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  1. Decided Nando is a better name than Nan, so ignore the name Nan and instead use Nando for Nan.
  2. Welcome to Eurth dude! Can't wait to see more about your nation!
  3. Babucha's Special Confections Category: Food Phone number: +66 3066 377989 Description and product - Babucha’s Special Confections (BSC) is an old teahouse restaurant company that specialises itself in making Esonice’s favourite dessert, Mitsuji sweets, and is oriented around Esonian cultural themes. The company dates as far back as the early 1880s, started by a wholesome old grandmother in Esonice's capital, Maimedo. BSC offers many types of Mitsuji sweets ranging from traditional rectangular sweet fruit pastes, to muf
  4. This is a list of existent Esonian businesses and organisations that are currently in operation, and wish to have ventures into the wider international community and introduce their products to consumers abroad. All companies are put into a category, such as “Category: IT sector”, and are listed with all their important information such as what products they offer and their recognition and popularity among Esonian consumers. Company management phone numbers are also listed for any nation that would wish to contact a company directly and discuss interests and deals, and possible investments int
  5. Esonice


    Esonice’s culinary gem - Mitsuji sweets! Article sponsored by Babucha's Special Confections, Viro Kora teahouse and Tiger Express In collaboration with the Esonice-wide beloved teahouse brand Babucha’s Special Confections. We are glad to help further popularise Esonice’s tasty culinary arts to all the international food lovers out there! Today’s article is about the mouth-watering Mitsuji sweets! A very sought after dessert in any Esonian home that comes in many shapes, sizes, and tastes! But before you go looking, here is some stuff to know about Mitsuji sweets and their rel
  6. (anyone can join in!) Hey guys! @Iverica @Heiheguo @Sunset Sea Islands @Andalla @Mauridiviah Sorry to bother you all! I wanted to talk to all of you about my economic standing in the region/wurld, historical trade, investment, and why I am in the “trillionaire club”. I have been asked to justify my GDP and economy through past rp or explaining it. It's also going to greatly help me find my place on Eurth and allow me to rp with everyone. The ideas I have come up with of how Esonice became a high income nation relates a lot to international trade and foreign investments b
  7. My long intended update to my cities alongside Esonice’s language development has finally arrived. The things I request are - 1. Renaming of Esonyaveli Esonyaveli was the name of Esonice’s capital since 2014 outside of Eurth, today this changes with it being called Maimedo 2. Adding major cities Out of the 10 biggest Esonian cities, 8 (Including Maimedo) will make it. Those cities are the cities of: Kunino Nan Marusonya Rusonya Vikitsu Miyoto Seshu 3. Adding major port cities Out of those major cities. The cities of
  8. To: Diplomatic outreach, EOS Headquarters, Deseti island, @Orioni From: Yumi Kochi, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Serene Kingdom of Esonice On the behalf of the people of Esonice and his grand serenity, Serene Prince Sanomi. We are glad to announce that we are indeed interested in accepting the invitation of becoming a member given to our nation to join the Entente of Oriental States (EOS). Many of us believe it will be not only to our great benefit - but also to the benefit of fellow member nations of the EOS. We are hoping; if the EOS does accept the Esonian nat
  9. Esonice


    WITNESS THE UNFORGETTABLE Katara is a popular cultural magazine that focuses around Esonian culture such as cuisine, celebrations, traditions, mythology, etc; and also history of Esonice and the people throughout time, including various other aspects of Esonice and talks about them in detail to readers. Katara was created in 1996 and was partially organised and supported by the Esonian Tourism and Travel agency to help with foreign tourists understand Esonian society and culture, and also encourage them to come visit the Serene Kingdom. In turn, this resulted in Katara becoming the most w
  10. Overview Esonya Weekly Tales; or EWT for short is Esonice's number public news broadcaster and number one best selling news source and by far the most trusted and read across all the Serene Kingdom. EWT also owns many TV and public broadcasting channels in Esonice; all of which are only available in Esonice (as of currently). Some examples are - EWT News which is on all TVs that are found within the nation. And Kid Tales or Ikotairu which is an educational kids cartoons channel that regularly shows learning programs and shows, and also cartoons from Esonice’s animation industry which are
  11. I'm Asian(Japanese)-Slavic(Polish) but close enough I guess We'll be sharing a common heritage in our Asian(Japanese) ties.
  12. To: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion @Tagmatium Rules From: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Serene Kingdom of Esonice On the behalf of the people of Esonice and his grand serenity, it is to our great joy that the Greater Holy Empire of the Tagmantines has expressed its eagerness to establish diplomatic ties with our grand island nation. It is true that our culture is vibrant and our history is rich in many tales and characters that helped shape us to what we are today. A cultural identity that can be traced
  13. Nation in Europa: Esonice Flag: https://imgur.com/gallery/Q7QywCu Capital name: Esonyaveli Capital location: Close to the ocean, ideally in a bay and flat lands. Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/The_Serene_Kingdom_of_Esonice (Will be changed a lot) Newsroom link: (will be canonised) Culture: A mix of Polish and Japanese cultures including some French, Chinese, Greek among other minor mixed elements. Though Esonice leans quite a bit to Asiatic. Arikaism (native beliefs of Esonice) is a mixture of Shintoist and Slavic pagan concepts an
  14. A Thirst for Games A man in Esonyaveli attempted to rob a local video game store in the Maimedo District called ‘Game On’ on Friday morning at 13:37 AM. The man in question, who shall not be named, has reportedly walked into the district centre at 10:30 AM half naked, wearing no trousers. Threatening passers-by with a wooden stick. “I was very perplexed” one women told who had said she was threatened by the man, telling her that he needed her child for reasons that remain unspecified. “I have never seen such abrupt behaviour in my life!” she continued telling EWT journalis
  15. From Sleep to Sugar Rush In a sleepy farming town in the valleys of Juraba Province, a great divide has been struck between the local community of Viroveli and the loved chocolate company ‘Kao-Kao’; who has desired to build massive cacao plantations in the area. Kao-Kao on the 27th of March purchased large tracts of land with the approval of the local authorities of the town - stating that the company has the intention of creating new jobs and helping with the development of the town, also trying to attract cityfolk to come live and work in the town. “This place needs a shake up” one pass
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