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  1. I would really appreciate extending my land to number 48 on the map.
  2. Hi, Vocenae... Been a long time... Take care well, friend.
  3. Well, never know who visit recently...but well, for the sake of old time, I revisit and post an update. Take care, all. ............ 2008 ............ 13April It's "Songkran holiday" now in Thailand, and also in many Asian countries. Celebrate...celebrate..celebrate Water the elders especially parents... water Buddha images, clean and water; publicly, offices, and homes. and time to splash others (especially cute ladies ;P ) Pir, you should be here! and splashes are in streets... wet wet wet! many tourists booked in advance for this event! a victim! Well, that's about a glimpse of 'BKK today'.
  4. "Wisdom in life" A FOOLISH man tells a woman to STOP talking, But a WISE man tells her that she looks extremely BEAUTIFUL when her LIPS are CLOSED. One GOOD way to REDUCE alcohol consumption: Before Marriage - Drink whenever you are SAD, After Marriage - Drink whenever you are HAPPY. A man got 2 wishes from GOD. He asked for the Best Wine and Best Woman. Next moment, he had the Best Wine and Mother Teresa next to him. Moral: BE SPECIFIC What is a BEST and WORST news you can hear at the SAME time? It is when your girlfriend says you are the BEST KISSER among all your Friends. If you do NOT have a Girlfriend - You are missing SOMEthing in your life. If you HAVE a Girlfriend - You are missing EVERYthing in your life. Question: When do you CONGRATULATE someone for their MISTAKE? Answer: On their MARRIAGE. When your life is in darkness, pray to God and ask him to free you from darkness. Even after you pray, if you are still in darkness - Please PAY the ELECTRICITY BILL. Why does the government NOT allow a man to MARRY two women. Because according to the law, you CANNOT BE PUNISHED for the same mistake twice.
  5. Happy Birthday, Kant...wherever you are... be well. Hi there, Italgria. OOPS! Dunno what happened, I just posted at the 'shout box' but it pop here as well (in Quest for 10.000...., under 'Game room') .!!!!
  6. Happy Birthday, Kant. Now 20, great!
  7. Flag Motto Work smart, work hard, care and share Capital Okopolis Official Language(s) Thai, English Leader King Koku Currency Koku The Kingdom of Koku is a very large, economically powerful nation, renowned for its barren, inhospitable landscape. Its compassionate, hard-working population of 191 million have some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free and open elections, although not too often. The enormous government juggles the competing demands of Education, Law & Order, and Healthcare. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 31%. A powerhouse of a private sector is led by the Pizza Delivery, Information Technology, and Automobile Manufacturing industries. Major cities shut down as their local sports team takes to the field every day, a National Academy regulates grammar and usage, most of the military's funding goes into researching space-age weaponry, and scenic mountain valleys are flooded with water as damming projects get underway. Crime -- especially youth-related -- is moderate. Koku's national animal is the elephant, which teeters on the brink of extinction due to widespread deforestation, and its currency is the koku.
  8. The Hunter Saturday morning I got up early, put on my Long johns, dressed quietly, made my lunch, Grabbed my shotgun and the dog, slipped Quietly into the garage to load the truck, And proceeded to back out into a torrential Downpour. There was snow mixed with the Rain, and the wind was blowing 50 mph. I pulled back into the garage, turned on the Radio, and discovered that the weather would Be bad throughout the day. I went back into The house, quietly undressed, and slipped back into bed. There I cuddled up to my wife's back, Now with a different anticipation, and whispered, "The weather out there is terrible." She sleepily replied, "Can you believe my stupid husband is out hunting in that sh*t " ?
  9. Koku

    ...this Day...

    Japanese firm offers "heartache leave" for staff http://www.reuters.com/article/lifestyleMo...ST8913820080128 TOKYO (Reuters) - Lovelorn staff at a Japanese marketing company can take paid time off after a bad break-up with a partner, with more "heartache leave" on offer as they get older. Tokyo-based Hime & Company, which also gives staff paid time off to hit the shops during sales season, says heartache leave allows staff to cry themselves out and return to work refreshed. "Not everyone needs to take maternity leave but with heartbreak, everyone needs time off, just like when you get sick," CEO Miki Hiradate, whose company of six women markets cosmetics and other goods targeted for women, told Reuters by telephone. Staff aged 24 years or younger can take one day off per year, while those between 25 and 29 can take two days off and those older can take three days off, the company said. "Women in their 20s can find their next love quickly, but it's tougher for women in their 30s, and their break-ups tend to be more serious," Hiradate said. Hime & Company staff can also take two mornings off twice a year as "sales shopping leave", so they can race to stores to hunt for bargains. "Before, women could take half-days off to go to sales, but you'd have to hide your shopping bags in lockers by the train station," Hiradate said. "But with paid leave, we don't have to feel guilty about bringing our shopping bags to work, and we can enjoy the best part about sales shopping -- talking about our purchases afterwards." (Reporting by Chisa Fujioka)
  10. Koku

    ...this Day...

    Is Microsoft getting too big??? Microsoft bids $44.6 billion to buy Yahoo SAN FRANCISCO/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp offered to buy Yahoo Inc for $44.6 billion, in a bold bid to transform two ailing Internet businesses into a worthy competitor for market leader Google Inc. http://www.reuters.com/article/businessNew...me=businessNews
  11. Hope the eye is recovered now...[or you may need some antibiotic eye drop if it is much redden (or inflamed)]. And hope you enjoyed your presents!
  12. Happy Birthday Tagmatium Rules
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