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  1. "I'm not dead yet" and "I feel happy!" to quote brilliant minds of the 20th Century.
  2. Not at 10k yet? Perhaps we should just shoot for 1000...look we are over 1/10th of the way there!
  3. Ah, I knew there was a reason to pop on here. As High Lord Administrator of Books, I order you to pay your fees to our one of our wonderful cultural institutions known as libraries. ...or tell me to off, forget the library and GOOGLE everything!
  4. I always liked the idea of having at least a dot for the capital on the main map, with any other cities on the national maps.
  5. 151 pages! only 9,849 to go. Look for my comments on page 8,888. They will be important.
  6. That's "yanked", not "yakanad" But I can see how easy it can be confused, especially if you were the one responsible for the loss of images...
  7. Perhaps you need to write to them and explain that you are a young, unwed mother who is pregnant again, trying to make it on your own while going to school. Claim to be a "minority" of some sort and remind them that you have no health care coverage. That might get you some food stamps..
  8. I am guessing that someone's imageshack account got yanked
  9. What, the Silmarillion? My fav... Ditto here I have not tried fan fiction, but perhaps I should. I almost have all of Tolkien's (and his son Christopher's) books, so I have plenty of material. Here is the problem... No time.
  10. Sorry to hear that Voc. Sounds like typical crap to me. I have found out that the harder you work and try to be yourself, the less you are appreciated. The more you network and kiss ass, the better it is for you. "You are a cog in a machine that can be replaced if you don't fit" - my take on an employee in the retail field. ( which I assume you worked in)
  11. Good thanks! and you? I did get rezzed btw. Only the 2nd time so maybe I am still on their "He's ok" list.
  12. I have a replica 1863 Enfield rifle from my old Civil war days...
  13. Lol, it put me at Ron Paul too, but thats because I am a centralist and he is in the middle. But I will never vote for him. He is so "out there" on other issues that were not part of the question. I'm gonna wait and see what happens in Feb.
  14. Hey now, we have used our 200+ years wisely to perfect such a silly system.
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