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  1. OOC. Some early feedback. I'm sure the other mentors may have more to add. News. I merged your three separate news stories into one topic. That'll create more continuity. Spelling. The first two posts contained some typos. I edited those. Your browser should be able to highlight any spelling mistakes, making it easier for you to fix them. (And I myself should do this more often as well.) Characters. Three characters seem to be recurring: host Rajev Li, weatherman Jingem (later replace with Nina -- what happened to poor Jingem?), and "the Emperor" who remains nameless. You can add some more depth, for example by elaborating more on their lives off-screen, or by describing who the emperor is Emperor. See §4 on character development. Location. Plenty of locations are mentions: Hasheiv, Aurum, Dàha. Perhaps for your next non-news story you could write a travel story describing a person or a family who visits these places. How do they get there. What's to do. Any specific food. How about the reaction of other people. The 'Cultural Iceberg Model' can serve as a guide, with tourists only seeing the part that's above water.
  2. Hello @Indo-Stan. All RP candidates start out in this area. Graduating will unlock the main RP forums for you.
  3. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Orioni to auction off its 5G frequencies O'POLIS -- Today marked the start of the consultation of the auction for mobile high-speed frequencies. The government of Orioni is expected to generate several billions when auctioning off all frequencies relevant for 5G communication technology. Economy Cllr Hiram Hiramson explained that: "Orinese consumers are using more and more mobile data. [...] The government is taking steps to make sure society's significant needs for fast and reliable mobile communication are taken care of." Mr Hiramson presented his proposal to the Assembly earlier today. Notable is the auction being open to international candidates. This generating criticism from the opposition leader Mr Edric Kageni who complained Hiramson is not doing enough to support native tech companies. The councillor countered this by explaining the possibilities of a win-win in a joint-venture between local and foreign partners. Significant attention was also paid to the security implications of working with foreign companies. On several occasions the opposition highlighted potential security risks. Cllr Hiramson spent more than half of his podium time replying to these concerns, ultimately referring to the requirement details in his tender. Under the proposed terms of the auction, the frequencies will be dived in a multi-round auction. The auction is set to be private with no information on the number of participants or their names. However, once completed the winning companies will be announced and the Councillor will make the bidding process public. Launched January 16th, the auction will run for two months with the decision set to be announced before 31 March 2020. Following this, a second auction of the 3.5GHz and 26GHz frequency bands will begin mid-April.
  4. Summary: Orioni government launches auction for high-speed mobile communication. In 2020 the Orinese government will auction 5G frequencies. This technology is necessary to support increasing mobile data use. Good, fast and secure internet is essential for the economy of and business in Orioni. The government wants to improve the technological state of the nation, specifically in connection with the rollout of 5G. Today, the Councillor for the Economy Mr Hiram Hiramson explained to the Sibiseba his recommended plan of action to build a secure and performant 5G network. "Every day, Orinese consumers are using more and more mobile data," says Mr Hiramson. "Whether it's for digital payments, online videos, robots, or drones in the agricultural and healthcare sectors. They’re becoming a part of our daily lives. That’s why the government is taking steps to make sure society's significant needs for fast and reliable mobile communication are taken care of. We’re doing this through our proposal for the auction of the necessary frequency space." OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL CANDIDATES International cooperation is essential for the construction and management of this 5G network. Therefore, the government supports a joint venture. This could include international legislation, coalition formation or the development of international norms and standards. A structural process will be set up in cooperation with the telecom providers, which will take into account the business economic aspects to the maximum extent possible, as long as this doesn't affect national security. SECURITY REQUIREMENTS Telecom providers will be required to take additional security measures to increase resilience to the threat from other countries. One of these measures is to impose strict requirements on suppliers of services and products in the critical parts of the telecom network. This will help further diminish the vulnerability to hacking and abuse. Untrustworthy suppliers can be excluded if they have close ties to unfriendly foreign authorities or suspected involvement in espionage. FREQUENCIES The Council will auction the 700MHz, 1400MHZ and 2100MHz frequencies in the first quarter of 2020 (January-March). Frequencies in the 3.5GHz and 26GHz bands will be allocated in the second quarter of 2020 (April-June). AUCTION This auction will remain open for 2 months after this publication. The highest bidders are allowed to use the frequencies in question, for example, to provide mobile internet. In 2018 there were an estimated 69,8 million internet users (48,35%) in Orioni. PROCEDURE Interested eligible bidders who wish to be included in the auction should contact the address below. Tender Evaluation Section Council of the Economy Weigh House Plaza O'polis 4WH Orioni Email: tender@economy.gov.io (OOC: the government is hoping to raise between Φ25-30 billion in total, with high-frequency bands being the most lucrative and expensive.)
  5. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Maritime insurance sees +18% growth in 2019 SIRIUS -- Sustained security concerns will push the annual results of insurance companies to new heights. This is what insurance branch of Sirius Savings forecasts for 2020. Long-term challenge such as the potential for economic slowdown cast a shadow, causing rising interest rates. This also leads to increased premiums where the insurance market makes its margin. In the wake of the continued pirate attacks on merchant ships, especially in the Meteorolas, the insurance companies have taken a greater interest in working with the shipping industry. Maritime insurance for boats and cargos is an expensive business. But people pay a premium to arrive safe and sound at their destinations. Mrs Kuteba Mudakharat, CEO of Sirius Savings, said in her inaugural speech that "the Meteorolas are one of the most dangerous shipping routes in the world" and a "global piracy hotspot". For many years now the EOS has been carrying out maritime security missions in Azure Sea, with changing success. A group of transport companies, led by UNEX, stresses the need for more funding, cooperation, and infrastructure. Piracy is being viewed by insurance companies as a recurring risk to consider. Regular ransom demands are made for the crew, ship and cargo. This allows insurers to make precise calculations of the expected mount of ransom to be paid, should the worst come to pass. The price of insurance varies based on type, size and use of each ship, and the owner’s current insurance history. The total cost of maritime piracy in South-Europa was more than Φ800 million in 2019.
  6. Map 1: https://i.imgur.com/unB2AlP.png Map 2: https://i.imgur.com/XpGouKk.jpg Edited: Changed the flags for Adaptus, Beautancus, Mahdah, Jilderen, and Volsci Asigned Saale and Pallamara to Variota, because of cultural relations Asigned Soreana to Limonana, as close neighbour and former IC ruler Asigned Kipan to Fjallshime once he makes it to the Academy (for a 2nd time) Renamed that funny island of Joe Bobs to something more fitting for the location. Major layers reorganisation behind the scenes. This makes it easier to publish the various versions we have: political, heightmap, climate biomes, tectonics, time zones, skin colours (beta), migrations (WIP), resources (WIP) Removed: Rhodelila in S-Aurealia Synturia in E-Alharu Expansion reservation for Prymont (west of Dniester) Backlog: @Miiros island names (awaiting pm reply) @Assurym move (probably to Memopotamia) @Qardania move (undecided to which destination) Rivers redraw (use pattern) More lakes (where it makes sense) Europa borders redraw (use pattern) Cultures based on "2008-02-25-regional.png"
  7. Welcome @Yeosan. I'm excited to get writing together!
  8. Map: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/377953601235976194/661627797080506378/map-of-eurth-20191231.png Alright, here's the last map update of 2019. I'm off to my NY party. Wishing you all a health new year and see you in 2020. Added: Jasmine Sea because it sounded nice. Labelled an island SE of my position as Malindi; I sent 2 reminder to @Miiros about it. Edited: Simpler colour scheme for the political map. I experimented with a more detailed coastline. This can be undone with one click.
  9. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Hello 2020, Orioni celebrates New Year ZUIDHAVEN -- Fireworks lit up the skies over Zuidhaven as Orioni became one of the first countries to welcome the New Year. As the clock struck midnight, spectacularly colourful fireworks burst over the harbour area. The display was accompanied by a complimentary light show on the water. A record amount of pyrotechnics, as well as new fireworks effects and colours, lit up the city's skyline for 15 minutes. More than one million people packed the harbour front and parks of the largest Orinese city to watch the show. Police said they were taking precautions to prevent any terrorist attack, but assured revellers there was no specific threat. "We put obstacles between those large crowds and vehicles to ensure people can get in and out safely and enjoy their night in safety," police Commissioner Mr Eleama Baltun said. The party atmosphere swept across other major cities as the clock ticked past midnight. Fireworks, concerts, spiritual services and political addresses were held across the globe as revellers marked the transition to 2020. The Oriental island nation of Rohini was the first in the world to welcome the new year, greeting 2020 with muted celebrations after spending 2019 on the front line of the battle against climate change. In her traditional new year's address, Empress Joni issued a bleak New Year’s message that called climate change an existential threat and warned that: "It's time to seize our last best chance." She noted growing intolerance, geopolitical divisions and inequality, resulting in people "questioning a world in which a handful of people hold the same wealth as half of humanity." “But there are also reasons for hope,” she added. "As we begin this new year, let’s resolve to confront threats, defend human dignity and build a better future -- together."
  10. Always nice to see someone put so much effort into a Wiki page. Some pointers from my end. I'm sure other people will share their own feedback. Find-replace Latin with Aroman. One link to Iverica didn't work. I already went and fixed that. What's the Apostolicon? How is the church organised? I mean the hiërarchy, administration, elections, etc. Any specific sub-ordes or notorious sects? JC will be transplanted into canon by @Tagmatium Rules and/or @Salvia.
  11. Orioni

    Medani Monitor

    The Timos Prize Committee should be fired A column by Oladois Gufov. The Timos Prize Committee has no shame. Days after it announced the recipients of this year's prize, we find out the economics prize is a fake. What do I mean by that? Let me explain. The economics prize was to be shared by economists from Seylos and Variota. Their nomination was for their work on transitioning Zaspa from the first nation to the second. But, as we find out this week, such a transition never even took place. When contacted about this, representatives from either governments declined to comment. Neither nations have communicated anything about any sort of deal. In fact, the exact opposite seems to be happening. Several reliable sources which prefer to remain anonymous claim the Seylosi navy using its power projection to show its displeasure over this whole 'Zaspa Affair'. The decision to award this prize is no mere wrinkle for the time-honoured Timos Prize. No, the problem is much more profound. By deciding to present Variot ownership of Zaspa as an accomplished fact, the Committee has shown its political preference. If the economics prize is affected by this, how can we be sure about the other laureates? What hidden agenda is involved in choosing one nomination over another? Let's have a look at the peace prize. Was the Cussian coalition snubbed because Chairlady Pristo prefers the Occidental conflict to fester? How about the so-called Laren conference. We all know climate change is a hoax. The Eurth's climate has always changed. In fact, plants need carbon dioxide to survive. Renewable energy is just a money-making scheme, which won't work when it's cloudy or not windy. Animals adapt. Studies show polar bear numbers are increasing. And don't get my started on the Gallambrian mouthpiece. How convenient to affirm their press reliability. Everyone knows the EOS and Gallambria are conspiring to overthrow the legitimate government in peaceful Bainbridge Islands. Nothing but warmongering. I hereby submit the proposal that this matter has to be referred to the Andro police for investigation.
  12. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports 2019 Timos prize laureates announced ANDRO -- A look at the Eurth's Timos laureates honoured for efforts in peace, journalism, economic and environmental sciences. Oyusard Kera Eka Lam has been awarded the 2019 Timos Prize for Peace for keeping @Oyus out of the many conflicts raging across the Eurth. "War always seems to be very cool, and most of the “big” nations try to get in on the act as often as possible – if not outright war, then certainly sabre rattling and posturing." The prize in economic sciences is shared by economists from @Seylos and @Variota for their vision of a peaceful transition of Zaspa island from the first nation to the second. The official Wittier account of the Timos Prize shared a video of the moment, which went viral because of the Variot laureates outrageous black outfit. The journalism prize may be awarded to individuals or newspapers or newspaper staffs. This year it was awarded to the reporters of the Gallambrian Press Network. This includes reporters from The Gallambrian, The Bromwich Morning Herald, The Gazette and GBC. And finally, the Timos Prize in Environmental Science was awarded to @Morheim for the groundbreaking work of the Laren Environmental Conference. The resulting standards were adopted by many nations and will pave the way to a healthier and more sustainable future. The Timos Foundation is a private institution established in 1896 based on the will of Amali Timos. The main task is to manage the assets made available through the will, and the intellectual property related to the Timos Prize that has developed over the years.
  13. Orioni

    Timos Prize

    2019 Timos prizes Good everyone. The Timos Foundation Committee has decided to award the 2019 Timos prizes to the following laureates. These people and organisations are recognised for their outstanding research, groundbreaking inventions, or contributions to society. These laureates have made a crucial contribution to focussing attention on their respective fields. The work of this year's Timos Laureates also included promoting freedom of speech, as well as supporting economic innovation and preserving vulnerable ecozones. Peace Prize: Kera Eka Lam of The Matriarchy of @Oyus Timos Prize in Economic Sciences: a shared prize for economists from @Seylos and @Variota for the transition of Zaspa Timos Prize in Journalism: the reporters of the @Gallambrian Press Network Timos Prize in Environmental Science: the Laren Environmental Conference as held in @Morheim (OOC: based on the results from our 2019 RP awards.)
  14. @Taimin Well if writing prompts are what you're looking for, how about something related to our own present-day reality. Annual list of the most popular X in your nation. What's the biggest, most beloved celebration of the year? How will your national leader be celebrating the end of year?
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