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  1. Depending on how f*cked up Ceris is, there might not be much media to manipulate.
  2. I suppose we could end up getting a Japan-alike in the future. I'd rather hold that position open for them than allow a duplicitous liar continued mileage in the wurld and its canon. This is basically my opinion on him and all his alts. It's a massive pain in the arse, certainly, as I also wasted a lot of my time on the c*nt. But I'd rather it was entirely scrubbed than to continue looking at a memorial on how he decided that he could break the rules for our own good. He is a shitbag and should go the way of all the shitbags.
  3. It sounds like Ceris is ready to reap the benefits of Aroman civilisation. And that Aroman civilisation is ready to reap the benefits of Ceris.
  4. I'm certainly intrigued and it would be good for our nations to have more diplomatic contact. And I'm sure a company of the imperial bodyguards or from one of the Tagmata would add some colour to your otherwise drab barbarian lives. The splendour of Arome would outshine everything else. But... The fall of the imperial house and then the Ivanoff regime has left Tagmatium wary of Ahrana. Especially the events surrounding the trial, which seemed, at best, a whitewash.
  5. As an aside, this is the IP theft @Variota is referring to: https://nsindex.net/wiki/Tagmatine_Empire "Rihan" made this without any permission being asked. I asked "Rihan" if he knew anything about it, as his nation was also used. He then told the tale that he confronted "Aluxia", who came clean about stealing my nation and that of "Rihan". Only through the investigation by the rest of the mod team did I learn that they were one and the same person. I only found out about my nation being stolen due to being bored one day and Googling my own nation's name.
  6. What would you suggest in that situation? A mythical beast of some sort? A lot of those are quite common, too. I'm also going to move this thread yo the Art Gallery subforum.
  7. Honestly, it's damn impressive work.
  8. Does anyone have any more thoughts on this?
  9. I'll admit I don't have much of a horse in this race - both climate maps have given me a climate I'm happy with. The only thing that has changed is where I may eye up next, but that is a different parallel world where I have time or the wherewithal to do so.
  10. Are they? In some ways, they're not as good as others. But there's a good few unclaimed islands about the place. Especially down Marenesia.
  11. It was done as a favour by someone else. I think some people did recently-ish propose redesigns. I wouldn't be adverse to it but I'm also fine with what I have.
  12. New Eurth meme: Seylos Man!
  13. I quite like the top one, but then my own flag is quite busy...
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