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  1. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Medanese wine goes for record price at auction MARYAMA -- A rare bottle of wine preserved since the end of the 19th century has set a new auction sales price record. The bottle of Gayiyeri dragonfruit wine 1792 fetched Φ132.000 in an online sale. "Only four bottles of this exceedingly rare wine remain to this day," a spokesperson said, "Having been held in the same family for generations with their original labels attached." This was the largest of these remaining bottles. Most bottles from this period are spoiled. But these four were preserved in pristine condition. "This should still be drinkable," commented food influencer Nimas Tarson on Wittier. The wine was bought by an anonymous private collector. 680-year-old stone tablet discovered in east Orioni KEITO NIMA -- A stone tablet dating back to the Taneino period (1318-1500) has been discovered in east Orioni's Tauri Province, local authorities said Friday. Found during a survey of cultural relics outside Keito Nima, the tablet, which was made in 1340 during the reign of Empress Koniharo as shown on the inscriptions, has a history of 680 years, according to the county's archaeological department. The tabled is 104 cm tall, 52 cm wide and 26 cm thick, with inscriptions of 512 characters describing official verdicts and market disputes between two villages from 1339 to 1340. With rich and detailed content, the record on the tablet is thought-provoking and is of great historical value for the study of the political and judicial system, and local customs during the Taneino period, said An Fonigi, head of the Copiae University's cultural preservation institute.
  2. Hello young friend. I hope you're doing well. Stay healthy.

  3. Hello @Berdahl. How are you doing today?

  4. I want to talk about the big table of nations. The one you can find on https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Eurth#Countries Current situation Right now, our country tables includes 4 columns with country information: Name Formal name(s) Capital Short description Two points I want to make. Feel free to reply to each of them separately. (1) Adding government types A little while ago, sometime in early 2020, I added the government type to that last column. Not yet for every nation. But a good 50% is taken care of. Mostly I went through the forum factbooks to find out more about former nations. If your government description is off, feel free to correct this. For the government types I had a look at some other lists that are available: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sovereign_states#List_of_states https://iiwiki.us/wiki/List_of_countries_(Aeia) https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Ajax#List_of_Nations_in_Ajax https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Gaia#List_of_countries https://iiwiki.us/wiki/List_of_sovereign_states_and_dependent_territories_(Kylaris) https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Midgard#Countries https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Sunalaya#Countries https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Verthandi#List_of_countries Moving the short description to individual country pages saves us some space. That helps display all information on one single line, in contrast to some longer rows. For example: 4 lines for Adaptus, Afropa, Beleareas, Faramount, Mauridiviah, Shffahkia 4 lines for Magnaeus 6 lines for Derthalen (2) Considering additional columns Moving the formal name(s) to the nation detail page gives us some extra horizontal space to use. We could use this extra space that to display more relevant information. Some possible additions could, sorted from most to least occurring: Population. One element of the points system. Recurring in most other lists. Already exists for Eurth but on a separate page. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/List_of_countries_on_Eurth_by_population GDP per capita in NS$. Another element of the points system. We can be more upfront about this by showing the number directly. Head of state / government. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/List_of_current_heads_of_state_and_government_in_Eurth Continent. Optional since this same information is already displayed in our box at the bottom. Area in km^2. Also optional. The third element of the points system. The existing table is already fairly complex as it is. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/List_of_countries_on_Eurth_by_area Any thoughts or ideas?
  5. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Less trucks, more cargo bikes PERSEUS -- With city traffic growing each year, Perseus has become the latest city to explore the possibilities of using cargo bikes to complement delivery trucks. Some UNEX drivers in the mostly flat coastal city are taking to two wheels as part of a pilot project (to prepare for the future 5G introduction) to test electric-assisted cargo bikes for citywide deliveries. Mr Negade Tajir, CEO of UNEX, tells Roiters that: "We're exploring the potential for similar schemes in other cities. Next up is Andro. Each of the bikes can carry 200 kg of cargo and replace one delivery truck on city streets. The vehicles in the pilot programme can save 100.000 kg of carbon-dioxide emissions a year." While cargo bikes are rather common in large Oriental cities, they remain a rare sight in the rest of the Wurld. More and more cities shut their city-centre streets to large polluting vehicles, prioritising pedestrians and cyclists. It’s a smart time for delivery companies to test pedal-powered solutions. Wittier to test online medical service O'POLIS -- Wittier, the biggest messaging social service in Orioni, will beta test an online medical-diagnosis app this summer. The Orinese government, reluctant to allow people to see doctors online in the past, has relaxed restrictions to better service smaller towns off the home island. In May, the government cleared the public to seek online consultations from any doctor. This requires some technical innovation. Hospitals and patients need to use the same application so everything can run smooth. This includes making appointments, payment, and filling prescriptions. This is where Wittier comes in. It has a massive network of millions of users, a cashless service called Wittier Pay and plans to recruit more than 1.000 doctors. If the test proves successful, a more general plan could ease the pressure on medical workers. This can help doctors treat patients with uncommon issues who are avoid hospitals because of long travel distances.
  6. Fair enough. I hope we can involve @Shffahkia and @Fulgistan. I'm unsure if the Aurelian League of ICEB want to get involved as well. Right now, seeing who could be involved, we're looking at 3 zones. I expect TCSI retains the area including Simon Station. Aurelians would likely look south of their own continent for an area to claim. (I presume, but it's up to them to voice this.) For EOS I guess the area south of Europa would make most sense. With SSI being a member of both TSCI and EOS that creates some overlapping responsibility. For example: 360° divided into 3 equal 120° zones gives us something like this. Sticking to the longitudes is easiest, since they've already shown on the map. It somehow looks unfair to Aurelians, but that peninsula has Simon Station on it. I presume we'll end up deciding on something like this, with the vertical lines being a point of contention. (4 zones of 90° is easy to draw as well. 5 zones of 72° is a bit trickier. 6 zones of 60° is easy again.) Please ignore the areas that aren't Antargis. The IC reluctance to redraw is just added drama. OOC I'd be perfectly fine to see anyone who's interesting join the Antargic snowball game. Gobbling up the majority of Antargis was supposed to create drama. But unfortunately it didn't. That was a major surprise. I hadn't expected other TCSI player to just lie back and take it. Imho some more animosity between blocks would be nice. The situation IC is way too friendly. Quite right. The EOS is built on two elements: economic alignment and military cooperation. That dual use was intentional. But neither of these elements would fit the ARTHA. It's an oversight that works to my IC advantage. Stressing that fact will be painful to resolve.
  7. (TL;DR: the EOS ice breakers are operational but helicopters can't fly in the cold; changing of zone management is negotiable depending on what we can get for it in return.) Mr Tobiya Wayanor was appointed only five months ago after Mrs Anna Hackney moved on from her post as EOS permanent representative. Those were some big pumps to fill. Wayanor leaned forward and lightly tapped his microphone. "Thank you very much, Minister Remmen," he began, gesturing in the direction his host with an open right palm, "I'd like to start by thanking our Prymontian hosts for preparing this splendid venue." This was quite true. The Røvik Hotel was an excellent location for this kind of conference. Much better compared to the dilapidated old EOS headquarters. And the city of Canastota proved to be quite beautiful this time of year. The introduction of Concorde aircraft into the government's transportation fleet quickly proved itself a welcome upgrade. Travel times were considerably shortened. "Speaking for EOS in general and Orioni in particular, we hope this 3rd official meeting of the Antargic Council resolves some important issues left open during the previous, more bureaucratic conferences," he continued. "The Entente members have prepared an update of their plans and progress. We want to put forward three major points of discussion: 1. our fleet of ice breakers, 2. the changing Antargic climate, and 3. considerations regarding the zone management." (1) "As you all know, the first stepping stone of EOS' Antargic Strategy was the creation of research and resupply icebreakers. We can share in confidence that sea trials were a success. In May of last year, our nuclear icebreaker IRV Beredo made its maiden voyage to Antargis. We learned a great deal from operating in the hostile polar climate. While on its way to Antargic the mission also focussed on the tragic case of Mr Walter Sandiego, sadly without success. Search and rescue operations in such a vast expanse of open ocean are complicated without regular patrolling stations in Marenesia. Lessons learned from the Beredo were applied by our Miirosi partners to upgrade of the Beredo's two sister ships, the IRV Menelassar and the IRV Connor Grey. One problem I like to highlight is the reliability of aircraft. Operating the Beredo's helicopter within the Antargic circle proves problematic. Perhaps the more experience Prymontian engineers have a solution they'd like to share." Wayanor felt confident he'd made his first point. In truth, the Beredo itself had experienced no significant issues to speak of. The helicopter crew, however, didn't get much flight time. Oil problems, strong winds and low visibility proved too great a risk for landing. Without landing bases nearby, their helicopter crew deemed the flight too risky to even try. (2) "Our second element concerns the Antargic climate. The MIDAS satellites network has detected some rather alarming changes. We've prepared a short briefing for you. If you'll please turn your attention to face the monitors." While Wayanor explained the climate findings, participants got to see an animation of the Antargic ice sheet. Between 2006-2015 the animation showed the Antargic ice sheet growing and shrinking. Between 2016-2020 the changes became more exaggerated. And a simulation of changes from 2020 onward looked outright dramatic. "As you can see, ladies and gentlemen, the Antargic continent is changing at an alarming rate. In January of this year an ice-sheet broke off that's the size of Greater Canastota. The addition of this much freshwater will have an as of yet unpredictable impact on our ocean's salinity. Our scientists tell me that big shifts in salinity could be a warning that more severe droughts and floods are on their way, or even that global warming is speeding up." When the animation had run a few times, Wayanor turned to face the nearest of TCSI. "Right now the TCSI is the only member of this Antargic Council with a permanent base on Antargis. We eagerly look forward to the first scientific findings you'd like to share." (3) "And as our third and final point, we'd like to bring up the existing zone management agreement. The 2nd Antargic Council decided on a two-zone division of Antargis. This made TCSI responsible for W135° to W165°, with other zones outside of this area falling under EOS management." Wayanor knew zone management was an important issue. The ratification of these zones had been one of his predecessor's greatest achievements. It was a major milestone for the EOS, after years of stagnation. Before departing O'polis he received clear instructions from the councillor of foreign affairs to play it very hard if any renegotiating of the agreement came up. "However, in January 2019 the Federative Republic of @Shffahkia announced their plans to establish their own Mercier Research Base, in collaboration with the Worker's Republic of @Fulgistan. This complicates the existing agreement as neither countries are signatory to the Antargic Regulation Treaty of Human Activities." "Certainly near-Antargic nations will wish to become involved in the zone management. Think, for example, of the Aurelian League and the Marenesian nations. What is the TCSI's stance on this unilateral action by non-signatories? How will we ensure the ARTHA is respected while avoiding any potential conflict?"
  8. @Prymont Correct. My reply will be up later today. I blame that hat bloody broken keyboard for holding me back. I'll update this post to include the link. What exactly is the end-goal we want to achieve with this 3rd RP? OOC I'm open to re-dividing into 3 equal zones of 120° each. IC there'll be some quid-pro-quo. Edit. Phew. That took more time than I had thought. With phonecalls and neighbours interrupting every 30 minutes.
  9. I think what I'll do next is add some more placeholder labels in the areas that look large enough to have their own name. It'll probably look like (Name Sea) or (Strait Sea) or (Name Gulf). As always: the two active player who are closest get to label a geographic feature. I'm sure everyone can get along with that.
  10. @Fjallshima How are you doing? Recently you received another player in the neighbourhood. They enjoy a similar combination of Asian-Nordic style. I think @Esonice, @Andalla and you would get along swimmingly. Of course there is also @Heiheguo although, from what I've read, I think they will include less Nordic elements. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Heiheguo
  11. Of course. You'll see this appear in the next update. Topic tagged as "todo".
  12. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Civilian victims of EOS mission Bainbridge Islands -- EOS has been pushing its peacekeeping operation far out into Bainbridge Islands. The speed and scale of its military intervention is unprecedented. A KBI fishing vessel collided and badly damaged an Orinese maritime destroyer. Orioni said this was vessel was sailing in international waters and endangered its safety. The sinking of a KBI fishing boat near the Crab Island on May 2nd was another example. The fishing boat sank after being hit by a Orinese patrol vessel. A crew of eight on board the boat were rescued. Orioni's excuse was the same: threat to EOS operation in the Northern Meteorolas. The area is internationally notorious for piracy. Stolen Ide Jiman artefacts seized at Dion port DION -- A joint police and customs operation in the port of Dion has led to the recovery of more than 2.000 items and the arrest of 52 people. The initiative included officers from EOS nations targeting the trade in stolen archaeological artefacts. The operation focused on criminal networks that steal from museums and plunder archaeological sites to loot cultural treasures. Police officers recovered several rare Golden River objects, a pre-Ide Jiman golden mask, a carved Kokuan elephant, historical weapons and hundreds of ancient coins. Dion’s chief of police Mr Yigeni Akisiyoni said thirty-nine people were arrested in the city during the crackdown. Thirteen traffickers were arrested in Cygnus. Chief Akisiyoni added that: "Particular attention was paid to monitoring online marketplaces. Our officers gathered information and identified cultural objects offered for sale online. This amount of objects shows the enormous scale of illegal trade in cultural artefacts and opportunities for money laundering." The chief of police concluded that law enforcement agencies across the world need this international phenomenon that's financing organised crime networks.
  13. Map: https://i.imgur.com/OgEOQTf.jpg (Sorry about the quality. The file was too large for Discord, and Imgur automatically converts large PNG to JPG.) Edited: Rollback of the premature geography changes. See the ongoing discussion. Renamed the capital of @Grenesia from Karlitch to Karlich What used to be Tikva became Bashan. More information @Gallambria Backlog: Add Prymont's reserved area Cleanup wavy or low-res flags of: Assurym, Astriedan, Byzantium Nova, Great Burlington, Miiros, Qardania, Wendland, Youtaboniiia. What to do with: Aluxia, Enolia, Rihan? See how we handled: Kipan (continued by @Fjallshima), Soreana (added to @Limonaia), or Tikva (continued by @Gallambria) Remove "NPC" label from Bashan Placeholder sea names where it makes sense Europa borders redraw for more realism (use pattern) More small lakes (where it makes sense) Rivers redraw (use pseudo-random pattern, less meandering the higher up you go) Cultures based on "2008-02-25-regional.png" Timezone update based on new nation borders. When choice is undefined, location of capital decides the timezone.
  14. Today I replaced [[Category:Europa]] with [[Category:Eurth]] for all subcategories, images and redirects (±200 pages). If the page already includes {{Eurth}} you don't need to add the [[Category:Eurth]] since the infobox template already includes this. But, of course, not all pages need to include the templates. https://iiwiki.us/mediawiki/index.php?title=Category:Europa I also embedded {{Eurth}} into {{Europa}} so we only have to maintain 1 regional infobox. The long-term goal is replacing all {{Europa}} with {{Eurth}}. Here's a list of pages where this still needs to be replaced. (±150 pages) https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Europa Of course, you can kill two birds with one stone. While fixing the first list, also making the change to fix the second. Edit: all of the above has been taken care of. Took about 2 hours to push through it. That's that. Edit 2: And while I was at it, I also untangled the spaghetti mess that was [[Europa]] and [[Europa (continent)]]. From now on we're only using the short version [[Europa]].
  15. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Sitia opens 24-hour book store ZUIDHAVEN -- Readers hoping to browse through books at 4 o’clock in the morning will soon be able to do so. Orinese bookshop chain Sitia has announced that its branch in Zuidhaven, will become a 24-hour operation from 11 May. The building in which the bookstore is located was rebuilt under an urban renewal project. With three levels below ground and two above in the 12-story Tonan Financial Building on Ababochi South Road, the store is set to become a big draw for many foreign visitors and a tourism attraction at night. The shop, which is a short walk from the Lovra museum and conference centre, will take up round-the-clock duties. The remodelled bookshop will have Sitia’s first dedicated foreign-language section, stocking some 20,000 Anglish and Cristinese titles, alongside coffee, cocktails and an arts section curated by international publishers. Mihirati Mani, chairwoman of Sitia Holdings Corp, which owns the bookstore chain, department stores and restaurants, and also sells appliances and equipment for hotels, restaurants and kitchens, announced the decision at a news conference in Zuidhaven yesterday. "The store held a soft launch 24-hour operations earlier this month, allowing the staff to get used to the process," Mani added. All the more reason for foreigners to book a trip to Orioni.
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