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  1. Adaptus

    Coronation Celebration

    Augustus' arrival had been mute. No such commotion was made of his first trip abroad as head of state, let alone as Caesar. He had arrived the night before, quietly, and humbly. He took none of his Principals with him. Just 4 of his angelic assistants. Two male, two female. All unnaturally attractive, and always silent. Never a word was spoke. Along with his aides, came his bodyguard. 4 Hypaspists. As always, clad in their golden cloaks, and armour. And as the aides, physically impeccable, and silent. Always silent. Augustus himself, head arrived in relatively subtle attire. Although his borderline narcissism would't be subdued for long. The day of the ceremony, he arrived concealed. A once again muted endeavour. Dressed no different to his aides in traditional white togas. His guards flanking in their usual gold. Before the ceremony began however, he found himself a private spot, and quickly changed. Despite his confidence, he wasn't ready to draw too much attention to himself yet. While alone, and getting ready he pondered the other arrivals. He had noted the Tagmatine diplomat, Fillipos. He noted seeing his name in the records. He was the last official from @Tagmatium Rules to see an Adapton head of state. And that was some time ago. Augustus made a note in his mind to make sure he and Fillipos would spend some time together before they left. Queen Nova of @Cristina was also of note. He remembered fondly conversations with her regarding the treaty the two of them had worked on. He would make a point of introducing himself properly to her later. He noted the delegate from @Prymont, and sighed to himself. He'd have rather met a proper dignitary than this artist. Sure his music was of the time. But to Augustus, he was interested in formal relations with the United States, but that wouldn't be with this Foolish Bandit. He also noted the arrival of Dina Diva, of @Variota. He smiled to himself, whilst shaking his head. With another sign he finished tying on his cloak, then raised his golden laurel, and sitting it just under his ruffled hair. . Like the Hypaspists, Augustus' clothing was also golden. Although, he wore much, much less. However somehow, as if by some ethereal aura, his cloak, and clothing seemed to outshine that of even his guards. It seemed as is he was outlined by a golden shine. Eventually, still staying out of site, he heard his name being called into the ceremony. Quickly, he came out of sight, almost immediately flanked by two of his aides, one male and one female. Both of whom linked either of him arms. He wasn't married, nor had a partner, so he needed something to enter the room. The three of them glided through the doors, as the speaker finished calling his titles. Barely giving a smile as he made his way in. Eventually they settled, and the officiating ended. Augustus relaxed. But at the arrival of both a horse and a wolf Augustus couldn't help but feel disappointed. "Savages." he thought. "I thought higher of these people." And with that, he, flanked by his retinue, made their way to fine the Tagmatine diplomat.
  2. Adaptus

    [OOC] In search for Adlantis

    Excellent work @Orioni. I have a rough bit of back story to do to set the scene on this. But the story is set to follow the above structure loosely. As stated above, this is going to take place somewhat like a play through of Dungeons and Dragons. Albeit, a bit more flexible, and more creative. This is open for submitting applications to join. There is no limit on the number of characters involved. I'll be RPing as Adysseus, and somewhat as a GM. Both as a means to mainly direct the flow of the story. Your characters can be of any nationality, race, and background. We will fit them in, the more diverse the better. This is mythological so we can take a bit of leeway. The above story may change somewhat, because I think I have a better approach to it in mind.
  3. Adaptus

    [ON HOLD] A violation of Diplomatic Protocols

    OOC: @Fleur de Lys, how are you aware of the goings on during this summit? You were not privy to their conversation. Nor were the communique's addressed to you. The only way in which you could have known of the events transpiring is via intercepting the communications between the two parties, which I'd argue is breaking international diplomatic protocol in of itself.
  4. That's a good idea. I will do that.
  5. GS is away currently. I think he said it was a holiday, or work related. Which is why I've been a bit slow with this myself. I'd like him to return fully, before getting into it properly.
  6. Adaptus

    *GAME* Word association!

  7. Adaptus

    The Chariot of Civility.

    Off the coast of what to Adaptons was unclaimed land, in the Kezanoi Sea, the flotilla had rested itself, and a wider patrol had began. A wider sweep was used this time around, with a heavier focus on air patrols. While the majority of the Adapton Fleet mainlined anti-piracy and slavery duties out of their new base acquired from the Derthalen talks. Agamanon, the now famed Admiral who lead the blockade against Derthalen, was rain spearheading this new operation. At the head of the Grand Imperium's Flagship, the FIS Plato. "I know Augustus is supposed to be, this great enigma, and we're supposed to put faith in his plans, but. I just can't fathom this one. Blockade a country, that has no coast, except for a lake?" A voice came from behind Agamanon. His second in command the Stratigos Mari Megara, who was also a member of the College of Principals. "I have known Augustus a long time Megara. I trust his judgement. We will hold out patrols, and maintain aerial cordons. I have a feeling this 'blockade' will be purely metaphorical, and a distraction for the time being. The real work will be taking place back in Adaptus. I have a feeling the Special Warfare Service will be handling the majority of this action." Megara swept her hair over her shoulder and gave an audible tut. "Let's seem those nerds pull it off." ____________________________________________________ Back in Adaptus, a dimly lit office block, nondescript, blending into the neon surroundings. Behind a bank screens, a young woman sat. Motionless, apart from her eyes darting back and forth from screen to screen. Her concentration fixated. Eventually, a single click of her mouse. Then a brief flurry across her keyboard. Suddenly a table of results appear across the screen. Her eyes widen. "Wow... we can do a lot with this. MD5, and collations everywhere. We can syphon everything from this. Providing this isn't a honey pot, I think I've cracked this. Even easier than those Euclidian's to the south." She stood up from her desk, swinging a back over her shoulder, and picking up her coffee. Leaving her computer on, but locked. She made her way out of the office. Eyes not fixated on her phone screen.
  8. Adaptus

    Fishing for Firepower

    TO: The Bureau of Defence, Fulgistan. FROM: Darius Hiero, Senior Technical Sales Director, Vickers Weapon Systems. A Vickers-Carlyle Group Company. RE: Tender for a New Offensive Rotor Based Air Support. Esteemed comrades to our western reaches. I hope this tender proposal finds you well. I am glad to be assigned as your representative from the Vickers-Carlyle Group for all things defence orientated. We have years, no decades, no actually centuries of experience in the arms trade industry, and we have been delivering the finest equipment this region has seen. And today, we bring you our submission for tender. Firstly I would like to introduce you to our traditional solution to your offensive attack aircraft requirements. Comanche MkII RAH-66.5 Core Statistics: Crew: two. Maximum speed: 175 knots (201 mph, 324 km/h). Cruise speed: 165 knots (190 mph, 306 km/h). Range: 262 nmi (302 mi, 485 km) on internal fuel (Can multiply this by 4 with external fuel tanks). Armament: 1× 20 mm XM301 three-barrel rotary cannon mounted in a Turreted Gun System (capacity: 500 rounds) Internal bays: 6× AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-ground missiles, or 12× AIM-92 Stinger air-to-air missiles, or 24× 2.75 in (70 mm) Hydra 70 air-to-ground rockets Optional stub wings: 8× Hellfires, 16× Stingers, or 56× Hydra 70 rockets Comanche has long been a staple of the Adapton military for around the last two decades, and recently went through an upgrade cycle. Seeing the production of the Mk2 variant, with upgraded information systems, and cyber warfare support components integrated into the helicopters main weapons platforms. The Comanche's pray trick lies in it's sleek design. Weapons systems are self contained inside aircraft when in flight, unless mounted for heavy offensive capabilities. This, coupled with the radar absorbing outer armour, gives the Comanche a tiny radar signature, small enough to sneak past even the best radar system. This makes the Comanche an excellent reconnaissance aircraft, allowing for multi-role functions, in turn, saving you money in the process. This bad boy can fit so many weapons internally! You can't see it right now, but I just have to slap the roof of this thing it's so good! But we aren't done yet. Since this is Vickers, and it's 2018. We thought you'd like to have a glimpse into the future of the air support defence sector. Aethon RAH-99 Core Statistics: Crew: 0 Payload: 600 lb (272 kg) Max. takeoff weight: 3,150 lb (1,430 kg) Powerplant: 1 × Rolls-Royce 250, 313 kW (420 hp) Armaments: 6× AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-ground missiles or 12× AIM-92 Stinger air-to-air missiles or 24× 2.75 in (70 mm) Hydra 70 air-to-ground rockets Welcome to the future of light air support. The Aethon is our latest Unmanned Combat Arial Vehicle designed to fulfil the role of attack helicopters. Using a modular design, refined in the Comanche. It's weapon platforms are the same, however thanks to the lack of human pilots, the weight is drastically reduced, allowing the aircraft to deploy the same number of weapons systems, with a much smaller engine, and in turn allows for a much more efficient power plant. The other great advantage? You don't risk the lives of your pilots. They can stay very safe back at base. Deployable from ground, or sea based platforms, the Aethon is a versatile platform, that brings the future to your military. I hope this tender fits the requirements you're after. But please, don't let this small glimpse into the Vickers family fool you. If our offerings today are not quite to your level, then feel free to let me know, and we will present you a new offering. Our catalog is quite extensive! Best regards!
  9. Adaptus

    Coronation Celebration

    TO: Prince Aidan Redmond of @Seylos FROM: Caesar Augustus III of the Alexandrian Realm, Anax of the Adapton People, Imperator-Elect of the Foederati Imperium, Archon-Principal of the College of Principals, Theos-Ethereal of the High City. I would like to extend both my condolences on the passing of your previous King. As well as my congratulations on your ascension to the throne. I am grateful for your invitation to the coronation ceremony. I believe it a great standing for such close nations, geographically, to be expand on our relationship, and I believe this is a perfect opportunity to do so. As such, I myself will personally attend this coronation, with a contingent of my staff to accompany. This afford you a great opportunity for your nations future, both internally and internationally, s the beginning of a new epoch. Thus I would like to extend my hope of a brighter future for your nation under your leadership and guidance. I look forward to our first encounter. Kindest regards, Caesar Augustus III.
  10. Adaptus

    Organisation of Worldbuilding Forums

    Looks great @Orioni Much more of a logical approach, it kind of aligns it with Discord.
  11. Adaptus

    A Great Europan Collapse

    There is only one way this RP would go. And that total war. Adaptus, would be damned in IC terms to see any part of Europa fall to a Western power. We'd rather a fragmented continent of former prosperous states (a one which we can hegemonically, and financially dominate with ease). To a one dominated by foreign powers. In essence. Adaptus would be forced to the point of war if it felt any part of Europa was under-threat. With that in mind, you are looking effectively at modern world war. Which would be absolutely devastating to all those involved, and those who are not involved also. There is also the fact, this situation could be a legitimate scenario where nuclear war becomes a logical and serious possibility. Like Ivy, I'm not saying this is a bad idea. Rather the opposite, it's a brilliant idea. However, to pull it off, we'd all need to seriously consider the fact, this could in IC terms, sink the region into a dark age.
  12. Can't go wrong with a good blockade.
  13. Adaptus

    ISTC OOC Discussions.

    You can not come and go as you please, and expect to have a say in our events! Either you’re here, with your RP nations or you’re not! Don’t dare come here demanding things, when you’ve spend he best part of the last 3 months elsewhere! Or in no contact. You have no right. Your situation, sparked a debate some time ago amongst the admin teams for a rule change to prevent this occurring. So no, your activity did not go unnoticed. I find attitude towards the people here, who have tried to help you during this situation, quite disrespectful. You feel the need to throw your weight around, and don’t seem to like anything unless you get your own way. And that’s not how we do things here. So you either accept our judgement on this. Or leave. Simple as.
  14. Adaptus

    ISTC OOC Discussions.

    You left the region @Fleur de Lys it was listed on the RMB. I saw it with my own eyes. As a moderators, we have the disgression to protect our community and our members. And as such, when a memeber who has been inactive in any sense, which you have, then attempts to bully other memebers for events that occurred during their absence, then we have the right to call it as we see it. If you wish to have a say in what occurs here, then stay active. Otherwise you have no right to comment on what happens when you are not here. To be quite frank. Again. This was the rules for me when I left the region some time ago. And I accepted it. So too should you. You’re not entitled to hold sway if you do not participate.
  15. @Fleur de Lys @Vocenae I'm going to come out with this. How on earth do you expect to be taken, when you spend little to no time here, have no active nations here, except for a barely active puppet, then come around once in a blue-moon, and thunder demands left right and centre. I was inactive for a long time. My nation was removed. I came, back, I accepted, and I moved on, and built up elsewhere. You two should also both accept the consequences of your lack of activity. If you wish to remain about, then there is nothing stopping you dropping in a message to a member of the admin team saying "apologies, I am inactive, things are busy at the minute I will be back soon". Nothing wrong with that. But if you both expect to go AWOL for extended periods of time with little to no mention of it, and then to add to that, actively remove your nations from the region, and move them to other regions, as in, not CTE. How else do you expect to be taken? Upping and leaving the region by choice, without explanation, is, in any logical sense, your ceasing or role here in Europa. Especially for such a prolonged period of time. If you do wish to come back, then accept that you have lost the time, like I did, and move on. You absolutely can not come back here out of the blue and begin bullying other members of the community because you weren't here to take an active role in the regions proceedings.