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  1. Greater Serbia Announces Plans for Negotiations An end to the crisis in sight? In surprising development, the state-owned news outlet of @Greater Serbia, Zvezda News, announced that the Chancellor of Greater Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic, was planning on starting negotiations to end the economic blockade of his nation. The Central Argic nation has been under embargoes and blockades from various foreign powers, including our own Arhomaneia, since reports came out about its treatment of a portion of its own populace, a minority that follows Islam. At first, many in our great country were sceptical about how a Christian nation could treat anyone in the manner that was being suggested – accusations that were being put forward by mainly non-Christian nations, or at least nations that did not follow Orthodox Christianity. The fact that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion did not raise its hand to defend Greater Serbia came as a shock, as it seemed that the rumours put about were nothing more than baseless lies. However, and this paper would be amongst the first to admit it, it rapidly became clear that these rumours certainly had a grounding in truth. The Arab Republic of @Sayf released evidence that not only was the maltreatment of the Muslim minority severe but it also bordered upon genocide. Although this evidence was made public by a nation that could have been perceived as biased towards the Bosniaks, as they share their faith, the Arhomaniki Noimosyni Dykton demonstrated that this evidence was correct. Therefore, the Megas Agios Basileos was correct in placing an economic embargo against Greater Serbia, although the Heart of Christendom did not go as far as other, more warmongering nations and attempt to blockade the landlocked nation. This undoubtedly would have caused much more suffering in the Muslim Bosniaks and so was an astute decision by the Arhomaniki government. It does seem that the embargo has been having a significant impact upon the lives of the population of Greater Serbia, as recent news released by the state media, after a long period of silence, appears to suggest that oil and fuel reserves are running low. The nation seems to be in the process of attempting to convert its motor vehicles to the use of ethanol or natural gas, which perhaps suggests the inventiveness of the people of Greater Serbia in the face of world-wide adversity. When the the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion was asked by this paper for its opinion on the announcement by the state media of Greater Serbia, the following statement was given in reply: “Until such a time as Greater Serbia produces evidence that it is no longer pursuing its genocidal policies, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will maintain the embargo against that nation. Whilst military action is not something that the Megas Agios Basileia is moving towards at the moment, it is cannot be discounted until Chancellor Milosevic decides to move his country to a path that is pleasing to God and does more than give vague suggestions.” Sources from within the Logothesion ton Stratiotikou, the Ministry of War, have hinted at plans having been drawn up to divert one of the two carrier groups from the south-eastern coast of Aluxia, or the diversion of the carrier BP Dyrrakion to support Sayf, but they have not gone further than that. The BP Dyrrakion is currently performing Freedom of Navigation duties between the Raga and Amnalos Thalasses, the Raga and Amnalos Seas, off of the coast of @Suverina. Previously, the Church had come out in support of Greater Serbia, especially in the north of Arhomaneia. His Holiness, Nikolaos IX, Patriarkhos of Trapezon, had apparently considered the extreme step of excommunication of those who supported the embargo, although the evidence of massacres had made it plain that it was not God's work that was being enacted. Since then, the Patriarkhos has declined to comment on the embargo but has thrown his support behind the @Aluxian Benevolent Fund and the Arhomaniki Red Cross, who have begun to distribute aid to the beleaguered people of Aluxia. Plans to extend this mission to help the Bosniaks have so far been mooted, for fear that problem elements may divert any assistance away from the intended targets. In the end, it can be but hoped that the statement released to the world via Zvezda News mark a turning point in the Greater Serbia Blockade Crisis and that God has finally shown the way forward to Chancellor Milosevic. Peace is truly what pleases God, and this could well be the start of the normalisation of relations between the Christ-loving nations of Eurth. Chaos in the Auraid Bay Travel warning issued by the Logothesion ton Barbaron The situation in the Auraid Bay continues to worsen after a spate of terrible terrorist attacks rocked the Kingdom of @PyeMcGowan over the preceding weeks. These attacks have purportedly been carried out by an organisation known as “AA”, which is recognised by the neighbouring country of @Theodoria as a civil rights organisation. It appears that these attacks have had no other reason than to destabilise PyeMcGowan, as there have been no known statements or manifestos released by AA, which is rare for a terrorist group. In response to the attacks, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion issued a statement of support to the King and people of PyeMcGowan, as did PyeMcGowan's other neighbour, the Kingdom of @Alenveil. However, although Arhomaneia undoubtedly stands beside the shaken kingdom, it is the duty of the Megas Agios Basileia to stand by its citizens, and so a warning was released by the Logothesion ton Barbaron, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, advising against travelling to PyeMcGowan. This may not cause much of an impact, as it isn't thought that there are many Arhomaioi within the kingdom, but it demonstrates to the world that the situation within the Auraid Bay area is reaching a crisis point. It is thought that there is likely to be open warfare between Theodoria and PyeMcGowan within a matter of months. The government of the Kingdom has repeatedly blamed its western neighbour for the rising tensions within the area, as well as sponsoring the AA terrorist group. PyeMcGowian aircraft have also struck supposed AA training camps within Theodorian territory. This is a gross breach of sovereignty, although it was precipitated by Theodorian actions, such as the arrest of numerous PyeGowian diplomats. This tit-for-tat nature of events is unlikely to go on for much longer in the manner that it has been. Unless attempts to find a diplomatic solution are found, and soon, war will likely come to the Auraid Bay. This will have a definite knock-on affect on the rest of Argis. In recent months, it has seemed that the central part of the continent has been descending into chaos, with the political crisis in @Girkmand, the Greater Serbian blockade, the civil war in Aluxia and the actions of @Derthalen all adding to the sense of anarchy – even greater than that which is shaking Europa. With eastern Argis sinking in the same manner, it seems that it is only the west that has any semblance of normality. The root cause of this is likely that most of the nations on the continent have turned away from the light of Christ. Whilst certainly Aluxia follows true religion, most of the other countries are either schismatics, heretics or worse. Thus, it could be said with no little certainty that many of them are beginning to reap what they have sown by turning away from God's love. It may be that the only way that the downward spiral of Argis can be rectified is if more of the population of the continent turn back towards righteousness, and the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion could help in this by encouraging missionary work by the Church in these sadly forsaken lands. But, of course, the governments of these many nations must also do their own part – they must make sure that their people are aware of what imperils them and are so able to be steered back from the precipice that is bringing this misfortune upon them.
  2. As it appears that the relations between the nations that surround the Auraid Bay has continued to deteriorate, with a state of almost undeclared war existing between the Kingdom of @PyeMcGowan and the State of @Theodoria and numerous terrorist attacks within PyeMcGowan, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is putting in place a travel warning to is citizens. It is hereby recommended that any Arhomaios who travel to either PyeMcGowan or Theodoria exercise extreme caution, especially in the cities of PyeMcGowan. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion would consider it best that no citizen travel to those two nations, as a state of open warfare may very well break out within the immediate future. If any Arhomaniki citizen does choose to travel to either PyeMcGowan or Theodoria, they could very well find themselves in life-threatening circumstances. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will, of course, endeavour to come to their aid, but if conflict does start between those nations, then it may well not be possible or take time for that aid to come to them. It is recommended that they cease any travelling in the region and make their way back to Arhomaneia via the Kingdom of @Alenveil. Whilst the situation in Alenveil appears to be much safer, it is recommended that any citizen there keeps themselves abreast of any changes in the situation and the events within the Auraid Bay region. The Logothesion ton Barbaron expects that Alenveil may get involved in any conflict between Theodoria and PyeMcGowan in some capacity. God will guide you and keep you safe within the Auraid Bay region, so long as you keep Him within your hearts. May God also help peace come to that region, and keep not just the people of Arhomaneia safe, but all of those in that region.
  3. To: His Imperial Majesty, Artakai I, and the Imperial Government of the Empire of @Ide Jima From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion Your Imperial Majesty, It has been a long time since our nations were in contact with each other, and this is a situation that must be put right. We now have the opportunity to re-open relations after many years of silence between our great and honoured states. Our countries have have always played a leading role in the history of Europa and the wider world beyond. Most of the other nations of the world, whether they are kingdoms, republics or even other empires, look up to the examples that our nations have set and try to emulate them. Of course, they have never been able to reach the heights or imitate the glories of the Empire of Ide Jima or the Aroman Empire, no matter how hard that they have tried. Although it is true that our peoples, our cultures and our religions are vastly different, it is this difference that has strengthened our relations in the past. As Ide Jima is the shining light in the east of Europa, Tagmatium is the beacon of civilisation in the west. Together, with our honoured nations can work to spread this light across the rest of Eurth. Our nations have had a long history of interaction, over two thousand years of contact, sometimes as friends, but also sadly sometimes as enemies. Although at times it has been somewhat varied, especially in recent years and the people of our nations have shed blood together, sometimes with each other and sometimes at each others' hands. But we have also learned from each other and gained a level of mutual respect that few other nations could hope to achieve. To this end, I might suggest to your majesty that we start by once again exchanging embassies and I do not doubt that this will rekindle the friendship and mutual exist that has always existed between the Ide Jimans and the Aromans. I pray God will bless our nations and our peoples, Eugenios Goulielmos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion ton Barbaron of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion
  4. Hello! Welcome to the region! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  5. Northern Europan Development Fund Announced The collapse of central authority across many northern Europan nations over the last decade, often called the “Great Europan Collapse” has become one of the longest periods of turmoil that the continent has seen in a long time. Whilst this has meant that Arhomaneia and @Adaptus have become the largest economies within northern Europa, surpassing the other large nations across the Fillipou Thalassa, it has been something of a double-edged sword. It has posed some immediate and on-going problems for the more stable governments, including the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, not least of which is an increase in the number of refugees that are moving across the Fillipou Thalassa (the Kosscow Sea). The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has used this local instability to its advantage, cynically conducting economic treaties to its own advantage, rather than encouraging a mutually beneficial relationship with the smaller nations and islands that surround it. This has given the Arhomaniki economy something of a short-term boost but it cannot go on. If nothing else, the unfair economic conditions that are being fostered by this practice have helped to fuel the burgeoning refugee crisis that starting to brew. This, in turn has increased the unstable situation in northern Europa, one which will only become more of a problem as time goes on. In order to try to reverse this degrading situation, there had been several conferences between the Logothesion ton Barbaron (Ministry for Foreign Affairs), the Logothesion ton Kommerkiariou (Ministry for Trade) and numerous economists and heads of industry in order to try to redress the situation. On the face of it, a reduction in wages and standards of living in parts of northern Europa has proved tempting to some businesses, who have sought to move their manufacturing plants abroad, the fact that instability has occasionally flared into strife has meant that there is an unwillingness to invest outside of Arhomaneia. The Logothesia have therefore come up with a plan to found a “Northern Europan Development Fund” to try to encourage the growth of the economies of the more stable states around the Fillipou Thalassa. It is hoped that this will mean that the states themselves slow the downward trend that has been manifesting as instability across the region. The fund itself will provide relatively low interest loans and investment in key industries, as well as dispatching advisors to help guide those states back into normality. There will be strict oversight of how any loans are spent, as the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion does not wish to see any of the money funnelled off into vanity projects or used to free up money to expand these states' militaries. The proposed fund has been opposed by several groups, however. Keeping investment within Arhomaneia has been seen to be a good thing within some parts of the population. However, the fragmenting economies of other Europan nations means that the market for goods produced within our glorious nation has fluctuated significantly, except further abroad. The cost of transport to other continents often means that Arhomaniki goods are seen as too expensive when compared to local products, apart from luxury products such as mosaics. Similarly, the collapse of local economies could mean that the inhabitants of those countries could turn to less legitimate means of income – southern Europa faces a similar situation to that in the north and has seen a dramatic increase in piracy. It has been such an increase that the Entente of Oriental States, led the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni, has been undertaking anti-piracy operations for the last two years. Whilst the situation in northern Europa has not devolved to the point that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion needs to consider military action, it is hoped that encouraging the economies will forestall any need to intervene in other nations. Critics, however, have pointed out that it appears to be an economic form of imperialism, rather than the outright military action that has been almost a hallmark of the reign of Kommodos III, may God guide him. As such, it may well end up making the current crisis worse before it gets better. Greater Serbian Embargo Continues The blockade against @Greater Serbia – enforced against them by Adaptus, the Kingdom of @Seylos and the Arab Democratic Republic of @Sayf, amongst others – has been going on since late Summer of last year and was put into place as an international response to the trafficking of the Bosniak ethnic minority as slaves. This was part of Greater Serbia's overall policy of repression against the Muslim minority, which is thought to have seen tens of thousands killed over the past six or seven months. This itself is an utter tragedy and a black stain against Greater Serbia, as no truly civilised nation could carry out a campaign of genocide against its own people. This blockade, somewhat hampered by the lack of sea ports to target, was strengthened by an embargo placed against Greater Serbia by the Unified @Variotan State and the Megas Agios Basileia. The involvement of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion was at first criticised by portions of the more conservative parts of the Arhomaioi, as Greater Serbia is a nominally Chrisitian nation and many of the blockading nations were secular, heretical or even Communist. However, once the full extent of Greater Serbia's crimes became known, as well as genuine evidence was released, any support for that nation within Arhomaneia quickly evaporated, apart from a hardcore that was adamant that any such evidence was entirely fabricated. What had weakened the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion's stance against the government of Greater Serbia was that, whilst maintaining the embargo, they were willing to try to intercede on their behalf with the nations that were ranged against Greater Serbia. Apparently, this had been done to attempt to defuse the situation before it spiralled into outright warfare, although sources within the Logothesion ton Barbaron had not expected Slobodan Milosevic, the Chancellor of Greater Serbia, to genuinely take up the offer. It seemed that Chancellor Milosevic was determined to carry out his genocidal policies even in the face of threatened military action. Recent news stories from Greater Serbia have demonstrated that the combination of blockade and embargo are indeed having an effect. The latest report, released by Zvezda News, shows that there is an increasing reliance on ethanol-fuelled vehicles and away from the use of fossil fuels. This is due to the Greater Serbia having to likely rely entirely upon its national stockpiles for fossil fuels, rather than being able to import them from the outside world. This demonstrates that the continued embargo and blockade are having a significant impact on how their government is enacting its policies. This may well be the start of the Greater Serbian government coming to its senses and realising that it cannot act in a manner that is against the sensibilities of a civilised nation and, more importantly, against the will of God. In response to the question of the continued embargo of Greater Serbia, the Logothesion ton Barbaron had this to say: “There is at the moment no question that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will weaken or cease the embargo placed upon that nation. We have not seen any evidence that they have stopped pursuing their monstrous policies, or even any contrition over the impact that their policies have caused. Instead, it appears to have hardened their hearts. We pray that God will show them the light, and soon.” The reduction in the use of fossil fuels could also be considered to be a small victory for environmental reasons, too. However, this may be balanced out by the fact that that more land will need to be dedicated to the growth of crops for the creation of ethanol, which could see an expansion of arable land at the expense of the natural environment, a heavier use of fertilisers and pesticides, all of which will have an impact on the flora and fauna of Greater Serbia.
  6. Or your monstrous Synapse system isn't as perfect as you thought!
  7. The recent spate of terrorist attacks against the Kingdom of @PyeMcGowan have gained the attention of the world, as they have seemingly been a campaign designed to disrupt life and business in the Argic kingdom, and have little goal beyond that noisome achievement. It does not need to be said that the Kingdom has the sympathy and prayers of the Arhomaioi, as well as the offer of humanitarian aid, if the PyeMcGowian government chooses to accept the offer. The images that have been broadcast across the world could not have failed to stir even the hardest heart, especially since that it seems that no one, not even children attending school, have been shielded from the harm caused by these atrocities. However, perhaps what is even worse is that these terrorist actions appear to be intensifying. The past week has seen an increasing number of attacks in PyeMcGowan, with the casualties yet to be fully known – there have been attacks in the cities of Charleston, Dawson and Southerland. These have not just been attacks against what might be considered “legitimate” targets in the Kingdom – if such a phrase could be so callously used to describe such monstrous acts – such as civil or military infrastructure, but cultural landmarks, like the Southerland City Museum. Undoubtedly, this will have been a blow to the cultural heritage of not just PyeMcGowan, but Eurth as a whole. It has been suggested by the Kingdom that these terrorist attacks have been committed by a group known as “AA”, and that the PyeMcGowian government has intelligence that directly implicates the government of its close neighbour, Theodoria. If this is indeed the case, the government of Theodoria has blood on its hands and must explain its actions, if it wants to avoid not just censure but also retribution for its actions. Of course, it must be proved beyond doubt that these accusations are true before any action is taken – the charges are most certainly extremely severe and will have sweeping ramifications for all of the parties involved. Sadly, it does appear that the sponsoring of terrorist actions by one government against another is turning into a common and deplorable state of affairs on Eurth. If the accusations laid at the door of the Theodorian government by that of PyeMcGowan are true, then it is but another example. The recent atrocity in Dinalla, in the Republic of @Rihan, appears to have almost certainly been carried out by agents of their neighbour, Enolia, with the aim of causing chaos and panic ahead of a military attack against the Rihannsu. However, it has provoked a strong response from the Tellosanoi, although only time may tell whether it was the correct one. It could also be suggested that the destruction of the City Hall in the city of Narlis was also in a similar vein, as the Free Aluxian Army that now plagues the Empire of Aluxia is being funded and armed by powers beyond the Empire's borders. Thus, it seems that waging an undeclared war against ones neighbours via terrorist proxies has become preferable to open warfare, likely in the hope that a series of attacks will prove to be destabilising enough that when overt warfare happens, it will be significantly easier than a conventional campaign. It does not appear that there even needs to be a consideration of even a pretence of a casus belli or a just reason for a conflict, if there are such things. Any warfare, with the loss of innocent life, is an affront to God, of course, but purposefully striking at civilians in such a manner is especially abominable. As an act, it goes far beyond what might be considered to be a reasonable one in wartime but into the territory of a war crime, or a crime against humanity. To allow those who perpetrate such crimes to go unpunished would just encourage them to continue, and more to follow in their stead. This cannot be so. Because of this, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is willing to coordinate with the Kingdom of PyeMcGowan, if the Kingdom is able to provide evidence of who precisely carried out these actions to the satisfaction of the Agios Basileos ton Autokrator. The people of PyeMcGowan must know that they do not stand alone. The King of @Alenveil, his majesty Damocle La Pollo, has stated that he and his nation are with them. And now the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion affirms that Arhomaneia, the Heart of Civilisation, stands with the people and Kingdom of PyeMcGowan also. May God see to it that those who have worked these heinous acts are brought to justice, and that peace one more reigns in the Auraid Bay.
  8. To: King August von Rödel III, Chancellor Theobald Michaelis, and Secretary of Foreign Affairs Takoda Wagner of the Kingdom of @Rhodellia From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion Your Majesty, August III, and Excellencies, Chancellor Michaelis and Secretary Wagner, Your words most certainly do Arhomaneia honour – whilst it cannot be doubted that most right-thinking nations look up to us as one of the oldest civilisations on Eurth, few are often willing to admit that. Such is the level of dissembling that many nations sink to, and a shame it most certainly is. But that cannot be helped, and it is hoped that by establishing relations with the other nations of the world that this will be righted. I will gladly welcome Colonel Arend Vogel as your nation's representative and I pray to God that his time in Arhomaneia will be both productive and pleasant. Although our cultures are markedly different, I do hope that his stay will prove to be enlightening and interesting for him. As to the Arhomaniki ambassador to your nation, I have discussed the matter with the Skrinion ton Barbaron, the diplomatic corps of Megas Agios Basileia for a suitable candidate, one who will work with your nation and ably represent mine. To this end, Khristofora Akropolita has been selected. She is a career member of our diplomatic corps, with experience in embassies in several nations across Eurth. Whilst this will be her first role as a chief of mission, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion does not doubt her ability. I feel that it would be wisest, and most convenient for all, if a location within Oststrand was selected. I shall despatch surveyors as soon as it is possible, in order for the construction of the embassy to be started rapidly. Whilst I cannot envision any need to bolster security for our embassy, I am glad of the assurances that you have given me. Many cultures of Eurth are different from each other – even Tagmatium and Adaptus have marked variations, despite coming from the same Aroman stock. Whilst it is certainly unusual within the Megas Agios Basileia for civilians to go about openly armed to the extent of your citizens, and certainly within urban areas, it has occasionally been known. I could not pass judgement on the internal policies of your nation – it would be remarkably impolite of me to do so, especially within the a diplomatic communication with your majesty. As such, dispensations can be granted for your diplomats to carry small arms, if they so wish. However, there are certain circumstances where it would be ill-advised – within one of our many Churches, for example. I will happily forward on any cultural considerations that may be necessary for your diplomatic staff to learn about, if need be. Similarly, I can assure you that the security services of Arhomaneia will make sure that your embassy will remain safe and unviolated. We take the security of the embassies within our nation very seriously, as anything that goes against that would, amongst other things, demonstrate us to be poor hosts and not as good as our word. Tagmatika, as the heart of the Megas Agios Basileia, is a safe city, and especially so in and around the district that the embassy will be located. I realised that you have done us the honour of offering several different locations for our embassy to be place, I can only really suggest that your embassy in Tagmatium is within the capital. Whilst rail and road links across our nation are of a high standard – our roads famously so – being in any other city would be inconvenient. I can offer you the choice of an old courtyard house, typical of the town houses of Tagmatika, or the option for a new build towards the outskirts of the capital. I will await your reply on that, but obviously one would ready more quickly than the other. If necessary, in due time we can think about the possibility of consulates elsewhere within Arhomaneia, but that is something for the future. Arhomaneia is certainly a Christian nation, but that does not mean that it is one that does not recognise, and welcome, other faiths or philosophies. I hope and pray that God will smile upon this shared endeavour of ours, Eugenios Goulielmos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion ton Barbaron of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion
  9. “If I am able to give my assurances to the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator that slavery is no longer what it once was in Rihan, Praetor, then I'm sure that we will be able to move past that as a sticking point.” Although that statement did sound like he was trying to dictate policy to the Republic, that certainly was not the case. Eugenios was glad to hear that the practice of slavery was on its way out and, ultimately, he imagined that he would have to get the precise numbers and statistics from the Rihannsu before his time in the Republic was over. It would be useful to have the numbers on hand and the proclamations involved, to show that slavery was declining and no longer a force in Rihan. Some of the more hot-headed members of the press and even the Church had recently called for military action to follow on from the statement against slavery and economic action against Derthalen. That crisis had cooled for the moment, but Arhomaneia was definitely not the only nation that found slavery quite so unpalatable. Personally, Goulielmos would not be surprised if a war against Derthalen was not on the horizon. It did not seem that they had been brought to heel like most hoped, and they were nowhere near as sensible as the Tellosanoi when it came to seeing which way the wind was blowing. Partially, the Megas Logothetes was also curious as to how this political crisis would have been solved by the release of slaves – maybe the fact that they could be cheaper to employ than free men, by releasing them, they were no longer competitors to the lower classes? That didn't sound all that right, even though economics and social history were not really his strong points. He would have to ask Terix if he could take a book on Rihannsu history home with him but Eugenios fear that it might have to be something simple, almost a child's primer. It would be good to know how they viewed themselves, especially if the Empire and the Republic were going to have – hopefully – closer relations in the future. “If, Praetor, you feel that it would be better to keep it just academics, then I can respect that,” said Eugenios, taking note of the Praetor's seeming reticence towards making contact between their nations too broad, too quickly. “Perhaps I am getting too ahead of myself. I imagine that our nations have been able to use each other as a convenient scapegoat or bogeyman for far too long for this to change overnight.” One of many, sadly, for the Tagmatines. Naughty children who didn't want to go to church got snatched by Tellos. Naughty children who stayed out playing after their parents called them got snatched by Skiithiroi, the horse-tribes. Naughty children in the west of Arhomaneia who didn't listen to their parents got snatched by the Haru. That last one had more than a little grain of truth to it, but Goulielmos guessed that it hadn't happened in years. “A measured approach would undoubtedly be best,” continued the Megas Logothetes. “I am sure that we will be able to discuss opening it up further in the future, once our peoples have gotten more used to each other. I doubt tourism is something that we would be able to properly talk about for quite some time, although is most certainly a shame. I look forward to being able to talk to the Senators.” When the Praetor stood, so did the Tagmatine. For today, the meeting was over and Goulielmos had been effectively dismissed, although it would be impolitic to acknowledge it as such. As well as damaging to the occasionally monstrous amount of pride that the Arhomaioi had. Despite the informal air of the meeting, the Megas Logothetes was still a guest of a foreign head of state at the heart of his nation. The balance of power, should Terix had chosen to carry the meeting in that manner, was entirely in his hands. However, the Praetor showed himself to be of a rare breed of national leader with the way he had conducted it. Very few other heads of state would have allowed hours of unfettered access of the like Terix had done. The Agios Basileos almost certainly would not have, even with someone who might have come close to being considered an equal, such as the Empress of Orioni. Their styles of ruling, as had occurred to Eugenios before, were very different. “I shall bid you goodnight, Praetor,” Eugenios sresponded as he was walked over to the door. He gave Terix a half-bow before leaving the room. Outside in the corridor, he gave his guards a nod of his head and they fell in behind him as the Rihannsu servant led the way towards the rooms of the Arhomaniki delegation. The sound of the soldiers' armour clanking behind him didn't disturb his thoughts. It was a background noise, one that anyone who spent any time in the Imperial Palace Complex grew used to quite quickly. And there was certainly much to think about for the evening. The Praetor was right about that. It had been a long day and the Megas Logothetes would have liked to have gone to bed as soon as he was in his room. However, Eugenios was going to write up notes for his monarch before he went to sleep, as well as find out what the aides had been doing in the meantime, and what observations the soldiers from the Ikanatoi and the Arkhontogennhematai had seen. Kommodos would certainly want an account of all that had been said between the two. The Tagmatine monarch had the same wish as the Praetor, that the relations between Rihan and his nation would normalise, for the first time in eight hundred years. It would likely be foolish to do it later and, even though he was tired, it was better to do so whilst fresh in his mind.
  10. I've said to @Aluxia that it could mean that Tagmatium now has a lot more in the way of resources. Ultimately, whether they will be sent will probably depend on the potential backlash against the plane being downed, and who by.
  11. To: the Vela Lagatá of the Kirvinska Crown From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion Your Grace, It has been many years since there was official contact between the Arhomaioi and the Kirvinska. This has, in hindsight, been remiss on the part of the Megas Agios Basileia. Our nations did once have strong bonds with each other, although this was the better part of two thousand years ago. A lot has changed since then, of course. For one, your nation now lies on the continent of Aurelia, something that would not have crossed the minds of our ancestors, who did not even know that such a place existed. Your Grace is correct in saying that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has begun to reach out to those nations that lie within Aurelia, as it is clear that the continent that the Kirvanska now call home has become one of the most vibrant areas of Eurth, whilst Europa has seemingly declined. It now seems, especially in northern Europa, that Arhomaneia is the only functioning nation and that dark times have once again come to this part of Eurth. You do much honour to Arhomaneia to say that we have been such an inspiration to you, your people and your nation for all this time. Whilst it is true that we view ourselves as the bastion of civilisation, sometimes it appears that that is merely a conceit – it is sadly equally true that few other countries look upon Arhomaneia as the guiding light it most certainly is. We still hold the memory of your people in high regard and the services that you once rendered to the Megas Agios Basileia are still taught about in schools today, although, I will admit, as a lesson from history. But, of course, the Arhomaioi remember and I hope that this will mean that the future relations between our nations have a fertile ground from which to grow from. That our peoples do not share a religion should be no obstacle to a great rapport growing between us. Many nations of Eurth do not have Christianity as a religion, and even less are members of the Orthodox Church. Whilst this could be a cause for despondency amongst the Arhomaioi, it can also be said that it means that the constant challenges that exist are a reason to remain strong and faithful in the face of change. And you are right in saying that the scourge of atheism is a problem that is shared by both the monotheistic and the polytheistic alike, along with that of secularism and the rearing, ugly head of Communism, which, like the mythical Hydra, seems to ever grow despite often being cut back. The naval prowess of your people remains an inspiration to the modern Arhomaniki navy, the Basilikoploimon. I am glad to hear that the Kirvanska have continued this tradition of heroism and service at sea. The Basilikoploimon now has different traditions and I am sure that they could learn much from your naval forces, as both of our nations could learn much from each other and their experiences over the one thousand, seven hundred years or so. I will recommend to the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator that our nations exchange embassies as soon as feasible. I will also suggest to his Imperial Majesty that our nations begin discussing a visit, as this would be one of the best ways to start our historical relationship anew. May it please God that this is the start of a long and valuable relationship between our two great nations, Eugenios Goulielmos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion ton Barbaron of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion
  12. OOC: Due to Machina Haruspex's return, him and I had a conversation about this thread. Since he intends to come back to RP in Europa, this has gone from me squashing some random warlords and eventually annexing what was his nation to the invasion of an ally of my nation. Therefore, we decided that the easiest thing to do would be to effectively declare this non-canon and sweep it under the carpet. I had eventually hoped to open this up to outside participation, although as you can see, I kind of bogged down some time ago due to other RPs and lack of time. So this thread is now closed.
  13. When other children had wanted to grow up to become firemen, polo players or even soldiers to defend God's chosen nation on Eurth, Andronikos Keftedes had wanted to become a monk. It was considered a virtuous aim amongst many Arhomaniki families but life often steered one in directions that one did not expect. One of the main distractions from the holy life, given to the worship of Christ, that he had planned for himself were the Iakoumos Georgios novels and films. They were escapist fantasy, of course, but they made the young Andronikos see that there might be other ways to serve God and Arhomaneia than a life devoted to prayer. The dashing secret agent foiling Communist, barbarian and heretical plots (often all three at the same time) and getting the girl, if in a manner suitable for good Christian people, was eye-opening. Although many of his peers laughed at the scrawny, pale youth wanting to be a secret agent, Keftedes found that he had an aptitude for cryptography, foreign languages and organisation. After university, Andronikos applied to join what was then the Magistrianoi, the internal intelligence agency of the Megas Agios Basileia. Now, Andronikos headed what was likely one of the most powerful organisations in Arhomaneia. The armed forces and the Logothesia for Internal and Foreign Affairs had their own intelligence branches, but only the AND, the Arhomaniki Noimosyni Dykton, could claim an almost universal reach. In part, that was due to his close support of Kommodos. The aftermath of the 2005 Civil War had seen a purge that had been long overdue after the Navarkhokratia, but Theodosios VI had been unwilling to carry it out, despite warnings from certain parts of the intelligence community. Kommodos had learned from his predecessor's mistakes and the intelligence service was not the only thing that was purged. In days past, the room would have been smoke-filled and ill-lit – it seemed to be an almost-universal trait. The Kefale had no idea whether it was fiction that had mimicked real life or the other way around. Dark wood would have predominated and the chairs would likely have been dark green or red leather. Now, since it was in the main office of the AND, the room was brightly lit and light colours were favoured. There was no point hiding in the dark, not when it was God's work that they were doing. Each setting on the table had a screen in front of it, so that all who were there would be able to see any files that were needed. Arhomaneia might seem backward to some, but it was keen to embrace any new technology. Against usual Tagmatine convention, only a couple of those in the room were dressed in austere suits – some were even dressed quite casually. The spymaster didn't see the need to enforce a dress code on his people, even though he was one of those who favoured suits. Keftedes led those assembled in a brief prayer before the meeting started, asking for God's guidance in their mission to safeguard His realm and to defeat the enemies that might stand against His people. It didn't need to be long, as safeguarding Tagmatium was the same as defending Christendom. “Friends, Arhomaioi, countrymen, lend me your ears,” the Kefale's voice rasped out again after the silence that followed the prayer. All the others in the room were already leaning forwards in their chairs so that they could hear the quiet voice of the spymaster. “We have four main objectives for our work in @Aluxia; God's work that it is. The first and foremost is identifying the main support for the Free Aluxian Army. The second is to infiltrate the ranks of the FAA. The third is to identify this Premier Dmitri Solov. Finally, to influence foreign perception of the FAA.” “For the first, we are working closely with the Basilikoploimon in the area, making use of the information picked up from the Prognostikatores as well as two foreign-flagged vessels that are monitoring the activity in the seas east of Derthalen and south of Sayf.” There was a slight noise as Demetrios Sonimiros rustled the papers in front of him. Sonimiros was the the Hypokefale, the Under-Head, for Foreign Assets of the Aggeliaforoi, the foreign intelligence service, and he caught the eye of Andronikos. “Three vessels, Kappa. Another ship has been despatched and is in the area under the cover of a deep-sea prospecting survey.” “Three vessels, then.” Keftedes shuffled the papers in front of him for a moment, caught slightly off-guard by the correction. It was a sign of the informal working relationship in the upper echelons of the Tagmatine intelligence service that Kappa or “K” was used. It was a contraction of the title of Kefale and, coincidentally, the first letter of Andronikos' surname. “All information will be forwarded on to the Logothesion ton Stratiotikou and the Epistrategaion, of course. The Logothesion ton Barbaron, too. It is imperative that those that seek to fund terrorists and destabilise a God-fearing realm are brought to justice.” Which might just end up igniting a foreign war, but he put that thought from his mind. But it was not Keftedes' job to decide what to forward on to the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion and if information came to light that implicated another nation, he would pass it on. He was a faithful servant, possibly even fanatically so, to the cause of the Megas Agios Basileia. It was doing the work of Christ to keep Arhomaneia safe, after all. He was a strong believer in Kommodos' policy umbrella of Strong State, Strong Church. The spymaster had forged a close affiliation with the Agios Basileos. This had originated from when Kommodos had been merely the Mesazon under Theodosios VI and Keftedes had merely been the head of the internal intelligence service. The Mesazon and the to-be spymaster had worked together to keep the then-emperor's numerous extramarital affairs out of the public eye, as both of them thought that the Leader of the Free World needed to live up to the expectations of his people and his God. The bullet that had made a martyr of Theodosios had solved a good many problems, although that was not a Christian thought, as the man had been God's Representative on Eurth. “As it is, the list of possible backers for the FAA are @Morheim, @Sayf and @Greater Serbia, for the reason that those three are the closest neighbours and would likely benefit from a more 'open' regime in Vardin than the one of Davros XXII.” The room nodded along with Keftedes, as this was not new information to any of them. “The State of @Tikva... They're more of an awkward one. They have encouraged Juddish migration from Aluxia for decades and have no love for the current regime. But, equally, conflict in Aluxia will put those they consider 'their' people under threat and so they must be considered something of an outlier. The other outlier is the Workers' Republic of @Fulgistan.” There was a slight ripple of movement from around the table. Fearing the Communist had gone out of fashion in Arhomaneia in the last decade or so – the Megas Agios Basileia had outlasted the Communist regime in @Ide Jima and defeated the Communist Party of Tagmatium. There was little reason to expect that the same wouldn't happen with the Workers' Republic, although the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion viewed Fulgistan significantly more favourably. It was true that such regimes seemed to last less than a lifetime and there was little reason to think that they could match up to the thousands of years of history of Heart of Christendom. Some of the higher-ups in the AND thought it was because Keftedes had read too many Georgios novels. Others, however, pointed out that there were suspicions of the Fulgistanis meddling in many conflicts in the New World and there were whispers across the intelligence community that the Workers' Republic had its fingers in many pies – including Aluxia. Keftedes did, admittedly, view these rumours with an element of scepticism, although he had not worked his way up to the apex of the Tagmatine intelligence community without a healthy degree of paranoia. “You know as well as I that the Joint Revolutionary Task Force has been confirmed to have been active in @Faramount and we suspect that they've been active elsewhere across the New World. Being at least a sponsor of the FAA should not be surprising. It will be an avenue of possibility that we pursue, but I do not want any conclusions being found before we have any information to back it up. “Now... the infiltration of the FAA.” Those from the foreign intelligence branch sat up in their chairs. This is where they would shine. “We are better set than many countries that may be trying to send agents to Aluxia. We do not have the blessing of the Church to act under their umbrella and we will make sure that what we do does not harm the standing of the faithful within Aluxia.” It galled Keftedes to be denied what could be a perfect cover but he would never do anything that might reflect badly on the Orthodox Church. “Unlike many that seek to infiltrate the Empire, we do have the benefit of a shared cultural background and we can use this to our advantage.” That caused a slight exhale of disappointment from around the table. Many of those present would have liked to use the Church to provide a cover for their actions but they knew that it could well cause a backlash that their chief and, ultimately, their monarch, did not want. In the past, Tagmatium had regularly used members of the Church in other nations as agents, but this had caused a significant amount of religious discrimination. It was no longer standard procedure to do so. “We do already have some agents acting within the territories under imperial control,” said Sonimiros, brushing a hand across the bottom of his beard. He didn't have to look at either the papers or the screen in front of him. It showed that he knew the assets his branch off by hard, which spoke of his professionalism and dedication. “I took the decision to bolster their numbers and send some into the areas that are under the power of the FAA. It was not an opportunity to be missed at the time, although they have yet to make contact with any senior element within the FAA.” “Which leads me on to the third objective.” Keftedes knew his crowd. He didn't need to play to them; he'd worked with them for years. “Solov is a non-entity – almost literally. It almost seems that he did not exist before the FAA's uprising did, or at least he was very low-key and beneath our notice. That he is now leading the FAA is very worrying. On the face of it, that someone who basically did not exist until the uprising can command such loyalty – even though, admittedly, much seems bought – shows that he is a demagogue beyond that of even the most hardcore of his sort. But from what we have all heard and seen, Solov seems to be a relatively mediocre speaker, with ideas that are not all groundbreaking. Even when talking about a despotic autocracy like Aluxia.” Keftedes took a sip of water and then looked around at the rest of the room. Both the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator and Epistrategaion had already been told this information. It did potentially change the nature of the Aluxian conflict. The spymaster was not quite sure how Ahromaneia could draw itself out of the current conflict, even suspecting what they did at this moment. “Another factor is the disappearance of his majesty, Prince Kravos,” continued the spymaster. He went through the next points as if ticking things off a list. “That literally nothing has been heard of him since the start of the uprising is suspicious. If he was dead, then you could have expected that it would have been announced, by either side. His capture by the FAA would be a coup beyond imagining. Similarly, if he was leading parts of the imperial army, we would have heard about it. His schooling away from Aluxia gave him exposure to the world beyond the borders of the Empire. He was known to have had views that coincide with those of the FAA mean it is pretty likely that this so-called Premier Solov and Prince Kravos are one and the same. Therefore, the assassination of Premier Solov is something that puts us in a very awkward position, more so than the usual attempts to stop a revolutionary group by destroying their leader.” He fell silent for a moment and looked around the room, his eyes going from person to person. He knew that some of them, especially from within the Aggeliaforoi, had already heard this theory. It had had been gaining some traction for time within that agency, even if it had started from someone with paranoiac tendencies. “Infiltration of the FAA may come hand-in-hand with this objective, but there are other avenues that we must follow as well,” pointed out another agent and the spymaster looked over at her. The only other person in the room dressed in a suit and her hair drawn up in a severe bun, Viviana Akominata was the newly-appointed officer in charge of the AND's CYBINT division. Keftedes had high hopes of her. “We're going to have to step up our information- and cyber-warfare presences, which will be aided by the Prognostikatores. One of the problems will be that Aluxia was not all that well integrated with the internet, due to backward and stifling nature of the country. Our agents within the Empire will likely have to track down computers linked to the internal networks of the central banks before we can begin properly trace Solov back, to verify whether he exists or not in that regard.” “The other options, Kefale, are drone overflights and trying to put physical eyes on him,” suggested Sonimiros. “But they'd be quite difficult and the latter would run the risk of getting one of our agents caught. We could also try to snatch anyone that we suspect of having met with Solov.” It wasn't like Arhomaneia was operating secretly within Aluxia, after all. There would certainly be difficulties if one of them was apprehended by the FAA. At the very least, it would result in heightened security around Solov and any of those who may have seen or worked with him. Drone flights and internal information were the best avenues that the AND had for the moment. The other two options would be far too risky to do anything more than draw up plans for, at the moment. If the others failed, then they could become the action that the Tagmatine intelligence service had to take. “Drone overflights is an option we will pursue, although the difficulty will be where to launch them from,” mused Keftedes, sitting back in his chair and rubbing at his clean-shaven chin. The way the light fell on him emphasised his skull-like visage. “The Basilikoaeroporia are already using the airfields that the Adaptons have granted to us in Adrotiri and I would imagine that any coming combat against Greater Serbia, or even @Derthalen, will stretch what they can allow us to use. Worst comes to the worst, we shall have to ask the Aluxians to use some of their airfields or the navy if we can launch from their carriers.” There was a pause as the foreign intelligence branch scribbled or typed down notes for themselves. “Finally, our attempts to influence foreign perception of the FAA.” This was one of the more controversial actions that the AND was undertaking. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion on the whole had been leery about the idea but it had been pointed out that this was exactly something that almost every nation was doing anyway. Indeed, it was one of the things Logothesion ton Deeseon, the Ministry for Information, had been set up to handle. Alongside them and the Logothesion ton Barbaron, the AND had set up a working group to begin to use social media to their advantage, although both the ministries were trying to push in their own directions. “How does that go, Hypokefale Akominata?” “It is still in its infancy, Kappa,” Akominata replied. “We have to remain subtle in order to not become a source of ridicule or to make sure that Arhomaneia is not clearly the source of these attempts. On top of that, we need to recruit more people who are fluent in quite a variety of languages, as well as a good working knowledge of popular culture in the countries that we're targeting. You've pointed out the countries that we consider to the main priorities, although other New World powers are being targeted as well – @Seylos, @Variota, @PyeMcGowan, even @Gallambria and @Kipan. At the moment, some of these have as few as a single person attempting to work on several different platforms and manage anywhere upwards of dozens of accounts.” Akominata realised that it sounded like she was whining and she paused for a moment. “That being said, we are seeing at least some results so far. The bombing that started the FAA's uprising has been very useful and the fact that most defectors from the Imperial Army are doing so out of greed has been a goldmine, too.” She winced slightly when she heard her own inadvertent pun. “We've also been sticking to the idea that the Imperial Government is still recognised as the rightful government and that they've not carried out any atrocities, either. Although there has been attempts from both Logothesia to use this working group to move beyond a denigration of the FAA and towards making a more general positive perception of Arhomaneia. I've been able to ring-fence my own assets from that mission, as laudable as it is. They've grumbled but have agreed to set up their own attempts at that, rather than take away resources from our objective.” The Kefale nodded. It was going as well as it could be expected. Tagmatium needed to catch up on its use of social media to influence foreign populations and he was going to have to suggest to Kommodos that the Ministries of Information and Foreign Affairs had to stop trying to take resources away from the AND. “I think that concludes this meeting. May God bless our work.”
  14. Once I've worked it out, certainly.
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