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  1. This is information that the Indostan Government do not want being seen. They deny this ever happened and there is very little evidence left to support that it did. Captain Arjun vanished from the forces a week after the events before re-appearing 8 years later as a crazed Aaryarlivatraguo terrorist who blew himself up in the Northern Provinces. Some information from his diary entry on this day has been erased or lost in the transference to our base which we know to have been caused by some double agents and also the weather. What we have saved is on this document, typed up by someone who is most definitely dead from the hands of the regime, all we can hope now is that reforms are made or the Emperor is assassinated. You'll probably never see my name or hear of me because by the time this goes public, I'll be dead as well and my name erased from existence by the order to protect my family. - [REDACTED] 23/05/97 [REDACTED] In my 25 years of serving on the Indostan Police Force Hasheiv Regiment, I never experienced what I had today. I woke up thinking it would be an average day. Stop some kids from littering, give directions to some people, help in the arrest of a drunken tourist who got their hands on some Libiza Absinthe and then go home. But the day was far from that. I was on patrol in sector 2 of the city keeping an eye on a group of six people who were wearing masks and bandannas, they weren't doing anything that broke the law but they looked extremely suspicious just standing on the corner of the street. Before I clocked it, there were more of them walking around. Some with complete body coverage, others completely naked and then it started. I couldn't see who but one of the group members started throwing rocks at us, the rest began chanting [DELETED]. We took cover behind our vehicles, and I used our megaphone to demand they cease their actions and go back to their day whilst my colleague radioed for riot control. Whilst we waited for riot control to arrive, we were forced to use our tasers and pepper spray on some of the hooligans who were throwing rocks and trying to get close enough to us to fight us in hand to hand combat. Then it went from bad to worse. One of the pr*cks threw a Molotov at one of the officer's cars creating a fireball, blasting some of the rioters and officers back. I'm cursed to say that one of my closet friends, Officer [LOST], [LOST] in the blast. Disgusting b*stards took my friend's life. Riot control arrived and things only escalated, buffoons went from throwing rocks to damaging, destroying and injuring. Riot control had no mercy. They opened fire with their airsoft guns and began beating some of the criminals down to the ground with their batons and staffs. Many were [DELETED] in the long hours that followed, mostly from [LOST]. Come the time of 22:37 the streets were engulfed in flames, covered in [DELETED], [DELETED] and rubble. I couldn't count how many officers were [DELETED] both in riot control and on our regular forces. The screams, explosions and chanting will haunt me forever. It was strange, even though they took my friend, I felt [DELETED] for them. I actually agreed that reforms were needed, but I didn't want the Emperor's death. That's what these criminals wanted. Revolution. 24/05/97 The events ended around 2:18 am when the riot control dragged the remaining hooligans hiding among the rubble and debris out into the streets and [DELETED]. After it all, the Sargent of the riot control turned to us and said we should return back to HQ and rest there until further notice, he congratulated us on helping put down heretics before rushing off to probably give a report to the Congress. By the time we returned to HQ the remaining officers broke down, none of us could even fathom what had happened to us. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The rest was lost in the transference to us. We may never know who Captain Arjun's friend was or what happened to Arjun during his 8 years of disappearance for him to become an insane terrorist, but we know his existence and this diary entry will help us in later progress.
  2. Blessed be Indostan Indostan. The land of fertility, opportunity, progress and glory. Those under the 'Flag of righteousness' live in a country free of racism, sexism and religious segregation. A country where the needy are not left behind, where the sick and elderly are not forgotten and unemployment levels are next to nothing, yes it safe to say that everyone in Indostan is able to obtain their destiny. Under the loving and mighty gaze of Indostan's police force, crime and corruption are dealt with quickly and effectively, leaving no place for rogue behavior to lure and grow. People here are proud and loving of the state, expressing their fondness through sheer acts of kindness and embracing not only their culture but other cultures as well. On all patriotic days, the national anthem can be heard in every city and town either through speakers or being recited by the people who will go on to dance, sing, eat and laugh for the rest of the day. Even the men and women who defend our nation are loving and proud, making effort to enjoy life as much as they value and fight for it. It is them that many of the younger generation look toward for inspiration. The Heaven's have truly made Indostan the nation of unity and progress Jai Indostan
  3. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEWS OF THE EMPIRE - Lotus Sun Network- Lock down drill Every 5 years in Indostan the 'Disaster drill' takes place. As all citizens know this 2 month long period is one of challenge and strength but this year, thanks to the '2nd Health Reform Act', it may be easier for the people. The government implemented the 1st HRA on the 12th of May 2009 only 2 months after the Suánxuǎn Emperor came to power, it's passing was to begin the process of obtaining access to the latest medical advancements from across the globe as well as focusing more effort into our nation's own medical practices. To no surprise after a slow first year, the second year saw a firm incline in medical knowledge from most university medical students and already practicing professionals. The nation's medical efforts and overall health have increased immensely as after now 10 years, 2 HRAs and 2 Lock down drills, the public's knowledge of staying healthy and alive has without question improved more than it had under the former Raixī Emperor. Now we are about to enter the first day of the 'Disaster drill' under the 2nd HRA which will see small changes to how citizens will go about in this month. Unlike the 1st lock down which had large negative effects upon the nation's economy, this one will try and have a reasonable effect upon it, it will still negatively effect the economy but the government made it clear that this, although being a drill, will prepare the country for disasters such as pandemics and ensure the country lives on. The first week is the hardest week and will see the rules being implemented. If a confirmed case pops up in Indostan, the family and friends of the infected, who have been in contact within the prior 2 weeks, and the infected as well are to go into quarantine immediately. From there the local clinic and or hospital shall go to the homes of the quarantined, wearing protective clothing, and access the situation through tests and necessary other procedures. If more cases are to occur within this first week (as in over 50) the nation shall begin entering the period of lock down. All those infected are expected to remain indoors for 2 weeks to keep the illness contained. Medical staff shall attend to them when possible and transport them to specialized hospitals, built to deal with pandemics. Here the infected shall be helped and (if consent is given) studied to find a cure for the illness. The second week shall see shops set out levels of rations and set times for certain people. i.e. Key workers shall have the first opening time in obtaining their necessary produces for their work day as well as living days. After key workers, the elderly and other vulnerable people have the second opening time, followed by the remaining populous. This method continues for the rest of the 2months . In the rest of society, under the second week, gathering of more than 5 people are to be banned in public and it is to be advised that unless they are direct family living under the same roof, private meetings of over 5 are not to occur. This rule does vary for restaurants and other such places which are to have number caps on people allowed in. Restaurants are to decrease the number of people allowed in by a effective amount and ensure there is a safe 1.2 meters (4ft) between each separate group's tables. All public areas are to also encourage use of health gloves, hand sanitizer and health masks through out the pandemic. These procedures are to continue for the rest of the lock down. From around half way of the second week, all rules will be re-enforced. Those who fail to comply with basic instructions of the lock down will be fined and arrested. Once they are arrested they will be put into quarantine prisons which have no difference from normal prisons in Indostan, they are just there in case the arrested are infected. The third week sees the final measure needed where the rest of society, unless they are key workers and small market workers, go into self isolation for the remainder of the 2 months. The final month will see a full lockdown where no one is allowed to leave houses unless it is absolutetly needed. Key workers of health, police, fire and others are excused of this. All those who fail will be arrested and fined 3000 Yikas. If necessary, the lock down continues for an extra 2 weeks where the within the forth week the self isolation continues and finally the fifth week sees the self isolation end and the rules of the 2nd week return. - Indostan Health Department Lock down
  4. The Emperor Invites you Greetings all of Eurth. Every man, women, child and pet that lives under the eternal heaven's light. March 10th marks the 520th anniversary of the The Suánxuǎn Emperor's ancestors claiming the 'Mandate of Heaven' and restoring peace to Indostan's glorious lands. This event falls into the same day as the festival of colour in the nation so of course, this calls for a celebration and as such the Emperor along with 100 professional celebration planners have organised a most amazing gathering for you all to attend. This event is completely free as the government of Indostan and Royal family wish to show their warmest of welcomes and open the country to the world's splendid people to see life in our most beautiful country. Those who attend shall experience both traditional and modern ways of celebration in Indostan, hear the music of the people, enjoy the food of the land, see the traditional clothing of the country, watch live sport matches and dance (optional) alongside Indostan's diplomats, public, soldiers, governmental bodies and even the Royal family themselves. There is much more but it would be ridiculous to tell you when you can experience it instead! - Festival of colour Worry not about security, Indostan's police force and special Dūr iĺim troops shall stand guard at all times to protect the peace. All you need to do is arrive at Aurum Grand City Center on March 10th and enjoy the week long festival (you may leave anytime). We look forward to see all those who show. - Anai Achliu (Emperor's head of festivals)
  5. ----------------------------------------------------------------- NEWS OF THE EMPIRE - Lotus Sun Network- INSURGENCE CRUSHED BY THE TROOPS IN GREEN. 7 days of insurgence has finally been quelled in Hān'é City by the civil military police force the 'Dūr iĺim' troops. 'The troops in green' as they are nicknamed launched a series of counter attacks upon the Cultist positions taking them by storm, executing or arresting all of them. It is believed there was a total of 26 Cultists by time the troops seized them meaning there would of been 34 when the insurgence began a week ago today but it was due to the hard effort of our law enforcement that the Dūr iĺim were able to finish the remaining enemies. Those who have been captured are to appear in court tomorrow whilst the dead Cultists are to be incinerated. Those Indirìanis who were lost to the terrorists are to receive the proper services depending on their religion, their families shall receive 'Pasts income' and the enforcement troops are to receive a state service. A moment of silence will follow after for all the Indirìanis lost. The Emperor has stated "Those lost to violence and evil are to never be forgotten, soldier or not all innocents are guardians to the light". In other news the imperial tomb of the Marahatué, on the outskirts of Hasheiv, is now currently going under refurbishment after cracks were spotted on the south side of the foundation and chippings in one of the pillars. The government has asked for people to donate and even help in the saving of a iconic historical building saying it will show national unity. The refurbishment has no confirmed end date but is expected to take up to 2 years to fully finish. Prime Minister Jin Tzu has personally put funding into the effort for his love of the ancient world. On the topic of Mr Tzu, the calls for election have finally died down after Mr Tzu's apology in our interview, his efforts afterwards had proven to be enough for the people to trust him again as well as the Emperor who was seen talking to him casually along with a bunch of high ranking state officials.
  6. News of the Empire *Jingem is seen standing by the weather forecast screen moving his microphone back into position on his shirt whilst Rajev is reading the shows' approval rating* *The Director (Li) comes onto stage* Li: listen guys, i have some news. I need to inform you that a small insurgance in Hān'é city broke out last night in the same region where Nina is *The visual expression of worry appears of Jingem's and Rajev face* J: Is she safe? Li: I assure you she is ok but she sent a message to say she wants to do a live report from the city covering the Hān'é issue before the weather forecast R: Of course, if she's there and is willing to do it, i'm fine with it. How about you Jingem? J: I'm worried for her but i know she will be fine, lets do this. Li: Alrighty boys, we start in 20 seconds so ready positions *The Director leaves the stage and Rajev and Jingem prepare themselves. As Li starts counting down the News Introduction plays* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- R: Welcome to the News of the Empire, i'm Rajev J:I'm Jingem R: And here is the news. R: The week of the Dragon festivals were a huge sucess for the tourism industry as the Suánxuǎn Emperor personally funded some of the celebrations for it being the 10th Week of the Dragon festival with him as Emperor. In age old tradition he was seen at 'The First Dragon Emperor' tomb to pay his respects and then seen giving money to the public in the traditional red and gold envelops and having tea with a few as well. Some public members were spotted helping tourists with language and inviting them into dancing and fireworks. R: In other news, the Prime Minister Jin Tzu is under critisim today as 3 of his 10 personally chosen officers were filed for bribery corruption. Mr Tzu was quick to denounce them as officers but investigations has shown that the officers under fire had been apart of different former sepratists movements, one still having connections to Aaryarlìvatra, the now small but still significant Purist cult. There has been public protests against the Prime Minister which Mr Tzu stated to had taken to heart, in an interview with him he exclaimed "I hear the people and i know what i did was wrong. I can not appologies enough for this mistake, this will not be how the rest of my time in office will be like and i assure you i will make it up to the Empire and Emperor". R: Before we have the weather today we have a special report from Nina in Hān'é City. Nina. *Camera cuts to Nina in Hān'é City. There is some rubble behind her and the sound of gun shot, chants and screams can be heard* N: Thank you Rajev. As you can see behind me an insurgance has broken out in the centre of the city. This is the first case of an insurgance in the last 100 years, the police believe the- *An explosion of a flash grenade is heard, cutting Nina off* indentified the causing group of the insurgance however, it came to a shock to the law when they found the group is a combined force of the Narku Cultist and the Aaryarlìvatra Cult. N: So far casualties have been calculated to number around 6 Civilians, 1 Dūr iĺim troop, 2 Police troops and 8 Cultists within the 4 hours of this insurgance begining and this problem has infact caused the Civil Defence League to gather alongside the Emperor himself. We can see the damage this has caused and the City Centre aswell as a few neighbouring regions of the city have either been evacuated or put into lockdown. *Camera swiftly and shakly moves over to the Cultist position where a black bannered Narku flag with the golden Aaryarlìvatra logo on it waving from a window top* *A Cultist is seen chanting 'Death to the Emperor' before throwing a M67 hand grenade toward the police's position damaging a building's foundation* N: *In a worried voice* By the heavens. *she looks back to the Camera* We as people must show our strength to resist this unholy group, by the blessings of the dragon we shall live eternal. *A Dūr iĺim soldier rushes over to Nina and the crew telling them to follow him to safty immediatly* *The camera cuts back to Rajev who's face shows worry and concern* R: Uh, righ-t right sorry. Nina and all crew members, we at the news team wish the Heavens and Gods be on your side in getting to safty, we hope those in Hān'é City find the safty they need, those lost to these Terrorists we pray you find peace and we give our heartful embracement to the famlies and people affected. *Rajev takes a sip of his water and clears his throat* R: Now with the sport and weather Jingem. J: Yesterday the Aurmi Lions cricket team went toe to toe against the Hasheiv Hornets in the second round of the national games. The Lions played valiantly getting 186/5 (25), it was ever so close but the Hornets took the win with 203/7 (25). J: In hockey, the Dàha Dhole made another victory in the regional matches meaning they will move to the next round, their manager has proven to be very impressive for his 2nd year with the team and many celebrations of his skills followed the victory. J: In terms of weather, *the forecast map shows behind him on the screen* the winter is still lingering on in most of the country. The recent storm has taken us all by surprise and thrown harsh rainstorms and winds at us. In the north, winds are expected to pick up to 70mph followed by heavy showers and in some areas ice and or snow whilst in the South there will be Winds and mostly thunder storms. Tempreatures are expected to reach 7 degrees in some areas but in most places it will be around 3 or 4. J: Thats all from me, join me next week for my special on climate change in Indo-Stan, I hope Nina and all others in Hān'é City are safe or find safty and i wish you the best of luck. Rajev R: That's also all from me, so from myself and the crew here at the news, best wishes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Camera cuts, the news outro plays and both Rajev and Jingem rush over the the director to find out about Nina*
  7. OOC. Noted and thank you for the corrections. Jingem as stated was with his family. I should have made that clearer. My apologies. The Emperor does have a name which I am to reveal in the next post (non-news RP) and I can add more depth if it would help. - Kabir
  8. News of the Empire R: Welcome to 'News of the Empire', Happy Week of the Dragon, i'm Rajev and here is the news. R: The Week of the Dragon has arrived for another year, all of today shops have closed early with their owners joining in the enormous festivals through out the nation. People having been gifting strangers and friends with the traditional red and gold cards and joining their relatives at their homes or in the cities to snuggle up, watch the movie marathons and see the fireworks be launched. The Emperor's annual broadcast hit a record high as many people have recently expressed their undying loyalty and love for the Emperor as well as, for the first time in almost 3 decades, an emperor of Indo-Stan joining the public celebration in Aurum including lighting the first firework of the afternoon. Fireworks seen in Aurum R: The week also means the start of the Dragon holiday with children rejoicing their break from school, just like we all did when we were young *laughs a little*, the students attended the last pledge of allegiance for the week at their schools and many prepare for the day of youth and mischief where, as every year, shall sing patriotic songs in the capital's center before playing pranks on one another and reviving gifts from their elders. We would usually have the weather forecast be hosted by Jingem but sue to it being the holidays now, he is with his family. we will have it quickly ran down by Nina before we play the song of the dragon and say farewell for the week. Nina. N: Well as Rajev said I will quickly go through the forecast. N: Well not much has changed since the last forecast, we are still expecting a slight chilly breeze, clear skies and the last bits of the storm to disappear but one thing that has changed is there is now a higher chance of that chilly breeze going sooner than expected. Other than that, have a good day and an amazing 'Week of the Dragon'. Rajev. R: That is all from us, have an amazing 'Week of the Dragon'. *Song of the Dragon begins to play*
  9. News of the Empire R: Welcome to News of the Empire, i'm Rajev and here is the news for today. R: Futher development into yesterday's truck investigation has found a foreign business by the name of 'Aloe drink' has been secretly funding the Narku cultist. The company has been put under quarantine until further notice and the CEO will appear in high court but in the mean time he is currently being interrogated by the police force with his house and belongings being repossesed. R: In other news, a new mosque has been constructed in central Aurum as part of the 'embrace all' project which the government started last year. The Emperor attended the Mosque's first prayer early today along with the many muslims citizens, with the Adhan being heard for the first time in Aurum with people present stating "it sounded glorious" and "Allah is most definitely proud of this country". The Emperor himself gave a speech after prayer expressing his love of islamic history in Indo-Stan and went on to say that not only does this event show the embracement and development of the nation but him praying shows that God comes in many forms and the Dragon is, to him, simply another name for Allah. Indeed we do have a most wise and great leader. R: Coming up, the streets of Aurum are becoming more alive by the day as we approach 'Week of the Dragon', mountainous plateaus in the valley of Dàha has recently revealed a small cave entrance after a rockslide occured, and Prime Minister Jin Tzu makes visits to 5 A Level schools to talk to students about the future of politics. But first Jingem with the weather, Jingem. J: Thank you Rajev. J:Well we are seeing the certain change of seasons earlier than expected, small amounts of Cherry blossom have been seen already budding in the Southern regions despite there still being a coldish breeze passing through, whilst in the North however *chuckles* is a very different story, snow still lingers around the higher regions whilst the ice is seen in many villages and the country side which has caused some roads to close whilst local assisters rid of the ice but this has not stopped people from preparing for the 'Week of the Dragon'. J: we're expecting the slow incline to warmer weather over the entire country especially with the final traces of the storm now disapparating, in places such as Aurum the temperature is going to be a cool 4 degrees whilst further South in places such as Hān'é city it will mostly be 7 degrees. This is meant to continue through out the week with some showers on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon but an overall chilly start. Rajev. R: After the break we shall continue with the topics, so stay tuned.
  10. @Orioni ahh, Ok cool. i was worried i had made a mistake somewhere which meant i couldn't post.
  11. hi, so basically i can't post anything in any sub-forums except for this one and the general ones i.e. hello my name is, community board and academy. is this something to do with first being on the actual map or is it something else?
  12. Indo-Stan

    The Front Desk

    YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: Svāni Samrágūo Indirìhya (Heavenly Empire of Indo-Stan) Government type of nation: Hereditary Monarchy + One party elected semi dictatorship. This is a new government type called Zìlatm Nirbhēng or Zìrbheng for short. Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Svāni (Indirìani / Indo-Stani)- 85%, the remaining 15% is a mix of other ethnic groups. Indirìani is a mix of Chinese, Indian and Thai Give us a short description of your nation: Indo-Stan is vast, enviromentaly mixed nation with high elevated colder mountainous lands in the North and lower more warmer river filled lands in the South. The lands of the north are rich in the ancient history of the former empires and civilisations that once settled the lands, with the Temple of the Balance being the highest built structure in the entire country and also one of the oldest. Rice, soy bean, corn, wheat, tea and sugar cane are the common found type of farms across the northern area whilst the southern area sees more rubber, coffee, potatoes, tomato, coconuts, peanuts and chillis. History is seen everywhere in Indo-Stan due to how long people have lived there, but as mentioned, the North is richer in it but so is the central part. To Indo-Stanian knowledge the oldest city found is the 'Great City of Indrì' which started at the mouth of the river Indrì and slowly made it's way to the base and turned into what is now the capital of Aurum. The nation is ruled by Emperor Kabir Mughal Khan and has been ruled by his family for the last 526 years, their royal household name is 'Khalinzí'. Do you have an IIWiki page?: not yet. But i am working on having a firm basic idea of the nation before starting it. WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying? Well my first experince of "roleplaying" i suppose was on Club Penguin. In all seriousness i have done roleplaying activities for maybe the past 5 or so years, it has been very fun stuff. How would you describe yourself? A little bit egotistical but other than that valiant, some-what intelligent, logical and welcoming RP/Writing samples (if available already): That News post i made is an example i suppose and you can count the role playing character of Kabir Mughal Khan as one, i'm not too sure. Do you wish to have a mentor assigned to you to help guide you through the start of your time here? That would be nice. NATIONSTATES Why do you want to join this region?: i heard about it from a friend who described it as a perfect place for my fusion nation of Ancient India and China so i wanted to experience it Have you ever had trouble with any moderators?: none at all Do you have any prior experience on NationStates? If so, give a brief accounting of it. I have not, Indo-Stan is my first. Are you currently or do you plan to be a member of the NationStates World Assembly? I am a current member Anything else?: I just hope my nation's faith or people don't annoy people too much. Again on a serious note, i like this idea of nation roleplaying because it does allow us to be that leader we all want to be. Providing any falsified or deliberately misleading information will result in your application being rejected and your access to the forum revoked. By submitting this form, you are indicating that you agree to abide by the community and RP rules of this community. Any breach thereof may result in disciplinary action including but not limited to revoking of forum posting rights, banning from the forum, removal of regional citizenship, and ejection from the region.
  13. News of the Empire (Translated into basic) R: It is 6am on this fine morning, i'm Rajev Li and heres the news for the morning. R: A truck was found abandoned by the side of D23 road leading to Hasheiv yesterday with it's content being predominantly illegal alcoholic substances, the known cultist group Narku Aùla have been linked to this failed smuggling and 5 people have already been arrested in suspicion of collaborating with the cult. R: This morning our great Emperor oversaw the military training of the new 'Dūr iĺim' troops, who have been under secret training for the last 3 years but only now been relieved to the public. Our glorious Emperor has assured the public that "this was done in the nation's best interest as with these new troops, not only will the public be far more protected but the imperial family as-well meaning the unity of the country will continue on for thousands of years more" R: Now with the weather Jingem Gheo, Jingem. J: Thank you Rajev. Well as the winter ends over Indo-Stan, so does that unusually strange cold weather that has been bothering the southern part of the country, we're expecting as it moves into the spring the temperature will steadily increase, that being said, over the course of the day the temperature should rise slowly to 12 degrees around 1pm with the high chances of it remaining partially clouded, before it begins to decline at around 6pm to a chilly 5 degrees by 11pm. J: Through the night and into the early morning of tomorrow, there are small chances of rain with the exit of storm Fejino but once that clears up it is expected to be a clear day with temperatures ranging from 8-15 degrees. Rajev. R: Sounds like a lovely time to go to park, wouldn't you say Jingem? J: Indeed it does Rajev. R: Anyhow that was the morning News of the Empire, stay tuned for the economic news but other than that, have a good day.
  14. Greetings all of Eurth! I'm Kabir Mughal Khan, Supreme Leader of the nation of Indo-Stan. The best way to describe Indo-Stan would be: Indo-Stan is a large country which is equivalent to if the entire indian sub-continent + Eastern Iran and Afganistan united under one flag and leader. Society in the nation is one formed from discipline, traditional vaules and efficiency. Respect and honor is very important in Indo-Stan. I hate to give an example using extremes but think of it as Imperial Japan, Ming China, Mughal India and Roman Italy fused together. The arts, unique architecture, politics, philosophy, religion and patriotism is seen in every city in Indo-Stan but we are all told we are to treat all from different backgrounds, races, genders, sexualities and nationalities with the same respect we do ourselves. I look forward to roleplaying with you all and i appologies for the large introduction, i wanted to make a good impression. -Blessings again Kabir
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