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  1. The Following is an excerpt from a letter all of Darkol's citizens received. "Dear citizens, Our country is on the verge of a major treshold. Tomorrow, the government will start colonizing the stretch of forest southeast of our grand country. Conforming to the rules of the Europa region, a country can seek out new, unused land when it's population reaches over half a million inhabitants. That is why we would like to thank you, the populace, to put such faith in our rulers to bear a child into this land. This expansion will have a positive effect on all forms of trading and commerce, for tomorrow the colonizers will lay the first stones to build two major portcities. We encourage you to stretch your wings and resettle in the new towns and lush forests in the south. As is only normal, our government will subsidise movers to the place still known as Plot 91." (OOC: We know We've been rather cheap with our postings of late. We thank you for not editing us out, because we still love to be here, both on the forum and the map.)
  2. Darkol Plot 91 Expansion National colour: Same National flag: Same Capital City and location: Same Others cities and location: Draqol, Southernmost part of Plot, Harbour City. Fankirol, North-west end of Fjord-like recess into Islands, at the southeast end of the plot. Also harbour city. Link all locations: Yes, please. Conect me with the others countries: Not Possible. Much obliged for the expansion, our current population is 499, but within twelve hours of posting this, we will expand. Darkol lives on...
  3. Still quite OOC: Examens gehaald, Geneeskunde ingeloot. Currently the happiest man on the face of this world.
  4. Our country is completely baffled by the existence of a Pirate Smiley. How does one activate such a beautiful contraption? If there was a smiley depicting an entire nation of digibetes, this would be the correct time to employ such means to illustrate such a point.
  5. Excuse our tardiness in responding to such an important geographical project, but We believe we have entered into the Pact of Arms a while ago. It would be just dandy if you could just scribble us in over there.. (OOC: Going on a short holiday, will be back by Friday)
  6. OOC: How did they go for you, Dragonryders? Ik heb echt geen idee wat ik ervan heb gebakken...
  7. Lord John, simple yet elegant. We hope you return from enlightenment, not bootcamp.
  8. Darkol

    Wildlife Reserve

    Darkol supports the Wildlife Reserve We found the map Orioni drew pleasurable, yet wanting of sections. As we all know dragons don't quite mix with herbivores, so until the new ecosystem that is being put there settles into a stabile one (when the animals have bred enough), We propose zoning territories for the different animals. As is becoming traditional, We don't care much where our Mammoths are put, as long as it isn't next to a carnivore section. (OOC: This is sounding increasingly more like Jurassic Park )
  9. Darkol

    Wildlife Reserve

    Our country has a fine eco-system, but we are willing to donate a few families of our Mammoths to the reserve. Perhaps they will, in time, breed with Koku's elephants, and a hybrid will form. We await the answer of the Wildlife Reserve Committee. We offer large jets for transportation, because of the location of our country, away from the sea and all. Shall we send our finest hunters out?
  10. We appear to have sprung from the mind of a Dutchie. The Netherlands, for smartasses.
  11. We started out as a Scandinavian Liberal Paradise too. Times when the soil was fertile, the pasture was wide.... Ah... Oh, and we brought you some Pepsi, hope you like it.
  12. We greet anyone who can finally answer Pirilao's request. Our fine nation is situated a ways from the sea now, but in a couple million inhabitants, we might start expanding toward it. Good to know there's a bunch of rogues out there
  13. We wish to offer you a complementary case of Pepsi X. Your nation shows lots of promise, and we sincerely hope you will flourish.
  14. Darkol Collective Uplink Daily News Just in: The Pepsi Corporation Starbridge launched its very first manned flight today, which ended in tears. Ground observers saw the missile, shaped like a Pepsi Bottle, entering the higher stratosphere, where one of the engines failed. The ensuing destabilisation of the missile's vector could not be reversed by its crew. The crew consisted of 18 highly trained Starfarers trained by the Pepsi Corporation and was supervised by Darkol's finest team of technicians and psychologists. All of the crew were residents of Darkol. The Missile lost function of the starboard missile, automatically rerouting all power to the right engine. The following moments, it tumbled back down, and its tragically short flight ended in an uninhabited vally, where the craft burned for several hours before help could arrive on the scene. All of the occupants are presumed dead, and indentification of the badly burnt bodies will commence tonight. It was planned that the craft would hover above the outer atmosphere for 48 hours, before returning home in a smaller pod which would be more agile, and which contained a parachute to land. The Missile, which looked like a gigantic Pepsi bottle, was to stay in space as an advertisement for Pepsi. Inside the craft, researchers would have researched the effects of CO2 (Also known as 'pop', when in lemonade) in Pepsi in zero gravity. Lastly, the crew was instructed to make a short commercial on Pepsi, which would've looked like a commercial for a popular alcoholic beverage. The Collective of Darkol is deeply struck by the first disaster of this magnitude to ever hit Darkol, and therefore call out the 28th of May as Starfarer memorial day. A committee will investigate the cause of the failure. No official sources have denied the activity of saboteurs, and rumours in Pepsi HQ on corporate spies were not immediately hushed. Despite this tragedy, Pepsi immediately began making plans for the second project for the Starbridge. A Pepsi Spokesperson reports:"Immediately recommencing the project is a way to say to those involved in this terrible incident; Your death has not been in vain. Our fine corporation is not set back easily, but we will be far more careful in our constructions and security detail from now on."
  15. Darkol Plot 65 New in the map (again) National colour: Blue National flag: Could you use my avatar? it's a lot better looking than my flag. Capital City and location: 'Yellowfield' North East part of plot, away from river. Others cities and location: 'Fagrol' & 'Gredol', Both next to river, opposite sides, Fagrol somewhat 'upstream' from Gredol. Spacial centers and location: 'P. C. StarBridge' West part of plot. Link all locations: Yes Connect me with the others countries: No (Here we go again)
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