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  1. "WORKERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!" -The Red Star News Network- Today came the results of the Flag Referendum, which the opposition had contested. The referendum was held from 5th to 8th January 2020, and was part of the "New Deal" program sought by the Zhukov Government. It replaced the old, "hardline" flag with a new, more "liberal" one, which shows his more open policies. Observers believe that this may bring a new era in the Federation's history, as it finally opens up to the wider world. Although the opposition was, and is, supportive of these reforms, they had still attempted
  2. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: Federation of Alharian Popular Republics Government type of nation: Federal Marxist-Leninist One-Party Socialist Republic Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Russian, with a small Chinese minority (>5%) Give us a short description of your nation: Founded in the late 40s as a union of three republics, another two joined in the early 50s, bringing the nation to it's current size. At a population of 47 million, the nation's military is composed of only 350,000 soldiers, thanks to it's demilitarization policies. Do you have an IIWiki p
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