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  1. Voda Operating Systems is one of the most notable Grenesian corporations. The company greatly contributed to Grenesia’s digital revolution, and is especially recognizable for its PC operating system that has become a Grenesians’ predominant chioce. The corporation, founded in 1988 by Marek Vodetski and Stanislav Kloda under the name Vodetski-Kloda Machine Systems, initially specialized in programming industrial machines. In 1992, the company released its first text-based Voda 1100 operating system, primarly designed for office use, only to be replaced by a fully graphic UI just a year lat
  2. Asbestos removal: eternit for eternity? Since June 2003, a 30-year national program for the removal of asbestos and asbestos-containing products has been in force. Despite this, however, there is little significant progress. Asbestos toxicity has been known for over one hundred years and its import and to Grenesia and circulation on Grenesian market have been forbidden since 1997. However, eternit seems to have lived up to its name - buildings with asbestos insulation and coverings are still in use. In a report from four years ago the Supreme Audit Office shows that the National
  3. Grenesian Rails Back On Track The Grenesian railways have been run inefficiently for more than thirty years, and it's high time local governments received revitalization projects and considerable funding from state budget. Computer render of the planned railway overpass on the northern end of the city of Carne Góle. The new connector will enable direct rail transit from the city's Main Railway Station to Hodźij and then to Wětošow. The total expense on the projects included in the National Railway Program exceeds five billion Grenesian plats. The main goals of these projects a
  4. THREE DEAD IN BRIDGE COLLAPSE NEAR DOBOSHYTSE An overpass collapse near Doboshytse in Pzhypzhesmytska killed two construction workers, a motorist driving beneath it, and left several people injured, officials said. The victims were two male constructors at the age of 34 and 41 respectively, and a 46-year-old man travelling in a hatchback towards Tsieshytse when the overpass being constructed crashed on top of his car. The bridge crushed the car on SR-1 highway (commonly referred to as “es-erka”) connecting Sroki with Mnikhovo, and thus being one of the most important Grenes
  5. To: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomnion From: the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Commonwealth of Grenesia Your Majesty, I am greatly honoured by the perspective of exchanging an embassy with such an influential nation as the Greater Holy Empire of Arome opened right in the heart of Karlitch. I am also looking forward to establishing an embassy on Tagmatine soil in order to worthily represent Grenesia and to maintain healthy and peaceful relations based on reason, diplomacy, and mutual understanding. The Commonwealth, in spite of b
  6. Hello. I've been working on my IIWiki page and I don't know what to do with religion. Catholicism would play important role since the late 12th century, and unless it's possible to have it adapted before 1300 I'd have to totally change my early history. I originally planned to have my nation Catholic and have it partly but (preferably) forcefully converted until 1300s. Now I think I would accept @Variotan, @Iverican or @Girkmandian branch of the belief if possible, or maybe a mixture of them. How would I make it work?
  7. Also, last change of borders. Until expansion at least, if any. I promise.
  8. @Variota could you please give links to the Treaty of Ferresomething, Lukingrad and the empire, because I fail to find these articles? Or at least briefly describe them here? When did the colloapse happen, or is it still in progress? Its causes? How would it affect my history?
  9. I had messaged about it on Discord yesterday, but let me say it here once again. Google Eurth Pro says its area is 297 473 km^2, which would take 2 starting points (from here), 1 point for population 21-35 million, 1 point for GDP 9,000-24,000, but it'd be somewhere closer to the lower treshold, 4 points total. What do you think? Edit: The southern border is a subject to change. Edit2: As I looked up your climate zones map, I'd be in the sub arctic zone. So screw this map, I'd rather be where @Sunset Sea Islands suggested. Edit3: new map? The area i
  10. Nation in Europa: Commonwealth of Grenesia Capital name: Karlitch Capital location: Marked on map below with yellow star *if possible: The brighter the red, the more desired area - and I'd rather be on the north, if the coverage is still too large. This map could also be my expansion plan in further future. Factbook link (IIWiki): https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Grenesia Newsroom link: Culture: Yasic, partly Catholic, partly pagan, pacifist, traditionalist. Could be compared to Slavic/Nordic. Climate: partly temperate, partly Mediterranean Location: Marenes
  11. ONE FIFTH OF GRENESIA WITHOUT RAILWAY ACCESS Creating new railway lines and extending existing routes is expected to make people commute to cities more often, and not only will it drive the economic situation in urban areas, but also improve overall quality of life in Grenesia. "Rail transport has become crucial for Grenesians, especially in the end of last century, and the number of passengers is still increasing", says Cristoph Pozhogitch, Minister of Infrastructure. However, according to the Public Transport Inspection, the condition of Grenesian State Railways is deplorabl
  12. COMMONWEALTH ON CLAY LEGS Gervazno, May 1988. It was ten past six in the morning. Stefan Bielak has just woken up, glanced at the clock and realized that he had overslept. The neighborhood’s speaker tower didn’t wake him up with its morning broadcast, again. Somebody must have been sabotaging it in the last few days by cutting the device off from the grid and now it had to be rewired. Other than that, his day started quite normally. By the time he got up and dressed, his wife had already left home, waiting in the line for bread and butter outside the grocery and hoping that the
  13. Grenesian Press Service Partnered with: The Karlich Courier & Zhechpospolita, news from the country and the wurld ______________________________________________________________________________________________ The Karlich Courier (Kurier Karlitski) was founded in 1903 and is considered to be one of the first major presses in Grenesia. It is a press group that publishes many literary and political titles, including political speeches and poems. It also covers sport, business, and entertainment. Its alignment used to be far-left after communists ros
  14. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Grenesia, work in proogress
  15. The dimmed light of the restaurant sharpened the guests' senses of taste and hearing. The sounds of blues made by the band on the stage were battling with noises coming from the promenade outside, loud conversations of regular customers, spontaneous laughing and the clang of cutlery as Andrew and his wife Christina, a couple of tourists, were quietly consuming a hot bowl of hunter's stew for their starter, which consisted of pork, cabbage and sauerkraut. It was contrasted by borscht with kefir, served cold right after. This year's summer in Karlitch turned out to be unbearably hot. It was
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