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  1. BNN - Balkan News Network Today three of Slavic Byzantium's most prestegious legions, the I Carska Garda, II Varangian Guard, and XXVI Pax Byzantium, began 5 day long exercise to show the capabilties of the ever transforming Royal Slavic Byzantium Legions. The legions form the core of the Slavic Byzantium land forces. They are considered the elite of the army generlaly speaking. Some legions date back to Roman times and other were formed in more recent centuries, and accordingly some have the battle honours to exemplify their status as the most capable fighting forces the world has ever known. The first two days will show the mechanized capabilties of the legions while the last 3 will show the airborne and air calvary capabilties. the mainstay of the legions are the CV90 series of armoured combat vehicles. It is a modular system designed to fufill every current and near future forseeable role of the legions. Various roles include infantry fighting vehicles, anti tank vehicles, AA vehicles, command, et al. The average size weighs in at 25 tonnes. The standard armour can shrug off 30mm APFSDS (armour piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot) rounds. The vehicle has low radar, acoustic and infrared signature. A fire detection and extinguishing system is fitted and full nuclear, chemical and biological (NBC) protection is provided. The legions have access to better armour than the standard army units and make full use of refitted CV90's using 50mm ceramic and composite armours that effectively double the armour protection of the standard CV90. Most notable of which si the CV90120-t. it has been refitted with ceramic armour, high pressure smoothbore 120mm gun, battlefield management system and extensive defensive aids suite. This makes it able to take on even M1a2 abrams MBT's at a weigh in of under 30 tonnes, therefore retaining air transport capabiltiies onbaord a400M's or 2 on an IL-76mf. Their other main advantage is that at under 30 tonnes, they are able to traverse any land that a m1 or even a c2a5 would sink in. However, they are are still light tanks, regardless of the ability to kill any tank fielded in the world today, and as such cannot take on regular MBT's in a head on head fight. In such cases, C2A5 leopard tanks are used in the more conventional role. The CV90 has even been fitted with the AMOS Advanced Mortar System, which consisted of dual 120mm mortars able to fire 14 rounds as it advances onto the same target, allowing for one strike by a single AMOS carrier to be equivalent to one strike by an artillery battery. The infantry use a combination of the G-36 assault rifle developed by Heckler and Koch, and the MP7-PDW, also developed by HK as their primary weapons. Air support is provided by the RSBAF, and sqns are normally attached on a mission by mission support basis. Currently, only 15 000 men plus supporting units of the legions are taking part in the 5 day exercise. Its purpose is to show the abilities of a Rapid Deployment Strike Force. Military public relations officer, Lt. Col. Hovat says, "Today the legions have two main purposes. The current one we are showing is the rapid deployment aspect, wherein legions on high alert can, once transported to any region on Earth, usually taking 24 hours tops, can within the hour, fight with 100% strength. The other aspect is to act as a spearhead, where normally the heavier C2a5 leopards are used to breach the enemy lines, which is then exploited by the faster and more maneauverable LAV III and CV90's. The legions are fully mechanized so the entire 5 000 strong contigment can be brought to bear upon any specific point within minutes at the longest. Right now we are witnessing the breaching of such a line in an urban area, in which the infantry would disembark from the protection of the IFV's and proceed to move into clearing buildings and holding main intersections. " "Later on in the day we will focus on containing such an area, including applying rules of engagement procedures, searching vehicles and people, vital point security and convoy operations." "This will also include defending against raids on field bases, and fire bases." ModEdit: Please no pictures of that size. It's wayyy too huge, makes reading difficult and is a menace to dial-up-users... Thanks for your understanding! "Wait until you see day 3, where we will involve close air support working in conjunction with a breakthrough, and then dropping behind the lines. On the final day we will be doing mostly AA roles. If you like explosions, you'll love that. " Also, in response to Tamurin's maneuvers, Minister of Defense Nikephorus Phokas has contacted their Field Marshall, inviting the Tamurin armed forces to a series of wargames to hone the skills of our respective armed forces, and for strengthening of relations amongt the two nations.
  2. In a statement made earlier today, the Commonwealth of Slavic Byzantium's Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Health have applauded the joint efforts into medical and genetic research and have expressed great interest in the effort along with intention of requesting that Slavic Byzantium join this research project. Requests have been sent along official channels and both Ministers state they merely await official word from their respective counterparts in Akiiryu and Nevareion .
  3. Slavic Byzantium Request Plot 17 Can't seem to link the flag yet, it would be the Serbian or Russian one. Either or for now. One of these days I'll get around to making one for my nation. I wouldlike to go for 8, 9, and 10 eventually when I rack teh required posts.
  4. Indeed, there are several instances of a few hundred soldiers holding out against tens of thousands of soldiers throughout history, and not just the best of the best, but average or above average troops against supposed elite units. Although training is absolutely paramount, competent leadershipw tih comepetent troops, properly equipped and supported will be hard pressed to lose.
  5. Sounds like fun. Although several NASA scientists do seem to believe if you give them 10 billion dollars and 10 years with the current technology and all the carbon nanotubes needed...they could get a space elevator operational with 2 and a half years of construction. I'm not sure if this needs to be moved. But if you feel it is appropriate elsewhere....
  6. "Thank you Wing Commander. Do you have word on the Sarragossa crew?" "Yes sir, the 5 man crew has been recovered. Flight Lieutenant Andrew Sherovky died due to asphyxiation. Some of the flying debris punctured his suit. We do not believe any damage will be caused to Thor station. Sarragossa itself is not salvagable, there are just too many perforations all along the hull. I have dispatched salvage crews to tow it back to Thor station to salvage anything possible, and then tear it apart to be used for possible construction of a replacement. Maneuvering thrusters are being attached to Sarragossa's hull as we speak." "Excellent. I offer my condolences to Sarragoss'a crew for their loss, and I will contact his immeadiate relatives and any other family members. Be on the watch out for more xeno carriers. We will designate them Shivans for the time being, due to their unprevoked attack. You are to remain on tactical alert. We have a more advanced sensor suite that Freedom station was preparing to send to you in 3 weeks for extreme range targetting. I will give it full priority to be prepared and we believe it will be ready in one week. It has a theoretical range of 15 000km. Continue with the rest of the trials of the Mark I G.O.D. cannon. It is our first working prototype. I want to see what it is fully capable of. I am tagging all information related to the Shivans at level one security clearance. I am aware you do not have this clearance. Nor does anyone else who has seen what happened. So you know what to do." "Yes Air Commodore." "I will expect updates every 12 hours. Outreach out." ----------------------------- Air Commodore Stanciu prepared a full report to the Prime Minister and Emperor of Slavic Byzantium to go over what happened along with the pictures taken of the Shivan carrier. Only visuals from the Sarragossa crew were made of the Shivan fighters. An artist's rendering of the Shivan fighter, designated the Viper: The Air Commodore also contacted every space agency in Europa with an identical message. --------- To all Europa space agencies. We are curious as to whether or not any xeno anomalies have been detected in the past 2 years as we have discovered random xeno energy reading and wish to confirm them so as to see whether or not it is due to a malfunction in our equipment. We await your respective answers. Air Commodore Flavius Stanciu Outreach Space Centre
  7. My sincerest apologies for doing that. I knew I would not be able to go through all 65 pages in any real amount of time. I went through a few random pages recent pages but I suppose I missed your request. If you want that plot. It is yours.
  8. "Target is in place. A reinforced steel slab, 20 metres by 10 metres by 3 metres. Range, 2000 kilometres. Testing long range target acquistion. Power cells are charged and ready, fission reactors at full capacity. Begin firing sequence of the G.O.D. cannon. 10 seconds. Target selected. 8 seconds. Target is locked. 5 seconds. Cesium particles accumuated in magnetic feeder. 2 seconds. G.O.D. cannon firing!" There was a bright flash at the end of the muzzle conentrator. 2000 kilometres downrange, the impact was clearly seen. "Sensors on the slab are not returning any data. The energy may have overloaded them. Energy readings before the end of transmission was approximately 2754 terrajoules. Telescopes cannot clearly see the slab, the vapour cloud is blocking the view. Space science vessel Sarragossa is entering the firing range to provide a close up view. ETA 2 minutes." "This is the Sarragossa, we are moving in at 35 metres per second. Beginning 1.5 G deceleration to 10 metres per second. Range to slab is...1200km and closing. Telescopes still cannot see through the vapour cloud. It is dissipating fairly quickly though. We estimate 30 seconds before seeing the slab and determining what is left. It is conceivable that with the G.O.D. cannon's power output, that the entire slab is the vapour cloud. We will keep you updated Thor station. out." 45 seconds pass. "Thor station, this is Sarragossa. We have come to a relative stop at a distance of 90 km. The slab is no long there. There are no indications left anywhere. The vapour cloud is the steel slab. Test fring is successful." "Sarragossa, this is Thor station. We concur. Thank you for confirmation. Standby one...Sarragossa...we have intermittent xeno readings. 40 000km outward, relative to Thor station 55 degrees latitude, 32 longitude. Can you confirm Sarragossa?" "Wait one Thor station...we are checking. Confirmed. We cannot make them out. It appears to be heading towards Sarragossa at 200 metres per second. 35 000km and closing. It is decelerating. Thor station, this is no random xeno reading, we have a faint RADAR signature. Attempting to get a visual reading but our telescopes are having difficulty keeping up at the speed of the target. We have several new smaller targets just appearing on RADAR. They came out of nowhere, spreading out from the main body. It could be a carrier of some kind. 10 000km and closing Thor Station. The main body has come to a relative stop. The smaller unidentified bodies are still inbound at 100 metres per second." "Sarragossa, we do not know what it is, we are training the G.O.D. cannon on the main target...in case of possible hostile intent. We suggest you move to within defensive range of Thor station and its defence platforms at best possible speed. We are sending out a universal greetings of greetings and peace. We do not know whether or not they can comprehend our language, or how long it will take for them to interpret Latin." "Affirmative Thor Station, we are maneuvering to Thor station. In 5 seconds we can accelerate towards defensive range. We will be doing an emergency 7G acceleration. Clear all traffic of our path. They will close in on us long before, I pray they are not hostile xenos." "Godspeed Sarragossa. The G.O.D. cannon will be charged for another shot in 10 seconds. It cannot acquire such fast moving targets unfortunately, so we are maintaining a lock on the main xeno body, but we can only effectively calibrate to 2 000km with current sensor suites so we cannot guarantee more than 45% chance of target hit." "Understood, Sarragossa out." "Sir, astromomers have been able to focus on the main xeno body. The image is grainy and slightly out of focus. You might want to see this. "Thank you Flight Lieutenant, patch it through to my personal monitor." "Now that's interesting...inform Air Commodore Stanciu at Outreach Space Centre...we have confirmation of a xeno space faring vessel. Likely interplanetary. This is a priority message. Also, contain any information pertaining to this encounter. I do not want it reaching the public until the Emperor and Prime Minister allow it." "Wing Commander! Sarragossa is within range of defense platforms. However...it is being fired upon! The Sarragossa is not designed to handle any kind of weapons fire!" "Ready all Rapier II missile banks! Proximety fuse. Fire when ready! Issue a warning to back off or the main vessel will be fired upon!" "Thor Station! We are evacuating! Sarragossa is automatically decelerating to relative stop. Please send recovery teams! Out." "Weapons officer! What is the status of the xeno vessels?" "We have one confirmed kill, 4 appear to have taken damage as they are retreating, the rest are maintaining the attack. Wing commander, permission to fire upon the xeno carrier!" "Granted... order the G.O.D. crew to fire the G.O.D. cannon." "Wing commander, we have a possible second kill. Sensors officer confirms Sarragossa has complete decompression and no power left. The fuel tanks have not been punctured yet, so it is still in one piece. I believe there are a total of 20 xeno fighters, they appear to have broken off their attacks. The G.O.D. cannon has missed its target. Astromomers confirm the xeno carrier is still intact and with no apparent damage. Kinetic energy of this magnitude would have done at least superficial damage to any conceivable mass." "Wing Commander, the xeno carrier is moving back, the fighters are returning to the carrier. Recovery teams have been dispatched, the Sarragossa crew is attempting to reach relative stop for pickup. They report they are...230 km outbound. One of the crews suits has been puntured from debris...he is not responding." "Understood...I will need time to form a report to Outreach. XO, take over operations and give me updates every 10 minutes." The Wing Commander hopped out of the command module of Thor station and to the space station's communication module.
  9. "Even though the challenges to bring the space elevator to reality are substantial, there are no physical or economic reasons why it can't be built in our lifetime." That's the matter-of-fact feeling of physicist, Bradley Edwards of Eureka Scientific in Berkeley, California Now, 3 years later...it is a reality! The first cable could launch multi-ton payloads every 3 days. Cargo hoisted by laser-powered climbers, be it fragile payloads such as radio dishes, complex planetary probes, solar power satellites, or human-carrying modules could be dropped off in geosynchronous orbit in a week's travel time," Edwards said. Using a laser beam to boost the climbers into space is doable, said Harold Bennett, president of Bennett Optical Research, Inc. of Ridgecrest, California. "If you do it right, you can take out 96 percent of the effect of the atmosphere on the laser beam through adaptive optics," he said. The strength of the pulsed laser beam is less than the intensity of the Sun, so birds, airplanes, or human eyes wouldn't be affected, he said. -------------------------------------------------------- Space elevators were once a thing of science fiction. The idea was conceived of a few decades ago, but made impossible due to lack of a material strong enough to support the weight of the structure itself. In 1991, carbon nanotubes were invented. Upwards of 100 times stronger than steel at 1/5th the weight, the only thing we had to wait for was being able to mass produce nanotubes. In 1998, several firms came together, and were able to mass produce carbon nanotubes by the ton. The government threw itself full onto the program, giving a total of 100 billion denarii and the best engineers Slavic Byzantium had to offer. In 2 and a half years, the first elevator became operational to send 20 000kg cargo trams into space. With the first elevator completed, we were able to greatly decrease the build time of subsequent elevators and have been constructing more lines at a rate of one per year. We have just completed the fifth line, and with five operational, we can increase the rate of production to a projected maximum of two per year. These elevators have been able to allow our space program to grow exponentially as the cost per kilogram of sending something into space used to be several thousand denarii. Now, it costs a mere 37 denarii per kilogram. As more elevators are created, so too will the cost per kilogram decrease. Once we have 40 operational elevators, we expect the cost to be no more than 5 denarii per kilogram. Within the year, costs expect to be low enough for middle class citizens to be able to travel into space. Each elevator is tethered in space by the Freedom Space station. Coupled with simple physics, the relatively low mass of Freedom SS is enough to keep the wires taut. All of the elevators go up to geosynchronous orbit, and payloads can be released at any required altitude up to that point. Commerical use began with the completion of the first elevator, and now we are opening it up to all other nations that wish to launch any satellites, components for space construction, or anything else you need to be taken into space. Total time to reach the end of the line is approximately 7 days. We hope to make it 6 days, and eventually 5 with the incorporation of other means of providing power to the trams in subsequent years. Within 5 years, we will have enough of a presence in space to be able to begin construction of a space elevator on the Moon. These are exicting years for us all! If you wish to place anything in orbit for 1/1000th the cost of the next cheapest option, feel free to contact the commerical division of Outreach Space Centre.
  10. Communique to General Vasurei, Ylani Military Division, We are able to provide you with military transports. In the tactical airlift area, we have the A400M. Airbus Military A400M ? Specifications Powerplant: 4 x 8030kW Europrop (EPI) TP400-D6 Cargo hold: volume 272 cubic metres Hold dimensions: 17.71m L x 3.85m W x 4.0m H (aft wings) Carrying capacity: max payload 30t (max takeoff weight 110t) Maximum range: 4540km (with 30t payload), 6576km (20t) Speed range: max cruise Mach 0.68 to Mach 0.72 Inflight refueling: max 41t transferable fuel ( 2 or 3 x HDUs) In terms with the main competetors in this category, the C-130J Herc, these aircraft are a full generation apart, the A400m having only entered full production in early 2005. At the moment we can offer a fleet of 50 a400M's at an acquistion cost of 3.7 billion denarii (4 billion Euros approximate) along with a 9.2 billion denarii (10 billion Euros approximate) 30 year life cycle cost, which we are proud to say is the cheapest of any options. This fleet can be ready within 8 months and if you wish to acquire more, feel free to inform us and we will recalculate a package cost. In the strategic airlift area, we have the Il-76MF. Ilyushin IL-76TD / IL-76MF ? Specifications Powerplant: 4 x 117kN D-30KP / 4 x 157kN PS-90AN Cargo hold: volume 198 / 276 cubic metres Hold dimensions: 18m/25m L x 3.25m W x 3.4m H Carrying capacity: max payload 50t Maximum range: 5000km / 5200km (with 40t payload) Ferry range: No cargo, maximum fuel supply 10,000km Speed range: max 850km/h, cruise 750 to 780km/h We offer a per unit cost of 32 million denarii, up to a fleet of 50 Il-76MF's. Considering these aircraft are considerably larger, and utilize jet engines, the 30 year life cycle cost is approimately 11.5 billion denarii. At full production these can be delivered in parallel with the A400M's within 17 months, 12 months alone. The reason we offer these aircraft is that they are far more affordable than AN-124's or C-5 Galaxy, or C-17 globemasters, or especially production runs of the AN-225. Per unit cost of the C-17 is pegged at 250 million American dollars. 9 Il-76MF's can be purchased at that price. At a carrying capacity of 50 metric tonnes, they are able to lift all but the heaviest vehicles, and the maintainence cost is exceptionally low compared to the super transports above mentioned. Minister of Defence The Rght Honourable Nikephorus Phokas Commonwealth of Slavic Byzantium
  11. "This is BNN live at Belgrade, awaiting a press statement from the SB government on the virus outbreak in Tigger-Growila. We bring you to the Parliament press room as the SB Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Tatjana Lagumdzija is entering now." "Good afternoon, as many of you are aware, Tigger-Growila is facing a crippling virus pandemic and has issued a plea for help from the other nations of Europa for medical assistance along with engineers to assist them with their power outages. We are currently deploying the Biohazard Disaster Assistance Relief Team(DART), which will be ready to fly to Tigger-Growila within approximately 15 hours onboard 5 Il-76MF military transports. We have readied two Hippocrates-class hospital ships and are currently en route...we expect a maximum 4 days for them to reach their destination, pending good weather. We are compiling a group of volunteer engineers from both civil and military areas and expect to be ready to send them, along with full protective gear, within 72 hours via air transport. We hope and pray that we can overcome this with as little casualties as possible. Godspeed." "It seems that Slavic Byzantium is willing to pledge full support towards Tigger-Growila. We are all pleased with this outcome, but remain weary of any possible contamination upon the return of our people. This is Trish Takinawa, signing out."
  12. Constantinople, At the SBFB Constantinople Command Centre "It looks as if our neighbours are beginning to seriously outgun our naval forces." Said Admiral of The Fleet Basilieus. "We are still using ballistic and missile weapons on all our vessels. We are still perfecting the G.O.D. project, much less having shipborne versions of it. The defence budget reached the one trillion mark 35 years ago, and defence expedentures during peace time have never exceeded the 40% mark. In fact, only 2 years ago have defence expedentures reached the one trillion mark, due to massive r&d into the space arm of our air force and the commissioning of the Ark Royal class aircraft carriers. The other 1.5 trillion per annum dollars has gone into reserve funds to be used explusively for war times and for funding our space program and developing a fleet of space vessels capable of operating independantly and traveling to other celestial bodies within the Sol system. While it is commendable that we are attempting to expand into the cosmos, we must not forget that there are hundreds of individual nations that do not answer to us, and any of the alliances that currently exist could overwhelm usconsidering we have a total manpower of 1.4 million military personnel." "We are aware of world events Admiral, we have a very capable intelligence network. You knwo as well as anyone that the public does not want as large a military as possible, if anything, it is felt that it is not necessary to go over the 1 million mark. We maintain a large enough fleet to be able to defend the Outreach Space Centre from the high seas. You know as well as I do that in sheer terms of firepower, air power has always dominated, and soon it will be spatial power. The whole point of the space program is to expand humanity beyond Earth, and once we have self sustaining colonies, we no long need concern ourselves that humanity will erase itself from existence with a nuclear holocaust or a massive natural disaster. What exactly do you propose, considering no nation has shown any hostile tendencies towards us for decades, Admiral?" The Department of Defence Minister, Nikephorus Phokas said, while sitting opposite of the Admiral, at a Chiefs of Defence Staff meeting. "I propose that we increase our defence expedentural to the 60th percentile, 1.5 trillion denarii per annum. It will allow us to commission a doubling of the number of aircraft carriers and Kirov II missile battlecruisers, hell, we could commission an enitrely new class of missile cruiser capable of mounting a possible shipborne G.O.D. system, and a widespread implementation of cybernetic enhancements of all legions willing to volunteer for the program." The Admiral replied "You are proposing that we switch 500 billion denarii into the military, increase funding into two very controversial military programs and carry through with the more controversial one, including the weaponization of space, because of a completely hypothetical threat? Do you really want to shift away that much money from the space program and place it into the military over your unsubstanciated fears? Perhaps I will consider expanding our naval forces to incorporate, say, 3 Ark Royal carriers, and possible development of a Kirov III class battlecruiser, or entirely new class taking into consideration the G.O.D. project. However, I make absolutely no guarantees. Moving onto other matters, Air Commodore?" "Thank you Mr. Phokas, as you are aware, ever since announcing the formation of 22 new fighter squadrons..." The meeting continued "
  13. Diplomatic communique to Ide Jima, We have just brought ourselves back onto the world stage. We offer our sincerest condolences for the events that are taking place at this moment. It has always been our policy to never negotiate with terrorists and make examples of any caught through the full extent of our judicial laws. We have placed the First Royal Slavic Byzantium Air Division on full alert, along with I Carska Garda legion on 8 hour deployment standby. They are ready should you require our assistance in routing these terrorists. However, considering that the current events are well underway, we will not deploy them unless events transpire such that you are in need of extra forces. We wish you luck and await your eventual victory. Minister of Foreign Affairs The Right Honourable George Poulopoulos Commonwealth of Slavic Byzantium
  14. Commonwealth of Slavic Byzantium Plot #139, 134, and 133. (I am at 1.388 billion right now, when I hit 1.5 I would like 110...unless I must submit a second request at the time I reach 1.5) New on Map National colour: air force blue ideally. If not possible, any colour will do. National flag:It's the Russian flag. Capital City and location: Dual capitals. Constantinople (along the bottom coastline of 133) and Belgrade (SW quadrant of 134, not on the coastline) Others cities and location: Sarajevo, Skopje, Athens (coastal city on bottom peninsula of 134), Cinerus, Ankara, Ephesos, Alexandria(coastal city on southern half of 139 coast), Thessaloniki, St. Petersburg, Sevestopol., Novi Sad (on coast of southern peninsula of largest island on 110) Any locations I have not mentioned means I do not care where they go, an even spread is prefered. Militaries buildings and location: All cities mentioned have major military bases. There are several more small-moderate sized ones located at various places in the country and there is no need to place them on the map as my nation would be covered in overlapping letters. Spacial centers and location: Outreach Space Centre(contains Space elevator centre) on the largest island Link all locations: Yes Connect me with the others countries: Not quite sure what you mean by connect with other countries. I do not care about my borders with other nations if that's what this means?
  15. I have but one question. Is that new world idea still floating about or has it died and the general map layout preserved? I am considering how I should incorporate myself into the world and it would help if someone could clarify. I'm just trying to think of a way that I could have been secluded to the world and decide to come onto the world stage or just plain pop up and pretend nothing was amiss.
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