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  1. Voc you know these companies can send out restraining orders if they feel you may cause trouble. It's also not good to leave a workplace like that because your letting them get the best of you.
  2. Man I hate work patsies. Nothing but trouble.
  3. SO we wated 2 week and on the date of our regions Presidential elections it results in a tie. Now were voting for another 3 days to see if we will re-vote lol.
  4. Wow completely different stance on Giuliani here. NA practically loves him. I don't. Personally I think he's riding off the whole "He was NY Mayor during 9/11."
  5. Want to watch a real Nuclear holocaust movie. Threads it was the British version of The Day After. Much more scarier as it wasn't made for large audiences like The Day After Was
  6. I stopped watching after the middle of season 3.
  7. Oh herro. Your from Nova Atlantica. How's the Workers party doing? If you like dystopic books then read "A Handmaids Tale" It's set in the future where the United States has turned into a hardcore theocracy. Well the book was written in the 80's so the future in the novel is probably the mid 90's and on.
  8. It's me Cypriceos. I used to rp here over a year ago. I have come back but this time as a diplomat to a rebuilding region called Nova Atlantica. Hopefully we can set up some embassies and mabye an alliance too.
  9. I'm back..well as a delegate. Well speaking of dreams I had one simillar to the opening scene in Moonraker and I was bond.
  10. So long stories short I will come out and admit that my actions months ago were arrogant and selfish. I was truly being an a$$hole but I did stimulate some debate in the process about the state of rp so at least something came out of it eh? I will go along with your system of military rp. Huge armies are boring and hard to role play in regions. Hopefully you guys can accept me back again. I am truly at Europa's service now.
  11. Well this is awkward. Didn't think this would happen but I'm bunking back into Europa. People make mistakes man.
  12. Okay I know I left without a real explanation but after reading the pages and enlightenments from Adaptus and Akiiryu about "REALISM" in RP. I needed to make some kind of reply. You talk about realism and how a nation with 2,600 tanks is impossible yet your company "Vickers" sells not 1 not 2 but roughly 5 different kinds of MBT's. Please enlighten me with more of your bull#$%^. If these numbers are not realistic and impossible then please explain to me this: 1. How the Soviet Union had 12,000 tanks at Berlin by the end of WWII? 2. How the US a population of 300 million and growing possesses roughly 10 supercarriers, thousands of Abrams, 1 million troops , armies positioned around the globe and still remains one of the top economic powers in the world. 3. The German Army in WWII? I guess the Allied Bombing raids over Germany and Japan and DDAY must have been fiction eh? Isn't it a coincedence that Adaptus is an admin/mods and when a nation comes with a legitimately strong army "Haru" they are accused of being unrealistic by guess who? Adaptus? Reasons I left? Well I it's hard to have fun and follow the rules in a region when the people who made the rules and enforce them are complete hyprocrits who are full of themselves. "Our universities are the best in Europa and our militaries are the mightiest" BS. Oh and you better change your motto from "United in Diversity" to "Socialists Only" because that pretty much the only ideologies I have seen here.
  13. To: Tagmatium From Titan Force Industries Subject: Super Carriers The Andhrimnir Class Carriers are built to carry roughly 100 aircraft at once. Yes they can hold any types of VTOL if you are talking about Joint Strike Fighters or Harriers. As for purchasing. You are free to make a down payment on the first carrier then once it comes you can pay the rest and then so on. The first carrier will take roughly 1 year to build and so on for a total of 4-5 years until they are all finished.
  14. OOC: Adaptus it's kind of hard not to avoid that when you sell only every single brand of tank and assault rifle in your shop. You only have: Leclerc Merkava Challenger II Russian T model tanks Fighter Planes: Flankers F-18 Panavia Tornado's Eurofighter Typhoons Dassault Mirage Assault Rifles: M16 AK-47 G36 FAMAS See that's my rant. Some countries want to be like Russian and make their own weapons or French weapons but you have them all which ruins the T/D fun. This reminds me of EA games.
  15. I was in one simillar to NATO in my old region and it was all good until a nation outside of the alliance started a nuclear missile program. Cypriceos was developing one and when this happened several members in the alliance condemed the nation. Here's the catch. We were selling that country military weaponry(Machine guns, and tanks), and had a good trade and marketing going on, and the alliance wouldn't let me keep it and threatened invasion on me if I kept trading with that country and started accusing me as all evil for producing weaponry and trading with this nation. I didn't fear invasion because militarily and economically I was the leader in the alliance but still thats the main problem with these alliances. If one nation in your pact has a quarrel with another nation that you have no ties or are friends with you get dragged into the conflict and are forced to stop being their friend.
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