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  1. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Weyeni nominated for 3 Music Awards ZUIDHAVEN -- The Enolian singer Aymi Weyeni has been nominated in the three most prestigious categories for this year's Orinese Music Awards, including for the writing and recording of the single Go Through @Rihan and album of the year Back To Enolia. Unfortunately, she won't be able to attend the ceremony in Zuidhaven on Sunday. The 19-year-old singer is currently being treated in a clinic for PTSD and conflict-related stress. Ms Weyeni's brilliance of her music matched only by the difficulty of her refugee life. The singer wrote the single Go Through Rihan about her struggle to return to occupied Enolia. Despite all that, her debut album, Back to Enolia, sold 2 million copies in Orioni alone last year. "Aymi's is a really great talent," says her manager Nicola Simizi. "She's reached back into the roots of the old music that she loves and created a very original album. What's most remarkable about this young talent is the mix in styles and influences: jazz, blues, soul, even @Shffahkian rhythms. When I first heard Back To Enolia, I was absolutely blown away," she added says. "She's put Enolia back on the map." Like many of the new female singer-songwriters, Aymi Weneyi has become famous thanks to the Internet. Starting out, she posted her songs on Wittier, played her guitar and song about her tortured youth in Enolia. Aymi Weyeni - Go Through Rihan They tried to make me go through Rihan I said, "no, no, no" Yes, I miss Enolia More than just melancholia You know, know, know We still got the fight And if my doctor thinks I'm alright He'll try to make me go through Rihan I won't go, go, go
  2. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Stricter controls benefit renters, not landlords O’POLIS -- The capital’s long history of low-cost living looks set to continue with a proposal, approved yesterday by O’polis city council, that will see rents frozen on 700 thousand properties for five years from January 2020. The city’s strong employment market, allied to the lure of green open spaces, have seen housing costs double over the past decade. The SPO, a majority member of Orioni’s coalition government, has pledged to champion rent control nationwide. But others are more cautious. Landlords will need to ask approval from tenants before raise the rent and the stringent regulations might deter developers from investing in the Orinese capital. A balance between business and affordable living is healthy; O’polis is doing a better job of discussing it than other cities on Eurth. SPO hopes to secure election victory with twin-leadership O’POLIS -- Orioni’s Socialist Party (SPO) has taken steps to improve gender equality within the party by adopting a twin-leadership model: one woman and one man will lead the centre-left party together. The Orinese upcoming elections look particularly tough on the SPO so Orioni’s oldest party is keen to refresh its image in an attempt to appeal to voters who sided with the increasingly popular Pink party. But Carla Kebero, political scientist and professor at ESU, has her reservations. “I think the double leadership can only work when it’s not seen as a desperate political move when it’s not seen as pandering,” he says. The idea of a shared role was, in fact, borrowed from the Pink; the SPO is right in taking inspiration but should go beyond just copying their tactics.
  3. This Saturday the 14th I'll be taking my first vacation in 13 months. So I'll be largely AFK for 14 days. Going to visit some micronations: Monaco, San Marino and Liechtenstein.
  4. Those designs look clean. I'll have to toy around with it first. Because there's no way to do tech support for an app that's out of our control.
  5. @Sancti Imperii Catholico Right now you can find all the relevant information over on IIWiki: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Volsci
  6. @Tagmatium Rules So I can see that first map (in green) has a small red dot on it. I suppose this is your proposed location for Aroma? I could also add it with the three dots "∴ Aroma" to indicate a ruin. @Rihan The red-dotted location is not on the Raga Sea though. But I suppose there'd be a port on Suverina's side with overland trade routes. This would be much shorter than going all the way around and risking running into the Volsci.
  7. @Creaturae Will your old friend https://www.nationstates.net/nation=nordschwaben over in https://www.nationstates.net/region=sacrum_imperium be joining us as well?
  8. 🎉 A very happy 34th birthday to you, Sgt.!

  9. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Safety first in e-scooter spat GRUIS -- Following two recent rider deaths, Gruis mayor Awidefale Rezovi has banned issuing permits to e-scooter companies. Ridership in Gruis is at an all-time high. The new legislation won’t extend to current permit holders but it will limit the number of e-scooters and electric bikes to less than 5.000. Advocates for alternative mobility rail against the city’s reliance on cars; they say that the deaths could have been avoided if the city had dedicated lanes for e-scooters. But the mayor's critics believe that the problem lies not with the vehicles but with the people riding them. From regularly discarding e-scooters to whizzing recklessly down the interstate highway, this bad behaviour extends from Ferrefaaierhafen to Tagmatika. Rezovis' ban, then, is a smart move to curb dangerous riding and a step towards safer scooting. Grindr Coffee workers treated inhumanely AISFELD, @Morheim -- Grindr Coffee workers have made numerous claims alleging poor working conditions in the Morheim Trade and Industry Zone (MTIZ). The accusations surfaced following a report by ex-employees who requested to remain anonymous. Roiters spoke to 12 employees of Grindr Coffee working at the MTIZ in Aisfeld. Complaints include supervisors' alleged withholding of pay for illness or yearly vacation, working outside of agreed hours and the retention of customer tips. A Grinder Coffee spokesperson said an objective examination would be started. Meanwhile, Grindr CEO Joe Khamsai spoke out on Wittier, saying: "Given these serious allegations, I have notified our partners that we will launch an independent audit into these internal HR matters."
  10. Hello there @Eulycea. I look forward to writing together.
  11. Good morning and welcome to Eurth! How are you this fine new week?
  12. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Gruis growth grinds to a halt? GRUIS -- A struggle is underway for the future of transport in Gruis. In 2018, voters approved a +5% sales tax to expand the length of the city’s light-rail lines, which carry 30.000 passengers a day. But a new bill called Proposition 404 threatens to halt further expansion plans and put money towards building more roads instead. The movement’s supporters fear that light-rail construction will impact business development; others disagree. "Light-rail has allowed our city us to grow vertically rather than outwards," says Mayor Awidefale Rezovi. "It’s brought more investment and has attracted a more creative workforce to Gruis." Voting on the measure has been underway since August 1st. We expect campaigners on both sides to be active during this weekend, ahead of the citywide ballot on Tuesday.
  13. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Orinese worry about fake news on Wittier O'POLIS -- A new study revealed that in Orioni circa 75% of internet users are worried about what is real and fake news online. The research is based on a study by Roiters in all 19 provinces from January through June, enquiring online into the online opinions of circa 2.000 people per province. Results were aggregated using representative quotas by gender, age, and education. The study highlights an "atmosphere of polarisation" in this important electoral year. In Orioni, 67% of internet users use Wittier as their primary network for discussion and sharing of news. The social media company has been in hot water recently. In previous weeks it had to removed over 100.000 fake accounts.
  14. Map: https://i.imgur.com/rpKPYQG.png Added: @Galahinda in Argis, with 1 capital city @Metztlitlalio in Alharu, with 1 capital city Backlog: @Miiros island names (awaiting pm reply) @Assurym move (probably to Memopotamia) @Qardania move (undecided to which destination) @Rhodellia removal (awaiting decision) Rivers redraw (use pattern) Europa borders redraw (use pattern) Cultures based on "2008-02-25-regional.png" Add cities in Enolia for @Rihan
  15. Good evening to all flora and fauna of the Eurth. This is Uncle Bron. And tonight I have an exciting nature story for you. IN THE DEEP dark jungle forests of Alharu, Jilders Imperial Counsellor Daksari Sanatana, 9th Prince of Markenland, will be testing his mettle against the forces of nature, accompanied by the world-famous former GSAS trooper Bert Frills, on the latter’s show Human vs. Nature. Shot in the @Metztlitlalio Kalpolli National Park, the adventure is an effort to boost awareness of both animal conservation and environmental causes like climate change. A short 45-second trailer was released to promote the show. I would personally describe it as a “lighthearted yet irresponsible coming-of-age story." In the clip, the Jilders government leader embraces his wilderness setting, rowing a boat and crafting an improvised spear. Sanatana stares at his hand-made weapon and whispers: “I will keep this with me for you.” And then Mr Frills replies gleefully: “You are the second most important man in @Jilderen, and my job is to keep you alive. Even if it means sharing some of my precious fluids with you.” Mr Frills said he was “truly honoured” to accompany Mr Sanatana through the Metztli wilderness, but he is no stranger to high-profile guests, having previously hosted the adventurous King Aiden of @Seylos on the show. Wittier users were ecstatic in their praise for Sanatana’s adventurous spirit upon the hearing news, and described his participation as “awesomeballs!” and saying the leader is “the coolest on this planet”. Our news channel will, of course, broadcast the show's episode, together with 42 other countries. (OOC: Yes, another completely fake and unsolicited news story from Bron. He tries to be all meta and poke fun at whichever player is featured nation of the month. And so this month it's Metzli. I also remembered Jilderen using Modi as one of his characters.)
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