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  1. Orioni

    Morheim Trade & Industry Zone

    Name of Company: Grindr Coffee LLC Type of Business: Harvesting, processing, resale of whole-bean coffee; grounded instant coffee; recycling Nation of Origin: Oris province, Asehayi region, Orioni What is to be manufactured at MTIZ? Roasting, grading for the Argic market, storage Number of Workers to be recruited locally: 200 Number of visiting workers to be based there: 50
  2. Orioni

    Timos Prize

    2018 Timos prizes Good afternoon. The Timos Foundation Committee has decided to award this year's prize for 2018 to the following people and organisations. These laureates have made a crucial contribution to focussing attention on their respective fields. The work of the 2018 Timos Laureates also included promoting freedom of speech, as well as supporting economic innovation and preserving vulnerable ecozones. Peace Prize: President Diego Polo of @Mauridiviah Timos Prize in Economic Sciences: the @Morheim Trade & Industry Zone Timos Prize in Journalism: the reporters of the @Prymont News Network Timos Prize in Environmental Science: the ISTC mission at Simon Station (OOC: this should have been posted in December after we finished our 2018 RP awards. I overlooked that and making up for it now.)
  3. Orioni

    BS News Channel

    Good evening to all my smart viewers out there. You're watching BS News. I'm Bron Urgundy, coming to you live from San Cristobal. DO YOU READ the Medani Monitor? Well, you should. Because they have the best words. Especially this weekend edition, which features a column by yours truly. We all know 2019 will be an important year for Orioni. With the upcoming elections. It's important to be well informed. Here at Big Story News, we bring you the truth, fair and balanced, so you can make up your own mind.
  4. Orioni

    Medani Monitor

    Government needs to end the monarchy A column by Bron Urgundy. SAN CRISTOBAL, @Mauridiviah -- There is a close relationship between the monarchy and the government. While the Sibiseba makes all important decisions in modern times, the Empress still gives “final approval” and signs off on all of our laws. But Empress Joni shouldn’t get involved in the running of government and we expect her political neutrality. Something you might not know about the Empress and her relationship to the government is that the line of succession is in fact determined by the constitution. This means technically the government could just decide not to have a successor and the monarchy would die with the current monarch. But it wouldn’t be that simple. For centuries we have interwoven the monarchy and government. And so abolishing it would require a change in the constitution, which would be a long and controversial process. There are those like myself that would prefer to see it happen. The republican movement in Orioni announced it would campaign in the 2019 elections to make the case for holding a referendum on the future of the Imperial Household. It was possible in the @Sunset Sea Islands. So why not here? Ripebiliki is a grassroots organisation which has over 10.000 members and 50.000 supporters. The organisation makes the argument that our monarchy is not a “harmless tourist attraction” but instead has a history of abusing public finances and intruding in politics. Hiram Simizi, leader of the Ripebliki, says his organisation will hold a referendum as soon as possible once the people elect his party to the Sibiseba. He believes a period of transition of 12 months will provide enough time to settle all affairs and transform Orioni into a functional and more democratic republic. I support the ideas of Mr Simizi. The concept of monarchy is outdated. The people deserve a new start. At first, it may feel slightly odd, perhaps even jarring for many people. But many people will also support a change in the head of state. Think about it. We’ve got this Empress being elevated above us without debate or even our say into what’s going on. The concept of inheriting a job is ancient and no longer of this time. We’d be doing the Empress a great favour by ridding her of these shackles she was born into. And in fact, for those of you who remember their history, we‘ve done away with the monarchy once before in our history. In the 1000s and 1100s, we abolished the monarchy and exiled the Empress. This was the beginning of the Medan Rehabilitation. Sadly, the Monarchy was restored after 1174 by the renegade and traitor Seymond Adhamed.
  5. Orioni

    Mr Simizi Goes Travelling

    Alrighty. 30 days is enough for this first planning. It looks like Mr Simizi can follow a clear route. Here's the travel itinerary he's going to follow. Andalla Tikva Limonaia Sayf Fulgistan Oyus Mauridiviah Sunset Sea Islands @Andalla Do these flying distances make sense? I'm especially interested in (1) the first flight from Orioni via Andalla to Tikva, and (2) the last flight back from Mauridiviah via SSI. See this route.
  6. Orioni

    2nd Antargic Council meeting

    Prologue It had been over 12 months since the Antargic Treaty was signed. A historic moment for all nations and organisation taking part. Individual nations such as @Girkmand and Eurofuhrer. And international organisations such as ISTC and EOS. Notably absent from the discussion were ATARA and the newly formed Aurelian League. The original Antargic Regulation Treaty of Human Activities (ARTHA) established the ground-rules for operating on Antargis. The treaty included a clause of dividing the continent into spheres of influence. But the participants never discussed it where exactly those spheres would begin and end. That would become more clear now. 10:00h EOS Island HQ Mrs Anna Hackney was still the EOS permanent representative from Orioni. Her fourth year on the job, actually. She had presided over the first meeting and would do so again now. That much was sure. Her working relationship with Sir Andrew Pipkin, the councillor of foreign affairs, was still good. And this year‘s elections would be a good moment for her promotion to a higher position. Depending of course on how well this conference would go. All signatories to the Antargic Treaty were invited. Mrs Hackney was glad to see them again. Some still looked tired from their long flight to southeastern Europa. But a good dose of morning coffee would surely reinvigorate their wits. “Ladies and gentlemen,” Anne opened, “Welcome to this second meeting of Antargic Council. The signing of our original Antargic Treaty in 2017 was a major milestone in many ways. Not only did it provide an opportunity for wide-scale international co-operation in physical sciences. Its Antargic activities provided encouragement for an international treaty setting the continent aside for peace and science.” “1st item on the agenda: research report. Since our first conclave, some first actions have already been undertaken. Two Antargic research stations were established. Slavia-1 was established by @The Eurofuhrer. And Simon station was built by the ISTC. We look forward to a scientific report from both stations on their experiments and findings.” "2nd item on the agenda: zone management. I would like to open up article 05 of the Antargic Treaty for discussion. This article includes:" 05 - Zone Management The Antargis Continent shall be defined in 24 zones, each representing one timezone of Earth. Within these zones, a Nation, Organization or international cooperation shall be appointed Responsible for the environmental protection of the said zone and securisation from non-scientific or illegal activities, along with respecting the Venège Convention and basic human laws.
  7. Orioni

    [OOC] Scramble for Antargis

    Right. Since no-one else responded to my multiple calls for another nation to host, I'll step up and just do it myself. All previous participants are automatically invited to the debate. Everyone else, including the Aurelian League, may, of course, complain how their absence from the table is a complete and utter scandal. Our story continues here: Two major topics for this meeting: Share how your stations are doing; Decide the zone management. One minor topic: Location of the next meeting.
  8. A couple of questions about this story, in the hopes of aiding with the planning. Participation. Will the RP be open to all, semi-open, or closed (invite only)? Setting. When (time) and where (location) is this taking place? Characters. How many characters are involved? Are you introducing new characters or reusing existing ones?
  9. Orioni

    Roiters » Know. Now.

    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Kipan granted EOS observer status EOS Island -- The Entente of Oriental States has granted observer status to the State of @Kipan. Following a decision by the governing council on Sunday, the Aurelian nation can observe the closed-door deliberations of the governing council. This is the first expansion of membership to be approved in 2019. "There is a natural rapprochement between the Oriental nations, respecting our mission to improve economic development in and around the Oriental Ocean, following the existing EOS’s development mandate," said permanent representative Anna Hackney. "We welcome this opportunity to deepen our relationship with the Kipanese and enhance our contributions to a more peaceful Eurth," she added. "I've spoken about this with Foreign Minister Masaki Kaneda, and he is confident that President Yamazaki will greenlight this membership status." This decision will put Kipan on a par with other nations with observer status in the EOS system, such as @Sunset Sea Islands, @Cristina, @Fleur de Lys, @Magnaeus and Deltannia. At the same time, the suspension of Mantella is still in effect, for reasons related to their recent civil war with Cristina.
  10. Orioni

    Proposed observer status

    To: Foreign Minister Masaki Kaneda of the State of @Kipan From: Anna Hackney, EOS representative from Orioni Your answer to the previous proposal has been received most positively within the Entente. For many years it has been the goal to bring peace to both sides of the Oriental Ocean. At least, it seems this is almost becoming possible. We certainly understand and respect that such a bill needs to pass through the Kipanese national assembly. With the recent holiday recess, this is expected to take some time. The same can be said for our own organisation. We expect to resume our deliberations again shortly, on January 15th. Regarding your request for clarification on further obligations, we have included a copy of the Charter of the Entente of Oriental States. The rights and duties of observer states are explained under §5.
  11. Orioni

    Happy birthday and hello again

    @Wellsy Hello there Jon and welcome back old feller. I'm so very happy our little annual update managed to reach you. That's quite some life story you shared right there. Full of ups and downs and ups again. As many of us here. Certainly, I have some fond memories of your stories and great help with our early maps. It was really a time of make or break.
  12. Orioni

    [OOC] Roleplaying in the Far Future

    @Sunset Sea Islands So, ahm, about The Radiant... http://northernfree.freeforums.net/thread/9/radiant
  13. Orioni

    [OOC] Scramble for Antargis

    Brief followup. I'd like to get this started. I understand IC @Prymont is busy with the aforementioned elections. I'll open with the agenda, followed by discussion, and ending with slicing up Antargis. Just need a location where this takes place, so it can be "the Xplace Declaration" or similar. If no-one else steps up to be the host, we'll re-use the previous location at EOS island. No need to RP travels nor arrivals. Thanks.
  14. Orioni

    Roiters » Know. Now.

    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Alert: Prisoner escape in Meda MEDA -- Police in the eastern city of Meda report that prisoner Warner Habitami escaped during transport his to the courthouse this morning. The escapee is on foot and was last seen on Ajonar Avenue while attempting to steal a car to further his getaway. The street was empty after this night's new year's celebrations, our local correspondent reports. Local police have launched an extensive search of the area in a bid to find Habitami. Police are also warning the public to remain vigilant. It is advised to not leave unattended cars unlocked or with the engine running. Warner Habitami is a white male with short hear and beard, wearing a regular prison outfit of pink jeans and shirt. He may still be handcuffed in the front. He speaks with an obvious Rohinese accent. In 2010, Habitami was sentenced to 15 years in prison. During the worst of the financial crisis, according to prosecutors, he had approved the concealment of hundreds of millions in losses in RITZ-scandal. Habitami lied about the value of his bank’s transfer but other bankers behaved far worse. Habitami’s former employer, for one, had revised its past financial statements to account for these losses and more. Surprisingly, he would earn the distinction of being the only financial executive sent to jail for his part in the financial crisis. Police emphasize these clear instructions: DO NOT leave unattended cars running. Area residents and business, BE VIGILANT while this aggressive search is underway. Should you spot him: Call 1-1-3 with your location and DO NOT APPROACH.
  15. Orioni

    Map v4: Applications & Releases

    Map: https://i.imgur.com/FyZIJ7y.png Added: @Tikva in West-Alharu, with 4 cities Edited: Removed 1 city for @Rihan Added 6 cities for @Alenveil Moved 1 city for @Bulgenstaz Added 2 cities for @PyeMcGowan (I couldn't properly fit the city Nova Marina in there)