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  1. That evening the crowd of journalists waited at the royal palace for the appearance of Princess Sofia Soleri in the common room, for the interview that the survivor of the royal family had arranged to inform the whole nation about what was happening. The journalists were eager to hear what the new monarch had to say, while the anatean people remained with bated breath and eyes glued to a television, whether they were at home, public places, bars or other infrastructures. Princess Sofia Soleri - I can do that, i can do that... - said the young princess to herself, from behind the scenes, trying to hold back the tears that had repeatedly scratched her face at the news of her parents' disappearance a few hours before. - Are you ready, miss? - said a male voice behind her suddenly. It was Fulvio Silani, the president of the anatean Set party, the right-wing party of the nation currently in charge. The girl nodded shyly, continuing to look with resignation at an undefined point in front of her. - I know it's really hard to lose a family and remain the only one able to carry on a nation on their own, without anyone's support. And on this, princess, i' m close to you because on that plane i' ve lost some of my friends and colleagues from my party too, and as minister chosen by our citizens, i want to tell you that you' ll not be alone in all this. - Princess Sofia Soleri - Thank you... - she managed to get out of her lips the young woman, raising her head for then, with a firm and slow step, go through the door that would take her to the common room, where the people waited for answers to the thousand questions they had. Princess Sofia Soleri - People of Anatea, who have inhabited our land for centuries and who rules this nation sovereignly. Today is a black day for our nation ... My father and my mother, our beloved rulers of this peaceful nation, died a few hours ago at the hands of a vile attack by Ruthenia, that not only cowardly killed my parents without even showing itself, but it took the opportunity to attack and start an invasion of the Dalstavia region, south-west of Anatea. Our diplomats worked day and night to prevent this, but Ruthenia didn' t want to listen and deceived us, even though we had all the peaceful intentions of resolving this thing in peace. Now lots of our compatriots are fighting in the south-west to defend us from this imminent threat, wishing them to return home safe and sound. I hope we will be able to get out of this situation without too many deaths, and hoping that madness and anger will not bath in blood the lands of both countries. - When the speech was over, the woman returned to her personal room to lock herself in it. She didn't want anyone to talk to, she didn't want to hear anything except the voice of her parents that she hoped to hear at any moment, as if everything that had happened had been just a mis-en-scene. But nothing was perceptible to the hearing, if not the sad silence that had enveloped the room and the chirping of some birds outside which accompanied the setting of the sun. Sofia could not help but burst into tears, sitting exhausted near the closed door on which she had leaned her back, while her hands tried to unsuccessfully repress the tears that came plentifully from her eyes. She didn't know what to do in this situation, she didn't even know how to handle the sudden conflict in which Anatea had been thrown. She felt lonely and abandoned in a world she was not yet ready to handle. How many people depended on her? And how many were dying elsewhere to protect the land that she alone had to govern? The questions crowded her head without stopping, while the crying didn't decide to stop. She had never suffered so much in her life, and it came to her when she sometimes thought that the deaths of a few people in the world were worth very little. It was a damn tragedy that no one was ready to face. After a few minutes of venting she finally managed to stop crying, getting up and moving close to the large window that looked out on the capital. The world outside was dangerous and hard, but she knew in her heart that she had to do everything to protect her home and all its inhabitants. Gone were the happy moments when everything depended on others. From today Anatea was her commitment, and not only did the present of the nation depend on her, but also the future.
  2. Briefer << Alright gentlemen, this is it. It took us a long time to get to this point, so let's try not to mess up this delicate operation or we'll piss off the ruthenians more than necessary. The regents of Anatea, more precisely King Edward II and Queen Isabel II must arrive safely in the city state of Sigta, where peace negotiations will take place between our nation and Ruthenia. The route the the VIPs will have to follow will be this, obviously it will be on the opposite side to Ruthenia to avoid problems with it, given the situation. Your mission will be to escort the royal cargo to the city of Sigta. For this operation several squadrons will be deployed, so it should be almost impossible to be intercepted. Escort the regents and then bring them home safely, dismissed! >> . . . The scarlet sky of that day was full of anatean planes, more precisely Sol, Starlia, Raylay and Horizon squadrons, an AWACS and the C-5 with the king, queen and some members of the anatean delegation of the Set Party on board. All those aluminum birds reflected the sunset sunlight that was setting more and more in the unclaimed lands. It was a peaceful and relaxing scene. AWACS Sky Arrow << AWACS Sky Arrow to escort planes, all quiet at the moment. In a few miles we should get to Sigta. Still stay on alert. >> Bradley Lee (Sol 1) << This is Sol 1, roger. I can' t wait to arrive, this Su-33 burns gas without problems. >> Alis Costi (Sol 2) << And by the way i' m sick and tired to be on board this fighter without doing anything.. >> AWACS Sky Arrow << Guys, cut the chatter. You' re on mission and you can't spea... wait, hold it... >> At some point, total silence fell. Nothing was perceptible and no one dared to interrupt that silence to avoid not hearing an alarm or warning that would come from the AWACS. Suddenly someone spoke. AWACS Sky Arrow << Anatean aircrafts on south? An extra escort? We weren' t informed... this is Special Transport Formation, what' s your affiliation? >> asked the AWACS, but there was no response. The new aircrafts continued to advance more and more towards the anatean formation. AWACS Sky Arrow << Incoming allied fighters, respond. >> tried once again Sky Arrow, but nothing happened. No one answered on the radio. A few seconds of anxiety passed, until someone answered the radio, but they weren't the approaching fighters. Anatean Air Transport << This is Galda! AWACS, they' re targeting us! What' s going on? >> AWACS Sky Arrow << What..? They have our own IFF, how' s that possible? >> Starlia 1 << Sky Arrow, what should we do? >> AWACS Sky Arrow << ...Engage. We don' t know who they are, but if they' re aiming to the royal plane that means they' re not allies. >> The escort fighters began to detach from the C-5, heading south to prepare for interception. Only Raylay Squadron remained close to the transport as last defense line. Bradley Lee (Sol 1) << Remember, don't stay too much on a target, hit and run! >> Daniel Bivieri (Sol 3) << Of course Captain! >> It took a few minutes before the fighters of both factions came face to face. The anateans had 12 Su-33s, the unknown ones were 22 between F-15Cs and Mig-31s. Planes absolutely not belonging to Anatea. There were a few seconds left to the point of no return, if both fighters had turned back to go in opposite directions nothing would have happened ... but that wasn' t the day. In a few moments the sky turned into a show of missiles, flares and flaming aluminum carcasses. The fighters had engage. The aircrafts had begun to shoot each other relentlessly, chasing each other like a cat chasing a mouse, while chaos reigned supreme around them. The anatean pilots had not been fighting in skies of war for years, that was their first real battle. It was Sol 4 who asked for help, engaged in that moment in a dogfight with an F-15C. The distances between the fighters had shortened so much that the training in that moment was almost useless: it was a matter of reactions by instinct and speed. Sol 1 managed to get behind the enemy F-15C, firing a salvo of GSh-301 that damaged the left wing of the unknown target. This allowed the enemy fighter to detach itself from the pursuit, but did not stop the battle going on around them. The enemy Mig-31s managed to break through the air front with their rapidity as interceptors, managing to get a few kilometers near from their target: the cargo. Raylay Squadron managed to intervene in time, but although the enemy fighters had been intercepted and blocked, they managed to continue gaining meters. Suddenly the unthinkable happened: one of the Mig-31s managed to disengage from the air battle and aimed at the anatean cargo with its missiles. The anatean transport began to shoot its cascade of flares, but it was all in vain. The enemy semi-active radar guided missile had already been launched and the distance was too short to avoid the impact. It all happened quickly. The enemy missile crashed into the belly of the aircraft, exploding into a rose of smoke and deadly schrapnel. The metal bird that had been flying quietly in the scarlet sky just a few moments before, turned into another fireball resembling a second Sun that was falling further and further down. The King and Queen of Anatea were dead. Animated by a mixture of anger and revenge, the surviving anatean fighters began to hunt the unknown aircrafts that were withdrawing from the operational area. The flares and chaffs launched by enemy fighters tried to cover their air retreat, but the anatean escorts engaged relentlessly and mercilessly, trying not to let anyone escape from that area. Only 7 enemy fighters managed to leave the airspace, while the surviving 9 anatean fighters could not help but be called back by AWACS Sky Arrow who ordered to not leave the operational area. . . .
  3. Hello all! ^^ I would have a liiiiittle request for a little part of the map If would be possible to move the big island near the anatean penisula from here to there: mostly because i just want a lil island for an rp reason (have an only island military base/secret military base for one of my sub-plots of my country) and mostly cause the island there wouldn't fit so well, when instead if put near the other one already existing is more fitting because it seems a fractured island Of course i'm aware that relocating that island would remove some territory from my nation, but i'm oke with that so i don't have problems nor i don't want to have so much land at the beginning
  4. THE DALSTAVIAN WAR May 2019 It is always thought that after a war peace should come, and with it also prosperity and knowledge ... but that was not the case. The long and heartbreaking civil war in Ruthenia brought Supreme Leader Kars Delai to power after 9 years of sacrifices, deaths and hunger. Although the conflict ended in 2009, the nation was unable to recover economically from the disastrous situation it was in, leaving the population at the mercy of the dictator and death. There were those who had enough of all this, that it was time to stop trusting the government and decided to break away and seek luck with other partners. The Dalstavia region did so, proclaiming its independence from Ruthenia on April 28, 2019 to join the Republic of Anatea. At the time Anatea did not want to allow Dalstavia to join, to avoid a war with Ruthenia, but limited itself to sending humanitarian aid to the region. Despite this, Ruthenia's reaction was furious: loyalist forces in the region began to prevent anatean transports from reaching their destination, even going to arrest the members of the convoys with anatean military included, while the refugee camps began to be bombed or threatened by the ruthenian forces. The situation was decaying more and more into total madness, and the only answers that politicians were able to give were threats. Fulvio Silani, prime minister in that year and president of the Set Party (center-right wing) repeatedly threatened to declare war on Ruthenia if it did not cease hostilities with refugees and anatean organizations in the dalstavian region. At first the message seemed not to have been received but one day, suddenly, hostilities ceased. Supreme leader Kars Delai had stopped any hostile action on the territory of Dalstavia. Did he finally understand that such actions would lead to a disastrous war for both nations? At the moment it is not known, but the leader has accepted a peace meeting in the neutral city of Sigta to speak in person with the anatean regents King Edward II and Queen Isabel II. It seemed that the war had finally been avoided, so much that the anatean population had breathed a sigh of relief, but Ruthenia had other plans ...
  5. From: Foreign Minister Pietro Oldi To: Eugenios Goulielmos, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion Your majesty, first of all, we apologize for the years in which Anatea has not been very involved in establishing agreements or alliances with other countries in the wurld in the past. Only recently our nation has emerged from a conflict that has touched everyone's heart and taken away a lot of resources and time that we could have invested to strengthen relations with your glorious nation. With great pleasure we accept the invite of his majesty regarding the establishment of embassies on our territories, giving you the opportunity to build yours in our capital, Solisea, hoping that our city will be to your liking. With this, we hope too that we can put our differences aside to create a stable and profitable relationship for both of us, in order to help us in times of need and protect ourselves from those who want to hurt or see a new friendship burn in our wurld. We wish you a good and excellent day, Pietro Oldi, Foreign Minister of the Set Party of Anatea.
  6. If it can bend a lil north would be perfect! °^° still thank you a lot!
  7. in realty i was oke to be just an island and also i preferred the other location cause there were even good and interesting rps, but everyone told me that i can't stay there so i have to rely on plan B and stay isolated from everyone else in the south.
  8. After being desperate enough, i change the location for my nation to here if possible: ( please don't tell me no, i just want to start to rp ç__ç )
  9. Oh no worries,i don't plan expansions
  10. Super thank you and sorry for being such a blockhead with the locations ç__ç
  11. Here i am lol I dunno, i don't like those places, i super like the island i've chosen :c also i chose Cristina cause i know she's super active, infact she told me that i could be one of her past colonies
  12. Here i am Oh, that would be oke too x'D i have still to discuss to Cristina about this thing but would be great even for those years it was the fact that i don't know everyone's history, sorry ^^" Oh, my fault that i didn't specify that ^^" should be HERE, togheter with delstev island, where the war happened but after the war Ruthenia was just divided in little mini-states (like happened with Yugoslavia) just to avoid to occupy a territory with an NPC nation or avoid to leave an history trail from which every nation in that area should adapt its lore ^^ Yeah, seems a bit weird but before that location i asked to Iverica just for be sure about where to settle and make the first posts ^^ that place would perfectly justify my nation fact of not liking religions (Seylos) without having to write on my history to have had a dictatorship or a sort of catholic church with inquisitors etc (just to avoid unoriginal things that most italian alike nations write on their histories xD), other than having some anglo-saxon elements in my culture, that is kinda vital for having some different names and other things for make my culture unique also i reaaaaaaaally like that spot, it's super perfect for me ç_ç (yeah, i'm a location paranoid x'D i need to face a big ocean, have a temperate/mediterranean climate and be kinda around the middle of the map ( it's complicated to explain x''D) Oh that document was the first thing i read when i joined and i put it in practice here, but still thanks!
  13. Nation in Eurth: Federation of Anatea Flag: Capital name: Solisea Capital location: North-east Anatea (see "Location" :D) Factbook link: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=anatea/detail=factbook/id=main Newsroom link: not created yet, but i have an old one here https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=462735 Culture: Anatean, is a sort of italian alike culture mixed with some anglo-saxon elements, like some words and names. (the anglo-saxon part would have been originated by Seylos) Climate: Anatea could have a mediterranean climate on the east coast, with maybe (if possible) a little desert on the eastern part of the island. In the inland the climate would slowly get more temperate, especially on the west coast. The climate on the east coast/south islands is dry and sunny, while in the middle of the island is still sunny, even if it could change to rainy. On the eastern coast is sunny too but could easily turn in rainy for the fact that the eastern coast is super close to the mainland, which have a cold climate. Location: Here if possible History: I'm still trying to figure out the history of the nation, but Anatea could have originated from a migrant wave/ colonization of the island by Cristina during the 16th century. (for justify an italian alike nation in the middle of two german and british alike nations) The only info i'm sure about is that Anatea in 1870 became a Republic with a referendum, after sawing that the king of that epoch was slowly turning the nation in an absolute monarchy. Still despite becaming a republic the royal family was always mantained until now. In Summer 2019 Anatea went through a war with Ruthenia, a nation close to Anatea's borders, after the island of Delstev declared its independence and tried to join Anatea (in the first part of this post you'll find the precise reason). Shortly after the war Anatea went through a lot of reforms for recover from the war, transforming itself in a Federation for give more autonomy to the regions and be able to still centralize the nation with infrastructures and reforms (other than satisfy the request from some regions to have their own autonomy). Nation Name: Anatea Population: [MEDIUM] 34.230.970 GDP per capita: [HIGH] 29,000 ₳ Area: [MEDIUM] i have still to calculate it, i used Seylos as reference ^^"
  14. 22 June 2020 For several days on the regional news and on Solisea News the government had announced a referendum about the reduction of fuel use to modernize the country with clean energy. Since 2005 Anatea tried to obtain renewable energy so as not to spend too much money on the import of petrol and raw materials, trying to avoid the use of nuclear energy which, according to a referendum and a law that later became reality, was prohibited in energy and military field in 1990. Now, on June 22, the Set party (center-right and supporter of the continued use of oil) and the Lucet party (center-left and supporters of the use of renewable energy) had to convince members of the Senate to obtain a majority to prevent or put into practice the development of renewable energy for the country. The first blow was given by the minister of the Lucet party, Lucas Fisher, highlighting the advantages to the ecosystem, very dear to Anatea, and the reduction of waste of primary resources such as gasoline or mantain the continuous disuse of nuclear energy which Anatea has always tried to avoid to use. This move would also be able to help industries and businesses to spend less money on the import and use of oil, removing a net 10% of expenses to give more income to improve businesses or hire other workers to increase the efficiency. All was received very well by most of the senators, finding many of them applauding, but Fulvio Silani, current prime minister and head of the Set party, had to reply to the last proposal: if on one hand the use of renewable energy would have reduced emissions and given a 10% profit percentage to companies, on the other it would have required heavy expenses to convert energy suppliers or build / connect their plants to already built energy sources. Along with that huge expenditure, it should have even been noticed that many kind of jobs where the use of primary energy sources had priority would have been closed, causing many citizens to lose countless jobs. The Senate actually calculated that the timing was not yet too ripe for such a change, welcoming Mr. Silani's criticism with uncertain applauses, but Mr. Fisher managed to reply to everyone's surprise: if this change would have given problems to the current industries, even closing some of them, on the other hand this would have intensified the formation of new IT jobs or through the use of the web, in which Anatea had gaps. This would have led Anatea to develop the tertiary sector, being able to create more jobs with very low maintenance costs, and give a lot of competition to foreign companies outside the territory. The unexpected intervention was greeted by other applauses from the Senate, who seemed increasingly convinced of knowing which way Anatea would have taken, which was then followed by the vote which lasted about twenty minutes. After 3 hours of debate and voting the results were elaborated and counted: 45 in favor of the introduction of renewable energy at national level, 41 against and 14 abstentions. Despite the victory, however, this reform would have taken years to be introduced and completed, as Anatea's economic status would have struggled to renew the national industry in very short times and costs. It was a bitter victory but full of future promises.
  15. Sarah Mezzani << Welcome to the morning edition of Solisea News, with Sarah Mezzani! Let's start with news about the Anatean GDP's recovery after the end of the conflict in Delstev. I pass the line to Jack Lini about his report. >> Jack Lini << It is with constancy and many sacrifices that Anatea has managed to improve its GDP by +0.3 in recent weeks. The secret? A cut on the armament funds of the army to divert them towards the incentives for the companies that were going in clear crisis. Along with the good news of the recovery, unemployment is also falling, but the army is more worried than ever about the interruption of supplies or the focus for new experimental projects that have given a serious halt to surveillance operations in the vicinity of Delstev. Prime Minister Fulvio Silani has promised that once a stable GDP level is regained he will return to support the army to keep it updated with the latest technological innovations. That's all, I pass the line back to the study. >> Sarah Mezzani << Thanks Jack. With the GDP rapidly recovering, we also have good news from Delstev about humanitarian aid associations. I pass the line to Carlo Iaconni. >> Carlo Iaconni << Thanks Sarah! Yes, humanitarian aids from Senza Frontiere has been able to help rebuild a part of the Ickras district, the capital of Delstev, today. The reconstruction works had already started immediately after the end of the conflict but thanks to donations from other nations and from Anatea, the local population managed to continue the works, making the first area almost completely rebuilt for now. It is expected that for now it will take more than ten years to rebuild most of the island, but if the donations and support remain unchanged, they may also be reduced to 4 years, which would help the region to rise economically once and for all. That's all, I pass the line back to Sarah. >> Sarah Mezzani << Thank you so much Carlo. These were the news for this morning edition of Solisea News! Thanks for following us and stay tuned! Have a good day! >>
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