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  1. Tagmatium Rules

    OOC Project Watershed

    When you test the prototype publicly, the Greater Holy Empire will be very unhappy. Very unhappy indeed. ICBMs will likely be construed as an offensive weapon - after all, due to the fact that nuclear weapons do not proliferate on Eurth, the doctrine of mutually assured destruction doesn't truly also exist. And just when I was writing my Christmas card list. For shame. Especially @Fulgistan, but especially @Limonaia.
  2. Tagmatium Rules

    Announcements from Arhomanion

    The Katepanatikion of Easteia to be Disbanded In an announcement that many have seen as long in the coming, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has signalled that it is to begin to formally disband the Katepanatikion, or military governorship, in the far west of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion. It has existed since the invasion of the Jaehosion in the closing months of 2005. That had been conducted in response to the petty and failed states in the area beginning to turn more and more to the production of heroin to fund their governments, and the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion held this to be a possible threat to national security at the time. The territories have long been considered a heartland of Ahromaneia, although the influence of Tagmatika had waned in the 20th Century. Since its inception, the Katepanatikion has been controlled by the army officer who lead the initial invasion, Strategos Antoninos Traianos. At times termed a scourge of the opium farmer, the blunt instrument of Tagmatika, the bane of the corrupt official and the fountainhead of a culture of bribery, Traianos has at least brought stability to an area that was often considered lawless. The weakening of central authority had promoted almost a bandit culture in the most inaccessible parts of the the basin, but the deployment of up to one hundred thousand Tagmatine soldiers and airmen has brought the lawlessness to an end. This has been combined with a concerted effort to re-introduce the rule of civilian law and authorities and has included successfully changing the cash crop from opium in the northern part of the Katepanatikion. However, at times the military government has been accused of being heavy-handed, even brutal. The informal political structures that had developed in the absence of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion have been systematically replaced, with a mixture of armed action and occasional bribery. Rarely, courtly titles had been offered to the leaders of these small polities, coming with annual stipends, in order to bring them to the Tagmatine heel. The military have also been accused of having an occupational nature, especially by the Nea Demokratia Party, which favoured a much more consensual establishment of central power. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has consistently ignored and rejected anything put forward to it by that party, representing as it does the Synkletos ton Tagmatika, the Senate of Tagmatika. The leader of the party, Isaakios Niketas, the former Proedros or President of the Senate, has dogged by controversy since he set up Nea Demokratia. The timetable for dissolving the Katepanatikion has been announced for the end of 2019 and the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has suggested informally that it can see no real reason for any delays. Civilian power structure has been developed over the last decade and the police forces of the various themata that make up the area have been running with little oversight from the military for several years now. The divisions that have been undertaking the police duties alongside the local police are being withdrawn. Unsubstantiated rumours have suggested that this is in order to bolster the forces that are combatting the warlord factions in the territories to the north of Tagmatium. Their experience in acting as a gendarmerie has been informally recognised by the Logothesion of War and the Epistrategai, the high command of the armed forces of Arhomaneia. Hosepipe Ban Ended The hosepipe ban that has been in force in much of Perateia, since the late summer, some places even early summer, has been ended. This comes after several weeks of heavy rain, which has even seen some flooding around Boreapolis and Klimatos. Life has begun to return to normal after scenes that included bowsers of water being set up on the street corners of residential areas of Klimatos, the capital of the thema of Klimatolikon. The area had not seen a hosepipe ban since 2014, although it is the most widespread one in almost twenty years. One of the main accusations has been that the infrastructure that is in place is not up to the strains currently being put upon it by the increasing urban population. This has been exacerbated by farming techniques that saw deeper drilling for fresh water in order to expand irrigation. These methods have been banned in recent years, but the Logothesia for the Environment and for Agriculture have been slow to introduce proper alternatives for the areas concerned, arable farming being their economic base, which have been the hardest hit. A spokesperson for the Logothesion for the Environment has said that the last few years have seen an increase in investment into modern and environmentally-friendly farming methods, ones that are allowing the aquifers to replenish at their original rate. The Patriarkhos of Matapon, who has often claimed the position of primate of Perateia, also suggested that a recent dip in church attendance could be to blame but has said that these have begun to rise again since the hosepipe ban came into force. “It is encouraging to see the faithful have been reminded of their covenant with God,” His Divine Holiness, Theodorokanos IV, said in a statement issued to the press. “Pious behaviour, faith in Christ and wise stewardship of Eurth are the only true solutions to any current or potential ecological crisis.” This mirrors the stance taken by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, which has seen heavy investment in alternative energy and carbon-neutral technology and policies since the election of Kommodos III as Agios Basileos kai Autokrator ton Arhomanion. This has chimed well with the Church's emphasis on maintaining Eurth as part of God's holy creation. However, some have been critical of the way in which the utilities were nationalised as part of an expansion of central authority under the current sovereign and allege that this has led, in part, to the need for a hosepipe ban due to frequent confusion over responsibility of parts of the network. In turn, the Logothetai for the Environment, Agriculture and Works state that, in fact, it was years of chronic underinvestment under private shareholders who creamed off any profits that are to blame, and this is being steadily brought right.
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    OOC Project Watershed

  4. Tagmatium Rules

    Announcements from Arhomanion

    The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion was at first not going to give the actions of the Mundus Liber organisation the recognition that would come from Arhomaneia giving it attention. For it is naught but the judgement of a group of barbaroi – how could their appraisals be trusted, since they have so misjudged the heart of the civilised world? It is therefore clear that they have little idea of true civilisation, one driven by Christian values and standing at the head of two millennia of Aroman heritage. The gifts of culture that the Arhomaioi have given to the rest of the world are many and varied, from works of literature that are considered the Classics to democracy. These surveys are demonstrably not perfect and, indeed, displays the ignorance of their producers. However, it also shows that this is likely driven by nativity rather than malice. If it was truly unbiased, and free from the influence of a barbarous culture, then clearly the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion would be in the top positions of any examination of what genuinely makes a country civilised. How could anyone that was actually unbiased find differently? But only God is perfect, so it is to be expected that the results found by Mundus Liber do not reflect the true order of the world. And by this, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion finds the indignation that now echoes across Eurth to be a trifle overplayed. From demonstrations in national capitals to diplomatic spats between nations themselves, ham-handed ire seems to be the current driving force in many governments. Even those that had previously seemed guided by more sensible and stable hands. The non-governmental organisation that carried out this survey obviously has a political ideology that drives its actions. These ideals blinker their vision and mean that they were always going to hold similar thoughts and viewpoints to their own above others. It then follows that governments who hold those would be ranked higher, even above one that ought to be considered the benchmark of the world. There are certainly similar organisations in your countries that hold harsh views about other nations, even if they may be less vocal about it. Mundus Liber is, despite its political views, a peaceful organisation. They do imply by their habit of ranking other countries show that they wish their views influenced others, but they go no further. They do not aim to inspire terroristic acts or civil disobedience. There is no suggestion that they are attempting to spread their ideology. It does not even suggest that its findings should be acted upon. They do not represent, of course, the actual government of the are based in. It may be that some of the more backward nations about the world, those who deny their people freedom of speech or press, cannot quite differentiate between the government making a statement and the opinions of private individuals. Perhaps those nations who find themselves in such paroxysms of moral outrage need to consider why the findings of a small organisation with biased views is having such an affect on them. It may be that these exaggerated denials are drawing more attention to any possible failings, not less. Those governments whose officials, or even leaders, who are giving statements that drip with moral outrage must realise something. It is that being seen to tackle these claims will only validate the claims of this NGO in the eyes of the rest of the world. There is such a thing as protesting too much, after all. It seems that Mundus Liber indeed has found itself to have some influence over the world's political landscape, although perhaps not in the way that they intended. May God grant them that this does not become something that they regret. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion hopes that they come to recognise true civilisation for what it is, rather than their erroneous, un-Christian viewpoint as it now stands. May Christ guide their way and lead Eurth to a more peaceful future.
  5. Tagmatium Rules

    Request: Karillia

    Don't mind me. I'm not casting any aspersions or anything. I don't have sole rights to it.
  6. Tagmatium Rules

    Request: Karillia

    Byzantine, you say...
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    Welcome to Europa!
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    Hello! I hope you enjoy your time here.
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    Hello! Welcome to Europa!
  10. Tagmatium Rules

    Rihan Republic Foreign Relations

    To: Tevus Pranara, Senator and Foreign Minister of the Republic of Rihan From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion Re: Reopening of Relations Endoxos (Vir Gloriosus) Pranara, Ahromaneia has indeed seen that your honoured republic has started to end its self-imposed isolation. This is something that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion can only welcome. The world has indeed changed significantly since our two honoured nations interacted at any level, and Tagmatium is ready and willing to accept the Rihannsu as standing proud amongst the brotherhood of nations that populate Eurth. The actions that the Megas Agios Basileia took against the Rihannsu in the past would now be frowned upon by any truly civilised nation of the world. The oppression of a people, purely for their religious beliefs, is a course of action that Tagmatium would now no longer take – especially as we stand up for peoples across the world who suffer under similar threats. Such actions are now realised to be utterly displeasing to God and no true Christian nation will ever behave in such a manner. If the People and Senate of Rihan are willing to look beyond these actions, centuries ago that they now are, the Tagmatine people would be ready to extend the hand of friendship towards them. In order to forestall any conflict that may shake your nation if word got out, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will keep your suggestion of talks secret, only known to the highest level of government. This would be myself, the Agios Basileos and a handful of trusted advisors and officials of the Tagmatine government – all known for their discretion. It is appreciated by myself and His Majesty, Kommodos III, that the past behaviour of Tagmatium and the suffering that your people endured may still yet colour perceptions of Ahromaneia. We do not want any leaks scuppering any talks before they have even started. Or at any stage, I hasten to add. May God grant you and your nation the peace and respect that you deserve, Eugenios Goulielmos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion of Foreign Affairs of the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion
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    Welcome to the region!
  12. Tagmatium Rules

    Expansion: Prymont

    No, it's fair. I'm not objecting; merely noting. It'd be too hypocritical of me to object to this, I feel.
  13. Tagmatium Rules

    Resource Map

    Perhaps this is a question best addressed by people who are actively RPing with this region.
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    Expansion: Prymont

    The first three seem fine but the fourth is a hell of a chunk of land. It looks like it'll double the size of your nation after the first three expansions.