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  1. Tagmatium Rules

    Aluxian Civil War

    @Aluxia I've got a post part written up but I think I might need a map before I can finish it. I'm not quite sure where anything is in relation to Narlis and getting a better idea of the geography of Aluxia will probably be key to the next steps that I take. Perhaps something that also highlights what areas are under the control of the two factions, if that's possible. As it is, it kind of feels like I'm going in a bit blind. Sorry, I know that that is a bit of an ask, especially since you're quite busy at the moment, as I recall.
  2. Tagmatium Rules

    Agios Basilikon Foreign Affairs

    To: Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed of the Radiant Republic of the @Sunset Sea Islands From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion Prime Minister, It is felt by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that the recent situation must be made clear. Arhomaneia values the relationship between our two great nations and will not let anything petty to come between this relationship of ours. Such comments by your honoured self, that the that the Radiant Republic does not meddle in the “path to ascension” chosen by any nation demonstrate this. We recognise that the media of our two nations has a tendency to play events much harsher than they actually are, especially since the fact is that our cultures are so very different. This is no bad thing, however – it just adds to the melting pot of cultures that Eurth is. Whilst it is obvious from my nation's very existence that we would prefer that Christ guided not just our actions, but those of every nations on Eurth – it would be a Paradise if that were the case - I would like to state that the Megas Agios Basileia does not make any official pronouncement on the recent announcements by any citizen of your nation, even if they are relatively extreme. Or, indeed, any announcement by an Arhomaniki citizen. It is often considered that there are varied paths towards God, after all. The Agios Basileos kai Autokator, may Christ continue to guide him, supports what His Most-Divine All Holiness said, but if protests outside your country's embassy in Arhomaneia get out of hand, then I can assure you that they will be dealt with to the full extent of our law and international convention. The Megas Agios Basileia is, as is always obvious, the heart of civilisation of Eurth and the Leader of the Free World, and despite the differences that are blatant between our two nations, the Radiant Republic has always been a friend of Arhomaneia. I pray that God will continue to guide your hand, Eugenios Goulielmos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion of Foreign Affairs of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion
  3. Tagmatium Rules

    OOC: Taming the East

    Okey dokey.
  4. Tagmatium Rules

    OOC: Taming the East

    I suppose I can do some sort of retroactive condolences?
  5. Tagmatium Rules

    War (?) in the Auraid Bay

    @PyeMcGowan and @Alenveil I appreciate that you might be busy, but I would quite like some clarification on the above points.
  6. Tagmatium Rules

    Agios Basilikon Foreign Affairs

    In light of the recent news from the Federal Republic of @Girkmand, namely that the civil unrest that was taking place in the state of Kerlia has drawn to a close, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is downgrading the travel warning put into place. It was recommended that no citizen of the Megas Agios Basileia travel to Viburk under any circumstances, that any business there needed to be put off indefinitely and that if any citizens did travel there, it was unlikely that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion would be able to help them. It was also stated that the state of Kerlia was best avoided if possible. Now, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion states that it appears that Kerlia itself is almost entirely safe to travel and do business in, as is the capital of the state, Viburk. However, it is recommended that large gatherings should be best avoided, in case there is a flare-up of the troubles, especially since almost the entire state government has been arrested by the Federal Government on the charge of treason, as well as large-scale arrests of those involved in the riots. Similarly, as it appears that the Federal Republic is in the process of attempting to admit the state of Saxonia into union with it, it could be expected that this will cause potential unrest in Kerlia, Saxonia and possibly wider Girkmand. The domestic situation within Girkmand remains restive and it would be best to exercise caution and trust God to look over you when within the Federal Republic, whether on business or on holiday. It is recommended that anyone travelling to Girkmand keeps themselves informed of the situation, in case it changes, as well as any further announcements from the Logothesion ton Barbaron.
  7. Tagmatium Rules

    War (?) in the Auraid Bay

    @PyeMcGowan and @Alenveil Please correct me if I am wrong, but it appears that you are either considering or about to undertake an expansion into what is a player's nation, albeit an ex-player. The RP Mod team does have a few qualms about this. First off, it does need to be RPed properly and not done entirely via news posts. This gives other players the chance to intervene on what appears to be a relatively major war in the offing – after all, Theodoria is not just a blank spot on the map, but that of an old player. They may well not be a push over and some other nations may wish to get involved in some capacity, although that will be for you and anyone who does want to intervene to discuss. Interventions in this manner have a long regional history of happening and they have been very fun in the past. I do expect to see a thread made, rather than this being conducted via news posts only. Secondly, it has been mentioned on Discord by myself and others that we kind of want to see more participation in the wider region before you consider an expansion. There are numerous threads you can get involved in and are open for you to do so. I appreciate that that this can seem a chicken and egg situation, but there are things you can do. Why not start your own thread? It could be as simple as a diplomatic meeting or a trade discussion with another country. Thirdly, and this is aimed at PyeMcGowan, this “Auraid Bay Defence System”. Your own news post infers that it was put into place in September of 2018, although a quick scan of your threads does not seem to mention it before yesterday. Since you were active in the region in September 2018, it is a bit of an egregious inclusion, verging on a Godmod. It seems to be quite a big undertaking for a nation to have to just spring out of thin air – especially one that, you imply, can actively scan your entire border. I think it will need some clarification in an OOC as to precisely what it is and what it does. Even if it is “just” a load of radar stations, they'll still be damn expensive and require a lot of manpower. Similarly, your carrier sprang from nowhere. These are things that kind of need groundwork set out for them, since they are very expensive and resource heavy. They can't just be done retroactively. Thanks in advance, Tag
  8. Tagmatium Rules

    [OOC] Roleplaying in the Far Future

    Ah, damn
  9. Tagmatium Rules

    Announcements from Arhomaneia

    Playing God in the Sunset Sea Islands? One of the more intriguing stories to come to light last month was the birth of a pair of twins in the @Sunset Sea Islands (SSI). That in itself is not remarkable but it was claimed by Dr Giang Ngo, described as a “renowned geneticist”, that these twins had been born immune to HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, he also claimed that he had been the one to genetically modify these twins, manipulating their DNA in order to make them so immune. As yet, his claims have not been verified by any independent source, although they have been seized upon by the Prime Minister of the SSI, Theresa Tumbleweed. Prime Minister Tumbleweed suggested that it was an opportunity “to improve the lives of countless generations significantly.” It is easy to dismiss or attempt to whitewash away the claims of Dr Ngo as “playing God”, but, if true, it does indeed represent a milestone in the development of the human race. However, one of the main problems with the work of Dr Ngo – casting aside the idea of the work meddling with God's Creation – is that it has yet to be verified by anyone outside of Dr Ngo and his PR team. Undoubtedly, the government of the SSI will be keen to add this to their image of being at the forefront of scientific discovery and advancement on Eurth, so it may well need another party to add any credence to the claims of either Dr Ngo or Sunset City. Especially after the Synapse system is more or less a dismal failure in all of its applications outside of the Radiant Republic itself. Possibly one of the more disconcerting factors about the work of Dr Ngo is that there appears to have been little in the way of ethical oversight, although perhaps that relates to the secrecy under which it has taken place. This shroud of secrecy could be claimed that this was for the good of the subjects, including their parents, but Dr Ngo and his team appeared to go no further than stating that their work had been successful. It may also speak much of the attitude of the Radiant Republic towards almost unfettered technological advancement, without the concern for the physical and, of course, spiritual well-being of the people it impacts. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion declined to comment on the matter, stating that the veracity of the claims remained to be seen. However, the Oikoumenikos Patriarkhos of Tagmatika, His Most Divine All-Holiness, Kosmas I, did have this to say on the matter: “Whilst any advancement in science can often be a glory to God, for He is the font of all knowledge, each step must be acted on with deep, serious thought as well as scrutiny and aforethought. Without suitable spiritual or theological guidance, it may go entirely astray. The Radiant Republic might be more aware of that than any other.” There have been protests outside of the SSI's embassy in Tagmatika, although the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has been keen to distance itself from these protests – the earliest groups of protesters, bearing banners with religious slogans and lead by what appeared to be several priests and monks, were quickly moved away by Praitorioi, the uniformed police. Further groups of protesters were monitored by both the Praitorioi and the Esoteriki Epitheorisi Pliroforion, the secret police. Likely, this was to demonstrate to the SSI and the rest of Eurth that the government of Arhomaneia has been keen to move away from the image of our great nation being backwards and ignorant. As yet, the protests appear to be peaceful and have not gone beyond the occasional chanting of slogans and prayers for the souls of the inhabitants of the Radiant Republic. Refugees Land on Arhomaniki Shores In recent months, the number of refugees crossing the Fillipou Thalassa (the Kosscow Sea) has increased in numbers and frequency in recent months, although it appears to have died down since winter arrived. As the weather has become more harsh, small boats have been less likely to risk the crossing the seas between the Megas Agios Basileia the the eastern lands of Europa. However, it has meant that those who have risked the journey have often suffered in the often stormy weather, as some of the boats and ships that they use to make the crossing are often inadequate or in poor shape. This leads to both the Basilikoploimon, the Imperial Navy and the Vestiaritai, the Fiscal Guard, having to make rescue operations to make sure that lives aren't lost. As yet, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has not found a satisfactory answer to the flow of refugees from eastern Europa. The steady breakdown in communication between Arhomaneia with the countries to the east points towards most of their governments taking on an isolationist stance. There have been reports of unrest taking place in many of these countries, and occasionally civil strife, which is likely what is causing people to flee their homelands and head towards the Occident, where @Adaptus and Arhomaneia remain the only stable governments in northern Europa. Such is the lack of contact between Tagmatika and the rest of the continent that, reportedly, the Logothesion ton Barbaron has unofficially nicknamed eastern Europa the “dark continent”, from how many other governments have gone “dark” through the lack of communication. In the past, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion had taken on a stance of intervention in the affairs of other Europan nations, often aiding a faction that was likely to align with Tagmatika's goals and aims. This, however, is unlikely to be an option this time around. It almost appears that other than Adaptus and Arhomaneia, the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni, the Free Port of @Cristina and the Magnean Confederation (@Magnaeus) are the only functional nations in the entire continent. Any attempt to stabilise the entire continent would likely end only in failure, even with help from all of those nations. Precisely what path the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will take remains to be seen, for the moment. A wait-and-see outlook might not be for the best, as there is no guarantee that the situation to the east will improve any time soon. However, with the peace-keeping operation in Aluxia beginning to come to a head, as well as the ongoing pacification of the former Machina Haruspex, Tagmatika may have little in the way of options to tackle this burgeoning crisis.
  10. Tagmatium Rules

    Aluxian Civil War

    Obviously, my aircraft are likely within striking distance, as would be cruise missiles carried by my ships. I assume that there is a way you want this to play out?
  11. Tagmatium Rules

    [OOC] Roleplaying in the Far Future

    Did he nick the name?
  12. Tagmatium Rules

    The Eagle and the Leopard

    Eugenios followed Terix's lead and slowly sipped from his cup, less for the fact that he was particularly wanted a drink than to give himself pause for thought. He was much happier with coffee than the tea that pervaded the Megas Agios Basileia – it was a taste of foreign lands, rather than the relatively stilted and hidebound Arhomaneia. And Mauridivian coffee was perhaps considered amongst the best that could be got within Tagmatium. It was certainly prized more highly than a lot of the Europan equivalents. Perhaps that was merely because it came from further away. A limited cultural exchange... It would certainly be an interesting idea. Many countries did have cultural organisations in other nations, often working alongside diplomatic missions, to act in the way Praetor Terix was suggesting. However, Eugenios supposed, most other countries, the vaguely civilised ones that is, didn't have the same historical background as Rihannsu and Arhomaneia did. There were similar examples of countries possessing at least the same dynamic across the New World, although the complete lack of relations and determined ignoring between the two had no real parallel in any other nations. In all honestly, the Megas Logothetes suspected that it might be a bigger issue for the Rihannsu that the Arhomaioi. The Church would probably throw a bit of a hissy fit but that would likely be for appearances' sake more than actual dislike of Rihan or its people. After all, the threat of heretics and apostates was bigger than heathens – the former were twisting the teachings of Christ whilst the latter were just ignorant. And, Eugenios supposed, if any of the Tellosanoi were exposed to True Religion, then there was the chance that the Church might find converts amongst the otherwise-atheistic population of the Aurelian nation. Even if they had been at the forefront of the calls to annihilate the followers of Tellos in the past. “If not an embassy or a consulate, then of course we will still have to act in accordance to the diplomatic norms,” said Eugenios, putting down his coffee cup, finally. After taking a small sip, he had stared at the surface of the liquid, clearly contemplating the Praetor's words. “But I imagine that is something that you have considered, too. It would be far easier for it to be a true embassy but I appreciate that we must take small steps for the moment. As you say, we cannot ignore the history between our two nations, but that we also must not let it swallow us, either. This will be something that our nations will have to consider at a later date, until we have organised this cultural exchange that you suggest.” “And, as a foreign minister, I can only agree with what you say that this Suketh alignment says. And as a biased foreigner that might stand to gain prestige in the eyes of his own monarch if he is successful in the mission that he has been entrusted with, too,” the Megas Logothetes continued, with a degree of self-depreciating humour. The edge of humour disappeared and Eugenios' face became serious. “No country remains isolated without suffering for it, whether directly or indirectly – political and economic marginalisation are the result and this would basically be what amounts to self-harm. You have a continent spread before you, however, and friendly relationships further afield couldn't hurt, either. As your foreign intelligence services would have undoubtedly shown you, the continent of Europa is full of isolationist or collapsing nations and both Arhomaneia and Adaptus came out of recent periods of such; the world almost past us by. “Again, however, I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know or suspect, otherwise I would not be sat opposite you.” The flicker of a smile crossed the Arhomaios' lips, behind his neatly-groomed beard and moustache. He took up his cup again and drained it of coffee, leaving the last, bitter dregs at the bottom. Eugenios then sat forward in his chair. “I'm intrigued as to what form you envision this 'cultural exchange' to take. There have been, of course, international expositions in the past, although they have fallen out of favour in recent years. Do you have something like that in mind, but between our two countries? Or is it something more like nationally-sponsored package holidays?” The Megas Logothetes thought for a moment before continuing. “I apologise for sounding a bit flippant there, Praetor. I can see that almost any option that we table at the moment may well have its opponents and in virtually any form that it might take. Whilst I don't think that there are Arhomaioi that are quite so vehement in opposition to Rihan visiting their country as there are Rihannsu to Arhomaneia, there will be those who will be against in on religious grounds, or even on principal. Yours, after all, is regarded as a barbarian nation – and one whose people tried to instigate a rebellion in God's chosen nation. “Of course, you don't need the history lesson, but Rihan is the only nation in the world today to be able to say that. As you say, however, history is history – if the Megas Agios Basileia held a grudge against every nation that waged war on it or it waged war on, then there would be precious few other countries that we could do anything with.” The Arhomaios reached forward towards the coffee pot and poured himself another cup. Without looking up from the task, Eugenios continued talking. “Perhaps, to a greater or lesser extent, I am in a better situation that you are, Praetor, if you forgive me for being so bold. I will not have to convince an occasionally recalcitrant Senate of the worth of any re-opening of relations. I merely have to convince the Equal of the Apostles of it. And he is already quite certain that it is time for relations between our two nations to improve. Or, at least, move to the stage that we recognise each others right to exist.”
  13. Tagmatium Rules

    Happy birthday and hello again

    Hello again! It's nice to see an old face drop by. It sounds like life has been pretty damn busy for you over the last few years!
  14. Tagmatium Rules

    [OOC] Scramble for Antargis

    Of course you f*cking would Maybe you people should take part rather than moan, eh?
  15. Tagmatium Rules

    Laren Environmental Conference

    Life could take one to some very strange places and lead one on odd paths. Megas Logothetes Presbyteros Paulos Narses could attest to that personally. He was very glad that @Morheim wasn't one of them. He had read the briefing materials that the Logothesion ton Barbaron had provided for him and was pleasantly surprised by what he had read about the country. The Queendom had gained independence from @Derthalen, although hundreds of years ago, and it might be thought that the country would be a bit more... unbalanced, like its parent state. But, other than an odd religion that seemed to be almost entirely confined to Morheim itself and a voting system biased towards those judged to be intelligent, the country seemed like one of the more normal states in that part of Argis, if not Eurth. Especially considering its closest neighbours other than Derthalen were @Greater Serbia, a nation happy to commit genocide, and @Aluxia, an autocratic and isolationist country currently embroiled in a civil war. Morheim could have been forgiven if it had been a lot more militaristic than it apparently was. Certainly, sharing a border with Machina Haruspex had made Arhomaneia a lot more martial than the country that was the heart of civilisation of Eurth ought to have been. Narses had been lobbying for the Megas Agios Basileia to hold a conference on the environment since he had taken up the post of Megas Logothetes ton Agelon, Minister for the Environment, as he felt that there needed to be a more unified approach to the threat of environmental change and global warming than individual nations pursuing their own policies. Morheim had stolen a march on Tagmatium by doing so first. In a way, he was glad that the Queendom had done so – the ostentatious ceremonies and displays that Arhomaneia would have felt necessary to show its superiority to the unwashed barbarians visiting it would have eclipsed and undermined the intent behind the conference. Instead, the unspoilt island to the south of Morheim was a good setting for the conference and would hopefully serve to remind those visiting what was possibly at stake. Nonetheless, Narses was privately disappointed that his government hadn't acted on his advice. However, the environmentalist credentials of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion couldn't be doubted – renewable energy was a prime concern under Kommodos III, as well as re-wilding and generally attempting to reduce the carbon footprint of the Megas Agios Basileia. Towards the end of the last year, the nation had even managed an entire week with its energy generated completely by renewable means and it would not be too long before that might even be on a permanent basis. The policies weren't just underpinned by the strategic concern that it was best for Arhomaneia to become less dependent on foreign powers for its energy, but also based on theological views, too. God had placed the stewardship of His creations into the hands of Man and ruining it, through ignorance, indifference or malice, would likely displease Him. Prince Isaak had seemed pleasant enough when Narses had been chatting to him at Thale International Airport and the Morheimian marines had done a good rendition of the Megas Agios Basileia's national anthem as the Megas Logothetes had stepped off the aeroplane. It may not have surprised the Prince that the conservative Christian nation was at least somewhat familiar with matrilineal monarchies – the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni was one, after all, and gender inequality was something that couldn't be laid at Arhomaneia's door. At Narses' own insistence, the clutch of bodyguards that had accompanied him were left waiting with the plane. A climate conference was not the best place for them and he appreciated that going to a holy island with soldiers might well be considered as very insulting by the Morheimians. Now that he stepped out of the helicopter, smoothed down his black robes and looked around at the holy island and smiled to himself about the incongruity of it all – a priest of Eurth's largest Christian denomination standing in a site sacred to heathen religion. Narses had been a Megas Logothetes in the Logothesion of Overseas Geological Oddities for years, after having decided that life as a professor of geology at the Mouseion was too stressful. Six years ago, he had retired and taken up a life in service to God, becoming a village priest in a rural backwater. However, when the previous head of the Logothetes ton Agelon had stepped down, Narses had found himself personally requested by the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator to take over the ministry. As a servant of God, how could he refuse the man who was God's chosen representative on Eurth? The Megas Logothetes shook Queen Julia's hand and he gave her a smile, which was almost hidden by his large, greying beard. He towered over the queen and his large paw almost entirely eclipsed the queen's hand. He'd been a keen amateur boxer and wrestler in his youth and it still showed in his physique, despite him almost out of his middle age. “It is a pleasure to be here, your majesty,” he said. “It's about time that we had a conference on this. I pray to God that it is productive.” He stood back and allowed himself to be directed by some Morheimian aides towards the royal retreat that was to be the venue of the conference. It was certainly very pretty and not some sprawling edifice that many monarchies might have built. Undoubtedly it was because to do otherwise would have impacted on the island more and the heathen beliefs that the Morheimians held stated that this island was the place life had been created. That was certainly a blasphemy but barbarians ignorant of True Religion couldn't really be blamed for thinking odd things. The minister-priest looked around for a sight of other delegates – Narses had seen aircraft from @Tikva and Tellosanon, @Rihan, as he had descended from his own aircraft. Ideally, the majority of nations of Eurth would send delegates to this conference but that may be too much to hope for.