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  1. And thus it happens that you, my old friend, turn the right respectable age of forty and four.

  2. What about your island up near the Gulf of Jaihu, near the Italgrian coast? I'm quite happy to spat over Zelos if it comes down to it. However, I OOC understand that you might like a sizeable chunk of mainland near your home island. I'd be willing to forgo that polt to "colonize" another one somewhere else. I could probably make it politically "necessary" to take an island in the west; in the Ranke Sea perhaps... (anybody listening)
  3. Although in principle I agree I cannot help but think that we haven't had a free exchange of artistic ideas on a mass scale for millennia. Greek, Roman, and later renaissance, early modern, and modern art were very often created for the sole pleasure (or elevated status) of the artists' patrons (or also for the glorification of God), but I can't recall off the top of my head many instances where such art was freely exchanged and proffered for the betterment of mankind as a whole. And in this sense, copyright only seems to have passed the private ownership from the patron to the artist (although modern patrons like record or film companies still do hold a lot of sway). Copyright law needs a massive overhaul. The way it exists now, there are millions of people breaking the law everyday. This suggests that the laws are just not working. Artistic ideas need to be made available in new ways. Just like here in Canada, a significant proportion of the population breaks the law by smoking marijuana, but its taking lawmakers a good deal of time to accept this fact. Although anyone caught with a personal amount (which rarely happens for most smokers) would either be let off or receive only a small fine. Those caught with larger amounts still face problems though.
  4. To: Tamurin Science Department From: Mit Teews, Minister of Science and Research Dear neighbours, We could not help but notice the meteor impact in your territory last week. Given our recent levels of cooperation we are pleased to offer our cooperation in any way we can. We doubt you will need material aid, but it is yours if you desire. More interestingly, we offer a Cosmological and Geological survey team comprised of the brightest minds from universities and government research units across Rekamgil. Of course we wish to help, but we are also very interested in this meteor strike. In the interests of full cooperation and disclosure, I have enclosed all of our research data and records of the recent incident. Most interestingly, we recorded a good deal of light in the green part of the spectrum, indicating high levels of carbon and potassium burn-off as the meteor was buffeted by our atmosphere. We cannot help but be hesitantly excited by such readings given that they seem to indicate that some organic matter may have been burning off, although of course this may have been encountered in the troposphere. Seismic readings were negligible. We very much hope that we can be included in the research activities and offer both our scientists and facilities.
  5. On this day in: 2004: George W Bush wins second term George W Bush is elected president of the United States for the second time, beating his Democratic rival by a comfortable margin. 1964: Election triumph for Lyndon B Johnson Lyndon B Johnson, who took over after President Kennedy's assassination, wins the White House race. {REK EDIT: Unfortunately for him, his "Great Society" plans were sabotaged by that wily war in Vietnam...} 1957: Russians launch dog into space The Soviet Union sends the first ever living creature into the cosmos aboard Sputnik II.
  6. Indeed, I do not understand... but I am thankful for those who have fought and died for my country (from both countries of which I am a citizen) in the past and present, and I am sorry about your friend.
  7. Don't mind our "say-it-like-I-see-it" Senator Mongol-Swede; he's a jerk ( )... T'was a sweet and lovely introduction. Welcome.
  8. As does Rekamgil... welcome.
  9. Currently: Beck Sloan Little clip from the making of the new (8th) album Muse Pixies (as always) Graham Coxon Vines Kasabian Stereolab (as always) Sam Roberts Where Have All the Good People Gone video
  10. Yeah... you caught me! Sorry... I DID forget the Dutch. I think there was quite an acrimonious debate in the Netherlands about whether to send ground troops to the area, but they did in the end. They fell under Canadian command at first, but I think they assume command next week or next month if I recall correctly? DUTCH-CANADIAN SOLIDARITY BROTHER!!
  11. You can propose your idea publicly in the Citizen Plaza. Alternatively, you can PM any member of government (anyone whose name is in blue) and we will discuss it. Thanks. Also, Rekamgil is always on the look out for like-minded, sensibe nations with whom to cooperate...
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