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  1. Tagmatium Rules

    [IDEA] NPC nations

    In a post I'm writing, I make mention of the use of foreign-flagged vessels. In this instance, I was initially considering either asking a current player if I could use theirs or an older, inactive nation. But then that might not be an ideal solution, so I dropped that idea. However, I imagine it will be easier to just to not mention what possible nation they might be flagged as. There are, of course, a couple of issues with this - it isn't particularly realistic and does cut away any potential follow-up for any other intelligence service snooping around, if they should so wish to try to do that. But, I suppose, there are IRL many small and otherwise insignificant nations that act as flag nations like that, and it isn't like Tagmatium isn't above bullying smaller nations and just utilising she'll companies to accomplish this. So I think I may just keep it vague, even if it is a bit Godmod-y. And I can always work out with another player if they want to follow it up, but I doubt that that will be the case.
  2. Tagmatium Rules

    RP schedule for 2019

    Cheers. I'd been a bit too busy to check anything out. Writing a couple of posts eats up my free time.
  3. Tagmatium Rules

    Laren Environmental Conference

    “Attempting to effectively dismantle the oil-based world economy is precisely what we are trying to do here,” pointed out Narses, although he shrugged and settled back in his chair. Whilst he had been given the power to talk about and agree to a number of wide-ranging topics by the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator, there were certainly some things that would need to be mulled over beforehand. And such epoch-making decisions were likely amongst them. If nothing else, both the Tagmatine ministers for trade and finance would be rather irritated if he decided on such things without consulting them in any way. “Although I will say that it could well be beyond the scope of what we are discussing here, although it is undoubtedly our ultimate aim.” “Since the OPEC nations are quite disparate and without any real driving force behind them, it is perhaps not a hard a task as otherwise – if our nations, and others who will hopefully come to join us later, God willing, were to organise and form an administration along these lines, we would likely tip the balance away from the more conventional oil-producing nations and help wean Eurth off of oil.” Again, this was just musing on the part of the minister-priest. There were clear problems to it, even at this early and entirely hypothetical stage. Narses took a sip of tea and then swirled the dregs about in his cup, watching the liquid move about as he did so. He realised it was something of a childish action and he stopped and slowly drank the rest of the tea, pausing before he spoke again. “Of course, one of the issues might be that we end up becoming far too entrenched or invested in the production of oil and start to be exactly what we are trying to fight – we shall have to remain vigilant against that possibility, assuming that we go forward with it. Although I'm possibly getting bogged down here. “And, Ambassador Anaka - unless I'm being too literal here – I doubt anything supported by Rihan or Arhomaneia will have much to fear from piracy.” There was certainly an element of typical Tagmatine arrogance to that statement, but facts would definitely bear the sentiment out. Whilst the Tellosanoi might still be a rising power, the rest of their continent was rising with them. They were the first among equals and would likely soon become the predominant power in the south-western part of Eurth. And with one of the major powers of the Old World and the coalition of Aurelia behind any agreement, it would be a very foolhardy pirate indeed that tried to prey on those shipments. “I could well be going beyond what her majesty wants to guide us towards here, but a permanent council of nations that abide by the agreements that we work out here could well have more bite than just a treaty that we all sign,” Narses said, with a slight nod of the head towards Queen Julia. The Megas Logothetes sat up straight in his chair again and leaned forward to help himself to a biscuit. He munched on it for a moment and the quiet in the room showed that the rest of those gathered were either considering his words or formulating their own ideas. At the moment, it did seem that the atmosphere of the Laren Environmental Conference was fruitful. That was very hopeful. “But starting smaller may well be the best way to go, at least for the moment. “Private investment in the bank is a very interesting idea, and it does have a lot of merit.” Narses knew it was a lot easier to shoot down ideas than actually put them forward, so he did feel slightly bad for what he was about to say. It was a good idea, sadly. “Perhaps this is coming from a certain standpoint, but my fear would be that some governments could use private investment as a way of getting around any obligations that they themselves might have. Ideally, it would not just be a public or private solution, but both.” Wherever the minister-priest's train of thought was going next was cut off somewhat by the document that Queen Julia took from the leather folder that she was holding. Narses took one of the proffered documents and started to read it. Nothing was entirely unreasonable within it. Some aspects of it might be quibbled over and he knew that, to a greater or lesser extent, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion would hate to give up anything it might consider a strategic advantage over other nations. But, on the other hand, there was the God-given stewardship over the world that must be held as a priority. “As the Ambassador from Rihan says, it is something of a 'moon-shot'” - an odd turn of phrase, that - “but nothing is truly beyond our scope here, I feel.” Some of the time limits imposed might be drastic but then if global climate change was to be taken as seriously as it needed to be, then drastic steps needed to be taken. The Tagmatine continued to look at the treaty and a slight frown began to creep across his brow. “I notice, your majesty, that there are no provisions for the protection of animal or plant species,” he stated, tapping at his copy of the treaty with a forefinger. “Is this intentional, or is it an oversight? I imagine that most of the countries that are attending this conference have something akin to the ones that Arhomaneia has been conducting for some years. For instance, since the 1960s, a breeding programme for the Occidental Bison has been operating, partially under my own ministry and other organisation. This has fed into a policy of re-wilding that has come into play under Kommodos III, may God guide him. Did you not consider adding something like that to this treaty? As you're already encouraging reforestation, it could hardly be much more of a step from there.” OOC: I apologise for the slight gearshift mid-post, but I'd already written up a chunk before @Morheim's latest post and I didn't want to chuck it all away
  4. Tagmatium Rules

    Group of Island Nations

    Fair. I can't imagine a major war would have had a good affect on oil prices. And assuming it remained relatively localised and didn't involve anything naughty like submarine warfare.
  5. Tagmatium Rules

    Group of Island Nations

    I forget the precise details, but wasn't the IRL oil crisis somewhat precipitated by Western (and others') support for Israel during the Yom Kippur War? Do you have a similar reason for triggering an Eurth oil crisis, or reasons for one happening in the first place? And there is an environmental conference happening in modern times.
  6. Tagmatium Rules

    RP schedule for 2019

    Oof, crap, it is February already, isn't it? I'm free from Wednesday onwards, so I'll start having a think about how to go about the sister cities.
  7. Tagmatium Rules

    Hello and Greetings from NVIB!

    For Arome has arisen again!
  8. Tagmatium Rules

    [OOC] Aluxian Civil War

    His one is pretty expedient.
  9. Tagmatium Rules

    [OOC] Aluxian Civil War

    Shit. For some reason, I got it into my head that Chubka was a port. It makes effectively no difference but I need to go back and edit my post. I'm not sure where I got that from. I think I must have just got confused along the way.
  10. Tagmatium Rules

    RP schedule for 2019

    Sister cities sounds like it could be a very interesting concept. I would be happy to lend a hand with that, certainly. I will have to read more about the process IRL, though.
  11. Tag, you're it. And by it I mean 30. 🎉 Proficiat!

    1. Tagmatium Rules
    2. Orioni


      I hope it was a good day. And that you recovered from the Berlin adventure.

      Not really sure why, but your birthday was shown as 30 instead of the actual 31. 🙃 So happy 31st as well!

  12. Tagmatium Rules

    A Change in the Wind

    To: Prime Minister Jakob Lasker and the Government of the State of @Tikva From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion Prime Minister Lasker, I congratulate you that you were able to move that many people out of Aluxia in that time period – such a humanitarian action can only mean that every nations' view of Tikva can only improve, more so than it already was. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will assist in any way possible – you have my word for that, as both our nations are as equally invested in the future of Aluxia. I pray to God that you see Arhomaneia as a partner in this respect. It saddens – no, appals, - me that the Imperial Government of Aluxia is being as uncooperative with your nation as you suggest that it is. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has not suffered such a lack of communication and that another nation does, especially one with such an interest in the outcome of this struggle and with a demonstrable history of humanitarian action, is something that Arhomaneia finds shocking. If need be, I can say that my nation will gladly intercede on behalf of the State of Tikva and will try to evacuate as many of your nationals, or those who share your religion, as possible, if your nation finds itself unable to do so. The armed forces of the Megas Agios Basileia will endeavour to make sure that your nation's citizens are safe. If need be, they will be escorted to ports, airfields or points of exit that my nation considers safe and able for civilian aircraft to fly from. I do suggest that even if the government of Aluxia is not keen to do it, our nations very much need to discuss identifiers as a priority above all others. Frankly, I implore you to do so and I will then make sure that these are passed on. The safety of civilians can only be held as paramount, even in these dire circumstances. I have directed the Epistrategaion, the High Command, to liaise with General Malkin. The commanders of the Arhomaniki force to Aluxia will keep the general abreast of their actions. As it is, the forces under Taxiarkhes Mezezios are advancing towards Chubka, the city that was recently attacked by the rebels, in order to make sure that it is still safe. I would suggest that General Malkin communicates with Navarkhos Ethelred, as the commander of the Arhomaniki forces to Aluxia to make sure he is aware of what will happen next. If need be, I will suggest to the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator that our nations are kept in closer contact. God will guide us towards a well-deserved peace, Eugenios Goulielmos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion of Foreign Affairs of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion If the fiefdoms that the imperial Aluxians had supposedly set up had been an impediment to the Shia agents as they worked their way towards Chubka, then they were effectively non-existent as the leading units of the 215th Skoutatoi Tourkmarkhon had made their way towards the city. Stopping a small unit of covert agents for money was one thing; trying to extort payment out of the reconnaissance elements attached to an infantry division with seconded heavy armour was quite another. The Hippakontistai, the cavalry scouts of the Tagmatine army, breezed through any roadblock that had been set up. Perhaps it was the shared religious heritage that won through, as the Light of Christ shines across Eurth, or the recognition that the forces from Arhomaneia were there to save the Imperial regime. Or it was the 30mm cannons on the armoured cars that dissuaded any attempt get payment. Either way, the Hippakontistai deftly manoeuvred around the road blocks, before they were either pulled out of the way or ground to dust by the Tauroi following closely behind. You either got out of the way of over seventy tonnes of main battle tank moving at at least forty miles an hour, or you didn't and they had to scrape you up from where the treads mashed you in to the floor. Rattling along in the armoured lorry wasn't exactly comfortable, as Theofila Iagara knew through long experience, but it was a lot better than trying to walk all the way to Chubka. Every so often, a jolt in the road sent a shudder through the vehicle, throwing anything that wasn't already secured to the deck. The Thorakites APCs had been built with cheapness in mind – it was based off of a commercial lorry chassis for ease of production and supply of parts, although the modern ones had been up-armoured and updated since they were introduced over thirty years ago. Everything important for the infantry squad was secured, to stop it from moving about and getting damaged – it was mainly the pack of cards that a handful of the Skoutatoi were playing with that were jostled every time they hit a bump, to half-serious accusations of cheating for what felt like the hundredth time to Dekarkhos Iagara. She'd got tired of telling them to shut the f*ck up every time they squawked and she was beginning to suspect that that was half of the fun to her soldiers. It wasn't as if those in the back could try to communicate with the driver to get them to purposefully hit a bump without anyone else noticing, but it was at least keeping them distracted from the fact that they had spent hours cooped up in the vehicle. At least, she was almost sure that they couldn't get the driver to hit one on purpose. Still, occasionally a jolt was big enough that it knocked everyone about and Iagara's head bounced off of the side of the lorry. The driver would mutter his apologies through the intercom and promise to try to avoid the next pothole. Bumpy as it could be, it was more comfortable being sat inside of the vehicle than being either one of the pair who were sat on top of the armoured lorry, even though the watch was rotated every couple of hours. They were up there to make sure Free Aluxian Army wasn't trying to pull any nasty surprises. The weather was foul and they were likely drenched, even whilst dressed in rain ponchos. However, so far, the journey had been quiet – it seemed that the imperial Aluxian army had driven off the FAA for the moment, as well as the threat of air strikes and missile bombardment from the Arhomaniki forces off the coast of Aluxia had meant that the rebels were keeping their heads down. The Thorakites commander pulled himself down inside the vehicle from the stubby turret and wiped sleet from his goggles. Water dripped from his poncho and the handful playing cards cringed away from it and moved in awkward ways, trying to make sure that their cards stayed dry whilst preventing any of the other players from looking at them. The commander clung onto a hand rail whilst closing the hatch above him, stopping any more sleet from getting into the crew compartment. “Shitty out there.” It was a rhetorical statement, as the Skoutatoi inside could see the water and ice splattering against the vision blocks and the lenses of the cameras as the vehicle rattled along. It was, indeed, shitty outside. “There is a remote station for that gun, you know,” replied Iagara, pointing towards the console that was underneath the commander's hatch. She wasn't sure whether she was annoyed or amused by the man's refusal to use it. “You can stay out of the rain, if you want to.” The man shrugged, spraying more water over one of the card players, who grumbled quietly, too intent in the game to really protest. “But then you people will start saying we're soft and try to stay out of the weather.” Iagara had to give him that – that is exactly what they would do. There was always a level of bickering between the combat units and the transport units of the division. It was a fact of life. Another bump shook the transport and the commander pulled himself towards the driver's station, where he peered through the windscreen as the vehicle slowed down to manoeuvre around an obstruction. “Looks like it's turned to shit a bit out there.” That could have described anything, thought Iagara. The infantry non-com rolled her eyes and unbuckled herself from the seat and made her own way to the front of the vehicle. The way the Skoutatoi divisions worked, the transports rotated around the infantry units, not actually being an organic part of the infantry regiments, but attached to the divisional level. She'd only seen the crew in passing before, so didn't really know the man at all. Now the impression she got was that he was taciturn. At best. She looked over both of the crewmen's shoulders and saw a large crater blasted in the surface of the carriageway – it looked like it might have been from a missile thrown by one of the Basileoi sat out in the bay. In the low light, it looked like some ruined vehicles had been forced off the road and onto the verges. There were tarpaulins that were likely were covering bodies of the occupants and it appeared that a priest was standing over them, giving a prayer. The Arhomaniki column was slowing down to move around the crater. By the looks of it, a Tauros MBT from the Klibanoforoi regiment attached to the 215th Tourmarkhon had slipped on an icy patch on the roadway, partially slid into the crater and then thrown a track as it tried to haul itself out. The huge tank was being pulled out by an armoured recovery vehicle whilst the crew either helped or stood about in the sleet, looking embarrassed. The operation to move the tank to some flat ground where they could fix its track was blocking a good portion of the roadway. A pair of Vigla, the military police, had appeared to act as traffic controllers, waving coloured lights to guide vehicles around the obstruction, keeping the tourmarkhon moving. That would slow the advance to Chubka, Iagara thought and she exchanged a bit of a glance with the Thorakites commander. The division wouldn't want to leave behind any of its precious heavy armour. It looked like a platoon of Skoutatoi had been detached from the column to cover the recovery of the tank, fanning out and taking cover in the crater itself and behind the embankment that edged either side of the road, along with at least one anti-aircraft vehicle, its quad cannons pointing upwards. Likely the Basilikoploimon would be watching the situation from beyond the coast, just in case any of the rebels reared their heads and tried to interfere with the recovery operation. As it was, the Dekarkhos could hear the thump of the rotor blades of the Basilikoaeroporia helicopters attached to the 215th, an eye in the sky watching down on the rest of them. She reflected that since the rebels' attempt to take Chubka had been turned back by the air power of Arhomaneia, this was a shooting war between the peacekeepers and the Free Aluxian Army. The Arhomaioi would be especially cautious as they made their way to the port. As the Thorakites moved past the crater, the column began to speed up. Iagara moved back to her seat and buckled herself back in. She pulled out her PDA, looking to see how far away from Chubka they actually were. Less than ten miles. It wasn't as if that the poor bloody infantry would have a chance to relax once they got there, either. They would have to dig in and make sure that the city was protected for any further traitor attack.
  13. Tagmatium Rules

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Happy birthday!
  14. Tagmatium Rules

    Laren Environmental Conference

    The queen seemed to be slightly put out that there were only a handful of delegates attending the conference, more or less one from each continent. It was perhaps disappointing that none of the nations that might be considered major players from either Argis or Alharu had come, although Julia did seem hopeful that there might be a few stragglers. Narses thought that was unlikely, but it would be unfair to dash the Morheimian monarch's hopes by saying something about that. It was a shame, certainly, that none of the bigger players could have sent representatives. The Megas Logothetes hoped that this was more down to prejudice against the Queendom for some unidentified reason, rather than an unwillingness to recognise that climate change was a problem for all of Eurth. Although he definitely suspected that many just didn't care. “Even if there aren't many of us here, your majesty, then I am sure that we will nonetheless be able to set an example that all abide by,” replied Narses, returning the queen's smile, although again it was probably hidden by his beard. “God be willing, of course. And I don't doubt that He will look favourably on this endeavour.” He accepted the offered tea cup and it looked almost like a doll's in his large hand and he took a biscuit in the other. Taking a bite from the biscuit, he sat and listened whilst Queen Julia outlined her vision. It didn't sound too unreasonable – that is, it was similar to policies that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion was already putting into place, or had been in place for some time. The fishing quotas were proving to be the most controversial in Arhomaneia, especially the northern, coastal areas, for obvious reasons. The counterargument that had been put forward for several years was that no other nation was really taking advantage of the fish in the Fillipou Thalassa – the Kosscow Sea – and therefore there were more than enough to go around. What that really meant was that fishing vessels based in Tagmatium were the only ones with an organised navy to back them up. “The main issue, of course, will be getting other nations to agree to whatever it is that we agree here,” said Narses, knowing that he was going to sound unduly pessimistic. The minister-priest really didn't want to. The atmosphere at this conference should be one of hope at a bright future, not one of doom and gloom. Plus Julia was so young and it seemed like kicking a puppy to bring her down. “As Minister Shoshan says, Rihan will be the best bet for getting the rest of Aurelia in line behind whatever we agree here. I cannot, of course, say the same for Europa. I shall get my government to lobby the main nations in Europa to undertake what we agree to here – the Beautiful Empire and the Grand Federal Imperium were but two whose presence would have been useful. It is the smaller nations, the ones that are isolationist, at best, that will prove the most difficult. I can suggest that any future trade agreement between my country and those has the preconditions of agreeing to some aspects of any green policies, but it will possibly end up being seen as a bigger nation bullying smaller ones.” That was something that Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion would have little problem with, Narses knew. Both from the fact that Tagmatium had few qualms about throwing its weight around and it saw itself as the guardian of God's creation. Enforcing unequal treaties wouldn't be above what Tagmatium would do, especially since it could then be justified as being for the good of Eurth. That wasn't really something that he wanted to mention here. It just sounded a bit shitty, really. “I must also echo the statement of Ambassador Anaka with regards to expenses. As you're undoubtedly aware, your majesty, my government has some... significant international commitments right now, and they require a lot of attention.” That sounded mealy mouthed, even to Narses, but he really didn't want to sidetrack anything right now. The Arhomaniki forces in one of Morheim's neighbours could be a sore topic, especially since one of other delegates was from the government of Tikva. “We, that is, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, would be very happy to share ideas and technology. The Megas Agios Basileia has made great headway in recent towards the reduction of dependence on fossil fuels and we are definitely willing to pool resources with other nations in order to bring the rest of Eurth in line with that. I will make sure that capital is freed up when possible to start putting it towards either this 'Green Bank', helping other nations with setting up renewable energy technology or similar.” Narses took another sip of his tea. It sounded likely empty promises, even to him. It wasn't what he wanted to do, but all that the could do right now. War was expensive, after all. And not very good for the environment, either. “And Minister Shoshan is likely correct that the oil-producing nations will take a dim view of any attempts to break from what they sell. Frankly,” he leaned forward in his chair, taking on an almost conspiratorial air, “we'll have to tell them to put it where the sun doesn't shine. Otherwise we won't get anywhere. Worst comes to the worst, we might have to think about trading oil amongst ourselves, if they threaten to pull the plug on us. That does sound counterproductive, I know, but if it is done with all profits being either put into this 'Green Bank' or towards renewable sources, that we could then effectively wean ourselves off of oil, and help show that any and all nations could break away from the dependency on it.” It perhaps wasn't the greatest idea ever, Narses would be the first to concede that. But they were at the stage in this conference where they were sharing ideas and it was about the only thing that he could think of off of the top of his head that could be an alternative to a continued reliance on the oil-producing nations.