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  1. For their rights to party? A couple of years ago I wrote this simple anthem.
  2. Over on Reddit someone asked for help to write their own national anthem. While it's always more original to do this yourself, there exists a free and easy National Anthem Lyrics Generator to help you write one. Source: Build Your Own National Anthem (Slate, 6 February 2014)
  3. Hello @Creaturae. Thank you very much for surprising us with this full-fledged climate map proposal. A remarkable dedication deserving of distinction as November's featured nation of the month. You applied the Köppen climate classification guidelines. This is what I had on mind for updating our incomplete version 1 (V1). No argument there. Since you're asking for constructive feedback, I thought I'd add some here. Ocean currents. Yeah. I had these all wrong. Watching Artifexian pointed that out. My excuse is his video's weren't out when I made this. Prevailing winds. Nicer arrows and in the right places. Climate zones. This is probably going to be the most problematic area for most people. Alharu. Where would you expect Monsoon to occur? Argis. Looks like less Mediterranean climate. Can we warm this up a little with those warm winds pushing north? Aurelia. It looks like West-Aurelia would turn into a desert. Does this extend all the way to the coast? And how about the islands? For example Kipan would become an island desert. Europa. In V1 I added a pseudo-Gulf Stream to get some warmer waters up in the northwest Occident. Southwest. Some places changed from desert to jungle. Any chance to push this southwards again? It would build a barrier between the historical Aroman Empire and ancient Memopotamia. Marenesia. I read Salvia doesn't want to follow this update. That's his good right. Thalassa. I don't see much change here. Here's a quick and dirty comparison of all climate versions.
  4. @Indo-Stan Hello Kabir Mughal Khan! Welcome to planet Eurth. Your describe quite an interesting mix of cultures. Geographically close, yet culturally so adversarial. That would surely spark some conflict!
  5. Map: https://i.imgur.com/9bFS6PJ.png Added: @Eulycea in S-Alharu Stalgora aka @SamNorth in W-Argis (I couldn't fit all cities) Storvitinden Mnt. in @Andalla Tapatepetli Mts. in @Metztlitlalio Aroma city in @Tagmatium Rules Edited: New flag for @Ahrana (again?) New flag for @Sunset Sea Islands (goodbye rainbow!) Removed the labels of HMAS Hartlepool (Garden Island) and HMAS Brighton (Port Hughes) for @Gallambria Port icons for @Sancti Imperii Catholico Port icon for @Oyus Renamed "World" to "Wurld" in the cartouche (as seen mentioned in some RP stories) Interesting fact: the map now uses close to 1450 layers. And Adobe only crashed 3 times while updating. Praise be to Shantanu Narayen for auto-save. Backlog: @Miiros island names (awaiting pm reply) @Assurym move (probably to Memopotamia) @Qardania move (undecided to which destination) @Rhodellia removal (awaiting decision) Rivers redraw (use pattern) Europa borders redraw (use pattern) Cultures based on "2008-02-25-regional.png" Add cities in Enolia for @Rihan
  6. @Oyus Did I interpret this correctly? Brisore: change to port icon Farlo: move next to Brisore, just more inland.
  7. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Sibiseba seeks say in military matters O'POLIS -- In most democracies, the parliament carries considerable weight in declarations of war. In Orioni, some believe that the voice of Sibisebali (MPs) in these discussions is quieter than it ought to be. According to the constitution, if the Orinese chairperson wants to use force, all she or he has to do is call the Empress (who, by convention, agrees). This applies to anything from sending OSRU on a covert raid to launching an all-out armed conflict. Tomorrow, a panel of Sibisebali will publish a report titled: Sanctioning Military Operations. The report will make the case for Sibiseba having a bigger role in military matters. It recommends a better sharing of information between the executive and legislative branches. It also calls for MPs to brush up on their knowledge of foreign affairs, so they can make informed decisions. The judgement of whether to use lethal force is one of the most difficult decisions a leader has to make. So considering more perspectives when making that choice is a sound idea. The report also declares the government should act fast and decisive in emergencies. But Sibiseba’s lack of consensus doesn’t lend itself to fast action. And without the legal framework for a legislative vote, the explanation of “urgent” remains open to interpretation. Particularly from loose cannons who find their way into the top job of the chairperson.
  8. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. You're watching BS News. I'm Bron Urgundy, coming to you live from San Cristobal. And tonight we visit an exotically remote place on Eurth. WHAT DO PEOPLE think about @Alenveil? This question is pondered by many Alenians, and it often leads to exaggerations about how many people have actually ever been to the great nation. Perhaps the great travel distance means that the greater cultural difference between the Alenveil and the so-often-described "New World" allowed for a more contrasting perspective. It's sad, but some people don't realise how big the Eurth actually is. They don't grasp how much we can learn from other cultures. Me, I've never shied away from exposing myself to foreign ways of life. From drinking tequila in @Mauridiviah to riding the waves in @Andalla. And when I took a trip to Viingahtiid it really broadened my horizons and opened up my mind. Most visitors are struck by Alenians positivity about everything. Beyond simply being kind hosts, apparently the Alenians I encountered while visiting couldn't contain their excitement when they heard my accent. Although often in a tongue in cheek condescending fashion, the quick-witted tourists all have something interesting to say about Alenveil, while also showing only little more than a lazy acknowledgement of the nation’s unique differences from its western neighbour @PyeMcGowan. Something else that's a little strange about Alenveil was seeing road signs in Limonaian, Anglish, and Andesian. The first time I saw a trilingual sign, I didn't know what was going on. How odd is that? As I soon learned from my trusty Wandering Wurld travel guide, the @Limonaians colonised the sh*it out of East-Argis. That's why you go on journeys: to learn a little bit more about something a lot of other people already knew. What also threw me off was that Alenian money looks completely different from ours. The Vaito bills have different colours, and instead of presidents, they have some random strangers on them. I guess if you spend a few years stuck in Mauridiviah, you never really imagine about something like currency. But when you're confronted with a bill that doesn't have Jorge Washington on it, you really start to think about how each country is unique and how that's reflected in the pieces of paper in your pocket. When I finally made it back home, I started to see things from a different perspective. I no longer viewed the Eurth as being all the same. Now I see it for what it is: my own place that I really like, and a bunch of other places that are weirdly different.
  9. Many happy returns @Adaptus. Out of sight, but not out of heart.
  10. @SamNorth Completely in agreement with what's been written before. The map you posted includes cities so those will be added as well. The map request queue is nice and full. http://www.europans.com/tags/todo/
  11. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Mr Adam Brand, director of Mercy International Orioni: Hold Haru to account for atrocities ZUIDHAVEN -- "The Orinese government should publicly hold @Haruspex to account for atrocities committed against Cussian and other ethnic minorities," Mr Adam Brand, director of Mercy International, said today. He added that: "The government should discourage Orinese investment that would benefit the military or at the expense of minority groups. The Orinese government has been pitifully reluctant to speak out against abuses by Haru's military." In May 2019, the Haruspex military began a large-scale operation against the population in northern Cussia, committing crimes against humanity and forcing many to flee into overcrowded refugee camps or become confined to camps and villages without basic needs. Mercy International was one of the first organisations to condemn these atrocities. Nonetheless Mr Brand remains hopeful:"The Orinese government should cooperate with international efforts to pursue accountability for the Haruspex military’s crimes against the Cussians. This includes voting in favour of human rights resolutions at the EOS. Orioni's upcoming election should encourage the government to improve its human rights foreign policy, including by calling on Orinese companies not to contribute to rights violations in Cussia."
  12. No, that'd be too much of a rewrite for me. I'd go the easy was and swap out Kipan for @Andalla. Same general direction. If he can agree to this.
  13. I'm still in agreement with either of your location. Whether you wish to place Aroma next to Neamagonos or Europatorian is completely up to you. Once you've made your choice the ruin will appear on our map.
  14. I'm busy travelling again: in London right now and Portugal next until Tuesday 22nd. I'm sorry for being so behind on my responsabilities. I should have a better work-life balance when in Portugal
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