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  1. Hello! Got a question about your flag; I feel I've seen one similar elsewhere. Is it based on that of Akaoneko?
  2. It is said that the blossom of the netherworld is fiery red, stained with blood and revenge from the world of the living. Only the dead know such things, and the dead give their counsel to no man, but the three from beyond the sea bore flowers of flaming red on banners black as coal, and as night sweeps across the earth so did the shade of their legions fall over these lands. Clad in clothes of flame, and with hair of darkest shadow, the warriors of the red flower claimed these shores for their masters, and in time erected great forests of towers in the heart of the old cities, monolithic structures rising high against the night sky. As these monumental metropoli took shape, the three settled in the city they called Hanagi, which in their tongue means the castle of flowers, where they ordered the construction of a great wooden tower. And it was from this tower that the eldest, flanked on either side by his sisters, proclaimed his rule over all Akabania, the land of the red flower...
  3. Apologies for the delay in returning; I seem to have acquired a cold or some such thing. Anyway, thanks for all the welcomes!
  4. Sure! My main nation is the Ringist Shogunate of Oshima and Izu (RSOI), sometimes known as Ringoku (although confusingly I also have a separate account with that name)
  5. The flower that grows in the netherworld is fiery red...The sinister corporate-occultist scions of the Akabana family have travelled to Europa at the head of their brutal female retainers in search of fresh markets to exploit and new lands to rule... *** My greetings to you all! I believe I already know some of you from Europe, where I am still active; at any rate, I was curious about this region and so decided to investigate by moving in with one of my presently unused nations. One quick note on the subject of tech levels; although principally modern tech, my nations tend to a little strange on account of influences derived from Asian horror (of which i am something of a fan). I stress that it has never yet been a problem since I usually downplay 'supernatural' elements, and leave it up to each player to determine how much is real as opposed to merely local superstition, but I thought it might be an idea to mention it at the outset... Anyway, I look forward to getting involved with things around here
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