrade?-. Said Berteker to Eva-. Rodrigues is dead, he didn?t survived the blow?-. Eva gave a soft slap in the back of the sad Berteker. - We will win this war, Berteker, at least for the nineteen brave men that have supported Arbatiker, at least for you?-. She launched a concealed evil eye to the General.
  7. Road to Adunagoth, Ishakor The dark car was travelling by the lonely Highway, the highway to Adunagoth. The car was found in the city near the air base, Mishrak, a good black cabarrian car, similar to a small limousine but now repaired and cleaned and with two pennants of the People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers. Inside it, there were Captain Duna, Daniel and the architect Niemeyer. The architect was in all moment quiet, consulting maps and projects about the reconstruction of the frontier and the settlement of a monument in Aduganoth, " for the morale of their people", a present to the workers of Ishakor. Duna had won the respect of Daniel, their last conversations and the possibility of a valid man for the future of Ishakor had changed the mind of Daniel, possibly he would hold an important position in the Politics of his country and he would be recommended by the iberic agent. With them were five of the republican guards of the air base, one driving other as co-driver and the rest in other smaller car, preceding the black limo. All the passengers dressed perfect black dinner jacket with black ties. The landscape was a little monotonous to Daniel, big green pastures valleys of tall grass, flanked by soft and rounded hills and in the top of them big wet forests stretched up to the horizon. But Daniel was thinking about the meeting with Kanakh Borthazen " It will be difficult but at least it seems that it will be a framework agreement. If not I will be in search of rival factions" was repeated again and again in his mind. The small suite met with few cars. "The mark of the war will be here for eons, too much people have died but the war is a good opportunity to make changes, like the red book told me" thought Daniel while was contemplating the green landscape. Adunagoth was a big city as Daniel could contemplate it from the highway while the cars were crossing the last mountain. It was surrounded by long lines of brick block-buildings, long avenues and some statues. If the suburbs were sober the centre of the city had wealth. Old temples, golden statues and some palaces now dedicated to government fields. When they entered the first suburbs a squad of police motorcycles escorted them in their way to the centre, showing the intermittent blue emergency lights and launching the sirens. In the city not many people were on the street, but the few that were in the streets shook small pennants with the colours of the Republic of Red Iberic Workers, behind white fences. Duna was impressed and he started to feel important. Daniel could see the two ?Mastin? patrolling the area. " The First mechanized airborne division and his dirty pirates" thought Daniel. The retinue was arriving to the big Palace of the Arch-Priest. An authentic complex as Daniel could check. Rounded by an iron fence an enormous garden rounded at the same time a big Hellenic temple, with six Doric thick columns and four floors, partially covered by long trees and in the shore of a beautiful but artificial lake. The sentry box opened the gates of the entrance way and the retinue directed to the big building. The policemen had to move away people that were near the gates, maybe one or two thousands, euphoric and bordering on madness. The motorized retinue entered the garden area, over a fine yellow gravel way and finally they arrived to a staircase that directed to the hellenic temple or residence of the arch-priest. The black limousine stopped as a man that was impressed by the sight. In every step, and Daniel counted more than one hundred, two soldiers in honour dress perfectly firm and motionless holding long spears and wearing silver helmet with red plumes. And as if it was synchronized with the arrival, a tall man in a red tunic and wearing a golden headband was descending from the last flight of steps, flanked by a retinue of six people, wearing coloured tunics. It was clear, the tall man was Kanakh Borthazen. The doors of the car opened. First of all went out the republican guards, after the Captain Duna and Niemeyer the architect and finally Daniel who bowed to the Arch-Priest. Daniel hated the protocol and the bows, in fact, in his Republic the bows to the public authorities were forbidden by the same General Secretary. Borthazen stretched out his hand, showing a golden and antique seal and Daniel shook his hand. The Arch-Priest looked at Duna with certain distrust, like if he were a traitor but Daniel explained the assistance of Duna saying to Kanakh and settling with any suspicion "If it weren?t for the captain Johaal Duna this meeting would have been impossible." After the greetings the groups started to went up to the Temple. The conversation in the crossing was about the wonders of each country, Ishakor and the People?s Republic, plenty of conventionalisms. It was obvious that the real important topics would be treated in the house of the Arch-Priest. In some times, to take a rest in the endless staircase, the same Kanakh explained something about Aduganoth and his History. Finally, the group arrived to the gates of the Hellenic Temple, they were imposing, five meters high, made in red mahogany and suddenly opened from inside maybe with an automatic mechanism. The retinue entered in a red marble lobby, with more Doric columns and baroque frescos and winding mosaics. At the bottom of the room two glass doors that was opened by two Ishakorian assistants, showing a large yard with tropical trees, an Arabic fountain and rounded by flour tiles. The Arch-Priest invited the group to sit down near a rounded wooden table with low chairs, under the shadow of a tall acacia. Beautiful women assistants served tea with mint while Daniel was amazed by her curves. "Is it really a socialist country?" thought Daniel. After more conventionalisms, Daniel gave his word to the architect who spread out two big maps of Ishakor and one of the city of Adunagoth. - Arch-Priest of Ishakor, as the Architect I will explain now the projects of reconstruction of this amazing land-. Said Niemeyer pointing with a wooden stick-. My socialist Republic wanted to develop four plans that will start at the same time. First, we have to reconstruct the frontier with Zharr, it was very harmed by the war, and it will be a hard job. Second and third plans Jandahad and Mishrak and the fourth will be the plan for Aduganoth. For example, you could consult the details of the plan of Adunagoth, I have thought about the possibility of building a big memorial park in the destroyed area or zone zero, where the missiles fallen, with a statue that will be brought from my Republic, like a present to your workers. Also the complex will have a state opera theatre, a museum and the possibility for public buildings. - The construction of this complex is necessary for your people-. Interrupted Daniel-. It is incredible how the Architecture can change the lives of the workers after a disaster. We need to encourage the spirit of the Ishakorian workers and the best way is building this complex. - Yes, my comrade-. Said Niemeyer and he faced Kanakh-. I have to tell you, Arch-Priest of Ishakor, that the first delivery of tons of concrete and steel are coming from my Republic to reconstruct and to make possible the four plans. I will tell you after in great detail these four projects. - And now-. Said Daniel following the outline-. My Arch-Priest I will explain you the political and economical proposals of my People?s Republic. As you have to know my comrade, the General Secretary, Rose Amoros, had sent to you a "three points" plan or the "Big Step Forward Plan". First, we have to develop a census with all the population that has survived the war, people that is here and possible refugees that are outside the frontiers, with the current percentage of working population for evaluating the possibility the reconstruction of the nation. Our Army can help in this task. The second step is to nationalize the properties, why? We need to profit the few opportunities that provided the war, we need a new outlook, and it is necessary to redistribute the wealth of Ishakor to their workers. Now Ishakor has a lot of empty houses, lands and factories, consequence of the viral attack. Your people need food so redistributing is the perfect way to maintain them pleased or? You couldn?t forget that your regime has launched five atomic bombs to Zharr, the people was tired of the war and you need to change. The way is nationalizing the wealth of Ishakor and "giving" it to their workers. Also you will need to reassign your workers in three fields: peasants and operators with a specific program of subsidies, making the nationalization possible. My country could help your government in this task. Finally, the third step, to finance the reconstruction it will be necessary a Barter Treaty with my Republic, exchanging goods. I think this could be a perfect summary of the "three points plan"?-. Daniel waited for the answer of the Arch-Priest.
  8. I am planning the meeting with Kanakh Borthazen, I will finish the post maybe tomorrow or Saturday.
  9. An image of a black and white Sputnik crossing the space with signal beeps. - Socialist Greetings from the waves-. Said the grey newsreader in a grey decorate-.Headlines. OUR SOCIALIST REPUBLIC PROTESTS AGAINST THE MILITARY EXERCISES OF IDE JIMA. Few days ago, the seismograph of the city of Puerto Pollo recorded an unusual movement of the tectonic plates and its origin has been located on the south of the Ide Jima. As you have to know, comrades, the Ide Jima is known to all countries by his imperialist and militaristic ideology, so behind the movement could be the hand of the ide jiman and not a simple earthquake. Also they announced in their TV Channel that they have proved nuclear artillery successfully which it supposes a real risk and danger not only for our Republic, but for all the nations of Europa. The beautiful General Secretary, Rose Amoros, has spoken today about the ide jiman intentions and she had called an appeal to all countries in Europa. RECORDING Rose Amoros in the green gardens of the Naxos Castle, in a sunny day, she is behind a small stand plenty of microphones. "We protest publicly against the actions of Ide Jima. We didn?t know about the origin of the tectonic plates but there are signs of the hand of the Ide Jiman Military Forces, and not caused by an earthquake. We think that the conflict between Ishakor and Zharr has to be a lesson for all, including the Ide Jiman governors, about the consequences of carrying too far the military technology, making mass destruction weapons and the consequences to the mankind. For example, we know that in Ishakor almost the 80 per cent of territory is depopulated by the use by Zharr of a strange viral agent. Haven?t it been enough? It seems that Ide Jima wants more danger for all the mankind. So I want to call to all nations of Europa to make the appropriate protest notes sending them to the Government of Ide Jima. We can?t endanger more our region with these stupid exercises.? END OF THE RECORDING We hope that Ide Jima think over their actions and change his point of view about genocides. That?s all comrades, we will continue informing you. Socialist regards.
  10. you are telling about Cats from Madrid, no? entra otra vez cathunters!!
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