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      Welcome to Europa. This site is part of the region of Europa in the online game NationStates. The region of Europa is a diverse community of nations, with a wide range of political and ideological values, working together through various institutions and alliances - at least when they're not threatening to go to war with each other. Whether you want to play it safe with a liberal democracy, set up a communist regime, or rule your citizens with an iron fist and the threat of turning them into dog food, Europa is a great region to play in. As one of the oldest regions in the game, everybody who's anybody wants to try their hand at ruling their own country right here in Europa. Just head on over to the Forum and have a read through the sticky threads. If you're curious about how all of this work, we've included some helpful links to get you started. A good place to start is our Hitchhickers Guide to Europa. Roleplayers will be glad to see our honest and fair RP rules. Check out our map versions and discover how to apply. Experiencing problem with this website? Our helpdesk is always open. Have fun! -- The Europans Team


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  1. [HELP] Currency?

    @Andalla I completely agree. But there is nothing to stop nations trying. This is why I simplified my currency by tying it to Gold. Makes exchange easier.
  2. Romefeller Foundation

    Echos reverberated around the marbled corridors deep within the palace, as the sandalled feet of an aide made their way to a set of towering pillars. Beyond which stood Augustus, surrounded by half a dozen or so Principal from the College. Their discussions mostly beyond that of the aide as they entered the large assembly like hall in which the Principals and the King where lounging in a single small corner. "King Augustus." The aide humbly spoke, cutting into the Principals conversation. He then held out a wax stamped scroll. A typical method of physical documentation in Adaptus. "Ah! Thank you!" Augustus replied, accepting the scroll with wonder. He broke off the wax to then read the message. "Romefeller Foundation? I do recall past records of previous monarchs attending this. It seems the organisation is once again, trying to be relevant. This time led by an @Orioni delegation. Interesting. I think I shall attend." Augustus shot a cheerful grin and smile at his colleagues across from him, who all returned the gesture. Later that day, a reply was dispatched. Correspondentia urbem sedes imperii principes collegio valuerant (Correspondence of the High City, seat of the Imperial Ascendancy and College of Principals) From: King Ascendant, Augustus III. To: The Romefeller Foundation. In lieu of recent international resurgence, I find the association of regional monarchs, while disagreeable by Adapton definitions of monarchy, still necessary. It is with this sentiment I accept this invitation, and will present myself to the foundation, and it's members. And in doing so, reaffirm Adapton membership. I look forward to a progressive and imperative meeting. Kindest Regards, Augustus III.
  3. [HELP] Currency?

    What happens if you have a tea based currency and try to use it in a country like mine for example, where no one drinks tea?
  4. The Phoenix and the Falcon.

    By now, the Grand Consul was gathering quite a negative following. Her attempts at international outreach had yielded some fruit. A new bilateral alliance and trade agreement with the Free Port had been finalised. But, nothing else had been achieved. The pressure was now ramping up on Ceres Stolos. Even her own Praetors were sizing her up. The situation was not looking good. While internally, the nation was now beginning to prosper, there was still a need to increase the Adapton trade potential, as well as its own consumption requirements. Politically, Mrs Stolos was being seen as all bark and no bite. Adaptons were bored with internal well being. They wanted a grander international presence, and the Grand Consul was not delivering. In the wake of pressure from her own Praetors, and the Assembly, she decided help was needed. So she sought counsel with the King. It was a somewhat unheard of affair for the Grand Consul to request direct assistance from the King. After all it was the King's job to protect democracy, not to facilitate it. However, the King called upon the loyalty of the College of Principals. And their wisdom was unquestioned. The King himself being seen as the first amongst the College. And thus, Mrs Stolos made her way to the Palace. As she made her way to the King's study within the Palace, escorted by flanking Hypaspistai Guards, glad in golden armour, trailing them with long golden cloaks, and atop their Corinthian helms sat their tall purple plums, accentuated by their carrying of large round Aspis, a long tall Dory, A Kopis tucked under their cloak, and for good measure, and to remind everyone this was the 21st century, hi-tech sub-machine guns, concealed even deeper under their cloaks. Of course, coloured in a dull brownish khaki, not to detract too much from the golden armour. It was rare someone from outside the College entered this part of the Palace. So the sight of this left the Grand Consul in a state of awe. As Mrs Stolos was lead into the Study area, she found it was not as she anticipated. High pillars lined the vast open room. In the centre of the room the floor gave way, to an almost abyss like cavern, in which ladders and stairs coiled down. She could see down this monstrous, cavernous depression within the palace was stored a library so vast, it would have taken centuries to rebuild. Nestled amongst the books were almost angelic aides, gliding between ladders, and stairs, and darting in and out of corridors, leading even further into this subterranean archive. Back on the upper level, where Ceres stood, the walls and ceiling were painted to reflect the night sky of Adaptus, accurate to all the constellations. Which only alluded to the rooms vastness even further. As Ceres gained her senses, after being taken aback but the study a voice called out to her, from above a small pillar, and behind a curtain. "Welcome Grand Consul. I trust your journey here was well?" Came the voice with a regal tone she distinctly recognised. "I will be out in a second, please tell me your main agenda." Mrs Stolos stumbled somewhat. "Ah yes!" She said as she fumbled through a folder she had. "It was regarding our endeavours pertaining to Directive Hermes..." She trailed off, but noticed the Kings attention was not fully with her. "King Augustus?" She questioned. Suddenly, Augustus stood from behind the curtain, lofted by the solid marble pillar he stood on. Stern, and serious his gaze fixated on Mrs Stolos as she reeled at the sight of the King. "Directive Hermes!" He shot back at her. "Your failed attempt at international bullying?" The Grand Consul was by this time in shock. Not only had the sight on the King in, very, formal attire threw her off balance, his scathing remark had too shook her. "Oh I am sorry." Continued Augustus. "I have had a session with the Principals this morning. If I had time I would have donned something less traditional for your visit." He tried to calm her, but never lost his stern tone. "Augustus.... If I may." Ceres tried to steady herself. "You may not Grand Consul. This nation does not need to ascertain its own sovereignty from the trepidation of a few westward back waters, and young pups. Trade, resources, and security at home needs to be secured first. Look to our open land, south and north. And our former neighbours who have since fell to the abyss that so many others fall to in this region. Fixate our peoples gaze on these areas. Secure them. Use them. I have it in good faith from the Greater Holy Emperor...." He stopped,and allowed Ceres to take a moment to divulge that information. "The Gre..Greater Ho.." She again was cut off. "Yes Grand Consul. I have heard from the Emperor in the East. He is to direct his government to do the same. We will secure the Occident, as I am sure our other southern neighbours will follow suite once we act. The sub-continent will be divided amongst us. Give this to the people. Use it wisely Grand Consul, and it may also save your career. Now please. get back to the business of running this country. I don't want to see it in turmoil again." With that the Grand Consul was ushered from the Palace. Somewhat broken, but renewed.
  5. [HELP] Currency?

    Leading on from @Orioni's suggestion. I done something similar to this for my national currency. Aureus - Which translates roughly to Gold or Golden. Because my currency is tied directly to the Gold Standard. So taking that principle and applying it to a regional currency (which I would assume would not be tied to gold, but rather a flat currency). So taking the concept of a universal flat currency. Quick ideas could included: Universae Monetae (UM) Iugis - Meaning perpetual or continuous. Universala Mono. You get the idea. I'm rinsing a terms through a translator to get the basis of something unique.
  6. Lockdown NW Europa

    Whoops. I blame old age. I miss things easily.
  7. Lockdown NW Europa

    @Orioni, I think if we can all agree to Role-play the expansions into former nations, I see no issues with us making creative solutions to these border issues. So long as it fosters a good series of Role-play. Hence my suggestion of us setting up an OOC thread to discuss the prospects of these expansions. After all, thats the fun of Role-Play.
  8. I'm more than happy to put this away with the current plans for the Occident. Could revisit this in a limited capacity as a future RP storyline. But for now, I'll put any expansion outside of the Occident on indefinite hold for the foreseeable future.
  9. Lockdown NW Europa

    Well if all parties are happy. And the map gods don't mind doing the work. I suppose we can move the discussion forwards. @Suverina Said he had some suggestions on the boarders. Do you want to discuss this in a little more detail Suv? I want to also suggest that maybe we move to create an OOC thread, to discuss jointly Roleplaying this. And how we want to go about it. Whether we want to link all the events together or not. How is that? @Suverina, @Tagmatium Rules, @Great Burlington, @Sunset Sea Islands, @Orioni?
  10. Couple of place holders for now. Luke Evans (Actor) - King Augustus III. Russell Crowe (Actor) - Generalis Lucius Antonius. Gerard Butler (Actor) - Generalis Taxiles.
  11. Lockdown NW Europa

    Taking Suv's input, I'm trying to work out a sensible compromise to this. I have tweaked this map again, this time taking out Van, and dividing the territory up between Tag and Suv, and, with some territory being free'd up. I've also tried to keep the boarders, somewhat natural (although I haven't compared it with the geographic map to check that), while still trying to keep them somewhat interesting. I tried to keep current boarders the same. It's rough, and some lines will need to be smoothed out. But it's an attempt at compromise. Let me know, what the verdict it. I'm trying to stay neutral to this, whilst please everyone. Not easy.
  12. [HELP] Currency?

    Did we not used to us Euro as a go to international currency? I remember making a load of posts in my Vickers Weapons System thread priced in Euros after a brief OOC discussion. EDIT: Just checked NS Economy for the first time in about 7 years. æ1 = $1.9. Jeez. My government budget is also terribly badly calculated. Government Budget Details Administration:$0.000% Social Welfare:$0.000% Healthcare:$15,992,014,745,318.126% Education:$114,609,439,008,113.1743% Religion & Spirituality:$0.000% Defence:$47,976,044,235,954.3518% Law & Order:$79,960,073,726,590.5830% Commerce:$5,330,671,581,772.712% Public Transport:$0.000% The Environment:$0.000% Social Equality:$0.000%
  13. Lockdown NW Europa

    I do think @Tagmatium Rules has a point about removing nations who have ceased to exist a long time ago, or were kicked. If the likely hood of their return is slim, then it makes sense. If they do return then they can always be placed elsewhere. Such a situation happened to me with Vetok, who took over my plots after my absence for so long. Which resulting in my move to the Occident. I found it a fair result of my absence. However in the case of nations with a long history, or who are still in NS, but don't participate, I think that is acceptable to keep them. I think, to make it work, we could say nations stay regardless of whether they have CTE'd etc. Until a nation wishes to move into their land, in which case, the old nation is altered or removed? Just an idea of course. Would be good to hear what @Orioni has to say.
  14. [OOC] In search for Adlantis

    Surely all you need to be qualified in Classical Antiquity is to watch Disney's Hercules.
  15. I think with @Sunset Sea Islands's proposed map changes, I'd rein this in quite heavily, and maybe take a small part of land, or a small island later down the line to fit with the Hong Kong idea I had, but that would be it. So long as no one objects. Obviously this would be much further down the line now, as the proposed map changes will take some time to RP out in Europa before moving into the new world.