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  1. 🎂 A very happy 31st birthday to you Mr Vocenae.

  2. Vocenae

    Resource Map

    I see nothing wrong with providing additional thoughts on the subject, on how it could be incorporated without removing an aspect of creative agency from players that would be responsible in creating their nation as they envision it. At the end of the day, yes, it's up to everyone here to make that decision as it directly affects them, not me. I simply wanted to suggest, not demand, additional options in the hopes of making this project that much more successful for those that will be involved in it. As a veteran of this community, I simply care about it and want to see it continue to grow in a positive way, regardless if they take any suggestions I might have or not. As stated, I think the idea of a resource map is a good idea overall.
  3. Vocenae

    Resource Map

    I like the idea of a resource map, but I'd also suggest that it is 'opt in' only, or allow them to make their own resource maps (with rules for said customization so it's not godmodding, limited number of X and Y, etc).
  4. This is the second time posting this. Abusing your moderation powers is not how you run a community, guys. You have a responsibility, regardless of how you feel about individual players, to uphold the rules without bias. ___________ Just for clarification regarding my nation in response to the above post (bolded emphasis mine):
  5. To which I will direct you to the Berne Convention. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berne_Convention Specifically, And Rowling could go after those fanfiction writers, if she wanted. George R. R. Martin, author of the A Song of Ice and Fire universe (the books upon which Games of Thrones is based) does. To be clear I am NOT threatening legal action. All I'm asking for here is that we abide by both our community rules, which clearly state And our Roleplaying rules:
  6. Posting this so that we're all brought up to speed, here (including myself). Intellectual property rights ARE a thing. They are not some nebulous construct pulled from the aether, regardless of how much worth or 'difference' that one user may find that the do or do not have. It is something that exists within real world law. Infringing on it is violating that law, again regardless of an individual's personal belief of the value and worth of said IP. There is no 'weight' being thrown around, it is simply me protecting my property, which it is. Continued usage of my nation without my expressed consent is in violation of Intellectual Property Law. For the benefit of everyone in Europa, I will now list content concerning Intellectual Copyright Law, along with excerpts from The Community Rules of Europa and The Roleplay Rules of Europa. Taken from HG.Org (a legal resource site) is the following on what Intellectual Property Law is (bolded emphasis mine): https://www.hg.org/intell.html And as found In The Community Rules of Europa, specifically section §3 Your Content; Article 5. (Bolded emphasis mine) And in The Roleplay Rules of Europa, specifically section §5 In Character rules; Article 1 and 2. (Boled emphasis mine) Hopefully this post was information for everyone, and not just myself. Thank you for your time.
  7. I'm pressed for time and data on my phone, so I've just skimmed the posts and for now you get a TLDR response. It doesn't matter if I'm here or not, given that it's my stuff. It shouldn't be used without my permission. It's metagaming, and more importantly, IP theft otherwise. Now, had I given permission and said "Sure Andalla, do whatever you want", then there would be no problem. But I did not give him permission. He received permission to mention my nation, not create political situations or named and unnamed characters that are corrupt. That is creating history in MY nation without my consent. That's the problem. This is not bullying, this is not me "showing up once in a blue moon and throwing around demands, this is me protecting my things. That's it. I could have been a lot more terse about it instead of trying to explain WHY this is bad in a polite manner. If this was the official NS forums, this would be a warnable offense if reported to moderation, with ALL the offending content (which is most of the post) being deleted by a moderator upon being reported. Without any notice given to Andalla. So all in all, my polite request and explanation is much kinder a service than Andalla would have received on the official forums. All he has to do now is replace all mentions of my nation with a NPC state (or someone else, if they volunteer or otherwise choose to participate in the RP) and literally nothing changes. Given that there's a lack of RP rules (we had them, once) I've suggested to Orioni via Discord that perhaps adoption/adaptation of the NS forum rules would be really beneficial for everyone. The new guys don't know, but you, Adaptus, might remember this. Once upon a time there was a player by the name of Xheng. What did he do? He metagamed and used, without permission, other people's nations, and made quite a few people very upset in the process. What happened to this player? He was removed from the region because of those violations and several refusals to obey both moderator and admin commands to cease doing that. As for "your opinion doesn't matter you're not here anymore you shouldn't even be on the map", let it be known I was keeping the lights on both here and in the actual region when all other admins, pretty much everyone was gone, including Orioni, Tagmatium, and even you, Adaptus. And if you check the last page or so of the previous map discussion thread, you'll see that because of that service (and the one I still provide to Europa), I was allowed to retain my position on the map.
  8. OOC: Only gone in the sense that I don't park my nation here anymore. I visit the forum and RMB quite frequently. After all, I didn't put years of keeping the lights on just to entirely walk away. And just in case anyone was wondering, my nation uses soft Cs, not hard. As such, you pronounce the full name as: vOH Sin Nay, and the capital city as: vOH See Ah. Otherwise, on Discord or as the name I go by most everywhere else "Voc", that's a hard sound, like saying the word "Voke". Anyway, I'd rather do this in a OOC thread, but as there is none, well, gonna do it here. Sorry. For the record, I authorized the use of mentioning Vocenae while visiting the Europa Discord, but I did not, however, authorize full use of it, or characters, named or otherwise, within it. This is a very clear use of another player's IP without permission, and while the scenario surrounding it is different, the problem behind it is no different than is I or any other player decided to go "And a group of corrupt Andallan politicians and soldiers had reached out for supporters of a coup". It's taking control of another player's assets, no matter if they're 'here' or gone entirely and it's not acceptable. Sorry if this comes off as harsh. I've had more than a few people steal things from me and my nation over the years and it's left me more than a little defensive when people take liberties with my stuff. Again, for the record, here is the amount of content that I gave permission for: This was the extent in which I was led to believe you would be mentioning my nation, which again, I gave permission for. I did NOT, however, give permission for use of anything else involving my nation. As such, I'm going to have to ask you to remove all references to my nation, beyond the above, from your post. Again, sorry if this sounds harsh, blunt or mean-spirited. It is not intended that way, but I will defend my IP. And as a basic creative rule, always, ALWAYS try to get permission from another player or if that player no longer exists, use a NPC nation. Don't ever use someone else's property without permission. And if anyone EVER needs to contact me concerning the usage of my nation in an RP, or just RP ideas in general, I am always a simple Telegram, PM or Discord Message away. PLEASE contact me as get my permission before using my nation again in the future. Thank you.
  9. Just as an aside, using FaceApp in conjunction with another editing tool is a free and quick way to create decent looking new people from pretty much...anyone, including yourself, should you choose to do so. I was messing around with it the other night and I was suddenly hit with the realization of how useful it could be for players that use actual photos.
  10. I'd also like to throw my two cents in right here and offer up a couple of Nationstates-centric worldbuilding guides written by a former member of the Future Tech community and myself. While it is geared towards sci fi, many of the points are still relevant. After all, if you can write in one tech genre, you can write in them all, it's simply a matter of switching out nouns (more or less). Anyway, here you go. Guide to Future Tech World-Building: https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?p=25666381#p25666381 Example of how I world build: https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=270578&p=29640151#p29640151
  11. Vocenae

    Who Will Post Next?

    You get me. Derthalen.
  12. Vocenae

    A Logo for our Region

    Now that there's new continents, you should try making something akin to the UN logo with all the landmasses.
  13. Vocenae

    Continent names

    Cashar: The 'gray one' already has a name, it's the Europan continent. As for the other ones, Sunset has a good bead on appropriate names with his plate map, the only ones I disagree with are the MArenesia locations. Marenesia is fine for the bigger one but the smaller island should be the Meteorolas, as they're in the Meteorolan Sea. Or maybe something something Magellan. So northern continent, call it Borea/Borealis/Borealia, Vesperia for the central continent, then the southern one could be Aurelia (both as the continent and plate name). Crux Aurelia could be something to run with as well. Also this is going back a ways, but @Magneaus, I would qualify everyone that has come into Europa in the last year as 'new'. I think you guys would be better served migrating to the new map. I'm also not sure if 'culture zones' is a good thing or a bad thing. I mean I see what it's application would do, keep everything organized so no cross mixing of cultures but at the same time it does feel somewhat constricting. I mean I think it would do more good than bad, but I suppose that's the freeform in me going 'nooooo'.
  14. Vocenae

    Map v4: Discussion

    Then there was no point in creating the new continents at all, then. Literally the only reason to have new landmasses created was to lock Classical Europa and prevent new players from joining it thus preserving the community history there. While encouraging the new players to strike out and create their own chapter in the history of this region. Otherwise Orioni just did a whole lot of work for literally no reason at all. The new players (if not all within the last year, then definitely all of not currently on the Classical Europa map) should go to the map that was designed specifically for them, and not be added to Classical Europa.
  15. Vocenae

    Solar System

    Here's my take and then what happens, happens. It's going to be blunt. Yes, I do think it's new person enthusiasm (and a need to cater to that enthusiasm lest they leave). There's no even real promise that you'll even RP said joint space RP (though perhaps my experience with the Future Tech community's very slow pace of posting has some influence on that). It's a huge, MAJOR change to what has already been established before your time all in the name of newbie enthusiasm. Do new players have the right to create new things? Yes, absolutely, but not at the expense of what has come before. That is part of joining an older region with an established world and history, regardless of how active or inactive it may have been. It's not very respectful to that history or the players who made it (regardless if they're still around or not) to come in and change things in such a major way that invalidates what they had done in the past even if what you want to change had only minor mentions in the past. I mean if you want to make your mark and create your own world to play in, well, and this will be blunt, you should just go make your own region where you can create all this stuff from scratch. Where you can define what all the planets are to the fullest extent of your creative potential without any pre-existing community lore getting in your way. Don't change or tarnish what came before you, because Europa has one of the oldest community histories on NS and to just flip it all around because you want to make it yours is insulting to that history. How would you react if the shoe was on the other foot if I was a new player that came in demanding all these radical and frankly needless changes to your long established regional history? Changes that retcon and invalidate parts of it simply because we're the new kids on the block? Sorry, but that is how I see it. Trampling on what and who came before you. Now that that has been said, what else is there to talk about? Fractal Sol, as explained via the Future Tech Advice Thread: Fractal Sol, Fractal Earth (#FractalSol): Term describing the nature of Sol System (the Solar System) and/or earth in the Future Technology community; generally understood to mean that, within the canon and continuity of Future Tech, for each instance in which a player determines their respective entities to possess or originate from Sol System, a new, identical copy of Sol System comes into existence; term describing the necessity for multiple Sol Systems and multiple earths in Future Tech in order to reconcile possibly conflicting individual instances of canon or continuity; the nature of a "Prime Sol" or "Prime Earth" is debated, considered by many to "effectively non-existence" or "otherwise not applicable" in order to maintain reconciliation of different individual canons and continuities. Perhaps I never explained the concept properly enough and that better explains what it is. By default, Europa always was a Fractal Sol with no connection to real-life Earth. Europa was Earth, for all intents and purposes. Nothing else changed. There was no United States or Russia or any real world nation that existed on Europa Earth. There's no reason to come up with some contrived plot to 'jump Fractals' other than trying to shoehorn in your changes. It's a bad idea. Sorry if that seems blunt, but there you go. What can change? As was said before, anything that was never RP'd in the past to any extent. If, as Orioni's search showed, there was a mention of a planet such as MArs, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, etc mentioned in the past, then that's it. They are set in stone. Anything that wasn't mentioned can be changed with no harm to the existing canon in Europa. I don't necessarily think that new planetary bodies need to be added as it clutters things but if it wasn't established previously then I see no harm. Existing, mentioned via RP planet names should remain the same, but each nation is free to call those planets what they like. I see no harm in that as all through history various civilizations have called the RL planets different names. Venus = Venera = Aphrodite, etc and so forth. Do these changes change the Fractal nature of the Europa Fractal Sol? No, not really. In FT some people have Mars being blown up, Jupiter is a second star, so on and so forth. It is very early for me right now and I have been up for a very long time and must sleep. My TLDR is: No, these changes are unecessary and are disrepectful to the established history of Europa. Changing things because of newbie enthusiasm and a need to retain new players does not and should never overwrite what came before, regardless of how long ago it was.