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  1. Adaptus

    [OOC] Reap the Whirlwind

    No maybe. I'm definitely smashing Derth's metaphorical anus.
  2. Faustia received the communications from the Fulgistani ship, and captain Fagiole. She initiated a reply communication. "Solidarity, this is Captain Faustia of the Salamis. We're already preparing a boarding group via air. I am relaying our intelligence and radio communications to your ship for collaboration with your boarding teams. Our 6 strength team is looking to board the bridge from above. If you can spare the manpower to secure the fore and aft we can rendezvous teams at the centre deck before clearing the lower decks together. I will prepare some AA suppression if we can coordinate AA suppression together can get a better chance at the teams landing first time." She then turned back to her weapons officer. "Target the unknown vessels weapon systems, and engine systems, suppress their AA fire, and try and pin them where they are. Try and coordinate with the other vessels to get effective focus fire." The Weapons Officer nodded, and continued to carry out his duties. Within a few moments, the Salamis had retargeted it's weapons and was now firing from it's bow gun, and suppression batteries at the vessels weapon systems, focusing on crippling it's ability to effectively manage any anti-aircraft actions.
  3. "The Ardent has a confirmed hit captain! It seems the unknown ship is still holding however." Came a voice from the intelligence officer. Faustia, peered out into the darkness, the flashing of lights on the bridge lit up behind her. She zoned out of the chattering, and rushed atmosphere, until, unto her mind, the bridge was silent. She focused herself, calculating. It seemed like several minutes had passed, but it must have only been a few seconds. She closed her eyes briefly. Turned to her Intelligence Office, and to her Weapons Officer, and began her battle sermon. "Co-ordonate the drones to counter any offensive activity. Arm forward phalanx. Launch Perseus 1 through to 3. Flash at 11 though to 2. Concentrate bow fire intermittent between Perseus launch. On Mark. Communicate to flotilla, crescent moon advance on target. Screen fire. Let the drones do their work..." Immediately her officers began pouncing into action. Within seconds the ships began to co-ordonate their advance. A Perseus missile fired off into the dark, directly towards the target, a second after, the main bow gun of the Salamis fired intermittent shots out. Three of the Salamis' drone craft had advanced on the unknown ship. It was at this point the flotilla got their first visual glimpse of the vessel via the video feeds. In the dark the ship, of a frigate size, could be made out, however faint. Markings along it's hull could be seen, although disseminating exactly what they were was impossible. It seems also as if the ship was somehow covered in something. What, it wasn't clear, but an eerie oxidised, and overgrown look could be made out. Suddenly a reply salvo was fired from the unknown vessel, it was almost unearthly how rapidly the counter manoeuvre was engaged. All the while the ship never seemed to wane under the pressure of battle. It was unsettling. Fortunately the drone craft detected the reply attack, with one drone tagging the incoming missile. Soon after the missile was tagged, the unknown ship, as if telepathically knowing, ripped a burst from its close in weapons system, splitting the drone in half, before it erupted into flames mid flight. The Salamis in return opened with it's forward Phalanx guns and pierced the missile from the sky. The first Perseus missile had overshot it's target, while the second was launched. This time with a more stable target acquisition in place. To add to the maelstrom, the remaining drones opened fire with their support missile systems. clashing into the desk of the unknown ship, an starting the first visible fires. The night sky have become illuminated by the salvos roaring through the air, and not the flares launched for the Salamis had reached their zenith in the night, the ocean bound battlefield could now be seen. Quite possibly the most intense naval engagement since the Long War was currently underway. But, the horror was far from over.
  4. The Salamis had been preparing to host an intelligence meeting between the captains of the ships within the makeshift coalition flotilla as the Fulgistani ship approached. However, before arraignments could be made, the attending intelligence officer called out across the bridge. "Captain! Unknown vessel has been sighted on OTHRN, and RADAR contact is established. The ship bears no markings, or ensigns. It looks to be of frigate class or size. Attempts to make contact are not being answered. The ship is heading at full power. We've detected weapons arming." Faustia looked shocked. "What the.... Pirates? But a ship so large? Christ! Open a hail!" "Aye captain... Broadcasting." Replied the intelligence officer. "Attention approaching vessel." Faustia began. The broadcast was covering all frequencies, those aboard the other ships should have picked up the hail. "This is Captain Faustia of the Federal Imperial Vessel Salamis. Abort your advance, disarm your weapons, or we will be forced to engage." Silence returned over the communications. She continued. "I repeat. This is Captain Faustia of the FIS Salamis. Abort your advance!" Silence again. "Oh for fu..." Faustia muttered to herself. "Weapons teams. Bring the bloody missile batteries up now and take aim! And bring the bow gun up." She turn back to the communications array in-font of her. "Unknown vessel. This is your last warning!" As she began, she noticed the Fulgistani vessel begin to advance. "Stand down, abort your advance, or prepare to be engaged!" This time, the vague fizzle and static of a bad radio communications line became clear. It fuzzed and crackled for several seconds. Eventually, a gravelly, and broken voice came back. "[Static]..It.... Must [Static]... Be.... Sent [Static]." The radio then fell silent. Faustia, looked to her intelligence office. "f*cks sake! Full speed! These bastards won't get near us!' Sharply the vessel hurled itself onto it's bearing. And with a lurch, and powerful heave, it propelled itself forward, tearing through the water, whilst smoke bellowed from it's now antiquated stack. Throwing itself into weapons range, alongside the Solidarity.
  5. By now the Salamis had arrived on scene, and the original boarding party had just returned, relived by a a part from the Seylosian ship. The marines had found nothing. Which, was interesting in itself, as they had literally found nothing. No logs in the vessels archive, no manifest, nothing. No signs that anyone had ever even set food on the ship. Even the pantry had been emptied. This Puzzled Faustia and her officers. As if there had been pirates on board, and a confrontation took place, there would be some evidence. But there was nothing. What was even more interesting, that the cargo of the ship was still intact. Whatever this was, it didn't have any hallmarks of the usual pirate raid. What stirred the puzzled officers was the fact that the Sullen Wind, the Fulgistani ship, was totally gone. No trace. Pirates never took an entire ship, they took what they needed and left. This was highly unusual. Faustia had ordered the communications and intelligence officers to assume control of the drones on board the destroyer, and sent the out on long range patrols to find the missing ship, or at least some sign of evidence to give them a suggestion as to what was going on. In the mean time, she thought it best to liaise with her counterpart onboard the Seylosian ship. ______________________________________ A hailing frequency was opened to the Ardent. Faustia began in common. "Ave! My name is Captain Faustia, I am currently in command of the FIS Salamis. We have been conducting intelligence gathering and investigations of what transpired here as part of our operational parameters in the local anti-piracy and anti-slavery task force. We thought it would be best we invited you across to our ship to pool resources and consult on our findings."
  6. The waters just south of Adrotiri were relatively calm in comparison to the storms further to the south and east. The FIS Salamis had just left port to begin patrols as part of the ongoing anti-piracy and anti-slavery operations. She was a larger Destroyer class ship, which had only recently arrived in the area. Older in design, but recently undergoing a refit to modernise. During the process, she was given a new Captain. Faustia had recently been promoted to the position of captain, and the Salamis was her first ship. Passing into international waters, Faustia had commanded the ship begin long range communication sweeps. It wan't long before the distress call from the Beaumont was detected. One of the ships officers brought the communications to the captains attention. "What can we gather from this information." She questioned. An officer presented several transcripts to her before replying. "It seems, from our monitoring and probing of the communications channels from the ship. The Beaumont had rendezvoused with a Fulgistani ship - the Sullen Wind - for added security, and passage through the storm. The communications lead us to believe that there was some form of attack on the ships. No doubt there will be a Fulgistani and Seylos response to this. Although, we can probably be onsite of the incident first if we press now. We have several drone craft which can probe the area within the next few hours or so now that the storm has subsided somewhat. It does fall within out operating parameters." "Good work. Launch the drone craft to begin analysis of the area, and set course for the last known site of communications. Bring the weapons teams to alert ready in case there are still pirates in the area. Establish base OTHRN relays back to Adrotiri. Lets see if we can build a picture of this. Who do we have in the area for support?" Faustia asked. "Well we can expect Fulgistani support, one of their ships was involved, and we do have good relations. Same is said for Seylos. But in terms of our own naval support, the Plato is due to return to Adrotiri for resupply in the next few days, so we can request additional support from her. And the Poseidon is also en route from Blockade operations." "Send requests to both the Plato and Poseidon for pre-action notifications and alert readiness. But we can manage for now on our own." "Yes captain. I'll process the requests." Several minutes later the Salamis hard turned to align with the destination bearing, and set it's sights on the last known communication location of the Beaumont. Unknown to the crew however, this was not a routine pirate hunt.
  7. Adaptus

    Trackname Game

    Under the Sea - The Little Mermaid.
  8. Adaptus

    The Phoenix and the Falcon.

    Once again, in the hallowed halls of the High City, footsteps could be heard echoing through the marble halls. Two men, flanked by the ever present Hypaspists, made their way to one of the smaller meeting halls of the High City. As they approached the arched entranceway. Two angelic figures appeared, and then as if floating, they hurried away, in utter silence. The glaring light of this new room for a brief second blinded the two men as they entered. Quickly their eyes adjusted, and as they did, the flanking Hypaspists had now taken up their position to the entranceway. And before them stood a woman. Wearing traditional brilliant white Toga praetexta, with a solid diagonal strip of violet across the chest. She stood, in almost effortless natural beauty, with long light brunette hair, with an ever so slight twist to the locks. Her skin seemed pure, while she stood, not very tall, but very slender. Her figure was impeccable. She was starring at the two men. "Principal Aedesia!? I thought you were in Bonesis, at the academy?" One of them men said, with a somewhat shocked, and surprised tone. "Afternoon to you too Taxiles." She smiled, and then turned to the second man. "Antonius." She again nodded and smiled. Antonius smiled and nodded in return. "Aedesia." It was clear now, these two men where the two generals Antonius, who had been tasked with securing the Northern territories, and the former Beautancus. Which was in it's final stages. And the general Taxiles, who had been tasked with securing the southern terrorises, and liberating former Alexandrian lands from the Euclidian threat. This also was now in it's final stages. The two had been both sent for by Augustus, to report on the current situations in both theatres. However, it was clear this was a front for a more covert briefing. What was unknown to the two was that Augustus would not be present. Assumed still abroad by the two. Both, were somewhat puzzled by the presence of Aedesia however. Aedesia, a woman of incredible beauty, was usually found in Bonesis, to the north of the former Bonecedonian Kingdom of ancient times. She was a lecturer, at the Bonesis Academy of Art, Literature and Martial Excellence. Her subjects generally included ancient Adapton literature, Neo-Classical Music, and Grand Strategic Warfare, a mastery of such realms made her a natural Principal in the college. Whilst still young, her reputation proceeded her. "As you can both tell by now Augustus isn't here for your briefing. However I have this for you both." She handed both generals rolls of paper, stamped with wax, and Augustus' seal. They both opened the rolls and read together. Quickly both looked back up in more bemusement. "No longer generals?! Is Augustus becoming all nostalgic! I thought Generalis was a prestigious title? The Great Adatpon War is now meaningless to him? He's obsessed with titles!" Antonius scorned. Aedesia looked at him softly, but with a stern grace. "Antonius, Legate was the traditional title given to only the most capable of generals in ancient times. Embrace it. If you wish to still refer to yourself as a Generalis, please do, but officially, you are both now the first Legates in a thousand years. Enjoy it." Again, she smiled. Antonius nodded. Taxiles then began. "And this..." He started with his gravelly tone. "Principalis Militaris... I suppose congratulations are in order?" Aedesia giggled to herself. "I suppose they are. Augustus has seen fit to grant me the position of Principalis Militaris, placing the military firmly back under the control of the College, rather than under the Ceres, and the Federal Assembly. As such, all Legates - that's you two - now report to me. And I report to Augustus. I hope you find that a suitable arrangement." Taxiles closed his eyes, smiled and nodded with a slight chuckle. "Well, I can't grumble at that can I. If there is anyone who knows how to run a military it's you. Just leave the fighting to us I suppose." Again he chucked. "Precisely." Aedesia concurred. "Now Antonius, since Beautancus is now subdued, and we are positioning the new puppet government. I need you to move onto your next orders." She handed Antonius another roll of sealed paper. Antonius read it, nodded with agreement, and looked back towards Aedesia. "I'll see to it. And congratulations." With that, he turned to Taxiles, nodded, and then left. Aedesia then turned to Taxiles. "I have something a bit different for you now." She then handed him another roll of paper. Both of them stood in silence as he read the paper to himself. He then looked up. "Agamanon, is an arrogant sod. But I suppose I out-rank him now?" Taxiles asked. "No, you won't by the time you get there. He's being given a similar naval position on a par with you. We need legate equivalents in each branch, and he is the perfect fit. You will both be working together. He has been in the area sometime now. You will rendezvous with additional vessels and troops. Some of those troops will be ones you have been with in the southern theatre." Aedesia continued. "You will organise the ground offensive, and secure the necessary ground based assets as required. Agamanon will take care of the air and sea side of things. You'll be given command of mostly marines, with the assistance of Hypaspists, and Companion Cavalry. Mostly lighter cavalry. I am, additionally, because of the nature of these operations, giving you and attachment of Apostles." Taxiles' face turned sour. "Apostles!? Are you serious?" Aedesia then became stern. "I am deadly serious Taxiles. You'll be given a detachment of Apostles of Plato, 12 to be exact. They will be under your command, however will operate independently. The sensitive nature of the situation calls for it. We require their specialist methodologies." "I see." Taxiles replied. "Well, so it is then. I best be off then." "You best be. Send Agamanon my regards. And make this operation quick. You've been gone long enough in the south, and as your wife, I miss you. So please. Hurry this up." Aedesia then dropped her head. Taxiles then turned and left. Quickly followed by the Hypaspists. Aedesia raised her head and watched as her husband left the entranceway and faded into the white light outside of the room.
  9. Lautus Perambulo, also known as simply Lautus is an Adapton automotive manufacture, and the commercial arm of Lautus Peramulo Technologies Formula One, both of which are subsidiaries of Lautus Technology and Engineering. Lautus is based out of the Lautus Technology Centre, Heracidium, just outside of Tellakois. Lautus Automotive specialises on luxury and high performance production vehicles for multiple markets including the Europan and Argic markets. Lautus are also known for their tuning house. Lautus have a long history of partnering with other automative manufactures and motor sport teams to produce high performance orientated models of production vehicles, as well as specialist modification and adaptions to existing engine and drivetrain platforms. Recently Lautus has reopened it's tuning division with it's lates partnership with the @Prymont automotive manufacture Kaldestad Aamot Group (KAP). With this new partnership Lautus is proud to announce it's first production vehicle in 25 years. Welcome to the Centurion... The Centurion L2 GTR is based on the previous KAP R3 platform, which now has since been discontinued. Lautus opted to continue the platform over the R3's successor the R4 due to it's lightweight chassis and mid-engined layout. This proved to be the perfect layout for Lautus' first foray into the production car market in 25 years. The L2 GTR will be sold in most markets under the KAP name, however a limited run version, the Centurion L2-80 GTR will, will be sold in a limited number of 80 cars, directly under the Lautus brand. The goal of the Centurion project was to take an already capable car and take it to the next level. As well as offering a test bed for future Lautus/KAP projects, as well as a future motorsport ventures. To achieve this project goal, the R3 platform was striped of it's entire drivetrain and and engine, as well as an extensive lightening process. Carbon fibre was used in the entirety of the body construction, as well as key components to the drivetrain, such as the drive shaft and wheels. The shell of the R3 has also been redesigned to produce a higher percentage of downforce over it's former body. The new body shell, along with front and rear splinters, and new rear wing combine to add an additional 17% downforce over the original design. The front of the car has been redesigned to increase airflow into the now twin turbocharged powertrain. To help remove the increased combustion gasses, the L2 has a redesigned exhaust system, that is not only efficient, but also helps to move 28% more of the exhaust gasses over the original design, and increased the performance significantly. However all of this additional work wouldn't have been complete with the addition of a Lautus power plant. To this end, Lautus have slotting their latest version of the 5S-FTK-K23 Engine. the 5S is a twin turbocharged 3.6 litre V6 engine, that produces 643BHP, in a vehicle that weights only 1088kg. This produces a powerful machine that hits 0-60mhp in around 3.2 seconds. To handle this power the L2 hosts a reinforced 6 speed manual gearbox, of which a new design by Lautus, that help to send the power to the rear wheels. To help maintain traction, not only are were new tyres designed with the co-operation of perfomance tyre manufature Birelli, but an entirely new ECU and traction control system was developed by Lautus to help maintain maximum grip, and get as much of the 643 horse power to the road. The Centurion will be sold from November 1st, for an estimated value of around Æ900,000 (β1.4 million) Around 300 of the main production cars will be made, with the limited L2-80 cars to follow. Prices for the L2-80 will be released closer to its release.
  10. Claiming Leonardo DiCaprio as Darius Hiero, Senior Technical Sales Director, Vickers Weapon Systems..
  11. Adaptus

    The Chariot of Civility.

    TO: All it may concern. FROM: The High City of the Alexandrian Realm, Seat of the Caesar of Adaptus, Patriarchate of Novumcastrum. On behalf of the great Caesar, the High City, and it's collective Principals would like to thank all for the input they have had. We have united under a noble and morally sound cause. As such, I would like to extend our gratitude to the nations involved. In order to carry on further, we have enacted a collated plan of action for our united front to follow. For those involved economically, we ask that as a stable bond of unity, and further economic co-operation, we join ourselves together and form a united trading bloc. This we hope can function as a way for us all to co-ordonate our economic might as one force, and to additional lead as a way to further economic development and prosperity between ourselves. Our Caesar has invited all of those willing to partake to the High City in due time to establish such a economic coalition. For those who have pledged assistance militarily. Our great Admiral Agamanon has requested an audience with your respected military figureheads to formulate an action plan to help co-ordonate any military efforts, both from land, sea and air. Compensation for usage of bases etc can be organised during this time. Presences will not be required in person, remote conferencing facilities are available to the Admiral if needed. Please forgive us for our short replay as matters internally a pressing at current. We humbly thank you all for your joint actions. Kindest regards. Eldar Principal and Prima Scriba, Hephystae of Nicaeta
  12. Adaptus

    Coronation Celebration

    Augustus' arrival had been mute. No such commotion was made of his first trip abroad as head of state, let alone as Caesar. He had arrived the night before, quietly, and humbly. He took none of his Principals with him. Just 4 of his angelic assistants. Two male, two female. All unnaturally attractive, and always silent. Never a word was spoke. Along with his aides, came his bodyguard. 4 Hypaspists. As always, clad in their golden cloaks, and armour. And as the aides, physically impeccable, and silent. Always silent. Augustus himself, head arrived in relatively subtle attire. Although his borderline narcissism would't be subdued for long. The day of the ceremony, he arrived concealed. A once again muted endeavour. Dressed no different to his aides in traditional white togas. His guards flanking in their usual gold. Before the ceremony began however, he found himself a private spot, and quickly changed. Despite his confidence, he wasn't ready to draw too much attention to himself yet. While alone, and getting ready he pondered the other arrivals. He had noted the Tagmatine diplomat, Fillipos. He noted seeing his name in the records. He was the last official from @Tagmatium Rules to see an Adapton head of state. And that was some time ago. Augustus made a note in his mind to make sure he and Fillipos would spend some time together before they left. Queen Nova of @Cristina was also of note. He remembered fondly conversations with her regarding the treaty the two of them had worked on. He would make a point of introducing himself properly to her later. He noted the delegate from @Prymont, and sighed to himself. He'd have rather met a proper dignitary than this artist. Sure his music was of the time. But to Augustus, he was interested in formal relations with the United States, but that wouldn't be with this Foolish Bandit. He also noted the arrival of Dina Diva, of @Variota. He smiled to himself, whilst shaking his head. With another sign he finished tying on his cloak, then raised his golden laurel, and sitting it just under his ruffled hair. . Like the Hypaspists, Augustus' clothing was also golden. Although, he wore much, much less. However somehow, as if by some ethereal aura, his cloak, and clothing seemed to outshine that of even his guards. It seemed as is he was outlined by a golden shine. Eventually, still staying out of site, he heard his name being called into the ceremony. Quickly, he came out of sight, almost immediately flanked by two of his aides, one male and one female. Both of whom linked either of him arms. He wasn't married, nor had a partner, so he needed something to enter the room. The three of them glided through the doors, as the speaker finished calling his titles. Barely giving a smile as he made his way in. Eventually they settled, and the officiating ended. Augustus relaxed. But at the arrival of both a horse and a wolf Augustus couldn't help but feel disappointed. "Savages." he thought. "I thought higher of these people." And with that, he, flanked by his retinue, made their way to fine the Tagmatine diplomat.
  13. Adaptus

    [OOC] In search for Adlantis

    Excellent work @Orioni. I have a rough bit of back story to do to set the scene on this. But the story is set to follow the above structure loosely. As stated above, this is going to take place somewhat like a play through of Dungeons and Dragons. Albeit, a bit more flexible, and more creative. This is open for submitting applications to join. There is no limit on the number of characters involved. I'll be RPing as Adysseus, and somewhat as a GM. Both as a means to mainly direct the flow of the story. Your characters can be of any nationality, race, and background. We will fit them in, the more diverse the better. This is mythological so we can take a bit of leeway. The above story may change somewhat, because I think I have a better approach to it in mind.
  14. Adaptus

    [ON HOLD] A violation of Diplomatic Protocols

    OOC: @Fleur de Lys, how are you aware of the goings on during this summit? You were not privy to their conversation. Nor were the communique's addressed to you. The only way in which you could have known of the events transpiring is via intercepting the communications between the two parties, which I'd argue is breaking international diplomatic protocol in of itself.
  15. That's a good idea. I will do that.