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  1. Adaptus

    Anybody Wanna Go to Space? [OOC]

    @Orioni No spaces races. There have been other in space. But not to the extent a space race begins. Would make for interesting RP.
  2. Adaptus

    Illegal Occupation by Derthalen

    The @Derthalen boat had been spotted long before it reached the blockade. Adapton OTHRN had seen them as they departed. An order was circulated not to engage the vessel unless otherwise stated. However the slow approach indicated this vessel wasn't some sort of suicide ship. Additionally, the drone that had been tracking the vessel had captured it's occupants images, and relayed it back to the command ships. All identified to be medium to high level diplo-militaric figures within the Derthii state. Even in such a backwards barbarian state, the Federal Kingdom still knew how to get information. Fortunately, the vessel had approached an area of the blockage where the lead ship was not too far away. However they rendezvoused with one of the heavier cruisers in the area. A somewhat throwback to an earlier time, the cruisers - commissioned in the 80's - where still impressive to look at, and effective at screening. A nice introduction to the Derthii delegations. As they finally approached the Cruiser the FIS Jason, the early dawn morning still left most of the surroundings hard to see. A large spot light was directed at the approaching vessel, further disrupting their site. The hands of the crew clearly above their heads, as the vessel came to a stop in the water. They were left for quite some time. A lone voice came out over a tannoy in the Europa common tongue. "Keep your hands above your heads, do not move!" 30 minute passed. The spotlight still trained on the vessel. Finally, after 35 minutes a second spotlight lit up the other side of the Derthii ship. Indicating clearly another ship had arrived. An escorting Destroyer. Finally, the distinct noise of a small boat could be heard in the deathly ocean silence. By now faint outlines could be seen as the sun made it's way over the horizon. A voice called out, this time not over a tannoy. "Stand where you are!" Came the female voice. Within seconds half a dozen or so Adapton marines were on the vessel and searching it, restraining the party on board. Ruthless, and precision efficiency was carried out. Quickly the delegates were identified, blindfolded and moved onto the small boarding boats, as there made their way off to the Destroyer, leaving the crew of the original Derthii vessel behind. Some time later, on board the FIS Plato, Admiral Agamanon, who had joined the fleet sometime after it set sail via an air transport, was preparing himself. A knock same at his cabin door. "Ave! Enter!" He declared. A captain appeared in the doorway giving a subtle Adapton salute. "The Derthii delegation are on board." Agamanon looked up from adjusting his dark cuirass, lined with golden designs. "Right, thank you. I'll be out shortly. Did you make them as uncomfortable as possible?" "Yes we did. They're sat in one of the hangar bays surrounded by a good few marines, as plenty of aircraft are preparing for sorties." "Excellent!" Replied Agamanon, while attaching his long blue clock. The Captain, wearing usual duty uniform looked on puzzled. "You're wearing your ceremonial gear?" Agamanon smiled. "Why not? I need to make our esteemed guests as welcome as possible! They're delegates of a foreign country! We have to give them the proper respect." He said with a obvious glare of sarcasm. "Now, I must go put on my charm!" He made his way out of the door passing the Captain, in doing so, he lifted his Galea helmet. Dark in colour, lined with gold, much like his cuirass, with a long brilliantly white plume, stretching front to back. Stopping to adjust it as he left, he turned to the Captain a final time. "Plus... These guys love hats!" He smiled and walked on. Arriving in the hanger bay, two Vityaz Air Supremacy fighters, freshly cleaned, and almost stylistically presented behind him. Flanked by not only marines, but touring Hypaspists, adorned in their gold cloaks. Agamanon stood over the Derthii delegation, who by now were on their knees, still blindfolded, and making some terrible suggestions about what they would do with the Adapton marines who manhandled them. Suddenly their blindfolds were lifted, as Agamanon jumped into action. "Greetings!" He launched at them in a sympathetic gesture, displaying his best common language. "I am incredibly sorry! Untie them now! Get them into proper accommodation befitting these high caliber guests at once! I cannot apologise enough at the mistreatment you may have been afforded! Please come with me! We have much, much to discuss!" He took the delegates almost by hand out of the hanger bay, and lead them to a large meeting room further down into the hull. Agamanon's mind tricks in full swing.
  3. Adaptus

    Chronicles of a Professional

    OOC: Don't mind me grave digging. Something I wrote a long time ago. I'm going to jump ahead and add some stuff to this. Somewhere just off the south eastern coast of Aurelia. A small boat rolled across the coastal waters, as a helicopter flew over head. A man and a woman stood at the bow of the small boat, both wearing what seemed to be tight fitting one piece wetsuit like overalls, with webbing. Both equipped with side arms strapped to their thighs. The woman, a tall slender figure, held a cigarette by her face, with her arm perched in mid-air. The man, as broad as he was tall, stood straight, both hands clasped behind his back. The woman turned her head toward the man. "This job is le grabuge!" She said, with a strong Lysian accent. She took a drag on her cigarette. "It is what is it." Replied the man, this time with a strong Adapton accent. "We do where we are paid to go." "Oui! But this is not our usual security job! Non! This is not even security. This stinks!" "Listen, times are changing Zoe. And with changing times, so does our job. Embrace it. I haven't had a job like this in 10 years nearly. How times have taken a turn for the worse... All the better for us!" The woman sighed in reply, returning to her cigarette. The man turned to a passing deck hand behind him. "We're heading in, prep the landing craft, and take down the banner!" The desk hand moved to his job, as the woman left the bow of the ship and walked towards the inner hull. It was obvious these people were out of place. A few moments later, another desk hand appeared to lower a company banner that had been flying from the bow of the ship. A white background, centred with a yellow and black cracked skull, the words, Militaires sans Frontières surrounding it. These were contractors, private military contractors. Former soldiers drawn up from across the region, taking safe haven in Adaptus, one of the few places a PMC could thrive. Releasing their national loyalties and replacing it with a loyalty only to hard cash. Militaires sans frontières, Militaries without Borders in Lysian. One of the foremost PMC's based in Adaptus. Still of course, under the overall ownership of the ever percent capitalistic behemoth Vickers-Carlyle. Several years ago, amid Magus the Aggressors tyrannical joy ride through Adapton leadership. Vickers-Carlyle was forced to break up it's PMC operations. Filing them off into subsidiaries. Now several competing companies emerged. All owned by Vickers, but operating on their own. MSF was operating off the coast of Aurelia solely for the purpose of intelligence, and feather ruffling. A PMC of course, could hardly be traced back to the source. And a PMC didn't have to worry about the political fallout of doing all the dirty work. So, to increase its grasp. The Federal Kingdom has hired MSF and several other Vickers subsidiaries to carry out a series of raids, and sweeps along the none sovereign Western coastlines. An attempted to put out feelers for any future escalations.
  4. Adaptus

    The Phoenix and the Falcon.

    Just outside the former Beautancus capital of Ttoille on the edge of a thick wood on a slopping hill. A former villa of a once hard working businessman was now the seat of a command operation for a local warlord. The rain tormented the ground, holding any sense of warmth hostage. The dark dusk of a murky early spring hung in the air. The warlord, helping himself to a clutch of nuts, made his way to an office on an upper floor. A few hundred meters to the east, edging the wooded area, the masked muzzle of a rifle perturbed just enough from a shrub, as the rain trickled down leaves and onto the concealed barrel. A Hypaspist, solitary in physicality, but not in his watch. He peered down his scope, tracking all those who made movement through the windows of the villa. This was his 4th day on vigil, and still, he was undisturbed. The warlord sat down to a desk, the light wearing of servers came from a room adjacent the office. Flicking open his laptop, he began to work. Combing through reports, and spreadsheets, trying to collate his activities so far. There was a surprising amount of organisation needed to run an anarchistic tribal regime. An adjutant brought a coffee to maintain focus. Chemical weapon smuggling needed his full attention. A young man, no older then 27, hunched over a due monitors, in an open plan office. Empty, forsake of himself, and another young man a bank of desks over. A whiteboard behind him, with many scribbles, and diagrams jotted upon it. His eyes flickered, while his hands barely moved. Watching, and waiting. The rain, beat down on the edge of the forrest, harder, and harder. The Hypaspist rested his gaze for a second, then returned it. Sighting the light of a laptop through a window, he focused in. He noticed the warlord, and his signature coffee cup by his side. He tapped a small pad on his rifle. His monocle system perking to life. The young man, sat watch over his monitors too perked into life. A notification. He read. Instantly he began to spring to life. A bring of information poured across a black terminal screen. He captured it. Opened another tool, and parsed the information he had. It returned him in second a new string. This he then entered into a web page. Instantly springing into life, he began to work. He hurried and scrambled for the headset next to him. Once over his head, he opened another programme. And hit a call button. It was almost unheard, because of the rain, but the slim vibrations gave it away. Tapping a pad on his rifle again, the Hypaspist switched attention to his monocle. Eventually. He faintly vocalised. "What do you have?" The young man back in the office replied over the headset. "I have a good setup. I need to prepare a payload. Give me some time.' The lone rifleman replied. "Plenty time, I've only been here four days." As the rain battered around him. "Ok." Came back the young man. "I have one now. It's been pushed. Give it a minute or so." Both fell silent. The warlord kept working. Eventually, he took a drink from his coffee, closed his laptop, and then got up, and made his way out of the room. "Did you get it?" The silent sniper whispered. "I did." Replied the young man. Suddenly the young man sprung into action. A SQL connection established in-front of him. A few clicks of a mouse, and a copy was created. A few more, and an query or two later, a new set of tables were added to the database. Finally, for good measure, backups were stopped, and the previous captured were wiped. After a few minutes, the young man spoke. "Ok, I have what I need. There isn't anything left. I'll get him where you need him." The sniper did not reply, but smirked. Suddenly, an alarm inside the villa was sounded. The Server room. A woman rushed to the room, to a find the disk failure light flashing on one of the servers. She called out to someone else for assistance. As a second woman came over, another alarm sounded, and then another. This time their power supply backups had gone down. Panic ensued, as computer wizards tried to do what they could. Eventually the warlord appeared outside of the server room. Frustrated at the situation. In and out, and in and out, yelling, and stomping around. He was in a panic. They all were. soon he wanders back into the office he sat in earlier This time resting in his seat, head in his hands. A crack penetrated the noise of the rain. Breaking it's torrent. The Hypaspist was gone. As too, was the young man.
  5. Adaptus

    Illegal Occupation by Derthalen

    By now the new Adlantic Fleet had made it's way across the sea and was now taking up it's positions around @Derthalen. The fleet had been divided, with the FIS Plato taking centre stage. The idea was to use the two offensive carriers to create a screen of aircraft and drones, while supporting aircraft, and ships patrolled the islands, and waters. Several vessels has already been stopped, and turned over. Including one slave trade ship, barring no international markings, but it was highly suspected to be privateers from @Imperial States of Europe. The ship was quickly boarded, the cargo rescued, and it's crew detained. The ship was then scuttled. Word had also reached the fleet of the current situation to the far west. The local powers in the area had taken offence to one of their regional compatriots slipping to Communism. To Adaptons, ideology didn't matter, morality dictated their reaction. And so far, all those to the far west could be gleaned to be morally grey as far as the Grand Kingdom was concerned. But, this state of affairs did afford some opportunity. But that would be left for another time. The Adaptons were off the coast of Derthelan now. All they had to do was wait for a reaction. A sortie of drone aircraft were launched to begin reconnoissance. The sailors had it fairly easy now. The real work was being carried out back in Adaptus, as information warfare was now in full swing.
  6. Adaptus

    The Phoenix and the Falcon.

    The northern campaign had began, and Adapton troops were moving to secure the northern Occident. While in the south, Taxiles had mustered his own forces. Unlike Antonius, with his strong traditionalist views, Taxiles was much more of an unorthodox beast, this factor helped carry his immense charisma within his troops. He was often known to position himself close to frontlines, or even on occasion, accompanied his troops into battle. Unlike the northern frontier, the southern theatre was dry and semi-arid, open planes. The Euclidian's as they were being called, had foresaw the Adapton movements, and had prepared for their actions. The Euclidian leaders had instilled in their troops a religious fervour, and a fanatical anti-Adapton sentiment. Seeing King Augustus as the false King, and their own leader. Papa Euclid the true ruler of the Adapton throne. Sighting his appointment by God, and a false relation to the last Adapton Emperor from some 1000 years ago. Historically, this coastal area directly south, where the Euclidian's originated was once part of the Kingdom of Thessapolis, and often a contested area between Thessapolisians and colonists from the old Phalkia civilisation, from across the Ram Sea. This is where Papa Euclid's claims of the true Adapton King came from. As a result, the Euclidian's had launched a series of counter-attacks. Unfortunately, they hadn't foresaw Taxiles' tenacity and brash forwardness. A small town about 50 miles from the coastline, a very dry part of ancient Thessapolis, had became the focal point of the Adapton advance. Taxiles had at his disposal one of the oldest military units in not only Adaptus, but the whole of Europa. The famed Companion Cavalry. Formed by Alexander the Great nearly 2500 years ago, long ago removed from their horses for battled, and now riding the great Taurus tanks of the Adaptors and Tagmatine joint research and develop programmes. These troops were some of the most prestigious the region had seen. Taxiles was, as usual, astride one of the forward Taurus tanks approaching the small unnamed town, at the head of a column of around 15 other beasts. Supported by several armoured fighting vehicles carrying Adapton mechanised infantry. A large plum of dust followed their advance. A head of them lay they town, an open, and wide placed town, with many high sandy walls marking property boundaries, a typically planned town from this part of the world. Taxiles looked out through the commanders hatch. Wearing nothing but his traditional Thessapolisian cloak, being a Thessapolisian himself, and crotch piece, with boots. He liked to test fate, and show off. In his growly and tense voice, he levelled commands to his men inside the lead tank. "Take your lead to the left side! While D Troop moved to the right!" He growled over the tanks radio. The skid steering of the lead tank then pivoted into action, swinging the tank to the left while the turret and Taxiles still peered directly at the town. "Target acquisition! Spotter mark those emplacements!" Came another growl. This time the spotter from the other hatch adjacent to Taxiles replied. "Marked sir!." "In your own time! Lead fire!" The Thessalpolisian screamed. No more than a second later could be heard the unmistakable clunk of a round being loaded into the tanks breach. followed by the unmistakable hiss, thud and then roar, of the Taurus tanks Electrothermal Chemical main gun. Followed closely by the other tanks in the column. This was then returned by machine gun fire and the occasional RPG round. "Get into the streets! Clear a path for the infantry!' Taxiles announced, still with his upper body out of the turret hatch, with no regard to safety as the lead tank dived into the towns wide street. Suddenly the the noise of the engine and tracks was downed out by the ping and clank of riles and machine gun rounds bouncing off of the tanks hull. "Duck into here now! Make an entrance for the men!" Came from the half naked man atop the tank, not looking as those he was actively climbing out. As the lead Taurus ploughed forward, it sounded a corner into what seemed to be small walled compound. "sh*t!" Cried out Taxiles. "Generalis! We're surrounded!" Came a scream from the driver. Before he could react Taxiles saw an RPG wielding Euclidian appear at the only entrance and exit to the compound. Now realising they were cut off, Taxiles grabbed his cloak, covering his head and ducked into the hatch. A second later the RPG round impacted the rear of the Taurus. Blowing smoke and dust across the tank. Several moments later a voice from the driver came across the radio. "Systems ok. Engine stalled though! Cover us while We start up!" While the spotter who accompanied Taxiles up top grabbed a top mounted machine gun and began to fire at the RPG team. Taxiles noticed riflemen appearing from the building to their front. Without thinking he vaulted over the hatch and onto the front of the tank, drawing a side arm from a holster attached to his hip. As the riflemen looked on with slight disbelief as the semi-naked muscle clad man, wearing a clock appeared in-front of them, a slight hesitation rolled over them. But before they could gather themselves. Taxiles opened fire. Four rounds he got off, dropped 3 of the riflemen. Followed by 8 more rounds, which dropped another 3 rifleman. With three still remaining. Taxiles charged at them, still in shock. As he ran at the first man, he grabbed him by his soldiers webbing, flinging his body around and into the second man as he finally levelled his rifle. Knocking them both to the floor. As he spun to run at the third man, he drew a unique looking dark Kopis from under his cloak, swinging it at the fact of the third man, whist using his other hand to bat the muzzle of the rifle away from himself. Finally the Kopis swung in finding it's mark in the left cheek of the Euclidian rifleman. Suddenly the sound of machine gun fire from the Taurus behind him stopped as the Kopis hit home. The dust around them seeming to hang in the air, as silence fell. Taxiles' cloak slowly coming to rest as he raised his body back up. The third rifleman body finally falling to the floor. Taking a deep breath, Taxiles raised his head to the sky, as if looking into a void. After several moments, a voice from the Taurus called out. "Generalis? What just happened?" Taxiles smiled. "Rejoin your Troop, Companion!"
  7. Adaptus

    Request: Imperial States of Europe

    **Urge to blockage intensifies**
  8. Adaptus

    A Definition of our Canon

    I am going to begin the task of combing through what we have dotted around and creating a rough chronological timeline. This will take some time. Fitting it in between work, fatherhood and everything else that comes with ageing. So it will take some time. I'm hoping to have a rough draft set out within a week or so. From there we can hopefully branch out, creating a definitive timeline for the region. With the help of @Orioni and @Tagmatium Rules to help validate and clarify, we can hopefully develop the idea going forward into a running overview of our regions deep history. I will share what I have as a work in progress here as often as I can. Any, and all feedback will be welcomed. Additionally, any suggestions, and comments are also, as always, welcome.
  9. Adaptus

    Imperial War Command

    AI... Exaggeration and propaganda is fine. But please put an OOC (Out of Character) caveat prefix to your post stating so. For example: OOC: This is intended as a propaganda piece to conflate and exaggerate the a spectacle of ISOE's military, in much the same vein as North Korea would do. Then continue your IC (In Character) post bellow the horizontal line. Just makes things much clearer.
  10. Adaptus

    Imperial War Command

    Going to have to jump in here. Mod hat on again. 1.1 million strong army alone, and AI controlled, vehicles? For such a small and new nation? Even if you could equipped all those troops to any form of effective degree, then how could you justify having the resources to develop AI, and then implement it efficiently? Just to put that into perspective. The US has around 1.3 million total active service personnel. Including the army, navy and air force. And still doesn't have AI integrated vehicles. AI just isn't that efficient.
  11. Adaptus

    Illegal Occupation by Derthalen

    Deep in the halls of the High City an urgent meeting had been called. Ceres Stolos stood near the top of the large marble table, in a room lined with pillars of almost infinite height, and walls and ceiling so white, it looked almost like a void. In the centre of the vast room was the centre piece marble table, displayed across it maps, and diagrams provided by an unknown source of augmented reality technology. As well as dotted on it's top were physical scrolls with broken wax seals, the official documentation form within Adaptus. Around the table stood Praetors of the Federal Assembly, as well as College Principals. Generals, Philosophers, Politicians, Mathematicians, Logicians, Historians, and all other manner of intellectuals stood around the table. All the while being attended to by the silent, angelic and mysterious servants of the High City. All of whom stood wearing traditional dropped clothing of ancient Adaptus. Except of course for the Praetors, who wore their finest suits. As it was rare Praetors ventured this far into the High City. At the head of the table, with Ceres Stolos to his side stood the King Ascendant, Augustus. Many now revering him as an almost deity. For many of the Praetors, the year sight of him was enough to make them shudder. Stood, half naked, in his golden cloak, flanked by Hypaspists', again, adorned in their golden robes and armour. Many were already ushering in talk of Imperial Ascendancy and the potential of a new imperial majesty being crowned soon. But for now, the Ascendant King stood with a stern face, fixated at those around him. "I am sure by now you have all seen the reports, and the Communique from @Fleur de Lys." Augustus began. "I have instructed Ducem Maris (Admiral) Agamanon to take command of the situation. This has somewhat put a stent in our plans for the southern and northern theatres of our expansion. However, I trust we have adequate resources, manpower an expertise to make this work. As such. I have reduced the supporting naval forces in the south to a task force size under the advice of Agamanon. Taxiles was slightly upset he, however, given the situation, was understanging. I will now pass this over to the Decum Maris, who will elaborate on the situation." Augustus then stepped away, hand out gesturing towards Agamanon. Who then came in to take Augustus' place at the head of the table. Agamanon took the Kings place. "Your Regnans." The Admiral nodded towards the King. "I have already sent instruction to the Derthii Task Force. As such, the following strategic level directives have been taken, and have been given authorisation by both the King Ascendant and the Grand Consul. The Derthii Task Force is to be disbanded with immediate effect. In it's place I have reorganised our fleets. As you know, the majority of our fleet strength has been semi-mothballed due to inactivity. However I have given order to reorganise. The Newly formed Adlantic Fleet. Due to the increased threat, we've created a larger and more dynamic force, that can patrol the entire Adlantic if needed. This fleet will be directed towards a full blockage of @Derthalen. This fleet will be headed by our flagship the FIS Plato. A Maximus II class heavy carrier with full naval air arm compliment of 80 multi-role aircraft. This will also be supported 2 Rex Class medium carriers, the FIS Jovian and FIS Constantine. The Jovian being fully complimented with it's 40 multi-role aircraft, while the Constantine will be fitted with a series of support aircraft. All three will also support drone operations. They will also be accompanied by an amphibious assault ship, which will carry support and landing aircraft, and smaller vessels. Two additional long range nuclear submarines. For reference these are our only class of submarines, the Nautilus class and these do carry part of our nuclear capabilities. These have been ordered to operate in the upmost of discretion. To support, there will also be a number of cruisers for interdiction and screening operations, as well as for defensive posture, destroys for support, and frigates for additional logistical support. All in all the fleet will consist of three capital ships, and 18 ships, bringing the operating total to 21 ships." Agamanon paused, which chatter and surprised gasps let out around the open room. "This is the most expensive, and largest naval operation we have undertaken since the evacuation of loyalist forces during the AdSoc Crisis. It is additionally co-inciding with combined arms operations to our nations north and south. Currently this is the largest overall military operation the Federation has seen since the Long War in Ide Jima. Authorisation to engage @Derthalen military assets outside of their territory has also been passed over also. We are not taking chances. This new fleet with rendezvous in the Mid-Adlantic within several days. Be assured, we aim to nip this in the bud." Agamanon new fairly confident after his briefing, left his peers to ponder what had just occurred. A hand landed on the Admirals shoulder. Followed by the calm, almost ethereal voice of Augusts. "Well done. It came earlier than expected, and it's squeezed our resources, but, they moved as we saw." Augustus smiled, and began to walk away from the table, again flanked by the ever present golden guards, and off into the void around them, gradually fading into the light.
  12. Adaptus

    Anybody Wanna Go to Space? [OOC]

    Adaptus has for some time had a very active space interest. Going so far as to have a small arm of our Military dedicated to space endeavours. This includes satellite networks, and space stations. Although nothing crazy. Adaptus may, or may not have also placed weapons in orbit over the last decade or so, but that is a thread for another day. (Something I may be introducing in my current RP). So any organised effort to push for space exploration, would be seen by Adapton authorities as a threat to our current strategic position. So, the likelihood of a space race being triggered, is high.
  13. Adaptus

    KAP World Grand Prix Series

    COUNTRY: The Grand Federal Kingdom of Adaptus NATIONAL RACING COLOURS: Dark Green and Gold. TEAM NAME: Lautus Perambulo (Grand Touring) TEAM PRINCIPAL: Cicero Constantine (Nicknamed Ci-Ci) NATIONAL CIRCUIT: The Cusic Circuit. Team Lautus Perambulo stem from the Adapton car manufacture Lautus. Rarely releasing a new car, they focus primarily on engine development, often supplying high end engines to many of the regions racing teams and performance car manufactures. Spending increasing time on their development of hybrid technologies to compliment their already vast knowledge of internal combustion. Lautus will be continuing the development of their 3S engine series, this time with the 3S-ETF-K20, a redesigned version of their 2016 engine. Focusing on more efficient turbo delivery, as well as a more efficient hybrid coupling system, allowing the transition of power from wheel to wheel more fluid and efficient. Both of their Lautus' drivers will be returning this season. Markus Augois (Adpatus) Fredrick Menser (Tamurin) The Causic Circuit is renowned throughout the region as a fierce and and touch track, often used by Lautus in the off season to test their latest engines. Nestled within the Causicrussian forests, the track is prone to wet weather, and with it's many turns, and sharp apexes the wet can test the abilities of even the best drivers. It is not a track to be taken lightly. The circuit is also known for hosting a 6, 12 and 24 hour endurance serious known as Tres Caestu Iudicii (the Three Gauntlet Trial), where teams are challenged to a 6 hour endurance race using Touring Car rules. The following day a teams are challenged to a 12 hour endurance race following GT3 rules, and finally after a days break, a finally 24 hour endurance race following GTE rules. This has given the track a reputation of one of the regions toughest circuits.
  14. Adaptus

    Expansion: The Commonwealth

    Just going to add this link here for anyone who is interested. Although times have changed, and the way expansions are handled is very different today. In my head, I still think the rules laid out in this thread are solid guidelines to follow in terms of expanding. I appreciate we no longer have plots anymore, but you can still get the rough idea. It's what we all had to abide by in the past to expand. Just take it with a pinch of salt today.
  15. Adaptus

    Expansion: The Commonwealth

    @Poland-Lithuania Ok. So we have the brief. How do you think your neighbours would react to that situation? In character that is? That's a genuine question, no me being facetious or patronising. I genuinely would like to know how you think they may react.