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  1. This is more a generic question about the climate, rather than about the climate map itself, but how many of the ports or how much of my coast would be iced up over winter? I realise it'll be nowhere near as bad as @Prymont or @SamNorth (Stalgora) for example.
  2. [Pax Eurthica] War always seems to be very cool, and most of the “big” nations try to get in on the act as often as possible – if not outright war, then certainly sabre rattling and posturing. Of the nations that are active at the moment, I think Oyus might be one of the few that hasn't been involved in anything like that. [Big Stick Dick] Fulgistan. Whilst he's unlikely to declare war at the drop of a hat, his meddlesome Commies certainly seem to get involved in most conflicts. [The Pushitzer Prize] I've enjoyed the news thread of Machina Haruspex, but perhaps I just like shiny graphics. [Bron Urgundy Award] Probably the namesake of the award himself, as done by Orioni. Likely the clearest contender, as it is the only one consistently written to be funny. [Fully-Diplomatic] Diplomatic events have tailed off in Eurth as of late – I think it can often be difficult to sustain everyone's interest at times. This is certainly a sad thing, although I myself have never felt the drive to host one. Galahinda's was the last one to get a lot of attention, so I will go for his party [Business Cat] Perhaps not a “trade event”, but Andalla's rolling stock company is at least a departure from the usual arms dealers and aircraft manufacturers. [Moving the Goalpost] The Aurelian Cup of Oyus was quite interesting. [Leading the Green Scene] This is cheating somewhat, as it started in the last days of 2018, but I think the Laren Agrement of Morheim. Quite a few nations have signed up to it so far, so it seems to be making a positive impact. [Ms/Mr Congeniality] King Aidan I. I went for him last time and I think he remains the most likeable of all of the characters that we have seen in the RPs here. [Lex Loathor] At the moment, it must be the Emperor of Machina Haruspex, Ji'Mar – sadly, he is merely the latest in a long line of heads of state whose nations have undertaken an act of ethnic cleansing or genocide. [Notable N00b] Without a doubt, Creaturae. I realise that he's still rethinking his actual nation but there have been few people who have added as much to the region as he has with his climate map. It has been somewhat controversial but it has definitely had a lot of work put into it!
  3. The Oikoumenikos Patriarkhos Makes Khristougena Statement It is traditional for His All-Holiness, Oikoumenikos Patriarkhos Kosmas I of Tagmatika to make a statement as we lead up to this holy time of year. Indeed, it is a tradition that all of the other Patriarkhoi follow. Kosmas tends to be the least politically involved of all of them, markedly unlike His Holiness, Nikolaos IX, Patriarkhos of Trapezon, who tends to be the most outspoken. The statement started off in the Oikoumenikos Patriarkhos' usual manner, with praise being given for the peaceful year that the people of Arhomaneia have, and began to emphasise the need for charity and hospitality at this time of year, as the Occidental subcontinent starts to slip into its usual cold weather. His All-Holiness then went onto talk about the major crisis currently facing the Occident, the expulsion of the Gerenian Christian minority from their homelands in Koussoeia by the Megas Agios Basileia's ally, the Sovereign Imperium of Machina @Haruspex. “It is our Christian duty to take in these poor, wronged people, to make sure that they can once again find security and peace, and they are able to live happy and peaceful lives, free from the threat of forced movement and oppression by a state that has made itself antithetical to them.” That in itself is a strong attack on the actions of the Gharoi and demonstrates how strongly Kosmas feels about the ongoing crisis. Whilst the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has yet to say much against the actions of the Sovereign Imperium in Koussoeia, it is obvious that the Oikoumenikos Patriarkhos' feelings are shared by most Arhomaioi. That Arhomaneia's northern neighbour is acting in a manner that is harming the peace between the two nations, not at least because it is carrying out an ethnic cleansing of a Christian people. It must also be remembered that until the Glorious Dominate collapsed into turmoil, it was a counterbalance to the Sovereign Imperium. His All-Holiness went on to say that the traditional gift-giving on the day of Christ's birth could be more appropriately aimed at charity towards the people displaced by the actions of the Gharoi. The Church has often been quite uncomfortable with the more commercialised aspects of the season, although it does not manifest as blatantly in Arhomaneia as in other parts of Eurth, for which we should be thankful. “In recognition of this holy time of year, and as a re-enactment of the Three Magi bringing gifts to our Saviour, it has become a tradition to exchange gifts. This year, perhaps this tradition is better guided to helping out the Gerenians, who find themselves far from their homes and often without more than the clothes on their backs.” The actions of the other nations who have come to the aid of the Gerenians was also praised by the Oikoumenikos Patriarkhos, both Christian and non-Christian, who have stepped up to help with the ongoing crisis. “We must also be thankful that our fellow Christians from across the wurld, and even peoples who are from other faiths and creeds, have also stepped forward and shown that despite differences, we can all work together in times of need and demonstrate that even though we have our various ways of approaching our love of God, it is to Him that we turn to when times are dire. They have strived to deliver the poor unfortunates from an unjust fate and on to lands that are more welcoming.” There have been some unsubstantiated rumours that initial drafts of Kosmas' message was even more strident in its tone against the actions of the Gharoi and he was specifically asked by the Agios Basileos himself to tone it down. There have been worries that too overt a tone by the Church against the actions of the Sovereign Imperium may cause yet another reversal by Prathen when it comes to observers from the Tagmata who are making sure that the Gharoi do not carry out war crimes against the Koussoeioi, as well as the aid workers from the Parabalanoi, who are trying to make sure that the refugees do not suffer too much during their exile from their homes. Whilst it is certainly the case that the Gharoi are acting in a barbaric and savage manner, and it is difficult to see any silver lining to their actions, perhaps it should be reflected on that many different people are coming together had helping the Gerenians in their hour of need. City of Arhoma Accused of Irreligiousness The city of Arhoma, also know as Aroma or Arome by barbaroi and the local population, has seen significant changes in fortune over the last several thousand years. Once the heart of Arhomaneia, repeated sacks in the EK5900s (AD400) and a general decline in fortune of the city eventually forced the government of the time to relocate the capital to various other cities over the centuries. This has included Europatoria, which was the capital until the reign of Iulianos V, who moved the imperial seat to Tagmatika in EK6400 (AD911), where it has remained. In the intervening years, Arhoma has slowly reinvented itself, going from a backwater to first as a minor trading port and, in the last one hundred or so years, as something of a commercial port, having long absorbed the ancient port of Stoma Fikana, serving the agricultural regions its south and in recent years a hub of a booming service industry. It has never lost its lustre as the heart of civilisation, although it has definitely diminished somewhat since then. It has also become something of the heart of Arhomaneia's fashion industry. Whilst fashion has not always been viewed as one of the strong points of the Megas Agios Basileia by foreigners – Cascadia in @Galahinda, @Macanoco or Limone in @Limonaia are more likely to spring to the mind of the barbaroi – it has never been entirely stagnant. Trends from other countries are slow to filter through to the rest of the nation, as they are often resisted as being little more than the efforts of barbarians to try to mimic the Arhomaioi, or too outlandish to be able to match up to the standards of true civilisation, as well as against true Christian virtues. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the fashion industry has never sat too well with some of the more conservative elements of the Church. This is undoubtedly intensified by the fact that Arhoma itself is arguably the heart of Christianity in Arhomaneia, although this title has become somewhat lessened since the Treaty of Arhoma. Fashion shows are often picketed by groups of clerics protesting against the wickedness happening within, usually suggesting that these displays of immorality are inspired by the Devil to tempt people away from God. The Patriarkhos Nikolaos IX of Trapezon recently charged that the ancient city has sunk to little more than a den of iniquity, saying that “the ancient bishops of Arhoma, some of the foremost Church fathers, must be ashamed to see that their city has become a centre of harlotry and sin, with immodesty held up as the highest of virtues. Their nakedness inspires lust, their extravagance greed and so-called 'plus size models' an excuse for gluttony.” In a surprising move, the Praifektos Orbanos, Khristoforos Florentios, the mayor of Arhoma, struck back against Nikolaos. “Whilst at other times I might agree with His Holiness, that there are few things higher than to strive harder in the works of God, I cannot agree that our city has sunk to such low levels. Our civilisation, and our city, has always been looked upon with envy by other peoples and nations, and being a leader in fashion is a part of this. We are wurld leaders and although we must keep Christ in our hearts, we cannot allow ourselves to be held back. Arhoma may no longer be a city of marble, but of brick; this should not mean that we should not try to be beautiful once again.” Although His Holiness Nikolaos IX, has not replied directly to the comments by Praifektos Orbanos Florentios, local members of the church almost immediately levelled the accusation of irreligiousness against him, and by extension the city itself. Florentios has worked hard in recent years to put the ancient capital back on the map, once again visited by tourists from across Arhomaneia itself and from across the wurld. However, its political fortunes are still at their lowest ebb and it seems like it will remain more famous as a centre of service industry and a commercial port than a centre of culture.
  4. The @Ahranaian Federation has come a long way since the dark days of a year and a half ago, and the even darker days of the civil war and the overthrow of the Imperial Kingdom of Ahrana before that. Since those times, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has viewed the Federation as significantly safer for foreign nationals visiting, and has not felt the need to issue any travel advisories or warnings since Federal President Florence-Goring of Strasburg took the reins of the nation and guided it to a more stable path. However, over the last several months, it seems that relations between the Federation and three of its neighbours, the nations of Sorsk, Spaland and Domrgaror have soured significantly. This is not the place for the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion to give forth its opinions on how or why this might be the case; instead, all that needs to be known is that violence against Ahranian citizens within those three countries has become commonplace and has been viewed as genocide by some observers. Whatever the case, tensions have risen to a significant enough level that the Logothesion ton Barbaron expects that the situation will only worsen, as there does not appear to be any attempt to de-escalate situation by any of the nations involved. There is a high likelihood that the violence may spiral into outright war. Due to this, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion recommends that none of its citizens travel to the nations of Sorsk, Spaland or Domrgaror, and those there exercise the utmost caution in their activities, if not make plans for a rapid exit of those countries. Similarly, any Arhomaioi in the Federation should attempt to avoid any large gatherings or public places for the time being, in case of attacks against the civilian population. Whilst the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will do all that it can to protect its citizens, this may not be possible if open warfare breaks out. May God watch over those who may be in harm's way.
  5. To: His Excellency, Albert Horace de Grandavilla, Count Sancta Pascha de Pampo, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of @Eulycea, From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion Your Excellency, I thank you and his majesty, King Charles, for the swift reply to the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion's message. It is surely glad news that your nation has accepted the offer of an exchange of embassies with Arhomaneia. Such a thing can only strengthen the cause of the faithful on Eurth. The Megas Agios Basileia welcomes the appointment of His Excellency, the Baron of Monte Tridini, Martin Cornelius de Faucus as Ambassador before the Leopard Throne. In return, I have attached the credentials of Arhomaneia's potential ambassador to Eulycea. This will be Arhomanos Mataponos, a long serving member of the Skrinion ton Barbaron, the diplomatic service of my nation. I trust that he will be a suitable choice. If not, I can forward the credentials of others until we arrive at a candidate that is pleasing to both of our governments. Further to our new relations, I have started preparations for finding a location for your pious nation's embassy within Tagmatika. These will be similarly forwarded to your government and I have begun to discuss the placement of your embassy with the Eparkheia tes Poleos, the administration of Tagmatika. May God guide the Kingdom and People of Eulycea, Eugenios Goulielmos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion ton Barbaron of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion
  6. Three people walked along one of the marbled corridors of the Imperial Palace Complex, the heart of the Megas Agios Basileia. They were all dressed in sober, conservative business suits and had a small lapel pin of Arhomaneia's flag on the left side of their chests. The central figure walked a little behind the other two, and all carried dark leather brief cases in their hands. Every so often, the white robed and gold armoured imperial bodyguards stationed at intervals about the place stood to attention when the group came near them. They were reacting to the presence of three of the most powerful people within the country. It was rare that Kommodos would call an informal meeting and Honorios Kontarian knew exactly what it was about. Although there was carefully no expression on any of their faces, the Megas Logothetes ton Stratiotikou, the Minister for War, knew that the other two were as worried as he was. The small group walked towards a door flanked on either side by a pair of the guards. There was little to differentiate it with many of the other doors that they had passed. It was a dark, oak door with little ornamentation and they stood in front of it and waited. To be bored of the intricate and unending ceremonies of life in the Imperial Palace Complex would be to be bored of life, thought Kontarian as the doors to the Imperial Office were opened in front of him. He didn't ever remember having to knock upon them, even on the rare occasions he'd stood in front of them during the reign of Kommodos' predecessor, Theodosios VI. The Megas Logothetes also knew that there was no spyhole or camera for someone to peep through to monitor those approaching the door. The two white-robed bodyguards on either side of the door didn't communicate with anyone inside, either. They just snapped to attention and remained facing directly ahead. It was all part of the power play that the ceremonies that surrounded the monarch of Arome represented, to make everyone know that it was the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator who was the ruler, who knew everything before they did. In some reigns that had been nothing but hollow. It was expected that the two ministers and the spymaster were going to be on time and Kontarian had no idea what would have been the case if any of them were late. It probably would have thrown the workings of the Tagmatine government off enough that Eurth would have found that one of the Great Powers had collapsed in on itself by the next morning. As soon as the door was opened, two more bodyguards stepped forwards, holding their long maces so that the way into the office itself was blocked. A priest in pristine black robes and wearing a simple wooden crucifix stepped forward from behind the Maghlabitai and blessed the spymaster and his subordinates. Once he had done so, the red-robed guards stepped back and allowed the three to enter into the office. Then they took ten steps into the room and stopped just before a mosaic of Europa on the floor of the Imperial Office, bordered with martial and hunting scenes which became geometric patterns and Christian symbols towards the edges of the room. The three then gave a deep bow, much lower than the greeting usually given to each other amongst the Arhomaioi, but then they were performing it to the Elect of God, the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator ton Arhomaioi himself. They waited in this position for seven seconds, representing the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit and another priest made the sign of the cross over them. When the priest side, Kommodos' voice issued from the end of the room. “You may rise, my children.” They walked further into the room, across the vast mosaic. It was an ancient work of art and although the Megas Logothetes knew he had walked across it hundreds of times, part of him still regretted doing it. A sheet of plexiglass laid across it would, admittedly, spoil the aesthetic but at least it would mean the maintenance costs were lower. More bodyguards arranged about the room snapped to attention as the small group drew parallel with them. Silken hangings were draped on the walls behind the guards. Once they got to the chairs in front of the desk, they bowed again. This was held for five seconds, five being the number of the wounds of Christ. “Be seated, my children.” The two ministers moved to chairs at the desk whilst the spymaster sat at one a little further back. Even though it was supposed to be an informal meeting, protocol was still going to be observed. The Kefale did not hold the same courtly rank as the Megas Logothetai and so could not be seated next to them as an equal. “Megas Logothetes Kontarian, Megas Logothetes Goulielmos and Kefale Keftedes,” said Kommodos, looking at each of them in turn. “May the blessing of Christ be upon you. I thank you for coming. May I offer you some refreshment?” “We thank you for allowing us some of your precious time, O most Christian majesty. We hope that it will be a fruitful meeting, God be willing,” said Kontarian. It fell to him as the Minister of War to reply to the Tagmatine monarch, even though Goulielmos, as the head of the Foreign Ministry, was accorded the seat of honour at the right side of the desk. This was because both ministries were considered to be of equal precedent within the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion but it would be obviously rather silly to have both ministers speak at the same time. Once he had finished speaking, the three of them stood again and bowed, this time for a count of three for the Holy Trinity. Three members of the emperor's staff came from behind them and placed the refreshments that had been offered on side tables next to their chairs. But the ceremony was over and the actual meeting could begin. The familiar sight of the head bodyguard, Hadrianos, and the imperial secretary stood behind Kommodos' chair. Kontarian and the secretary, Boioannes, exchanged a slight nod. “The Kefale has shown you the communication that we have had with a faction within the Gharoi,” stated Kommodos as he lifted an almost transparent porcelain tea cup. “We were perhaps naïve to not expect any internal knock back against the actions of Ji'Mar. Although our northern neighbours prefer to be seen as barbarians, the actions that they have undertaken have arranged many of the wurld's most powerful nations against them. If they continued as they are, they would be almost entirely isolated. They have snubbed us several times now, at what we can only assume is Ji'Mar's direction. If pressure against them increases from the likes of TRIDENT, or even EOS, they have made it very easy for us to cut our ties without much regret.” Honorios suspected that the Agios Basileos would regret it, however. The alliance between the Sovereign Imperium and Arhomaneia had been a crowning achievement of Kommodos' reign, as it had finally secured peace between the two nations after centuries of conflict. It see it cast aside without much afterthought by the new monarch of the Gharoi had been very bitter. But it seemed that there were those within Gharon who were inclined to try to preserve the alliance. “Embargoes and sanctions against the Sovereign Imperium have been discussed at an informal level, as your majesty knows,” said Goulielmos. Kontarian hadn't known about any such thing and the slight glance that the Minister for Foreign Affairs gave him seemed to be one of superiority. It would likely have angered the Gharoi, but they would have had to expected some repercussions. It had briefly seemed like the Kingdom of @Gallambria was going to go beyond mere harsh words in its condemnation of the expulsion of the Gerenians. “Even if this possible coup succeeds, there may still be international appetite for such measures. Unless, of course the Gharoi are able to paint Ji'Mar as the driving force behind what they have done to the heretics.” “If that recent news announcement is anything to go by, imperial majesty, then there already seems to be infighting within the Sovereign Imperium, if only in the internal political arena. That might help those carrying out the coup to distance themselves from Ji'Mar's actions afterwards,” suggested Kontarian. No one else seemed to take much notice of him, however. “Could this coup succeed?” asked Kommodos, looking directly at the spymaster. “Every indication by the faction plotting the coup gives the impression that they think it will,” rasped the voice of Keftedes. “That does not answer your majesty's question, I will admit. It seems that the coup is being plotted at quite a high level, by some very important individuals. They have not given us much detail but that is entirely understandable.” The Agios Basileos did not look entirely satisfied by the answer. He held his gaze on the Kefale, who started to elaborate. “Your majesty, we just do not know. We do know that the First Princess is of a very different character to her brother. If she had been in charge, then this crisis would not have taken place, at least in the manner that it has. My analysts suggest that there would have been an attempted assimilation of the Koussoeioi and the Gerenians, and I imagine that those of the Megas Logothetai and the Epistrategaion suggest the same. There will definitely be a conflict, although whether it breaks out into a true civil war or remains more of a palace coup, I cannot say at this time. If we knew more about those driving it, then I could say. But, as your majesty can imagine, they are not very keen on letting that information out.” “It is very unlikely that the Gharoi would welcome any involvement by us in their coup, even if it becomes a full-blown civil war. If our forces intervened, it would probably bring any factions closer together. They have always valued their independence.” The Megas Logthetes ton Stratiotikou shrugged. Everyone in the room could have guessed that, even the priests who still stood quietly praying in front of the doors, at the other end from the desk. “Which is true of almost any other country. Machina @Haruspex was no exception to that. Even offering armaments to whatever side we favoured could backfire, as any opposing group may feel driven to strike against Arhomaneia, either to stem any flow of arms or as retribution.” Kommodos nodded and sipped at the cup in his hands. “We will offer it, nonetheless. It would be strange if we did not. Then the choice would be theirs as to whether they accepted the offer or rebuffed it. It would be wise, however, to request that the Epistrategaion look to using the transport of the Gerenians as cover to putting our border defences on a higher readiness, just in case.” The Megas Logthetes ton Stratiotikou nodded. The high command, he knew, already started to work on plans in which troop movements and redeployments could be passed off as trying to deal with the refugee situation. Any attempts to put this into practice without the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion's express permission had been forestalled. The tension between the two countries was high enough an action like that could cause the situation to spiral out of control. “Kefale, make it known through the channels that these plotters used that Arhomaneia will await their move. For the moment, we can do little more.” “Yes, your majesty.” “Forgive me, your majesy, but there are other things that we could do,” interjected Goulielmos, although he sounded somewhat sheepish. “I feel that I should point out that there are other avenues that we might consider before we commit ourselves to any action. Or inaction.” “Go on, Endoxotatos.” The Autokrator did not sound like he couldn't guess where this was going. He rested his elbows on the arms of his chair and steepled his fingers together. “There is the option of informing Ji'Mar about this planned coup,” Goulielmos continued, although he did not sound entirely convinced by it. “It could be the what it takes for him to remember that we allies and partners, not to be treated with contempt and with the expectation that he can ride roughshod over Arhomaneia as and when he wishes.” Considering how the current Autokrator ton Gharoi had acted in the past, it was not likely that Ji'Mar would suddenly change his attitude towards his southern neighbours. All that this would do would be to give the Gharos an excuse to purge his country of any moderating influence. Kommodos shook his head. “No, Endoxotatos. I am sure we all believe that that is not going to be a correct course of action. We need our northern ally to be more aware of the rest of the wurld, not in a downward spiral of purges and sabre-rattling. The course of action that we take will be to signal to these plotters that we are willing to let them get on with it, and offer aid only if requested.” And that pronouncement signalled the end of the discussion. “My children, I thank you for bringing this to my attention. May the blessings of Christ be upon you.” Those were the traditional sentences that brought an informal meeting with the Tagmatine monarch to a close. With an internal sigh, Kontarian got to his feet as he, Eugenios and Keftedes started a ceremony that was almost the reverse of the one they enacted as they had entered the room.
  7. To: His Excellency, Albert Horace de Grandavilla, Count Sancta Pascha de Pampo, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of @Eulycea, From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion Your Excellency, Although our great nations are separated by a vast ocean and a huge distance, we have much more in common that might otherwise may be perceived. Our shared faith holds us apart from the vast majority of other nations of Eurth and it means that our peoples have a bond between them that will stand the test of time. Eulycea and Arhomaneia also stand as beacons of civilisation in continents that are sparsely populated by nations worthy of such a name, and our neighbours look up to us as examples to be emulated, in hopes of attaining the high standards of our peoples. The Kingdom of Eulycea has been a bastion on the Palu Peninsula, protecting that part of the wurld from the spread of the evils of Communism, secularism and godlessness. This is a service that all of the other nations of Eurth should not overlook – certainly, the fierce opposition that was offered by the Eulyceans, like that of the Arhomaioi, has meant that those perfidious beliefs did not take root beyond a few benighted places. Of course, the works of your kingdom go beyond merely being a bulwark against other forces, as worthy as that has been in and of itself. Much should be said about the early strides towards human rights that were made by the Josephans of your nation, as well as Eulycea being one of the first countries in modern times to ban the sinful and barbaric practice of slavery. The Arhomaioi look towards the Eulycean people as natural friends in a wurld that is often hostile to those who hold to true faith. Because of this, and because of the fact that your kingdom and the Megas Agios Basileia working together would be a mighty force for good, I have been instructed by the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator, the Emperor of Arome, to request that our nations undertake an exchange of embassies. This would be the start of a new chapter of history of Eurth, one that sees Christian faith and civilisation make great strides towards victory over the forces of secularism and barbarism. May God grant his majesty, Charles IV, a long and fruitful reign, dedicated to His works. Eugenios Goulielmos Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion ton Barbaron of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion
  8. Good decision, man. Good luck! I hope it all goes well!
  9. It's worth taking a look at other people's pages for inspiration, I think.
  10. @Metztlitlalio It may also be a good idea to talk to Ivy or Gallambria, as I believe they're going to act as the next steps in the chain.
  11. Happy birthday, @Gallambria!
  12. Cheers, man! I didn't expect anyone to go back and edit things. I thought that would be too much of a pain in the arse.
  13. This is seems a good a place to say this as any. I said it on Discord but others may miss it and it'll save confusion, both in this thread and in others. I'm renaming the Tagmatine Red Cross. The name doesn't really fit, as it references an IRL organisation that doesn't exist on Eurth. It's also a pretty f*cking clunky name that doesn't really roll off the tongue. After @Bulgenstaz and me bounced a few ideas around, I've gone for "Parabalanoi", a name taken from an early Christian group who nursed the sick and buried the dead. It kind of fits the role. Consider this a retcon - the Tagmatine Red Cross has never been called as such and every previous reference should be read as "Parabalanoi" now. That is what I will be using from now on. Sorry for the bother!
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