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  1. November 16th. Vice President’s Lake Lodge. Crownsland. Surrounding a circular table are some of the most powerful, secretive and richest people in the nation. Attendees: “Welcome, gentlemen, lady.” Van Roose begins. ”We are all here today because we have something to gain from the ending of the Monroe Presidency. William, you’re budget has been cut again and again for years, it’s time that comes to an end. Jacques, you’ve been gunning for Party Chair for years, and Monroe is the reason you haven’t reached there yet. Nathan, your company has lost contract after contr
  2. DBN SPECIAL REPORT In a haste voice the newsreader reads, ”The United Party convention has been postponed due to a bomb plot being foiled, after a DSS investigation found two far-left groups working in unison to assassinate the President” The cameras show armed police dragging those found into black trucks. “THIS WAS MONROE! WE DIDNT DO THIS! FIGHT FOR U-“ The doors swing shut and the trucks drive off to screaming sirens. - One week earlier, November 12th. ”Should we both wear the pins or is that a bit much?” Asks Vice President Van Roose to her Chief of Sta
  3. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The Commonwealth of Delamaria Government type of nation: Federal Semi-Presidential Commonwealth Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Primarily English, French and Dutch (Though I think you have your own versions of these) with a native minority in the midlands. Give us a short description of your nation: Delamaria is a relatively large, democratic commonwealth founded as the result of many colonies deciding to band together. Though ethnic tensions exist between, English, French and native Delamarians, the nation has a low crime rate, high hd
  4. Hello all, I am the commonwealth of Delamaria. The result of an amalgamation of colonies, with ethnic tensions, political intrigue and espionage. Basically modern day Canada who stumbled upon a barn full of guns.
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