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  1. It was for weeks that the stalemate had continued to block the armies of both factions in San Palia. Despite this, several well-coordinated Anatean attacks had begun to break through the enemy defensive lines in the previous days, and this proved fatal for the Ruthenian troops who, short of men on some parts of the front, had to divert some units to try to stop the Anatean breakthrough. Without even realizing it, the Ruthenians had fallen into the trap of the Anateans, who were now starting their second offensive in the areas where the enemy was weaker. The siege of San Palia had now come to
  2. Cpl. Elena - Godamnit, one more packet of corn crackers for breakfast! My goodness, a little variety! - Cpl. Jordan - Eh eh, i'm sorry Elena. If it were up to me I would immediately take you for breakfast in a coffee shop, too bad that the closest one was blown up 2 days ago by a bomb, and the one down the street has Ruthenian machine gunners inside it ah ah! - Cpl. Elena - Thanks for reminding me what a mess of a place I find myself in, Jordan. - In war there were those who went crazy just hearing the din of an impending battle, the sight of dead soldiers
  3. Briefer << Ok guys, welcome to the Dalstavian front. I know you participated in the escort of Anatea's regents, and I am sorry for what you have suffered, but we have a war to fight and a revenge to be waged against those bastards. The situation is not the best. The 10th Ruthenian Army has conquered Mirevka and is now quickly approaching San Palia; the battle for the city is imminent. In the area we only have a few precious units belonging to the 1st Mechanized Division and the remnants of the 3rd Anatean Infantry Division. >> Briefer << Sol Squadron,
  4. that would be a good setting, and even a valid reason for you to join ( and even develop some relations with Anatea and the anti-terrorist force during the rp :D)
  5. Yeayyy, glad to have you onboard! About the Where point i'd be glad to start even in Aurelia, buuuut the thing is that Alharu is a nice central continent for the western part of the Wurld, so i think that from there we can expand the terrorist attacks even to those that are in Argis, Alharu & Aurelia if the terrorist group is in Aurelia the entire rp would be relegated only in Aurelia and South Alharu, also the nations pretty far away (using an example, Prymont) would have sliiight reasons to join the rp About the shooty bang party the first area that will be attacked will b
  6. No worries :'D well, it could be even northern Alharu or south, it's still to define
  7. Yeah, i know ^^" that's why i posted the description of the terrorist group here, hoping to be reviewed and corrected/noticed from people who wants to partecipate but as i said, "modify it to your likings", so anyone can partecipate and be part of the rp or adapt it for being able to partecipate i can't put names etc if people don't give me the permission or else, that's why i just post the proposal and then if someone wants to partecipate will be welcome (other than having the possibility to see if that nation would fit in the rp ofc) D'oh xD i hoped for the 90s or 80s but it w
  8. Hello all! After quite some time i managed to finally describe a terrorist faction that i want to use in a War on Terror rp, that i absolutely need for begin to rp a sub-plot of Anatea that will make the nation a internationally involved nation around the world in peackeeping operations and that will bring it out from its isolationism While i was writing i even casually found a nice trigger that people could use for the Alharu War that everyone wants (seems a cool war indeed *__* ) So here you go the terrorist faction's description with some notes in it i decided to post it here f
  9. Pvt. Carlo Iannoni - Command, damn... do you copy? Over! - Sgt. Paolo Castellani - Stop it Carlo, they don't respond. That means they have bigger problems now that the ruthenians have broken through the front. - Pvt. Carlo Iannoni - Yes, but- - A burst of a distant machine gun broke the conversation between the two anatean survivors, that without wasting a moment squatted on the damp grass of the forest where they had found refuge a few hours earlier. The anatean retreat had been a success, or so it seemed. In reality many units had been left behind or had been surpassed
  10. Only a few hours had passed since the declaration of war and Ruthenia had already managed to approach with its invasion forces the city of Mirevka, a strategic point to control the roads in the southern part of Dalstavia. During the tensions with Ruthenia, the local population had created "Free Dalstavia", an independent militia dedicated to protect the region from the ruthenians, but the long and numerous ranks of ruthenian vehicles, infantrymen and planes were superior to the newly born militia. It seemed that the area would fall into ruthenian hands in no time, leaving many civilians at mer
  11. Heeeeeell-oh Wolf! Glad to have you here mate
  12. That evening the crowd of journalists waited at the royal palace for the appearance of Princess Sofia Soleri in the common room, for the interview that the survivor of the royal family had arranged to inform the whole nation about what was happening. The journalists were eager to hear what the new monarch had to say, while the anatean people remained with bated breath and eyes glued to a television, whether they were at home, public places, bars or other infrastructures. Princess Sofia Soleri - I can do that, i can do that... - said the young princess to h
  13. Briefer << Alright gentlemen, this is it. It took us a long time to get to this point, so let's try not to mess up this delicate operation or we'll piss off the Ruthenians more than necessary. The regents of Anatea, more precisely King Edward II and Queen Isabel II must arrive safely in the city state of Sigta, where peace negotiations will take place between our nation and Ruthenia. The route the the VIPs will have to follow will be this, obviously it will be on the opposite side to Ruthenia to avoid problems with it, given the situation. Your mission will be to escort the roya
  14. Hello all! ^^ I would have a liiiiittle request for a little part of the map If would be possible to move the big island near the anatean penisula from here to there: mostly because i just want a lil island for an rp reason (have an only island military base/secret military base for one of my sub-plots of my country) and mostly cause the island there wouldn't fit so well, when instead if put near the other one already existing is more fitting because it seems a fractured island Of course i'm aware that relocating that island would remove some territory from
  15. THE DALSTAVIAN WAR May 2019 It is always thought that after a war peace should come, and with it also prosperity and knowledge ... but that was not the case. The long and heartbreaking civil war in Ruthenia brought Supreme Leader Kars Delai to power after 9 years of sacrifices, deaths and hunger. Although the conflict ended in 2009, the nation was unable to recover economically from the disastrous situation it was in, leaving the population at the mercy of the dictator and death. There were those who had enough of all this, that it was time to stop trusting the government an
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