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  1. Following a tense election, the Red Coalition has gathered a razor-thin majority in the Parliament, thus ensuring the reelection of President Bernard Beaumont. Following some scandals that rocked the nation earlier this year, it seems that the Red Coalition may be losing hold of power in Fravina, losing many seats in Parliament, which the Blue Coalition took for themselves. The 68 year-old president and leader of the Socialist Party has been highly popular throughout most of his presidency. Beaumont has strengthened ties with Fravina's foreign and domestic allies, and unified
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  3. Howdy, The nation of Fravina is expecting to adopt a mix of French and German culture. A socialist democracy and a deposed king with a growing fracist movement, Fravina is at a tipping point in its history. I'm not a great writer, but I'm hoping to improve my writing in my time here. I also hope to just make some bonds with people here and grow out of my shell a little. Also, a small question - Is there a canon year that we are roleplaying in? Just want to know to get a sense of my worldbuilding. Thanks!
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    FRAVINA Full Name of Nation: Federal Republic of Fravina Government type of nation: Democratic Republic Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Western European (vaguely French and German), with Black minorities and indigenous minorities Give us a short description of your nation: A nation founded in the mountains and hills, and in a resource-devoid region, the Fravins have not had an easy time of it. An industrious people, the Fravins were uncontent with their measly wages and starving families. Following a socialist revolution in 1967, King Alois II was depo
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