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  1. Just came here to check in on how you guys are doing
  2. Good suggestion. I suggest that i could get involved because of trying to stop the war from carrying on with my ships, and then being caught in the crossfire. Because we are both communists, my ship could be flying a red flag of communism, and the royalists could mistake it for your commies. I also wanted to suggest that rennd could have been the communist influence that sparked the revolution. Rennd has been a communist nation since 1879, and has been long looking for another communist nation to trade with, and supports communist expansion. Maybe a few radicals, could have crossed the borders into your lands, and influenced them.
  3. gravy (Cos gravy goes great with any food!)
  4. Just for that, you won't get a free cookie!
  5. Is it ok if i get in on the action? Im willing to help the communists, if anyone wants to know where i stand. I only would like a small part, but im hoping to contribute to this whenever possible. Just let me know what you guys think, and we can begin to bounce some ideas round about how i can get involved
  6. Ah.. sorry guys.. Thank you aki for informing me
  7. I got an idea... Lets bomb someone, but who? Any suggestions?
  8. Hello and welcome to europa. Enjoy your stay here!
  9. I am totally against this rule change. I believe that this will only mean that older nations will occupy the entire map, and therefore newer nations will be unable to claim a plot of land for their country
  10. I prefer tag's idea, make a hall of fame!
  11. Im newer than yourself, but what the hey... welcome back neighbourinho!
  12. I have a question. Since tarragat island war is now over, is it possible to divide the island according to a map. I dont know if this is allowed, as i do not have the requirements to claim a third plot. If you guys agree, could you do it according to this map. Thank you so much!
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