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  1. August 2, 1781 The HMS Discovery was forced to leave Toin due to the unfortunate discovery that rations were consumed quicker than usual. Or maybe, perhaps, a calculation error had occurred before they had even set sail in the first place, and they never had enough rations to begin with. But either way, they were out of food now. In fact, they had run out a few days prior, almost as the quartermaster had "predicted." Overall, though, the journey back to the Azores was relatively easy given the situation. The crew was never happy for reduced rations, but most of them had experienced a
  2. June 10, 1781 For once, the weather had improved. It was no longer raining, and while there were clouds, there was still a lot of blue sky visible and the sun was shining. Due to the time of year and the latitude, it was perhaps 60 degrees, but much better than the 50 degree, cloudy rain that they had known since this new land had emerged from the foggy gloom only a few days earlier. Since the Discovery's discovery of their first native village, they had weighed anchor off shore and observed from a distance, and occasionally sent lifeboats in the direction of the village for a closer
  3. June 7, 1781 The night since the discovery had passed rather uneventfully, but nonetheless Brady had intent to find where the pathway led. He carefully considered his options. If we go by land, he thought, it would add merit to this expedition. Not that it didn't already have any, of course. But the indigenous could be hostile and hiding in the bushes, or know we're coming. That would've been a problem. In the end, he decided to go by ship. Once more, wearing his trademark coat and hat, he appeared above deck. The weather of the day had not changed much since yesterday, but perhaps there
  4. June 6, 1781 The morning of June 6 had not been the nicest of mornings aboard the Discovery, but brought a pleasant feeling of home. The first thing that Captain Brady had seen above deck was the grey, overcast skies producing a light drizzle over the sea and a light fog all around. The sea itself had swells of only a few feet, cresting with white foam. The Discovery had sailed from the port of Cork earlier that year to verify claims of a great southern land that no European power had yet discovered - Brady knew an approximate location of the "discovery," but nothing else. Brady ordered t
  5. @OrioniThat era of Toin wasn't well thought out, so who knows? It might be just enough for a cheeseburger, or it could buy you a Lamborghini. All that really mattered for it's existence was the fact that it existed, it didn't have any story element.
  6. Toin

    The Front Desk

    YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: Democratic States of Toin Government type of nation: Federal presidential constitutional republic Culture/ethnicity of your nation: North American culture, with a small indigenous culture. Ethnicity is mostly caucasian/European or indigenous. Give us a short description of your nation: Toin is based on the Cascadia bioregion of the United States and Canada (read: Pacific Northwest). It is a Star Trek take on my own political views. Before you reject me for future tech, by that, I mean Toin is more of a realistic modern-day utopia, not unlike Star Tre
  7. Hi there! Toin has been my brain child since 2016. Originally, it was a Fiji-esque nation with a large, poor lower class who were mostly farmers and an apartheid government ruled by a Swedish (but not the Swedish) King. The national animal was also the rat terrier, the dog I still own. The currency was the Terrier Coin. But in mid 2018, I changed Toin to be more realistic in its current status. It's largely based on the Cascadia bioregion in the northwest United States and southwest/west Canada, but certain elements come from Brazil/Portugal and a lot of the North American Arctic. I'
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