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  1. 🎉 Happy 31st birthday! Welcome to tram 3.

  2. Thanks! It's been a bit tainted by the fact I'm getting over the worst case of food poisoning I've ever had (hence my lack of recent activity - sorry!)
  3. The Ide Jiman Broadcasting Corporation: ‘The Voice of Serekan’ Imperial Address Concerning Recent Diplomatic Developments: In a move unprecedented in recent years, His Majesty Artakai I this morning gave a public address before the Imperial Palace in Victory Square, Serekan. In a 30-minute long speech, His Majesty pronounced a ‘new era’ for the Ide Jiman Empire. The address marked a rare example of what appeared to be a criticism of the Central Directorate. Lambasting the isolationist policies pursued by the Central Directorate for the past two decades, the Emperor stated that
  4. In the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Serekan… Serving as the equivalent Foreign Minister for a nation that had taken great pains to distance itself from any form of overseas influence over the past 30 years might sound to many to be an easy job. General Roe Chon-Yeong, however, now found himself between a rock and a hard place. The Emperor had only recently announced an era of openness and engagement with foreign powers. Whilst nobody in the government would dare to defy the wishes of the Emperor, the relative newcomer Chon-Yeong now found himself to be the human face of a campaign that was a
  5. To: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion From: General Roe Chon-Yong, Nominated Spokesman for External Affairs, under the express direction of His Majesty Artakai I Your Excellence, The Emperor expresses heartfelt gratitude at the recent communique received from the Tagmatine Government. The proposal for re-establishment of diplomatic ties with the Greater Holy Empire has been upheld unanimously by the Ide Jiman Government. The history of our nations has, for better or worse, been a formative theme in Eurth’s history, and the Emperor whol
  6. The Ide Jiman Broadcasting Corporation: ‘The Voice of Serekan’ Growing Concern at the Situation in the Southern Approaches! Following an increasing volume of reports concerning terrorist activity in the Azure Sea and the Northern Meteorolas, the Central Military Directorate has released a public statement, several days after an emergency meeting of Military Affairs Committee of the Directorate was convened. Speaking exclusively to IJBC staff this morning, General Nae Sincho, General of the Paratroopers for the Northern Region and nominated spokesman for the Central Directorate delive
  7. Bump! I've updated the first entry - please ignore the others for now!
  8. Sorry for the length of time it's taken me to reply, I've had a bit of a hectic few weeks. I've probably RP'd my fair share of expansions/civil wars in the past. I'll have a look at the map, and come up with some thoughts - I will aim to start a thread this afternoon
  9. I'd love to start a new militaryish RP. I'm more or less up for any kind of scenario, I was thinking of a kind of oil exploration-gone-wrong thing (typically unimaginative, I know) Any thoughts? (Or better ideas?)
  10. The Communist Regime had achieved victory in the Long War by the early 1950s, but paid the price. By this point, the economy of Ide Jima is shattered completely, despite the successive economic improvement programmes, the level of production in Ide Jima is still only just beginning to catch up with pre war levels. With nearly all government resources being poured into heavy industry in a bid to catch foreign rivals, the military has been left neglected. Much of the airforce remains based around piston engined fighters, and the navy operates no aircraft carriers, and very few submarines (o
  11. I felt the earthquake too! It was pretty neat...
  12. At this period, my country is still ruled by a supposedly Communist regime. The main focus of the communists in power until the 60s/70s has been improving the economy, leaving the military slightly delapidated - to 1950s standards. Despite this, it is likely to remain incredibly hostile to foreign nations. Of course, being miles from the action won't make it easy, but I guess I could send a couple of ships or something.
  13. No problem, once I know others are ok with that, I'll get my post up there
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