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    ALETHKHAR Full Name of Nation: The Confederation of Alethkhar Government type of nation: Multi-Presidential Confederation (Every one of the 6 States gets to elect their President to the Union Council, and the nation as a whole elects a High President who Chairs that Council. The Council together acts as one President. Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Alethi Give us a short description of your nation: Alethkhar, as I envision it, is a nation with a lot of islands having the same ethnolinguistic groups inhabit the islands, all together in a loosely bound Union. Owing to a very strong sense of loyalty that the people have towards their own Island (State), the centuries of rivalry among the various states and the lack of strong communication between the various islands until rather recently has lead to a very loose Confederation held together by pragmatism and tradition. All six States of Alethkhar function as separate countries and the Union Government is constantly fighting for power and relevance and succeeding slowly. This is Alethkhar, a fairly wealthy, very self-involved nation embroiled in constant silent conflict, between the different States, between the States and the Union, between the older Loyalists who prefer the Union be dismantled and the younger Unionists who wish to strengthen the Union. Do you have an IIWiki page?: Yes (https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Alethkhar), but it needs a LOT of work. ============================= WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying? I wouldn't be so bold as to say I am very good, but I am fairly experienced in terms of writing in general and in terms of roleplay. I have been active in RPing regions for the past 2 years. How would you describe yourself? I am a queer woman studying medicine in South Asia. I write for my college newspaper, run a queer support group at college for college Kids and organize student protests against the tyrannical regime in my nation. I love studing social sciences and poltics and making nations I would want to live in (unlike my current nation, death to it). -- RP/Writing samples (if available already): *The Wozermahn Palace, Seruf* The sun had barely risen over the hills of Seruf but a busy day for Rielsa Marsef had already started. Just a few weeks into her second term in the office of Prime Minister and two nations she had spent the last three years building peace between broke into war. And it didn’t help that the narrative surrounding the war did include Azillian policies from 50 years ago as an instigator. Marsef, being the strong anti-imperialist as she was, couldn’t vocally admit to the very right allegations that were levelled against her nation’s notorious past. Yay for her, she thought. But the more concerning matter was the fact that tomorrow would be Samaeroh’s 53rd Representative Day. That wasn’t good. Rielsa Marsef rolled her eyes, in her head of course and cursed Aziallis for her imperial history. The Grand Monarch of Aziallis was the Head of State of Samaeroh and their Representative Day meant the Samaeh would be expecting this lady to be there in the tomorrow in “her” Parliament to give her Annual Address for “her” subjects. The thought of a twenty-five year old addressing a room full of silver-moustached men about policy would have been very funny and a tad bit empowering, but it didn’t feel like it cause it was certain political suicide for Aziallis, this address. Apart from the concerns of the Empress stepping into a war-zone to give a speech, there was also the very big concern of this looking very much like a side Aziallis is choosing. And that really wasn’t the case. Marsef in the last five years had worked tirelessly to project an image of Aziallis as a neutral peace broker and that image had a big part to play in the signing of the Orine Treaty. But boy was she not fully prepared for a meltdown of big baby-men drunk on nationalism. “You had seen it coming”, she told herself. “As hopeful as you were a large part of you knew that little document wasn’t going to do away with years of ethnic tensions and scars left over from colonial times.” She entered the Warhbern Hall where the Empress was sitting along with her new Minister of Foreign Affairs. News from within the party was that this young Kid with an air of a ‘boy-scout-on-a-field-trip” about him would most probably be succeeding her as the the party’s Prime Minister Candidate in the next election cycle. As much as she may find him charming, she’d have preferred Lady Furhens. “Huff”, her head complained. “My party ain’t better than the film industry. An older woman can’t become Prime Minister either”, she laughed sadly on the inside. “What is the update from Samaehroh, Dagger?”, she asked. “Well, at least we’re giving children of immigrants a chance to be Prime Minister”, she though to herself. She really wanted to get this though of Dagger as her successor out. She couldn’t let this eat her away. “Sir Kefesar, the Azillian Ambassador to Samaeroh, has written to us assuring that Balarey is not in any danger and is very well prepared in case danger does arise. “Very well.”, she replied turning to the Empress, who was staring at her breakfast. “Of course she’d be nervous. She’s practically a child being sent into a warzone for the sake of tradition!” her inner voice howled. Marsef turned off her mental screaming and went to talk with the Empress. But she had to make it quick. She herself would be leaving for Brihems today. It is more of a compensatory “Oh, our Monarch in your sworn enemy’s territory but don’t worry we’re still not taking sides, so let us continue to help you negotiate” gesture. But she knew it’s really important for Aziallis to remain neutral. It was getting harder, with pressure mounting from Dokodo Union and other CIN, but she knew she wouldn’t budge. She had been using Albithican bureaucracy as a shield and would continue to do so. “Huff”, she sighed in her head again. She would be visiting Brihems this evening, and would speak with the Primary Executive Baniki Aboon. She was hopeful she’d be able to persuade him to withdraw troops from that narrow stretch of water the two belligerent nations shared. That one move would go a long way. Dagger would be going along with the Empress to persuade the Sameh to do the same. She was hoping demilitarisation of the Daaravi was the way to go. As for the international community, things were a mess. She had arranged for an emergency meeting of the Parthonian Social and Economic Council to discuss the conflict. Both Samaeroh and Vamsier had refused to attend, but that was expected. The others had been more positive about their attendance. The meeting was scheduled to be next week, and she had a lot of work to do before that meeting. She would be visiting Prernask, Sulbi and then also be going to Goldfluss. It was extremely important that the Azillian Commonwealth support her, and her plans for de-escalation. She sighed once more, and then sat at the table with the Empress, helping her prepare and trying to assure her of her safety. The girl knew how important this was. She’d handle it, she said to herself. She recited to herself her grandfather’s poetry to calm herself down, as her prepared the young Empress, and helped Scout-boy Dagger. “… And with sunshine the meadow gleamed…” rang in her head. -- Do you wish to have a mentor assigned to you to help guide you through the start of your time here? I would really like to have one. Would be nice to get feedback, and some help setting my nation and culture up. ===================== NATIONSTATES Why do you want to join this region? A dear friend of mine told me how wonderful this region is, and I am very interested in RPing here. I have been developing my nation Aziallis for more than 2 years now and I felt like working on a new project. Have you ever had trouble with any moderators? Never. Do you have any prior experience on NationStates? If so, give a brief accounting of it. I started three years ago. I created a nation, but didn't RP with it much because I was in a not-so-nice region. I then made Aziallis and joined Anteria two and a half years ago. Fell in love with the region and the concept of worldbuilding and RPing. Have been active in the region since. My activity did take dips every now and then because of work and Uni, but I manage, mostly. Are you currently or do you plan to be a member of the NationStates World Assembly? Aziallis is. Alethkhar would soon be. Anything else? Nah? ====== Providing any falsified or deliberately misleading information will result in your application being rejected and your access to the forum revoked. By submitting this form, you are indicating that you agree to abide by the community and RP rules of this community. Any breach thereof may result in disciplinary action including but not limited to revoking of forum posting rights, banning from the forum, removal of regional citizenship, and ejection from the region.
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