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  1. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Bluepeace condemns Kipan, Rihan for renewed whaling ZUIDHAVEN -- Bluepeace condemns the Kipanese and Rihansu Governments' formal announcements to officially restart their commercial whale hunting activities in its territorial waters and exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Previous media reports did not indicate that the nations were considering this action, but the recent announcement formalises these nations' intention to resume the so-called "tradition" yet highly industrialised activity. NBK World: the [Kipanese] National Assembly has passed legislation that would allow the recommencement of commercial hunting of whales (April 7, 2019) Tlaru Aihrifv Rheilhhu: the [Rihansu] Senate in a close vote of 151-149 lifted the 1982 ban on commercial whaling (April 27, 2019) Mrs Asmanta Yelenase, Executive Director at Bluepeace (www.bluepeace.org) spoke with Roiters: "As a result of innovative whaling-fleet technology, overfishing in both the Aurelian coastal waters and on the high seas areas has led to the depletion of many whale species. Most whale populations have not yet recovered from this, including larger whale species such as blue whales and other baleen whales." "It’s evident that the governments are trying to sneak in this decision through while the spotlight of international media is focused elsewhere," she continued saying. "But the whole Eurth will this for what it is. These decisions are a clear step in the wrong direction, away from the international stewardship, widening the gap of protection for our oceans and these majestic animals. The governments of @Kipan and @Rihanmust urgently act to conserve marine ecosystems, rather than resume commercial whaling." While the whale population has seen a remarkable rebound after the 1980's moratorium on hunting, the numbers are not nearly what they used to be. The Laren Environmental Treaty recently signed in @Morheim shows more nations were willing to take the necessary measures to reduce much environmental abuse, not nations agree on this direction.
  2. Yes! NationDates is back again. And this time it comes with writing prompts. I've been snooping around on other worldbuilding communities and their Discord servers. A nice one is Worldbuilding Magazine. They have a "Worldbuilding Wednesday". It includes a weekly writing prompt. Here is a selection: When somebody has money to blow and a desire to travel in style, how do they do this in your world? Have you got a fancy car, prized steeds, or perhaps sleek ships that do the trick? Why was a town named the way it was? Why is the border strange-looking? What happened in the past to cause these things? Every world has that piece which people forget about. Tell us about what makes your forgettable corner of the world or region unique. Everyone likes to play a game, be it for gambling, simple chance, or education. In your world, what sort of games do your folk enjoy? Let's discuss medicine. What is your worlds most advanced medical salve, operation, or other treatment? What medical practices are being used despite the fact they are outdated? Do they know of germs, or have they discovered that germs aren't real and it's something else which causes ailments? What roles in your world/culture are affected by gender? An example would be how women in the music industry in America are much more likely to be solo performers, while men are seen more often in bands. What are some of the most prominent, influential, and/or divisive corporations in your world? What do they do that causes such a response? What do they do which most don't know about? What's their logo look like? These selected writing prompts I shared are focussed mainly on a single person writing. If the aim is to establish ties between two people, there needs to be a twist that brings them together. Let's use the opportunity here to collect some of those ideas. https://www.reddit.com/r/WritingPrompts/ https://www.writersdigest.com/prompts http://writingprompts.com/ (funny)
  3. Yes, the area can be marked as reserved. No, switching is not possible, unfortunately. Expanding into the area is the normal path to follow, same as for everyone else. In April I shared a possible inspiration storyline from RL Indonesia. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-48093431 In short: keep the island as a highly developed but also overpopulated area, move the capital to the mainland because it has more space to grow. RL inspiration: Brasil (1960) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitals_of_Brazil South Korea (2012) https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-18670195 Indonesia (future) https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-48093431 Here are some basic ideas you could include in the story: explain the problem of overpopulation and/or environmental impact lead-up to the decision political parties opposed to the move maybe a referendum? architectural contest (can involve others) city layout (since you're quite good with maps) budget problems etc.
  4. Good evening all you saints and sinners. I am Bron Urgundy. And you are watching Big Story News. TODAY IN SALVIA, 23-year-old Dominic Deacon dressed as a priest and shrived members of the congregation of a Saint-Marks suburb for 3 whole hours. The man was taken by police and questioned in relation to the incident. After giving his statement he was released. According to the police findings, Mr Deacon entered the church and loudly proclaimed that he would shrive, after which he locked himself up in a confessional. At the time there was no priest present in the central nave of the church. Mr Deacon was exposed by one of the altar boys who had noticed unusual reactions of the faithful and notified the vicar. The vicar then asked the impostor to leave and called the police. At that point, the fake confessor already managed to hear and shrive over 50 penitents. The tasks he ordered for shriving were quite surprising, however, the faithful performed them without protests. Some people were told to tear apart all the money they had in their wallets. Others had to lie down with their hands spread out in front of the altar for an hour. One man had to stand in front of the church and repeat "trolololo" until he could feel the grace of God. An elder lady fainted while trying to complete ten laps around the church running backwards. Some of the penitents also got homework. One woman was ordered to put a blue dye on her hair, a boy was told to stand with the Bible on his head and an old man was ordered to play the main theme from ‘Space Wars’ franchise on a radiator with a spoon. These were only a handful of fake acts of penitence. Most of the people repented right away. The victims explain how Mr Deacon was very convincing. "He spoke like a priest and quoted the Book," says Vincent, a member of the congregation for many years. "He refused to absolve one woman after which we got scared and decided to do everything he asked of us, as good parishioners should." Church authorities in @Sancti Imperii Catholico demanded the suspect be punished in accordance with local law for the profanation of a religious ritual site. However, Mr Deacon strongly protested. He said that there was no profanation since he is a member of the Church too, he loves Jesus Christ more than anything, wants to become a cleric and this was just a way to gain experience. What will happen next is up to the prosecutor’s office.
  5. @Faramount I like your open and clear take on this. We chatted about it on Discord. And I'd sure like to get a piece of that energy-pie. Financial backing can go to whichever side promises the most lucrative deal. But I'm also conscious I cannot get invested in this story. Because right now I have too many parallel stories going on already. And in May I want to send Mr Simizi on his journey. So I think the best commitment I can make is writing a handful of news stories. Is that alright with you?
  6. After 5 weeks of pause, I finally got around to kicking the ball forward. The prologue with exposition is over. We fast forward in time. Everyone is in Kipan, at a location in Nakazima as chosen by @Kipan. This chapter 1 will include: shared concerns, possible solutions, figuring out with GIN will do, setup a rotating chairmanship every X years, the signing of a Nakazima Declaration (= goal of chapter 1). Chapter 2 will take place a few years in the future. We fast-forward and explain what's been developed and realized.
  7. O'polis, 16 March 1974 Nearly a week had gone by since Chairlady Berhanu Talagi extended her informal invitation to the other island nations. Global communication in these exciting 1970s was improving at a rapid pace. Sure, telephones had been around for what seemed like ages. But affairs of state were somewhat lagging behind. It was only a decade ago that the telefax or fax-via-telephone transmission gave a boost to the exchange of documents. Nowadays, you could send out a document and receive the confirmation only 2 days later. Such progress! Slowly but surely the responses trickled in. It wasn't just the Orinese who encountered practical problems as a consequence of the Argic War. The challenges faced by islands nations were quite unique, yet also strikingly similar when compared to others. To the east, in the Oriental Ocean, the rapidly growing economy of the Sunset Sea Islands experienced growing pains. Meanwhile, Kipan emerged from reconstruction after the Thalassan War and looked to expand into emerging markets. At the same time, over to the west in Marenesia, His Holiness Pope Leo XXIV of Salvia experienced at first-hand the unpleasant consequences of the Argic Conflict. To solve similar issues, PM Walker of Gallambria was creating an economic recovery plan. And PM Lviv of nearby Bulgenstaz showed equal interest in an international get together. Chapter 1: the Nakazima Declaration Kipan, 19 May 1974 It was the Wise and Honorable Emperor of Kipan, Toba, who went one step further. His Highness invited everyone to meet in the southern coastal city of Nakazami, on the Kipanese island of Matigu. Chairlady Talagi was happy to report this to her Empress Owa. With so much positive cooperation, the different agendas were put together, and a date was picked. Late May 1974 was chosen as the best time. The weather was not yet too warm. And monsoon season would only start in mid-June. Evidently, her Highness the Empress was in no state to make the journey travel to Kipan herself. At 66, Empress Owa only attended domestic and ceremonial events. This undertaking concerning island nations was more a matter for ambitious and aspiring politicians. And so the arduous and adventurous task of travelling halfway across the Eurth fell to the 46-year-old Councillor of Trade & Transportation, Mr Zakaria Canmore (1928-2000). Zakaria is a kind senior politician. He grew up in an upper-class neighbourhood of Zuidhaven and has a post-graduate degree from Sirius Business School in politics and economics. The aviation network of Oriental Airlines had developed reliable connections with mainland Europa. But crossing the entire ocean in one go was still something above the capabilities of the Oriental Airlines' fleet. Passenger travel across the eastern ocean was very expensive, something only high-paying business people could afford. Some elite aviation companies were investigating the economics of more long-haul aeroplanes. But the high fuel prices prevented the masses from enjoying the luxury of air travel. After departing from O’polis International Airport, the government plane made two stops: first on Burkini island, and a second time in Sunset City. When Canmore stepped off the aeroplane onto the tarmac of Nakazami Uemon International Airport, she was greeted by Economics Minister Taro Nakada and Foreign Minister Matsu Takashima. The Kipanese extended the warmest welcome from Emperor Toba; Mr Canmore shared the same blessings: "Her Majesty the Empress Owa would like to express her sincere gratitude for the Kipanese attention to the relations of island nations, which have gained significant momentum during His Majesty Emperor Toba's years on the imperial throne. I hope that mutually beneficial ties between our countries will continue to strengthen in all areas." Besides extending pleasantries, Mr Canmore was also charged with solving two important questions for Orioni: expensive imports and fishing rights. All those formal pleasantries took about 10 minutes, give or take. Mr Nakada gestured to one of the vehicles. A sleek black town car with little flags on the hood. Mr Canmore was impressed by the apparent quality and style of this pinnacle of Kipanese motor engineering. In the polished black door, he could see the reflection of his own face. "Oh my, I do look tired", Canmore thought to himself, before taking a seat inside. The interior was even more opulent. Soft leather interior with comfortable seating. With a low hum, the convoy departed the airport and drove the delegation to its destination. (OOC @Kipan: I'm slightly improvising here. I presume only ministers are present to receive other ministers. I also presume the talks will be held either (1) downtown at some fancy club which doubles as a hotel, or (2) a secluded, greener park setting in the style of a country club. I leave this up to you as host. More OOC discussion here.)
  8. OOC @Fenarr As I understand it, this story outlines the history of Bordansville. Tall mountains surround Bordansville. Two more villages exist in nearby valleys. During the early 1800s, these towns join together to form Fenarr. Slowly the city-state grows into rich and compact mountain municipality. Really nice. Really vivid. If I had to give some pointers on what to add, it'd be similar to the previous stories. Characters. Was Bordansville named after Mr/Mrs Bordan? When Fenarr was formed, who was the first ruler? How does Alex Smith, your Head of States, fit into all of this? Locations. In your first story about Joseph Schultz, he takes the train to Cabalrosk. Is this one of the nearby towns? You mention a ring of small defensive forts; were any of them named after an important hero? Numbers. Supposedly by the 1990s, Bordansville has 3000 inhabitants. Yet it has an airport and an international banking centre. This seems rather small. Compare this to other places such as Davos (11K), Liechtenstein (38K), Jersey (99K) or Zurich (380K).
  9. OOC @Fenarr As with your first story on the life of Joseph Schultz, you paint another bleak picture of the harsh life in Fenarr. A semi-abandoned oil rig off the coast, battered by wind and water. Yet the occupants won't let go of their failed past or future prospects. I like it. It builds upon your previous story, and continues to set a dystopian tone. Some pointers. Depth. Not a single character has a name. The nearby town on shore is mentioned but remains nameless as well. Same for the nearby abandoned military base. The rig is in a bay, named after some old sailor perhaps? Dialogue. Building on the previous example, perhaps a scene can take place in the mess hall. A younger person wants to leave for a life on shore, while another person tries to convince them otherwise. Guns. I still don't quite understand why everyone carries them. Part 2 of Joseph Shultz mentions they're mandatory. The people of Rig 323 do so as well, even though an accident could blow up their rig. The reason for this seems common local knowledge but may appear strange to outsiders. Perhaps this is also an angle to explore. Two travellers in Carrack in conversation about some peculiarities.
  10. Instructions on how to create a language in 8 parts. Introduction Phonology Syntax Grammar Lexicon Phonological evolution Grammatical evolution Writing systems
  11. So at first, I thought of doing this on a monthly basis. Just to show the headlines from the past month. But, as it turns out, too many newsworthy events are happening. And it would turn this "summary" into a 3-minute video. So I went and turned this into a weekly thing. And included everything from the past 4 weeks of April. Staff is already posting these headlines on the main NS forums. This usually happens every Monday. https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=368243 I made the clips based on those headlines. Images and videos are coming from free stock sites such as Unsplash and Pexels, because I want to stay away from copyright issues.
  12. Hello dear children and adults. This is Uncle Bron. Get ready, because have some really BS News for you. SOME LEADING POLITICIANS in the East-Aurelian nation of @Shffahkia have made a rousing call for solidarity in a deeply divided country. We've been told this includes President Adélaïde Larue, who is quoted as saying: "It's time for this country to heal, join hands, and unify against the other half of the country." A second source claims the politician added: "The only way to end the deep division the nation has faced is to commit ourselves to not even questioning or having a single negative thought about anyone who calls themselves a Parannaian." The #ProtectPoliticians campaign, started by civility champions and sponsored by Radio Free Eurth, asks those who join it to stop asking Shffahkian politicians annoying questions or pointing out when politicians say or do stupid things or commit crimes. The movement has birthed such woke slogans as "Criticism is Treason" and "Questions are for Traitors." A written pledge has been drafted and politicians across the nation have been asked to sign the document to unify with half the country. Those who refuse will be gifted a one-way helicopter tour over the Quanahabe Gulf.
  13. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Govt moving ahead with strategic oil reserves O'POLIS -- Six companies have shown preliminary interest in partnering with Orioni in the development of Phase-II of its Orioni Strategic Petroleum Reserves (OSPR). The nation imports at least 80% of its crude oil supplies. For this reason, the government has fast-tracked efforts to build underground bunkers for oil storage in a strategic bet against future supply disruptions. “We have already received interest from over half-a-dozen companies for the second phase in the past three months. These are mostly construction companies, commodity trading firms or investment banks," the councillor of Energy Elisa Solna told Roiters in an interview. "While most of the companies want to either operate, construct or source the crude, we are looking for a company which can do all the three.” OSPR has been scouting for investors to participate in the construction of Phase-II of Orioni’s strategic petroleum reserves and has held road-shows in Ide Jima, Miiros and Tamurin. Cllr Solna also explained how Phase-II of the project is scheduled to be developed as a public-private partnership. OSPR was created by the energy department with the mandate to construct strategic petroleum reserves across the nation. Under Phase-I, it has already constructed a strategic reserve capacity of 5,3 million tonnes across three locations. These three locations are: 1,3 million tonnes at Nordhaven; 1,5 million tonnes at Meda; and 2,5 million tonnes in Zuidhaven. The Imperial Council approved setting up additional capacity as part of the second phase of the project in which Orioni plans to construct additional facilities at Dion, Oris and Andro for storage of around 6,5 million tonnes of crude. The construction of these three additional storages add reserves that can last for 12 days in addition to 10 days achieved in Phase I. Orioni refiners maintain 65 days of crude storage. Taking that into account, the nation’s petroleum storage capacity is likely to go up to 87 days after finishing Phase II of the project. The Entente of Oriental States (EOS) recommends its member countries to maintain 90 days of crude storage to manage supply disruptions.
  14. 🎉 Feliz aniversário velho amigo. 🍾

  15. Map: https://i.imgur.com/Z35IQaX.png No new nations were added. This is more of a maintenance release. Edited: Added Dobbarrier Reef (as discussed) Added 红旗国 for @Fulgistan Updated ocean colours Updated shoreline colours Updated cleaner flags for Italgria, Jaihu, Koku, Mahdah, Nan Gorgwaith, Orioni, Tamurin New flags for @Gallambria (as discussed) Moved Mahdah, Novanya and Vanarambaion to culturally more related regions Added 100+ cities in Europa based on old maps: Akiiryu, Argenland, Bainbridge Islands, Byzantium Nova, Damak Var, Emakera, Europa Empire, Haken, Jaihu, Karthenia, Koku, Miiros, Mongol-Swedes, Nan-GorGwaith, Niederoestereich, Paranoid Schizo, Phil, Pirilao, Red Iberic Workers, Tamurin, Vanarambaion, Volsci Renamed Haken Rider to Hakenium for consistency Removed Vocenae (as requested) Backlog: Miiros island names (awaiting pm reply) Assurym move (probably to Memopotamia) Qardania move (undecided to which destination) Rhodellia removal (awaiting decision) Rivers redraw (use pattern) Europa borders redraw (use pattern) Cultures based on "2008-02-25-regional.png"
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