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  1. Orioni

    Roiters » Know. Now.

    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Kipan granted EOS observer status EOS Island -- The Entente of Oriental States has granted observer status to the State of @Kipan. Following a decision by the governing council on Sunday, the Aurelian nation can observe the closed-door deliberations of the governing council. This is the first expansion of membership to be approved in 2019. "There is a natural rapprochement between the Oriental nations, respecting our mission to improve economic development in and around the Oriental Ocean, following the existing EOS’s development mandate," said permanent representative Anna Hackney. "We welcome this opportunity to deepen our relationship with the Kipanese and enhance our contributions to a more peaceful Eurth," she added. "I've spoken about this with Foreign Minister Masaki Kaneda, and he is confident that President Yamazaki will greenlight this membership status." This decision will put Kipan on a par with other nations with observer status in the EOS system, such as @Sunset Sea Islands, @Cristina, @Fleur de Lys, @Magnaeus and Deltannia. At the same time, the suspension of Mantella is still in effect, for reasons related to their recent civil war with Cristina.
  2. Orioni

    Proposed observer status

    To: Foreign Minister Masaki Kaneda of the State of @Kipan From: Anna Hackney, EOS representative from Orioni Your answer to the previous proposal has been received most positively within the Entente. For many years it has been the goal to bring peace to both sides of the Oriental Ocean. At least, it seems this is almost becoming possible. We certainly understand and respect that such a bill needs to pass through the Kipanese national assembly. With the recent holiday recess, this is expected to take some time. The same can be said for our own organisation. We expect to resume our deliberations again shortly, on January 15th. Regarding your request for clarification on further obligations, we have included a copy of the Charter of the Entente of Oriental States. The rights and duties of observer states are explained under §5.
  3. Orioni

    Happy birthday and hello again

    @Wellsy Hello there Jon and welcome back old feller. I'm so very happy our little annual update managed to reach you. That's quite some life story you shared right there. Full of ups and downs and ups again. As many of us here. Certainly, I have some fond memories of your stories and great help with our early maps. It was really a time of make or break.
  4. Orioni

    [OOC] Roleplaying in the Far Future

    @Sunset Sea Islands So, ahm, about The Radiant... http://northernfree.freeforums.net/thread/9/radiant
  5. Orioni

    [OOC] Scramble for Antargis

    Brief followup. I'd like to get this started. I understand IC @Prymont is busy with the aforementioned elections. I'll open with the agenda, followed by discussion, and ending with slicing up Antargis. Just need a location where this takes place, so it can be "the Xplace Declaration" or similar. If no-one else steps up to be the host, we'll re-use the previous location at EOS island. No need to RP travels nor arrivals. Thanks.
  6. Orioni

    Roiters » Know. Now.

    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Alert: Prisoner escape in Meda MEDA -- Police in the eastern city of Meda report that prisoner Warner Habitami escaped during transport his to the courthouse this morning. The escapee is on foot and was last seen on Ajonar Avenue while attempting to steal a car to further his getaway. The street was empty after this night's new year's celebrations, our local correspondent reports. Local police have launched an extensive search of the area in a bid to find Habitami. Police are also warning the public to remain vigilant. It is advised to not leave unattended cars unlocked or with the engine running. Warner Habitami is a white male with short hear and beard, wearing a regular prison outfit of pink jeans and shirt. He may still be handcuffed in the front. He speaks with an obvious Rohinese accent. In 2010, Habitami was sentenced to 15 years in prison. During the worst of the financial crisis, according to prosecutors, he had approved the concealment of hundreds of millions in losses in RITZ-scandal. Habitami lied about the value of his bank’s transfer but other bankers behaved far worse. Habitami’s former employer, for one, had revised its past financial statements to account for these losses and more. Surprisingly, he would earn the distinction of being the only financial executive sent to jail for his part in the financial crisis. Police emphasize these clear instructions: DO NOT leave unattended cars running. Area residents and business, BE VIGILANT while this aggressive search is underway. Should you spot him: Call 1-1-3 with your location and DO NOT APPROACH.
  7. Orioni

    Map v4: Applications & Releases

    Map: https://i.imgur.com/FyZIJ7y.png Added: @Tikva in West-Alharu, with 4 cities Edited: Removed 1 city for @Rihan Added 6 cities for @Alenveil Moved 1 city for @Bulgenstaz Added 2 cities for @PyeMcGowan (I couldn't properly fit the city Nova Marina in there)
  8. Orioni

    Request: Island Trading City of Chionia

    @PyeMcGowan I'll draw a clear border between the north and south island, to distinguish who owns what. @Alenveil I'll add the city as Chionia as you described.
  9. Orioni

    Expansion Ahrana

    @Ahrana Feel free to share a link to your expansion RP.
  10. OOC: As far as I'm aware this lore is being continued by @Cristina. With permission, I would like her to decide whether these treaty applications may continue or not. Re-opening and awaiting feedback.
  11. Orioni

    The Front Desk

    @Rhodellia It's my pleasure to inform you about your graduation from candidate to full RP member. Congratulations! You now have access to the main RP forums. You can also decide which of your trial RP's you want to keep and expand upon.
  12. Orioni

    Sandbox RP forum for newcomers

    Since this experiment began, it looks like @Rhodellia is the first member to successfully go through the application process. He'll be upgraded from candidate to full member. The theory behind the idea was logical, but it wasn't clear at first how this would work in reality. Our RP mentors all did an excellent job providing behind the scenes feedback. We'll take what we learned here and improve the application process. In particular: For the candidate: what exactly is required, which feedback can you expect, how long does it take? For the community: how to deal with trial topics that don't yet fit the canon.
  13. Orioni

    [Academy RP] | Commuting in Rhodellia

    OOC: Nice writings @Rhodellia. This is different than your previous stories. Less meme, more story. The quality is certainly there. Nice writing.
  14. Orioni

    BS News Channel

    Good evening all you good looking viewers. This is Bron Urgundy and you're watching Big Story News. IT'S MY HONOUR to announce that Henry Redmond, former prince of @Seylos and current leader of Monarch, has officially been named the winner of this news channel’s Sexiest Man Alive Competition for the year 2018. Prince Henry has won this accolade thanks to his devastatingly handsome features, trendsetting haircuts, his ability to charm his friends and his unparalleled ability to sow discord in Seylos and his strong sturdy frame; this Seylos-bred heartthrob is every woman’s dream come true. Blessed with an air of power that masks an unmistakable cute, cuddly side, Henry has made this newsroom’s editorial board swoon with his impeccable fashion sense, and of course, that famous smile that literally spells "to die for". He has that rare ability to somehow be completely adorable and completely macho at the same time. And that’s the quality that makes him the sort of man that women want, and men want to be. He’s a real hunk with real intensity who also knows how to keep an activist busy. Thanks to tonight's announcements, Henry joins the ranks of those famous prior "Sexiest Man Alive" winners, which include: 2018: Henry Redmond 2008: Yusama bin Muthaqal 1998: Augustus Bizimungu 1988: Salman Qussayn 1978: Trok Kek Yuk 
1968: Ho Qi Namh 1958: Park Il Sung 1948: Joseph Stalman 1938: Adenoid Hynkel OOC: Another joke story because Redmond is tied to win our poll for biggest baddie in 2018. Voting ends tomorrow. All other names on the list are also based on RL tyrants, butchers or dictators.
  15. Orioni

    Leave of Absence

    I'll be AFK for the Christmas holidays while visiting my family back home. But I'll be back on the 28th. I hope you all have a good time as well!