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  1. 🎉 A very happy 34th birthday to you old friend. 🍾

  2. Orioni

    How to tell a great story

    Chris Do shares his 5 tips on how to tell a story. How can you make your stories more interesting by understanding storytelling fundamentals? What makes for great stories? Stories are about conflict Subjective expectations meet objective reality Break down the story in section: normal, explosion, new normal Story Delaying Make your story dramatic. Make matters feel like they are life and death. In other words, exaggerate and be melodramatic.
  3. Orioni

    Greetings from PyeMcGowan!

    Now I'm really curious! What exactly are you referring to? Welcome to Europa Mr @PyeMcGowan .
  4. Orioni


    Hello and first welcome @Kipan You seem to be a nice fellow Asian-style nation. I hope we're going to get along just fine. Your first month has passed. What's the experience been like so far? How can we further improve this experience and everyone else in the community?
  5. Orioni

    Map v4: Applications & Releases

    Map update: https://i.imgur.com/IRTygdg.png Added @Kipan in W-Aurelia @Soreana in N-Alharu Edited: @Asgeirria received some more cities and islands @Prymont now has the Canamo canal area marked as "reserved" @Andalla has a new flag @Faramount has renamed cities @Aluxia has a renamed capital city
  6. Orioni

    Request: Aluxia

    Taken care of.
  7. Orioni

    City Renaming Request

    Taken care of. You will see the new names appear with the next map update.
  8. Orioni

    Request for edit: Asgeirria

    @Asgeirria Sure I'll add more cities. It's always nice to see more details. I doubt all of them will fit, but I'll see how to get around that. Edit: added.
  9. Orioni

    Expansion: Prymont

    For now, I'll already tag the Canamo region as reserved, to prevent any potential future misunderstandings.
  10. Orioni

    Expansion: Asgeirria

    30 days later and with no additional mod comments, I'm scheduling this expansion to be added to the map. @Asgeirria Your expansion will be added in the next update.
  11. Orioni

    Request: Bergistan

    Hallo @Bergistan and welkom to Europa. Factbook. As it should be. Newsroom. Extensive with pictures and everything. No new articles for the last couple of months. Are still interested in continuing this? Location. Somewhere near to @Variota but not actually next to it. The factbook or request don't mention any coastline, just a temperate climate with mountains. That opens up the potential for a landlocked location. Perhaps there used to be a coast, but that was taken away by another nation. Fellow Dutch-Germanic nations are found in SE-Argis, in the triangle between @Morheim , @Derthalen and @Theodoria . There are two mountain areas right there. This also matches your climate description. Or maybe Variota had trading outposts that stretched all the way to the Aurelian continent. That opens up the temperate mountain area in S-Aurelia. Loads of mountains there. Conclusion: I hope you continue your newsroom. And the location will have to be decided. Food for further discussion.
  12. Orioni

    Request: Karillia

    Hello @Karillia, thank you for understanding the above points of discussion. Factbook. Nice read. Good work. No real remarks. Newsroom. Also very nice. Where can I get a subscription to The Karillian Herald? Location. This seems to be a tricky combination. Here are my proposals for your consideration. (See map below.) If by Byzantine you mean Greek, then I am reminded of The Hellenic Rus. You also mentioned a collapsed Ottoman empire. While we don't really have that, we can presume there might have been some link with Hellenic Rus. I'd suggest somewhere in W-Argis along the coastline between @Beleareas and @Ahrana. If by Byzantine you prefer a stronger Slavic component, then a location on the popular S-Argic subcontinent becomes relevant. There you can also be part of a previous larger nation that split into several smaller territories. Conclusion: placement is still an open question. More community feedback is certainly appreciated.
  13. Orioni

    Request: Soreana

    Hello @Soreana , welcome to the region. Factbook. Matches with the description you gave. I've taken the liberty to add some small chapter subtitles to the factbook, to make it easier to scan. You also mentioned the Soreana Grand Prix, which I'm sure more people here will like. (Tagging @Prymont.) Newsroom. A good mix of updates, not all about politics. Location. The above comments mention the area north of @Limonaia . The terrain you selected is mostly flat. Do keep this in mind when referencing geography. Hilltop castles are certainly a thing. Skiing on snow white peaks, that might be a stretch. Conclusion: I'll be adding you in the next update, and look forward to our first PR together.
  14. Orioni

    Request: Kipan

    Hello @Kipan , my apologies for keeping you waiting. Factbook. Nice work. I enjoyed reading that. Newsroom. Really good writing with regular updates. Location. The above comments point to an agreement about W-Aurelia. Conclusion: I guess that settles it then.
  15. Orioni

    Request: Swedserland

    @Swedserland Sorry to hear about those browser issues. Have you had time to review the above comments? Thank you.