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  1. Although the fault line is my canal. I wonder what that'll mean?
  2. It's going to be a good mine of possible stories, both for RPs and news stories. So it's pretty good, all told. But at least my nation isn't directly on a fault line or an active volcano.
  3. Stunning work! Presumably now Tagmatium would be subject to more eartheurthquakes than it was before. I was quite happy that the poor little Arhomaioi never had to suffer such things
  4. Due to discussion on Discord with all the parties involved, it was decided that it made more sense to merge this thread's IC thread with MH's expansion thread. They are both a part of The Dragon Takes Flight now. Thanks!
  5. Hate. It was a strong word. And one that was used far too often. People said they hated a particular TV programme or breakfast cereal. What they usually meant was that they just disliked it. Well, most of the time. Perhaps sometimes it had personally wronged them, although that was probably very rare. But Eudokia Khoiroboska could say, without any hyperbole, that she hated the Gharoi. And she wasn't alone in that, either. As a member of the Ikatanoi unit of the Tagmata observers sent to monitor the Gharoniki invasion of the Glorious Dominate, she had good reason have begun to hate her country's ally. An ally that had shown itself to be a very poor partner in recent months. Nominally, she and the rest of the observers were there to make sure that the Gharoi didn't commit any war crimes against the civilians in Koussoeia. This was a situation that was very strange for several reasons. The first one being, obviously, that the northern barbarians had to have someone watching over their shoulders to force them to not murder people out of hand. The next reason was that they were doing it anyway. Well, if they were lining up civilians against walls or shooting prisoners, then they were at least being careful enough to do it where the Arhomaioi couldn't see them. But they were rounding up the local Christians, forcing them from their homes and towards transit camps whilst letting the rest of the wurld clean up the mess they were making. The Gharoi were then looting, destroying or looting and destroying anything that remained. That wasn't being done where the Arhomaioi couldn't see. Even the snow storms couldn't disguise the burning buildings. It was ethnic and cultural cleansing and set a very ominous tone for the future interactions between the Machina Haruspex of Ji'Mar and the rest of Occident, which was mostly Christian by religion. Arhomaneia was not very happy with what the Sovereign Imperium was doing but was not, at least at the moment, willing to go to war over it. Public opinion was slowly but surely edging the other way and the Gharoi were foolish if they thought that they could ignore that. Khoiroboska was standing in the lee of her squad's Khalkaspides IFV, out of the bitter, cutting wind that was blowing from the north in Gharoniki-occupied Koussoeia with a pair of binoculars to her eyes. Her IFV was the rear vehicle in a small column of three. They were waiting at a crossroads for an escort from the Renor Elemmiire 32nd Motorised Rifle Regiment. So far, they hadn't shown up and the Ikatanoi were parked where they had been ordered to go. It was beginning to get a bit concerning, but the platoon commander was more keen on staying put than trying to inflame the Gharoi any further. The 37mm cannon of the Khalkaspidai were trained at likely points in the landscape for an ambush, however. There was a creak as the rear door of the Khalkaspides opened, followed by cursing from those inside as the cold air got in. The snow on the roadway had been churned to slush by the passage of wheels and tracks and it didn't have the satisfying crunch that fresh snow had. Instead, there were wet footfalls as another Arhomaios made their way towards Eudokia. She felt a tap on her shoulder as the new arrival tried to get her attention. She kept scanning the surrounding countryside, however. “Any sign of anyone, tetrarkhes?” the other soldier asked Khoiroboska, shouting over the wind and the rumble of the armoured vehicle's engine. They were as well wrapped up as she was, a protection against the harsh winter weather sweeping across the northern Occident. “No. No real sign of anyone, pentarkhes.” They had to make sure that the local resistance didn't strike against them, potentially mistaking them for Gharoi. Or perhaps attacking them in revenge for the Megas Agios Basileia not stopping the invasion. The observer units' IFVs had large Tagmatine flags painted on their sides but the overall shape of the vehicles were similar enough to those of Machina @Haruspex to have meant that the Tagmata units had been shot at several times. And had to return fire on occasion to drive off their attackers. “Get back inside, then,” the other well-wrapped soldier said. He gestured over his shoulder to a second figure who had followed the pentarkhes out. “Dimitrios is going to take your place. We've got a brew on, too.” “Cheers, pentarkhes!” She finally took the binoculars from her eyes and looked over at the soldier who had followed her squad leader out. Although it was difficult to tell through the winter clothing and snow goggles, the other soldier did not seem to be particularly happy with this turn of events. “Any chance of a biscuit?” “You'd be f*cking lucky,” he replied as he turned back towards the rear door. “Close the door properly behind you, too. There's a bit of a chill in the air.” Thank f*ck for that. It was far colder than Arhomaneia was. And far colder than it was supposed to be in this land of savages, too. The tetrarkhes climbed in through the hatch and slammed it shut. It was significantly warmer inside the IFV. The rest of her squad mates were clutching enamel mugs and one was handed over to her as soon as she swung herself into a seat. The slush on her boots started to pool on the floor of the Khalkaspides and one of the other Ikanatoi caught Khoiroboska's eye. “You could have at least wiped your feet before you came in.” The joke was weak and didn't get any laughter from the rest of the unit. Overall, they weren't really in the mood for it. It was bad enough that they had to look on what the Gharoi were doing without being able to act. But the fact that they were sometimes having to shoot at those who were understandably angry at what was being inflicted against them had soured the mood of the Arhomaniki observers even further. Yep. The Tagmata units had come to hate the Gharoi. There was silence for a moment before someone else spoke. “I don't honestly see why we're even doing this,” said Paulina, who was tucked up in one of the corners of the troop compartment. There was an audible groan from the other occupants and Eudokia let her helmet thump against the padded headrest behind her. All of them had a guess as to what was going to come next. Whether it was the fault of the Gharoi, the heretics or even the Koussoeioi, it was all that they had talked about since they had arrived in Koussoeia. It was the Sovereign Imperium that bore the brunt of the blame in everyone's eyes, however. “F*ck you all. You've all talked about this, but it's f*cking clear – what the should have been done was slamming a thematon bandon up towards Prathen as soon as the Gharoi started doing this shit.” A thematon bandon was the Tagmatine equivalent of an army group. “And another one pushes in from north of Kalamanon and the Gharoi would have been f*cked within a couple of months.” Silence met that comment for a moment. That soldiers of the Arhomaniki armed forces were talking about invading an ally, even amongst themselves, showed how far the Sovereign Imperium had fallen in the eyes of their southern neighbour. “And Exkousiokrator Ji'Mar would fall onto his face in front of the Leopard Throne and beg Kommodos to be his godfather for his new life in Christ?” the pentarkhes said back, with little venom despite his harsh words. Paulina pulled a face at the corporal's words. “It'd be better than aiding and abetting what the f*ckers are doing now.” Sipping at her nice hot tea, Eudokia didn't bother saying anything. This was playing out as it had done dozens of times before, just with different actors. If it wasn't Paulina and Pentarkhes Nikeforopoulos, it could have been her and Dimitrios, or any one of them sat in the IFV. They all felt that last bit, too. Aiding and abetting a bunch of murderous savages in their crimes against fellow Christians, if heretics, and the poor Koussoeioi. All of them hoped that the Exkousiokrator and his minions would get fate that they deserved. “You're right,” sighed the pentarkhes. “I imagine that the rest of the wurld are itching to have a go at the Gharoi. And they probably are. They're just not an easy target like the others recently. Which is why there isn't an international alliance blockading the Gharoniki ports as we speak.” Although there was no way that Eudokia had her squad mates could know it, they were right on the money. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion had put feelers out to other powers to ascertain how they might feel about open warfare against the Gharoi, and whether they might support Arhomaneia. If Ji'Mar had known about it, it likely wouldn't have stopped him. The man seemed to thrive upon the hatred of the rest of the wurld. Perhaps if Ji'Mar might have stopped if he'd known that the other nations had offered their support to the Megas Agios Basileia if war broke out. “Hopefully it won't come to that, though,” said someone else. “Otherwise, we'd be f*cked.” “We'd fight like Arhomaioi and we have God on our side,” shrugged Eudokia. “It's the reason why the Gharoi have always been cooped up in the north, despite their pretensions as conquerors. It's easy work, rounding civilians up at gunpoint and putting them into camps.” That was met with silent agreement. Despite Machina Haruspex's threats and bluster, they'd only managed to kick an enemy when it was down, fractured and broken after civil war and economic collapse. There was a thump on the rear door of the Khalkaspides and Dimitrios' voice came over the section's network. “Vehicles incoming. It looks like our escort's here.”
  6. Arhomaneia signs Agricultural Agreement with Metztlitlalio Slaver-state agrees to enter the Civilised Wurld The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion announced last week that it has come to an agreement with the Archpriest Dominion of @Metztlitlalio to help the Alharan country bring its agricultural sector up to the high standard of the Megas Agios Basileia, a move that is based upon the barbaroi ending the foul practice of slavery within its borders. This can be considered a victory for not just Arhomaniki diplomacy and a demonstration of our advanced technology compared to the savage nations that populate Alharu, but also for the rest of Eurth. It means that another nation has made steps towards becoming a proper member of the wurld's community. The southern nation, which sits on the lower end of the Palu Peninsula, is not all that known about by most Arhomaioi. It has remained somewhat insular and withdrawn for much of the EK7520s (AD2000s), and has only started to participate in wurld affairs recently. It is, perhaps, most famous for being ruled over or heavily influenced by other nations, most notably being the @Limonaian Empire, of which it was part of until EK7486 (AD1977). Recently, it has seen a boom in heavy industry, which is primarily focussed on bauxite mining and aluminium production, with several foreign-owned companies taking a leading role within the industry. By the Archpriest Dominion's own estimates, almost six percent of the population are slaves, although some estimates place it at almost double that number. This is, obviously, unthinkable. It is surprising that no nation has taken issue with this fact, especially since the other slaver-states have suffered embargoes and threats of invasion. Whilst it could be possible that the Dominion of Limonaian States has enough political clout on the wurld stage to ward that off, but that seems unlikely. Instead, it is much more probable that Metztlitlalio's position as one of the foremost exporter of aluminium means that other nations are unwilling to disrupt that trade, despite the fact that what the southern Alharan nation is an offence to God. On top of the fact the nation itself is a fundamentally Godless place, held under the sway of a theocracy that has monstrous, bloodstained roots. It is surprising that the Basilikoploimon has not sent a battlegroup down to the Palu Peninsula order to bring them into the modern era. However, despite the fact that the Metztlikua – as they call themselves – are a slave-owning people, it must be recognised that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is doing God's work by peacefully correcting the attitude of these barbaroi. The Logothesion tou Paroikonikou (Ministry of Agriculture) and the Logothesion ton Koiaisitoron (Ministry of Works) have sent a group of representatives, including numerous farmers and technical experts, to try to help the slave-owners come up to speed with modern, mechanised farming. As it is, the majority of slaves are held by farmers, who would undoubtedly benefit from the introduction of modern technology. Whilst it would be preferable to think that Christian arguments against the holding of slaves won out against such horrendous actions, it is possible that the economic arguments held at least similar weight. The Logothesion tou Paroikonikou was questioned about its decision to send representatives, alongside those from other Logothesia, with especial emphasis on aiding a nation that is purposefully ignoring the wurld-wide trend of freeing slaves. “It is, of course, our Christian duty to bring those ignorant towards the light,” said a representative of the Logothesion when questioned by this paper. “This does not just mean the spiritually ignorant, but those who continue practices that have rightfully been rejected almost everywhere else. By helping Metztlitlalio to bring its farming into the modern age, we help not just those who labour under the yoke of slavery, but the whole nation.” It has not yet been outlined as to what Arhomaneia is receiving in return for its tutorship of the Metztlikua farmers and the freeing of slaves, especially since much of the cost could be borne by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion. It has been rumoured that it is as little as the equal recognition for the Church, as the heretical @Seylosian and @Salvian Churches have recognition under law, although that seems to be relatively cheap a price, as worthy as it might be. There are suggestions that the Metztlikua will have to keep paying off the debts that they have earned directly to the Logothesion tou Paroikonikou. But, perhaps, the true reward is what it should be – doing Christ's work on Eurth. Elections of the Salvian Pope Announced A New Chapter for Church Relations? The Salvian Church has announced that it will begin elections for its new head. This marks the end of three years of the position of head of the Salvian Church being vacant, and will mark a new beginning in relations not with just the Arhomaniki Church, but with every Christian denomination on Eurth. Of course, this does not come with little controversy, as the claim of being the “catholic” church has always been contended by the our own church, as it is the tree that all others have split off from. However, the lack of a head of the Salvian Church has undoubtedly weakened not just the Diarchy, as the Salvian Pope is considered to be equal with that of @Iverica, but Salvia itself. All eyes have been on the Marenesian state since scandal rocked it and its church earlier this year. That scandal overshadowed Salvia's participation in helping the refugees from the abuses of Machina @Haruspex in Koussoeia. Ever since Liosos brought the Light of Christ to Marenesia, the Church of Salvia has been considered by many to be a sister to the Arhomaniki Church. Whilst more might consider this to be incorrect – rightly pointing out the many discrepancies and differences that have sprung up over the years due to the distances that are involved – it can never be doubted that the Salvians have striven hard in the name of God. Sometimes, perhaps, this has resulted in actions that might otherwise foolhardy, such as the crusades that were unleashed to force unbelievers into the arms of God, rather than letting them come naturally, as is supposed to be the case. But it is indeed easy to look down upon Salvia. It is a barbarian nation that is trying hard to ape its better in the form of the Megas Agios Basileia. And, so far, it has almost succeeded. It is why the election of the new head of the Salvian Church must be watched carefully. That branch of Christianity has significant influence across the New Wurld, rightly or wrongly. They have done much to bring barbaroi towards Christ. Obviously, they are not to be considered in the same manner as the Oikoumenikos Patriarkhos of our own church, who is first amongst equals, as the make up of the Salvian worship of Christ does not work in the same way. Nor can the winner of this election be thought of as the equal of the Vice-Gerent of God on Eurth, the Thirteenth Apostle, Kommodos III, by the Grace of Christ the God, Agios Basileos kai Autokrator ton Arhomanion. The ruler of Arome is the Leader of the Free Wurld and therefore above barbarian rulers, whether temporal or spiritual. Even fellow Christian ones, even if they are not to be considered out and out heretics. At least for political reasons. It remains to be seen what the new incumbent will want to do with those cardinals who have been disqualified from voting, or outright arrested – of the over one hundred and fifty who were eligible to vote, some thirty five were prevented from doing so. A good proportion of these were under arrest, awaiting trial or in prison. The charges were varying from corruption to heresy to “crimes against the church”. Some of those are perhaps unintentionally ironic, as the Salvian Church espouses heresy on a day-to-day basis, but perhaps that is not an observation that is necessary at this point. Nonetheless, it is hoped that the new Salvian pope will herald a fresh beginning for the Christian faith on Eurth. If whoever takes the papal throne can realise that their cherished differences from the Arhomaniki Church are little more than distractions and acknowledge the occupant of the Leopard Throne as the representative of God on Eurth as he truly is, then this will a new start for not just our shared faith, but the entirety of humanity.
  7. To: His Majesty, Albert II, King of @Gallambria; the Government of the Kingdom of Gallambria From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Ahromanion Your majesty, The grave news of the terrorist attacks that have rocked your great nation have shocked the Arhomaioi to their core. Your nation has always been perceived by Arhomaneia as stable and mature, and your people level headed and not given to rash and foolish actions. That a group of your citizens has decided to take up arms against the rightful government is profoundly shocking, especially so in the appalling and indiscriminate manner in which it has been carried out. This will surely call down God's wrath upon them, not just for their actions against their appointed monarch, but for the murders that have stained their hands. For that is what these attacks were - nothing but murders, in an attempt to destabilise your honoured country for short-sighted and ill conceived ends. I pray to Christ and his Saints that you and your people will rise stronger than ever from these horrendous acts, and that these murderers will be brought to justice, no matter where they may flee to or hide. If you have need of any aid that the Megas Agios Basileia, then all you have to do is ask. I do not doubt that all of Eurth will stand with Gallambria. I will include the people of Tamworth, who have suffered so much, and Gallambria in my prayers, and I have ordered that similar prayers are to said in every church across Arhomaneia. May God guide you and your people in this, your hour of need, Kommodos III, by the Grace of Christ the God, Agios Basileos kai Autokrator ton Arhomanion
  8. Good luck! I hope you sort everything out!
  9. Cheers! I've had a takeaway curry and now me and my girlfriend are watching The Mummy. Tomorrow's for drinking.
  10. Salvian ships to arrive in Glevokastron As part of the ongoing ethnic cleansing crisis in the Glorious Dominate of Koussoeia, a group of vessels from @Salvia is to arrive in the port of Glevokastron within the next few days. This is part of the refugee relief agreement, which was started when the Sovereign Imperium of Machina @Haruspex invaded its old enemy and started to forcibly remove the heretical Christian minority from their homelands. This precipitated a multi-nation coalition to be formed, in order to rescue the Christians from oppression and forced eviction from their homeland as the barbarous Gharoi seized the land for themselves. It is one of the biggest crises in the Occident since the AdSoc War. Salvia, the theocratic island nation in Marenesia, has had one of the biggest responses to the humanitarian crisis, outside of our own Arhomaneia. Some sixty two vessels left the southern nation, apparently including a replica of a 19th Century sailing ship, in order to come to the aid of the refugees. Many of these ships have been heading towards the Ragas Thalassa, otherwise known as the Raga Sea, and the canal in order to pick up refugees and take them onwards to safer lands, far away from the repression and violence that has been inflicted on them by the Gharoi. That our fellow Christians in the south have been stirred by the plight of the Gerenians is certainly a very heartening prospect and is continuing proof that the rest of Eurth has not turned its back on them. The presence of the Salvian naval forces within Glevokastron will certainly be a change for the port city. It has become one of the main naval bases for the Basilikoploimon since the island of Akhbiseia (known as Akwisia by the inhabitants) was accepted as a protectorate of Arhomaneia over a decade ago. It has suffered a tumultuous history in recent years, as it requested a protectorate status from the Megas Agios Basileia after suffering an economic crisis of a sort not seen until the Great Europan Collapse. It has recovered in recent years, partially because of the heavy investment by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion and now the Salvian visitors will be able to visit a booming and vibrant island, a far cry from the destitute state where poverty was once endemic. What is concerning, however, is the number of military vessels that has also been contained within the group sent by Salvia to the Krankes Thalassa, the Ranke Sea. There have been reports that it includes two missile cruisers, which means that the force is certainly not to be trifled with. This has led to some guessing that the nature of the coalition may change at some point in the near future and move from transporting those displaced to become more punitive in its actions towards the Sovereign Imperium. This has not been confirmed by any sources within the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion or further abroad, nor has the language used by the coalition changed in any way to suggest that. Nonetheless, tensions remain high in the northern Occident. Parts of Koussoeia occupied by the Gharoi have fallen silent in recent weeks. At first, it was reported that this was due to a significant winter storm coming from the Argic and lashing the area with blizzards and heavy snow. The lack of communication coming from the areas affected has not improved in recent days and it has begun to be suggested that there may be other reasons for this, beyond the weather. Members of the Parabalanoi, the Arhomaniki aid agency working with the refugees in Koussoeia, have seen increasing troop movements near areas affected by the weather. What precisely this means is so far unknown – it could merely be that the Gharoi themselves are facing a severe series of winter storms, or perhaps something darker. Given their known predilection barbarity and uncivilised acts, they could be stepping up their ethnic cleansing campaign to something more than forced population movements. There have been no confirming reports from the Tagmata observers stationed amongst them. Hopefully, the lack of reports is due to the lack of news, rather than a lack of reporters. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has not indicated that it feels that its servicepeople are under threat, so perhaps this is the best indication that a further increase in hostilities are expected any time soon. Economic Deal struck with Ceris Nation The Noble Republic of Secyrae and the Megas Agios Basileia struck a treaty yesterday, after several weeks of negotiation between the two governments. The representative of Arhomaneia at these negotiations, Protologothetes Konstantinian Makarios announced that after intensive discussion, both countries had come to an equitable agreement and he had signed a treaty with Furst Karsten von Nusshorst, the head of the government of Secryae. “This treaty represents the start of a new relationship between our two great nations, one of equals and a new era,” Protologothetes Makarios is quoted as saying. “A new era not just in Secyrae or Arhomaneia, or even Ceris, but Eurth itself.” The announcement by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that it had reached an economic and military deal with the Republic of Secyrae will have come as a surprise to most, especially since it seems to consist of some large scale infrastructure projects, large loans, military sales and training. The small nation in the north east of the island of Ceris isn't one that would be familiar to any other than those who have been keeping a close eye on the events that have been taking place there. Ceris has been in the news in recent months due to the increased level of piracy in the Makhaira Thalassa (Dolche See) and the recent announcement that the Parabalanoi have started an aid mission to the island, which has seen an increasing humanitarian crisis since last year. The Basilikoploimon and the Royal Navy of @Seylos have been carrying out anti-piracy operations in the Makhaira Thalassa, mainly concerned with protecting international shipping from the depredations of the various pirate groups that are operating from the shores of the sea, mainly from the northern coast of Ceris. They have recently been joined by the navy of the Arab Democratic Republic of @Sayf. The Arhomaniki task force, headed by the famed Navarkhos Ethelred, has seen some success in keeping down the number of pirate attacks against vessels in the area but it has been judged by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that merely attacking the pirates is not a long term solution to the situation. The island itself has seen some thirty years of chaos. Instead, the Megas Agios Basileia has started to consider that shoring up some of the more stable states is perhaps the best way to reduce the issue of piracy, as well as to fend off the spread of the dangerous cult of so-called “Sentists” who have been carrying out attacks in the west of the nation. Arhomaneia isn't the first nation to take this route – the Kingdom of Seylos has long been interacting with nations across the small strait between the islands and even Arhomaneia's ally of @Metztlitlalio has sent aid to the poor countries of Ceris, in order to reduce the suffering of the people there. Recently, the Worker's Republic of @Fulgistan has signed a treaty with several nations – Criasia, Ubraoria, Ganlin and Edrela - from the west of the island, apparently partially to combat the rising threat of this dangerous cult. Perhaps it should not be doubted that the communist country is also trying to draw them into its sphere of influence to for its own ends. Nonetheless, the economic treaty with Secryae seems to have come as something of a surprise. The country itself isn't the biggest or the most powerful within Ceris, but it is one of the more stable ones. Despite the nation being in the midst of an economic downturn, its shipbuilding industry is still one of the few functioning industries in any nation on the island. This is likely due to the fact that piracy needs ships, both for pirates themselves and as targets. It also still has a functioning government, although it manifests as a group of strongmen in a typical barbarian feudalistic manner. It seems that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is relying on this in a manner. The fact that Secyrae is still functional, even if in a way that is a somewhat typical of a barbarian nation, does mean that it can be brought towards a civilised state. Hopefully, the influence of Arhomaneia will begin to spread from the east of Ceris and bring stability with it. This is something that the people of the island so desperately need, especially after the years of oppression and chaos. Unlike the other foreign nations that are getting involved on the island, it is only Arhomaneia that can truly bring peace.
  11. “Half.” Makarios shifted slightly in his chair. It was a well padded green leather armchair and so made little noise as the Arhomaios moved about in it. The man sat opposite still caught the slight movement and what seemed to be a smile crept up under his walrus-like moustache. He was as well padded as the chairs the pair of them were sitting on and wore a similar suit to the Protologothetes. Despite Makarios' perception of Ceris as a poor backwater, the nobles of Secyrae didn't seem to stint on the finer things in life. The delicate cups of Mauridivian coffee that sat on a mahogany table between them spoke of that. “Your excellency, due to the skilled nature of the work that is to be carried out, it would be better if at least two thirds of those involved in it were Arhomaioi, rather than half locals and half Arhomaioi.” Makarios gestured towards the sheafs of paper on the table. It was the treaty that had been outlined by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion and handed over to the government of Secyrae a week before by Makarios himself. He had thought them overawed by the magnificence and power of a visiting official from the heart of civilisation. But, it seemed the stereotype of the greedy ignorant barbarian was true. The damned Cerisers didn't know a good thing when they got it. The fat man, the head of the council of nobles that ran this benighted nation, the Erzkanzler, babbled something in the guttural tongue of the natives. The young, skinny man standing behind his chair listened and then repeated it in a truly civilised language. “Your excellency, that may be so.” The young man speaking remained impassive and neutral but there was a gleeful twinkle in the eyes of the Erzkanzler. It had become quite quickly clear that the fat man knew the language of Arhomaneia and the translator was some strange affectation, probably an attempt to keep the balance of power on the side of the Cerisers. “However, it is necessary that the people of our fine country familiarise themselves with what you will be building here. And you have emphasised that we are equal partners, no? It would look poorly if the start of your great nation's involvement in Ceris seemed to be nothing than an unequal treaty.” And it would look poorly for Makarios if he allowed himself to be manipulated by a bunch of backward yokels. He looked out of the window towards the sea. Somewhere out there, the BPK Nystras patrolled the waters off of Secyrae. When they were about to start the negotiations, the Protologothetes had turned down the suggestion of Navarkhos Ethelred to have the aircraft carrier closer to shore, as a visible reminder of the power of the greatest nation on Eurth. However, the foreign minister had turned it down – he was sure that his dignity and ability alone would turn the discussion in his favour and Makarios didn't want it to look like the nobles had signed any treaty at the barrel of a gun. And he would never have had the fat f*ck smirking at him if he had done that. “I feel two thirds would be a more reasonable number,” said Makarios. “After all, it will be the Arhomaioi who will start off doing the bulk of the work, as your countrymen would need to learn the ropes, so to speak, before they can handle the same sort of technical tasks.” The walrus murmured again and the translator leaned closer. Although the room had a high ceiling and was furnished in a tasteful, fashionable manner that spoke of the expense of it, Makarios found it suddenly quite cramped. “Half, your excellency. Although we do accept that it would also be reasonable for a larger number of Arhomaioi remain in supervisory and management roles as the projects progress.” Makarios nodded. That did not seem entirely unreasonable and would allow better oversight of the way any project went. And especially where any funds were going. Undoubtedly, the nobles were used to creaming off any and all business that was going on in Secyrae. It was probably one of the reasons that the country was in such a poor state to begin with, as most attempts to repair the degrading infrastructure withered up as corruption took its toll. “The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion does not find that unreasonable, your excellency.” The Erzkanzler gargled again and the young translator leaned in over his shoulder. When the noises had stopped, he stood up again. “Your excellency, it is also the view of the Republic that any of our citizens that work alongside the Arhomaioi ought to get the same pay. After all, it is the Republic that will be footing the bill for the work. How could we justify it to our citizens if all the money was to flow out of Secyrae?” Makarios' eyes darted down towards the papers again. He wondered if he should have even bothered getting them printed out in the first place. Just sending it as an email would have been more suitable since the buggers were just tearing it to pieces anyway. And the idea that those living in this hellhole warranted the same amount of money as an Arhomaniki worker was verging upon the ridiculous. “In return for that money, you are going to get the infrastructure that the rest of Ceris could be dream of,” replied the Protologothetes, an element of scorn creeping into his voice. “After all, there is no one on this side of the Adlantic with my nation's expertise in roads, sewers and the rest. Your republic would prosper and your people would find their lives immeasurably improved. Arhomaneia is taking all of the risk on this venture.” More grunts and gurgles. “This proposed venture, your excellency.” The Protologothetes sat up in his chair with an intake of breath. He narrowed his eyes at the Erzkanzler but kept his voice level and even. “Your excellency, my government is offering yours generous loans with much better interest rates than you would get from any other nation or bank. We are offering to carry out infrastructure work at the same cost as we would in our own country. I cannot see where else you might get similar terms.” The walrus narrowed his own eyes but Makarios continued. “Seylos is the most likely prospect. But they are a young, keen people and led by a young, keen monarch. They would be much more interested in making sure the money ended up wear it was supposed to. Arhomaneia is an ancient nation and much more aware of the ways of the world than to monitor where all the money goes.” It was obvious what the Arhomaios was hinting at and that the fat man didn't bat an eyelid meant that he was right on the mark. The buggers were going to cream off as much as they could and the best anyone else could do was to make sure it remained at manageable levels. “The Seylosians would also take a much more pressing involvement within your government's affairs as well. You may end up with them trying to exert the same manner of influence as they do on the countries in the east. And although you may think me some ignorant outsider, it is clear to the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that they will end up just like Eire, sooner or later. Swallowed up by the rising power of eastern Argis.” Now it was time for the Erzkanzler to shift in his chair. Clearly he was also aware of the influence that the Seylosians had on the countries in Ceris that were across the strait from the Kingdom. And he also guessed that Seylos intended to draw them even closer into its orbit. “Instead, I offer the guidance of a power that is much further away and much less likely to meddle in your affairs,” carried on the Protologothetes, spreading his hands in what he imagined to be a gesture invoking the generosity of Arhomaneia. “And one that will also keep out the interference of any more foreign nations on top of that. You know that the increasing piracy in the Makhaira Thalassa is turning the eyes of the wurld towards Ceris. Some nations, especially those of a more... radical slant, might even see your Republic as a good target for their wild ideologies, with their ideas of wealth redistribution and classless societies.” The foreign minister leant forward in his seat and picked up the fragile coffee cup and took a sip. It was bitter and stale, likely from having been stored for far too long. As much as the Republic and its nobles wanted go demonstrate their wealth, they were still not in the same league as the great Old Wurld power Makarios represented. He masked his distaste with what he felt was a benign smile. “In fact, perhaps any Arhomaniki-backed projects could help with that. It would give your population a chance to better themselves and see their country stride into the 21st century. They would be less willing to listen to demagogues once they see the benefits that our two countries working together can bring them. After all, work now is more likely to put food on their plates or their children through school than any promises of bloody struggle in the future.” He sat back in his chair and watched the occupant of its counterpart. The great moustache slowly shook from side to side, as if the Erzkanzler was literally chewing over what Makarios had said. The nobility of Secryae had likely spent generations leeching off of the masses of their country. They would be keenly aware that it might not take much for such dangerous ideas to take root amongst the working classes. Whilst trying to wring what they could from the development projects would definitely be something they were aiming to do, the fact that it could even reduce the chance of the nobles being overthrown was going to be a key selling point. “I can also, if you so wish, discuss with my government the possibility of training the armed forces of the Republic, bringing them in line with the famous military of Arhomaneia. And perhaps offering military equipment, at a reduced cost.” The walrus' eyes flicked from a point out of one of the room's windows and back onto Makarios. The movement of the moustache stopped. The translator leaned in again but a pudgy hand came up and stopped him. “Your excellency,” said the Erzkanzler. His voice was surprisingly high pitched but otherwise spoke the tongue of Arhomaneia perfectly, with no hint of an accent. “I, and the Republic of Secyrae, are willing to accept your terms. I would like you to discuss the potential for military training with your government.” The Protologothetes nodded, feeling smug with himself. He lifted the small cup to his lips and took a sip of the coffee again. “Secyrae is certainly glad that the Megas Agios Basileia was able to agree to half the workforce and equal pay.” The walrus stood up to shake Makarios' hand and the Protologothetes realised he had been played quite well. F*ck. To: the Government the Arab Democratic Republic of @Sayf; His Majesty, King Aidan I of the Kingdom of @Seylos, Eire, Pleinmont, and Sark From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion Honoured friends, It has come to the attention of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that it is not just the the Royal Navy of Seylos and the Basilikoploimon that are operating in the Makhaira Thalassa, the Dolch See, and attempting to combat the scourge of piracy that has arisen within those waters. The navy of the Arab Democratic Republic has also been sighted within the Makhaira Thalassa and has been observed to have been attacking suspected pirate vessels. This is certainly laudable and will certainly help to reduce the threat to shipping and the lives of civilians that are under threat because of the actions of these vile predators. However, that there are three naval forces operating within the Makhaira Thalassa poses certain problems. At the moment, the Basilikoploimon and the Royal Navy are closely cooperating in the efforts against the pirates and defending civilian shipping regardless of nation. The presence of a third force that is not working with the other two could very well mean that accidents might happen, and this would be a needless, tragic waste of life. To this end, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion suggests that our governments act in concert against the piratic threat. This will mean that the Makhaira Thalassa is swept clean of pirates all the sooner and no unfortunate incidents happen between our various naval forces. United, God will surely grant us victory, Eugenios Goulielmos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion of Foreign Affairs of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion
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  13. Perhaps we need a Dolche See anti-piracy cooperation treaty.
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