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  1. My long intended update to my cities alongside Esonice’s language development has finally arrived. The things I request are - 1. Renaming of Esonyaveli Esonyaveli was the name of Esonice’s capital since 2014 outside of Eurth, today this changes with it being called Maimedo 2. Adding major cities Out of the 10 biggest Esonian cities, 8 (Including Maimedo) will make it. Those cities are the cities of: Kunino Nan Marusonya Rusonya Vikitsu Miyoto Seshu 3. Adding major port cities Out of those major cities. The cities of Vikitsu and Marusonya are Esonice’s most important port cities. Map placements below -
  2. To: Diplomatic outreach, EOS Headquarters, Deseti island, @Orioni From: Yumi Kochi, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Serene Kingdom of Esonice On the behalf of the people of Esonice and his grand serenity, Serene Prince Sanomi. We are glad to announce that we are indeed interested in accepting the invitation of becoming a member given to our nation to join the Entente of Oriental States (EOS). Many of us believe it will be not only to our great benefit - but also to the benefit of fellow member nations of the EOS. We are hoping; if the EOS does accept the Esonian nation into its family; it will create many new economic opportunities for fellow members and Esonice to invest, help develop and grow each other's nations and allow the people from across the EOS to reap the benefits of the alliance bringing Esonice in. And also allow a greater understanding of each of our cultures - allowing for cultural exchange and a taste of what other cultures have to offer to each other. We are greatly hoping that Esonice will be able to bring a plethora of our brightest minds to the table, to accelerate scientific advancement in the alliance as well. We are also positive that our neighbourhood in our part of the wurld will be more connected with each other, allowing for friendly relations and cooperation among other diplomatic opportunities. Esonians welcome the EOS with open arms to its doors. And we wish all the best for the future following this historic occasion. Yours sincerely, minister Yumi Kochi of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  3. Esonice


    WITNESS THE UNFORGETTABLE Katara is a popular cultural magazine that focuses around Esonian culture such as cuisine, celebrations, traditions, mythology, etc; and also history of Esonice and the people throughout time, including various other aspects of Esonice and talks about them in detail to readers. Katara was created in 1996 and was partially organised and supported by the Esonian Tourism and Travel agency to help with foreign tourists understand Esonian society and culture, and also encourage them to come visit the Serene Kingdom. In turn, this resulted in Katara becoming the most well known cultural magazine used by casual interested foreigners to learn about Esonice, and even also by Esonians themselves. Katara also shares the same slogan as Esonice's officail tourism slogan. The magazine’s headquarters are based in the Esonian capital of Esonyaveli. Katara has often been praised by historians and critics for trying to be as factually close as possible. Even many schools started using Katara's articles in 2012 as sources for certain topics to gain basic understanding of important historical figures and events. Controversies and Bias Katara has fallen under scrutiny on some occasions for reportedly “prettifying” brutal historic events, specifically done by Esonice in an attempt “to hide Esonian wrong doings” in history. Some critical users also reported Katara as being biased in favour of Esonian nationalist agendas. But those controversies are far and few between, and Katara is often cited by experts as being mostly unbiased.
  4. Overview Esonya Weekly Tales; or EWT for short is Esonice's number public news broadcaster and number one best selling news source and by far the most trusted and read across all the Serene Kingdom. EWT also owns many TV and public broadcasting channels in Esonice; all of which are only available in Esonice (as of currently). Some examples are - EWT News which is on all TVs that are found within the nation. And Kid Tales or Ikotairu which is an educational kids cartoons channel that regularly shows learning programs and shows, and also cartoons from Esonice’s animation industry which are considered child-friendly by Esonian standards. EWT is also often cited by foreign sources as the primary news talking about Esonian internal and external affairs, and offering different perspectives. EWT gets its funding from the Esonian government so it often gets the latest news relating to Esonian state affairs earlier than the majority of other news sources. EWT also partially gets funded from public donations. History of EWT EWT was founded on April 29th of 1938 as a newspaper by a group of independent journalists advocating for freedom of the press, freedom of speech, democratic values and institutional and governmental reformation; which during the time were major issues shared by a large percentage of the population. The newspaper was often heavily clamped down on by mainstream Esonian sources, and the Esonian government, for causing public disturbances and spread “Foreign lies” against the civilisation of Esonice. But despite that, EWT pushed ahead and became the leading news source for activists against the government and it managed to go on radio in 1944. After 1950 when Esonice officially was turned into a young democratic state EWT slowly started dying as its core issues had been dealt with, but in 1957 the new Esonian government bought EWT, transitioning it from a private to a public company to help the new government. And in 1960 it received a TV broadcasting license which allowed EWT to once again strike up into popularity and ever since grown to be Esonice’s leading news source. In 1987 during Esonice’s first decade of being recognised as a fully developed modern state EWT started expanding creating many new TV channels such as Ikotairu (Kid Tales) for children the opportunity to learn from things they watch, competing against private Esonian animation businesses. And in 2001 EWT started going onto the internet creating a news website for both Esonians and international readers. Criticism and bias Because of being publicly owned, EWT is often criticised as being too pro-current government and often showing bias against groups the mainstream intellectuals dislike. EWT also often gets criticised for being too corporate and its journalism ethics are repeatedly questioned by untrusting readers.
  5. I'm Asian(Japanese)-Slavic(Polish) but close enough I guess We'll be sharing a common heritage in our Asian(Japanese) ties.
  6. To: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion @Tagmatium Rules From: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Serene Kingdom of Esonice On the behalf of the people of Esonice and his grand serenity, it is to our great joy that the Greater Holy Empire of the Tagmantines has expressed its eagerness to establish diplomatic ties with our grand island nation. It is true that our culture is vibrant and our history is rich in many tales and characters that helped shape us to what we are today. A cultural identity that can be traced as far back as the 30th to 20th centuries B.C. Our nation prides itself on that fact and celebrates our culture’s long survival through the centuries despite several millennia of wars, catastrophic disasters, disease among other unfortunes that have met and injured the core of our identity. Some that can never be brought back and only remain in folktales and art of the ancients. We also have great hope that whoever visits our historical island we help to inspire and motivate the imaginations and knowledge of many; and equally take admiration of Esonian civilisation as much as the Esonian people themselves. And it is also true, despite the many differences that distinguish the great people of the Tagmantines and Esonians is not even a minor nuisance. A level headed common ground can always be found among itself Esonice and its allies. We are a nation focused on cooperation, cultural exchange and friendship, not on childish squabbles such as race and religion. Many Esonians nowadays; despite the historic conflict between the Christian god and Arikai ari(spirits) of our land, take interest in aspects of Christian cultures and theology. Inspiring many new ideas that helps Esonice further bring itself onto the world stage. It’s also a display that no matter the difference, our peoples will always find interest in each other to varying degrees. As an act of great thankfulness towards the Greater Holy Empire’s and his excellency’s desire for further diplomatic ties, we shall award Tagmantine diplomats with an embassy in south Esonyaveli, close to the scenic Lake Gamari. A holy lake that means a lot to our great people and helps to inspire us everyday, we hope it will equally inspire them as much as it inspires us. On the behalf of his grand serenity, Serene Prince Sanomi of Esonice, and the people of Esonice, we welcome you. And wish for all the best our future ties could bring to both our nations and the wurld. Yumi, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Esonice of the Serene Kingdom of Esonice
  7. Nation in Europa: Esonice Flag: https://imgur.com/gallery/Q7QywCu Capital name: Esonyaveli Capital location: Close to the ocean, ideally in a bay and flat lands. Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/The_Serene_Kingdom_of_Esonice (Will be changed a lot) Newsroom link: (will be canonised) Culture: A mix of Polish and Japanese cultures including some French, Chinese, Greek among other minor mixed elements. Though Esonice leans quite a bit to Asiatic. Arikaism (native beliefs of Esonice) is a mixture of Shintoist and Slavic pagan concepts and beliefs. Climate: Ideally a climate similar to Japan/Southern China with humid conditions. Also the ability to grow cocoa. But I don’t mind a more wouldn’t mind a more tropical climate as long as it's humid and fertile and not a complete rainforest. (potentially a big island?) Location The big island next to Giokto I am quite interested in, but i don’t know its size or its climate (I do have 2-3 other locations in mind) https://imgur.com/gallery/TFpRLk0 https://imgur.com/gallery/kjPedkp (Quick map showing how Esonice will be if I get the location) History: (Just important parts, Esonice’s history will be divided into Japanesque periods in the future) first Esonian cultures (Velisians, Emisians, Alodians) 3000 BC Rise of agriculture and sedentary lifestyles, early logographic alphabet 2900-2000 BC Rise of city states, clans and first warring states period 2000-1200 BC Rise of the Aranai dynasty (and dominance of Velisian culture) 1200-800 BC Sakiyomo Sakiyone plague and collapse of the Aranai 800-600BC Rise of new clans and second warring states period 600 BC-1 AD Unification of beliefs (Arikai) and idea of one nation by Liyana 1-100 AD Wars of beliefs - 100 - 400 AD Beginning of the 3 Hirugo Periods (Early Hirugo Period) 400-500 AD Third warring states period,Hirugo philosophy, beginnings of Modern Esonian language and culture (Early to high Hirugo Periods) 500-940 AD Wars of Esonian Unification (High Hirugo Period) 940-1010 AD Prosperous time focused on cultural development and trade, beginning of Esonian syllable alphabet (High to Late Hirugo Period) 1010-1150 AD Some clan revolts, throne squabbles, further cultural development (late Hirugo Period) 1150-1250 AD Decentralisation of power, weak monarchy because of powerful clan (1320), First isolationist period (Hirugo Period ends in 1300 AD) 1250-1500 AD Esonice falls into clan anarchy as monarchy weakens completely, fourth warring states period, Slavic cultural influence from trade(1500-1700 AD) Esonice reunifies under a new clan, foreign influence continues 1700-1800 AD Return to cultural development, Andallan missionaries, early modernisation, war on Christianity 1800-1910 AD Second isolationist period, Thalassan war and Sunset invasion of Esonice 1910-1950 Formation of democracy(1950), mass industrialisation, rise of financial sector, becoming a developed country (1980) 2000-2020? (a lot of things may change) Stats chosen - 1 2 1(preferred) or 2 2 0
  8. A Thirst for Games A man in Esonyaveli attempted to rob a local video game store in the Maimedo District called ‘Game On’ on Friday morning at 13:37 AM. The man in question, who shall not be named, has reportedly walked into the district centre at 10:30 AM half naked, wearing no trousers. Threatening passers-by with a wooden stick. “I was very perplexed” one women told who had said she was threatened by the man, telling her that he needed her child for reasons that remain unspecified. “I have never seen such abrupt behaviour in my life!” she continued telling EWT journalists. The man kept on with such behaviour throughout the hours before the attempted robbery at the Game On store. Confusing many, threatening locals with either giving up something or buying him a specific game. He reportedly demanded people to buy him the latest building simulator with cute animals called ‘Ikogomi’ focused around developing an island paradise. “He looked utterly unhinged!” another passer-by said to EWT journalists. Strangely though the man wasn’t reported to actually hurt anyone during this time. Except a few suspicious physical interactions such as thigh touching which some called assault. Eventually the police were called by a few locals to finally end the man’s shenanigans; though the police ranked the case non-severe which meant this situation wasn’t as important as another situation happening currently during that time. So the man continued bobbling on the streets before finally entering the ‘Game On’ store, storming it. The man has been shown in the footage to wear a plastic transparent bag in a laughable attempt to hide his identity. He threatened the employees at the cash registry with his stick to give him the video game ‘Ikogomi’. While other customers looked at the man dumbfounded and slowly started leaving the store. The employees could tell that the man was in a complicated mental state and likely under the influence of recreational substances or alcohol. So they told the man to stay at the cash registry while someone went to get the game. The man complied and waited patiently. But the painful truth was that one employee in fact went to call the police to take the man away immediately. But unfortunately for them the man overheard the phone call in the other room behind the cash register and got enraged. He started trying to whack the employees with his stick which left red marks on some employees present during the event. The man then reportedly ran to the aisles to get the game he was looking for. But unfortunately for him, he ran into one aisle which then collapsed onto him, nearly crushing him, but finally ending his clownery. The man a few minutes later was taken away by the police to the hospital to be checked for any damages and any sign of drug use; which returned positive. After the events, he was assigned to weekly therapy sessions to stop such behaviour from ever happening again.
  9. From Sleep to Sugar Rush In a sleepy farming town in the valleys of Juraba Province, a great divide has been struck between the local community of Viroveli and the loved chocolate company ‘Kao-Kao’; who has desired to build massive cacao plantations in the area. Kao-Kao on the 27th of March purchased large tracts of land with the approval of the local authorities of the town - stating that the company has the intention of creating new jobs and helping with the development of the town, also trying to attract cityfolk to come live and work in the town. “This place needs a shake up” one passionate Kao-Kao representative has stated to EWT journalists. “We've been looking at the rundown places like Viroveli in Juraba for quite awhile, and the potential they are wasting” he continued telling the media. After local farmers and businesses heard of Kao-Kao moving in and their plans for the small community, they went up in arms. Demanding the local authorities to retake “their land” and protect local business, despite Kao-Kao reassuring them that they had no intention of hurting local business with their venture. The local council received several letters of complaints from farmers, local business owners and families that were going to be affected by this decision - But the local authorities remained silent on the matter and told the dissenting townsfolk that their potential losses shall be relieved and given new homes if needed. EWT journalists at Viroveli asked the local authorities why they took up the offer. One local representative told the media that it's for the greater benefit of the town to allow companies like Kao-Kao to come and help with employment. “We believe a lot of good will come out of this agreement” he told the media. “It will add new income to the town and allow us to join the wider economy” he continued. The decision enraged local businesses and farmers being very unhappy with the decision, resulting in a start of an aggressive town-wide activist campaign against Kao-Kao on the 3rd of April. EWT interviewed some business owners, farmers and affected families, asking them for their opinions on the matter and why they are doing this campaign against Kao-Kao. Many said that ‘“this was blatant gentrification of the town”, explaining to the media that this threatened many residents incomes and businesses; also continuing to say that with the town’s council and Kao-Kao’s intention of bringing in cityfolk, it threatened the local culture and Viroveli’s way of life; despite once again Kao-Kao reassuring that they had no such plans. The campaign against Kao-Kao managed to garner support from other angry residents who wanted to protect the town from what they called “predatory’ conglomerates” like Kao-Kao. A recent poll on the 11th of April by the known Esonian research and data firm ‘Esostatics’ showed that approximately 67% of the 15,483 residents interviewed agreed that Kao-Kao should leave the town. While 23% said they don’t know while 20% actively encouraged Kao-Kao to build the plantations and help the town prosper. With this data collected, the hostile leaders of the anti-Kao-Kao campaign gave the local council an ultimatum stating, to either comply with resident demands or face protests. However, the local authorities stood their ground and continued to assure everyone that Kao-Kao was going to stay and help the town grow and prosper; calling the group out as ignorant and refusing to change and modernise for the betterment of the town. Kao-Kao was thankful with this decision, but the enraged residents weren’t. EWT once again interviewed residents after the decision, with many falling to conspiracy calling the local council as “corrupt”’ and believed that “shady business was going on behind the scenes” with little evidence. On the 16th of April big protests sparked on the streets, marching towards Kao-Kao’s farmlands that were still under preparation with new infrastructure being under construction. This halted the town’s productivity and many innocent residents not involved in this also became affected by the disturbance. Police were called upon to keep peace during the protests, but things were escalating. A counter-protest was organised only a day later against the anti-Kao-kao protestors, mostly made up of young people who supported the company. But unfortunately even though the police’s best efforts to maintain calm, conflict broke out. An enraged farmer from the anti-Kao-Kao protest threw a molotov cocktail at the construction site which caused a tragic explosion killing 12 construction workers. The event shocked many across the nation after it was reported by media outlets for the whole nation to see, and this formerly local event became a focus of national attention. Violence persisted after the horrible explosion with the hostile anti-Kao-Kao protestors and counter protestors fighting against each other, blaming each other over what happened and how it could have been prevented. Local authorities became divided over the matter and a few town representatives came out against Kao-Kao saying “it was the reason for causing such disruption to the town’s peace”. But many still supported Kao-Kao and continued calling out the violence. Juraban authorities have also been called upon to help deal with the issue and potentially calling in rioting police to end the protests. As of the 21st of April, the protests are still ongoing and Juraban authorities still are thinking about the solution to the issues in Viroveli. Some have said on the internet that the situation in Viroveli is “representative of many similar problems other towns and villages” are facing over “gentrification” and the “invasion of city culture into the countryside”, but little supported evidence suggests that.
  10. Sanomi was heading down towards the Maimedo district over the Kamagewa river to satisfy his starving stomach, craving food. The Maimedo district had the only fully functioning commercial area in Esonyaveli; it was just partially devastated by the war that raged over Esonice. The district itself was very fortunate to only be partially destroyed because of its close proximity to the capital’s beating heart and residence of the nation’s royalty and government. It broke Sanomi’s heart every time he had to cross the Kamagewa river. He dreaded crossing it. The reason being was that of his tear-inciting memory of the once breathtaking Botanical bridge that stood upon the sparkling waters of the river. The botanical bridges of the capital were architectural and colourful marvels to gaze upon that stood on south and north of the city’s centre; from their once blinding golden railings and mouth-jarring tall towers. The artistic patterns and botanical gardens on the bridge weren’t a laughing matter either. But the mesmerizing glory of the ancient bridges that protected the heart of the metropolis, were now nothing, but a distant memory. A massive heart-tearing pile of rubble drifted away by the blood-filled river amidst a civilisation in ruins. Sanomi knew that like the burned traditional buildings before him, those old things that symbolized Esonian glory were forever gone into the books of history and fairytale. The only way to get across the two rivers were now simple temporary wooden bridges that replaced all the exterminated bridges. The wooden bridges in question were constantly filled with hordes of people, desperate to get across from one side to another to their destinations. Sanomi made his way without question though, he has long stopped caring about anything and anyone around him after the war. Every inch of ground reminds him of his and many other fallen soldiers' failure, failure to defend the Serene Empire. He thought because of his failure, now the entire nation was suffering in the suffocating grasp of poverty and political turmoil. Under the foreign feet of the so called ‘good guys’ that claim to bring freedom and prosperity, but so far brought to the nation humiliating national tragedy. Nothing but a sword that pierced into the once zealous pride Esonians once had, that and their families and homes. To Sanomi’s mind the ‘good guys’ were nothing but hedonistic parasites, thieves and barbarians that came to annihilate his glorious bastion of civilization. And all this was because of his failure to defend his homeland. During Sanomi’s torturing thoughts, he arrived at the wooden bridge that was the gateway to the Maimedo district. Sanomi observed as the massive animal-like hordes were trying to get on and off the bridge at the same time. Unlike a lot of people else, Sanomi didn’t hesitate to forcefully get his way through to get to his destination. “Unmannered dog!” one furious woman shouted at Sanomi as he pushed her out of his way, causing her to collapse and drop her basket full of goods. He didn’t waste much of his attention on her outrage, not caring and just going on. Among the large stampedes, was a young girl standing with a basket made of straws, full of bright yellow flowers in hand. The yellow flower represents happiness and youth within Esonian culture. “Flowers!” The young cheerful girl chirped joyfully into the speeding crowds and ignored her. The girl in question wore a vermillion rich skirt and a white collar t-shirt, she had up to knee white socks and black shoes. The girl was just looking all around the place. Sometimes even directly into the depressing ruins of the botanical bridge asking if it wants a flower. Is she blind? Something doesn’t feel right about her, Sanomi thought to himself as he was going past the energetic girl. Trying to ignore her obnoxious display and trying to resist his curiosity. The girl among the people just stood out, how could she be so happy among all of this sea of despair around her? Even with his best attempts to ignore, the girl made Sanomi happy in a way, happy in that someone was at least positive out of all of this and maintained a happy joyful presence. Sanomi then went on, but suddenly the girl squeaked in fear. “One yellow flower for only a few coins-!” The girl got knocked onto the hard filthy wood beneath her; The flowers raining down all around her. This caught Sanomi’s attention right back and angered him, immediately looking back at the now panicked girl in front of an enraged old towering man. Flowers from the basket settled themselves all around the girl, now getting stomped by the passing masses. Having their rich sun yellow petals crushed and torn apart, darkened beneath the feet of the uncaring stampede rushing by. Also ignoring the girl’s misery.
  11. Esonice

    The Front Desk

    YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The Serene Kingdom of Esonice Government type of nation: Constitutional democratic monarchy Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Esonians are Caucasian in appearance with light skin similar to that of many Europeans, Esonians also have the genetic ability to have different coloured hair and eyes. But Esonians also do have a few Asian characteristics such as variation in eye shape and facial structure depending on what region of Esonice you're in. On average Esonian men are up to 5'9 while Esonian women on average are 5'6. Esonice is made up of many former similar cultures that made up the lands centuries before the unification of the nation. After the unification of Esonice many of those cultures melted into each other and established on national identity, but still retain their own regional unique cultural traditions and identities. Only a few cultures have not yet became part of Esonice's wider cultural identity. All Esonians share the same language and religion (Arikaism) with some dialects in different regions being present. Give us a short description of your nation: Esonice for many centuries was confined to itself before unification with many different clans and rulers competing for power and often developing separately from their neighbours Esonians considered barbaric. After unification Esonice went through multiple phases of isolation, prosperity and civil wars and often wanted to competed for the title of being recognised as a power. Before modern times Esonice has went into a massive civil war that has changed the nation and a dictatorship was established, but after it being defeated Esonice became once again a monarchy, this time with a democratic system placed for the first time and Esonice went on to redefine itself and build itself up becoming a rich nation focused on cultural development and the economy. Do you have an IIWiki page?: Not yet WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying?: I have participated in many roleplays in the past but have gone off for a year without much roleplaying, but I consider myself pretty experienced from my past roleplays with different communities in and off Nationstates. How would you describe yourself?: I consider myself pretty friendly and positive, I try to avoid conflict with people as I don’t like causing drama and I do try to keep an open mind to everything but sometimes you mind find me stubborn depending on what it is. But I do have to admit I am pretty socially awkward so sorry for any confusion or weird moments, I also might procrastinate. I really enjoy being creative and sharing the things I create with different people! Though I understand that can get very annoying very quickly so I apologise for that too, i'll be trying to keep my obsessions to a minimum. I aspire to be an animator and artist making my own stories and worlds! RP/Writing samples (if available already): A light in the dark - (Esonian story extract) Sanomi was heading down towards the Maimedo district over the Kamagewa river to satisfy his starving stomach, craving food. The Maimedo district had the only fully functioning commercial area in Esonyaveli; it was just partially devastated by the war that raged over Esonice. The district itself was very fortunate to only be partially destroyed because of its close proximity to the capital’s beating heart and residence of the nation’s royalty and government. It broke Sanomi’s heart every time he had to cross the Kamagewa river. He dreaded crossing it. The reason being was that of his tear-inciting memory of the once breathtaking Botanical bridge that stood upon the sparkling waters of the river. The botanical bridges of the capital were architectural and colourful marvels to gaze upon that stood on south and north of the city’s centre; from their once blinding golden railings and mouth-jarring tall towers. The artistic patterns and botanical gardens on the bridge weren’t a laughing matter either. But the mesmerizing glory of the ancient bridges that protected the heart of the metropolis, were now nothing, but a distant memory. Do you wish to have a mentor assigned to you to help guide you through the start of your time here?: I definitely will be asking for help whenever I need to! NATIONSTATES Why do you want to join this region?: It looked so immersive and cool to me! I utterly love the concept and the community looked so friendly and supportive! Have you ever had trouble with any moderators?: Nope Do you have any prior experience on NationStates? If so, give a brief accounting of it.I have been on nationstates: since 2015, for a long time I have been in the region Avadam Inn that I rather not talk about as that has been a horrible experience for me, from there I have gone around various different regions never really being able to fit in and felt like I wasn’t being accepted or part of the community. NS has been an off and on thing for me and I hope with Eurth I am finally able to find a community that accepts me and I feel a part of. Are you currently or do you plan to be a member of the NationStates World Assembly?: I am already a member Anything else?: Theres both an NS Esonice and a none NS Esonice, the Esonice outside of NS has its own universe and lore around it that has existed for far longer than nationstates Esonice. Anything done in the Esonice outside NS might be reflected in NS Esonice if appropriate. Providing any falsified or deliberately misleading information will result in your application being rejected and your access to the forum revoked. By submitting this form, you are indicating that you agree to abide by the community and RP rules of this community. Any breach thereof may result in disciplinary action including but not limited to revoking of forum posting rights, banning from the forum, removal of regional citizenship, and ejection from the region.
  12. Thank you Tagmatium and Oyus! And I will definitely have questions lol
  13. Saiyō! (Hello in Esonian) I am new to the region and recently decided to make a complete return to nationstates after 2 years of inactivity and half the time being dead! Esonice is a nation with Asiatic and European themes, though heavily Asiatic. Its mixed with predominantly Japanese and Polish elements, others minimally being French, Chinese and British elements. Esonice separately from nationstates has went through several different stages as originally Esonice was an offsite nation I created in 2014, so things from Esonice's official worldbuilt world might and will be reflected in Nationstates Esonice if appropriate (culture, language, society and maybe history). I'm glad to meet you all!
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