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  1. This good news by Nguyên Tran was both a surprise and a relief. Unbeknownst to the SSIslandians, there had been uncertainty amongst the EOS members about PM Tumbleweed's political agenda. The tragic events of '17 Sorrows were a catalyst for much uncertainty. To outside observers, it seemed as if the SSI's future was balancing on a knife's edge. Analysts predicted it could go either way. The 50/50 change of renewed authoritarianism was worrying, to say the least. Because none of the Entente's members fancied a return of Neo-Mat Troi Lan. "Thank you, Minister Tran, for those kind words," replied Mrs Hackney. "Since the Entente was originally formed, our aim has always been the promotion of peace and prosperity in and around this great Oriental Ocean. It is with open arms that we welcome the ascension of the Radiant Republic as a full and participating member of this organisation. This decision will surely have a major impact on the lives of citizens in all our nations. The future shines brightly on all our peoples." "If there are no other observers seeking full membership status, we can continue with our next point. The discussion on prospective candidates for future membership or observership of the Entente of Oriental States." Item 3: Prospective members and observers Anna felt more comfortable with this next part. Behind the scenes, she had been discussing and negotiating with plenty of foreign ministers. Some expressed mild interest, while others expressed much more excitement. "We received one official request for full membership. From a nation that has long been a strong player in the eastern sphere of influence. It is with great pleasure that I announce the positive request from Ide Jiman Foreign minister Roe Chon-Yeong." When Anna made the announcement, gasps of surprise could be heard. It was a public secret that the militarised nation of @Ide Jima had been an international pariah these last decades. Therefore their prospective membership came with equal advantages and disadvantages. One one side, the EOS would benefit greatly from opening up this major market. As well as the increased military footprint. On the other hand, joining forces would mean pooling resources with a potentially disruptive military regime. Anna had shared these worries with her boss, foreign councillor Sir Pipkin. While acknowledging her concerns, he had pointed out the outside advantages of bringing the Ide Jimans into the alliance. He had called it: "A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." Anna turned towards the existing members around the table. "As outlined in our charter, all existing members can now vote on this request from Idea Jima. A simple yes/no majority vote will decide whether or not this proposal will go forward." (OOC: With @Sunset Sea Islands just joining as a full member, this leaves @Miiros and myself as full members. So this can go rather fast. Observers are welcome to comment, but they cannot vote.)
  2. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports 200 million people celebrate Āhuni O'POLIS -- The Orinese New Year is just around the corner. The first day of spring, or the spring equinox, falls on Wednesday this year in the Northern Hemisphere. But you don't have to be Orinese to celebrate. More than 200 million people worldwide, in Orioni and the diaspora, celebrate the day. For millions of people across the Eurth, Āhuni is no small celebration. Think Christmas, New Year's and a national holiday combined. Add to it family gatherings, festivities, delicious fish, rice and spices. Āhuni is Oharic for New Year. It means "new day." It's not a religious holiday but rather a universal celebration of new beginnings. Welcoming the future while shedding away the past. That's why families use this time to spring clean their homes and closets and buy new clothes. Āhuni promotes values of peace and solidarity between generations and within families. It's a time of reconciliation. The Tacolic festival of Easter also falls in spring. Themes such as the Resurrection of the Tacolic saviour, and symbols like The Easter egg, are also associated with rejuvenation and renewal.
  3. Hosts So we have 3 volunteers for hosting this. That's nice. This will serve as our list for figuring out the next years of this RP. Once the organisation has been founded we can skip ahead relatively fast. 1974: Kipan 1975: SIC 1976: Oyus 1977: SSI Etc. Secretary-General We just follow the easy principle of having that year's host also be the sec-gen. You run the agenda. And you also have to host the thing. By the time we hit the 2010s I'm sure everyone will have had their turn. Next steps I'll reply to the existing posts. @Kipan will get to host the first round of GIN. Pick a city and we'll make it the $cityname Accords. We'll make our way over there. Send either a foreign affairs wonk or economist or both. Complain about prices, bring other topics into the mix. Decide to found GIN Everyone who's late to the game can just show up. IC you can say the invite was forwarded. I guess the 1970s were a bit more informal than today.
  4. Map: https://i.imgur.com/cbRIrsa.png Added: @Rhodellia in South-Aurelia Edited: Added sea names Added peaks & mountains Added rivers for @Iverica Added cities for @Ide Jima Turned the 'UBPSSIF Protected Marine Preserve' into an islands chain as agreed with @Sunset Sea Islands and @Andalla Removed: Asgeirria islands outside their main island from Aurelia Derthalen expansion reservation from East-Argis Imperial States of Europe (ISE) from South-Marenesia Tallovia from South-Thalassa Poland-Lithuania from central Argis UBPSSIF islands from North-Thalassa, as explained above
  5. @Rhodellia I'm looking for some kind of analogy with present-day Argentina, which includes 8% German-speaking people. Tie that into a colonial past similar to @Shffahkia and @Faramount. Both of these are on the eastern side of Aurelia and Alharu. That geography gives them a different influence compared to the western side. It think we can add a continuity that works by finding a timeline that matches.
  6. @Rhodellia Some thoughts on this map request. Academy trajectory went positively. News. RNN has a good mix of stories and social media. Factbook. Oh my, that's detailed. You're already hinting at the area you'd like to be in. I'm not commenting on the contents since @Variota has done so already. Culture. While native cultures can go about anywhere, the specific mention of RL Anglo-Saxons ("American, German, British“) will already hint at someplace outside the tropics. You also mentioned a "generally mild and temperate" climate. Locations. Usually, there are three options. In this case, I had to struggle to find a 3rd choice. East-Argis somewhere between to the existing similar countries. Have a look at the triangle between Morheim, Derthalen and Alenveil. That'd explain away the proximity to @Derthalen and troops appearing there. Deep south Aurelia. As you drew on the map, just further south, to hit that climate. Or change some facts and enter a more tropical area. Inland sea area between Argis and Alharu. The texts above feel Portuguese as Variota also noted. This would open up the southern shores of Argis, from the Verde Sea in the west, to the Mediargic in the east. Still fits into your exploration story.
  7. @Rihan Thank you for taking care of this. I'll go through my remaining pages, and any untagged or OOC ones. Did they share an approximate date when the old IIWiki will disappear?
  8. A very happy birthday to you @Cristina!
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  10. You want a Patreon? You get a Patreon! And a call-to-action in the homepage sidebar. https://www.patreon.com/eurth
  11. Thank you @Sunset Sea Islands. I used the absence as an opportunity to insert some uncertainty. The EOS icebreakers also needed to be spotlighted. It is one required step before we can also establish an Antargic research station. And, of course, the zone management. The Aurelians wanting a piece of the pie was to be expected. And I must admit, it makes the situation rather interesting. But I'm glad you agree with the final outcome. @Miiros and I had a private discussion about this. Whether or not we were going too far. In the end, we decided on sticking with our first proposal, and waiting for the inevitable pushback. Which, surprisingly, didn't come . But in your case, this doesn't really matter since you just joined EOS.
  12. 03:00 aboard HMS Tornado Southwestern Azure Sea The back and forth rocking of the ship was enough to put Lieutenant Commander Belizón to sleep. He was exhausted from another long day commanding the HMS Tornado. During the weekend they had protected a convoy of merchant ships going from Niederoestereich to Miiros. Suddenly, a metallic sound. Someone was outside his cabin, banging on the door. Belizón woke up immediately. He still felt tired. But he remained professional as ever. From the chair, he grabbed his uniform jacket it on and opened his cabin door. Standing right there was warrant officer Mikaelis, part of the night crew. "Sir, apologises for the disturbance, but we have an urgent emergency." "You can explain it on the way, Mikhaelis." Belizón walked straight past Mikaelis, right towards the ship's bridge. The hallways were filled with a dim red glow. Surface ships change lighting during "darken ship" or after sunset and after sunrise. It makes them more difficult to detect from afar. "Sir, we've received a distress signal from a @Sa Haran oil tanker. The SV Khabastan. They report at least 4 small vessels on approach. Possibly more. The ship rejected our navy's proposal to convoy towards their port of final destination in @Ide Jima." "Those reckless idiots," Belizón grumbled. By now they had reached the ship's bridge. The bridge used blue-tinged light. To facilitate easier viewing of various monitors, charts, and general reading. Captain in deck." "At ease. Sitrep?" "Sir, six pirate vessels confirmed. The oil tanker is 80 km away SSW. Our ship might not get there on time. But the helos can. Our commandos are preparing for departure."
  13. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Navy foils pirate attack on oil tanker off the Bainbridge coast LAHAINA, Bainbridge Islands -- Orioni's naval forces have successfully thwarted a pirate attack on an Orinese oil tanker off the Bainbridge coast. Pirates in 6 speedboats attacked the oil tanker with a cargo of more than 150.000 tonnes coming from @Sa Hara. However, commandos of the Navy’s Operation Ocean Guard, which patrols the Azure Sea in an anti-piracy operation, managed to repel the attack. The operations fleet, which includes the HMS Tornado, set off for high seas in the summer of 207 on a mission to maintain the Orioni Empire’s power in international waters and safeguard maritime routes. In recent years, Orioni’s Navy has increased its presence in international waters to protect naval routes and provide security for merchant vessels and tankers. In line with international efforts against piracy, the Orioni Navy has been conducting patrols in the Azure Sea and around the Bainbridge Islands, safeguarding merchant containers and oil tankers owned or leased by Orioni or other countries. Orioni's Navy has managed to foil several attacks on both Orinese and foreign tankers during its missions in international waters.
  14. The new default theme is pretty boring. Fortunately, we can set a custom header image. It will look something like this. Your suggestions for images are welcome here. Keep in mind that we can only add 1 image, instead of the 5 variants we had before.
  15. (OOC topic: Group of Island Nations.) Prologue Most island nations weren't directly involved with the Second Argic War (1968-1974). As islands, their relative geographic isolation was one advantage. Shielded by a natural 'wall of water', any military action would require transport across the sea. And a large-scale maritime invasion was never in the books. But none of the islands nations could escape the consequences of the Argic conflict. They felt its impact in all kinds of ways. This wall of water was also a curse. Any island nation, whether they be small like @Llalta and @Oyus or large like the @Seylos or @Gallambria, dependend on maritime shipping for imports of raw materials and finished products. They had made efforts in the 1960s to diversify the sources of supply. But the degree of their vulnerability had never been registered with such intensity as during this 2nd Argic War. By the summer of 1972, the dependence on foreign imports was becoming critical. Especially the energy supply faced two serious problems: uncertain supply and high cost. Events in Argis led to another round of crude oil price increases. The warring parties were willing to pay steep prices to keep their military machines running. If needed they'd take out massive loans. Whatever energy output remained, it had to be shared among non-combatant nations. And island nations were the last in line. Motorists and truck drivers faced long lines at gas stations beginning in summer 1972 and again in 1973. Fishers were protesting because their trips were becoming uneconomical. Criminals were buying up whatever they could get their hands on, to resell these same goods at exorbitant prices. People were unhappy. And by 1974 this displeasure was showing. ∴ March 1974 Imperial summer palace Orioni Marble floors. Large windows. A high ceiling. Tropical potted plants in the corner. The Empress' audience chamber looked impressive as ever. It was only March, but the temperatures in southern Orioni were already quite warm for this time of the year. The ageing empress never liked to stay in the busy city of O'polis. At age 66, Empress Owa Nabérrie (1908-1989) preferred the summer palace by the sea. It had a much better view. And there was plenty of fresh air. Salty, perhaps, but that's just how she liked it. "Our people are complaining," grumbled Empress Owa Nabérrie at the Chairlady during the weekly audience. "And you don't seem to be doing anything about it, Berhanu." Owa remained comfortably seated. Perhaps if she'd been 20 years younger, she would have gotten in Berhanu's face about it. But that was then. It wasn't the first time Chairlady Berhanu Talagi had received a scolding from the ageing monarch. And for good reason. Berhanu remembered her promises during the general election. How she'd create more jobs and promote Orinese exports. So she apologised profusely. "Your Highness, I'm as concerned about the situation as you are. The people are sick of these high energy prices. It's the war in Argis. It's been really hurting our economy. The conflict is making it very difficult for us. We have to juggle the competing interests of food imports, electricity production and gasoline." "Yes, Berhanu. I know that. Any college-level student knows that. You don't have to lecture me about policy," answered the Empress calmly. Berhanu’s explanation didn’t convince her. Blaming others wasn't reason enough to explain the government's inaction. She had expected an answer like that. With a small smile, she replied: "Surely our nation is not the only experiencing these problems? Just look at how that young king Tomasso is using nuclear technology over at the @Sunset Sea Islands. Where are our nuclear power plants?" Berhanu felt lost for words. Yes, she'd known of the early successes of this new technology. "Your Highness, this is true. But there are also the Gallambrians and Kipanese, who face similar issues as we do. Energy prices won't come down as long as this Argic War rages on." Owa wasn't buying it. Another deflection, she thought. Politicians are always putting the blame on others. "Nonsense. I'm sure there's a way forward. I suggest you send a telegram to the leaders of these other nations. There's a lot we can learn from one another. I expect to see some results, Chairlady, and I expect them soon." Owa extended her hand, signalling that this audience had ended. "Yes, your Highness, I will get on it right away," answered Berhanu. She wouldn't send a telegram. Telegrams were old technology, from the Empress youth. Much easier would be to use the telephone or telex. Those had become more and more reliable for international communication. (OOC: please review these comments.)
  16. That's all very possible. For starters, though, let's start out as a talking shop in the 1970s. Low-key collaboration on specific issues that al island nations deal with. Skipping forward in time we can let it evolve into an assembly (or not). Compare it to have plenty of RL organisations evolved. The initial setup would still be similar to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pacific_Islands_Forum @ Everyone who wanted to participate: the prologue is ready. It outlines the economic problems we face and share. Some notes before we go forward: Host city. I'm looking for a partner to host this first informal meeting. People. This'll be just a regular chat. It can involve your 1974 head of state, foreign affairs or economy ministers. Just don't recycle the same people. This event is taking place 45 years ago. None of your existing characters will have been around. Invitation. You've already confirmed your participation, so... We'll just say that everyone else is allowed to show up. Someone will have told someone else and the invitation was passed along. Outcome. Formation of GIN. This includes appointing a secretary-general.
  17. This weekend I want to launch the GIN storyline. I'll do this by sketching the prologue, and introducing some characters from the 1970's. No current characters will be in existence back then. Clean slate. Old tech. No internet. Old jets.
  18. Forum version v4.4.1 has arrived. Which means I'll upgrade the software as announced both in February and last week. Update 1: Upgrade complete. At first glance, the Dimension theme didn't break as expected. Or did it? Update 2: Aha, I already found a bug to fix. Dangit. Update 3: Disabled Dimension. Set IPS as default for everyone. Yes, it's ugly. I don't like it either. We can get the old theme back if someone cares enough to buy it.
  19. Good evening everyone. I'm Bron Urgundy. And that means you're watching Big Story News. A REGULAR POWER cut was mistaken for a war blackout in @Ahrana. War benefits no one. This famous saying is not true if you are working in the electricity department of Ahrana. The Argic nations is always on the brink of one war or the next. Which is why the population is used to experiencing blackouts every night. But is another looming war really the only factor behind these blackouts? We found out the reality of these so-called blackouts in Moskovo and Vulgus Supra. Shocking revelations came up in conversation with the Energy Minister: "Ahrana has a regular lack of electricity supply and everyone is aware of it. But thanks to ongoing tensions, we can now cut the power supply in the name of blackouts and people wouldn’t blame us at all. Because we have others to put the blame on!" But not everything is completely off the rails. Thieves enjoy a stable income. And unmarried couples are having a great time thanks to such blackouts. Our correspondent spoke to a young man in Vulgus Supra who is quite pleased with the lack of electricity: "I am really happy because of these blackouts. Now I can meet my sister-slash-girlfriend more often at night as there is darkness everywhere. We can spend quality time together with no one noticing us at all. All thanks to those rebels and terrorists!" Everyone seems to be happy due to these blackouts. Let’s wait and see for how many more days Ahrana will continue to undergo it.
  20. @Andalla Sure those functions will still work. And the styling is kept. It's not some new theme. You can already give it a try: Scroll to the bottom Click "Theme" Switch to "IPS Default" "IPS Default" is the actual default theme that comes with this forums setup. Dimension is a custom theme I bought 16 months ago when we relaunched with this new redesign on our own domain.
  21. @everyone This is a general notice to all forum users. Once the IPB version 4.4.1 drops, I will upgrade the forum software to this latest version. Because we have to stay on top of those security updates. Consequences: All the added thingies listed above. But also: our default theme (Dimension) will break. This means everyone gets to enjoy another theme that does work. (Surprised? Hardly, since I already mentioned this last month.) Now I hear you say: "But I don't want to change. Can't we keep the old version? I don't mind security bugs." Ah Timmy, that's nice of you to say. But you'll just have to get used to it for now. But all is not lost, Timmy. Because if you have some money on you, perhaps you can spare the $30 to purchase that newer version of Dimension. And we can all live happily ever after.
  22. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Ctharhu S'pyex wgah'nagl fhtagn.
  23. (OOC: crossposted from the Roiters news topic: Wide field for chamber elections in Variota, March 2019) Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Wide field for chamber elections in Variota FERREFAAIERHAFEN, Variota -- The Chamber of the People in @Variota is holding elections this year. A wide field of opposing parties is vying for political power. Electoral participation in Het Huisselant is at a high level with over 26,4 million citizens registered as members of one of the twenty-two parties with at least one seat in the Chamber of the People. People are legally allowed to be a member of multiple political parties, so long as only one of the parties operates within the Chamber of the People. One of the reasons for the relatively high amount is that there are no legal age requirements to become part of a party; as such, many parents enrol their children into the party. Roiters had the opportunity to question the party leaders about their outlook on the Variot future. We asked the candidates about the pressing issues in voters' minds this year. (General) What are the most important challenges facing Variota and how do you propose to address them? (Economy) What will you do to support a vibrant economy in your state? How will you work to increase job opportunities for your constituents? (Social) What kinds of policies, if any, will you pursue to promote social justice in your state? (Foreign Affairs) In light of escalating threats abroad, what measures do you support to address your nation's security? (Ecology) What measures would you support to reduce the effects of climate change on public health?
  24. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Wide field for chamber elections in Variota FERREFAAIERHAFEN, Variota -- The Chamber of the People in @Variota is holding elections this year. A wide field of opposing parties is vying for political power. Electoral participation in Het Huisselant is at a high level with over 26,4 million citizens registered as members of one of the twenty-two parties with at least one seat in the Chamber of the People. People are legally allowed to be a member of multiple political parties, so long as only one of the parties operates within the Chamber of the People. One of the reasons for the relatively high amount is that there are no legal age requirements to become part of a party; as such, many parents enrol their children into the party. >> Continue reading the questions and answers
  25. Item 2: Observers seeking full membership "Organised intervention in Bainbridge Islands seems like a settled matter. We will begin preparations and coordination with the @Gallambrians. On to our next item on the agenda." Anna Hackney was happy with the pace. She had already gotten everything she wanted out of this day. Anything else would be a sweet sweet cherry on top. "Observer status will now be granted opportunity to declare their interest in becoming a full member of the Entente of Oriental States. This is no obligation and your observer status will remain intact. Consider it an opportunity to deepen the ties that hold together the peace and prosperity in the Orient." All eyes were no focussed on the representatives from @Sunset Sea Islands, @Cristina, @Kipan, and @Magnaeus. (OOC: if there is no interest at all, we will quickly move on to the next item. Thanks for confirming. If time is short, then just reply if your answer is "yes". No need to spend time on the status quo.)
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