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  1. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Visit Orioni: top 5 destinations you must experience O'POLIS -- From the beaches of Amilaki, to the chaos of Zuidhaven, alongside the history, culture and jungles, there is just so much to see in Orioni. There is no question about it, Orioni is one of our absolute favourite countries to visit. If you’re looking for somewhere tropical, relaxed and has amazing food, you'll find it hard to pick somewhere more idyllic and relaxed. Whether you are staying in a tranquil Oriental beach villa, or a hotel suite in a high-rise Zuidhaven hotel, there are plenty of possibilities for everyone. The country is home to a variety of landscapes and climates. You can find crystal clear blue waters and blinding white sand running around the edge like Dimeti and Deseti, just two of its many spectacular islands. If you want something different you can experience the bustling chaos of Zuidhaven, or climb up into the cooler mountains in the northeast. Here you will find peaceful jungles, rich spirituality and picturesque views. Wherever you go, you will find yourself charmed by the ancient and mysterious culture, the delicious food and the welcoming locals. If you've been to Orioni a few times, you'll have created a routine for yourself. Fly into O'polis or Zuidhaven and stay for a few days. After that, it is off to a dreamy beach getaway. With so much to offer it can be hard to narrow things down. With that in mind, here are our top five destinations in Orioni that you have to visit. 1 O'polis Even if your plans for Orioni mainly involve frolicking on a beach and eating as much biryani and spiedini as humanly possible, you'll probably spend at least a day or two in O'polis. There are plenty of things to see and do in the capital, but the Imperial Palace should be at the top of your list. This is the number one sightseeing attraction in the city, and it's staggering in both historical significance and craftsmanship. 2 Zuidhaven Orioni's bustling 2nd city can be overwhelming at first. It is a hive of activity and its chaos is all part of its charm. The sights, sounds and smells that assault your senses will also inspire your curiosity. Each street will bring something new and alien to try to understand. It makes the perfect introduction to the country and southeast Europa as a whole. For history buffs and photography enthusiasts, a favourite stop is the ruins of Hierapolis. The ruins of this old city still stand proud despite enduring centuries of battle and exposure to the elements. It offers many lovely photo opportunities. 3 Deseti Deseti is Orioni's largest island, and also one of its most well-established island resorts. The island is popular with everyone from backpackers and stag parties, to rich and discerning EOS diplomats looking for 5-star luxury. Just like all the other islands in Orioni, it has unreal beaches fringed with swaying palm trees, and these are Deseti's main attraction. You will undoubtedly find it a peaceful place to relax after the commotion of Zuidhaven, but it is certainly no backwater either. There are also opportunities to get to know the local culture on the island, with the Sahini monastery being a great place to start. There are a wide variety of places to stay on the island, and luxury retreats offer some of the best villas in Deseti. 4 Dimeti The name Dimeti refers to a chain of barrier islands, and the largest island in particular. It is a much smaller place than some of Orioni's other beach destinations. If you're not looking for a party, Dimeti is a great option. There are plenty of attractions in the Amilaki region, but the main one is diving along the Weledi Gulf. The waters are teeming with colourful fish, as well as coral reefs and turtles and the landscape is so unique with little islands popping up everywhere. 5 Adansi If you finally decide you have had enough of the beach, head up to Adansi to see a completely different side of the country. The city is located in the mountainous Kidusi province, and it is the perfect place to base yourself if you want to see what the area has to offer. Mountain walks, mysterious hill tribes and ancient temples are just some of the things to do around Adansi. Elephant rides are a popular activity here, although the practice is sometimes ethically questionable. You'll love visiting the elephant sanctuaries, transplanted from the Kingdom of @Koku, which allow visitors to appreciate these magnificent creatures while providing them with a safe and loving environment at the same time. (OOC: I was planning my own summer holiday. But the options in 20202 are rather limit with fluctuating quarantaine rules and travel restrictions. So wondering about fictional travel proved an easy alternative.)
  2. FROM: Diplomatic outreach, EOS Headquarters, Deseti island, Orioni BCC: Mrs Yumi Kochi, Ministery of foreign relations, Esonyaveli, Serene Kingdom of @Esonice Foreign relations department, Xincheng, Holy State of @Heiheguo Ministère des Affaires étrangères, Auvergne, Federal Republic of @Acadia Secretariat of foreign affairs, Aulon, Confederal Republic of @Little Flau Diplomatic sorority, Arrakeen, Theocracy of @Kaitaine Secretariat of foreign affairs, Maurotopia, Most Serene Republic of @Mauridiviah Chief of Foreign Affairs, Wanaveraʻa, Monarchy of @Selayar Esteemed representative of your proud nation, For more than 14 years, the Entente of Oriental States has paved the way towards economic, scientific and security. cooperation. Great progress has been achieved in the interest of a long-lasting peace, protecting sovereignty and furthering good relations between neighbours. I am honoured to extend the hand of friendship, and would like to humbly invite you to join the Entente as member state. As a nation bordering the great and vast Oriental Ocean, you are already entitled to take up a position of observer status. Please take your time to debate and consider this formal invitation. We look forward to your reply. Cordially, Mr Tobiya Wayanor
  3. @Wellsy Congratulations Jon! Enjoy your lovely 39th birthday.
  4. 🎉 Congratulations! Enjoy this lovely birthday. 🙂 

  5. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Checking wastewater pollution in Mar province MAR YAHOSN -- The Weledi Gulf Tourism Cooperative (WGTC) has called for addressing the pollution caused by wastewater in the Weledi Gulf and the Dimeti Barrier Islands. The Cooperative raised the issue of wastewater from tour boats and tourism activities. Pollution caused by discharges from vessels remains a challenge despite many regulatory efforts taken by provincial authorities. The Dimeti Barrier Islands in northern Orioni are made up of 67 islands that span 250 square kilometres in length along the northern edge of Mar province in the Amilaki region. The largest island, called Dimeti, has roughly 9.000 inhabitants, with an additional 3.000 people living on floating fishing villages off the coast. The island is the adventure-tourism capital of Orioni, with places to mountain bike, rock climb, hike, and more. In 2019 around 750 tourism boats operated in Weledi Gulf, including over 200 vessels that anchored overnight. In April and May, the WGTC invited two international experts to evaluate the sustainable tourism management and environmental protection in the bay. The experts concluded that the gulf wasn't threatened by pollution. Nonetheless, they did express concern over growing tourism numbers and ineffective waste management, concluding it would pose a significant threat. Both experts also hoped the province would soon announce the standards for wastewater systems. Mr Gideta Yelemi, the Provincial Director of Environment, said the department has asked the Council of the Environment to set national wastewater treatment standards that could be adopted by 2020. Mr Yelemi added that: "All boat owners understand the impact on the environment of untreated wastewater from cruise ships. They support the initiative to instal treatment systems on vessels." During a recent workshop with stakeholders from business circles and the provincial government, the Zuidhaven Institute of Technology (ZIT) presented several technology and management solutions to alleviate wastewater pollution in the area. The solutions are aimed at helping tour boat owners comply with stricter regulations: either having built-in treatment systems or using external treatment services.
  6. Map: https://i.imgur.com/aNbWKDS.png Added: @Anatea in Aurelia. Europan NPC's to completely fill the void, after long discussions with Tag about Aroman history. Edited: Shorter canal for @Tagmatium Rules. Renamed New Halsham to Rettenmyr for @Prymont. The background layer is now V3 from the Climate Map Rework. The topography will return once that's done, to avoid any confusion of sharing intermediate versions. Removed: City of "Manitou" for Prymont.
  7. In that case you'll get a little more land in the south to add that bend in the north.
  8. I need to find a way out of the stalemate without losing face. Some kind of hollow victory. Just not the HQ, because that'd just cost money. And the HQ is no use for spying on communications, if I'll soon be using the 5G networks of Gallambria and SSI, both of which are ISTC members. In order of importance, I think what I want is: For EOS to remain a recognised partner, even with the "whole military not allowed" argument. I'd argue that we signed the treaty, hosted a council, and were invited to the 3rd. That already indicates recognition and acceptance. Otherwise we'd lose the option for more drama later on. Patrol the Antargic coasts for security, delivering goods back and forth on those ice breakers. Potentially sell similar tech to other polar nations. Fix the search and rescue helicopters so they actually function in the cold climate. Something Aamotech can help with. I'll need to start a trade topic. (I've dropped the sharing of technical innovations. You could use it as a non-negotiable and Wayanor will give in to this.) (Drop any opposition to Variota's and Seylos plans for exploitation. Let's leave this door open for future disagreements.) And in return Mr Wayanor can position himself as the person who: Is a peace-maker for sharing the large Antargic zones with other nations. A nice PR moment that will help people forget about how much territory he actually gave away. Secure EOS recognition as an equal partner.
  9. @Anatea I'm alright with this spot in Aurelia, seeing as @Shffahkia also has some Lysian/Cristinese ties. I hadn't considered the area since it so far away. And you can keep Oyus company. Play navy games with Gallambria. Get involved with the southern continent. I'll go ahead and measure the areas so it's not too big. The peninsula is only 120.000 km2. Medium area = 210.000-250.000 km2. So you can add another 90-130K. Would you like the coast to bend north or south?
  10. Hi @Anatea. I'll write up a short reply before heading to the restaurant for my one-year anniversary. Climate. You mentioned "mediterranean climate [...] with maybe a little desert". Since I'm not exactly sure where this would go with the climate update, I'm tagging @Metztlitlaca and @Heiheguo for advice. Culture. Several people have correctly pointed out that the !Italian area is more to the east. Anything where Limonaia could have been. Especially where this meets Central Argis. The island north of @Seylos could work if you can agree to have more Anglo-Saxon (Buranian) influence than Greco-Latin (Aroman). That big island along measures 250.000 km^2. 3 potential locations: The culture would fit somewhere along the sea between Argis and Alharu. The screenshots @Iverica shared with @Tagmatium Rules's drawings make sense. Plenty of competitive neighbours around. If an island-location is a must, there's the option of replacing @Valacia. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Valacia Unfortunately they left us for another region little under a year ago. https://www.nationstates.net/nation=valacia Those 4 eastern islands measure about 33.700km^2. The island west of it is another 23.500 km^2, currently unclaimed nor reserved as expansion. Nice strategic location. For the desert you could later expand into a coastal area in Alharu. Something more out of the box could be East Argis, closer to Alenveil. That theatre of operation is quite interesting. I'm sure the North Adlantic states would be very happy to welcome a new neighbour.
  11. Which resources are they trading? What kind of benefits does your ruler get out of it? Why would they tolerate the arrival of missionaries? This group could undermine their authority. This could be timed with other Limonaian explorations. I'd have a look at the dates of when they arrive in nearby places. Did the royal family have an active political or purely ceremonial role? Just an idea. Using the power hidden in your offshore tax could enable you to wield some influence in buying up strategic companies in other countries. The threat of downsizing will allow you to influence political decisions elsewhere, and spread those Oyussard tentacles.
  12. I really like the ongoing intrigue. @Prymont really had some great points, questioning the validity of EOS membership. That had me really trying to figure out a way out of it. The military aspect is certainly undeniable. But so far in RP, they only thing I did was build some icebreakers. No canons. No navy. No helicopter that actually work. I get the point we can't create military bases. But so far the EOS hasn't even set foot on Antargis. Just patrolling the Antargic coastal waters, for now. Regarding the zone management I'm not sure where to take this. So I re-read the rules. I do believe you can't just partition the EOS zones and assign them without some drama. It's a nice poker card to hold. And while not actually doing much with it, only a fool would give that up without something in return. For example: All shipping to and from Antargis? (See we can sneak a peak, of course.) Research findings from all research stations in the EOS zones? (All the benefits, without any of the costs.) Something else that your nation is willing to trade for frozen bedrock? (Perhaps the ARTHA HQ, wink wink, and tap your conversations.)
  13. (TL;DR: Some veiled critique for TCSI. An attempt to sidestep Prymont's obviously correct arguments. New research stations can be discussed, but there are some concerns about potential exploitation. Zone management will more challenging to redraw without something in return. Let's discuss.) So far everything looked very promising, Tobiya Wayanor thought to himself. The participants were all very outspoken about their wishes and desires. Mr Remmen of @Prymont didn't beat around the bush: he wanted the Argic Council's permanent HQ to be located right here in Canastota. With Prymont being the furthest away from Antargis that didn't really make any sense. But agreeing to this request would be an easy token gesture. And who knows, perhaps another representative might come up with this remark all on their own... "Rest assured, Mr Remmen, that the EOS is complying with and remains committed to the ARTHA rules. This was already made crystal clear when representative Hackney signed the treaty in 2017, in the presence of your very own president Duval. The improvement of civilian, humanitarian and scientific achievements were part of the core goals at EOS founding, and they remain so to this day. The ultimate overreaching goal is defined in our EOS Antargic Strategy and 20 Year Action Plan. Someone from my staff will be able to attain a copy for you while we continue our discussion." Wayanor covered his mouth and whispered to his aide: but be sure to send them only the abbreviated bullet points. He then continued: "And regarding your other question, I can only point to the wurld map: EOS is concerned with maintaining peace around the Oriental Ocean. And Antargis happens to border that same ocean. Even a child can see that. There's really no need to discuss this any further." "Now, Lady and gentlemen, for something that actually matters" Wayanor said, recognising the abnormally tall Variot Dr Fantuitlant, "It is quite obvious that we all are of a similar mind. That the burden of Antargic care-taking should be the responsibility of all nations. It seems only fair that the protection of Antargis becomes a shared duty. This task should not rest on the shoulder of the EOS alone. It is admirable that the TCSI even considers taking on more responsibility, having weathered the difficult supply problems and tragic loss of human life." Wayanor thought it was rather ironic how the TCSI wanted to double the size of their assigned zone, even though they were obviously already out of their depth. Wayanor had no problem with subtly pointing this out. "We appreciate the offer of Aamotch assistance, and hope that in the future the availability of a polar-capable helicopters can improve safety for all scientific missions." "Thank you Mr Remmen for you proposal of redrawn zone management. You have obviously put great effort into preparing this draft. Very interesting." Wayanor leaned back from the microphone for a moment, pulling a handkerchief from his vest pocket while suppressing a sneeze. He must have caught a cold here in northern Prymont. "Many of the participants here have already clearly stated their interest in redrawing the zone management." He looked around at Mr Remmen, Dr Fantuitlant, Cdre McKellar and Dr Varazzo. This last one had already highlighted inconsistencies in the zones numbered 5, 6, 7 and 8." "The plans of the lady and gentlemen for establishing research stations, scientific experiments and crop cultivation are quite intriguing. I'm sure these plans can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. And if these stations are to be located between135°W to 165°W the EOS will likely not use its veto right." (See §8.) For now Mr Wayanor kept his concerns about the proposed plans to himself. Antargis wasn't to be exploited for profit. And yet Cdre McKellar was already talking about crop farming. Meanwhile Dr Fantuitlant proclaimed without concern that Variota would be "protecting its zone with the same verve as we would protect our own territory". And let's not forget Prymont's minister of the Environment also happens to be the Minister of Energy, an obvious conflict of interest. §8 Construction of Scientific Stations Those scientific stations can be built in any zone as long as any Responsible does not veto. If a veto was to be made, the Responsible needs to further explain their reasons. If the veto was to be contested, a mediation shall be initiated. "What seems to have been overlooked is that this proposal, and for now we'll only consider this a proposal, entirely consists of dividing the zones under EOS management. While we understand the intent, the existing ARTHA does not permit you to redefine another member's zones. (See §6) To the best of my knowledge the EOS are fulfilling their obligations. And as mentioned earlier, we have even been assisting the TCSI. Perhaps we should be discuss reducing the TCSI responsibilities to something... easier to manage?" §6 Zone Management Those zones Responsibles [...] may be removed, amended or added during any conference if a Nation/Organization or international cooperation shall be failing to fulfill this treaty. Wayanor had made his point in the most polite way possible. He didn't have to commit to anything. The EOS were holding almost all of the cards.
  14. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Rezovi: "EOS cornerstone of neighbourhood security" O'POLIS -- During a private video conference with leaders of the Entente of Oriental States (EOS) on Tuesday, Chairlady Awidefale Rezovi emphasised the importance of partnerships that support the growth of security, stability and prosperity in the Oriental neighbourhood. "These past decades we have seen how effective our cooperation is," Rezovi was quoted by spokespeople as saying. "I am humbled by how the EOS countries are helping each other. And more can be done. For example, by developing digital solutions to enable easier communication between our residents," she added. The chairlady highlighted the situation in Bainbridge Islands is an important example for both external and internal threats. "Defusing the pirate menace will increase security of the entire region. There can be no stability and prosperity without security," Rezovi said. In her statement, the chairlady also emphasised the fight against disinformation. "In recent years, we have seen the impact of disinfo and propaganda become ever more dangerous," Rezovi said. According to her, frozen conflicts, like the rivalry with New Wurld blocs or inter-Europan spats, cannot be forgotten either. Rezovi said that there are several opportunities to support the EOS, especially in the field of science and technology. "Our exchange of mutual talent is growing quite fast since the STEM grants were introduced. And we still have a long way to go in integrating our newest partners into the common market," she said. The chairlady said that the EOS have made progress in implementing its goals set in recent years. These objectives are divided into areas of economic development and market opportunities, strengthening institutions and good governance, and the environment and climate change. They include the Antargic Strategy, Responsibility to Protect, proposed observer status, and intervention in Bainbridge Islands. "These objectives have a positive impact on the daily lives of people in the EOS countries. We will continue to move forward and agree on concrete actions for the coming years," Rezovi said, affirming Orioni's readiness to contribute to improving the standard of living of residents of EOS countries.
  15. A very happy 29th birthday to you @Suverina. Ja må han leva, ja må han leva, Ja må han leva uti hundrade år!
  16. Oh hey there new neighbour. I already thought I recognised you from a message in my telegram inbox.
  17. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports World Day to combat Desertification and Drought CYGNUS -- The desert is not deserted. Traveling north from O'polis to Cygnus, you quickly hit the Ayawo Gulf, a relatively shallow body of water that separates the Orinese regions of Irisha and Semeni. These coastal lands of Semeni are home to plenty of unique local species, such as the adorably small web-footed sand gecko (Stenodactylus arabicus). Shallow islands on the Gulf coast also support critically endangered nesting sea turtles and vast numbers of breeding seabirds in summer, including greater flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) and booted warbler (Iduna caligata). Species like these are under threat from increased desertification. Increased desertification poses major challenges to the lives of people, plants and animals. The World Desertification and Drought Prevention Day is observed annually on 17 June. Organised by the United Eurth League, the day promotes public awareness of the fight against drought an desertification. As Eurth's population continues to climb, becoming wealthier and city-based, ever greater demands are places on land to food and resources. At the same time quality and productivity of existing farmland is declining. Humanity is relentless in its production and consumption. Orioni is committed to protecting the biodiversity of this rich coastline while also preventing further soil degradation.
  18. Three weeks later, without objections or feedback. I'll plan some time to execute my above suggestions. This will take some time because the table contains circa 100 rows. The easiest change is dividing the table into columns with: Name Capital Population (taken from https://iiwiki.us/wiki/List_of_countries_on_Eurth_by_population ) Continent (including 2 labels for our transcontinental countries @Iverica and @Variota) Government type Relevant information included in the columns "Formal name(s)" and "Short description" will be copied over to individual country pages. This means no information is lost.
  19. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports UNEX Arenigwade docks at Port Santa Isabella SANTA ISABELLA, Cristina -- On Sunday, 15 June the UNEX Arenigwade, the new flagship of Orinese liner shipping company Universal Exports called at the Port Santa Isabella on her maiden voyage. In @Cristina, she was handled by Port Santa Isabella Co where a total of 12.000 standard containers were discharged and loaded. This mega-containership was built by the Orinese shipyard group Talako-Semayi Heavy Industries as the first ship in a new series of six, and recently delivered to UNEX. According to UNEX, the Arenigwade is one of Eurth's newest XXL containership. This mega-containership will be deployed in the Oriental-Europan trade. The Port of Santa Isabella was called during the maiden voyage of the UNEX Arenigwade. With a length of 410 metres and a breadth of 60 metres, along with her five sister-ships to follow, the UNEX Arenigwade conforms to the environmental regulations in force since the beginning of this year. All twelve ships are delivered with fitted scrubbers. One of her sister-ships will be named UNEX Santa Isabella. “We are delighted that the UNEX Arenigwade has been able to complete her maiden voyage to Cristina with no problems. All those involved in Santa Isabella have contributed to the safe and efficient handling of this unusually large vessel,” said Mr Giovanni Maggiore, CEO of Port Santa Isabella Co. Multiple liner services link the ports of Cristina with Orioni. Cristina mostly imports raw commodities (oil, ore meat and grains), mainly intermediated by companies such as Sandrine Trade Co, Agritec, Vital Chimica and others. In 2019 there was a +5% year-on-year increase of containers transported. Cristina currently ranks 9th among the Orioni’s top trading partners for container handling.
  20. Good evening little girls and boys. This is uncle Bron Urgundy, coming to you live from San Cristobal. Today we have a look at the Orioni authoritarian state. ORIONI IS PUSHING its influence far out into international waters. The scale of its military aggression is unprecedented. I'm sure glad I got out of there before they turned all authoritarian. There have been many instances of how the Orinese regime is using the so-called piracy menace to wage a silent war. Encroachment of Bainbridgian fisheries is still happening with the first instance that was reported in January. An incursion by a Orinese navy vessel near Horse Island. The area is internationally recognised as part of @Bainbridge Islands but Orioni is infamous for violating the sovereignty of others. The result is Orinese incursions in Bainbridgian waters haven't stopped. For example, the ramming and sinking of a Bainbridge fishing vessel which happened on May 2nd. A crew of eight on board the boat was captured and detained. Orioni's excuse was the same: threat to its strategic interests in the Azure Sea. Then the unwarranted drills in the @Meteorolas. Since December 2019, Orinese military has been conducting drills in the area. The reason was EOS support for the anti-piracy operations. Orioni has deployed troops to this strategic island of Balas in @Miiros. The Northern Meteorolas are a strategic international waterway nobody can lay claim to this area. Orioni also deployed a nuclear exploration vessel to Antargis. In May 2019, Orioni sent a "survey ship" to the Antargic waters. There's just one more step before Orioni claims nearly every island in the Meteorolas and starts constructing military outposts, to the detriment of other nations in the region and the Eurth.
  21. Hi there @Komonsfolk. How are you finding your stay here on Eurth?
  22. 🎉 Many happy returns!

    Pies for the King (Phil's birthday).jpg

  23. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Medanese wine goes for record price at auction MARYAMA -- A rare bottle of wine preserved since the end of the 19th century has set a new auction sales price record. The bottle of Gayiyeri dragonfruit wine 1792 fetched Φ132.000 in an online sale. "Only four bottles of this exceedingly rare wine remain to this day," a spokesperson said, "Having been held in the same family for generations with their original labels attached." This was the largest of these remaining bottles. Most bottles from this period are spoiled. But these four were preserved in pristine condition. "This should still be drinkable," commented food influencer Nimas Tarson on Wittier. The wine was bought by an anonymous private collector. 680-year-old stone tablet discovered in east Orioni KEITO NIMA -- A stone tablet dating back to the Taneino period (1318-1500) has been discovered in east Orioni's Tauri Province, local authorities said Friday. Found during a survey of cultural relics outside Keito Nima, the tablet, which was made in 1340 during the reign of Empress Koniharo as shown on the inscriptions, has a history of 680 years, according to the county's archaeological department. The tabled is 104 cm tall, 52 cm wide and 26 cm thick, with inscriptions of 512 characters describing official verdicts and market disputes between two villages from 1339 to 1340. With rich and detailed content, the record on the tablet is thought-provoking and is of great historical value for the study of the political and judicial system, and local customs during the Taneino period, said An Fonigi, head of the Copiae University's cultural preservation institute.
  24. Hello young friend. I hope you're doing well. Stay healthy.

  25. Hello @Berdahl. How are you doing today?

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