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  1. Hello again! You've already registered an account. Can you sign back into that one?
  2. Perhaps we need a Dolche See anti-piracy cooperation treaty.
  3. That's something you, me and Seylos are currently doing. My fleet is operating out of Adrotiri and is cooperating with the Seylosian Royal Navy. If your navy is also doing this as well, it would be worth all of our navies at least making each other aware of what the other is doing, just so that we don't end up blowing each other up. It's not a secret and I doubt they would have not noticed the equivalent of three different carrier battle groups going around
  4. Cheers, man! Great work!
  5. I'm off to Krakow from Tuesday to Saturday with my girlfriend. I probably won't respond to anything during that time, unless urgent. But I cannot imagine anything that I can do that others can't
  6. @Sayf Is there a work around that you and I can do, either ICly or OOCly, to avoid your 5th Fleet "taking care" of Secryae? My government is keen on making it into a functional country, as that has been judged to be a better way to deal with piracy than just bombing shit. I assume you've read my posts in the thread regarding that.
  7. Good luck, man! I hope it isn't serious!
  8. Will this effectively mean that you'll have to boost your navy, to help secure your far flung empire?
  9. If you have any questions, please do ask! You can also drop by our Discord server as well.
  10. Obviously you've got Lukinagrad on the opposite side of the Keelpijp, but do you have any reason as to why past-Variota wouldn't have just skipped across the other side of it, rather than colonised what is currently Saale? I know that's a bit of an awkward question, since it's not so much of an IC matter as an OOC one, considering that you've been given the country due to recent events. But I suppose it's an idea that needs an explanation, to a greater or lesser extent. The idea of the area being a patchwork of colonies is pretty cool, though. It might reflect the varied nature of the ethnicities and influence of the countries that surround what was Saale.
  11. To: His Majesty, King Aidan I of @Seylos, Eire, Pleinmont, and Sark From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion Your Royal Highness, I thank you for your reply. It may have come to your notice, through rumours or from the ill-informed, that there are other buyers for the Despotes class. Whilst I must remain close-lipped about the precise details of other parties interested in purchasing the second vessel, I can confirm that the Republic of Iverica is certainly not in talks with the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion about buying both, or any, of those vessels. Your Kingdom is still free to purchase one of the aircraft carriers, if you so wish. It would certainly be welcomed by Arhomaneia, and not just because of the fact that your nation would be buying quite an expensive ship from us. A second carrier operated by your Royal Navy would be a boon to our continued joint operations in the Makhaira Thalassa, also known as the Dolch See or the Dagger Sea. It would also undoubtedly help Seylos spread a civilising influence beyond just the seas that surround your nation. The Megas Agios Basileia welcomes the arrive of your inspectors. It will allow your navy to take a good look at what you are potentially purchasing and familiarise themselves with the different technology and systems installed by the Suberiniki builders. Certainly, it would also be an opportunity for our militaries to build stronger bonds. Faith in God, of course, is the only guarantee of true strength, Honorios Kontarian, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion tou Stratiotikou of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion
  12. To: Trade Minister Leo J. Conway of the From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion To his Eminence, Archbishop Salius, through Leo J. Conway, Trade Minister of the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum (@Salvia) Your Eminence, In order to facilitate the trade discussions between our two great nations, it is felt by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that it would be wise to invite a delegation from the Divine Imperium to come to Arhomaneia to carry out negotiations in person. This, if it pleases you, would be much more suitable than continuing these delicate discussions through messages, as we have been doing so up until now. If you agree, my Logothesion can then set up an internal discussion group between the various Logothesia and industries that may be affected by a trade deal between our countries, so that we can present to you what we think is a deal that is fair and equitable to both of our nations, and all parties. I imagine that you will do the same and this will be the basis of the start of our talks. To that end, once your government feels that it is in the position to start these talks, I would like to issue an invitation for your delegation to come to Tagmatika, so that we may begin. May Christ forever be in our hearts, Takitos Khalkeos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion ton Kommerkiarionikou of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion
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