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  1. To: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion From: General Roe Chon-Yong, Nominated Spokesman for External Affairs, under the express direction of His Majesty Artakai I Your Excellence, The Emperor expresses heartfelt gratitude at the recent communique received from the Tagmatine Government. The proposal for re-establishment of diplomatic ties with the Greater Holy Empire has been upheld unanimously by the Ide Jiman Government. The history of our nations has, for better or worse, been a formative theme in Eurth’s history, and the Emperor wholeheartedly welcomes the opportunity to open a new chapter in the shared story of our great and ancient nations. His Imperial Majesty Artakai I has himself issued a directive for an embassy to be made available for the Greater Holy Empire, effective immediately, within the Central Government District of Serekan. All necessary steps are being taken to ensure that an Ide Jiman embassy is available to dispatch to the Greater Holy Empire at the earliest opportunity. With Sincerest Respects, General Roe Chon-Yong, Nominated Spokesman for External Affairs
  2. The Ide Jiman Broadcasting Corporation: ‘The Voice of Serekan’ Growing Concern at the Situation in the Southern Approaches! Following an increasing volume of reports concerning terrorist activity in the Azure Sea and the Northern Meteorolas, the Central Military Directorate has released a public statement, several days after an emergency meeting of Military Affairs Committee of the Directorate was convened. Speaking exclusively to IJBC staff this morning, General Nae Sincho, General of the Paratroopers for the Northern Region and nominated spokesman for the Central Directorate delivered the following statement: “As you are all no doubt aware, recent months have seen an upsurge in piracy in the Southern Approaches. The southern ports of our nation are reliant on the shipping lanes that pass through these waters… The repeated attacks on the very ships that represent the livelihood of so many Ide Jiman people are an act of war, and nothing less. Following personal consultation with his excellence Emperor Artakai I, it is fully apparent that the time for action is upon us! The Second Battlegroup of the Southern Fleet, previously on routine patrol in international waters off the 30th parallel has been re-directed to the Azure Sea in order to protect shipping in that region. In addition a second task force is being readied for action in Kharyagat as I speak, with a view to maintaining a sustained and meaningful offensive against the enemies of Ide Jima… Furthermore, the Emperor has made expressly clear to me his hope that imperial forces will work in full conjunction with other regional powers to crush this threat.” When approached shortly after the conference Marine General Sobong-Chol, an attaché to the central directorate commented that Sincho’s remarks may only indicate the ‘tip of the iceberg’ insofar as the proposed course of action was concerned, adding that the Emperor was ‘not at all pleased’ with the situation, but declined to comment further. The End of an Era: It is with regret that IJBC must report the passing of Baron Hae Chon’Rok of Wonchaek. Baron Chon’Rok, widely considered a hero in the eyes of the Ide Jiman people, passed away peacefully at the age of 96. The last surviving uncle of his excellence, Emperor Artakai I, the Baron represented the final vestige of the pre-communist royalty. During the closing stages the Long War, the Baron directed the successful evacuation of the surviving members of the royal family from Serekan, repulsing repeated assaults by communist forces with only a limited number of troops. Following this, it is reported that he left the city on the last vessel after the evacuation of most of his army, despite heavy shelling from the enemy. Following a period in exile, the Baron maintained a low profile in public affairs, but was known to act as a close adviser to the emperor following his accession. The Emperor has spoken previously of Hae Chon’Rok’s influence in his efforts to abandon isolationist policies, and has declared a fortnight of commemoration in both Serekan and Wonchaek in his honor. The Baron is survived by his son and three daughters. The Realization of a Dream: Following a ceremony on Tuesday Evening attended by her excellence Empress Cirina, the high speed rail link between Serekan and Altanserleg was declared open. The opening of the direct high speed route to both passenger and freight traffic represents a drastic improvement on previous journey times, decreasing journey times between the two cities by up to four hours. Previous journeys between the two cities required a lengthy and circuitous route trailing the coast. The project remains underway as the Dalshir-Altanserleg line, which traverses some of the most inhospitable terrain on Eurth, is currently undergoing a major upgrade. In addition, Empress Cirina confirmed at the ceremony that a further upgrade connecting the high speed network to Darhan and Taigal has now received the approval of both the Emperor and the Central Directorate, and works are expected to commence shortly.
  3. Bump! I've updated the first entry - please ignore the others for now!
  4. Sorry for the length of time it's taken me to reply, I've had a bit of a hectic few weeks. I've probably RP'd my fair share of expansions/civil wars in the past. I'll have a look at the map, and come up with some thoughts - I will aim to start a thread this afternoon
  5. I'd love to start a new militaryish RP. I'm more or less up for any kind of scenario, I was thinking of a kind of oil exploration-gone-wrong thing (typically unimaginative, I know) Any thoughts? (Or better ideas?)
  6. The Communist Regime had achieved victory in the Long War by the early 1950s, but paid the price. By this point, the economy of Ide Jima is shattered completely, despite the successive economic improvement programmes, the level of production in Ide Jima is still only just beginning to catch up with pre war levels. With nearly all government resources being poured into heavy industry in a bid to catch foreign rivals, the military has been left neglected. Much of the airforce remains based around piston engined fighters, and the navy operates no aircraft carriers, and very few submarines (of questionable status), and a few obsolete frigates and gunboats. The pride of the Navy, the Battleship Proletariat lays rotting in Serekan harbour. A relatively large army remains, consisting of several hundred thousand, but it is severely under supported and almost totally incapable of deploying outside Ide Jiman borders. Assault capability rests upon a tiny naval infantry corps, consisting of no more than 2,000 troops. Despite this, the government follows the traditional Ide Jiman stance of hostility to foreign nations, especially those that had opposed the Communist regime during the Long War. By 1970, the Ide Jiman nation is beginning to gather speed economically, but still lags far behind others. Despite economic shortcomings, the regime under the ruthless command of War hero Marshall Ryuzen, remains desperate to export its ideals at any available opportunity. Ironically, at the same time, the government is desperate to make new friends, as the economy requires foreign markets - as it is still unable to process many of the primary resources produced. For the regime, any chance to get attention will do...
  7. I felt the earthquake too! It was pretty neat...
  8. At this period, my country is still ruled by a supposedly Communist regime. The main focus of the communists in power until the 60s/70s has been improving the economy, leaving the military slightly delapidated - to 1950s standards. Despite this, it is likely to remain incredibly hostile to foreign nations. Of course, being miles from the action won't make it easy, but I guess I could send a couple of ships or something.
  9. No problem, once I know others are ok with that, I'll get my post up there
  10. I don't think it was Van's, it's the really little neutral one next to the island Adaptus owns on that map
  11. That's cool, I'll begin drafting something. Is it ok with you guys if the island involved in my fiendish plot is the one that looks like 0.2 on this map: http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r137/We...lsy-825-web.png (The Neutral One between Haru and Deltannia) Sorry if I'm rushing people, if anyone does have problems with my plan just shout me. It's just a plan after all.
  12. I have an idea - to save removing posts and such. What if someone does something to make the meeting and stuff irrelevant. i.e. If I were to start landing substantial military forces in neutral territory near to the area of oil. The nature of my government would allow for rash decision making of this kind. Due to this, the need for action becomes somewhat more urgent, and the meeting is cancelled. Diplomatically this could be used to split Europa into two camps (I'd rather everyone didn't team up on me ) For the sake of the RP, is it safe to assume I am operating out of the territories I laid claim to on the map thread?
  13. When the Update comes, please can I be re- added but on different plots: 36, 37, 38, 39
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