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  1. How do your citizens see their country? Satimare is a small, utopian place. Founded on ideas of equality and brotherhood, Satimare is the last great place. It is free from advertizing bombardment and the discrimination. People go to work with people they like and work hard to make Satimare a better place for Satimarans. How do your citizens see other countries? Satimare thinks other nations are innocent until proven guilty. Others are seen as good places and people until it goes to war for money and is no longer trust-worthy. How do your citizens see life? How?s their behaviour and point of view towards the government Citizens like their life. Most things that make life enjoyable are here, although not to the extent of great capitalist economies. The government provides for the people and is favored for it.
  2. Granted, the bacon overloads your heart with fat and you must die from it now. I wish there were no nuclear weapons
  3. I have twnty posts and would like plot #33, please.
  4. I think he ment that is it Stilistra's right to say what is in his constitution and what his people feel etc., and no one else can do that. I can agree that it wouldn't be fun if Akiiryu could dictate how Stilsitra's people react to Stilistra's new leader in his Rp.
  5. I thank all for such a warm welcome here!
  6. Granted, unforunately you look in a mirror and explode. I wish I was king of England
  7. Yes, the 50,000 are full-time officers who command the troops in war-time. Everyone else keeps their guns at home and trains every few years as reservists.
  8. The Satimaran Army would like to purchase the following: 27 IMI-FAV 10 IFV-21 We will immediately pay the cost of these vehicles and be ready for their delivery when they are shipped. Thank you.
  9. Satimare

    Coup de' Etat

    To: The Syndicate Federation of Stilistra From: The Commonwealth of Satimare We Satimarans would like to congratulate Mr. Cass and the Stilistran people on their successful new beginnings. Right now seems like the best time to become friends with the upward bound Stilistran nation, and we would like to open trade agreements with you. Also, we would like to have a student exchange to help our youths understand eachother and encourage friendshipo between our people, not just governments. President Iordan K'arand
  10. Political Parties: Principal Parties Progressive Democratic Party: Moderate left-wing party. Currently holds the majority within the Pariliament. It backs free enterprise, strong separation between church and state, and a peaceful resolution to problems. Conservative Constitutionalist Party: Moderate right-wing party. Current President is a member of the CCP. The CCP supports a stricter interpretation of the Satimaran Constitution in all aspects of policy and law making. It also supports free enterprise. Minor Parties Green Party: Environmentalist party seeking to abandon the current Constitutoin and adopt one that recognizes the rights of the Earth, as well as humans (currently holds 0 seats). Governement Necioytz (Clean Government): Left-wing party wishing to dismiss the President and allow local and Provincial governments to rule according to the Constitution. The Pariliament would simply regulate international commerce and organize the military in times of need (holds 1 seat). Nationale Partie d'Operais (National Workers Party): Far Left-wing party. Advocates for an authoritarian socialist government oriented on progress and unity. (Holds 4 seats.)
  11. Military: The Satimaran military consists of an army and air force that number about 50,000 in total. Service in the Satimaran military is compulsory for all males. Women are exempt but may volunteer for a variety of roles. A typical male inductee is called to service at the age of 20, undergoes a few months of basic training and a period of service, then returns to civilian life. For the next 20 years or more, however, inductees are periodically recalled by the military to take refresher courses designed to maintain and update military skills. In the meantime an inductee may be asked to serve at any time. Satimare?s citizen-soldiers keep weapons and ammunition, uniforms, and other equipment at home, and the country can fully mobilize for defensive purposes within about 48 hours. Given this overall structure, the Satimaran military is best described as a highly trained militia, rather than as a standing army. Only about 1 percent of military personnel serve full time, typically as members of the officer corps. In peacetime, the military has no hierarchical leader. A general is selected by the parliament only when military mobilization is required.
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